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This may be something you already know;

you have ownership over every single aspect of your life.

Your thoughts, actions, reactions, emotions,

your drive, love, your ambition, your compassion and empathy…

they are yours!

You determine which path to choose and walk,

you have control over when/where to stay and …

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KIM CALDWELL @ – Something Marvelous Is Happening Now! – 6-16-15


KIM CALDWELL  @   –   Something Marvelous Is Happening Now!   –   6-16-15

Something marvelous can happen to you right now! Find out how!

The mood of the wish fulfilled is the high tide which lifts us easily off the bar of the senses where we usually lie stranded.”
~ Neville Goddard

Recently I encountered a story so uplifting I wanted to share it. We all go through periods where we feel down or even depressed. During one such period where I was quite desperate for relief, I came across a very inspiring story in the book The Law and the Promise by Neville Goddard.

There was a woman who was at the end of her rope. At 55 she was out of money, did not have a job and feared looking for one at her age. She had been to several Goddard presentations over a year’s period and was just desperate enough to give his imagination theory a try. She remembered Neville telling of an artist who got to the place of feeling everything was wonderful and thus it became so. She decided that each night while she lay in bed she would focus on the fact that “something marvelous was happening in the moment”, not later but now.  She faithfully did this every night with great joy and enthusiasm. In a period of two months she saw an old friend and had a chat. Soon after that friend showed up at her door to give her a check for $2500, back then this was a lot of money.  She was thrilled. It turned out that this friend had gone to New York and encountered an acquaintance of this lady from 25 years ago. During this period the friend had become very wealthy and wanted to share it with this lady. For the next 2 years she received generous monthly checks. At the end of this story the lady was going to the lawyers office to sign papers to receive these checks for the rest of her life. Her powerful imagination and enthusiastic attitude brought her great security. My challenge to you is to try this exercise or a version you like of it.

One of the benefits of this exercise is that it keeps us right in the here and now where all our power is. All the masters have taught in one form or another that our power is in the now. The past is over and the future is an illusion. We are creating the future as we go and ultimately want to leave it to our divine energy and relax and enjoy the moment. Regret over the past and fear of the future is where our anxiety and unhappiness comes from. As we embrace the now and learn to look for things to feel good about in the moment we learn to cultivate our joy, peace and well-being. Meditation is another wonderful tool for this, when we quiet our minds and get still and know “I  AM”, we come back into our connection to the Divine Mind and all things begin to make sense and flow.

Enjoy the video below as a guide and to give you ideas. I know something marvelous is happening right now for you.

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Lisa Gawles – The Magnetic Stream of Your Life – Quantum Surfboards and the Flow!

 quantum flow

Lisa Gawles

Well, just knock my socks off with understanding and a much fuller view of Life!  But before I get into all that, let me go into a loving rant.  Yesterday morning kick started our Super Powers course, the only thing I was sure about this course was that it would start with a hypnosis session that I had to write.  I kinda figured I would have to wait until the night before the course started to write the script since so much was changing every day in the readings, in our lives… in my life of understanding.  I sat down on Saturday evening and nothing came out.  I tried forcing it… figuring we would start with the ever-present connection of the dual quantum surf boards that I see in readings now.  Couldn’t get a whole sentence to flow.  I did my ritual bitching, stomped my feet, went to bed early, demanding something coming thru in the morning or I am going to have 24 unhappy people, not including myself!!

I woke up to the sun pouring into my room… shit, I woke up late!!!  I bounced out of bed, to the bathroom, to the coffee pot and plopped into my chair, no blog today spirit oh spirit, we have a journey to undertake and you best be clear!!  I do use my voice of authority now and again!!  The first thing I could feel engulf me was the excitement of the air around me.  OMG there was joyful juice oozing from the air itself.  Well that brightened my mood instantly!!  And the script flowed effortlessly…

Nothing about this hypnotic journey was like I was expecting.  Silly me, 15 years later, there is that pesky expectation cuz I think I know something!!  It’s rough being repetitively human!! lol

Writing this script gave me, all of us, a much bigger picture of what can very well be the effortlessness of Life, of Being in your own personal Flow of Life!  (Just looking at my experience from the night before to the morning, I was trying to push my desire outside of my flow.)

After a journey into the earth, partnering with the creative power of creation on earth via the one and only Gaia, we went up above each persons home, not far above, 10 feet above to flow freely out of the gravitational pull of earth and account them with their personal magnetic flow of energy.  As I was writing it, I could see this golden stream of energy that really reminded me of the milky way on a clear night.

Our quantum surf boards navigating the magnetic stream of our lives, moving as if on an escalator, effortlessly towards the direction, immediate destination of your Life.  Ohhhh but spirit had a much larger teaching agenda for all of us on this blessed day.

If you have ever done a hypnosis session or even a guided meditation (to me, there really is very little difference) it is easy to assume the next instruction step and go there before the instructor takes you there.  Learning to multitask, hearing or knowing the next step, yet staying in pace with the flow without getting ahead of ourselves is key now.

