Vicki Howie – Basic Yoga – Balancing Cat

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Balancing cat is a simple pose builds core strength while allowing you to stretch your entire backside. It’s great for Pre-Natal, because it strengthens the lower back for that final trimester. Don’t forget to scoop your tailbone so that your lower back gets fuller and you get a good core workout. Vicki Howie, Los Angeles Yoga Teacher and Creator of Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos Demonstrates the pose.

The Sacred Body – Kundalini, Subtle bodies, Chi, Yoga, Brain

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Neurotheology 5 – This lecture in neurotheology focuses on spiritual teachings about the body by neuroscientist Todd Murphy. Starting with an hypothesis (only an hypothesis; there is no evidence as yet) about Kundalini and how it projects our states of consciounsess into our bodies, it also looks at the neural basis for Subtle bodies. There is also a brief discussion of Chi and Yoga. This talk is given by Todd Murphy, inventor of the 8 Coil Shakti (similar to the Persinger God Helmet) and the Shiva Neural stimulation system.

Yoga: Science & Art – Yoga Master: Basile Catomeris

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Alan Steinfeld of talks to yoga master, Basile Catoméris, author of the book Foundations of Yoga, recently published by Inner Traditions.

I asked the Western yogi to briefly give his version of what Yoga is beside a well-known source of well-being and relaxation widely propagated in the USA.

Basile replied: “Well, Yoga can be described as consisting of one word, two sounds, four doctrines, eight schools, thousands of books, and millions of practitioners who include both kings and mainstream people all over the world.”

He added, “One may even ask if Yoga is a religion, a philosophy, an ideology, a new science, or just another futile lifestyle of Indian origin, that embraces today the whole world irrespective of gender, race, creed, ideology or profession!

Can anyone rationally explain a unique, non-institutionalized culture, a paradox which alike spirituality is both immanent and transcending, and so perennial and resistant that it’s succeeded to withstand the vicissitudes of time with thousands of natural disasters and so many social metamorphosis during at least 5,000 years?”

Awaken Kundalini with Yoga Spinal Twists

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Full free article detailing how to do this Yoga Exercise to awaken Kundalini Shakti and help her rise can be found here –….

This exercise is excellent for the lower back and spine. There are several hand positions that can be used for this pose. The one that is best for stimulating Kundalini at the base of the spine is the third variation I have demonstrated in this video.

In that variation the fingers are interlaced and arms are behind you, with the hands pulled away from the lower back. Then one twists which in this position.

In addition to helping with Kundalini Awakening, this exercise is also very good for warming up prior to doing any difficult sets and poses.

You will find many more kundalini awkening yoga exercises and sets for free on AnmolMehta.Com.

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