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One Heart and One Truth – But Two Minds

By the Ascended Master St. Germain

Dear Beloved Friends,

Have you noticed that life has appeared even more confusing for you in  recent days? Perhaps this may seem surprising to you given all you have  learned about the Light and how you can achieve more clarity in your  life by focusing solely upon the Light.

And focusing on the Light can, indeed, bring more clarity. But it can also  bring with it a desire to believe that your life should now be as you  expect it to be given what you have learned regarding the Light.

We do see that many of you continue to be disappointed that your lives are not moving along as anticipated. Indeed, you are seeing even more  confusion in your world, not less. And the confusion you are seeing in  the world is reflected in your personal lives as well.

From our perspective, we offer our unconditional love and compassion for  what you are experiencing. Whenever you have opened your hearts to  receive our message, we have offered this love and compassion to you.

In those moments you have found momentary peace and respite from the  suffering caused by the mental activity that still leaves you in  confusion.

What we have noticed is that many of you have experienced the need to ponder events that did not unfold as you might have wished, or worry about  events that have not yet unfolded, and come to conclusions regarding  such. In each and every case, the conclusions you have derived have most definitely affected what would unfold, and this has not often been an experience you have relished.

You see, the ego mind can help mandate what you will choose to experience and this may not always be a useful activity.

Then there will be a part of your mind that will tell you that you do know better. You have had access to great wisdom. You have studied the great sages  and masters, but yet you still have an opposing force within you that  wishes to focus on what is not quite right in your world and worry and  fret about this situation.

As you allow these opposing forces to chatter away, you miss what is  happening in the moment and the opportunity of receiving the blessings  of the Light that is flowing through you in every moment.

You have been so conditioned to believe that until all is perfect as you believe it should be, you cannot accept the perfection that already exists in your world now and allow that to be what you experience in your life.

Leia [Linda] shared with you [in the introduction not printed here] how ambivalent she felt when she met Manalus  [Martin]. At that time her life was most difficult and she did not  believe that beginning a new relationship would give her what she needed for her next level of growth and development.

She did not have the whole picture with which she could assess the situation with her ego mind. The fact is, none of you have the whole picture when you allow your ego minds to be the sole judge of any area of activity in your lives.

Twenty years ago, the Beings of Light and the Light were finally able to gain  access to Leia through her heart chakra when she ultimately allowed her  mind to rest and wisdom to come to her conscious awareness. Then she  could see that the opposing forces battling for control of her mind were not aiding her in knowing the truth.

The Light was caring for her in every moment. When she could sit and be still, and open her heart, the wisdom was there for her in the moment – as it is in every moment.

The past is the past. Let it go. And you cannot comprehend the future with your ego minds. Allow the Light in your heart to guide you there.

Rest in the moment in your Light. As you sit in meditation, allow yourself  to focus on the healing, loving radiance that is always available to you within your heart. This is your wisdom center. It will not be found in  your mind. Your mind may have the knowledge that leads you to believe  that the truth can always be found there. But the real truth and wisdom  will be found in your heart.

When you can still the mind and listen to your heart, you will know how to  end the suffering that confusion can cause. You will become aware that  this loving Light that has always filled your heart has only one thought. That thought is to lovingly guide you to your Light. Then the confusion ceases and you can be at peace.

Many Blessings of Love and Light,

St. Germain

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