Keith R. Holden, M.D. – The Higher Mind – Nonlocal Intuition – Divine Synchronicities – What Does It All Mean? – 11-9-15


By Keith R. Holden, M.D.,    –   Thanks to The Mind Unleashed

Here I want to introduce you to the part of human consciousness I call the Higher Mind. Some call it the Higher Self or Soul Self. Your Higher Mind is an energetic aspect of you that projects out of your physical body like an antenna, and connects with the unified field of energy. The unified field of energy is what scientists are hoping to explain one day by a Unified Field Theory, but haven’t yet developed a mathematical model for it. This unified field is the combination of energies that connect everyone and everything, including the energies of the spiritual realm with the energies of the earth plane.

Scientists are studying energy and its components they call particles, with tools like the Large Hadron Collider in Europe. They’re trying to discover all of the particles of energy in the hope of figuring out how the energies of everything interrelate.

Your Higher Mind is the part of your consciousness that you are really tapping into when you do spiritual practices. Your Higher Mind, as part of your Divine soul self, only knows the truth, and is literally a spiritual channel. You don’t have to consider yourself spiritual to tap into this aspect of your consciousness. You can even consider yourself an atheist, and it still works quite well. This is because our universe is based on energy, and this part of you is simply energy. It doesn’t care whether you believe in it or not, though belief in it may create resonance in energy fields to optimize its function.

Some people are so disenchanted with religion and spiritual movements, that they have a personal bias against any terminology that has the slightest air of anything religious or spiritual. Believe me, I truly understand. But when I use terms like “spirituality” and “Divine” in this article, I’m only referencing awesome energies in our universe, unexplained by science, that are available to us to facilitate our paths in life.

Nonlocal Intuition Versus Local Intuition

Your Higher Mind is an aspect of your consciousness that you can use to channel nonlocal intuition. Nonlocal intuition comes from an unexplained knowing, and has nothing to do with pattern recognition or memory retrieval.

In contrast, local intuition is derived from pattern recognition and memory retrieval, and is the type of intuition the traditional scientific model studies. These traditional studies look at how your conscious mind and subconscious mind work together to bring up old forgotten memories, and to see patterns in situations, so as to help you intuit something.

Local intuition, or intuition confined to the body, is very different from nonlocal intuition, or intuition channeled from outside of the physical body. Here some of you skeptics may start to tune out and write me off as some type of quack. That’s your choice, but I’ll challenge you to use healthy skepticism and release your personal bias. You might just learn something new:)

As a physician trained in the scientific method, I understand it pretty well. As a human being with an open mind who has personally experienced phenomena I can’t scientifically explain, I also understand that science does not have all of the answers. Science is limited by the current technology available to us at this point in time. In addition, the sacred god of science is also heavily influenced by personal bias, even in some of the most well designed scientific studies. So because of that, I have to combine a little philosophy with science in an attempt to explain the unexplainable. Let me tell you about a crazy experience I had that can’t be fully explained by science.

Nonlocal Intuition in Action

I often go to Sedona, Arizona, a place I consider very spiritual due to its unique natural settings. I love nature knowing it is chock-full of Divine energies. Sedona has some of the most beautiful red rock hills in the world, and is a mesmerizing place to behold. When I go to Sedona, I set an intention to connect with the Divine, and so it was no surprise to me that it was here where I was introduced to some supernatural energies of the Divine.

On my first ever visit to Sedona, I met a beautiful, loving, and highly spiritual person named Nataya. Nataya is a clairvoyant artist. When she paints, she goes into a flow state by aligning with the spiritual channel of her Higher Mind, and she gets messages. These messages are for the person she is doing the painting, and contain information that she can’t logically know. Nataya is unconditionally loving and nonjudgmental, and her intention is pure. Because of this, the messages she receives are pure and full of unconditional love. In some way, these messages are meant to facilitate her clients’ highest purposes in life.

Nataya calls these types of in-the-flow paintings “totem paintings,” as she resonates strongly with Native American spirituality. So while she was doing my totem painting, which turned out to be a butterfly, one of the things she said to me was, “I see you going to Germany to get a medical device.” I thought to myself “Okay, but I don’t have any plans to go to Germany.”

The End Result

I returned home, went back to work at my primary care clinic, and was working the evening shift. There was a family practice resident working that evening, who is a good friend of mine to this day. He came up to me at the end of the shift, and said, “Hey, I hear you are into alternative medicine,” and I said, “Yes, are you?” Daniel, who is German, told me that his parents have an alternative medicine clinic in Germany. I later found out that it is a world-class alternative medicine clinic that draws patients from all over the globe.

As we were chatting, he wrote down two website addresses on a piece of paper and handed it to me. One was the web address for his parents’ clinic, and the other was a web address for a pulsed electromagnetic field device, which his father helped prototype. Over the next few days, I studied both of these websites, and then began an intensive PubMed search to see if there were any peer-reviewed research articles on low-level pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. To my surprise, there were hundreds of published studies, with the bulk of these studies showing beneficial effects on animals and humans.

Shortly thereafter, I purchased the device, and incorporated it into my medical practice with good results. So Nataya’s message to me was mostly correct, with a minor issue being that I didn’t go to Germany to get a medical device. Germany came to me.

My use of and writings about this device later led to me being asked to speak at multiple medical conferences for the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. So in essence, Nataya’s channeled message helped facilitate my higher purpose by expanding my tool chest as a practicing clinician. Her message also helped lead me to teach large audiences at medical conferences, which was a major goal of mine.

Divine Synchronicities

The series of coincidences I just described can’t be explained by chance, so I call these synchronicities. In my opinion, synchronicities have some type of Divine facilitation. How could Nataya have known that I was going to incorporate some type of German medical device into my practice? There is no way she could have concocted that message to me based on memory retrieval from her subconscious mind or through cognitive pattern recognition.

Our Universe is Teeming with Energy

That message came to me via her Higher Mind – a spiritual channel – from the Divine unified field that connects the energies of everyone and everything. If you look out into this unified field with the naked eye, you’ll see lots of empty space. The paradox is that there is no empty space in our universe because all space is teeming with energy. This is because our universe originated as energy, which is the story of the Big Bang Theory.

According to scientists, a few seconds after The Big Bang, our universe was nothing but intensely hot energy particles and gases. As our newly birthed universe began to cool, mass started to form, and planets were created. I don’t want to take anything away from the spiritual component of the birth of our universe. Ultimately, it’s at the merger of science and spirituality where we’re going to find the true answers.

All Energy Contains Information

So I hope you are beginning to understand that the part of human consciousness I call the Higher Mind is where the energies of the earth plane merge with the energies of the spiritual plane. These energies contain information, including information from the unified field as Divine messages to facilitate our higher paths in life.

Ask any scientist who studies energy, and she or he will tell you that all energy contains information. Examples of this are how the sun’s rays contain energy, which tells receptors in the leaves of plants to initiate photosynthesis, and tells receptors in our skin to initiate the production of vitamin D.

Ultimately, it all boils down to energy to theoretically explain how currently scientifically unexplainable phenomena happen in our universe. More important, the revelation that consciousness is energy goes a long way in explaining parapsychological phenomena and even life after death. Our universe is energy based, and because of that, we are all energetic beings. When you as an energetic being learn to work with and channel these energies, you can do some amazing things.

[Author’s Note: In a course I teach called “Power of the Mind in Health and Healing,” I categorize the different layers of human consciousness. Some of my process is philosophical, but it gives me a way to categorize consciousness so that I can teach it, and demonstrate different ways to work with each category.]

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Wes Annac – An Open Mind Is an Awakened Mind – 9-11-15


Wes Annac   –   An Open Mind Is an Awakened Mind   –  9-11-15

It’s often said that opening and emptying the mind (not transcending it, leaving it or getting into a space beyond it) is one of the best ways to expand our consciousness and reconnect with our creator. We’re sure to fail if we seek enlightenment by trying to leave the mind, because along with the heart, it’s an essential part of us that connects us with our creator and our higher self.

The mind and heart are essential if we want to find any level of enlightenment, and through these portals, we transform into magnificent beings of light who are one with the rest of creation. The intuition is found in the mind and heart, and everything will change when we attune to this inner voice and pay attention to what it has to say.

The intuition is our link with our higher self, and when we empty the mind, we reconnect with this divine force (which has been trying to help us the whole time) and rediscover the greatest teacher we’ll ever have – for now at least. The best thing about it is that this teacher lives within, and instead of being guided by an outside force, we’re guided by an integral part of ourselves.

One of the best ways to reconnect with this inner teacher is to empty the mind, open the heart and let our love flow. While it’s difficult for a lot of people (especially those who are unaware of spirituality and the true meaning of love), it gets easier when we understand that the mind can trap or liberate us depending on how we use it.

We can get lost in a closed, rigid mind, or we can open up, connect with the intuition and bring through valuable intuitive guidance that helps others through their struggles.

A lot of spiritual teachers talk about emptying the mind, and I’d like to look at some of the things they’ve said. I think these teachings are valuable for those of us who want to understand what the mind truly is without trapping ourselves in it, and understanding it is the first step to using it progressively.

I think it’s meant to be used in conjunction with the heart, and miracles happen when the two work together. I’m just beginning to learn about merging the mind with the heart and letting them work side-by-side, and this alone has taught me that the mind is one of our most valuable assets when it comes to spiritual evolution (or anything else).

We can use it to creatively express ourselves all day long and empty it at the end of a long day (or the beginning of a new day), and taking time to empty it and simply be will give us more energy and encourage our creative expression. Forgetting to empty it could make us tense and frustrated while depleting our creative abilities, and we’ll know when we’ve fallen away from the spiritual practices we use to empty it.

We’ll feel the effects of our neglect, and if we’ve already gotten used to the bliss that comes with an empty mind, they won’t feel so great.


According to Bodhidharma, an empty mind allows us to see the ‘buddha’.

“To know that the mind is empty is to see the buddha. The buddhas of the ten directions have no mind. To see no mind is to see the buddha.” (1)

By ‘no mind’, Bodhidharma doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ve left the mind or rejected it. He refers to the influence of our scattered, randomized thoughts on our choices, and the ‘buddhas of ten directions’ no longer let these thoughts influence them. Instead, they see the mind for what it truly is.

Since it’s open and clear, they can connect with their creator and their higher selves in a free and unrestricted way, and you can bet that they make the most of their connection.

He also tells us that emptiness is the essence of the mind’s function.

“The essence of [the mind’s] function is emptiness. And emptiness is essentially motionless.” (2)

When we’re finished using the mind in a closed, rigid way, we’ll gradually learn to let go and let it rest. As it rests, a greater aspect of our being can use it as an instrument to connect with us and deliver wisdom, guidance and insight that we can share with others. Our connection with this part of ourselves will grow over time if we continuously depart our own limited, colorless perception and reconnect with it, and we eventually won’t have any trouble connecting or sharing its guidance.

It’ll always be here to help us, because we’ll have broken the chains that bound us to limitation and cleared up our previously foggy connection with it. The secret is to stop trying, let go and let our awareness come through naturally, and having some love in your heart doesn’t hurt either.

Find harmony with the mind. Credit:

Hui Neng reminds us that averting or avoiding our thoughts is futile.

“When our mind works freely without any hindrance, and is at liberty to ‘come’ or to ‘go,’ we attain … liberation. Such a state is called the function of ‘thoughtlessness.’ But to refrain from thinking of anything, so that all thoughts are suppressed … is an erroneous view.” (3)

True ‘thoughtlessness’ has little to do with the amount of thoughts swirling around, and it has more to do with our attachment to them. If we’re attached to them but we want to get away from them and into a ‘higher’ space, we usually try to avoid them, suppress them or make sure they don’t influence us. We actually let them influence us by doing this, whereas releasing our attachment altogether and letting them flow in and out will liberate us.

According to Krishnamurti, we can’t refill our spiritual cup if the mind’s filled with thoughts, habits and desires. He also tells us that simply being is different from negating our thoughts.

“Without emptying the mind there can be no renewal.” (4)

“Being as nothing is not negation.” (5)

Purifying the mind of those constant racing thoughts will connect us with the heart’s tranquility, he tells us.

“The purgation of the mind is tranquillity of heart.” (6)

We’ll feel and witness incredible things when the mind and heart are open, and the best thing about it is that we no longer have to try. We don’t have to push ourselves to feel something that’s been here all along, and instead, we can let it flow with no effort or pressure.

I mentioned yesterday that we have to make an effort if we want to get anywhere – in the world or on the spiritual path – and it’s more of a non-effort when it comes to spirituality. We essentially make an effort to stop making an effort, and in that inaction, we reconnect with the higher self. We grow closer with our intuitive guidance, and suddenly, the insights we tried so hard to receive before come to us with no effort or strain.

This effortless state of mind can be ours, but it requires us to get to a space where we can observe and accept our flowing thoughts, just like we would anything else, without being attached to them.

Slowing the mind will help restore self-awareness. Credit:

As Krishnamurti tells us, slowing the mind helps us get to that space as long as the slowing is natural and we don’t force it.

“Self-knowledge comes with the slowing down of the mind, but that doesn’t mean forcing the mind to be slow. Compulsion only makes for resistance, and there must be no dissipation of energy in the slowing down of the mind.” (7)

We distance ourselves from things we try to force, which includes a slower mind. If we force the mind to be slow (or we force anything at all), we’ll distance ourselves from our inner wellspring of love, knowledge and guidance and it’ll quickly become clear that our method isn’t working. When this happens, the best thing we can do is let go and let our fate be decided from there, with full faith in the divine plan.

If we let the mind slow down naturally, which requires us to release our resistance and our attachment to it, we’ll allow the intuition to slowly make itself known and help us when we need it. The less attached we are to the mind, our thoughts or anything else, the more this higher force can express itself through us and offer solutions to our most difficult problems.

It requires openness, and this openness will help understand the ways of the mind by giving us a new perspective. We can use the mind progressively, as in the case of creative expression, but it helps to take time to empty it and let the good vibes pour through. People who create for a living would probably benefit from meditation or just emptying their mind at random points throughout the day, and if spiritual evolution is our goal, then opening and understanding the mind (as well as the heart) is the best way to go.

Jon Rappoport – Breakout from the Controlled Ordinary Mind – 7-28-15

exit from the matrix

Breakout from the controlled ordinary mind

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by Jon Rappoport   –   July 28, 2015


When I was about to release my collection, Exit From The Matrix, I wrote several introductions. Here is one I didn’t publish. It shows how seriously I take what others consider a merely “quirky tendency” of humans to imagine a better and different future for themselves and this piece of space called Earth:

“Suppose everything that is happening in the human world is taking place in a synthetic space, a grossly reduced arena; and suppose you could stand outside that space and look in. You would be seeing a great deal more than ‘what is going on’. You would be seeing how it is playing out, shot through with delusions at every turn; and of course the main delusion would be the space itself, as if nothing could be happening anywhere else but there, in that place. This is what the mind, all the minds, are telling themselves, as they fight over scraps. Humans have defined themselves as social constructs in small-time stage play.” (The Magician Awakes, Jon Rappoport)

The controlled mind thinks in the same patterns, over and over. It reworks familiar territory, and when that becomes insufferably boring, it lowers its energy output and initiates shutdowns.

Then it looks for outside stimulation that will replace thinking. The type of stimulation hardly matters, as long as it moves adrenaline through the system.

The decline of a society or civilization can be viewed in the same step-down fashion.

Occasionally, in passing, a writer makes reference to the creative impulse as a missing social factor, which could be remedied, for example, by restoring funding for arts programs in schools, as if that would repair a bureaucratic failing and thus restore balance to education and “the culture.”

Which is like saying Titans, who have developed profound amnesia about themselves, could recover their consciousness and power by shampooing their hair more frequently.

The individual human being, apart from the welter of his social relationships, is sitting on a volcano-range of creative energy, about which he knows almost nothing. This ignorance is purposeful. It enables him to fit into a small life defined by habits and shrunken subjects of interest and routine interactions. Within that space, he forms opinions and preferences and aversions. He says yes to this and no to that. He cultivates a passive tolerance for differences, as if he were auditioning for sainthood.

He lives as a social construct in a social space. If he breaks out, it is usually by committing a minor crime.

If he lives in a place where war and destruction are the long-standing status quo, he fights the assigned enemy. His social space is the battlefield.

But whoever he is and wherever he is, underneath it all, something is waiting for him. A part of himself is waiting.

It is the part that can conceive of everything that isn’t, that never was. It is the part that dreams beyond the ordinary facades of time and space.

It is the part that refuses to believe habit and repetition and routine and systems are the core of life.

It is the part that knows something new and unprecedented and stunning can be invented at the drop of a hat, and that this is the unlimited territory of the individual.

It is the part off-handedly referred to as imagination, which over time has been sold away into oblivion. But which never dies.

This is what is underneath the common duties and habits of daily humans as they circulate in their lives.

The elites who try to control and define the common space of humanity would like to render imagination to the junk heap of history, never to be recalled. They would like to do this by replacing the individual with the group, which has no creative impulse, but is merely, with few exceptions, the lowest-common-denominator expression of any idea.

In Huxley’s Brave New World (1932), the overarching government slogan was: “Every one belongs to every one else.” One group, indivisible, with non-liberty and injustice for all.

Huxley’s slogan is now also the number-one elite propaganda message on Earth. It can be made to mean almost anything that derides and minimizes the individual and his repressed creative power.

In his 1954 short story, The Adjustment Team, Philip K Dick approaches the transformation of the individual into the group as an instantaneous, blanketing, mass-programming operation. Salesman Ed Fletcher, through an error, isn’t included in the “great change.” Instead, he witnesses it. Therefore, he is transported into the sky to meet the Old Man, the Chief, for a judgment:

Ed: “I get the picture…I was supposed to be changed like the others. But I guess something went wrong.”

Old Man: “Something went wrong. An error occurred. And now a serious problem exists. You have seen these things. You know a great deal. And you are not coordinated with the new configuration.”

The new configuration, at a deep level, is not new at all. It has existed since the dawn of history. It’s the self-fulfilling prophecy that, except for a few gifted ones, humans have no creative power, no wide-ranging imagination. Thus, they must surrender to the “shape of things as they are.”

Here is a statement about reality-creation that is crucial. —Philip K Dick, his 1978 speech, How To Build A Universe That Doesn’t Fall Apart Two Days Later:

“…today we live in a society in which spurious realities are manufactured by the media, by governments, by big corporations, by religious groups, political groups…So I ask, in my writing, What is real? Because unceasingly we are bombarded with pseudo-realities manufactured by very sophisticated people using very sophisticated electronic mechanisms…And it is an astonishing power: that of creating whole universes, universes of the mind. I ought to know. I do the same thing.”

Philip Dick was talking about the elite invention of a synthetic common space for human activity. And on the other hand, he was talking about an individual’s invention, through imagination, of other spaces.

These other spaces aren’t mere fantasies. They’re as real as real can be—and they can be injected into the world, into the common space, to change it, and to wake people up from their group-think trance.

The bottom-line goal of all mind control is the removal of the individual’s knowledge that he has great creative power, that this capacity gives him enormous untapped energy, that it solves problems by rendering them irrelevant and defunct.

Whether the method of mind control is propaganda, electronic transmission, DNA alteration, drugs, numbing education, indoctrination in values, underneath it all, this is the goal: Stripped of the knowledge of his own imagination and creative power, the individual keeps rearranging deck chairs on his personal Titanic, in an effort to find answers to dilemmas in a shrunken space that will never satisfy him.

From the elite’s point of view, this is what is supposed to happen, because then the individual will believe he can only be rescued in the arms of The Group.

The individual, operating at half of what he is, will concoct all sorts of rationalizations and explanations for his life in a labyrinth.

The labyrinth is how he perceives reality, through the filter of his amnesia about what he is and what he can do.

exit from the matrix

But suppose he goes the other way. Suppose the objective is to restore what is inherently his? Suppose he brings back what he has lost? Suppose, finally, he takes a stand and refuses to see himself as a victim of circumstance?

Suppose he remembers that he holds the sword of his own imagination, and can invent reality?

Suppose he exercises that capacity and thus proves to himself how far-reaching his power is?

In his 1920 novel, A Voyage to Arcturus, which spawned generations of science fiction, David Lindsay writes:

“To be a free man, one must have a universe of one’s own.”

