MARY and YESHUA – Hold the Light – 4-14-18 – This is a day of Graduation – by Saint Andrews Twin Flame


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Greetings, My Beloveds, yes, it is I, Christ. My beloved Mary is here as well. Today, we wish to speak about the ascension that is taking place on so many levels. First and foremost, we ask you to begin to relax and to begin to embody the beautiful frequency of the ascension flame, calling in this frequency, calling in the light, calling in the love, calling in the peace, calling in the energy of the ascension flame as you allow your heart to open and to awaken to the energy of All That Is. And so today, Dearest Ones, I ask you to hold your energy and your essence so purely, and so strongly, as you now begin to ascend into this new frequency that is now upon our planet. It is time, Dearest Ones, that each of you let go of the past and move forward and ascend into the new level of consciousness in which you are now operating from. This is of grave importance, for I ask you to begin to let go of the past and to embrace the light of All That Is, let go of the past, and begin to embrace the light of All That Is. And as you hold this light into your heart, of the ascension flame, may the energy of the three-fold flame, and the violet flame of transmutation now begin to bring healing onto your soul.

And so, Dearest Ones, we shall begin, if you allow yourself to receive this frequency, you will now begin to operate more fully from the new frequencyof what we call the new paradigm that is now operating upon your Earth. It is simply the energy of the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth levels of dimensional frequency that are now overlaid upon your Earth, as if it is a New Earth, an etheric energy that you are now able to tap into more freely. As the energy has shifted, from the time of your Easter, as the resurrection flame has brought forth this new frequency upon this Earth, many are able to literally bring their consciousness into the form of true ascension. We ask you, Dearest Children, to bring yourself to this point as you may understand that ascension does not require the doing, but it is about becoming,embracing, and remembering to live your lives as the Gods and Goddesses that you are. It simply means fully embracing the Divinity that already exists within you through the expansion of your consciousness, as beings of love and living from the wisdom of the heart. It is that simple, Dear Ones.

Understand that each dimensional frequency represents a certain vibration, and these dimensions become accessible to you when and only when you obtain that level of frequency within your consciousness and have the ability to maintain it at all times. Therefore, we say, Dearest Ones, live from the heart, talking and acting like a master. Ask yourself the questions, what would a master do or say, and then go within and find the answer. What would the master say and do, and then find the answer. We ask you to let go of the third dimensional consciousness of separation, duality, polarity, and drama in all forms, and now begin to believe in the power that you hold, as you now are living in these higher dimensional frequencies, in the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth dimensional frequencies. And stop giving your power away to that which no longer serves you. I would ask you to establish a conscious union with your I AM presence, and the fulfillment of your Divine plan, the ascension, we say, Dearest Ones, is truly the reunification and the merging into the Divine union with your magnificent I AM presence. In order to embody this glorious aspect of yourself, it is truly time to let go and to let God.

And so, today, we ask you to release all the programs, the mental programs that have been running through your life, and all negativity that has been stored in your consciousness, subconscious, and conscious minds, and we ask you to let go and to release, and to begin to breathe in this frequency of love. Letting go and letting God. Letting go and letting God. Letting go and letting God. And so, Dearest Ones, in the name of the beloved God presence I AM, I ask you to receive this initiation, needed for your ascension, and we ask that you call forth the energy of the Cosmic, pure flame, to remove from your thought forms and all subtle light bodies any vibration of human creation that is impure in substance, and is less than the divine perfection of God. May the purity transmute all negative energies and all disharmonic frequencies, and allow the energy of the ascension flame begin to awaken the memories of your Divine blueprint, so that you may become free from all discordant energies that you have ever created, and now begin to live in the essence of the purity of who you truly are. And so I ask you, Dear Ones, to begin to breathe in this frequency of Divine love and Divine peace. It is of grave importance that all lightworkers move forward into the ascension flame, in the three-fold flame, and call forth the violet flame of transmutation, to begin to heal and to move forward as you live in the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth level frequencies at this time in your incarnation.

You may say, how do I access these frequencies? And we say, simply ask that you hold your intention, that you allow yourself to ascend and to receive, and to become like a master, to be a master, for you are all masters. You all are master teachers, you all are ascended beings of light. And it is time, Dearest Ones, that you begin to embody and embrace this consciousness and understanding of that which you are holding upon this planet, that you are holding the frequency of peace, love, and Cosmic Grace upon your soul. And so I ask you to take a deep inhaling breath, and begin to breathe in the light and the love and the peace and the tranquility, as you begin to relax into this vibration, holding the light, holding the love, holding the peace for this planet. You see, Dearest Ones, Mother Earth is ascending and each soul is simply needed to ascend into their own mastery. It may be difficult to understand despite all that you see, sense, or hear in your worldly news, media, and in your daily life upon this Earth. But we say, Dearest Ones, there is so much that is happening behind the scenes that is shifting the vibration of so many souls. So many souls are awakening, one by one by one, the ascension is occurring rather rapidly. And you, Dear One, are also moving rather rapidly in your ascension. It is why I am bringing this to your attention again, because it is happening very quickly here, in your year of 2018, so much is shifting.

Do not be afraid to change your life. Do not be afraid to allow the flow and the energy of your Higher Self and your higher dimensional frequencies to begin to guide your life. If you are feeling called to leave your old life in any way, shape or form, be it physically moving, letting go of a relationship, changing old habits, old beliefs, whatever it is that you are needing to do that no longer serves you, we ask that you now surrender and begin to ascend into this frequency of living in your true mastery state. This is of grave importance, and I know that so many might become frightened of allowing their lives to change, but we say, Dearest Ones, this is the agreement that you have made at this time, to stand in the light and to be at peace, and in alignment with All That Is. For you have come at this time, at this appointed hour, as you may recall, at the day of the Great Conclave, when I, Lord Sananda, spoke and asked each of you if you would forget your Oneness, and now come forward to assist Mother Gaia. And each of you eagerly chose to serve, and you’ve eagerly chosen to continue to serve, living in the Living Light of All That Is.

And so today, I am asking you once again, for today, it is simply another Conclave that is being brought forth, and I, Lord Sananda, make the clarion call to each of you. Will you choose to ascend, will you choose to move forward in your conscious state, and live as a beautiful being of light, andopening your heart to this level of freedom. We invite you at this time to call forth the elixir that will charge you, called the Golden Liquid Light. Call this energy in as you bring your energy into the Golden Liquid Light. It is a form or a force, or a frequency, shall we say, that will now begin to ignite you, that will allow you to now bring forth all of the blessings that are bestowed upon you, that are your birthright. As you call in this beautiful, Golden, Liquid Light, this elixir, you are now raising your consciousness into this frequency and this beautiful essence of living in the pure, exalted state as an Ascended Being, an Ascended Master, shall now be brought forth into your consciousness with ease. Yes, Dearest Ones, it is as if you are taking a drink from an elixir, a Golden, Liquid Light that will now begin to shift yourconsciousness, your mental, emotional bodies so that you may begin to feel this energy and be free of the limiting beliefs, thought forms and energies that have held you to the third dimensional frequency.

