Astrological Influences January – Mercury Retrograde

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Mercury retrograde in Aquarius from 21st January to 11th February.
Mercury retrogrades are traditionally a time when we are warned to take care with electronic equipment and cars.  A time not to travel, buy property or sign contracts – including marriage. Personally I see the Rx times as a time of heightened awareness as Mercury slips between the worlds with ease, communicating clearly between left and right brain.  It gives us the opportunity to notice things we may have overlooked and to re-evaluate, renovate, re-form and – particularly with an Aquarius retrograde – to re-invent.

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One thing for sure, this transit won’t let us sit back on our laurels and take things for granted, so a little intuition will go a long way.  Sure. We might make a few mistakes or there could be a few misunderstandings – but if you have engaged your left brain prior to the retrograde…

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