Remember that this change that you see all around you, is merely a physical mirror for an inside alteration. Within and beyond are merely perspectives. We place them both in perfect balance so that our life is realized and remembered full. Remembered by us. The ones doing the placing and the living.

These, all of them, are the things that surround and encase us. They appear overwhelming only when they bombard us; this is what is happening today. It’s been a gradual build up until now. This moment cannot be seen behind rose colored glasses. It’s emblazoned across our screens and lit. There is no hiding or pretending.
No more.

We will not move forward until we see it all. This is about authenticity.

We are One. The ages, races, colors, generations, income levels and intelligence scores are not, in truth, dividers. It’s been a set up. On purpose. To separate us.

In truth, we ALL are necessary, we ALL contribute, we ALL are vital. There is not a single right answer or party or demographic or religion that holds the solution. This solution requires collaboration.

We’ve divided ourselves completely so that we can one day come back together. It will happen when there is no other thing to do; when there are no other choices to choose. When the only thing we can see, that holds us together, is our humanity. When we are together huddled at the bottom of this mess, needing each other to climb up and out, with and on and around. It’ll be the same answer for all of us then. Nothing to argue about. “Take my hand. Let’s do this.”

You don’t have to like everyone. You don’t have to agree with everyone. You don’t have to be nice to everyone. Yet, and here is where we must finally agree. You have to be kind. Not weak. Just kind. Not wishy-washy. Just kind. There is only one life that matters and it is the one you are living right now.

You see, it’s all true. You are multi-dimensional AND all of your actions touch every other you that exists. Science hurries and scurries to “prove” what many of us have always known. It is this:

Our heart is our most powerful organ.
Kindness or violence shown to someone else, is felt in our own bodies.
Happiness and laughter heal us.
Belief and conviction work miracles.
Our thoughts & feelings become the stuff of our lives. Every. Single. Day.

If there is only one reason to support and promote and tweet and text and post and Instagram and telegram and email and tic toc and you tube and bit chute and snail mail and say only positive or creative or productive or inspiring or peaceful ideas and photos, it is this one; You are creators – what you create, you become. Every single time.

You are exquisite. A being of unimaginable brilliance residing in skin and bones, with bruises and beatings and heartaches and headaches and unimaginable pain.

You’ve been lied to and there is a reason that you are still standing. It is because you knew that when the world was collapsing, you’d be needed. It was then that you’d get the message.
You’d realize that finally, your time had arrived.

Your message has just shown up.

The world appears ready for you now. Do not wait. You are needed.

You know what to do.

We are the ones.
We have anchored the light.
It is done.

Thank you for your service.

With appreciation for all that you are,

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Author: Higher Density Blog

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