And so, Dear One, we ask you to hold the light, the love, and the peace in your heart so fully, so richly and so effervescently that no one or nothing can ever change this beautiful frequency that you are now holding. As if you are now suspended into pure Cosmic Love and Cosmic Grace. And you’ll begin to walk through your life with grace and ease, without any discomfort, pain, suffering or disharmonic energies. And so allow yourself to simply go into the depths of the recesses of your own mind and begin to clear away the cobwebs, as they say, and allow yourself to be set free. And so, Dearest Ones, drink from the Golden Liquid Light, the elixir that will reactivate you to the remembrance of why you came to this planet, and on that day of the Great Conclave, when I, Lord Sananda, asked you shall you serve, today I ask you once again to remake that vow to serve, for this is an important time in the evolution of this planet. It is an important time in the evolution of humanity, it is an important time in the consciousness and the evolution of all souls. And so each of you are needed to step forward and say yes. Breathe in your light, breathe in the Golden Liquid Light, into your consciousness. And you will begin to feel the shift of consciousness, you will begin to feel this sense of relaxation, you will begin to feel a sense of peace and tranquility upon your soul, knowing that all is in order and all is as it should be. For you truly are set free.

And so imagine that the anchors that have been tying you to the third dimensional frequency are now being released. As if there are anchors or hooks that have kept you suspended into the third dimensional frequency, with the limitations of the human consciousness, of the mortal mind. And so simply send these binds or bonds or limitations, it is like a binding, which has bound you to the Earth plane. And so free yourself from these limitations. And now feel yourself ascending in consciousness, as you are merging your beautiful energy into All That Is. It is a beautiful, beautiful time for each of you to step into this frequency, as you are truly ascending into a band of consciousness that is anchored in pure non-duality. This frequency of non-duality is called the Mother of All Things, and is the underlying fabric of all of existence. And so, Dearest Ones, call in this frequency of non-duality, the Mother of All Things. This is the underlying fabric of all existence. And so we say to you, Dearest One, you will find the path of least resistance, as you allow yourself to emit the frequency of these powerful vibrations into your being.

Allow yourself to feel the vibration and to call forth the harmonic frequency of the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth dimensional frequencies that are now being exuded upon this planet at this time. Do not worry, you are all anchored into the energy of Mother Earth, safe and protected from any harm. We ask that you ascend in consciousness and allow yourself to begin to receive. And so, Dear Sons and Daughters, this is a day of graduation. You see, after my resurrection and my own ascension process, this has been honored on your Easter Sunday. I am here to help you to ascend and to resurrect your own consciousness. And to bring this frequency forward. This is a powerful day, Dearest One, to let go of the limitations that no longer serve you. This is simply what ascension and resurrection mean, resurrecting your mortal self into higher consciousness, into the energy of the Christ Consciousness and beyond. Merging yourself into the energy of the energy of non-duality, of the Mother of All Things. The energy that underlies the fabric of all of existence, all Oneness.

And so today, Dearest ones, call in this light, call in this peace, call in this joy as you center your heart on this powerful light, the Golden Liquid Light, the elixir of life that will allow you to open yourself to receive. And allow your heart chakra now to begin to open, so as you fill your heart with the love of God, as you open your heart to the energy of Cosmic Freedom, and as you renew yourself in the embrace of the eternal flame of love, opening your heart chakra to this beautiful flame, and magnifying the love of the Divine and the human self, now merging the two as one, calling forth in your divinity, into your human self, calling forth the flame of love, and calling forth this powerful frequency so all will receive, and to feel the love that is now merging through your soul. This powerful flame of love is one of the seven flames of God, acting upon the planet for humanity at this time. And so, Dearest Ones, begin to receive and to feel the flame of love as you begin to open your heart, to begin to heal yourself. For love is the ultimate healer and regenerator. It is time now that the beautiful flame become ignited, not only within your own heart, and magnifying the energy upon the planet.

It is truly a time where there is what we call a parallel frequency of the New Earth that you are truly living in. You are living in the world but not of it, this is what we have meant. You are living in the world but not of it. You have now stepped forward into the Earth, the etheric frequency of the New Earth, where all is possible and all is created, and there, Dearest Ones, you may go to any of the temples that exist in this frequency. The Temple of Healing, the Temple of Love, the Temple of Resurrection, the Temple of Rejuvenation. The Temple of Prosperity and Abundance, the Temple of the Light. There are many mansions, as they say, and so we say to you, Dearest Ones, place your attention on that in which you need healing upon this day. Begin to resurrect and call forth the Temple that will allow you to move forward, so that you may now live and embody the frequency as the beautiful Ascended Being that you are.

And we ask you to take time to honor yourself, to begin to move forward in this ascension process, so that you may actively create and pursue all that you are to receive now in this new vibrational frequency. And so we say, Dearest Children, honor the God within you, the honor the God within you, honor the God within you. And honor the light that you hold as you are powerful children of the light. And once again call in the Golden Liquid Light, the elixir into your being. And let all energies that you have held within you now begin to fall away, that are not in alignment and concordance with your true ascension process. Do not be surprised by what will shift and change within your life. Expect the unexpected, and call forth in Cosmic Love and Cosmic Grace.

Know at this time, Dearest One, it is time for you to begin to speak, and to speak the truth, and to honor the divinity of that which you hold, holding the light, holding the love, holding the peace, holding the tranquility of all that you are. And so, Dearest Ones, as you stand in this frequency, and you are now living in this higher dimensional frequency, there is a responsibility to yourself and to others, and onto the world. And so, Dearest Ones, we ask you to hold the peace so strongly and so effervescently within your being, that you will be able to shift the consciousness of the frequencies around you, and you will begin to see miraculous change that is occurring within your own individual lives. You are the change you wish to see. You are the miracle you’ve been waiting for. And so we say to you, Dearest Children, that it is time, it is time, it is time to let your beautiful light shine as you now emerge into this powerful frequency, as you merge into the beautiful essence of the ascension flame. And so, Dearest Children, we ask you to hold this light and begin to transmute all that no longer serves you, because today, each of you are receiving a healing and a blessing from the Supreme Creator. You have called forth your own ascension and you are now ready, the planet is ready, and all who stand in the Living Light of God’s energy shall move forward with the power of love within their heart.

There are many, as they say, old souls that are here as the pioneers, and many new souls who are stepping forward who will now step in to these levels of frequencies. And you have assisted these beautiful loving souls who are pure, angelic beings, who are entering upon the planet at this time, incarnating on the planet. You’ll begin to see these new souls making the changes that you see for the old souls have held the template and the frequency for them to make the changes that are needed upon this planet. You’ve all come together in Divine timing and Divine purpose, Divine alignment, and this is of indeed great truth. We ask you to hold the light and the love and the peace within your heart so that you may receive the essence of God’s love, and prepare yourself to be the change and the template for this New Earth. We are all walking forward now with you, one by one by one, we are all walking forward with you, because you see the Earth is now going to shift and change rapidly, your own consciousness will shift rapidly, and your own individual lives will shift rapidly if you so allow to be in alignment with the new frequencies that are now merging forward upon this planet.

And may the flame of purity transmute all energies, and may the love of the ascension flame, and the power of the ascension flame resurrect within you the memories of your Divine blueprint so that you may be free once again to create Heaven on Earth. As you affirm, I AM purity, I AM love, I AM light, as you allow yourself to call in this frequency of the I AM presence within you,may all those who come into your presence now begin to feel the kingdom of the New Earth, as you bring this frequency into the vibrational essence. And so, Dear Ones, be the change you wish to see, and know at this time that you have made such a difference upon this Earth. The power of change is here, go now, my children, and allow your heart to open to this essence and resonance of peace, and this ascension that is taking place now upon this beautiful day of April 9, 2018, the day the beautiful ascension is occurring globally, individually, intergalactically, for all to receive. Go now, my children, and be at peace.



