Sierra Roberts – FAREWELL REINCARNATION! – 3-31-15

Sierra Roberts

One of the best things about Ascension is rarely discussed amongst lightworkers. We won’t be re-incarnating on third-dimensional Earth any more. Yippee!

We have been re-incarnating on the Earth plane for millennia for our spiritual evolution. Also, lightworkers have been working undercover for much of that time to help humanity ascend. It has been a wild ride, and we now limp wearily to the finish-line.

My own re-incarnation cycle on Earth has been on the long side: one thousand lifetimes in total. I trained as a past life regression therapist and ‘re-experienced’ several of those lives.

My first life on Earth was in a cave, 25,000 years ago. When I re-experienced that life, I felt the horror of realizing I was only starting my long Earth sojourn to serve humanity. I still had awareness of my multi-dimensional self. The centuries looming ahead of me seemed endless.

Also my husband and daughter were spiritually asleep, so I was the only one ‘awake’. I felt terribly lonely, a feeling I have struggled with from that moment right up to the present time.

Other lifetimes I re-experienced included being a female mystic in Scandinavia…several lifetimes as a Native American Indian…and a monk in Japan. My most recent lifetime was as a British spy working in occupied France during World War II.

Could I be making this up? How do you explain my obsession with World War II resistance workers since I was a small child?

My mother had an extensive library of books from the ’50s. I compulsively read the war books from a very young age. In truth, I mourned for the war; I missed it. It was an adrenaline-filled time that has made ordinary life seem mundane ever since.

Oh, and let’s not forget my shark phobia. It took years of therapy for me to look at a picture of a shark without screaming. Apparently I was shark fodder in at least two lifetimes. I was terrified of sharks during childhood, yet I had never seen one.

I am pretty sure I was burned at the stake as a witch – the fate of many lightworkers during that era. Joan of Arc was my child-hood heroine. And my birth name is Lorraine, the region in France near where she grew up.

All of this has made me the person I am today – so rich for the multitude of experiences I’ve been through on the Earth plane. But it is over. Re-incarnating is not necessary anymore. Besides, one thousand lifetimes in the third dimension is enough for any multi-dimensional being.

I worked as a past-life regressionist for 18 months, regressing around 150 people during that short, intense period. One day Spirit said, ‘Enough. You are done. There is no need for past life work anymore. It is too late. That door is now shut.’

As you can imagine, my clients were not amused. I had developed a reputation for being accurate as a regressionist so people were recommending me to their friends. But I knew Spirit was right: if people had not dealt with their past life issues by that stage, there was little I could do to help them. So I quit.

Since then I’ve been regularly getting an image of the dissolution of the third dimension/reincarnation as being like the folding up of a map. It was a useful blueprint for the spiritual growth of billions of souls for millions of years. But I see myself neatly folding up the map, tucking it under my arm, and moving on…

…to my next inter-galactic adventure. Do join me!

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  1. I adore you. I received a similar message from Spirit. And what a freeing feeling it is. So much Love, Light, Healing, Blessings, and Abundance to YOU and ALL you Love


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