This is no flippant observation. This is psychology light years beyond what Freud and his offspring concocted. This is the power of imagination, linked as it should be, to individual freedom. Nor was Lindsay recommending some closed-off fantasy existence. He was realizing that, with “a universe of one’s own,” the individual can then comprehend and participate in the common space we call the world—at a new level of unlocked and untangled power.

I dedicate my work to explaining these factors, and more importantly, providing many exercises that, when practiced, can reawaken and restore imagination as the unlimited dynamo it actually is.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

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Wes Annac – Experience – Transcending the Conditioned Mind – 7-19-15


By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

Here, I’d like to examine some material from Jiddu Krishnamurti about experience and transcending the mind’s conditioning, which has kept all of us from connecting with our essence at one point or another. As he’ll tell us here, external experience is one of many things that reinforces our sense of separation from our higher consciousness, and we have to do away with our attachment to it if we want to leave the realm of the mind.

We don’t have to be ruled by the desire to gain experiences, and the conditioned mind seems to require certain experiences before it can find temporary peace. It’s never really at peace, but it’s peaceful for a moment when we have fun or enjoyable experiences.

Depending on what we’re doing, the mind doesn’t seem very active when we enjoy ourselves. In that moment, we aren’t being conditioned to want or need something before we can be happy, because we’re already having fun. The moment our enjoyment is taken away, the mind will go right back to needing things or experiences to be happy.

We’ll continue to struggle with endless desire until we can transcend the need to gain certain experiences, which is one of many of the mind’s tools that keep us trapped in limitation. I’m not referring to the kind of desire that encourages us to do constructive things that help the world – I’m talking about the self-serving kind that keeps us from connecting with our essence and exploring our True Reality, which is much different from the illusory, limited reality we’ve been conditioned to accept.


First, Krishnamurti shares the link between belief and experience. Our experiences are formed around our beliefs, he tells us, which then strengthens our beliefs and offers us more relatable experiences.

“Belief conditions experience, and experience then strengthens belief. What you believe, you experience. … Belief is another cloak of desire. Knowledge, belief, conviction, conclusion and experience are hindrances to truth; they are the very structure of the self. … The unknown can never be experienced by the known; the known, the experienced must cease for the unknown to be.” (1)

The mind knows it can’t experience a higher consciousness, because this consciousness exists well outside of the mind and any attempts we make to mentally define it will be in vain, he tells us.

“The mind is aware that it cannot capture by experience and word that which ever abides, timeless and immeasurable.” (2)

He also explains how experience conditions us to be separate from our essence.

“Experience is the response to challenge. This response is conditioned by the past, by memory; such response only strengthens the conditioning. Experience does not liberate, it strengthens belief, memory, and it is this memory that responds to challenge; so experience is the conditioner.” (3)

Our response to challenge comes from our memories and previous experiences, and this automatically makes it harder to handle. If we could open up, get to a space beyond the mind and allow our essence to make itself known, we could find new, inventive ways to complete our challenges and gradually, they’d get easier.

These troubles are harder when we’re stuck in the mind, but when we can get to that crucial space beyond it, we’ll no longer approach them from the perspective of someone who’s separate from their essence and only has their memories and experiences to go by.


They’ll get easier when we stop dealing with them from a conditioned space, and slowly but surely, we’ll find that they no longer stop us at all. They’ll stop presenting themselves at a certain point because they’ll no longer be necessary. We’ll have found all of the love, strength and perseverance we used to seek from the confines of the mind, and any challenges we do face will be as simple as breathing or walking.

In our final quote, Krishnamurti explains why living in the mind and being focused on external experiences will never allow us to glimpse the unknown. This quote might sound confusing, but keep in mind that he uses the word ‘experience’ when referring to the external experiences that hold us back and ‘experiencing’ when referring to being connected with our higher reality.

The most important part of this quote, in my opinion, is the sentence, “Life is the present, it is not the experience”.

“Experience is already in the net of time, it is already in the past, it has become a memory which comes to life only as a response to the present. Life is the present, it is not the experience. The weight and strength of experience shadow the present, and so experiencing becomes the experience.

“The mind is the experience, the known, and it can never be in the state of experiencing; for what it experiences is the continuation of experience. The mind only knows continuity, and it can never receive the new as long as its continuity exists. What is continuous can never be in a state of experiencing, which is a state without experience. Experience must cease for experiencing to be.” (4)

As we continue to open (or depart) the mind, we’ll understand all of the psychological mechanisms that have held us back as we get ready to leave the mind and embrace ‘experiencing’, which, as Krishnamurti said, is ‘a state without experience’. The mind’s experiences, which repeat over and over again in our heads in an endless loop, block our perception of the nondual reality we can access, and transcending the mind’s influence and the need to gain external experiences is the best way to connect with this new reality and allow our wisdom to flow through us.


The next time you struggle, try to get out of the mind and part ways with whatever attachments were making you struggle. Try to approach whatever you’re doing with a clear, detached mind and a connection with the nameless, formless reality we’re rediscovering, and watch as your struggles get easier. You’ll no longer be attached to them, and your attachment to the experience of success will have faded along with every other attachment that keeps us locked in the mind and hinders our progress.

When the need to experience ceases to be, we’re left only with the silence, stillness and calmness of the present moment, where anything’s possible. We’re basically infinite when we’re in this space, and the funny thing is that we might not want to do anything at all except explore it and see how deep we can go.

With every non-effort and every departure from the confines of the mind, we’ll go deeper and deeper until we eventually realize the reality of our connection with God. In this space, we’ll be truly free from the mind’s distortions and distractions, and as a result, we’ll finally know peace.

Tamara Rant – Break the Chains – How to No Longer Be a Prisoner of Your Past – 5-111-15

TamaraRant-150x150I realized something not too long ago and that was that it so great to have dreams and aspirations. They give you hope, something to look forward to and to plan. Dreams can help you align your gifts and talents with those things you absolutely love to do the most, so that you can bring to fruition a living that you never have to consider to be “a job”. To me THAT is the definition of success.

With this realization, I also took in the understanding that you can’t always keep your dreams “out there” in front of you. You must bring them in close, into your heart, into your reality and beliefs and most importantly you must welcome them into your NOW.

When we keep dreams as a proverbial carrot dangling in front of us, sure they may keep us moving, or they may just keep us daydreaming and growing ever resentful of those around us that took steps we haven’t yet. There’s a certain safety in always having our dreams out in the distance. It comforting to know we always have that goal to strive for and deep down it might terrify people to actually reach the horizon and achieve that goal, because then what do we do? Actually enjoy our lives? :)

This is where anxiety stems from…straying from the present moment into a future of uncertainty or one that you have convinced yourself is full of impending doom or failure. Sadly, it is a self-fulfilling prophecy if we do not become aware of it.

Just as our perceptions of what the future holds are subconsciously tied to the faith we have in ourselves to make the choices needed to get us there, we need to consider how our perceptions of our past can act to limit or alter just how many steps we take or even attempt to take towards ever creating that future we dream of.

I often say that the stories we tell ourselves cause us the most suffering. It is not usually situations that are necessarily good or bad per se, but the stories we tell ourselves about them and the judgement we create in our minds. When we convince ourselves those things just ARE this way or that, not only are we limiting ourselves to having to now navigate within the constraints of a small box, but we are also putting ourselves in the equivalent position of getting into a car with no steering wheel.

We may not stop to consider how damaging or hindering our own thoughts about things, people, and events from our past can affect not only our present lives but our future as well. If we hold onto guilt, regret, anger, or shame for things we did or didn’t do; things others said or didn’t say, it is US that keep ourselves locked in a prison in our own minds. And oftentimes, if we just simply revisit these events we have tortured ourselves with for so long, we may see them in a completely different light.

Can we KNOW for sure that the way we perceived the events actually did happen the way we keep replaying them in our heads after all these years? Did the person really mean it the way we took it? Hanging onto these perceptions and stories; this is where depression can come from that feed our insecurities and fill our minds with the “what-if’s” and “I should have done this or said that”. Our past is meant to be our teacher and while the lessons are often painful they are what add to your integrity and strength.

There are so many factors that allow us to justify our hanging onto things from our past, like we are doing something to get back at the other person. Or that it’s benefiting us in some way not to let it go and move on. But what we don’t often realize is that forgiveness is never about the other person. Forgiveness is so YOU can have peace; it has nothing to do with them. And letting go and moving on, doesn’t mean you are a sucker or had one done over on you. It means you simply respect and love yourself enough to cherish your own peace of mind. You are confident that you deserve to be happy and that nothing anyone has ever done or said to you is ever worth losing your smile.

This is not to suggesting we all become unemotional robots; not in the least. To experience the full spectrum of emotion is human and is, in my opinion, a beautiful thing (yes even the sad or “negative” emotions). What I am saying is that all emotions serve their purpose and that is ALL they are there to do. To serve their purpose and be let go of. If we sit with emotions too long, they begin to consume us.

Happiness is NOT an emotion; it is a state of BEING. It cannot exist anywhere but inside you and cannot be found in another person or in a future time; yet that is where most of are conditioned to look for it. Joy IS an emotion and like all others is fleeting and temporary and the trick is to learn to ride the wave of emotion that comes with life. Happiness isn’t some destination in the future that we need to strive to get to. It is a state of being that we either choose for ourselves or we don’t and regardless of what is ever going on, we always have that choice – no one can take that away from us.

If we are always thinking that happiness comes from or is taken away by others, guess where it will always be? Just out of reach. No wonder so many of us are so guarded, untrusting or on edge! Yet, once we realize that happiness is there within us at all times, smoldering like embers in those unique gifts we haven’t yet gotten the courage to share with the world, we no longer see the world as a place we need to compare, compete or conquer.

I say, the key to unlocking our self-inflicted prison is merely self-love. Once you learn to love yourself, the door appears. Once you get the courage to approach the door with the intention to explore what lies on the other side, you will then be anointed with the key. The funny thing is, the key was within your own heart the whole time.

We ARE our greatest dream. And the greatest day of your life will be the day you find out.

“Break the Chains: How to No Longer Be a Prisoner of Your Past”, by Tamara Rant, May 2, 2015 at

Original link: Break the Chains: How to No Longer Be a Prisoner of Your Past

Found at:

The Shift of the Mental Body – Celestial White Beings via Natalie Glasson – 4

The Shift of the Mental Body by the Celestial White Beings

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 9th April 2015- Sacred School of OmNa


Great magnificent and celestial beings of light upon the Earth, we honour you for the pathway of beauty you are accepting at this time of ascension. Beauty is your pathway, beauty is your embodiment, beauty is your experience, and this is your truth. Where there is the presence of the Creator there is beauty, like love beauty is an essence of the Creator, an energy which describes and depicts the Creator. One of the greatest gifts upon the Earth and within your ascension process is the ability to recognise and experience the beauty of the Creator within your own being, within all and everything. If you can alter the perspective of your mind to allow yourself to know and believe there is an energy of the Creator depicted as true beauty and this is present always, even in the harshest of environments or situations, then you are allowing yourself to tap into the divine flow and essence o f the Creator. Such an experience is to recognise the Creator, to open yourself up to experience the Creator and to embody the Creator.  To acknowledge the beauty of the Creator in everyone and everything especially yourself is to access a pure experience of the Creator. This is a very pure and true pathway to recognising that you are seamlessly joined as one with all that is the Creator.


We wish to invite you to recognise the beauty of the Creator in simple actions, visions and experiences within your reality as well as within the core of your being. Encourage yourself to recognise the beauty of the Creator five times each day. When you do recognise the beauty of a flower or maybe a smile from a stranger for example, take a moment even if it is after the experience in your own quiet space to truly be present with the beauty. Take a moment to breathe the beauty of the Creator into your being as if it is a magical or fortifying light. Feel the presence of the beauty which you know is not a tangible thing but is the essence of the Creator; let this truthful blessing of the Creator move throughout your entire being permitting it to rest wherever it is required. Feel the beauty penetrating your being and know this is your moment of experiencing the Creator and all the magn ificent vibrations of the Creator. Every vibration of the universe is open to you in this moment, available for you to explore, remember and resonate with. Such a simple act of recognising the beauty of the Creator within your being and reality can expand your consciousness to access the entire universe of the Creator.


We encourage and remind you to recognise how beautiful and magnificent you are as an energetic being and soul which exists eternally integrated and merged with the universe of the Creator, a beautiful tapestry of life force energy. In allowing yourself to recognise beauty each day you will engage the natural beauty of your own being, magnifying its presence and flow within your physical being, thus projecting it into your entire reality. Your projections of beauty will fuel your greater experiences of the Era of Love upon the Earth. The recognition of true beauty supports deep experiences of the Creator and love thus creating an enhanced manifestation of love upon the Earth. In order to further manifest the Era of Love upon the Earth we ask you to engage with and experience the beauty of the Creator in all its beautiful and magnificent forms.


Our greatest wish is for you to recognise the beauty in all situation and experiences in your reality, whether they are originally deemed as negative or positive, painful or joyous, challenging or routine. We wish to encourage you to move away from your limiting third dimensional thinking, which still ties you to a narrow perspective of the Earth and yourself, so you may see the larger picture of your being, reality and ascension journey. This is a very powerful experience because once you begin to detach from your narrow and narrowing perspective of yourself and physical reality you access the consciousness of the Creator and truly allow your mind and perceptive to move into the fifth dimension which allows soul embodiment to the point of ascension. When your mind, mental body and perspectives move into the fifth dimension then the physical world can be seen on a completely different level, no longer is your reality a series of challenges, disappointments or confusion. Everything is seen, welcomed and experienced as a beautiful blessing of reunion with the Creator, thus security, love and inner knowingness is truly experienced and enjoyed.


Within the universe of the Creator there are dimensions of consciousness which you can access and receive in order to accelerate your inner remembrance and knowingness. Different aspect and bodies of your being can access different dimensions of consciousness. Since 2012 your spiritual body has been accessing and embodying the fifth dimension of the Creator’s universe to experience tremendous liberation, expansion and freedom which has been filtering into your entire being to create surges of illumination, enlightenment and alignment with the divine. The mind, mental body and perceptives of many have been switching sometimes very aggressively and unbalanced from the third dimension, the fourth dimension, the fifth dimension and even the sixth dimension.  The third dimension encourages the experience of physicality, observation and listening, resonating with the physical bod y, recognising its limitations and powers. The fourth dimension encourages the resonance with the emotional body experiencing the divine flow of the Creator. The fifth dimension which resonates with the mental body and the complete embodiment of the soul to support the completion of ascension. As the mental body commits to align itself fully and embrace the fifth dimension it receives tools and support from the fifth dimension to open more fully to acceptance of the soul’s embodiment. The mental body and perspectives begin to alter to become aligned with the soul thus connecting with a more expansive understanding and recognition of one’s true self. As the soul filters into the mental body through the fifth dimensional light acceptance and manifestation of the Era of Love manifests with great volume and abundance of all to experience.


When the mental body flickers to and from the fifth dimension moments of illumination and enlightenment are experienced. When the mental body merges more fully with the fifth dimension then the moments of illumination and enlightenment can become eternal experiences of expanded Creator consciousness. You may wish to call upon our support to support the greater fusion of your mental body and perspectives with the fifth dimension.


‘Celestial White Beings, I call upon your support and assistance to be of service to me now. Please surround me in your pure white celestial light, healing any resistance to the Creator held within my being. Cleanse me completely so I may more fully experience the flow of the Creator and my soul moving freely and easily throughout my being. Please prepare my entire being, especially my mental body for a deeper merge and embodiment of the fifth dimensional energies, vibrations and light.


I recognise that through allowing my mental body to resonate more fully with the fifth dimension I am allowing my soul and the Creator consciousness to flow over and through my mental body bringing a deeper awareness, enlightenment and recognition of the Creator. With a deeper connection and embodiment of the fifth dimension at a mental body level I allow for the narrow perceptive and earthly focus of the third dimension to fall away. I allow myself to see, sense and acknowledge the larger picture and divine plan for my ascension journey, processing wisdom and consciousness from my soul through my mental body which automatically shifts my perspectives and beliefs on a deep and core level within my being.


I now invite the Celestial White Beings to draw forth the fifth dimensional consciousness of the Creator to penetrate my mental body, mind, thinking process, beliefs and perspectives. Create a peaceful and easy transition as my mental body settles within the fifth dimensional consciousness of the Creator.


I now allow myself to recognise the divine flow, illumination and enlightenment of my soul flowing more fully into my mind and mental body, thus accelerating my ascension and resonance with the Creator. Thank you.’


Simply sit or lay peacefully as we, the Celestial White Beings, surround you in our pure white light, drawing into our energy and your own the fifth dimensional consciousness of the Creator. Let yourself receive as you imagine light pouring into your entire being, especially your mind and mental body. Say in your mind, ‘I accept the fifth dimension, I accept my soul.’ The energies will intensify around and within your being, simply breathe deeply, know we are guiding and assisting this key and influential shift within your being which will bring a deeper certainty to your union and connection with your soul.


The greatest experience of the fifth dimension is liberation through the downloading, acceptance and embodiment of the soul, connecting your mental body seamlessly with the fifth dimension will allow for a truthful experience of the Era of Love.


In love, liberation, truth and constant connection,

The Celestial White Beings

Wes Annac – The Destructive Art Of Overthinking – 3-31-15


By Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Overthinking is the best way to make ourselves miserable, and in my opinion, one of the most important aspects of our spiritual evolution is learning to decrease the mind-driven pressure we tend to put on ourselves and just exist, free of any stresses, worries or concerns.

Negativity is inevitable, and whether it’s from outside or within, we’ll always have to deal with it as long as we’re on this planet. We can choose how to handle it, however, and instead of feeding it or letting it bring us down, we can recognize that despite how real it seems, it’s always been an illusion.

As we’re learning, true reality is found when we transcend the rigid, overactive mind and find a place of peace and inner silence. We won’t find true reality by searching for it, externally or in the mind, and in my experience, the best way to find it is to stay active and progressive yet calm and silent within.

Throughout our attempts to stay active, we might find that our own mind makes us unhappy. Thought after thought tends to pour in regardless of our mood or our emotional state, and if we’re in a negative frame of mind, our thoughts will reflect that negativity and we’ll make ourselves miserable.

A lot of spiritual teachers encourage us to transcend positivity and negativity, and they claim that trying to stay positive is another way we trap ourselves because positivity is just one side of the dualistic coin.

I think there’s value in staying positive, however, and especially for those who suffer with depression, positive thinking can be valuable.

We can still go out of our way to transcend the dualistic happiness and sadness we’ve become so familiar with, but when we start having negative thoughts, I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t try to turn them around.

If you think about it, we have every reason to be grateful for this existence. We have every reason to enjoy our lives and bask in the sunshine, but we tend to stop ourselves from enjoying life or doing things that inspire us and light our inner fire. Why is that?


The only reason I can think of is that the rigid mind, when given too much influence, tends to stop us from opening up to life. This is one reason it helps to diminish the mind and ego’s influence as we go about our day, and life will give us plenty of reasons to be happy and grateful when we do.

We’ll find that we’re generally happier and more satisfied with life when we don’t let the mind and ego control us. When we can open the mind and access our intuitive side (sometimes known as the ‘inner voice’ or the ‘higher self’), we’ll experience an ease with life that we never felt when we let the mind become rigid and control us.

We’re in control of our thoughts and emotions, but we have to believe in ourselves in a higher sense and refuse to give in to the mind’s constant need for emotional stimulation, which I’d imagine causes more suffering than anything else.

Most people don’t realize that the source of most of their unhappiness is their own mind, and this includes spiritual seekers. Even though we’re advised not to let the mind become too rigid or influential, we still tend to listen to it more than the higher aspects of our consciousness that are trying to guide us into a lighter existence.

We still tend to let our own mind enslave us, and this obviously isn’t its purpose. Its purpose is to help us cultivate as easy and free-flowing of a life as we can, and it becomes our ally when we learn to use it instead of letting it use us.

We have to exercise a higher form of control over our minds (which some people call discipline) if we want to get the most out of life, and we’ll continue to feel cursed if we don’t get a grip on our mind and emotions and use these tools the way they’re meant to be used.

The mind and the emotions can become the greatest instruments for the expression of our spirituality if we let them, and all it takes is the willingness to get them under control. It’s always hard at first, but like anything else, it gets easier when we commit to it and refuse to wane from whatever practices help us reinforce it.