» Source » Channel: Lea Chapin





Mary Magdalene via Lea Chapin – 12-4-17 – Vibration of Peace



Greetings, my beloveds, yes, it is I, Mary Magdalene. My beloved Yeshua is here as well. We wish to say to you, Dear Ones, that the vibration of peace is being emitted upon your Earth plane at such magnificent force that we are asking each of you to open up your sacred hearts and to begin to feel this vibration within your physicality and within your mental and emotional bodies. And so, please allow my beloved Yeshua to bring his words of wisdom forward as the vibration of peace is now being infused into your sacred heart.

Dear One, yes, it is I, Yeshua. I come to you at this time to express my love for each of you and my devotion onto each of your souls. It is of great importance, Dear Children, that you begin to open up your sacred heart, your compassionate heart, and your loving heart. Opening the pathway for peace to prevail in your own lives, and bringing peace into your heart so that all that no longer serves you of any discordant energy begins to heal that which troubles you. And so, today, as I come forward as the prince of peace, I ask each of you to open your vessel to the vibration and the healing that is so needed not only on this planet but in all aspects of this universe, and this galaxy, and this solar system. So much energy is being infused upon your planet, and you may begin to feel it, feel it in your heart, feel it within your soul, feel it within the essence of your being. And so, please take a deep inhaling breath, and begin to breathe in the vibration of peace that is now being emitted into the ethers, through the atmosphere, as if it is like particles of fairy dust that are now floating through the air. May peace embody your essence at all levels, may peace embody your essence at all levels, may peace embody your essence. And allow yourself to feel this powerful frequency of joy within your heart, that you have come to yourself once again, that you have come home to yourself once again.

Breathe in the essence of love, and breathe in the essence of peace, and breathe in the essence of tranquility. Breathing in the light and the love and the joy. And so, Dearest Ones, understand at this time that you have agreed to come to this planet to be peacemakers and way showers of light, and it is of extreme importance that you hold as much peace, as you hold the vibration in your vessel. Holding this frequency so that you may shine the light and draw to you all energies that are of the highest good for your own soul. Can you now begin to feel this vibration of peace emanating into every cell, every fiber, every pore of your being? And like a magnetic frequency, you are now ricocheting and bringing this energy back out from your vessel, through your auric field, out into the universe. Can you begin to feel yourself as a shining star, so bright and brilliant that your peaceful essence is seen and felt and recognized by all who come into your presence, and make contact with you? Know, at this time, that this vibration, the vibration of peace, holds a powerful frequency. And so, we ask you to embody this, and if you so shall, begin to read or listen to my lesson of peace in the 12 Mastery Teachings of Christ that I have brought forth for all of you to receive. And so, please take a deep, inhaling breath and begin to embody this frequency not only at this time of your holidays, and this season of celebrating my birth, but hold it in your physicality, it will keep you strong physically, mentally, and energetically. Breathe this in, breathe this in, breathe this in, it will keep you strong, physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. Breathe this in, breathe this in, breathe this in.

Hold the vibration into your very essence as you radiate the frequency of the beautiful, diamond, sparkling light particles that are now being infused into your system. Again, Dearest Children, peace is your birthright, please open up your sacred heart, your compassionate heart, and bring the peace and these diamond sparkling particles into your heart. Allow everything that does not serve you to begin to fall away. Allow everything that does not serve you to fall away. Allow any anger or loneliness or sadness or fear to begin to fall away. Begin to allow any energy that is not of the highest vibration to simply fall away. Imagine that the particles and the diamond light frequencies are the vibration of peace, begin to meld all frequencies that are disharmonic within you, and so begin to feel the energy of peace beginning to meld all energies that are not of love, that are not of peace, that are not of harmony, that are not of joy. Begin to release these frequencies in your system, release them, release them, release them. Know, at this time, Dearest Children of the light, that you are beautiful children, and that you are to stand in your beauty, to stand in your brilliance, to stand in your magnificence, and to feel the essence of the truth of who you are. You are a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful child of God, and you are to sparkle and you are to shine, and it is time to simply believe and to trust that you are a Divine spirit, a Divine child of the God essence. Can you feel the diamond light particles of peace emanating and healing and illuminating as you glow, as you begin to sparkle as the beautiful diamond that you are, bringing in the essence of love, bringing in the essence of peace, breathing in the essence of tranquility, and breathing in the essence of joy? Breathe, my children, breathe. Breathing in the essence of peace, breathing in the essence of love, breathing in the essence of light. And so, Dear Ones, allow yourself to open up the chamber within your heart that we call your sacred heart. There is indeed what we call a secret chamber within your heart, a place within your own heart chakra that holds the key to happiness. Perhaps you’ve never heard of this before, but there is a secret chamber within your heart chakra that holds the key to happiness.

Allow this to unlock, allow us to open the door, allow us to help you to unlock the heart chakra that has been closed out of fear, out of loss, out of loneliness, out of despair. And so, I ask you now, Dearest Ones, to breathe this in, breathe in the opening and the passageway to your divine birthright of peace. Can you feel your heart chakra opening and unlocking the heart chakra that has been closed? Closed, perhaps, from all of your emotional pain from this lifetime and all other lifetimes and dimensions and frequencies. Can you allow your heart to open to peace, and to feel the sacred heart of mercy opening, so that you are a vessel, you are a creator god, holding the essence and presence of peace, again, Dearest Ones, you are like a shining star, and your light and your frequency is ricocheting onto the world. This is so needed during your troubled times upon this Earth. We do not wish to get into all the troubles, but as you know them, there are many who are not at peace, and the world is not at peace, and Mother Earth is crying out for your help, and so please allow yourself to open up your heart chakra, to open up that secret, sacred chamber that now holds the key for your happiness, for you to be at peace, for you to be at balance, for you to be at harmony with yourself, to be comfortable within your own skin. And so, allow this energy, feel this energy and this presence, of the Living Light of God inside of your being. Allow yourself to feel this energy and presence of the Living Light of God within your being. And so, Dear Ones, take a deep, inhaling breath and breathe. Breathe in the vibration of peace. I will step aside and allow my mother to speak at this time, and then I shall return.

Dear One, it is I, Mother Mary. I come to you at this time as I stand before you, opening up your Sacred Heart, your compassionate heart, your merciful heart with compassion. Please allow my son to help you, to open up the chamber so that you may feel at peace, and hold compassion for yourself. We know that this lifetime and all lifetimes from the inception of your soul journey have not always been easy. But we say to you, Dearest Ones, how important it is to honor yourself, to hold compassion for yourself, to give thanks to yourself. Be grateful for your life, be grateful for all the experiences and do not allow your heart to ever close off again. As my son has come to show you and to open up the sacred passageway of the sacred heart that lives inside of you. Please do not allow yourself to be closed off again, it is a new beginning, it is a new day, it is a new opportunity for all of you. It is today to live from an open and loving heart, loving all souls including yourself, holding compassion for yourself and all of life, holding compassion for Mother Earth, holding compassion for all those who are not in balance. And who are confused and are not living from their beautiful sacred merciful heart. Please pray that they open up their own heart chakras, just as you are being gifted this gift today, the secret passageway of your heart chakra, the chamber of your sacred heart is being opened. Living from heart warmth, living from compassion, living from the understanding that you are truly a divine child of God, serving and being served in the living light, and being free. And so, know, at this time, how important it is to live your life in the sacred energy of Divine, holy grace. Living your life in Divine, sacred energy, of Divine Holy Grace. And so, breathe in this essence and this frequency, of what we call renewal. You are renewing the essence of the truth of your being. Renewing your beautiful spirit, renewing your soul, renewing the aspects that live inside of you, and yes, we call them aspects, for there are many aspects to you, your essence selves. And so, today, we come to bring you this healing of your aspects, of the essence of you, meaning the totality of all that you’ve ever been, and all that you will be. You see, Dearest One, you have had many lifetimes and many aspects that have not been balanced and been in harmony. I do not wish to confuse you, but what I’m trying to say, is that all that you’ve ever been, though all lifetimes, and all dimensional time and space, hold aspects and essence energy, and what I am saying you today is that we are integrating these aspects, these essence selves, into balance, into harmony, into the sacred heart.