As I was taking this amazing group up and out of their homes via a directional I just wrote an hour prior (meaning, I wasn’t all that familiar with the tour myself) spirit is yapping in my ear while I am trying to keep a flow going.  Talking and listening at the same time, challenging!!  Holy shit even.  I am counting them upwards out of their rooms, out of their homes and spirit is talking in my ear, making sure I address the fact that some have already gone ahead of the instruction being given.  I also realized, I have got to practice the skill of hearing while talking independently of each other.  Not so easy, even when what you are saying is written in front of you!!

So as everyone was in a 10 minute pause of my voice, getting to know their incarnated soul aspect that is going to help them develop… remember a super power, spirit was busy giving me key points to address after the session is over.  Points less about the hypnosis session but about life itself.

When you are fully partnered with the magnetic flow of your life, it should feel like you are moving thru your day, thru your weeks and months, effortlessly.  Flowing vs struggling.  However, there is a set of communication taking place in every moment, exchanged between the energy that makes up your body and the magnetic guidance system beneath your feet (your quantum surfboard if you will.)  Let me give you the 6 key points given to me, then I will expand on them:

1. DO NOT get ahead of the energy or instruction.

2. If you went ahead in any part (this was referring to the hypnosis event, but can easily be changed out to your Life) repeat the event to ensure you stay in perfect time with the energy/instruction.

3. Paying attention to detail, to instruction is super important.

4. There is a very specific purposeful rhythm happening, staying with it, not ahead or behind it… VERY KEY!!


6. Be in the moment while taking/receiving the instruction for the next moment.

This was not given during the pause, but thru a sharing of one of our lovely lady’s experience that is just as important, crucially important as well.  The instruction was to go to a star or cloud formation, this served as a portal to the realm where the incarnated Being of your soul would be.  This lady seen a ship first and went there.  And even tho she had a wonderful experience as she was sharing I could spirit redirecting as well.

Lets change this analogy into a drive down the road, tons of class rooms (beats the hell out of stores lol) along the way.  You know your getting ready to go to a very specific one, but there happens to be a class room that is just too exciting to resist, so you get off your magnetic flow and go there first… and you lose the time to go to where your flow was taking you.  Now you must repeat this guidance to get to where you needed to go.

How often do we do this in life… lets say your soul is trying to take you to one place, you see something sparkly over there, instead of getting to your soul destination, you take a side trip away from it.  Of course, one can say there is something to experience there too, and truly there is.  But what if that was supposed to be the third stop or fourth stop and it was your first one… like reading a book from the middle, then going to figure out the beginning.  Or sometimes, we are just so set on what we (egoicly) want to experience, we never arrive at the soul destination at all.  We parked our flow out in the abyss and stumble thru our moments.  So I want to thank this lady for taking a side trip, it really was prefect because otherwise, this would not be a perfect discussion right now!!

Staying in the rhythm of your life’s flow… timing is everything.  Being in the moment, getting a glimpse of the next moment to move into, but not hurrying up and forgetting the flow to it.  Speed is not needed here.  You would end up arriving before your energy did.  Or the opposite, you hesitate so much that you are a mile behind your energy.

Of course, we do humor ourselves and constantly say I am exactly where i need to be.  Well, there is something to learn thru everything, but doesn’t it sound more exciting to be in the flow of your life than constantly hitting brick walls with your life??  How many brick walls does one need before they recalibrate??  ….as I think of my precious daughter still chilling and recalibrating.

And then there was the cherry on my well-baked cake of yesterday… A beautiful man (a virgin upon my field) who scheduled a reading for his birthday last month that got rescheduled, then rescheduled again.  Disappointment and patience are the greatest gifts of our lives, if we allow it to be.  Thank goodness he did, cuz he know about timing, rhythm…  For me to read him correctly, I had things to understand as well as needed the expanded view for understanding his puzzle piece in our grand adventure!!

Beyond the magnetic flow beneath our feet are tremendous molecules of energy that surround us every day of every moment.  I could see him getting up and out of bed, what we think of air, I seen as a shit ton of tiny bubbles calibrating to his energy field via his heart beat, his emotion and what he was thinking about the moment he got out of bed.  Imagine that!!  The air calibrates to YOU!!  To what’s on your mind, in your heart and creates the rhythm of experience thru that.

What I also seen thru this amazing man was the understanding of upwards and downwards motion, as opposed to left or right (back and forth) in the quantum state of experience.  As we move upwards or downwards we are going thru the dimensional folds… bass to treble.  As we move forward and backwards (thinking here, quantum surfboard and flow, not just any day-to-day moment, but purposeful interaction) we are moving thru timelines.

