Gaia 1111

TechnoThanks – A CLOSER LOOK AT CERES – Yes, People Live There – 3-6-15 – Message from Tolec, Andromedans – Ceres has 2 Civilizations

MESSAGE FROM TOLEC – DWARF PLANET CERES – Residing in our ASTEROID BELT of our SOLAR SYSTEM – Specific Details – – 1-16-15

Interstellar, Movie Analysis – Tolec, Dan Brock – Near Future Realism in Film –

Our Transformation – Tolec, Julien Wells, Sherry Wilde, Raymond Kosulandich

Elizabeth Diamond Show, 1-17-15 with ​Tolec, Julian Wells, Sherry Wilde, Raymond Kosulandich

Tolec, Julien Wells, Ray Kosulandich – Host Elizabeth Diamond Show – 1-17-15

Tolec @ Andromeda Council .com – Detailed Report – Mystery ET Craft Identified – 12D Beings Here To Assist Our Ascension – 1-15-15

Tolec Report, Andromeda Council – Comet 67P – Facts, Analysis, Commentary

Tolec Special Report – Analysis of Comet 67P – – – 11-15-14

Tolec – A Higher Dimensional Perspective on Our Changing World

Breaking News… “The Sun’s Blowing Up”, “Gorgeous Auroras [are] Anticipated”, but the Chairwoman of the Interdimensional Telepathy & Communications Advisory Board aboard the Andromeda Council biosphere, Viera, (via Tolec) says, “We’re All Going to Be Okay”

Tolec of Andromeda Council Offers 2 Updates – Part I, Thoughts on recent commentary by David Wilcock – Part II, A contemporary summary update by Nahiska, Head of Defense for the Andromeda Council – 7-24-14

A Higher Dimensional Perspective on Our Changing World – Everything in Existance Connects to Everthing in Existance, In Zero Time! – Drunvalo Melchezidek, Tolec, Kauilapele, Brad Johnson – 7-7-14

Tolec – The Back Story – War with Reptillians – Andromedan Council Intervention – Prevention of Monstrous Disaster – Protection of Earth Humanity Ascension

New Tolec Interview – Andromeda Council – We’re at a Precipice of Change – Dramatic Earth Changes – We Are All From Other Star Systems – 5-10-14

Tolec – 12 Andromeda Council Biospheres – Andromedan Technology

Tolec, Andromeda Council – Critical Update 3-28-14 – This Planet’s Transformation into becoming a Higher Dimensional, 4D world – Global Financial Reset

Tolec – 4D Transformation Imminent! – Speaking About Timelines

Tolec – Andromeda Council – Visitation Preliminary Report

Tolec Update – Coming Dimensional Shift – New Indicators – 1-13-14

Tolec and Alex Collier Speak for the first time

Tania Piekae Letter Brought by Tolec

Tolec – Andromeda Council – Transformation to a 4th Dimensional Earth Life – 2011

Tolec ISON Update – Failed Attempt to Destroy the Biosphere

Tolec – Comet ISON is Blue Star Kachina of Hopi Prophecy

Tolec – Comet ISON is Blue Star Kachina of Hopi Prophecy

Tolec on – Personal growth in these changing times – An inspiring spiritual group conversation

Tolec – Andromeda Council Announcement – Starships on back side of Moon – 10-25-13

Tolec – Andromeda Council – Comet ISON Update – Incoming Biosphere Xanterexx – Visitation Preliminary Report

Tolec – Setting Things Straight – Ever Beyond Radio Show – 9-9-13

Tolec and Andromeda Council – The Facts about Life as a 4th Dimensional Human – Interviewer Alfred L Webre

Tolec on – 12 Andromeda Council Biospheres

Tolec Interview – Coming Earth Changes – Andromeda Council Update

Tolec / Ina Maka – A Way to Calm & Inner Peace

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