As if everything you’ve ever been is now being balanced and harmonized, you are coming into balance with yourself, you can now live fully from the heart, what a beautiful gift that you are receiving today. Everything that you’ve ever been is now being integrated into the sacred heart of mercy and compassion. The sacred chamber of your heart is welcoming you back home again, welcoming your essence, and all your aspects. You are coming home to yourself, you are coming home to yourself, you are coming home to yourself. And so, Dear Ones, can you feel it, can you feel it, can you sense this energy? Opening up the chambers within your heart, opening up the chambers within your heart. Integrating this energy into your heart chakra. And now, as my son infuses the energy of peace into you, into your sacred heart, there is no longer any discordant energy that is affecting you or causing you any pain or discomfort, as if all the lifetimes you’ve ever lived are now returning back to synchronicity, the synchronicity of being in harmony, being in balance, being in union, being reconciled into your pure, perfected state of your beautiful spirit. And so, Dear Ones, allow yourself to hold this energy and this awakening.

We ask you to begin to consider and ponder very seriously what it looks like to be in your perfected state. To be balanced and harmonic, and to be at peace. We are gifting you with this energy today, it is now up to you to stand in the vibration, what does it look like to you? How do you behave? How do you act? How do you carry yourself in the world? What does this mean for you from this moment forth? How will you change your habits and your thought forms? And so, Dearest Ones, know that on this day you’ve been given this beautiful, beautiful gift of healing. The powerful vibration of peace that is now being emitted onto the Earth can now be received inside of you. My son has gifted you this beautiful gift, and all of the galactic brothers and sisters and the Great Creator are flooding this planet and all souls with peace. And all those who read this or hear this, or experience this healing in this moment have a choice to live in peace for the rest of their incarnation and throughout eternity. And so, Dearest Children, hold your light so brightly that there is never a question that you are a child of peace. Yes, Dearest Children, as my son is called the Prince of Peace, you are all his children. You are all the peace makers and the messengers of hope and renewal. So now, as you accept this within your heart, allow it to come forward into your essence, through your behavior, through your energy field, through your aura, drawing to you everything in your life that is of peace, harmonic relationships and harmonic frequencies that are of the highest vibration of peace and love. And so, Dear One, can you feel your sacred heart opening, and your merciful heart opening, the chambers of your sacred heart opening?

Today, the vibration of the eleven, of your month of November vibrates to the frequency of peace. And you see, Dearest Ones, we will come together again on another 11, December 11, another powerful portal and opening of peace. And so, Dearest Children, realize at this time, that as you’re opening your heart to this connection, you are holding the vibration of Divine Union within yourself. You are a portal of peace, you are a portal of peace, you are a portal of peace. Today, Dearest Children, we ask you to hold this frequency so closely, in the essence of your being, that you feel it palpitating from your heart. Can you feel the peace and the love now opening and vibrating from your Sacred Heart? Holding compassion for yourself, peace for yourself. Everything that you do, every decision that you make is to be about peace. You are holding the frequency of peace so strongly within your essence that nothing or no one can shift this vibration from you. This is a strong statement, but no one or nothing can shift this vibration of peace from you. Take the time, Dearest Ones, to consider the power that this statement holds. Do you choose to claim it and to embody it and to not allow yourself to be affected by another’s behavior? Can you choose to hold peace within your system, that regardless of what happens around you, you choose peace and love over anger and violence and negativity?

And so, Dear Ones, know, at this time, that you hold the answers inside of the secret chamber of your heart. You have the answers to all that troubles you. The answers are simple, Dearest One, choose peace, choose peace, choose peace. And you see, your beautiful heart is open. And we see that you are receiving it. And we are grateful, and we are thankful. I will allow my son to speak, and I thank you for your time, and I thank you for your attention. I thank you for allowing me to assist you in opening your compassionate and sacred heart, so that you may live in the truth of who you truly are as a Divine Child of God living in your pure divinity and beautiful essence of God’s love.

Dear Ones, yes, it is I, Christ. Yeshua, Jesus, Lord Sananda. I am known by many names, but I come to you today as the Prince of Peace. And I come to you with my open and compassionate and merciful heart, and I stand before each of you, and I infuse my energy into your heart. I’m sending you this powerful vibration of peace so that your mind will be at peace, your body will be at peace, all aspects of your beings will be at peace. That you may be peace with yourself, and so, Dearest One, it is my gift to you, it is my gift to each of you in this day of celebration, as Lea celebrates her birthday, we give her this gift and so we gift it all to you as well. You all are receiving this powerful gift of peace and healing and how important it is to truly welcome this into your vibration, and as you walk this Earth plane, you will never feel alone and you will feel the presence of the Living God inside of you, because you will feel this connection to Oneness, and to Divine Love and Divine Grace that is your birthright, and is your connection to the Great Creator. My Mother and I have opened up the sacred chamber of your sacred heart, and when you see those pictures of us with our sacred hearts, please remember the gift that we gave you today. Again, it is the choice to live from peace. No more struggle, no more strife, no more disharmonic energies. Hold these frequencies as closely and as dearly to you as you possibly can, and remember we love you, and we celebrate with you during this time of the holiday season, and through all of the time throughout the year and beyond, not only in this holiday season, but we continue to surround you and support you with the vibration of peace. Again, Dearest Children, it is flooding your planet at a very rapid rate. So much energy is being infused upon this planet, and you, Dearest Ones, are opening up the floodgates for others to witness and to feel and to sense and to be drawn to your vibration.

This is an extremely important time, and you may not understand fully all that is being gifted to the Earth plane, but know that we are assisting this planet for it is in dire need. And you will begin to see so many people change and open their hearts to each other in the beautiful state of Grace, as Divine children of God, as they’ve opened up the portal of peace, into the sacred heart, the merciful heart, deep within the chamber of their own heart chakra. And so, Dearest Ones, accept our gift today, our mother and I, we will come again. As always, we thank you for your time, we thank you for your attention, we thank you for your willingness to serve, and for holding the Living Light of God in the essence of your being.

And so, now know, my children, that my Mother and I stand with you, and my Mary stands with you as well, and we are walking with you and opening up the chamber of your heart until you are able to feel this fully within your being. But we ask you to consider this and to understand that it has been done and all you have to do is receive. Go forward now with our gift, and the celebration of the energy of peace that is now being gifted to you and to this planet and to all souls. Go forward as the Living Light of God and allow your spirit to shine and be the change you wish to see, the beautiful light that shines so brightly upon this Earth plane, for you are the star and the stars that shine so brightly to guide others. And you are opening up the way so that they may follow and feel the energy of peace in their own lives and allowing themselves to rest in the arms of God, being comforted by their own souls. We thank you, and we know, at this time, that each of you have opened your heart and we are so grateful. Go in peace.









