The Combustion Of The Old Making Way For New!


The Combustion Of The Old Making Way For New!

By Rowena Coulsby

Dear fellow travellers..

There is so much coming up right now to be CLEARED from both yourself and the entire huge C O L L E C T I V E. Fasten your seatbelts folks, as the road can be bumpy and the curves can be sudden. The shift occurring at this moment dear one’s is e n o r m o u s and you may feel as though you are in a tumble dryer of EMOTIONS and situations that you would rather avoid. Tumbling around, over and over, not knowing which way is up and which way is down. Looking for the way out.

The K E Y within all of this is to know that everything coming up to be cleared is simply a RESIDUAL energy of that which has already passed. Just as you may feel a phantom energy after R E M O V I N G a cast from a body part that still feels as though it is there, so too is the energy that currently surrounds us at this time.

There WILL be situations where you may be pushed to breaking point, where your frustrations overflow onto others around you, where people are pushing your buttons and others are ridiculing you and/or your beliefs. Know that it totally is ALL okay beautiful souls. All R E A L L Y is well. It’s playing out at this very moment in time because we have actually already overcome the worst and have now tipped over into the new paradigm.

How can that be you ask? When so much on the world stage still APPEARS to be so wrong, so disturbing and the opposite of a best scenario situation. That’s easy dearhearts. It’s because, just as the cast is removed yet you still f e e l it – so too has the giant C A S T of oppression and deceit been removed and yet it’s residual affect is still felt. The RELEASE of anger and revolt overflows and escapes, just as the pressure of a boiling kettle erupts with steam and boiling, bubbling water – just before it becomes calm and settled and still.

What can you do about it? Try your very best to become the still reed within a stormy wind. To remember to S T A N D in your point of neutrality, your point of stillness, your point of understanding…zero point. Feel the power of the wind, the anger and frustration being aimed at you or bubbling up from WITHIN – and recognize it for what it is. Simply a memory, a re-action, a residual energy of all that was. Not you. Not who you are. Not the new place you now stand in. But a phantom of the O L D.

It’s like finding yourself driving the same old route to work… when you’ve actually changed jobs already. It’s H A B I T.

Do your best to remain calm, breath deeply from your place of power and understanding, walk away or pause before you respond from anger. It is your greatest challenge and your greatest S T R E N G T H. It is everywhere you look at this very moment and it is the very thing you need to acknowledge and understand at this crucial point in ‘time’.

You are no L O N G E R the person that you were. You are New. The shift has already occurred and you now are wading through the residual, phantom e n e r g i e s of the old. Those remaining stubborn energies that need to be purged and released. S E E them for what they are and do n o t cling to them as if for a lifeboat, for you require them no more.

You look around you and see anger, blame, distrust, confusion, frustration, disillusion, illusion, deceit and lies. But ABOVE all of that dear souls, you see the decay and combustion of the O L D and the re-laying of brand new foundations. Believe it. Because it is the TRUTH. It is the only truth and all else is unimportant as it implodes within itself and the old society as you know it, crumbles into dirt. Stand in your knowing. Your belief, that all is well. It is so.

You have done a magnificent job and each and every one of you has played an intrinsic and important role. Many of you, without even realizing it. EACH incredible being has brought a unique set of gifts and energy to the table and no other has the exact same key that you hold within you. NO other soul is like you. Thank you for playing your part in ushering in a completely n e w reality! How clever you are dear human. How utterly, utterly clever.

You did it while you slept. You did it while you walked, talked, shared and loved. You did it with the D E E P knowing of your soul, that you were changing things. All whilst sipping your delicious Latte and thinking about what was for dinner. How wonderful you are. Do you realize yet the INCREDIBLE feat you have just overcome.

This momentous earthly change, will go down in the history of mankind as the greatest battle of all time. N O T just here on Earth but throughout all the unknown Galaxies and beyond. A change so far reaching, that it will be written in the books and annals of ALL time and celebrated throughout the Universe’s.

YOU did this and you likely were n o t even aware of the precise repercussions it would hold. For it is the biggest victory of mankind that has ever and W I L L ever be heard of. Congratulations dear souls!! You did it!

Now ALL you have to do, is get through this next phase of releasing the last final remnants of what is still hanging onto your tail end, so to speak. To S H A K E off the phantom present energies like a beautiful dog shaking itself vigorously after a delicious morning swim.

That’s you – start at the top and shake it off Earthlings! You can do it. Oooohhh well done. Now you’ve got it!

Phantom. P H A N T O M. Not real. Do you see now lovelies. You have broken through the SHELL of the ‘past’ and have fallen head over heels into your new present and reality without even realising it. Woohoooo. So clever.

Remember, take a breath. P A U S E. Don’t go tumbling into that argument like that old tumble-dryer. Hang out in the breeze for a moment, swing on that fabulous fun clothes line and let that gorgeous breeze blow away the OLD cobwebs of 3D imagery and breathe in that cool, fresh 5D immaculate pure air. Ohhh how marvellous you are. Amazing!

Sleep when you can. R E S T when ever you are able to. The energies can feel oppressive and sometimes feel like the worst hangover you’ve ever had. Battered and bruised, head hurting, blurry vision and lethargic. Dehydrated. So drink PLENTY of water and walk away your troubles. Aaaahh now that’s better.

There are big changes coming on the horizon. Big. Do NOT fear. Fear h o l d s you in the old time-line. Fear has no place here and that too is simply a remnant of the old. You don’t live there any more. Sure it might FEEL like you’re still hanging out there, but trust me, you have left that in your dust, brave star traveller! The dust will soon settle and you’ll see the beauty for what it REALLY, truly is. Sooo beautiful. Ahhhhhh such magic.

Boy you’re going to need a holiday after this one! But, you’re so strong. So valiant and so wonderous. You FEEL it right! Yaaaas..
Now get off that silly washing line and get back to work you little slacker…

Much Love


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