We need mental discipline, and without it, our thoughts can constantly build up and maybe even make us depressed or angry. Our thoughts and emotions are powerful, and this is why so many astral spooks try to get at us through our thoughts and convince us we’re nothing.

They can only get to us if we have things within that we need to resolve, so beyond getting a grip on the mind and thinking positively, we’ll want to find the source of any angst or unhappiness we experience and give it the exposure it needs before we can move on to a joyful life.


Until we do, we might continue to battle with negativity. The battle will get easier when we learn to take control over our thoughts and emotions and refuse to let anything bring us down, but we can put an end to it altogether if we source our negativity and give ourselves the healing we need.

For now, those of you who struggle with negative thoughts are encouraged not to think so heavily, which I know is easier said than done. It might not sound easy, but if we can achieve it, we’ll find our silent, blissful inner sanctuary and chances are good that we won’t want to leave it.

The good news is that we don’t have to. We can stay in our sacred inner silence for as long as we need before we reemerge, ready to take on whatever tasks or responsibilities we have each day, and we’ll never be looked down on for staying in that space.

All it takes to get there is the willingness to discipline our minds, and I think it’s crucial that we do. We’ll find our heart (and the overflowing love that comes with it) when we can empty the mind and travel deep within, and we’ll be creatively and spiritually unstoppable when our inner love starts flowing.

Share freely.

I’m a twenty-one year old writer, blogger, musician and channel for the creative expression of the inner universe, and I created The Culture of Awareness daily news site.

The Culture of Awareness features daily spiritual and alternative news, articles I’ve written, and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material about the fall of the planetary elite and a new paradigm of unity and spirituality.

I’ve contributed to a few different spiritual websites including The Master Shift, Waking Times, Golden Age of Gaia, Wake Up World and Expanded Consciousness. I can also be found on Facebook (Wes Annac and The Culture of Awareness) and Twitter, and I write a paid weekly newsletter that you can subscribe to for $11.11 a month here.

18 Signs of High Emotional Intelligence – Travis Bradberry, Guest Waking Times –

Emotional Intelligence


Travis Bradberry
Waking Times


“Emotional intelligence is the “something” in each of us that is a bit intangible. It affects how we manage behavior, navigate social complexities, and make personal decisions to achieve positive results.”

When emotional intelligence (EQ) first appeared to the masses, it served as the missing link in a peculiar finding: people with average IQs outperform those with the highest IQs 70 per cent of the time. This anomaly threw a massive wrench into the broadly held assumption that IQ was the sole source of success.

Decades of research now point to emotional intelligence as being the critical factor that sets star performers apart from the rest of the pack. The connection is so strong that 90 per cent of top performers have high emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is the “something” in each of us that is a bit intangible. It affects how we manage behavior, navigate social complexities, and make personal decisions to achieve positive results.

Despite the significance of EQ, its intangible nature makes it very difficult to know how much you have and what you can do to improve if you’re lacking. You can always take a scientifically validated test, such as the one that comes with the Emotional Intelligence 2.0 book.

Unfortunately, quality (scientifically valid) EQ tests aren’t free. So, I’ve analyzed the data from the million-plus people TalentSmart has tested in order to identify the behaviors that are the hallmarks of a high EQ. What follows are sure signs that you have a high EQ.

1. You have a robust emotional vocabulary

All people experience emotions, but it is a select few who can accurately identify them as they occur. Our research shows that only 36 per cent of people can do this, which is problematic because unlabeled emotions often go misunderstood, which leads to irrational choices and counterproductive actions.

People with high EQs master their emotions because they understand them, and they use an extensive vocabulary of feelings to do so. While many people might describe themselves as simply feeling “bad,” emotionally intelligent people can pinpoint whether they feel “irritable,” “frustrated,” “downtrodden,” or “anxious.” The more specific your word choice, the better insight you have into exactly how you are feeling, what caused it, and what you should do about it.

2. You’re curious about people

It doesn’t matter if they’re introverted or extroverted, emotionally intelligent people are curious about everyone around them. This curiosity is the product of empathy, one of the most significant gateways to a high EQ. The more you care about other people and what they’re going through, the more curiosity you’re going to have about them.

3. You embrace change

Emotionally intelligent people are flexible and are constantly adapting. They know that fear of change is paralyzing and a major threat to their success and happiness. They look for change that is lurking just around the corner, and they form a plan of action should these changes occur.

Please continue reading at Waking World…

Kaia Roman – How To Quiet Your Mind When You Feel Intense Anxiety – 3-25-15

Kaia Roman

Nothing squashes our ability to “go with the flow” like worry and anxiety. For me, when anxiety creeps in, it takes up residence inside my head and makes itself totally comfy there. It tells me that I am likely to fail, that something bad will happen, that others don’t like me. I remind myself of the saying, “Worry is like praying for what you don’t want.” But then, on top of whatever I’m worrying about — money, relationships, my kids — I start to worry about the fact that I’m worrying.

I get so stuck in a rut of negative thinking sometimes that I wonder if I will ever think a positive thought again. But, I do believe worrying and indulging your anxiety is nothing more than a habit. And just like nail biting, teeth grinding or any other pesky habit, it can be changed.

I have been pursuing the secret to changing my habit of anxiety-dwelling for a number of years. About 14 years ago, long before the Three M’s (Marriage, Mortgage and Motherhood — which seem to be the source of most of my self-imposed anxiety of late), I found myself riding a train somewhere in Spain late one evening. I happened to be sitting next to a white-haired priest who struck me instantly as wise. He even smelled wise.

And since I figured I might not have another chance to ask a wise priest the question that most deeply plagued my soul, I casually asked him, “So how do I stop negative thoughts and anxiety?”

He turned his kind brown eyes to me and smiled: “Leave your front door and back door open. Let thoughts come and go. Just don’t serve them tea,” quoting meditation guru Shunryu Suzuki. It sounded so simple. But just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s easy.

So, I practice. And when anxiety shows up, I remember my priest-friend’s words from that night on the train, and I open the doors. Here are some other tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way:

1. When things are super hard, know that you’re on the verge of a breakthrough.

In other words, this too shall pass. So start with asking questions: when your anxiety passes (which it will!), what lessons, what new skills, what new insights will you have? I tell this to myself and ask myself these same sorts of questions. And when I won’t listen, I write it down. I put on some empowering music (“I Will Survive!”) and I push forward to get to the breakthrough faster. Trusting that it will come makes the process much less painful.

2. Make a voice recording of your positive self to listen to when your negative self is talking too loudly.

This gem of advice came from my wise friend Julie, to whom speaking comes more easily than writing sometimes. Imagine yourself 30 days, 30 months, or even 30 years from now, speaking to today’s you. Speak words of encouragement into a recorder, with all the wisdom that hindsight brings, knowing that “every little thing’s gonna be alright.” Listen to your recording as often as needed.

3. Permit the acute anxiety to just be.

Sometimes your resistance to worrying is worse than the initial feeling of anxiety itself. So cut yourself some slack. Examine what you’re really worrying about. Is your worry helping the situation? Maybe it is. We worry because we care about something or someone, and that is a good thing. So switch the focus of the worry to the positive emotion behind the worry (such as the desire to be healthy, happy and comfortable) without condemning yourself for harboring negative thoughts.

4. Imagine how you want it to be instead.

We can’t always change our current situations immediately, but we can imagine a different scenario in our heads. And that process of imagination is actually really productive, and instrumental in making changes in our lives.

Did you know that the principles of quantum physics tell us that our brains don’t know the difference between something that we experience for real and something that we imagine vividly? Well, we can use this to our advantage by harnessing the power of our imaginations to soothe ourselves when worry has got us down.

5. Distract yourself.

Look, a squirrel! Sometimes distraction is a great tactic for dealing with worry. Watch a funny movie, go out with friends, have sex — whatever it takes to ease the pressure gauge and get out of your head. I love to distract myself by escaping into a juicy novel; or, come to think of it, a juicy papaya can do the trick nicely too!

6. Give gratitude a try.

Why not try making a list of everything you’re grateful for? It can’t hurt, right? When I’m stuck in a downward spiral of worry and negative thoughts, I bust out my well-worn gratitude notebook and start making a list. I quickly realize that I have way more to be grateful for than to worry about, and it helps to put my mind at ease.

Ultimately, I know I cannot control most of the things and people around me. I could let this drive me crazy, or accept what I can control – which is how I feel. And I’m making it my goal every day to tip the scale towards feeling good while turning the volume down on worry.

Photo Credit: Stocksy


Suzanne Lie – Activating Your Heart-Mind – A Written Meditation – 10-14-14

SuzanneLieLook at your reality to consciously perceive your third-dimensional reality…

Take long, slow, deep breaths to expand your consciousness…

Make sure your exhale is twice as long as your inhale…

Inhale through your Third Eye 1…2…3…

Exhale through your Heart 1…2…3…4…5…6…

Repeat this breathing three times…

Look again to see your reality as it appears in this NOW…

Do you see how the state of your consciousness

influences your perception of reality?

NOW, think about all the parts of your life that you love:

All the Persons



And even things that you love…

Remember that every thing holds the resonance of the owner’s life force. Therefore, a thing that you love is something you created to appear in your reality. Hence, it is a symbol of your connection to your true, Creator SELF, who is a higher expression of your Multidimensional SELF.

Feel the energy field of all that you love inside your heart

Allow this love energy to travel up into your mind/thoughts

and down into the body of Gaia, your planetary self…

Hold that LOVE as you observe the parts of your life that you do not love

and wish to transmute/change…

Do NOT attach any emotion to these unwanted aspects of your life,

as the emotion would likely be some form of fear.

Any feelings of fear, anger or sorrow lower your consciousness

and make it more difficult to commune with your Creator SELF.

Remember, fear separates, but LOVE unifies.

As you peruse your reality, allow all that you LOVE about life to expand

until it encircles any parts of your life that you wish to transmute.

Now, imagine that the loved portions of your life are a green meadow

And the difficult parts are holes in that meadow…

Keep your process symbolic so that you will not get triggered

into fear by the negative charge of your “problems/holes.”


Know that physical reality always has meadows/love and holes/ fears.

Visualize a “rain of higher light” coming down

from your Creator/Higher SELF…

See how the rain of higher light expands the meadow

While the holes become smaller and smaller

Send the higher light directly into the holes

to fill them with unconditional love…

Look again to the holes in your meadow…

See how these holes in your meadow are filled with the rain of light…

Observe as these holes transmute them into pools of light…

LOVE the pools of light in your meadow,

for they allow you to better see your SELF …

Visualize your entire meadow …

See how the holes have become pools of light

that are seeking to unite the to unite with the Rain of Light…

Once more, look at the loved portions of your reality…

See how your love of life has expanded…

Feel how this love of life allows you to love YOU more…

Observe how loving your SELF assists you to more deeply love others…

Send thanksgiving to these challenges that have served as your teachers…

Hold on to this feeling of thanksgiving and add unconditional love…

Recognize how thanksgiving and unconditional love for your life assists you to release the habits of stress and fear, which you have associated with the challenges who have served as your teacher.

Return to you inner Meadow…

Stand on the edge of each pool of light that were low points in your life…

Look into each pool to see the reflection of the lessons of each challenge …

Now, see how confronting and fulfilling each challenge has changed your life…

Look into each pool of light (fulfilled challenge) to see the image of

the FULFILLMENT of that challenge…

Feel the Greater Love in your Heat with the Expanded Power in your Mind

Use this combination of love and power to create your Heart/Mind.

Your heart/emotions and your mind/thoughts,

flowing through your Heart/Mind connect you to the expanded creative force of your fifth dimensional SELF.

Surrender this image to the rain of light…

Begin every day for 7 days by focusing on your greater mental powers and enhanced ability to Love ALL Life

Surrender into the flow of the

Multidimensional power and unconditional love

Of your higher expressions of SELF

As you surrender to the flow,

You will be able to “let go” of your past

And live in the NOW in which your only challenge is:




While your Heart/Mind is connected and open please read:

Edgar Allan Poets and The Midnight Mission: Shedding Light on Homelessness

Video Link:



Beverly Hills—one of the most glamorous places on Earth, known for fashion, celebrities, and the prestigious 90210 zip code. But just minutes away, another reality exists. This reality is Skid Row, one of the largest populations of homeless men, women and children in the United States. The numbers are staggering; it is estimated that anywhere from 3,000 to 6,000 people live here in extreme poverty with no access to even the basic necessities for everyday life. These are the invisible people of Los Angeles, living side by side with their affluent neighbors who may be unaware of just how dire this situation is. But, a ray of hope breaks through this darkness.

Edgar Allan Poets is honored to announce their collaboration with The Midnight Mission ( The band has a unique style they call Noir Rock, which draws inspiration from the writings of Edgar Allan Poe and the films of Alfred Hitchcock, creating an intense and haunting blend of classical strings and grunge guitars. For the past century, The Midnight Mission has been providing services to the people of Skid Row, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, free of charge. Amongst their services are a twelve-step rehabilitation program, job training and education, all to give people of Skid Row hope for a better future.

Edgar Allan Poets is reaching out to the Noir Family for your help in making their vision a reality! Your generosity will allow the band to fund the production of the video “Watch” as well as the recording of the new EP of the same title. Thirty percent of the profits of this EP will be donated to The Midnight Mission. If this ambitious project is funded, the video will be directed by Daniel Lir and his partner Bayou Bennett, who have previously worked with Coldplay, Sum41, Isaac Hayes, Tricky and many new independent artists. Of this project, Lir states, “As filmmakers, we are all about meaningful stories. We look forward to creating this high impact and exciting video with Edgar Allan Poets and The Midnight Mission.”

It’s up to YOU now! Don’t just sit back and “Watch”! Bring your noir into the light and help others help themselves. Music is the voice of the silent and the invisible. For more information, contact Edgar Allan Poets at or Georgia Berkovich of The Midnight Mission at



to donate and track the status of the project.

“A glimpse into the world proves that horror is nothing other than reality.” – Alfred Hitchcock

Adrian Salbuchi – Mind Control – It’s All Around You

Mind ControlWritten by Adrian Salbuchi, New Dawn, Waking Times, September 5, 2014

“Man’s task is to become conscious of the contents that press upward from the Unconscious. Masses are always breeding grounds of psychic epidemics.” Carl G. Jung

Mind Control. It’s easier than you think! Anybody can do it. Don’t believe me? You don’t think everybody has the power to control hundreds, thousands, even millions of other people’s minds? Then watch this little experiment we’re about to make: I shall now control your mind!

Yes; wherever in the world you are reading this, I hereby order you to think of the Eiffel Tower on a rainy evening being struck by lightning. OK? Thinking about that image? Right… Now try to stop thinking about the Eiffel Tower on a rainy evening being struck by lightning. You can’t? Try harder! Still can’t? Ha! I’ll tell you why: because I am controlling your mind!

You see? It’s that easy to implant ideas and images into other people’s brains! Now, imagine that I did this “little experiment” on global TV to an audience of say, 1 or 2 billion people. And imagine too that instead of my innocent “Eiffel Tower” image, I “ordered” you to watch and think about something far more powerful… like the World Trade Centre imploding, or Osama bin Laden firing his machine-gun at an unseen “target” (Western babies, perhaps?), or Prince William’s wedding as he is groomed to become “the Once and Future King”?

Harnessing Collective Psychic Energy

What are the effects and the perils of making hundreds of millions – even billions – of people see and hear exactly the same thing at exactly the same time all over the world, repeated time and again and again? What, if any, is the aggregated effect on the collective psyche, on physical brains and even on the physical world of all that psychic energy? Can the collective psyche unwittingly precipitate physical events?

Thanks to global TV, radio, and internet, these collective effects are unprecedented in history. We are treading unexplored territory; we just don’t know whether or not such effects exist; whether we might be opening a veritable Pandora’s Box by tapping into deep recesses of the Collective Psyche.

Even more: is it possible this aggregated effect generated by untold hundreds of millions of human brains could be consciously tapped by unseen controllers to generate certain effects, phenomenon or circumstances that fit their agendas? Could such a subtle effect even be used to materialise ideas and events and thus used to influence worldly matters?

Clearly, these are leading-edge questions for which we have no answers today, however, if ever there was a time to start investigating such possibilities, now is definitely the time, irrespective of whether you think this may or may not be possible.

If it should someday be discovered these phenomenon do exist, and the Global Power Elite think tanks – Tavistock Institute allied with the CIA, MI6 and others – harness such unconscious collective psychic energies for their own ends and purposes using masses of human beings everywhere (at least everywhere there’s a TV screen) to psychically materialise their objectives, then we had better investigate this sooner rather than later.

What an irony if they were to use our own minds against ourselves to enslave us to their objectives and needs! In other words, can the Collective Psyche be harnessed to (mis)lead Man onto paths of social, political, cultural, economic and intellectual destruction? A lot of this is happening today, as any student of PsyOps and PsyWar well knows.

Levels of Communication

The upper echelons of power often interact and communicate through a totally different system of symbolic language that, when properly understood, lends credence to Illuminati Tradition and the impact of Freemasonic Orders. Don’t be fooled: they are not just playing around with signs, symbols, “words of power” and dates. They know only too well the intrinsic power of Kabbalistic numbers, for example, and use them in many of their “tricks of the trade.”

At times, they function as signposts and markers for their Strategic Planning and False Flag operations knowing that the majority of people’s untrained eyes will miss them altogether or, worse still, will just consider them innocent whims; a play of no importance. They function as did the spies of old who would send instructions to their covert agents in a foreign land by publishing some small ad in the classified section of a local newspaper: right out in the open; innocent and innocuous and yet… so important!


With hindsight, we now realise the numerous tell-tale signs from Hollywood that 9/11 was being planned and that, somehow, it had to be “communicated” to “friends in the know.” There we have it in plain sight: in theCity of New York versus The Simpsons episode (aired 21-Sept-1997) America’s favourite family decides to visit the World Trade Centre after Bart and Lisa show a brochure saying “9/11”; later a hobo on the subway gives his address as “Jesus c/o The Pentagon.” Or, the 1997 movie The Matrix: when Neo (Keanu Reeves) is arrested, his passport’s expiry date is… 11 September 2001. Or the Deputy NSA Director’s (John Voigt) birth date in Enemy of the State (1998) is shown as… 11 September 1940. Or the launch episode of the series The Lone Gunman (FoxTV, March 2001). The plot? Insiders plan to ram a jetliner into the WTC and blame it on “terrorists…” There’s even a strange, out of context scene in The Devil’s Advocate (1997), showing an ultra high-speed day-night video of the WTC Towers with the gothic-style Woolworth Building in the forefront… Warnings?


Clearly, behind the most innocent looking things there are signs to be read. To understand what is happening today is analogous to driving on a highway from one town to another, you need to understand and properly interpret a whole host of signs, warnings and notices telling you where to exit, when to step on the gas and, when to brake. We would all do well to understand such “signs” and have the proper “maps” or – better still – our PsyOps “GPS” to find our way.

The Media is the Message

The human psyche has very deep archaic recesses where powerful dormant forces await to be awakened. The Collective Unconscious about which Swiss psychoanalyst Carl G. Jung spoke, is a powerful source of archaic, collectively inherited, psychic tendencies embedded in man and rooted into the very fabric of the Cosmos – Jung called them “Archetypes” – that, when channelled in specific directions may unleash the “psychic epidemics” he warned us about.

Towards the end of his long life, Jung feared that the uncontrolled unleashing of just such epidemics would represent the greatest danger facing mankind as the millennium drew to a close. Only three years before his death in 1961, he warned that “an archetype was stirring in a way that was characteristic for ‘the end of an era’,” and of the upheavals and great changes we can expect. In fact, on 30 May 1961 – just eight days before he died – Jung dictated to his daughter his last visions: “I see enormous stretches devastated, enormous stretches of the Earth. But thank God, not the whole planet.” And Jung made a drawing, with a caption under it that said, “The last 50 years of humanity.” That points exactly to our time…

When he spoke of “the end of an era” he was referring to psychic processes that play out very long-term – over thousands of years – thought to be “synchronistic” (i.e., a-causally linked) to the relative position of Earth, Sun and Stars. As the constellations of the Zodiac are “visited” by the Sun through a long-term process known in astronomy as the “precession of the equinoxes,” certain collective archetypes seem to “awaken” and remain active for thousands of years, whilst others until then active, fall dormant.