Pamela Kribbe – Jeshua: The Eternal Light of the Universe

Dear friends, I am Jeshua speaking. I love you all deeply. Please feel my energy around you as I greet each of you – I honor you deeply. As you open your heart to me, remember that I am there inside it. When you recognize me at your via Sananda: The Eternal Light of the Universe […]

via Pamela Kribbe – Jeshua: The Eternal Light of the Universe — Blue Dragon Journal

Yeshua and Mary Magdalene on Multidimensionality and Bilocation ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda – 1-4-17


Yeshua and Mary Magdalene on Multidimensionality and Bilocation:
… Lifting into higher vibration swirls of exaltedness, while observing the many planes of existence and the many dimensions, each as all-inclusive yet distinct with each focus, you begin to glimpse the reality of Multidimensionality … Seeing all at once, and living all at once, yet with each focus you can play there on a chosen dimensionality for a while, knowing you can shift easily to the dimension of choice for that moment …
This is a small part of what you are and will be experiencing as your multidimensionality is supported by your Christ Consciousness/Source embodiment, union of all 12 aspects of Deity, and Masculine/Feminine Balance and Harmony.

That, beloveds, is the crux and the destination of all you have been working towards, and this is the time, in the coming days and into the new year, where you will become masters at it. It has many surprises, but yet all of it will feel familiar and like coming home. You will stretch and get better and better at living in this state, and from here creativity will be enhanced. And at the bottom of it is this very deep Love that sustains and excites you in its exaltedness, yet it will begin to feel very normal.
So, practice staying in this vibrational state that you have lifted to … you all are achieving it at various levels and intensity, but it’s a new platform and level for you to experience, and is preparing you for the next step, and the next step, into higher and higher levels and dimensions of existence … where you will choose in which one(s) you live for the moment, with the potential and opportunity each moment to play in the other dimensions that might feel more familiar and comfortable, yet, soon the higher states will feel so normal you won’t even notice that you have achieved it except for the difference in vibration and frequency of the high-level experiences that are now attainable to you.
And the old ways of duality will soon just feel like a dream that you can watch at whim, but not really be a part of anymore. And Bilocation will become more normal.
You will so easily shift to and recognize the level you wish to stay at, and at times shift so easily into many at once, or at least observe them while playing in the timeline of choice.
Your days will seem like moments strung together in congruity and synchronicity, with richness and depth as you enter into each moment with your full attention. This is the new way of being, and it will not look like any other day-to-day-life you have ever experienced.
You can be everywhere at once, and where once you may have been in awe of the act and ability of Archangels and Ascended Masters who can appear to everyone at once, you will start to understand and experience the how and ability and possibility of it, and the ease of it.
So, dear ones, over the days you will be experiencing many mind-warping realities as you begin to play on the planes of different dimensions with ease, and all the while lifted by the buoyancy and consistency of Love and Joy and Bliss, while tending to matters that support your physical body.  Which will no longer need as much of the mundane existence for its survival.
Creation is now how you live, and Abundance is the mainstay of your life, and forever you will ride on the waves of higher existence and know what it is to be God (your God-self).
We shall bring you more of this wisdom and insight as you become acclimated to the incoming intense waves of transformative Light. Rest and recalibrate at intervals so you may stay strengthened and the changes be more permanent.
All our love.
Mary Magdalene and Yeshua
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~ Message Received December 25, 2016
Copyright © 2011-2016 Fran Zepeda. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and share this message on your blogs and websites, provided that the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been altered in any way, is distributed free of charge, and this copyright and links are included. Any other use of this material is prohibited without written permission.
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YESHUA – The Power Of The Mind – 4-27-16


I am the one they call Jesus. I am Yeshua (reflect upon my name as it is said in the World Pronunciation of English, “Yes You Are!”) and I am available to everyone who would like to link in with me.

To come in this manner in the speech or the writing of another is indeed very pleasant. It is what we have been waiting for: This time when you are higher in vibration then you were. For those of you who are not high enough in vibration to believe this possible, then we need to use an intermediary. No? I do not talk of men who stand in politics and bang on about the fifth-amendment, or men who stand in pulpits and bang their fists. I do not talk of people who say the words of a book. I talk of others, like yourselves, who have graduated to a point where they can communicate with people who are in different and higher dimensions.

The power of the brain is a wonderful thing, but the power of the mind is even better. It is here that I draw your attention to your language that shapes the way you perceive things and conceptualize things. “To mind” is to care. “To mind” is to be aware of. “To mind” is to think about it and yourself in the context of others and the world and all sentient Beings. When you use your mind rather than your brain, you are beginning to work as the complex and complete Being that you ought to be and that you will become.

It is the Christ energy that allows me to speak with you in this way and it will be a Christ energy that will allow me and yourself to speak together in the future times. The one who takes this message to you now isn’t always sure of the way ahead. She herself has moved up the levels and works with more than just my energy. She works with more than just my mind. She also works with other Higher Beings many of whom you would yourselves call ETs. You have been mind-controlled for long enough where this subject is involved. Here, I talk of the Light Beings, the Ones of the Light. What else can I say, for anything else might run the risk of mis-feeding your consciousness. This division of Darkness and Light is to pass as something of history as if it were no longer to be just the male energy of “his” story, but the story of worlds and of the many. The passage of time signified by the use of Chronos, the god of Time, or that which you refer to as, “Old Father Time” no longer is to be useful. The records will show what is necessary in order to attempt the truth. The timelines will be worked with in different ways and so the past becomes more of the past and is not carried forward into the present and thereby not carried forward in the future. Time will be immeasurable in many ways, as many of you have noticed. When you are gathered together as like minds, like souls, in my name, your Time passes a great deal more quickly then you would normally recognize. Time becomes something to be thrown away. Almost unrecognizable. Time becomes words on a page, a study, an appraisal. There is no emotion needed within it, attached to it, no “woulds” or “should”, unlike your experience in the lower dimension now in 3-D world in the third and fourth dimensions (the fourth being the dimension of time).

Understand this, you are going through a phase that is both a clearing and a lightening of the energies. This is nothing new but it is like building a bridge between two places, over a river. This is effectively what we are doing. There are many of you who are capable of establishing and building this bridge as though you are architects, for you are architects of your present and of your future to come. Then there are we, the others, who build from the other side. It is not that we meet in the middle, but rather that you build across from your bank to the middle and when you get to the middle, this middle, this highest part that you have reached, then it is feasible to reach us, for we await you still. We have always been holding out an arm and the hand across this river to you. “Across troubled waters,” as the song goes. Now you can see this. Now our hands can reach, and our voices can be heard, it is so much easier for you to hear me and the others; the others; being Higher Beings, Ascended Masters, Angelic Ones, Extraterrestrial Beings of star systems and of planets other than yours. Do not think to yourself that these beings are necessarily human. There are many Light-Workers who always talk of human. Just what is human? Does a human category fall into only certain colours, two hands, two feet a backbone a brain and mouth to speak with? What if there is no mouth to speak with? What if there is a fantastic brain housed within, a telepathy with a larger holistic view housed within? What if these beings do not have feet? What if they do not have hands, or arms or legs? Somewhere slightly different from you? What if I say some of these beings are also on the land or sea, should I say? I talk of course, of many, but specifically the Cetaceans. That I also stretch your mind and ask you to question everything is the hand that stretches to meet you. You talk of ships and people coming as though they were landing on an island near your own? You look at yourselves. You see I’m receiving these others who are very similar to you yourselves. Yes indeed, they are your selves. And yet, you think you will be all right with ships? When you have watched for years since the 50s and perhaps before, the idea of people coming from other worlds and focusing their attention upon your world? It is important that these Beings are Light Beings. That is Beings of the Light. Light Beings will take great care with the process of initiating contact with you. Even those who make contact with this type of Extra Terrestrial do so in quiet, with only others who wish to be involved surrounding them. Up until now, there have been rules and regulations about the treatment of such a gifted human soul upon Earth. In the past, and I talk here of the past hundred years, but of course I could go back much further to the times of the Inquisition, in the past it has been your governments who have taken these people and put them in jail and tortured them, disrespected them, risked their lives and their health, accused them of this and that, of being a criminal or party to a criminal circumstance. These people need not be martyrs. The whole idea of me coming two thousand years ago was that, “I will be the only one”. I did not die for your sins. I died so that you would not have to.

