Urgent Message From Archangel Michael – Red Dragon Energy Effect, The Ethics & Power Trains


By Archangel Michael of The First Contact Ground Crew Team, Discover here who we ar

Greetings Dear Ones, I AM here to provide an update on the current energies unfolding onto Our Beloved Gaia and the collective. We have mentioned before, these energies are intense and are being seen and felt on a global scale. The new moon energies, weather patterns, solar events and more are all part of the changes unfolding, as per the Divine Plan. The Ethics Train is in full force, overriding the Power Train. Love is in charge, and those in the Heart can feel the changes coming to fruition. This is what the Red Dragon energies is bringing forward for Us. We have noticed the Lightworkers having difficulty with these energies. Let us delve deeper into the energies, as we wish to assist Our Brothers & Sisters moved forward into the Light, straight into the Heart. As always, Awareness transforms into Consciousness.

Honor Thyself

The Red Dragon energies are bringing up all energies that does not resonate with the soul. This is especially evident with relationships. The New Moon with these energies are bringing up circumstances and choices on relationships, including those with family, intimacy and those with Self. What we are seeing with the Lightworker Community is not taking responsibility for the experience, and lack of forgiveness. If one does not take responsibility for her or his own experience, How does one grow? It is through taking responsibility, forgiving yourselves and everyone in the experience, which one grows in wisdom and knowledge. Without this, all one is having is an occurrence, not experience. Also, one will continue the cycle of dysfunction, until their lessons are learned. This is especially apparent with the lessons of relationships. Ask yourselves Dear Ones;

Do I Honor Myself?

Does this relationship Myself?

Do I Honor this relationship?

AM I stealing energies within my relationships?

AM I Attached?

AM I Co-dependent?

AM I Controlling?

AM I Being Genuine?

AM I Growing Spirituality?

AM I going backwards in the old paradigm?

AM I holding on to any Grudges?

Do I seek Validation from Others?

Do I Justify my words & actions?

Do I Love Myself Unconditionally?

Do I Forgive everyone, including myself?

These are the questions and more, which are being brought forth to all on the path of Light. If you feel lost, your angels and guides are always with you. All one must do is ask.

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Red Dragon Energies Taking Charge

For eons the Power Train has been running rapid throughout the planet. This energy has brought much imbalance to the collective and the planet as a whole, bringing pain, suffering, destruction, chaos, waste, and much more in its wake. Mother Earth has chosen to move into higher frequencies. This means all must come into Balanced Harmonics, as She wished to Be Restored to Her Pristine State of Being, which is Love Everywhere Present. All whom have chosen the Heart, will join Her Ascension.

This energy She is commanding, is overpowering the Power Train. The Ethics Train of Love is on the move, charging forward. All Hearts Aboard! All not in Right Action within these energies, will be pushed off. The experience of not being in alignment with these energies will vary for everyone, such as;








Extreme Hunger,

Extreme Sugar Cravings,

Erratic Behaviors,


Loss of Motor Skills,

Loss of Cognitive Thinking,

Loss or slurring of words,

And much more. This is due to the mind trying to hang on to the old energies, or trying to integrate the new energies. We wish to ReHeart everyone, there are no energies to support the old paradigm. This causes the mind to go into a Survival Mode state, similar to how the old controllers are acting out on the world stage. The mind needs energy to survive, and is now in a highly reactive state, to get what it wants. I will ReHeart everyone, the programmed ego mind has Lost, and Love Has Won. Love is telling the mind to; “Hit the Road!” Love moves in… the mind moves out. The Dragon Energies are going to magnify 100 fold. There will be a backlash for all out of Right Action.

The Crossroads… Path of the Heart or the Mind

Dear Ones, you have choices to make. The energies are reaching a precipice of no return. Universal Love is Here, in Physicality on the Planet. Universal Law has been reinstated. You can choose either the Mind or the Heart. Only One may enter Heaven on Earth=Heart, not both. Set yourselves free, and step into the Present Moment of Now.

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Only the Heart can Feel… Can Be Love… Experience Love… Can Be God… Experience God. Choose the Heart, and be free of the old paradigm to enter the New Earth with our Beloved Gaia. We, your Brothers & Sisters in the higher realms await your call, and your homecoming. Mother & Father of All Creation, with All of Creation, look forward to Our Grand ReUnion… Co~Creating the New Earth with All of Creation in Unity Consciousness.

I AM Archangel Michael and I AM amongst You… Always of Service to The Universe, to Creation, to LOVE, to Our Mother & Father of All Creation. Love Fearlessly, and Always Unconditionally…

Your Loving Brother,

Archangel Michael


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