The Global Power Elites know this only too well and make good use of it, which might explain why Jung’s psychology is much less publicly talked about than the Elite’s favourite son, Sigmund Freud. Freud thought of the “subconscious” as basically a trash can of repressed personal traumas; Jung thought of the Unconscious as superior to the conscious mind and held that it was governed by inherited psychic tendencies. Freud thought his “laws” of psychology were universally valid; Jung believed every race or ethnic group had blatantly obvious psychological differences – as different as the physical appearance of the Caucasian, Semitic, Chinese and Negro peoples.1

Clearly, it’s high time we too wake up to the (not so) hidden signs being used to unleash “psychic tsunamis” on us, taking advantage of these unconscious energies, perhaps to even create self-fulfilling prophecies.

Was this understood by that elusive character known to students of Gnosticism as “Fulcanelli” (an Adept? A Brotherhood?) who, after writing his beautiful treatises on occult alchemical symbolism in temples and buildings of France and Spain – The Mystery of the Cathedrals (1926) and Dwellings of the Philosophers (1930) – disappeared after World War II, only to unexpectedly reappear in 1999 with what is believed to be his long-promised third opus: Finis Gloria Mundi?

In this last work, Fulcanelli describes how the Global Power Elite are manipulating their own Satanic occult agenda parodying Gnosticism’s Opus Magnus, which is Thoth/Hermes’ Emerald Tablet, perverting it from a profound esoteric Gnostic Treatise into an exoteric Power grabbing manual.

As many know, the Emerald Tablet is a very short text which opens saying, “It is true, without a lie, certain and most true: That which is below is as that which is above, and that which is above is as that which is below, to perform the miracles of the One Thing. And as all things were from the One, by means of the mediation of the One, thus all things were born from the One, by means of adaptation.”

Fulcanelli’s explanation of today’s materialistic prophecy-come-true parody is based on subsequent parts of the Emerald Tablet sequentially “acted out” by the Elite.

“Its father is the Sun” (this is why the Elite built the A-Bomb: to show the world in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945 that they had harnessed the power of the Sun); “Its mother is the Moon” (then, in July 1969 they “harnessed” the Moon with the Apollo Moon Landing); “The Wind carried it in its belly” (“wind” being a metaphor for both the Global Media which flows everywhere and HAARP Climate Control); “Its nurse is the Earth” (Fulcanelli points to the criminal meddling with DNA in the vegetable and animal kingdoms, and the Human Genome Project).

Here, again, we find dates being used symbolically. When “harnessing” Sun and Moon, the Global Power Elite’s first nuclear test at Alamogordo New Mexico took place on 16 July 1945, whilst Apollo 11’s “Moon landing” journey lifted off from the Kennedy Space Centre on 16 July 1969.

This is more than just playing with symbols, dates and words. Instilling a long-term far-reaching, all-inclusive global strategy and action plan with deep roots dating back untold millennia to the Egyptian God Thoth may have more subtle and profound consequences than we can fathom.

For years now, the Elite have been drilling into our collective psyche that we are facing the impending “end of the world.” Together with their staunch servants and operatives in Hollywood, the major TV producers, Fox, Disney, DreamWorks, Universal, MGM, Paramount, they have prepared our collective psyche to “be ready to accept the end of the world.”

This all seems to serve three goals: (a) make us all feel increasingly helpless (I mean what can you do if an asteroid is about to hit Earth?), (b) instil a powerful “something big is-a-coming” expectation of sudden change; (c) remind us that there is always “an enemy” out there – a really big, nasty one bent on our destruction. So, we need to have a really big, powerful – even if harsh – protector to shield us from impending calamities.

It’s today’s version of programmed Feudalism: you want food, shelter, protection? Then you’d better obediently and loyally serve your Feudal Lords, even if it means surrendering your sons and daughters, otherwise, you’re really in for a hard time! Today: the Elite is the Feudal Overlord whom we either obediently and diligently serve for which we are fed, housed and “protected”, or else… well, you know: it’s the basic “you’re either with us or against us” Baby Bush Syndrome.

Big, nasty, scary enemies are Rule No. 1 to ensure domination over large masses of people. Yesterday it was Hitler, the Japs, the Red Menace… Today it’s Global Terrorism, Muslim Fundamentalists and Osama’s throngs…

As “The Report from Iron Mountain” explained back in the sixties, an enemy need not be real in order to be useful to the Elite; an enemy need only be perceived as real by the majority of people. Credibility, not reality, is what counts. Once people believe an enemy “exists,” the rest is a piece of cake. People will then willingly march and yell and ship their sons and daughters off to Vietnam, Europe, Japan, Iraq, Korea, Panama, Libya – anywhere – to “fight the enemy”; to “defend our country.”

It’s all a Question of Time

Why this is coming to a head just now is intimately related to our concept of Time. Time is of the essence; everything we do is based on Time. You’re meeting somebody? Achieving that always comes in two dimensions: Space (e.g., my house coordinates) and Time (e.g., Monday, 16 July 2012, 8:30AM). This, however, is the materialistic, secular, “Western” use of time: Chronos.

Time is etched into our collective psyche in other more subtle ways. Again, we turn to Carl Jung who spoke of Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious as being beyond Space and Time, and governed by cosmic forces difficult to perceive because their manifestation spans many generations.

In his formidable book Aion: Researches into the Phenomenology of the Self, Jung analyses the activation of the Archetypes relating to one of the twelve 2,160 year-long (average) “Platonic Months” or “Ages”: our now ending Age of Pisces. Under Pisces, Christianity was the governing “tonic note” or leitmotiv so to speak, that gave life to the Christian ICHTYS fish symbolism, balanced by its feminine (and astronomical) counterpart, Virgo: the Virgin Mary. Today, as we enter the Age of Aquarius, a new Archetype is dawning and the old Archetype – Pisces – will fall “asleep” and be “sacrificed.”

We have many examples of this every 2,200 years or so (the average period of each Platonic month). When Pisces dawned around two millennia ago, the previous “month” – Aries the Ram – had to be “sacrificed” (Angus Dei qui tolis pecata mundi); the Lamb of God who takes the sins of the world was duly sacrificed on the Cross. 2,200 years before that, when Aries dawned we saw Jason and his Argonauts follow the Aries Archetype all the way to the Colchides on their Quest for the Golden Fleece; just as millennia later Parsifal, Lohengrin and Titurel would embark on the Quest for the Holy Grail. Then, it was the Taurus Bull’s turn to be sacrificed, as the Age of Taurus (so important to ancient Egypt and Crete) fell dormant and was “sacrificed” – Iberian bull fights and Mithras’s bull-slaying being psychic vestiges that reached our own time, and so on.

Here, modern languages again play us a bad card because today we only have one word for the concept of “time,” whilst in Classical times there were three very distinct ones: Chronos referred to so-called physical “chronological” time used to record and coordinate worldly affairs; Kairos was used to represent significant moments in time, i.e., what today we would call “milestones;” whilst Aion – a venerable god to the Romans – was used to describe very long periods of time that no human could ever experience first-hand; from there comes our word Eon.

Today, we are so shortsighted that we forgot the importance of understanding long periods of time – Eons. They mark the psychic chords and tonic notes from which we cannot stray too far because, like it or not, the “signs of the times” will always impose themselves on us.

The Elite’s Achilles’ Heel: They Need You to be a Willing Accomplice

They need you to be passive; they need to buy your acceptance to do what they want you to do; they need you to “sell your soul” to them. Literally! They need you to “sign” a virtual “contract” in which you say, “yes; I will obey your Feudal Elite Overlords if you will allow me to live and enjoy ‘rights’.”

Now this Truth is as old as Mankind. In his play Faust, German playwright Johann von Goethe shows us a knowledge-thirsty over-intellectualised professor – Faust – “signing a blood contract” with Mephistopheles – the devil himself – in exchange for the minor glories of worldly fame and shine. Now, have you ever asked yourself why should the devil need anybody to “sign a contract” with him? Easy: the powers of Darkness, the forces of Evil, need you to serve them of your own Free Will.

It seems there’s a cosmic rule that even Old Man Devil himself cannot override, which says that his victims must serve him of their own free will. That’s the Elite’s Achilles Heel that we must exploit to the utmost.

Three examples – a tragedy, a comedy and a drama – from the Hollywood Global PsyWar power house of films spell this out; that you must freely serve them, in plain language:

A Tragedy – The Devil’s Advocate (1997) where young, up-and-coming lawyer Kevin Lomax (Keanu Reeves) joins a New York law firm only to finally discover that his bizarre boss John Milton (Al Pacino) is the Devil himself. Reeves’ wife Mary Anne realises that long before he does, but collapses mentally and physically into suicide. In one key scene, Pacino tells Reeves, “Go back to your wife for a couple of weeks… she’s sick, she needs you, take a break from the case you’re working on.” Reeves thinks for a few seconds and says“No, I’ll carry on with our case!” Whereupon Pacino/Devil shrugs his shoulders and says, “OK, do as you like.” At the end when Pacino unmasks himself as the Devil, he reminds Reeves that he was given a choice but he chose the company over his wife… of his own free will!

A Comedy – Bruce Almighty (2003) where Jim Carrey plays a goofy loser complaining to “god” once too often, whereupon “god” (Morgan Freeman) shows up in a most unpresuming garb and gives Jim “almighty powers” to teach him just how difficult it is running the Universe. Carrey can then do anything he wants but “god” tells him, “One thing, though: you can’t mess around with free will.” So, when Jim wants to get his estranged girlfriend to love him, she just turns around and walks away. Again: Free Will!

v-for-vendettaA Drama – V for Vendetta(2006) where Hugo Weaving plays a powerful mysterious freedom fighter known only as “V” who, inspired by Eve (Natalie Portman), uses PsyWar tactics to fight a future Orwellian totalitarian society in the UK. In a splendid scene, “V” interferes with all TV signals and broadcasts a message to the People, saying,

“… Words offer the means to meaning, and for those who would listen, the enunciation of the Truth. And the Truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn’t there? Cruelty and injustice, intolerance and oppression, and where once you had the freedom to object, to think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors and systems of surveillance coercing your conformity and soliciting your submission. How did this happen? Who’s to blame? Well certainly there are those who are more responsible than others, and they will be held accountable, but again, truth be told, if you’re looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror. I know why you did it. I know you were afraid! Who wouldn’t be? War, terror, disease… There were myriad problems that conspired to corrupt your reason and rob you of your common sense. Fear got the best of you, and in your panic, you turned to the now High Chancellor Adam Suttler.2 He promised you order, he promised you peace, and all he demanded in return was your silent, obedient, consent.” Your Free Will…

Not surprisingly, in all three of these films, the key that opens the door to liberation is Woman: Mary Anne’s death in Devil’s Advocate, Jennifer Aniston’s temporary rejection of Jim Carrey in Bruce Almighty, and Eve’s strength and love in V for Vendetta. Significantly, Goethe ends Faust with these words: Das Ewig-Weibliche zieht uns hinan – “The eternal feminine draws us upwards.”

The “Mystery Factor”

We opened this article talking about how collective psychic energy can be harnessed for matters pertaining to this world. I’d now like to close with a more speculative view of how subtle forces of Darkness may also be harnessing collective psychic energies to achieve their “ends beyond this world.”

Those who have read the Tibetan Bardo Thodol – better known in the West as the Tibetan Book of the Dead know that when we depart this world, a subtle part of us – mind, the psychic personality residue – remains “for a while.” It is suddenly left, however, without a physical brain and the senses to support it.

There are indications that psychic “residue” may continue to guide Soul onto the next Incarnation as we still experience in the Beyond through the mental body – the Ka of the Egyptians – however it has no control over the physical world as we had when our live brains controlled our feet, mouth, hands interacting with the world; i.e., to “do this” and “do that.” When we die, we no longer have those physical organs, however in our soul’s journey Beyond, the Ka still continues to project ideas and concepts, and here lies a terrible danger.

When we are incarnate, mental projections are kept at bay because our trustworthy senses immediately kick in with their logic to filter out or buffer and separate what can from what cannot be. So, even if my mind imagines a pink elephant floating past my window, I will not actually “see” nor experience that because my eyes-brain-senses kick-in to say “that’s impossible!”

Another simple experiment: imagine that on a sunny day in a bar full of people I told you, “think about being all alone in a cemetery with crypts opening and walking dead coming at you.” You’d just laugh me off because there is no way you can even project such a preposterous image. Now, imagine I say exactly the same words whilst we are both alone, at midnight on a moonless night inside a real cemetery. Your eyes cannot see but your mind’s eye certainly conjures up all sorts of horrific images! Worse still, your ears are pricked… “What was that rushing sound?” “Did I hear a sinister whisper?” “What was that shadow I thought I caught with the corner of my eye?” By now, many people would start going into full panic mode. Why? Because when it’s dark and silent, our senses offer little protection against mental projections of the most horrible images. That’s when you REGRET having seen such and such a terror movie whose images now come back to haunt you. That’s when you start having doubts about what may really be out there in the shadows of the night… which are a symbol of the deepest recesses of your own psyche.

Well, my friends, when we die it gets even worse than that! For we no longer have eyes and ears and a brain to sort out and organise what we “see and hear”; it would seem that whatever we project in the Beyond, becomes REAL, at least psychologically real.

Now I believe some of the folks running Hollywood know this. And the fact that they have overloaded our brains with the most horrific images and atavistic fears may serve the purpose of sending us all – literally – to “Hell”!

Because in the Beyond, if in life you were scared of hornets, you will project “real” hornets; if you were scared of the “waking dead”, you will project the “waking dead”; and if the movie Aliens really made you jump from your seat, well… get ready… many will actually run into it (by the way, Aliens was the result of an investigation into Man’s deepest atavistic fears by Hollywood PsyOps experts).

By the same token, if we cherished and believe in Christ and the Blessed virgin, They will greet us when we die. Same if you believe in Allah… And departed mom, dad and your long-lost dog will be projected too. Actually, initial projections are from the “heart” and they are always beautiful and warm, but as the After-death “Intermediate State” (Bar-do) progresses, projections from the mind begin… That’s when the soul can run into trouble… Spanish painter Francisco Goya alludes to this in his 1799 print “The dreams of Reason produce monsters.”

So, maybe the Global Power Elite are aiming at controlling us here and in the Hereafter.

Why? I don’t really know. Maybe it’s part of a Satanic ritual whereby they must feed their ghoulish “gods” or demiurge, rather: Beelzebub, Satan, YHWH, Baphomet and other such bloodthirsty – and soulthirsty – cosmic ghouls. The essence of Blood on “this side” of Reality has its counterpart in psychic energy in the Beyond.

I know we are delving into much theory but this may also help to explain many of the things that happen around us without any of us ever realising it. This may also help understand why the antidote to such madness may spontaneously spring in sensitive and good people naturally aligned with the Forces of Light – Sun, God – who “perceive” this drama, as “messages from the Eternal Feminine”: i.e., the many Visions of the Virgin Mary throughout the last two centuries.


The “rules of the game” are there for all to see. Don’t deliver up your mind and soul. Don’t be a passive collaborator, because doing nothing is exactly what the Global Power Elite wants from you: passive collaboration.

Biblical tradition says Lucifer shouted his rebellion to high Heaven yelling “Non Serviam” – “I will not serve.” In an uncanny twist of Fate, it is now our duty to turn the table on the Evil One and shout back to him: “Non Serviam” – I will not serve!

That’s called Personal Sovereignty, which is the very first step towards collective sovereignty for entire nations and continents.


Nemesis – Tapping Into Source – 7-13-14



Thinking is the key that opens The Treasury of Wisdom, but you have to desire, and ask, to enter.

Asking questions is the way to learn more. When you ask a question you access the universal mind in which you live and have your being, and it has all the answers.

The universal mind knows past, present and future. It knows all and sees all.

If you are sincere and determined in your quest, nothing is denied you.

Obtaining information from the universal mind is a process. It requires you to learn, step by step, here a little, there a little, until you come to a full understanding of that which you seek.

Remember the quote, “Ask and it shall be given; knock and it shall be opened; seek and ye shall find.”

The universal mind knows when, where, how, why, who, and for how long. It knows world events coming, and whether your plan and its location can endure. It knows when you should stand, move, run, hide.

The universal mind is known by many names: spirit, spirit-guide, holy ghost, comforter, spirit of christ, angel, guardian-angel, god, etc. and so on and so forth.

When you give thanks, the universal mind receives it.

The universal mind is open to all. It does not judge. It is a program that is accessible based on principles. When you do your part, it does its part. IT NEVER FORCES ITSELF UPON YOU (though it will, with its ‘still small voice’, prompt and encourage you).

The universal mind does not condemn or demand. It merely gives information. If you can conceive it, it will help you accomplish or obtain it.

The universal mind does not respond to temporary wishful thinking, shallow thinking, poorly phrased questions, casual inquiry, insincerity or lazy minds that embark upon a quest but fail to persevere.

The universal mind responds to a determined will, desire, enthusiasm, a clear idea, sincere goals, determination, resoluteness, perseverance and hard work.

In the fire of desire and determination come answers to your questions, and solutions to your problems.

If you really want it,
you can really have it.

Thinking is hard work. Deep thinking is even harder work.

Refusing to consider and weigh thoughts that go contrary to your beliefs, belief system, dogma, opinions or persuasions, or theories, dam you from further light, knowledge and understanding (if what you have is sufficient for you, you won’t have any questions anyway, so the universal mind becomes an untapped resource). You can stay where you’ve arrived, or move on. It’s up to you.


Pearls of Purity by Sunita Bapooji – Union between Heart and Mind

Peace Tree Society·89 videos

In this episode Master Sunita explores “Manasu” usually thought of as Mind, but in truth it is the Union between Heart and Mind. Thinking and Feeling together becomes Manasu.

She clarifies that we all know of Physical heart on left side of body, but Ancient wisdom says that we have one more heart, the Spiritual heart on the right side. Yogic wisdom also mentions that there is an energy center called “Anahatha” energy
center which is right in the middle between physical and spiritual hearts. These three together makes what we call “Heart”.

Mind is everywhere, because each cell has Mind. So wherever cell is there, Mind is there. But master says that mind needs to be purified through friendship, compassion, kindness, goodness, and understanding everyone no matter what.

And ultimately the union of Mind and Heart leads to Healing of the Self and humanity.
She also explores in this episode various divine renditions of Saint Thyagaraja on “Manasu” and also ancient scriptures that have mentioned about Manasu and its various implications on day to day life.

“Mananaath traayathe ithi mantraha”.
Power of chanting Mantras is revealed only when there is union of Heart and mind.
It does not matter intellectually how many ever scriptures we read/learn, unless this union exists.

“Manah prasamanopayah yoga itya bhidhiyat”
For peace in Manasu, we need Yoga or Union.

Wes Annac – No More Wasted Potential – The Aquarius Paradigm – 5-11-14

wes-annac-300x229Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

The phrase, ‘a mind is a terrible thing to waste’ definitely resonates with me. We have far more potential than we realize, especially those of us who don’t think we have any potential at all, and in this new era, I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t act on our potential to create the world of our dreams.

Envisioning and talking about our new world is nice, but our potential’s far too great not to back our talk up with action. Like others have said, we have the potential to completely change the manner in which this planet has functioned, and now’s a better time than ever to act on our abilities and start the greatest of our work.

Various things about this planet are clearly in need of addressing and healing, and the longer we wait to start doing so, the longer it’ll take for change to manifest. We’re the ones who are tasked with fixing this broken planet, and we’re the ones who carry the light that’ll enable us to do so.

We’re the world changers who’ve incarnated on this planet on a mission to spread consciousness and awareness, and we’re the ones the Company of Heaven looks to in hopes that their work will be worth something; that everything they’re doing won’t be in vain.

We’re the ones who chose to take on this difficult mission in the face of the pain and stress of the earth experience, and armed with the light we carry within and the truths we’ve come to understand, we’ll create a revolution so large that no force can stop it.

Nobody will be able to stop a worldwide movement of spiritual revolutionaries who are bent on reversing the enslavement of mankind and exposing the forces who are responsible for this enslavement, but those forces are doing everything they can to distract and subdue us.

We no longer need to let their petty games and distractions stop us from acting on our potential to heal this planet, but if we fall prey to these distractions, our efforts will obviously be subdued and our greater mission will be more difficult to complete.

