Gaia 1111

TechnoThanks – A CLOSER LOOK AT CERES – Yes, People Live There – 3-6-15 – Message from Tolec, Andromedans – Ceres has 2 Civilizations

MESSAGE FROM TOLEC – DWARF PLANET CERES – Residing in our ASTEROID BELT of our SOLAR SYSTEM – Specific Details – – 1-16-15

Interstellar, Movie Analysis – Tolec, Dan Brock – Near Future Realism in Film –

Our Transformation – Tolec, Julien Wells, Sherry Wilde, Raymond Kosulandich

Elizabeth Diamond Show, 1-17-15 with ​Tolec, Julian Wells, Sherry Wilde, Raymond Kosulandich

Tolec, Julien Wells, Ray Kosulandich – Host Elizabeth Diamond Show – 1-17-15

Tolec @ Andromeda Council .com – Detailed Report – Mystery ET Craft Identified – 12D Beings Here To Assist Our Ascension – 1-15-15

Tolec Report, Andromeda Council – Comet 67P – Facts, Analysis, Commentary

Tolec Special Report – Analysis of Comet 67P – – – 11-15-14

Tolec – A Higher Dimensional Perspective on Our Changing World

Breaking News… “The Sun’s Blowing Up”, “Gorgeous Auroras [are] Anticipated”, but the Chairwoman of the Interdimensional Telepathy & Communications Advisory Board aboard the Andromeda Council biosphere, Viera, (via Tolec) says, “We’re All Going to Be Okay”

Tolec of Andromeda Council Offers 2 Updates – Part I, Thoughts on recent commentary by David Wilcock – Part II, A contemporary summary update by Nahiska, Head of Defense for the Andromeda Council – 7-24-14

A Higher Dimensional Perspective on Our Changing World – Everything in Existance Connects to Everthing in Existance, In Zero Time! – Drunvalo Melchezidek, Tolec, Kauilapele, Brad Johnson – 7-7-14

Tolec – The Back Story – War with Reptillians – Andromedan Council Intervention – Prevention of Monstrous Disaster – Protection of Earth Humanity Ascension

New Tolec Interview – Andromeda Council – We’re at a Precipice of Change – Dramatic Earth Changes – We Are All From Other Star Systems – 5-10-14

Tolec – 12 Andromeda Council Biospheres – Andromedan Technology

Tolec, Andromeda Council – Critical Update 3-28-14 – This Planet’s Transformation into becoming a Higher Dimensional, 4D world – Global Financial Reset

Tolec – 4D Transformation Imminent! – Speaking About Timelines

Tolec – Andromeda Council – Visitation Preliminary Report

Tolec Update – Coming Dimensional Shift – New Indicators – 1-13-14

Tolec and Alex Collier Speak for the first time

Tania Piekae Letter Brought by Tolec

Tolec – Andromeda Council – Transformation to a 4th Dimensional Earth Life – 2011

Tolec ISON Update – Failed Attempt to Destroy the Biosphere

Tolec – Comet ISON is Blue Star Kachina of Hopi Prophecy

Tolec – Comet ISON is Blue Star Kachina of Hopi Prophecy

Tolec on – Personal growth in these changing times – An inspiring spiritual group conversation

Tolec – Andromeda Council Announcement – Starships on back side of Moon – 10-25-13

Tolec – Andromeda Council – Comet ISON Update – Incoming Biosphere Xanterexx – Visitation Preliminary Report

Tolec – Setting Things Straight – Ever Beyond Radio Show – 9-9-13

Tolec and Andromeda Council – The Facts about Life as a 4th Dimensional Human – Interviewer Alfred L Webre

Tolec on – 12 Andromeda Council Biospheres

Tolec Interview – Coming Earth Changes – Andromeda Council Update

Tolec / Ina Maka – A Way to Calm & Inner Peace

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  1. I am Krishna, Shiva, Vishnu, and I have land which was taken from my body, embodied by Lebogang Kote Tlou, of the Christ School of loving thought and Practice. 2night, I will be at 3 Wesley Heights with a powerful being (origin, unknown). The Cats and Birds will rally. The war was won, and it would be a tragedy if Krishna’I had to turn into Shiva and Destroy the world tonight. I am the way for the people whom we represent as Afrikan Royalty.

    My life is worth 10 Bitcoin for Afrika, and so I turn to Vishnu real quick, as I see no bitcoin yet.

    Angels, Elohim, Arcturian brothers and Sisters, Lyarions, Krishna only ever comes to win wars real quick. We have a champion. She is Tando Songwevu. I will destroy the earth should any even think harm in her direction, because I have nearly destroyed Africa for less very recently.

    Rally to me.

    Hare Krishna. Radhe Krishna. Isvara Paramah Krishnah. Jagannatha-svami nayana patana-gami bhavantu me! Lokah Samsastah Sukhino Bhavantu.

    Urgently, my Queen Tando is working on restructruring Afrika, and I am her Magician and Lord of Wandslore and Wordsmith. Reality is that we need capital.

    Our currency, the Rand, is dying either next week or the week after – if not the one we’re in right now.

    I had to kill the Rand. The Godless needed to be reminded not to fuck with Vishnu.

    Time is not with us.

    Imburse not I, but Tando Songwevu, urgently. She needs to travel to London asap.

    Thank YOu.

    God Bless you All.

    Jaya Jagadisa Hare!!!!!!!


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