Archangel Michael – Your Personal Evolution – 6-5-14

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Your Personal Evolution   –   Archangel Michael   -Channeler Daniel Scranton


“In your personal evolution, you will discover that you are not moving in a straight line. You are moving in leaps and bounds, and then you are finding yourselves feeling that you are not moving forward at all. You may even feel at times that you are regressing.

You will not find yourselves reaching a plateau or any type of finish line. You are not works in progress, for that implies that you are not ready and that you are not perfect as you are. You are not going to feel that your journey is over when you reach a fifth dimensional frequency and hold that frequency.

There is not a way to quantify your progress, and there are no graphs that you can use to demonstrate how far you have come. And that is how you always wanted it to be. Having no finish line and no point of completion gives you permission to be completely satisfied and fulfilled with where you are and with who you are.

You have the opportunity to see your present moment as containing everything that you need and all the beauty of who you are. Take your life one moment at a time, one experience at a time, and be the witness to your journey. Let go of your need to be the navigator and take your foot off of the accelerator, so that you can take it all in with loving and open arms.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are love.”