I think we need to constantly keep in mind that we’re here to change this planet, because when we do, the distractions that have been put in our way will be much easier to transcend and our mission will be not only easier, but more enjoyable.

I couldn’t tell you what your mission is, but whatever it is, you’re encouraged to pursue it with all of yourself and never give up, no matter how much distraction or temptation you face. The cabal’s working very hard to pacify the rest of humanity, but we don’t have to let them stop us from acting on our potential to transform the manner in which our society functions.

Instead of letting the Company of Heaven’s efforts be in vain, let’s make sure that everything the cabal has and continues to do to keep us down is for naught. Let’s laugh in the face of their endless attempts to hold us back from our destiny, and instead of surrendering to those attempts, we can bring their secretive influence to an end, once and for all.

Let’s find things we’re passionate about and work from there to inform and uplift the rest of humanity. Let’s take up projects we know we’ll enjoy in the name of making spiritually rooted social progress, because if we don’t, the old world will continue to churn on.

Humanity has some hard truths to learn, and in my opinion, one of those truths is that we aren’t meant to be lazy or complacent about the condition our planet’s in. We’re meant to enthusiastically address this issue and see to it that our collective vibration never dips so low again, and we have a lot of restoration and healing work to do, however difficult or challenging it might be.

We have a long road ahead of us in regards to orienting our society to the peaceful, loving, galactic society we want it to be, but this certainly isn’t a reason not to take our first steps. Instead of staring aimlessly at the sky or kicking dirt around, let’s enthusiastically start the greatest of our work and encourage everyone around us to do the same.

I’m aware that a lot of negativity and complacency pollute the collective consciousness. I understand this, and I’ve seen it firsthand. Should that stop those of us who are beginning to become aware from taking the heart-centered action that’s needed, though?

How do we know that our efforts now won’t eventually inspire others who might have remained closed off from the truths of their existence?

The more we do now, the more inspired others will feel in the immediate future, and if we leave behind a legacy of positive work for humanity’s physical and spiritual development, we’ll inspire other generations down the line to leave their own positive legacies.

I take a lot of inspiration from the conscious pioneers of the past and present who have and continue to work for humanity’s betterment. I appreciate the efforts of people from all walks of life who feel inspired to change this planet and help everyone get a leg up in life, and their efforts drive my own.

The work other people are doing to raise consciousness and build a new world inspires me to contribute to this new world by using my voice as much as possible, and hopefully, the things I write will inspire all of you out there who feel slightly motivated but don’t know where to begin.

There are plenty of things you can do right now to start changing things or, at the very least, get the idea of changing things out there to the rest of the world. I think social action is one of the best routes we can take, but beyond that, there are plenty of creative routes we can take to offer our vibration to the healing of the planet.

We can start a blog and write articles; write music; generally support the efforts of others who are working hard to bring humanity into the light. I could list plenty of things we can all start doing, but as I’m learning, none of them are complete if we don’t situate ourselves on a good vibration and let the physical and energetic change flow from there.

I can say from experience so far that neither spiritual nor physical work are complete without each other. Putting ourselves on a good vibration and living the change we want to see is more than important, but I don’t think that alone will create the world we want to live in.

Similarly, you can protest in front of a government building all you want, but if your vibration’s low, the frequency change we all want to see won’t happen. I think we need a balance of both routes, and of course, we have plenty of people to bring this balance about.

There are more awakened people who are ready to change the planet than we can count, but unfortunately, a lot of them are still too held up with issues of lesser importance to start contributing to our new world – physically or spiritually.

To all of you out there who are ready to make real and significant change, I ask, what’s stopping you? I’m sure plenty of things will pop into your minds, but do they really have to hinder the work we’re here to do? Do they have to stop us from creating all of the amazing changes we hear so much about? Absolutely not!

They’ll only stop us if we let them, and as we’re starting to learn, there’s no sense in letting them.

I think we hurt ourselves and the planet around us when we ‘let ourselves off the hook’ by declining to contribute to our new world at least once a day in some way or another, and I write this in part to issue a call to everyone who’s been inactive to lovingly replace your inaction with real and focused effort to change the world.

I can only repeat this call so much, but I’ll repeat it as much as I need to because I’m ready to create heaven on earth. I’m ready to create our utopian society with each of you by my side, and as long as we start getting to work now, our new world will be here in a relatively short amount of time.

We have a lot of work to do, and some of it will be pretty difficult, but if we all started working away right now, we’d have a new world built in no time. The cabal knows how powerful we are as a collective, and this is in part why they work so hard to stifle the growing influence of the things we’re saying.

They know that more and more people are becoming aware every day, and they’re doing everything they can to douse the flames of the spiritual revolution taking place. I’m sure they wish they could all-out stop our efforts, but as long as each of us gets motivated and starts our work, they won’t be able to.

Try as they might, we have the power of Source by our side and we can’t be stopped by any finite, earthly force, unless we let ourselves. If we let the cabal or anyone else hinder our creation of a new world, then they’ll succeed in their efforts to keep us pacified.

I’m pretty confident that nobody in the conscious community wants this to happen, but it could if we don’t start working and vow never to be subdued again. I obviously don’t think anyone’s efforts to stop this already flourishing movement will succeed, but when it comes down to it, the things we say and do are paramount to the manifestation of our immediate and distant future.

With that said, feel free to faithfully and passionately pursue an avenue of service that works for you. We’re each here to do something specific for the creation of a new reality, and we can’t let the efforts of self-serving forces keep us from acting on our passions any longer.

However difficult it could be, we have to push through with the understanding that in the end, our perseverance will have been more than worth it.

Wes Annac – Ready to see everyone move beyond words and take peaceful, spiritually inspired action.


Deepak Chopra – Magical Mind and Body – Audio Book

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Wes Annec – Out of the Mind and Into the Heart – 4-10-14


Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

I’ve written plenty of articles about the heart space and the immense benefits of opening up to it, and when I realized that a wealth of interesting channeled material has already addressed this subject, I knew that a report was inevitable.

Like I’ve said before, I’m very fascinated with the coordinated nature of these messages, because they’re channeled independently and from different sources. Our guides are directly encouraging and assisting us via various different scribes, and one of the things we’ve been taught is that living in the heart space is very important.

As opposed to the confining mind, the open heart space will help us lovingly transmute our worries and concerns as we reclaim happiness and freedom. We won’t have to seek happiness or anything else when we live fully in the heart, because it’ll endlessly flow to us.

We have to practice living in the heart before we can feel its greatest effects, because an intensely strong and flowing experience of universal, unconditional love could easily overwhelm us.


In our first quote, Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman tells us about the importance of operating from the heart space.

“A vital component of Self-mastery is learning to function through the intellect of the Sacred Heart. As you strengthen the connection between your Sacred Mind and your Sacred Heart, you will begin to access the wisdom of the Soul, your Higher Self and the multidimensional facets of your Self.” (1)

It’s important to live in the higher mind if we want to connect with the heart space, because the lower mind traps us in negativity and depletion. When we unite the higher mind with the heart space, we unlock our greater perceptual and creative gifts and flow with inspired works that inform and uplift others.

A lot of seekers are already living in the heart and accessing the soul-level guidance that flows through it, and this guidance enables them to gain fresh perspectives on the things that play out in their lives.

Archangel Michael then tells us that our guides and higher selves communicate with us through the heart space.

“Your Soul, your Higher Self, your guides, guardians and angelic helpers communicate with you through your Soul Self and your Sacred Heart. The whispers of Spirit in the unawakened become a mighty voice of loving wisdom and comfort as you awaken to the strength and majesty of your own divinity.” (2)

The more we grow, the more the influence of spirit grows within us as we act on the inspiration its guidance provides. What starts as a whisper becomes a mighty roar of encouragement to keep developing our abilities, and as we continue to expand, we enable ourselves to receive spirit’s guidance in purer doses.

It feels great to know that we walk with constant guides, whose energy and guidance we can receive when we open our hearts.

Mary Magdalene, speaking through Ute Posegga-Rudel, tells us that our journey back to the heart space is inevitable.

“Dear Ones, if you haven’t done it yet, it is now inevitable that you journey back into your heart to remain there as the essence and center of your being. It is only the fullness of Divine Emotion that has the power to embrace the world and change it from the core, to inspire the confused to return to Oneness.

“This Heart-Power cannot be ‘created’, it must be allowed to emerge from the Depth of your Divine Being that always has been there. It is your participation in this Divine Force that requires the surrender of your separate self.” (3)

We can’t change the world if we’re rooted in a negative or dull mindset, and it’s best to engage our problems from the love and fullness of the open heart. We have to be able to greet the challenges we face with readiness and willingness to handle them, and when we do, we’ll be able to find sensible solutions to them.

If we were collectively rooted in the heart space, none of our current problems would exist. Our problems have been caused primarily by greed and neglect, and these qualities run against the light-filled agenda of the heart-centered individual and would be reversed by an awake and aware humanity.

If everyone was centered in the heart, neglect would be replaced with compassion and destruction would give way to active restoration.

Mary Magdalene then tells us that the heart space isn’t limited to the structures that exist in the mind.

“It does not know techniques, because it is greater than all of them, it does not even know ‘structure’, it is beyond and prior to the human hologram. It just Is. It embraces all beings and things because it Is the Oneness of All. (4)

The heart space adds it’s beautiful, subjective creation to the objective template the mind provides it, which it’s far greater than. When we’re ready to move on from the mental holograms we’ve created, we’ll discover the expanded, indefinable existence the heart space provides, which both transcends and supersedes the lower creation around us.

We’re then told that we’ll have to live in the heart to really understand what it’s like.

“Dear Ones, this cannot be merely a thought. It must be experienced, it must be lived. It must become Reality, your very own Reality, your firm anchor to be of service in the times to come.

“What is merely brain-based cannot hold against the storm. But what is heart-based is standing firmly and is also grounded in your Mother Earth, One with Her. Gaia’s spiritually expanded state of consciousness and your unity with Her is protecting and enveloping those who understand the Oneness with their planet as the source of their life.” (5)

The seekers who are beginning to understand their oneness with every facet of consciousness around them are orienting their lives to love and service, and the limited mental structures that keep our reality in place can’t last much longer.

With the extent to which the lower vibrations are being transmuted, I think it’s important for us to seek and remain in a constant heart-centered space. The lower vibrations can’t and won’t last, and any seeker who’s still unsure about the heart space might want to consider jumping ship and experiencing its bliss before the lower-dimensional ground under their feet dissolves.

Lady Nada through Fran Zepeda tells us that when we move beyond the ego, it still functions by helping us recognize what doesn’t resonate with the heart space.

“Your ego still has a function. It can assess what no longer works in your life and agree to integrate with you, so that your Higher Self is the guiding force always. The degree and percentage of that happening now is increasing for many of you and so you often ‘look to the stars’ and feel comfortable ‘in the void’, so to speak.” (1)

Instead of completely diminishing, the ego (and the mind in general) acts as a helper in distinguishing what we can’t carry into a higher vibration. We’re able to move beyond the things we can easily distinguish as lower-vibrational, and the ego, which once held us back immensely, actually helps us.

It helps us by discerning what will and won’t work for us, and we only need to open up to our heart-centered guidance to benefit from it.

Lady Nada also tells us that living in the heart will get easier as time goes on.

“That ‘void’ contains a plethora of possibilities, however.

“It is enabling you to let go of all that doesn’t serve you and allows you to embark with a clean slate into the unknown wonders of your new life. Confusing as it may seem sometimes, allowing only your heart to guide you, without grabbing on to old markers of yesteryear, will soon completely take over your life.” (2)

It makes perfect sense that living in the heart is easier with practice. Separating from the lower mind will enable us to easily tell what won’t work for us any longer, and we’ll be able to abandon those things and greet a love-filled experience that becomes easier to attain with effort.

Eventually, the pain and stress of the lower dimensions will be but a fading memory, because we’ll have permanently tapped into the heart.

In a Q&A, the Divine Mother through Linda Dillon gives us a nifty exercise to release the junk that’s accumulated in our minds.

“Caller 250: Hello, thank you for helping us understand change. I have a question [about] the heart, the seat of the soul. I want to live from my heart but I’m not sure how to do it. How do I get in touch with my heart.

“Divine Mother: Place your hands upon your heart. And feel as if the energy is draining out of your head into your heart.

“All of a sudden it is almost a feeling, if you are not used to it, that you are feeling faint or lighthearted. All of the energy out of your head, all the random thoughts, all the dizziness is just draining down like an elevator going to the basement into your heart. Into the depths of your heart. Farewell.” (3)

Practicing this exercise can apparently help us funnel our unwanted and unneeded thoughts and stresses into our hearts, and I noticed an interesting feeling when I did it myself. It was almost as if a weight was pouring down from my head.

There are probably a lot of ways we can move beyond the mind, and finding what works for us will make the process much easier and more enjoyable. I’m sure we’ll continue to be offered exercises from higher-dimensional souls who have a better vantage point on our journey into the heart, and these exercises will be intended to assist us with this important part of our process.

The Celestial White Beings through Natalie Glasson offer us a different mind-clearing exercise and encourage us to seek the natural stream of creative energy we receive in the heart.

“When you realise that the mind is drawing you into a state of suffering, imbalance or a lower vibration then there is a need to simply drop all attachments of the mind, in other words, let go of all that you are thinking of and allow your mind to rest in peace. Simply say, ‘I now let go of all that my mind and thought process is currently attached to.’

“Then breathe deeply and exhale imagining each thought like an object in your mind that is now flowing away in all directions emptying your mind. It is then important to;

“Realise the natural flow of Creator expression from your heart chakra and entire being.” (4)

This quote helped me realize that completely clearing the mind of all thoughts and attachments is exactly what I try to do when living and writing from the heart space. I’ve said before that everything I write is produced from the heart space, and I’m learning that letting the mind filter the impressions coming through distorts them and makes the process harder.

Whether I’m writing or meditating, it helps to completely clear the mind in the manner encouraged in this message and feel the undistorted flow that results. The Universal Mother’s recommendation certainly resonates with me, but this one resonates even more.

In our final quote, the Celestial White Beings tell us about the empowerment achieving a heart-centered flow provides.

“With this realisation you empower yourself instantly as if realising that your heart and soul can provide to you the most appropriate guidance. Already you are drawing your focus away from your mind, into your heart and may ask any question to bring clarity but allow your question to come from a space of peace free from attachment.” (5)

I can attest to the reality of this.

When I channel, I tend to seek advice about a certain subject, which is intended to be as undistorted as possible. Whether we write, channel, or seek guidance in a different way, moving beyond mind-centered limitation by completely clearing the mind of all thought and attachment will help us receive the fullest guidance the heart space provides.

The heart space isn’t something that can be mentally felt, and to receive its benefits, we have to be willing to completely move beyond the mind and into the flowing spiritual perception it offers.

My appreciation for all of the helpful and coordinated channeled material we’re being given continues to grow, and I have a feeling that channeling’s a much bigger thing than most people realize. We’re being advised to empower ourselves by living in the heart space, and we’ll help the rest of the planet evolve when we move away from the ego.

It’s interesting to think that our actions effect the entire planet, and it makes our permanent retreat into the heart space much more important and worthwhile. The heart space provides the wholeness many disparaged people have been looking for, and I’m confident that awareness of it will continue to grow – thanks in part to our channeled sources.

Wes Annac – Rich in love and exuberance. What more could we ask for?


Polona Aurea Dawn – Are Our Thoughts Free – Ascension Pioneers


Dear Ascension Pioneers!

Are our thoughts free? How do we know? One of my main reasons for this current existence is to embody and show the Way of ultimate Purity and Freedom of Being. If we feel limited by something in any way, our thoughts are not yet free. Something outside of us or our own false beliefs are creating that perception, and so we think that we are not free. We associate freedom with something that is only available to the selected few who are either special and blessed. But we never really take a deeper look at what it means to be truly free and so we feel stuck in it. For me, a successful person is not one who has huge amounts of money and can afford anything. Money can’t buy freedom. For me, a successful person is someone who is ultimately free and always able to express its Soul in the uniqueness of it, while always fully Present in each moment.

I cannot experience deep Soul freedom, if my beliefs are preventing me from it, and the same applies for all of Life in Creation. No one of us is an exception, just like no one is special or particularly blessed for their free lifestyle. We all are, but we need to remember that and begin taking our own responsibility for it. I AM free for I have earned it, and that does not mean that I AM in some sort of favor. It just means that I have worked hard to embody it and so I live it. To be free is definitely not a lifestyle. A lifestyle is a choice of what we prefer and adore, like for me these are Nature hikes and Mountains. What we appreciate, we feed energy with our love and devotion. To be in Nature is my inner state of freedom, and this is my own inner garden of Eden.

Freedom is also not related with the fact that we still pay bills and take care of our physical things and errands. To be free means to respond to these circumstances through awareness, so that these do not govern us, for they are truly not in charge … when we are fully free, only we can be in charge. To be free takes courage, and it takes immense patience and awareness through honest Self assessment and reflection, and it takes the will and determination to be brave enough to live the way we truly desire. No one else can give us the best possible life, for it’s not their job or responsibility. And those who still love to manipulate and enslave others won’t do it either. But if You do it yourself, no one will have anything against You anymore.

The same goes for waiting for something on the outside to change, and then we will be able to be more free. That is not true, for freedom does not come from the outside. Freedom of Being is a direct consequence of living in full Source awareness. It is not enough just to believe that. We need to fully know and trust with all of our Being, that it is so … and that this is how powerful we actually are. Remember, no one can take away our freedom, unless that is still held within our own beliefs, which we have developed or adopted as our reality. When something in our reality is not yet fully aligned with our deepest desires, it just means that more parts of us need to come into the awareness of wholeness, which is always free, unlimited and fully resourceful.

So here is one more awareness clue for everyone. When we feel that something or someone outside of us has an influence over us in any sort of way, let us ask ourselves, which part of us is allowing this to be our reality? Who and what are we giving our power away to … and why? And when something or someone feels restrictive, let us show the way of the exact “opposite”, which is inner empowerment and expanded Self mastery. Let us show the way and hold that mirror for that someone or something until our reality shifts. This is how we bring things into conscious embodiment.

When You are finally free, You will know that You have always been free within You, You have just forgotten for a while. And once You do, You will never be able to go back anymore. Freedom is who we are as Beings of Divine Love! And it is our natural birth right to live the kind of lifestyle that we so desire.

