ZINGDAD – How we can Raise our Consciousness – From Duality- to Unity-Consciousness – 2012

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ZINGDAD, ADAMU SPEAKS – An Open Letter to Pleiadian Starseeds – 4-3-17


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Adamu Speaks: Intention – (6 Sacred Steps)



Arn Zingdad Allingham

What is Unity Consciousness – Zingdad / Adamu Speaks

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The 5th video in the “Adamu Speaks” series. In this presentation, Adamu, who speaks for the Pleiadian soul group (or “monadic entity”), talks about “Unity Consciousness” in clear and simple terms. Adamu powerfully makes the case that “All is One” and explains that our world is in the desperate state it is in precisely because we have not attained Unity Consciousness. Though he makes this case he is also quite clear that there is no judgement of those that do not choose Unity Consciousness.

This video is a vital prelude to information that will follow about what it really means to live in Unity Consciousness and how we can go about creating that for ourselves.

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