Conversation With Master Saint Germain – Amazing Revelations! – An Hour With An Angel – InLight Radio – Host: Steve Beckow – Live Channeled By Linda Dillon


Conversation With Master Saint Germain   –   An Hour With An Angel  –  InLight Radio   –   Host: Steve Beckow   –    Live Channeled By Linda Dillon   –   Click To Listen 

Come One! Come All! To Hear the Colourful, the Generous St. Germaine!

We have as our guest the man who must be the original Santa Claus, the one who has been preparing a gift of prosperity for everyone on this planet since the Middle Ages – St. Germaine.

We’ll ask him to explain the history of the St. Germaine Trust, the prosperity programs, and NESARA. We’ll ask him to explain the role of the global currency reset, the farm packages, and the prosperity packages planned for natives.

Airs Monday 12AUG at 5pm PT/8pm ET

Call 323-784-9697 or click this link to listen live or to the archive after the show:

We’ll ask what the role of the galactics is in all this, the Chinese elders, and the Earth allies. We’ll ask him to comment on President Obama’s role. We’ll ask him to tell us what he’d like the forerunners (those who receive their prosperity ahead of the rest) to do with their newfound abundance.

Just before starting in on all this, we’ll ask him to comment on President Mugabe’s election in Zimbabwe and the rumor that an asteroid will approach the Earth which the galactics will destroy even more openly than they did the meteor that landed in Russia.

Listen to the man who galvanized the American revolutionaries into signing the Declaration of Independence and who founded many secret, sacred societies.

Steve Beckow and Linda Dillon co-host.  Produced by Graham Dewyea.

Music: Pachelbel’s Canon and Mike Roland – Son of the Light


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  1. Got my first letter yesterday! Loved it. I feel like I am a aspect of something good which is just starting to materialize. Feeling a strange feeling of community around it all. Maybe you might be on to something here! Who would have ever thought that individuals would really print out words on paper just to have it sent through the mail to another person’s mailbox. Next thing you know, peoe will probably be growing their own food and walking or riding bikes everywhere. It’ll never get the job done, damn progress.


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