Spirit Science 22 – EnLIGHTenment

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If there’s one thing I’ve found in my life, it’s that things are never quite as they seem. The rabbit hole goes infinitely small as it does infinitely large, and that the only true sanctuary from the mess we’ve made externally, is within ones own self.
Ghandi said “The Demons in this world are the ones in our own Hearts, and that is where all battles must be fought”.
So this is a video about how pretty much every ancient culture and belief system believes not only that in Light there is Truth, Expression, Creation, and Love… and also that You and I too are of that Light.
We are the Universe!
We are Light Beings, Albert Einstein proved it with E=MC2.
(Everything = Energy = Light Manifesting as Reality w/ Density = We are Light!)
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Lincoln – Controlling Intention – Higher Self Guided Personal Transformation

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Before the Word of God was spoken (original Universal energy created), there was the Intention to create. Understand the deepest part of your manifest expression: your personal intention. Intention is the power that directs all of your creative energy.

Step 2 of this Channel Higher Self mini-series on personal transformation teaches the mastery of intention — the controlling force that directs creative life energy. By understanding the original movement of consciousness within yourself — the movement that precedes every thought, emotion and action — you will able to develop total self-control and self-directed co-creation.

This video includes a guided meditation exercise that helps you feel the original shift in your field of consciousness (deepest auric layer) that precedes every thought and emotion. You are taught how to find intention and to control it.

In this Channel Higher Self video mini-series, each week you will be taught one aspect of the personal transformation process and be given practices to develop the skills necessary to master your human experience. Week by week, you will be led towards your own Higher Self state of awakening. Step by step you will be guided to awaken, purify, and heal all parts of your human self to allow for the fullest expression of your Divine Inner Light, Love, peace and bliss.

This Higher Self Teachings mini-series teaches practical steps and methods to purify and awaken all parts of your human self — mind, emotion, body and spirit.

Many blessings and much Love!

Patricia Cota-Robles – Releasing the Human Ego

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Releasing the Human Ego
by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

Music by Aeoliah: from The Liquid Light of Healing: http://www.aeoliah.com

Art – with Gratitude!

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Josephine Hall – http://www.josephinewall.co.uk
Gaelyn Larrick – http://www.artservingspirit.com

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If you are traveling and see a fruit stall on the roadside
And think that you should buy a particular fruit
because it is good for your health
Then your neighbor brings you that fruit the next day.
Know that the Universe is supporting you.

If you are without transport after work
And you were to get a ride from a stranger
Who drops you directly home while still on his route.
Know that the Universe is supporting you.

If you searched every bookstore in the city for a book but did not find it
And one month later you were to walk into a bookstore in another city
And an unknown store clerk brings the book and places it in your hand.
Know that the Universe is supporting you.

To make synchronicity an everyday norm in our lives
We need to increase our spiritual merit.

This will also lead to soul consciousness

Abraham Hicks – The GOD Concept

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Jim Self – Planetary Update – May 2013

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Every month, Jim Self “takes the pulse” of the energies currently affecting us and the planet.

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Alien Star Map Found In Kupang, Indonesia

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New photographs have emerged which apparently show Alien artifacts. The pictures released show two strange rocks fused together that contain strange symbols and carvings.

What’s more extraordinary is that the rocks are engraved with a star map, very similar to the plaque that was designed by Carl Sagan and Frank Drake, and was placed on-board the Pioneer 10 probe, launched in 1972. The rocks also have a magnetic field, which seems to emanate from the rocks when they are near any electric or electronic apparatus, Did an Extraterrestrial explorer leave a calling card behind? As always you decide.

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Deepak Chopra – Interviewer: Alan Steinfeld – Spiritual Solutions

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Deepak’s latest book is Spiritual Solutions: Answers to Life’s Greatest Challenges. Here with Alan Steinfeld of http://www.NewRealities.com Order book at: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0307…… Here Deepak gives a comprehensive overview of some of the key concepts (and more) of spiritual solutions. He also talks about the 3 basic levels of awareness: Contractive, Expansive and Pure….

Drunvalo Prepares Us For Ascension

Awakening the Illuminated Heart” with Drunvalo Melchizedek

Awakening The Illuminated Heart // Drunvalo Introduction

Loreena McKennitt The Mystic`s Dream Live at the AlHambra