Dancing on the 5D Tight Rope – Swirling Equinox Energies ~ March 18, 2017


Happy boy teenager and cat walking with balloon on a tight rope above clouds with moonlight moon background. Happiness care free concept. Elements of this image furnished by NASA

Lovely you,

a couple of days before the equinox, the energies are intensifying again. An intersection point for a big energetic shift is ahead, and our soul is pushing us into releases at a very high rate. The shifts between head and heart are so fast now, that we are not able to really keep up anymore. We feel totally drained, as our physical body is taken to the limits, too. In this energy update, we talk about how to navigate this gateway. The key: FEEL.  “Dancing on the 5D Tight Rope – Swirling Equinox Energies”

I hope you enjoy the read. 

With so much love and gratitude

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