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

AngelicView – Came Back to Earth with Different Mind Operating System – 2-6-14

Light2 AngelicView: I try to never take it for granted that I know what the author of a Near Death Experience story is trying to tell us, but I can give you my opinion on it and what I came away from the NDE feeling like the message was, as I will try to do with this one. Actually, I think there is a much deeper meaning than the examples I can give below, but it is hard for me to express in words what that deeper meaning is. I think that it can be said that we both have complete control over our lives – and yet not much control over our lives – both at the same time. As an example, say a man is trying so hard to make it big in the corporate world. But he stumbles and falls and never seems to make it up that ladder. He keeps thinking he must not be working hard enough or he just has ‘bad luck’. But what I’d like to propose is that he was never meant to be a CEO in the first place. He is putting all of his energies into something that was never meant to be. So in that sense, it seems as though we don’t have control over our lives. But if that same man were to take a little vacation from work and go camping in the woods and just think about what it is about the corporate world that gets him excited – what is it about the job that he loves? When he isolates that part of it, he could think of something else that he could do that would still involve that thing that he loves, but goes into a different direction. Now suddenly his life is so full of joy and excitement and everything he touches turns to gold (well, not literally on that last point). That happened because he is now on his life path that he had planned before coming to Earth. And because he had made the choice to follow his joy and turn in a different direction, it is so that he had the power to change his life completely. Following your intuition is going to grant you way more success in life than following the way of the world, and incidentally it will be much more likely to improve the world around you. Many people do not know this secret about Life, and so they struggle through the whole thing. I think that is one of the things that is so great about studying NDE’s. :) Renee had this profound NDE from a terrible motorcycle accident, and it changed her life (and her way of looking at life) completely. It was a beautiful fall day Nov. 2 2003. The weekend of the celebration of Halloween. The weather at this time in North America was very unpredictable. This day was a beautiful fall day warm enough for sightseeing and a nice relaxing motorcycle ride with friends.  Little did I know the universe had other plans of how this day would end? Suddenly it all happens so fast. I could see myself outside of my body. My soul was above my body floating around as if I had turned into a magical Firefly.  But I was lying in a ditch in some water unconscious.  Strangely just like watching a big screen  movie  I could hear  everything  going on around me but  I was dead.  How could this be?  I could hear the police and paramedics talking about needing to resuscitate me and how much blood I had lost.  It was over three pints and that is enough to stop the flow of to any heart.  I heard the life flight land and still I can feel the air blowing everything around as if it were happening to me now. I am watching my life unfold right in front of me like a bad dream only it does not feel bad at all. I can see my surroundings but do not feel any physical pain or emotional stress.  My emotions are heightened – accelerated into pure light energy where there is no space or time. I feel more alive than I have ever felt in my life. There is no words to describe this ascended transformation. It is not humanly conceivable for man to remotely understand.  If you could image all of the sudden your soul being ripped wide open and then saw your heart lying on your chest outside of your body as everything inside starts to flow into this superior atmosphere of powerful light and energy.  A supernatural dimension maybe even a whole separate galaxy that co-exists in the heavens or perhaps it is closer to us than we think? This powerful energy had control over the heavens and planets and it was pulling me, morphing me into it. I became this all knowing all powerful amazing incredible light of energy! Needless to say I will never be the same.  The light of all creation just manifested itself into me. LightBeing1a You do not see and feel in this powerful light energy as we know this to operate here on earth as of our five senses. People always ask me.  What did you see?  Did you meet anyone? Okay, I will do the best to explain, I can say I was almost instantaneously after the feeling of floating upward into this massive soft, Loving  intriguingly beautiful bright light that  transformed me and sucked me into its magical atmosphere “merged with God”  I instantly became all knowing. I became a part of the creator itself. I had no known memory of the feelings of separation of anything.  This may be hard for most to understand but I had been there before. You can never be saturated (AV: “separated”?) from yourself and death is an Earth created illusion and illness. Come back where?  I never left.  This is a dimensional world that has levels and planes.  Dimensional  frequencies that can be moved higher, lower, brighter, slower, faster designed into manifestation thus leading us to other planes and different dimensions of existence. The strange thing now is not what will happen now but more interestingly wishing to know how it is happening and why, with no fear I must add. Fear is another illusion.  It has taken me all these years just to get a realization and awareness of what an observer is like. I developed a strange mind in that it is accelerating faster than I could possibly keep up with.  It (AV: I think she means “God” here) intuitively and clearly does not care of my understanding of the processes of what is happening or as to what has happened and furthermore what is to be. It just cares about the feelings behind the processes right now this moment!  That is all that matters and that is all that is even a reality to this transformed mind.  Do not try to analyze the possess, I am told it is not where your powers and talents are needed. My spirit guides which I am dependent on in all totality, tell me that I have tapped into the mind of God and this power knows all. It has the knowledge and power to control the material world and beyond. They tell me I must control my feelings and thoughts and stay connected 24/7 with the universal laws of energy that our creator has uniquely designed for our success andColorYourDay happiness.  Do not worry your pretty little head as to the process for it is in God’s Hands. You are not in control now.  Just stay close to this plan and your life will blossom like a newly created flower that breathes life as if it were part of the master plan. I came back to Earth with a different mind operating system. The rules of this land (meaning created laws) no longer apply to me. This intuitive mind operates all on its own. Heavenly Angelic powers are all around me. Fear is just another illusionary created word.  Universal causes cannot be lower than the universal effects. The source of the streams of universal life and the cosmic mind must be above the level of their manifestations. Since my out of body I find myself effortlessly moving in and out of my body. I lose track of time, days and months go by as if they never existed. It is as if someone other than myself is using me in some other dimension, somewhere other than here on planet earth but I am functioning as well as possible all the while this is happening. Age just one more added illusion illness that we have created to be a part of  life as we know it here on planet Earth. This may come as shock to you but is true nonetheless “We are Immortal spiritual beings” having a human experience. The separations we have created here has been nothing more an ignorant mind set to create fear. There has to be an opposite something always. Life-Death, Good-Bad, Happy-Sad. There is nothing separate in the infinite universe and that would include the terrorist standing right next to you. We are all pieces of one created puzzle. It is true that love is the answer.  The earth’s vibrational patterns are changing at a very accelerated pace. Our emotional patterns DNA and brain frequencies are changing. There is a divine magnetic pull infusing thought patterns and vibrational energies. These are truly exciting magical times ahead. The one law that will never change is the law of  ”Free Will”.  Ask and it is given, seek and ye shall find, knock and the door is open. As my Angel guides tell me very clearly, they will not come unless invited. It is always about free will. Another shocker “We are already Free”. But that is to each their choice. We are all on different levels of understanding of allowable choices and spiritual awareness of self. It is the awareness of spirit that will lead us to the knowledge and understanding needed to transform and transcend into places unimaginable and incomprehensible to man. Please let me assure you this is only a small part of what is in store for the transcendent soul that follows that “knowing” of the creator of life. I Am of all things created. ChangeTheWorld Man has been given power and dominion  over all created things. God is the gift giver. We must be grateful and praise the infinite power of the creator of all living things and beyond. ~ Everything was more of waves of energy. Colors and vibrations. The colors were attached to vibrations and they were unearthly and intensely  vibrant. They moved with the vibrations of energy. There is no word of color here for this experience what we perceive as color. ~ I intensely felt the presence of God and his army of light. It was as if I was the arm of the puzzle of all created things. I felt many distinct energies that flow into this one source of light and that is the energy that was pulling me into it along with the other distinct colorfully beautiful light energies (Angels). Like a melting pot of indescribable magnificence. ~ My Guardian Angel lead me back into my body! I may have put up a fight at this time. I remember how uncomfortable I started feeling when physically trying to reconnect to human form. They had to strap me down in bed and was trying to scream with a wired shut mouth on the seventh day in ICU. I think I was out of my body for seven days until then. I was behind the doctors when they were operating on my jaw. I heard opera music too. (AV: Yes! They do play music in the Operating Rooms – Surgeon’s Choice.) ~ Magically created, we are all one with a chosen will. We will make a choice to connect to our other parts as they fit together universally (LoVe). Transforming the universal knowledge bank into the all of everything created Merging by choice with our creator into the light of our home. It is a dimensional transformation of our spiritual souls. This controls the mass of our own creation. We create ourselves here in this human form! We know how to fix US!!

Angelic View Blog – We are All Just Imaginings in the Mind that Creates Everything – 1-31-14


AngelicView:  This NDE’er (Near Death Experiencer) not only has a great story to tell, but he’s also one heck of a writer! He was completing his training as a Marine just as a Flesh-Eating Virus was about to over-take him. Because of the way the questionnaire is set up, the stories sometimes feel a bit fragmented, but I’m going to try to put this one in order the best I can for you. Definitely a must-read (if you are interested in the subject, that is). By the way, the emphasis placed on certain words or groups of words in italics are my own. Thanks so much to Scot for sharing your story :)

I was very self serving, I was derogatory towards people I thought were different than myself.  I was a bit racist, I was stereotypical and judgmental.  I had the absurd notion that I could change people and that if I cared enough they could see life the way I do.  It was wrong to force somebody to see another’s interpretation of existence.  We all have a path to walk and at the end of it is the greatest treasure.  The more pain you alleviate or create from those who pass your path alters a course you have yet to see…

My platoon had just completed the crucible, our final trial comprising over 150 miles of humping with 75lb packs on our backs.  As our battalions for 2nd battalion were arranged around the Iwo Jima memorial, awaiting the Eagle, Globe and Anchor to signify our graduation from recruit to Marine, a disease was eating my flesh.  When my company XO set that EGA into my palm, white light washed over me, I saw battles and blood, and the next time I awoke I was on a helicopter being med-evac to the Medical University of South Carolina for treatment of my disease.

The nurse had just pushed a catheter into me, people were frantic, and I was dying.  I knew it, I had just gotten off the phone with my mother and father after not hearing their voice for over 3 months while going through boot camp.  I tried to pull the catheter out and the nurse screamed, “No!, we’re trying to save your life.”  I knew things were serious.  Waves of heat were pouring from my body one moment, the next, there was ice flowing through my veins.  I couldn’t keep it together, I was spasming and contorting all the while people were spinning uncontrollably around me.  I was rushed into a surgery room with a theatre above me.  There were a lot of people watching me but all I could see was the gleam of a metal table in front of me.  I was moved gently to the table, realizing I was part of a very sophisticated ritual.  The table was a single piece, no wider than my body and metal arms were put under each side of the rectangle table to support my arms.

I was stretched out with arms to the sides and as myself began leaving my body, I could see myself from above.  I looked like a crucifixion laying there, and then things, all things, time… space… the things man had thrown into space… all became dust to the wind I rode now.  I was beyond the trinkets man had thrown into space and I was… moving.

It wasn’t a tunnel, it was a bridge of some sort, that took what I was from here to there… imagine looking out upon a range of mountains and imagine those mountains moving to come to you… now, imagine the entirety of space coalescing into that brief moment scientist call the big bang and that’s what it was like.

The mind can squint at certain thoughts, how does one describe all the light in the universe becoming directed at you?

It was too fast, my time was cut short, emotions I had thought were bound only to flesh became punishment for the trials I had failed.  The shame of that which had made me, as it…it touched me, but not a violation, interpreted the anger and the pain of a vessel lost.  I was there for years, alone in that place, with nothing but the memories of life to tide me over.  Whatever the place was, it was the most imaginable place I had ever witnessed, even through a vacant form.  I heard words in different orders, thoughts became imaginings and imaginings became manifestations.  I used the things he or it gave me in that place and they were things most forget to use when they are bound.

Knowing that everything you do is catalogued, everything will be relived when you pass, you will see your greatest moments and your worst ones.  You will relive every lie and the pain associated with that lie.  You will recall every painful moment you caused another and you will experience what they experienced.  If you killed many animals, even for survival, you will experience every one of those deaths.  Your conduct during those events will directly effect how much pain you experience.  You will see your transgressions laid bare and you will have to answer to what you were thinking when you did that to that which created you and gave you free will.  We are within the mind of the creator and what we do to his creations, we do to him/it/she as well…..

There were no beings, no prophets, no others that I could see.  I knew there were others looking at me, watching me, but it was with indifference and reservation, like I was somewhere I wasn’t supposed to be yet, but I was here for a very specific reason.  When I did begin thinking about God, about the creator and about the bible, I did hear a voice, it said that book, all books, are not his/it’s.  He said his words don’t come from books but from existence within the moments of life.  Every time I thought about the bible, the same words came to me…”not mine”.


I was deep in the mind that is the cosmos.  We are all just imaginings in the mind that creates everything, even the source of our thoughts.  And all this time I thought my thoughts were my own…how easily deceived we are by our very creator.  It is not a he, it is not a she, it is EVERYTHING.  And we and everything here is a piece of that everything.  You have no idea what it means to become everything.

I was only a mind in that world, but a mind that could manifest desire.  There were places I couldn’t go, places that needed form to witness and the cosmos was the playground.  As the breadth of all that is here became the breath I now used, I knew I was stuck somewhere in-between the here and the there.  I still find it hard, almost 15 years later, to know the words to describe the experience and I realize now I am still at a loss.  Becoming everything and nothing, the duality of what we fail to see we are, was all that seemed to occupy my mind.  All the fallacies of life and the indoctrinations used to manipulate the spirit that controls the body… it was too much to know.

After years of solitude, alone with this mind in a space too far away from here to even comprehend, I heard tones… resonances.  It is a sound too familiar, one of dawn like the rush of protons dancing across the lens of a planet… and the song healed whatever was broken inside of me.  I was awash once more within pure emotion as the tides of eternity moved my mind back to what I was before.  From peace, from solitude in the oceans of the creators mind, I was… pushed. Back into life I became then.

Screams resounded in my flesh, echoes through the spaces in between what I was to what I had become.  From 160lbs, 2% body fat… I reclaimed a destroyed vessel.  My new form weighed 96lbs of nothing but bone and flesh.  My mind remained, all those years alone with nothing but the resonance of creation drumming in my mind, I was altered from all that I knew before.

I am sure that as time passes, I will become better able to explain what happened and what I experienced.  I don’t think the words have been invented yet to accurately describe what it means to look beyond the veil, to see through the disguise of the universe…for, it is an illusion of what it truly is.


Something was left over, something was altered… refined, and visions of my ancestors still fill my dreams.  My great grandmother was Native American, 100% Blackfoot Indian.  I keep having the same dream of tear stained faces of those ancestors standing defiantly somewhere out west, Wyoming or South Dakota…I keep feeling it’s South Dakota…Custer State National Park.  I don’t recall any experiences before boot camp, not as my own in any sense of the word.  I remember the screaming, the yelling and the running of boot camp…always running, always screaming…and then life.  I remember being reborn, starting over, learning to walk again.  I remember learning to see, to breathe and to smell once more, and every one of those experiences still remain vivid in my mind.  To wake up already grown for the first time, with not memory of all that came before… life is miraculous.

I was able to tune things out before, to sit back and remain a vigil to the progression of life around me.  I don’t feel that way anymore.

I hear frequencies, resonances and tones.  I know when the moon is going to rise, I can hear it, it makes such beautiful bell sounds does it not?  The sun has it’s own sound that is easy to pick out and it wakes me up an hour and a half before it comes up, everyday.

I hear the frequencies of people now, the ‘vibe’ I guess you could call it.  I can tell if somebody is out of tune but I know it’s not my responsibility to tell them though.  As it told me, gifts are not to be squandered and to be Godlike, one has to know that God strums the most instrumental of the strings in this world.  There is a tremendous amount of pain associated with feeling and hearing these frequencies as well because there are man made frequency generators that compete and interfere (on purpose) with the frequencies of the creator.  I know that man does not want people vibrating in these ethereal realms… for, if people were to

become aware…


I realize now that all religions started as a great way to commune with the creator.  But, unfortunately, the divisive forces that divide people through football and branding use religions to divide people as well.  God is something that is all of us, the creator imagined everyone of us, in all our different shapes and sizes and gives all of us a path to walk to reaching what we are to become.

The caterpillar has no knowledge of what it is to become.  It is a worm bound to a small acre of land.  It’s physical rules tell it to crawl and eat leaves and it follows it’s marching orders.  When the caterpillar dies, it does not mean it’s death as it is reborn as something new, with a whole new set of rules.  When we pass, we are not as we were and the rules are no longer permissible to what it is we become.

I experienced truth, the knowledge of it all.  It was all laid bare, split right down the middle, and I probed every incessant part of it for those years I spent in that timeless place.  History… his story… the story as the victor would tell it… I learned who the real heroes of history were.  The people who came before, who were there during the trials of humans experiences…

Everything we see in the cosmos is a record of the past, an eternal recording of the deeds of the creators creations locked into space on the galactic hard drive that is the universe.  Planets and galaxies, too far away to get to, hold the information of our lives and you can not lie to the creator, you exist within his/it’s mind, we all do, and none of our transgressions are ever kept secret.  The ‘recorder’ that is the universe…well, it’s not just a recorder, it’s a manifestor.

You will see when you pass, if you’ve lived right, kind and just.

It’s all clear now, the passage from here to there, the time from cradle to the grave…no matter the path through life one takes, the destination for everyone is the same.  We manifest our own thoughts, our own realities and we delve into worlds within worlds all the while others raise their fences, though, the path to get from here to there has many divergences indeed and the unending truths about how to get there remain ever laws of the universe… laws people aren’t aware of, but restrict them just the same.

My I.Q. went from 125 before the accident to over 150, off the charts the Veteran’s Affair had anyway during my placement test for vocational rehabilitation.  I can feel people’s emotions, and understand internally what they are thinking about me, if they are being two faced or not without even being with 10 miles of them.  I just KNOW what’s going on somehow. This has caused me to reject city life in return for wide open spaces where my mind is not as tangled.  Too many people in too much pain live in cities and it’s painful for me to be around so many who suffer.

When I came back, I began hunting, a lot.  I had never been one to hunt for existence, but I was overwhelmed with the desire to kill and disrobe the creatures of the planet.  I knew which parts of the creatures could be used for medicine, I knew how to extract adrenal glands and process the animals own adrenaline for my consumption.  I knew how to use the brains to tan the skin to use for clothing.  After I regained enough strength I left the cities of my home and struck out westward.  I travelled through Custer State National Park, saw Mt. Rushmore and then moved to live in Jackson Hole, Wyoming for 3 years.  I lived off mostly what I could kill.  I walked mountains and confronted grizzlies and mountain lions, none who would even look in my direction.  I no longer know any fear and don’t feel like I should. Watching grizzlies walk away from you and lay beneath giant pine trees without a care in the world has a tendency to calm one.

“What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”
― Spencer Johnson, Who Moved My Cheese?

“The human mind, no matter how highly trained, cannot grasp the universe. We are in the position of a little child, entering a huge library whose walls are covered to the ceiling with books in many different tongues. The child knows that someone must have written those books. It does not know who or how. It does not understand the languages in which they are written. The child notes a definite plan in the arrangement of the books, a mysterious order, which it does not comprehend, but only dimly suspects. That, it seems to me, is the attitude of the human mind, even the greatest and most cultured, toward God. We see a universe marvelously arranged, obeying certain laws, but we understand the laws only dimly. Our limited minds cannot grasp the mysterious force that sways the constellations.” ~Albert Einstein

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Abraham Hicks – Use Meditation to quiet your mind – Leading to Manifestation

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Abraham explains how you can use meditation to stop thought quiet your mind, to be able to receive the answers to your questions without resistance and knowing when the answer is the right one for your purpose. Namaste!

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Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D. – Extended Minds – The Mental Fields Within, Beyond Our Brains – 12-29-13


Extended Minds: The Mental Fields Within & Beyond Our Brains

By Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D., published on December 27, 2013

We have been brought up to believe that our minds are inside our heads, that mental activity is nothing but brain activity. Instead, I suggest that our minds extend far beyond our brains; they stretch out through fields that link us to our environment and to each other.

Mental fields are rooted in brains, just as magnetic fields around magnets are rooted in the magnets themselves, or just as the fields of transmission around mobile phones are rooted in the phones and their internal electrical activities. As magnetic fields extend around magnets, and electromagnetic fields around mobile phones, so mental fields extend around brains.

Mental fields help to explain telepathy, the sense of being stared at and other widespread but unexplained abilities. Above all, mental fields underlie normal perception. They are an essential part of vision.

Images Outside Our Heads

Look around you now. Are the images of what you see inside your brain? Or are they outside you – just where they seem to be? According to the conventional theory, there is a one-way process: light moves in, but nothing is projected out.

The inward movement of light is familiar enough. As you look at this page, reflected light moves from the page through the electromagnetic field into your eyes. The lenses of your eyes focus the light to form upside-down images on your retinas. This light falling on your retinal rod and cone cells causes electrical changes within them, which trigger off patterned changes in the nerves of the retina. Nerve impulses move up your optic nerves and into the brain, where they give rise to complex patterns of electrical and chemical activity. So far, so good. All these processes can be, and have been, studied in great detail by neurophysiologists and other experts on vision and brain activity.

But then something very mysterious happens. You consciously experience what you are seeing, the page in front of you. You also become conscious of the printed words and their meanings. From the point of view of the standard theory, there is no reason why you should be conscious at all. Brain mechanisms ought to go on just as well without consciousness.

The standard theory of vision applies to all species of animals with image-forming eyes. It does not explain why there should be conscious vision in any animal species, or in people. There is just unconscious, computer-like data-processing by the nervous system.

Then comes a further problem. When you see this page, you do not experience your image of it as being inside your brain, where it is supposed to be. Instead, you experience its image as being located about two feet in front of you. The image is outside your body.

For all its physiological sophistication, the standard theory has no explanation for your most immediate and direct experience. All your experience is supposed to be inside your brain, not where it seems to be.

The basic idea I am proposing is so simple that it is hard to grasp. Your image of this page is just where it seems to be, in front of your eyes, not behind your eyes. It is not inside your brain, but outside your brain.

Thus vision involves both an inward movement of light, and an outward projection of images. Through mental fields our minds reach out to touch what we are looking at. If we look at a mountain ten miles away, our minds stretch out ten miles. If we gaze at distant stars our minds reach out into the heavens, over literally astronomical distances.

