Julie Miller – Spring Rejuvenation – 3-31-15


Goddess Arianrhod- Goddess of the Silver Wheel (full moon), fate, the turning of the wheel/year.
Arianrhod, the Celtic Goddess of the Silver Wheel
March 30, 2015

I was urged to open the circle at my altar, to hold a ceremony to the Gods and enter the Astral Realm. I was quickly taken to see the God, Cernunnos who is also known as the Horned One with a Goddess known to the Celtics as Arianrhod who is also called the Goddess of the Silver Wheel. They were together, united in an embrace known by the most intimate of lovers while remaining centered in divinely lit labyrinth.

A labyrinth is a winding pattern whose single path leads to a central core. But it is unicursal: the same path leads in and out. Unlike a maze, a labyrinth holds no false paths or dead ends. It is not a puzzle. Walking in a labyrinth, one is always certain of being on the right path.

Cernunnos had something to say on this 30th day of March in the year of 2015
Received by Julie Miller

Spring’s Rejuvenation – Celtic God, Cernunnos

Spring breezes strong and cleansing rains clears away the grime and dust Winter left behind, encouraging our senses to be reawakened once again to the natural earthly calling to love with a fervent, enthusiasm. As the elements are stirring and inviting you, penetrating every cell with renewed hope and renewed energy that love that is of the heart never truly dies regardless of the season.

What Spring does besides bringing refreshing colours and scents, it reminds us to re-evaluate values, to go over what is most important and to Spring forward from there, renewed, glowing from within with rejuvenated purpose and meaning.

Spring, like any seasons is a reminder it is time to wake up, to let the old go, and to immerse yourself the vibrancy of life…to end the need to live in the low energy realm of excuses and false truths and to stand up accountable for all that has been and all that has yet to come.

All seasons are within you. You can demonstrate Spring by adding a little Spring to your step, smile more and laugh more often for no reason. Be light of heart, while not derailing from your path.

If you allow it, Spring can and will reacquaint you with your truth, even if that means making new, frightening choices. Step into Spring with as much love and self-respect as you give freely to others. This is your time for renewal as well.

Embrace and rejoice all that is new, don’t fear, step through the fears with a full heart, open and ready, allowing your heart to lead the way and know each step you take, no matter how unknown it is, it is meant for you to take.

Bravery and courage are within you. Believe in these powerful virtues and know all the new you greet you will succeed because you are flowing with the seasons and with the elements that are not only external but alive within you.

I AM the Stag God, Cernunnos

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