Wisdom with Wes – Strength and Selfless Service – 1-2-15

Snapshot_20140731_2It’s easy to feel like life asks too much of us sometimes, but it helps to remember that we’re on a mission to use our centeredness and peace of mind to try to better the lives of others.

As difficult as it can be, we’re here to see through our own needs and into the needs of others.

We don’t have to make ourselves miserable trying to keep other people happy, but we can stop focusing so much on ourselves and remember to take other them into consideration.

If we can lovingly and unconditionally serve others and remember to keep things interesting for ourselves, we’ll be impressed at how positively we impact everyone’s life. We’ll enjoy life more because we’ll have done a lot of good, and things will obviously be better for the people we help.

Balance requires the ability not to impulsively flood ourselves with emotion when the cards seem stacked against us, and even when we think we’ve found balance, something can come along and take our inner peace right back from us. External situations can only zap our light if we let them, however so we’ll have to stay diligent when we face situations we just don’t think we can handle.

Along with remembering that we’re here to serve others, diligence in the face of difficulty will help everything flow more smoothly.

Will you stay strong and balanced today?

Stay aware!

Wes Annac 🙂

2-15, http://cultureofawareness.com


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