My teachings were teachings that might be considered today, as the teachings of a Yogi. My teachings were those of ethics and kindness. I am your brother, I say to you these things because I do not wish to see any more suffering or dying upon your world. You are developing as a species. It is not necessary to consider how things have always been. This is why a lot of you are losing your grip upon the timelines of the past. Time vanishes; you are not handling correlations any more, only those things that help you learn will be remembered. And when I talk about learning, I talk about the learning of love. I talk of the learning of new ways of being. I talk of the learning of higher degrees of receptivity, of conscience, and of love. In all these things, I also talk of respect. Respect is not shown by the bullet, respect is not shown by the dagger, the sword, the whip, by allowance of starvation, by poisoning, by fear. Respect is not giving in to greed, the ability to take life; in to fear.

As you develop as Beings, as Beings-Kind, you will be tested and these tests will be much more subtle then the rest. Yes, it is true there is a coming off of the wheel of karma. In this coming off the wheel of karma, the timelines disappear, however, the timelines still function according to the karma produced by the actions, thoughts, and deeds of those on the ground. You have not carte blanche. You have instead, if you like, an air balloon of energy, an energetic device that helps to keep your energy clearer and higher than before, as it serves your clarity of mind and conscience. I call upon the heart here to consider conscience. As you develop you become more aware that you are in charge of your karma. Do not mis-understand me, you still have your karmic board to answer to, you still have the experience of being judged or rather being given all the information to judge yourselves in that instance of the life review before you go on to experience the next Point of Being and learning, and then of course, the next point of service should you wish it and when you wish it. The difference is the subtlety and the responsibility.

I leave you now with the reassurance that all is well. We’re up at a high point in the bridge. We are reaching out to you, And soon more of you will hear us, see us, and know us. You are changing your world one thought at a time, one action at a time, one beginning again at the time. We commend you. We send you our love, for in truth, you are loved greatly here. Those that you would be afraid of, for some of you have little knowledge of how to distinguish the Light from the Dark ones. These ones of your Light, of pure Diamond White Light, send you their love. They are not all human for “As above, so below”. Races of all kinds or Beings abide here now awaiting your ascension. You are truly loved and so take Love into your hearts in these most difficult of times. And remember, we are always with you. Speak my name, for I am Yeshua (Yes! Sure! Yes You Are!) Jesus, King of the Jews, Ascended Master. Your Brother in Love. I stand by your side. I am in your heart. Peace be with you and may we meet soon. The Rainbow Bridge can be crossed by those in Life. This is the way of The Yogi, The Buddha, The Christ.

Channel: Joy “White Lioness”

YESHUA via Christine – YOUR ASCENSION SUIT – New Sun Unity – 4-18-16


YESHUA    –   YOUR ASCENSION SUIT   –   by New Sun Unity   –   4-18-16


Christine: Two days ago Archangel Michael told me that he would be giving a message about the method that will be used in coming months, as lightworkers who are ready for the Ascension are being fitted with a solar body suit that will gradually cause changes, such as healing and rejuvenation, to manifest physically, but this Announcement has now been made by the Master Jesus in the following dictation. I really felt his vibrant electronic presence when he came this morning [Sunday October 1, 2015] to ask if I would take this dictation later. He wishes to start with some information about the situation when he first came to the Solar system as a galactic historical context for the Ascension. I was taking some notes and he started dictating after I wrote ‘The entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood is in Christ consciousness and one with the Universal Christ that Lord Jesus the Christ represents.’

The Master Jesus: A long time ago I was in the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood that is the consciousness of the Christ in a world far beyond the confines of this Galaxy. It was a Galaxy in a much higher dimension than the one we are now. I was troubled when I saw the carnage and devastation that the Reptilians of Orion were causing to literally millions of worlds.

They had been doing this for quite a while by the time this came to my attention, and it reached a point at which I decided to lower my vibrations to become involved in a rescue mission of this Milky Way Galaxy. In order to do so I descended in a series of forms, creating them one after the other, till I had lowered my consciousness into an etheric vehicle that you might call an incarnation as a Kumara being. Yes, I am the Christ, or Consciousness of the Christ in the Kumara beings who are resident in a higher form, or dimension, upon the planet Venus. We descended further into material form many thousands of years ago, of your real time, into the realms of planet Earth.

This doesn’t include the story of the Solar beings whom we all call ‘Archangels’ and who exist in their higher form in the Great Central Sun at the Center of this Galaxy, and have lowered their vibration into a high form of existence in the Spiritual Sun within, or beyond, the actual physical sun of this Solar System. They also took form among the Kumaras who existed and still do exist upon the Planet Venus, and created soul extensions that incarnated on Earth.

Together we incarnated in an ancient Race upon Earth and lowered the images and patterns of our higher ethereal DNA, and we created a beautiful race of beings who were gigantic by comparison to the present stature of the bodies which present mankind occupies. We created a wondrous golden age civilization called Lemuria. We were able to achieve this during a certain interim of time after the Galactic Federation of Light had recovered control of the Solar system, as the latter had been attacked after the initial attempt to create civilization upon Earth. This is not the complete story of why Earth was chosen but I will just say that it was known that it would play a key role in the salvation of the Galaxy.

As I said, the whole of this Galaxy had been devastated by wars and relentless Reptilian attacks. One by one they had taken over planets on the lower dimensions of materiality. They had taken control of vast areas of the Universe and had an agenda of conquest that was so abominable that it may be beyond your capabilities to attempt to gain some understanding of it all. Following some Meetings we held at higher Council levels a plan was master-minded that included the restoration of the timelines to manifest Divine Will. The scheme was well coordinated. We went back in time and created the Golden Age of Lemuria after the Solar System was made secure. The Galactic Federation of Light had recovered control after many battles, and unfortunately, an accident occurred and the planet Maldek was blown up in the orbit between Mars and Jupiter. There were Reptilians upon that planet and it was why the Galactic Federation of Light was engaged in conflicts that resulted with this devastation. They were the Reptilians that had destroyed the very first colony.

The Earth had been colonised by a branch of Galactic beings, who had evolved over millions of years, and who therefore had a spiritual connection with the Galactic brothers and sisters who are assisting with Ascension. Their first Sirian colony, as I mentioned before, was devastated by attacks from the Reptilians of Orion but control of the Solar System was recovered and a new peace permitted civilization to flourish once again – but ONLY for a few hundred thousands years, and it was called Lemuria.

It was this civilization that left evidence of a high global culture. There were pockets of this surviving culture here and there on Earth even after the time the Atlanteans had carried out their wars of conquest. The survivors of the Lemurian civilization had a connection with those individuals who created the Agarthan kingdom. The culture of Lemuria was spiritual and beautiful, and it was in comparatively more recent times that a decline set in after the Atlanteans attempted to gain supremacy over the whole world.