The Sense of Being Stared At

Sometimes when I look at someone from behind, he or she turns and looks straight at me. And sometimes I suddenly turn around and find someone staring at me. Surveys show that more than 90% of people have had experiences such as these. The sense of being stared at should not occur if attention is all inside the head. But if it stretches out and links us to what we are looking at, then our looking could affect what we look at. Is just an illusion, or does the sense of being stared at really exist?

This question can be explored through simple, inexpensive experiments. People work in pairs. One person, the subject, sits with his or her back to the other, wearing a blind-fold. The other person, the looker, sits behind the subject, and in a random series of trials either looks at the subject’s neck, or looks away and think of something else. The beginning of each trial is signalled by a mechanical clicker or bleeper. Each trial lasts about ten seconds and the subject guesses out loud “looking” or “not looking.” Detailed instructions are given on my website,

More than 100,000 trials have now been carried out, and the results are overwhelmingly positive and hugely significant statistically, with odds against chance of quadrillions to one. The sense of being stared at even works when people are looked at through closed-circuit TV. Animals are also sensitive to being looked at by people, and people by animals. This sensitivity to looks seems widespread in the animal kingdom and may well have evolved in the context of predator-prey relationships: an animal that sensed when an unseen predator was staring would stand a better chance of surviving than an animal without this sense.

Educated people have been brought up to believe that telepathy does not exist. Like other so-called psychic phenomena, it is dismissed as an illusion.

Most people who espouse these opinions, which I used to myself, do not do so on the basis of a close examination of the evidence. They do so because there is a taboo against taking telepathy seriously. This taboo is related to the prevailing paradigm or model of reality within institutional science, namely the mind-inside-the-brain theory, according to which telepathy and other psychic phenomena, which seem to imply mysterious kinds of ‘action at a distance’, cannot possibly exist.

This taboo dates back at least as far as the Enlightenment at the end of the eighteenth century. But this is not the place to examine its history (which I discuss in The Sense of Being Stared At). Rather I want to summarise some recent experiments, which suggest that telepathy not only exists, but that it is a normal part of animal communication.

Psychic Pets

I first became interested in the subject of telepathy some 25 years ago, and started looking at evidence for telepathy in the animals we know best, namely pets. I soon came across numerous stories from owners of dogs, cats, parrots, horses and other animals that suggested these animals seemed able to read their minds and intentions.

Through public appeals I have built up a large database of such stories, currently containing more than 4,700 case histories. These stories fall into several categories. For example, many cat owners say that their animal seem to sense when they are planning to take them to the vet, even before they have taken out the carrying basket or given any apparent clue as to their intention. Some people say their dogs know when they are going to be taken for a walk, even when they are in a different room, out of sight or hearing, and when the person is merely thinking about taking them for a walk. Of course, no one finds this behaviour surprising if it happens at a routine time, or if the dogs see the person getting ready to go out, or hear the word “walk.” They think it is telepathic because it seems to happen in the absence of such clues.

One of the commonest and most testable claims about dogs and cats is that they know when their owners are coming home, in some cases anticipating their arrival by ten minutes or more. In random household surveys in Britain and America, my colleagues and I have found that approximately 50% of dog owners and 30% of cat owners believe that their animals anticipate the arrival of a member of the household. Through hundreds of videotaped experiments, my colleagues and I have shown that dogs react to their owners’ intentions to come home even if they are many miles away, even when they return at randomly-chosen times, and even when they travel in unfamiliar vehicles such as taxis. Telepathy seems the only hypothesis that can account for the facts. (For more details, see my book Dogs that Know When their Owners Are Coming Home, And Other Unexplained Powers of Animals.)

Telephone Telepathy

In the course of my research on unexplained powers of animals, I heard of dozens of dogs and cats that seemed to anticipate telephone calls from their owners. For example, when the telephone rings in the household of a noted professor at the University of California at Berkeley, his wife knows when her husband is on the other end of the line because Whiskins, their silver tabby cat, rushes to the telephone and paws at the receiver. “Many times he succeeds in taking it off the hook and makes appreciative miaws that are clearly audible to my husband at the other end,” she says. “If someone else telephones, Whiskins takes no notice.” The cat responds even when he telephones home from field trips in Africa or South America.

This lead me to reflect that I myself had had this kind of experience, in that I had thought of people for no apparent reason who shortly there afterwards called. I asked my family and friends if they had ever had this experience, and I soon found the majority were very familiar with it. Some said they knew when their mother or boyfriend or other significant person was calling because the phone sounded different!

Through extensive surveys, my colleagues and I have found that most people have had seemingly telepathic experiences with telephone calls. Indeed this is the commonest kind of apparent telepathy in the modern world.

Is this all a matter of coincidence, and selective memory, whereby people only remember when someone they were thinking about rang, and forget all the times they were wrong? Most sceptics assume that this is the case, but until recently there had never been any scientific research on the subject at all.

I have developed a simple experiment to test for telephone telepathy. Participants receive a call from one of four different callers at a prearranged time, and they themselves choose the callers, usually close friends or family members. For each test, the caller is picked at random by the experimenter by throwing a dice, or by using a computerised random-number generator. The participant has to say who the caller is before the caller says anything. If people were just guessing, they would be right about one time in four, or 25% of the time.

We conducted more than 800 such trials, and the average success rate is 42%, very significantly above the chance level of 25%, with astronomical odds against chance.

We also carried out a series of trials in which two of the four callers were familiar, while the other two were strangers, whose names the participants knew, but whom they had not met. With familiar callers, the success rate was 56%, highly significant statistically. With strangers it was at the chance level, in agreement with the observation that telepathy typically takes place between people who share emotional or social bonds.

In addition, we have found that these effects do not fall off with distance. Some of our participants were from Australia or New Zealand, and they could identify who was calling just as well as with people down under as with people only a few miles away…

Telepathic emails and text messages are the latest version of this phenomenon, and an extensive series of experiments with emails has given very similar results to the telephone experiments. Positive and highly significant statistically. (The details of all this research on telepathy in people and in pets are published in a series of papers in peer-reviewed journals, and the full texts are available on my web site).
An automated version of the telephone telepathy test that works on mobile telephones is now up and running and can be accessed from the Online Experiments Portal on my web site,

Extended Minds

Laboratory studies by parapsychologists have already provided significant statistical evidence for telepathy (well reviewed by Dean Radin in his book The Conscious Universe, Harper 1997). But most laboratory research has given rather weak effects, probably because most participants and “senders” were strangers to each other, and telepathy normally depends on social bonds.

The results of telephone telepathy experiments give much stronger and more repeatable effects because they involve people who know each other well. I have also found that there are striking telepathic links between nursing mothers and their babies. Likewise, the telepathic reactions of pets to their owners depend on strong social bonds.

I suggest that these bonds are aspects of the fields that link together members of social groups (which I call morphic fields) and which act as channels for the transfer of information between separated members of the group. Telepathy literally means “distant feeling,” and typically involves the communication of needs, intentions and distress. Sometimes the telepathic reactions are experienced as feelings, sometimes as visions or the hearing of voices, and sometimes in dreams. Many people and pets have reacted when people they are bonded to have had an accident, or are dying, even if this is happening many miles away.

There is an analogy for this process in quantum physics: if two particles have been part of the same quantum system and are separated in space, they retain a mysterious connectedness. When Einstein first realised this implication of quantum theory, he thought quantum theory must be wrong because it implied what he called “spooky action at a distance.” Experiments have shown that quantum theory is right and Einstein wrong. A change in one separated part of a system can affect another instantaneously. This phenomenon is known as quantum non-locality or non-separability.

Telepathy, like the sense of being stared at, is only paranormal if we define as “normal” the theory that the mind is confined to the brain. But if our minds reach out beyond our brains, just as they seem to, and connect with other minds, just as they seem to, then phenomena like telepathy and the sense of being stared at seem normal. They are not spooky and weird, on the margins of abnormal human psychology, but are part of our biological nature.
Of course, I am not saying that the brain is irrelevant to our understanding of the mind. It is very relevant, and recent advances in brain research have much to tell us. Our minds are centred in our bodies, and in our brains in particular. However, they are not confined to our brains, but extend beyond them. This extension occurs through the fields of the mind, or mental fields, which exist both within and beyond our brains.

The idea of the extended mind makes better sense of our experience than the mind-in-the-brain theory. Above all, it liberates us. We are no longer imprisoned within the narrow compass of our skulls, our minds separated and isolated from each other. We are no longer alienated from our bodies, from our environment and from other people. We are interconnected.

Angelic Guides – Free your Mind and the Rest will Follow


Today we would like to focus your attention upon the topic of beliefs.  Certainly this is a rather broad topic and we have covered this topic before but what we would like to discuss in particular is your unlimited potential within the illusion you currently perceive as reality. Though we can show you the door to your freedom, only you can choose to walk through it.

Many of you are finding this time of awakening to be very challenging; though your conscious mind understands the limitations of this reality, you have not yet mastered the skill of consciously creating all that you desire.  This stage in your awakening can be compared to the learning process of a toddler.  Often their minds understand how to perform the task, though their motor skills and coordination have not yet developed enough to accomplish their goal.  However, just as a toddler will eventually gain the coordination and skill required to accomplish their task, so to will all of you develop and gain the ability to consciously create all that you wish to experience.  We can assure you, you are doing nothing wrong, this is all part of the process.

The beliefs that you hold are so very strong, they have been carried from one life to the next so that you would have the opportunity to learn and grow from your experiences in the lower dimensions.  However, for many of you, you have “played” long enough, you have seen all that you wish to see, and you are ready to shed those chains which you willingly placed upon yourself so very long ago.

Not only are your own individual beliefs changing rapidly, but so too are the beliefs held within the human collective.  It is now becoming a well-known acknowledged fact that “thoughts are things”, yet only 50 years ago this was a belief of only those who were considered to be  “new age thinkers”

Time is condensing and will continue to do so until it is nothing more than a marker for which your mind can track an experience.  Your years now feel like months, and your months seem to fly by in days.  You ponder the very malleable illusion of time when you think back through out your memories; events in your past feel as though they were eons ago and yet it feels like it happened just yesterday.  This will continue as the limitation of time and space begin to unravel.  The very structure of time cannot withstand the understanding of its malleable nature.  It was only solid because the human collective perceived it as such.

As you continue to release the limiting beliefs that have held you captive, you will free yourselves from the jail cells you have been contained within.  Your world is changing before your very eyes, faster than any of you have ever witnessed in any other of your lives here on Earth.  This stage is very similar to the development of an infant; what they could not do only days prior they master days later.  And so it is with all of you now in this moment.  You have awakened enough to realize the limitations you experience are of your own making, yet you have not yet mastered the ability to create all of your intentions and desires into your physical reality.  We are here to assure you, this will come in “time”.

As you approach the ending of one calendar year and the beginning of yet another; you are in a sense about to take your “final exam” before moving into your next phase of learning.  It is a time to use all that you have learned and put it into action in these coming days. This can prove to be quite challenging for some and very rewarding for others.  The only difference will be who choices to allow and trust that you are a divine creator, or resist the flow because it seems as though your desires are not manifesting as you wished.  Remember friends; things are not always what they seem to be.  As we said last year at this time, your calendar year of 2013 would be a year of truth and transformation.  While increasing your overall vibration you have also brought many truths to the surface for your review.  And now begins the time of integration and release.  We will further explain the focus of the year 2014 in our next message.  Until then, we remain beside you awaiting your call if ever you should need our assistance.

We hope that you have found this message to be helpful in some way.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

 Copyright © 2012-2013 by Taryn Crimi. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.

Alan Watts – Still The Mind

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Ascended Master Saint Germain – One Heart and One Truth, but Two Minds – Expansion Publishing


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One Heart and One Truth – But Two Minds

By the Ascended Master St. Germain

Dear Beloved Friends,

Have you noticed that life has appeared even more confusing for you in  recent days? Perhaps this may seem surprising to you given all you have  learned about the Light and how you can achieve more clarity in your  life by focusing solely upon the Light.

And focusing on the Light can, indeed, bring more clarity. But it can also  bring with it a desire to believe that your life should now be as you  expect it to be given what you have learned regarding the Light.

We do see that many of you continue to be disappointed that your lives are not moving along as anticipated. Indeed, you are seeing even more  confusion in your world, not less. And the confusion you are seeing in  the world is reflected in your personal lives as well.

From our perspective, we offer our unconditional love and compassion for  what you are experiencing. Whenever you have opened your hearts to  receive our message, we have offered this love and compassion to you.

In those moments you have found momentary peace and respite from the  suffering caused by the mental activity that still leaves you in  confusion.

What we have noticed is that many of you have experienced the need to ponder events that did not unfold as you might have wished, or worry about  events that have not yet unfolded, and come to conclusions regarding  such. In each and every case, the conclusions you have derived have most definitely affected what would unfold, and this has not often been an experience you have relished.

You see, the ego mind can help mandate what you will choose to experience and this may not always be a useful activity.

Then there will be a part of your mind that will tell you that you do know better. You have had access to great wisdom. You have studied the great sages  and masters, but yet you still have an opposing force within you that  wishes to focus on what is not quite right in your world and worry and  fret about this situation.

As you allow these opposing forces to chatter away, you miss what is  happening in the moment and the opportunity of receiving the blessings  of the Light that is flowing through you in every moment.

You have been so conditioned to believe that until all is perfect as you believe it should be, you cannot accept the perfection that already exists in your world now and allow that to be what you experience in your life.

Leia [Linda] shared with you [in the introduction not printed here] how ambivalent she felt when she met Manalus  [Martin]. At that time her life was most difficult and she did not  believe that beginning a new relationship would give her what she needed for her next level of growth and development.

She did not have the whole picture with which she could assess the situation with her ego mind. The fact is, none of you have the whole picture when you allow your ego minds to be the sole judge of any area of activity in your lives.

Twenty years ago, the Beings of Light and the Light were finally able to gain  access to Leia through her heart chakra when she ultimately allowed her  mind to rest and wisdom to come to her conscious awareness. Then she  could see that the opposing forces battling for control of her mind were not aiding her in knowing the truth.

The Light was caring for her in every moment. When she could sit and be still, and open her heart, the wisdom was there for her in the moment – as it is in every moment.

The past is the past. Let it go. And you cannot comprehend the future with your ego minds. Allow the Light in your heart to guide you there.

Rest in the moment in your Light. As you sit in meditation, allow yourself  to focus on the healing, loving radiance that is always available to you within your heart. This is your wisdom center. It will not be found in  your mind. Your mind may have the knowledge that leads you to believe  that the truth can always be found there. But the real truth and wisdom  will be found in your heart.

When you can still the mind and listen to your heart, you will know how to  end the suffering that confusion can cause. You will become aware that  this loving Light that has always filled your heart has only one thought. That thought is to lovingly guide you to your Light. Then the confusion ceases and you can be at peace.

Many Blessings of Love and Light,

St. Germain

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Wes Annec – Our Universal Family – Every Facet of Consciousness is Inexplicably Connected – Golden Age Of Gaia – 10-29-13


Image Source

Our Universal Family: Every Facet of Consciousness is Inexplicably Connected, channeled by Wes Annac, October 28, 2013 at

Let an unending banquet of Love wash over you now as you read these words and absorb the energy they’ve arrived with.

All of the pain and disharmony can melt away when allowing yourselves to tap back into the Universal conduit of oneness energy as well as the various perceived personalities comprising such a complex, who our scribe has referred to as your Universal Family.

We are indeed your Family, and we have so much Love and guidance to share with you.

Humanity’s destiny, while being set in stone in so many ways, is ultimately being decided by you as individuals and as a collective. However, we seek to offer the advice and guidance of souls who’ve been through our own respective lower-dimensional experiences and can understand some of what you’re experiencing from the perspective we’re blessed with having.

As you ascend and reach purer states of consciousness you’ll find are everlasting, you too will desire to help as many others as possible open up to and understand what you’ve been able to. The desire isn’t for others to have the same perspective we possess, but rather, to see others bathed in the pure bliss, Love and joy that accompanies entering a purer state of consciousness.

Self-Created Limitation

Discovering infinity and understanding that your Lives are meant to be joyful will help you navigate through your Earthly experiences. When we say “discovering infinity” we refer to the discovery that there’s no limitation holding you back from your ultimate dreams and desires.

Every bit of perceived limitation is self-Created and hyped up by the ego in an attempt to push you back into the small corners you’ve emerged from, and we wholeheartedly encourage allowing any perception of obligation or limitation to wash away from you now as you embrace your infinite and Divine nature as spiritual beings undergoing a human experience that’s meant to be every bit as joyful as the existence we lead.

Does it surprise you that your Earthy experience is meant to be just as joyous as the higher dimensions?

Even in the lower dimensions of duality and disharmony, the opportunity and potential for harmony exists and is acted upon as you come to rediscover the higher dimensions in all of their eternal glory again.

Our scribe seeks deeper, and what he perceives as realer, ways of connecting with us than he has thus far, and we can say that every scribe who begins channeling our energies first undergoes a process of working with/subduing the ego to produce communications that are unfiltered by mind or by one’s own expectation or perspective.

Channeled communications from us that are brought about in this manner (automatic writing) are poised to come from us and from parts of the mind of the scribe we speak through, and the process of bringing a channeled communication through in this manner is one of working with our scribe to produce a communication rather than solely speaking to you ourselves.

Make no mistake – when we speak through scribes and have them feel in their heart and mentally dictate the impressions we give by writing or typing them out, they’re just as much a part of the communication as we are.

The method of channeling our scribe seeks is one where his mental painting of the communication ceases, and this potential is available for him and every aspiring channel.

Laying Expectation and Judgment to Rest

We quite enjoy speaking through humanity in the manner we’re blessed with doing, as one of our aims is to help you rediscover the need to lay your personal and societal expectations and judgments to rest and simply Be with the flow of Life.

This sounds easy enough on paper, but as many are coming to understand it can be much more difficult to act upon.

We can say that finding it in yourselves to see past lower, ego-driven influences and see the harmony of your developing higher-dimensional existence is more important than exposing the actions of the few with personal agendas in their hearts.

Nothing has to lower your vibration or bring your physical health down in this new era you’re entering, because the vibrations coming your way are seeing to it that the playing field is fair for humanity and that no attempts to poison your food or any part of your or Gaia’s body achieve the results they’re intended to.

It can be easy to worry about the cabal’s various actions against humanity, but we say with Love that in the new reality you’re manifesting, there’s simply no need to.

The efforts you’re making in the physical to establish a new paradigm are necessary indeed and will go on to have great effects in your collective consciousness, but they’ll mean little if you can’t feel the vibration of your new paradigm and act upon it within.

What we mean is that if you aren’t feeling the flow of Divine inspiration then your efforts will miss that essential flavor. There’s much you can individually and collectively do for humanity indeed, but there’s also much you can do for yourselves in every moment.

Seek Solace from Earthly Toiling

Nothing will be held against you dear souls if you choose to take a day away from the pain and strife of the Earthly experience and take the needed time for yourselves, because you’re Loved infinitely and it’s more than understandable that the toils of the Earth can weigh upon you and convince you of the illusory limitation you’re growing away from.

We understand and empathize with the fact that the Earthly experiences weighs on many of you, and taking time for yourselves in the ways that work best for you will allow you to see beyond the strife and difficulty and peer into something much better and much, much easier to exist in.

We note the excitement and readiness many of you feel to be a part of your new paradigm in any and every way you can, and we note the depleted feelings as well and the seeming departure from a purer way of Living and being that’s been felt in many of you.

Understand that your growing higher-dimensional perception hasn’t and won’t go anywhere, and that you’re simply in a resting and recalibration period wherein your abilities become stronger than they’ve ever been.

Surrendering to the flow of your experience will help you meld away every Earthly stress and everything that comes with it, and you have much to learn that your surrender will teach you.

In surrendering to the flow of your experiences you’re surrendering to other aspects of yourselves, as all are One and connected via the infallible network of energy we all comprise.

You’re as connected with us in the spiritual realms as you are with your neighbor on the Earth, and those who you don’t think you’d ever connect with are just as connected with you as any Angelic deity or guide. We’re all here for you, and every facet of consciousness, on the Earth and beyond, is inexplicably connected.

Our sacred connection can never break or falter; you can only convince yourselves that such connection or the souls you’d connect with don’t or can’t exist.