Yet, as his precious soul gave me a bird’s eye view of him getting up out of bed and going to the bathroom (yup, my vision followed him to the holy throne lol) I could see how the energy itself, the air, the molecules reacted in his movements.  As soon as he stood up out of bed, he was encircled by this energy, the air.  The moment he put his foot forward to head to the bathroom, the air started to take on color, energy, activity.  It was in seeing this that it was revealed that it calibrated with his heart beat, his thoughts and his feelings.  I watched as this massive amount of tiny energy bubbles started to move to his left and right from his core, the entire center of his body as he moved forward, was in the action of heading to the bathroom.

What I didn’t understand yesterday but do today with this amazing view, was it is this very energy that gives the brain the spatial recognition of heading to the bathroom.  Even beyond that, it starts creating the experience based on your feet on the floor.  Unfolding your day in tune with your magnetic highway and thoughts/emotions of this day.

Altho this was not at all represented in his reading, I do want to state here (cuz I am hearing it) if you wake up bitchy… better find your flow and change your energy, cuz you are creating a bitchy day for yourself!!!

I also got to see and understand the relationship with this energy field we think of as air.  I could see him laying in his bed and at first I thought him there is no air between him and his bed, spirit corrected me immediately.  The energy is condensed beneath him.  With focus and purposeful direction, he can inflate the condensed energy to produce, literally, levitation.  Levitation is part of his super powers and at the very tip of the iceberg of its purpose and ability in his reality/physical reality.

Equally, he too is a dimension traveler.  This view gave me that excited…. OHHHH YEAHHHHHH… feeling inside.  I reference the “beam me up scotty” star trek transportation place, and man oh man is that backwards.  We, the human do not turn into tiny particles of energy, it’s the reality construct around us that does.  Which, when I seen it, made soooo much more sense!!!!  Dah!!

Before I close today, I want to mention a very important reading two days ago, and now, fuller understanding of her reading to complete this sharing.  I could see her hanging onto the outer edge of April’s platform of life.  We can now look at this part of the quantum surfboard as your magnetic flow of energy.  I was shocked to see May’s surfboard at a 90 degree angle (humbly reconstructed image:)

hanging on

Again, what I colored maroon really was multicolored, I am not that talented with MS Paint, nor do I want to put that much effort into this visual.  lol  Connected to her energy source, but somehow crashed into Mays reflective field, the top part of her quantum surfboard.  I watched as she moved back and forth with her hands the feeling was trying to get on top of things, yet, she needed to jump up… she got homework to do!!!  No doubt this has everything to do with what was just revealed thru my man…. Thought, emotion, heartbeat (rhythm.)

With all this said, and I pray, understood too, as I was writing the hypnosis script yesterday and it got towards the end, I realized, each Sunday we will be expanding, discovering more and more about the expanded realm of Life and the super powers within via hypnosis.  With that knowing, I am formulating a plan to include those of you who wanted to sign up, but couldn’t because it filled up to fast, to be included too.  Scaled down of course.  There is not enough time in my day for any more personal, one on one sessions, but there is evenings and group energy time available and the hypnosis events are being recorded thru each session.  I will have this organized and available for you to participate in, if you desire, sometime today.  Silly me, spirit has already seeded another group event for July, I assumed (I really gotta stop doing that lol) it would be this course again, hell no.  I clearly hear we will be several miles past the beginning by then.  God knows I need some running shoes!! lol  Check my website for details, I will get it up sometime today!! – Now Up!!!

I love you so much.  Thank you for constantly pushing me to grow and expand and reach further because you desire the same for yourself!!  We are an amazing team together… flowing beyond imagination, together!!!

((((HUGZ)))) of excited heartbeats next to yours!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  Now Live: Second Chance Super Powers Course.  Click Here for details.

Heavenletter 4974 – The Truth About Life – 7-8-14

Mario Gattoaladino

Lightworker Bill Ballard – Live Your Greatest Dream – Your Life Is the Ultimate Expression – 5-22-13

pearls2u·186 videos

AS I go to post this video, I see the time parameter being 13:13:31 on 5-22-13…. How interesting those numbers are and especially with the topic I am discussing in this video of Living Your Dream Life…. Many persons work all their life to pay for their material stuff, with the concept that the person who dies with the most toys wins… I beg to differ on that subject as it is the person who has had the most magical experiences is the one who wins.

This morning I was told an old friend.  He spent his time worrying about not having enough, about his fears and about all those things the Illusion of the Matrix intends to lead us into… Even with our time together for years and so many discussions , the concepts I hold never seem to break through to him. As I look and remember, even my own father and mother spend their life working for that time of death, but in a material way rather than spiritual. And too, my own daughter is so much older than me.

To me, living your dream life to its fullest, never limiting yourself or your beliefs and creating the majic you so wish to experience is by far the best way to live life and set an example for others to follow. It is our thought and emotion which creates our individual lives. As a collective it is the same that creates our collective experience we have while here on Earth. Many of us know that in order to change Our Mother Earth we must change ourselves first… And then together we bring into manifestation the New Earth which is a product of our collective thought and emotions….

Fun Fun!