Initiators were sent to the Atlanteans and a program of Ascension was set up with Mystery schools about which there are some recollections under symbolic images in many scriptures and traditions. However, there was corruption in Atlantean society due to the presence of certain souls that had been permitted to incarnate on Earth after Maldek had been destroyed. After the last island of Atlantis was submerged, pockets of the Lemurian culture continued existing as well as some pockets of negative Atlantean influence in parts of the world where they had hegemony. The Anunnaki now played a role of control both in the occult and physical levels after that time of cataclysmic events which marked the end of the Atlantean civilization.

Christine: You said you were ‘troubled’ and descended in form, could you enlarge on this Master Jesus?

Master Jesus: I was ‘troubled’ because I could see the threat that this situation represented for the Galaxy, other Galaxies, as well as the Universe.

I AM Christ, the consciousness of higher realms that you are going to experience as you raise yourselves in the process of Ascension. So I, in the person of the Kumaras and other higher Beings, came up with a Plan of Ascension of raising the material plane of the Galaxy to a level that would be beyond the reach of the corrupt ones. I could see that their corruption imprisoned the souls of the people whose worlds had been hurled into a spiral of decadence by the law of cause and effect. It was a spiral of miscreation that ended nowhere but in pain, suffering and death.

My mission consisted in putting an end to this vicious circle and I brought Christ consciousness to the soul, and it was to be made available in the process of Ascension after a scheme consisting in the eradication of the antichrist forces which we have been overcoming, both by strategies of the Light and strategies pertaining to the Armageddon of the soul. Light consumes darkness.

Christ consciousness is the Light Body descending now in the process of Ascension. It is the power that changes mankind’s DNA, in coordination with the effects of the photonic light and of the Stargate the Solar System has penetrated on September 28 this year.

Archangel Michael has explained that it was possible to enter the Stargate in a way that would be beneficial to all of mankind for the stripping off of unwanted elements so that certain changes can take place. The objective is peace and a gradual disclosure concerning the truths that have been suppressed. What I have alluded to in my historical background hardly scratches the surface of the iceberg, never mind the invisible part of it which will be exposed in the peak of disclosure that will take place in coming months to mankind.

The ANNOUNCEMENT that I wanted to make is that there is to be a physical effet in this Ascension in the not too far future as some among the Lightworkers who are ready for the Ascension are being fitted with the Solar Body Suit of Ascension. It is an etheric envelope or garment.

In previous ages, for comparison, when the Ascension was taking place after death, the soul was taken out of its mortal astral and mental envelopes, or ‘vehicles’. It was then given its wedding garment – the Solar Garment of Ascension – for the reintegration with Christ consciousness. The metaphor has indeed been used that the soul is the bride of Christ.

You may get mental images or perceptions during this operation, especially if you have acquired psychic abilities such as the one for telepathic communication which is accompanied of perceptions. The practice of the visualization of the Tube of Light and Solar ring ties you to Christ consciousness. The more you practice it the more you may be able to experience a perception of what is taking place at the spiritual or auric level while the angels work on you.

When you are out of the body and receive healing, this healing eventually manifests in a physical way. Many of you are experiencing healing at this time. My announcement is with regard to the fact that waves of Lightworkers, people who are ready for the Ascension, and are integrating Christ consciousness, will be fitted with the body suit of Ascension that will be replacing a thin layer of your astral body. THIS SOLAR GARMENT WILL THEN MANIFEST a gradual transfiguration in your physical body.

This is how the Lightworkers will start being healed, gain further enlightenment, and go through a process of rejuvenation that will literally amount to TRANSFIGURATION.

Other people will start noticing the changes and will ask themselves questions. Eventually they will want to follow in the footsteps of the Lightworkers and this will give the latter opportunities to take part in more disclosure, or to impart teachings to humanity. Then the body suit of Ascension with be fitted upon more souls and in this way we can still talk in terms of ‘waves of Ascension’.

So this was my update and good news for you. I AM Jesus, I AM in your heart and with you always, releasing to you my eternal blessings.

Text checked and approved by my Ascended Twin Flame André.
Channel by Christine Preston





I Am The Way, The Truth and the Life

Just As You Are The Way, The Truth And The Life



                         James McConnel         Dr Sue Sammarco
Channeling                   Channeling
Yeshua                       Lady Nada
One Who Serves                   Ashira


Hi Everyone,

Here it was Easter Sunday and Lady Nada gave in her message that this would be the last Religious Easter, celebrated as we do now. Yeshua gave the message of his life as an ideal to follow not to worship and that we are all The Way, The Truth and the Life.

Although we had a somewhat smaller in person attendance as several of our regulars were unable to attend, our phone audience continues to grow. Tomorrow is our 2nd Wednesday group and would love for as many as possible to join us either in person or by phone. If you are planning to attend either tomorrow or our next Sunday PFC group and have not yet RSVP’d, please do so as it helps in our record keeping and knowing who to expect for attendance.

Next Sunday is our 1st of the month joint session with Hollow Earth Network over Blog Talk Radio. Sananda will be with us as will Arabella through Sue and of course our always robust question/answer session with OWS and Ashira.

We are in the process of firming up who will be joining us at our next Advance in the cool Pines in the AZ mountains the last weekend of May. We have been receiving hints about what we might expect as well as I am already receiving info about what experiences we may expect. We are being prepared for the final wave in June so that we might be of assistance to those newly awakening and be ready to either continue our missions or begin as well as advance our own Ascension process.

Enjoy and Be in joy and Victory of the Light!

Love and light,


Believing Is Seeing!

Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on Easter Sunday March 27, 2016



This is Yeshua, the one who you know as Jesus and I am also Sananda. I have been with you many times in this group. Many times I have to share with you.

Today that I come now is a day of rejoicing, a day of rejuvenation. Yes, a day of resurrection. It is not my death so long ago and its subsequent resurrection that is celebrated this day. It is the light. It is the light that I share. It is the light that I show to each of you, to all of you. To care for all of you.

I did not die for your sins. That is a fallacy. I came to live that you might live. So that you might raise up into the higher heavens of your own being. This is what I came for. To prepare and to show you the way. Show you the ideal. To be the ideal that you would follow. Not to be an idol. I do not wish to be worshiped. I wish to be followed as a life, as a life-giving love.

I am the embodiment of love. Just as you are the embodiment of love and light. You have never not been. Nor has any one else on the entire planet or in the Solar System or in the galaxy or in the very universe itself.

Yet it is true that sometimes ones lose their way. They stray far from the rest of the herd. But all of you, even if you have strayed here and there, you always come back to the flock. I am the shepherd who holds you to me, keeps you new and dear to my heart. See, you and I, we are all in this together.

I came to show you the way to follow. I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life and You Are the Way, the Truth and the Life.

It is all about consciousness, my brothers and sisters. It is all about raising your consciousness and being aware of raising your consciousness. It is all about awareness and improvement of consciousness as you become more aware.

As I say, we are all in this together. We are all working toward the same goal. We are to find the love that is in each and every one of us and bring the unity consciousness back into this planet, back to those who reside on this planet. To connect all to the planet, herself. To Gaia herself. To all the plants and the animals. To every living creature on the planet. To connect… just as of old.