A Gem of Knowledge

Within every Earthly pain and stress, understand that a gem of knowledge lies to be obtained. When learning that everything playing out is Divinely ordained and meant to happen for your greater growth and development, surrendering to the flow becomes much easier and you find the influence of mind and ego significantly reduce.

Living from the sacred heart space breeds a natural understanding of surrendering and the benefits it can offer.

Understanding that, again, you surrender to yourselves in every sense when you practice detachment from the outcome or circumstance playing out in your Lives, it becomes clear that only you can hold you back from obtaining ascension or doing anything else.

The “American dream” has been sold to myriad unknowing souls and has taught them that if they put their mind to it, in American society they can do anything they want.

The idea is taught that nothing can stop them from obtaining their ultimate goals and desires, and while that rhetoric has been used for the enslavement of Americans and many others, we ask you to expand upon it and understand that with the infinite Love, power and ability you’re finding within, you’re truly unlimited in what you can do and be.

If you let yourselves believe you can’t access the higher dimensions or us souls in them; you can’t perform a feat intended to help the planet; or anything else, you’ll Create that reality for yourselves because the Creation around you actively listens to the impressions you give out.

It’s been said before that every thought, action and intention is known about in the higher dimensions, and we should perhaps expand upon that idea and say that they’re enthusiastically picked up on with the intent to assist you as much as possible.

We feel the deepest empathy and compassion for the trials you’ve experienced on the Earth, and our goal in being by your side in every moment is to do what we can to help you and see you take the paths you’ve subconsciously chosen for yourselves.

Coordinated Efforts

There are deeper aspects of yourselves comprising your higher self who assist you along your path in every moment, and our efforts are coordinated with theirs to put you on the paths you’ve chosen for yourselves.

We can’t and won’t make any decision for you, and even if we wanted to we don’t have the perceived “control” doing such a thing would require, nor do we wish for such control.

We seek to let you go about your Earthly experience and make the choices you feel are best to make while in your bodies, but at the same time we work to help keep you on the paths that work for you or to help you discover new paths that could assist you greatly in your personal growth and development.

We do much in every moment to help you ascend and Create the greatest changes you’ve heard so much about, and with everything we do for your planet and collective we have the ultimate goal of seeing you ascend in mind.

Your collective ascension has always been assured, just as the individual paths of each of you and where those paths will lead you are, but the individual and collective decisions being made by humanity matter very much in regards to where you take yourselves and your planet.

Much pollution has been fed on your Earth, in the same manner that much pain and misery have been fed and experienced in your collective consciousness. We ask you if it’s worth your energy to focus yourselves on such things any longer, or to perceive separation in the form of “us vs. them” mindsets in relation to your cabal.

It’s been expressed before that even the individuals comprising your cabal are facets of the sacred Oneness energy that is Creation, and Source looks upon those souls with just as much Love as you’re looked upon with.

No soul is judged in the higher dimensions, but we recognize the need to do what we can to keep your planet safe from these souls as they’re deeply entrenched in the darkness of fourth density-negative and their own will and greed has caused them to momentarily forget about the Divine and peaceful perceptions they and you all can access.

They know about such perceptions, of course, but their idea of how to reach them has been vastly distorted and fashioned for them by entities within fourth density-negative.

What is Fourth Density-Negative?

Fourth density-negative is a compendium of fourth-dimensional realms that are oriented toward troths and troths of oppressed, dense and lower inclined vibrational energy.

Much of this energy is fed into your third-dimensional realm and expressed in your collective consciousness, and fourth density-negative and the energies pouring into your realm from it are, with humanity’s unknowing involvement, being expressed and fed continually in your collective consciousness.

You can easily feed into this energy and have it expressed through you if you worry about the actions of your cabal or continue to feed into divisive mindsets concerning them, and while their uprooting is indeed necessary and is a process that’s being assisted greatly by us in the spiritual realms, you can change the game much more than you perhaps think by simply changing your vibration and aligning it with the pure vibration flowing through you.

You’re bringing pure higher-dimensional energy through in every moment, even when you’re fuming angry, and it takes continual adjustment and alignment to the frequencies of this energy to begin feeling it rush through you constantly.

It takes simple alignment and intention to be a part of the pure vibration your Earth is being fed, for you to be reminded of the blissful perceptions that have always waited just beyond your surface understanding to be felt and known again.

We exaggerate not when we say that nothing else is required for you to ascend, build a new paradigm or reach a higher vibration.

The theme has been hammered into our scribe by us and by fellow writers in his domain that any and every bit of expected change must come from within, and we expand upon this message by stating that raising your vibration and aligning with the pure energy you’re being given is all that’s needed to uproot your cabal and Create a new paradigm.

Yes, physical work will be done in your new paradigm but nothing about this work will drag you down or make you unhappy. Feeling the pure higher-dimensional energies you’re being given, every person will be Divinely inspired and enthralled to do the work they’ve found themselves able to do for your Earthly ascension.

Every one of you will enjoy your role exponentially, and the work you’ll do will be more fulfilling than we could perhaps express.

You’re Meant to Enjoy Yourselves

We note the drained and tired feelings in our scribe at this time in regards to performing his role for humanity, and we encourage rest and the aforementioned continual recalibration with empathy and understanding of the general difficulty accompanying the Earth.

You’re meant to enjoy yourselves and express constant fulfillment and bliss to every facet of consciousness around you, as you’re all blessed to exist with each other and blessed to exist on the Earth and undergo such a sacred experience.

The division and conquering of man has helped keep the lower vibrations fed and instated on your planet, and unity amongst every soul will come about naturally as the vibration of all is aligned with the purer and purer vibrations being delivered to your planet rapidly.

We couldn’t reference the pure vibrations you’re being given enough throughout the duration of this communication, because they’re relevant to much of what we discuss about your ascension process.

In this sense, we refer to them to express that they’re bringing about a collective willingness to be a part of and build your new paradigm, and as each soul aligns with the higher dimensions so will everybody become motivated and excited to do just that.

Allowing yourselves to rest when needed will see you able to really embrace the times you’re filled to the brim with energy and intend to use such energy for the betterment of humanity. There’s so much you can do in every moment, and we mean this in the physical and spiritual sense.

Ultimately, you know you’re returning to your personal kingdom of heaven despite what you do on the Earth, unless you were to suddenly align your vibration ninety-nine percent toward self, so whether you choose to perform physical or spiritual work for the Earth’s ascension, your efforts are still needed and appreciated.

In the Driver’s Seat

You’re in the driver’s seat in terms of what you want to do for the Earth, but we can say with Love that many will find much more enjoyment out of performing the spiritual work and feeling the resulting pure vibration.

Even those of you who feel yourselves aficionados in regards to feeling purer vibrations haven’t seen anything yet, and the alignments and important celestial configurations you’ll continue to enter will continue to cause deeper and more powerful shifts within.

These shifts will continue to be reflected in your outward reality with the destabilization of old paradigms and the things that have driven them, and you can watch everything playing out from the Loving standpoint of a soul who’s rediscovered your sacred ability to feel heaven from the Earth.

Everything you’re doing is designed to help you and your collective find and re-access the blissful vibrations of the higher dimensions, and any bit of stress or difficulty experienced along the way won’t inhibit you or your sacred missions in the ways they have in the past.

As we make our final impressions for this communication, we express as we have in the past that this is just the beginning of everything you’ve felt and heard about for so long.

As we continue to encourage you to arise and take physical and spiritual action, we also express that complacency isn’t driven by choosing to take blissful spiritual action rather than fight against the dissolving old paradigm or those who’ve kept it going.

Fighting against anything Creates resistance, and when you fight against representations of the old paradigm you actually strengthen their power.

Exposure of the cabal is important, but widespread Love and unity bred amongst your populace is equally important and we ask you to ponder if your collective would be able to run your planet if the reins were given to you tomorrow.

Ponder this as you continue along your sacred paths, and we’ll go for now with the expression that we’re always with you, forever offering Love and empathy.

Thank you to our Universal Family.

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Re-Post: David Wilcock – Deep Reality Awareness

David Wilcocks  Website   –   Divine Cosmos
David Wilcock ~ my NOTES from Awake and Aware 2013
by Joan Wheaton (Notes) on Tuesday, April 9, 2013 at 12:15pm


 …a transcription of my handwritten notes…

David Wilcock – 4/7/13 Is it possible to teleport and travel through time?  The answer is YES.

 Everything has already happened.

The Law of One (high-quality channeled material that came through in 1981 – 83) says there is only Identity.  Identity started out as intelligent Infinity.  Infinity became aware of itself as Identity.  Once the Identity is formed, the Identity creates duality in order to experience Itself.

The Universe conspires to make biological life.

Space and Time are illusions; they are distortions of Intelligent Energy.

Our little lives are a microsecond of our existence.

Space and Time created seven densities (or planes of existence).

The densities are formed by protons (packets of light).

First Density – Awareness/Basic Elements …earth, air, water, fire…

There are three dimensions in first density.

Second Density – Movement and Growth

Second density photons uplift and transform the nature of first density.

It includes all life except human beings.

Pets develop a sense of Self here.  Pets are in ‘graduate school’ and will come back again in third density as humans.  (David told a story about his cat who passed on and came to him in a dream/vision as a human being.  She thanked him for his help in her evolution ♥)

Third Density – The Choice (Service to Others or Service to Self)

Karma is there to help you make a choice about what you want to do with your soul.

The Universe is trying to re-unify, and you are a holographic image of the whole.

Fourth density is where we are headed (as a planetary consciousness) in 100 -700 years (David said he feels it may be closer to 100 years).  There is a transitional process that happens when you enter 4D in your current body.  Hippies are classic fourth density people. They are blissful but don’t pay attention or think.

Fifth Density – Love Informed By Wisdom

5D is Wisdom, Honor and Communication

It corresponds to the throat chakra.

It’s the unity of love and wisdom.

Sixth Density is made of true indigo photons.

It is the balance of love and wisdom.

Love and wisdom are united.

Seventh Density – Foreverness and Timelessness

There is no individuated consciousness.

Your identity to Intelligent Infinity is regained.

Octave – The Return to Intelligent Infinity.

(Speaking about the Pope and the lightening strike(s) on the Vatican) ~ “Lightening is a divine archetype” (he didn’t elucidate further, but did say that it was very meaningful that this strike occurred during the time of the changing of the Popes).

All of the financial markets are built on fraud.

The Alliance (positive beings) is getting ready to do it’s magic.  This will lend itself to a global heart awakening.

If you are afraid, they (negative beings) win.

The Kingdom is coming.  It’s described in incredible detail in the Koran.

The core of all human suffering is that we are separated from God.

Co-dependency is looking for the Creator in others rather than in yourself.

See all things as sacred.

You have an obligation to love yourself.

The secret to time travel is to open your heart and realize that we are all One.

Become part of the solution by embracing your real self.

The Universe is in a state of becoming.  We are co-creating a new Universe and you are in the vanguard.

We are right on that tipping point between negative and positive (having already moved over into the positive).

A Galaxy starts out as individual star systems made up of at least two stars.

Jupiter will most likely become a star.

New stars and planets continue growing out of existing stars.

Planets become habitats for intelligent life.

Much of the Universe is populated with human/hominid life-forms (40 percent).

A human being is built to Ascend.

We are a perfected hologram of the One Infinite Creator.

You have the power of the Cosmos within your being.  You have the power to create worlds and Universes.

When you go into the purity of the moment you are outside of time.

Time is not real.  Linear time is an illusion that allows the evolution of consciousness to occur.

We also have a soul that exists outside of linear time and coordinates our experiences.

Many of the jobs in the higher densities involve helping Third Density (us).  They (the higher beings) are working very hard to keep us safe.  They are “stage-managing” our lives.  A vast amount of work goes into maintaining the “illusion” of separation.

David makes a reference to the UFO-shaped lighting in the conference room (the futuristic lights looked like floating flying saucers… ~J)

The good are getting better and the bad are getting worse.

When you meditate you start seeing the future.

We need to be offered a perfect choice.

There is an intentional Alliance to take down the lower energies, but it takes ‘time’.

The physical body is a glove you wear over your soul.

David recommended cremation (it removes your DNA from the Earth).

We are in a maintained illusion managed by higher beings.  They will always give you an equal opportunity to make either positive or negative choices.

Negative forces are allowed to occur as a mirror of personal/collective karma.

Time travel is routinely used to ensure future probabilities remain stable.  ET/Angelic forces maintain the “illusion”.

There are unnatural manufactured lifeforms living on the Earth.

Wilber Smith was contacted in 1952 by ET’s through radio telegraphic messages.  Twelve different groups were contacting him by ham radio.  These ET’s said that we are moving into a more highly energetic region of the Galaxy and that this would create measurable increases in cosmic ray bombardment.  The entire solar system will be transformed by this process.

Smith’s ET contacts became telepathic.

An accident occurred around this time when a plane attempted to chase a UFO and got caught up in it’s propulsion fields…the pilots body was riddled with holes and those going to the site of this accident would lean to one side…the ET’s apologized profusely for this incident.

A Vortex Detector can be made by harnessing the energy created when stretching a line until it almost reaches the breaking point and starts to wobble…

George Van Tassle built the Integratron at Joshua Tree, CA.  The ET’s wouldn’t allow him to finish it because his ego got too involved.  You can still go and see this Integratron today. ( “…the purpose of the Integratron is to recharge energy into living cell structure, to bring about longer life with youthful energy…” – from

When we enter Fourth Density time will expand – Earth’s orbit around the Sun will be 370 days!

Time is the result of movement.  Time is infinite.  If time moved, everything would dissolve into nothingness.

The pineal gland is a portal to Timelessness.

Orbits are cork-screwing patterns and Time is movement through these Helix’s.  They exist as probability fields.  It’s called the Layered Time theory.

When Light appears to be moving it is only an illusion.

Time changes as you move out of the solar system.  Time is a field.  It is the result of there being a Universe.  Time is powered by movement.  Time can be altered, either naturally or by intelligent application.  Time is a continuum that is accessible to us by internal focus or by technology.

Time is not stable like in the current (scientific) model.  Einstein called Time the ‘fourth dimension’ but nothing can be one-dimensional (it’s what David calls a ‘math-a-magical’ formula).  You model the Helix with a three dimensional system.

Space/Time is a physical manifestation we are moving through (a “fabric” as in the graphic that was shown).

You move through Space/Time as you travel, and your experience of Time becomes much faster.  Space/Time is a “stuff” and as we move through it time accelerates.

The speed of light can be transcended.

Time is not linear, it can go forward, backward, sideways or any-which-way.

Dewey Larson says that Time has only three real dimensions in the Universe.  These are divided into two parallel realities.

Certain UFO’s look small on the outside but are huge inside because the ET’s can manipulate Space.

Nassim Haramein says that the Universe is toroidal and starts expanding at he mouth of the ‘doughnut’.

The wormhole is where you pop a hole through the boundary and you are in a parallel Universe.

Each atom is curled in on itself.

There are three dimensions of Space and one dimension of Time.

There are areas on the ‘other side’ (in Time/Space) that are unique to that side and that we don’t experience here, and there are others that are similar to what we see here.

Distance traveled over here equals time travel over there.

Shielding off gravity creates a time tunnel.  Gravity is the energy that makes the atom.  A black hole is made of gravity.  You can use gravity for lift.

If you enter or leave the time-field before before you left the Earth you’ll end up in the past.  Enter/leave ahead of where you were and you’ll be in the future.

You pop over to Time/Space when you pass the light-speed barrier.

Particles are constantly popping out of a wave-state; they spread out in Time.  As a wave, it has dematerialized.

Waves of Time can be measured. (David shows a Larsonian model and says “…the brightest area of the model shows where the wave actually is…”

One object turns into many points when going into Time/Space.

An object dropped on the floor will lose mass (it weighs less, because it partly goes over into Time/Space).  Twenty minutes later the weight comes back but it returns in incremental levels.

Your mass decreases as you reach the speed of light – ultimately to zero.

Getting your vibration over light-speed is the secret to Time travel.

Even a slight bump can accelerate movement over light-speed.

David’s insiders say that we are just a hair away from being able to achieve a vibration faster than light speed.

There are twelve spots on Earth where disappearances happen, all equidistant from each other, called the “Vile Vortices”.  These points are part of the Icosahedron and Dodecahedron geometry that encircles the Earth (the dodecahedron is the icosahedron turned inside out).  3000 ancient sites all fit on this grid.  Gravity “twists” the most at these vortex points.

It’s gravity that swirls the mantle under the crust.

As gravity increases it pushes you over the light-speed boundary.

Amping up the frequency causes dematerialization.

(When you inhale) you are breathing through portals.

Protons are corners of geometry.  Chemical bonding is geometry that wants to find symmetry.

Cube – Eight Protons – Oxygen
Octahedron – 14 Protons – Silicon
Icosahedron – 26 Protons – Iron
Dodecahedron – 46 Protons – Palladium 

Cold-fusion is the result of a hyper-dimensional gate opening.  Geometry can be inverted (turned inside out). 

The book “Time Storms” by Jenny Randles talks about bubble-portals; break through the edge of the bubble and you are in Time-Space.  Time-storms are spherical portals (time slips of a couple minutes to ten days are common).

Ball Lightening is the most visible form of a time portal in our reality.  The Earth’s core is made of plasma and as the plasma flies upward it creates a ball of light that changes matter into energy.  It even causes fish to be drawn up into the air. 

The Toad-in-the-Hole phenomena, where live frogs have been found inside of rocks, occurs when matter has gone partly into Time/Space and becomes putty-like, such as when straws are blown through trees during tornadoes (which can create a change in the solidity of Space/Time by accelerating the vibration over light-speed).  The UK’s famous ‘Toad-in-the-Hole’ pastry was actually modeled after this!

ET’s use Earth’s Stone Circles to come and go.

There are naturally occurring time portals that will cause you to jump millions of years instantaneously.

At Stonehenge, there were people caught in a natural star-gate activation there who just disappeared into a Light.

Ancient walls were built by moving the stones into a state where they were between Space/Time and Time/Space, causing them to be putty-like so that they would meld into each other.

Portals are not stationary; they can move through the air.

Ropens (ancient creatures) portal into our reality and back; they have been seen by many.  The Lockness Monster is in an area where there is an underground portal.  Other ancient animals use these portals, like Mokèlé-mbèmbé (a brontosaurus-like creature that natives here in our Space/Time have hunted and eaten).  A perfect Stegosaurus carved into an ancient stone wall way after the dinosaur period in history could be an indication that it was a time-traveler.

In Galactic Geometry there is no Time!  Planets are spaced geometrically.  It takes 62 million years to get through each quadrant of the Galaxy.  In time-travel you don’t move through Space but through Galactic Geometry.

Project Looking Glass is a machine that shield off gravity and pops the person into Time/Space.  You start to see images; what you visualize about is what you see.

Little humans with black eyes came out of the Orion Cube UFO ; a muffin shaped object emerged from the top of the Cube that they used for navigation (which works by using visualization like with Looking Glass).

Looking Glass has been used to manipulate Presidential Elections; they can see which the swing-states will be and influence that.  After the year 2012, everything went pure white and nothing else could be seen through Looking Glass.  Looking Glass is also called a Chronivisor.

The Montauk Chair, which amplifies the thoughts of your consciousness, also flat-lined after 2012; after 2012, users went through a wormhole and experienced bliss!

Due to the Fourth Density Shift, our atoms and molecules are being sped up, and more portals will be coming out of the Sun and the Earth.

There is a new 30 minute weekly show on Gaiam TV called “Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock” at 

David also was recently interviewed by George Noory on George’s show, “Beyond Belief”, also on Gaiam TV, where David talked about the Rainbow Body.  See it at

Closing remarks:

Earth is a school for spiritual growth.

We experience apparent individuality.  Others, in fact, ARE ourselves.

Honoring others free will is honoring our own.

The main reason we are here is to love.

Ultimately we must CHOOSE to be happy.

Embrace the sacramental nature of all things.




David Wilcock
…just after A&A ended…so much transformational energy was unleashed in that conference room!

Drunvalo Melchizedek – Manifesting From The Heart – Scientific Research On Brain

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Here Drunvalo Melchizedek explains the science of manifestation. He explains the difference between manifesting from the mind, versus the heart, and scientific research that ties it all together… It is powerful to connect with the heart for manifestation, and for true unconditional love…