Those times when I came as Yeshua, those that were around me were not yet ready for the messages that I had to bring. They were not ready for the ideal that I showed them. But you, my brothers and sisters, are ready! Each and every one of you are ready for this. Even if you do not believe, as of yet, that you can ascend into the higher heavens of your being, you can, you are and you will.

You have heard, many times now, that many of you have ascended. But yet, you do not feel as though you have ascended. You have not raised up into the clouds as I raised up into the clouds, as those who were watching could see, as I did this. In those times this was necessary to show the ideal. To show the way. To show what was possible.

To you now, this is no longer necessary. You won’t raise up into the heavens, but don’t feel sorry for yourself. You will rise to the frequencies of your own being. You will ascend. You have ascended. You are just not fully aware yet.

But I am telling you now, as many are telling you, there will come a time, a frequency, a certain frequency will be reached when you will awaken one morning and all will change in a twinkling of an eye, in an instant. Your lives, as you know them today, will be forever altered. Forever changed.

You are the ones, my friends, my brothers and sisters. You are the ONE!

We leave you now in peace and love. Know that I have always been with you. I am with you now and will always be with you, and you with me.

Peace and love be with each of you.




I walked the path with Yeshua many years ago. I was Mary Magdalene. We are forever consorts, He and I.

Would it be nice to know that this is the last Easter celebrated as religious holiday? The last one to be treated in this way. But the meaning will have changed after this year. And the meaning of so much of your life will go in the coming months. Very rapidly changing.

You will see the love that is on this planet explode! You will see the wars stop in one day. You will see all change not easily and gradually. You will see the greatest number of these things change very quickly.

We are proud and pleased to be walking beside you. To be walking with you on the path you are on. We know, Yeshua/Sananda and myself, that we are walking beside you. Knowing that you have come already to the end of your pathway for your Ascension process and the next step will be taking place very soon.

We thank you and we bless you today.

Have a wonderful Easter Day!





Greetings to you. One who ‘Serves here and ready to move ahead with the program here. And it is a program. It is a process, as we have said many times. And you are the program. You are the process.

So, kick back and get ready for the show because the show is coming and it is going to be quite the show. We wish to share something with you now. You have come more and more to work with this thing called “The Plug.” Working with the Lemurian Plate and this technology. This technology is beyond your understanding at this moment. You are going to become aware of what it is, how it works and all of these things. This is coming.

For the time being understand that it works because it can. Because it is ancient technology. It is higher vibration technology. It is something that you are able to move into and to work with. To be able to have this technology.

As this begins to work in your homes, in your bodies know that this is a precursor of the crystal chambers. It is a smaller development of this. Of course, the crystal healing chambers will do so much more than this but it is the beginning of this, it is working with the same vibration. And the vibration is working with the consciousness of the being that it is attempting to assist here.

You are beginning to understand the many various ways that this works with. How it works with a vibration or that it works with a vibration. It works with the various consciousness that it comes in touch with. We are speaking of not only human beings but animals and plants. Of various fruits and vegetables and all of this.

Even the building materials in your homes themselves. Your home has consciousness. Please understand this. They are made of various items that come together to build a home. They are made from wood and various other materials that have consciousness. Especially for the newer fashioned home, there is going to be a consciousness within them. This “Plug” will be working more and more directly with these homes. With this technology here. OK?

We will give much more on this as we move along here. You have questions for One Who Serves and Ashira who is standing by?

Question: I am feeling like my job I can barely stand. Can you give me some direction to help, where I am going?

ONE WHO SERVES:  Where you stand is where you stand and where you are going is where you have already been. We are being a bit cryptic here. It is important for you to find your path. To follow your path. You need to let go. Let go of the various things that are plaguing  you, that are causing you disconsternation. Is that a word? Allow for the overall process to take hold here.

How would you do that, you ask? We would say to find various things in your life that you enjoy. If you find something that can make a little money, can be a financial relief, than follow that. Do that.

Do not get stuck in a rut, you might say. For many feel as if there is no way out and they are held there. And this is purposeful for the Cabal that has created the entire situation that you find yourselves in, to be in a dead end job.

You do not need to be in a dead end job. What works for you? What is enjoyable for you? Then move into that direction to find remuneration for this. You see? It is there for you. Many are beginning to do that more and more.

Now we also want you to understand that you are always to be in the Now moment. Not to think about the future as coming because the future is already here as well. It is all in the process of the Now. So, let go of these things that you are waiting for, you are hoping for, you want to happen. It is already happening.

In your jobs there that you are working and have worked, do something different to bring about a new change. You will be ready for these things that are already upon you. You see? As we say things have already happened at the higher level and just need to manifest at the 3D level. At the higher 3D level and even into the 4th dimension.

ASHIRA: I do not have anything to add. You touched on an area I would have covered.

ONE WHO SERVES: We are not in the habit of giving “x marks the spot.”


Question: I believe we do not understand how powerful our intent is.

ONE WHO SERVES:  Yes, the one who is speaking is giving us a good path. The more you intend for something to be a part of your life, the more it will be so. The more you want it, the more it will be. And there is the opposite of that for people who don’t want things who think strongly about how much they don’t want something and they draw it to themselves.

ASHIRA:  I agree completely with her comment. The many, many people who are so caught up in what they don’t want in their lives and so they are staying in the same job, the same relationship, the same rut that they have had for a period of time.

As we learn to release and let go, each one in this room, each one in this group, release and let go completely there will be wonderful new energies that will fill that space! You can modify, you can manufacture, you can make of those energies what you want! That is what you will manifest for this space that you have cleared for yourself.

ONE WHO SERVES:  It is all about the creative process. You have been in the creative process in the 3D realm and the only difference between this and the 4th and 5th D realms is the buffer period. There is a period of time between your thought, your intention and your creative event. That will become less and less as you move into the creative vibrations. Where you are now you have the intention of what you want and then you move toward creating it.

But the idea is that you have to move. You have to move your feet or do something to bring it about. Because if you sit on the sofa and watch TV all day or night, that is what you will get. You will get a funky brain here. (laughter)

So there is a need to move your feet, find a direction that you want and move in that direction. We say, “Go with the flow” but that does not mean to sit back and do nothing! If everyone on the planet just “Let it be” there would be no changes. As we have said many times, “you are the change.”  You are the change you are waiting for so you have to create the change. Whether it is in yourself or for others, you have to create it!

If you want a new job, go get it. If you want a new relationship you have to move from the old and into the new. You have to make the movement. It’s a movement of consciousness that is all about awareness here.

You are more powerful than you can imagine. Practice using your imagination now. Practice your visualization skills. Do something! Find something to do that is beneficial to somebody.

You do not have to be a David Wilcock or Corey Goode of the world. There are many, many behind the scenes that you have no idea of their names. You, yourselves, are those ones behind the scenes.


Question: My encounter with the colors…is that an encounter of the 5D kind or some other explanation ? (Person asking the question gave an account of seeing a UFO)

ASHIRA:  Those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. Is this not what you have been asking for? You want to have an opportunity to look through the veil to the other side. You want to know that you are one with your Galactic family. They are there waiting for you so that you and they can come together at some time in the future when it is safe and good for all.

So yes, this is an opportunity for you to have that communication you want. And to know fully and completely that there is an aspect of yourself on that ship, working on that ship, doing the things it does. You will have dreams with this one. Have good dreams and report back what you hear!

ONE WHO SERVES:  Yes. And how many looked in the same sky as you, saw what you saw and discounted it. Not to think, as you, that it was something extraordinary. Yes, eyes to see and ears to hear. There are many who would look at that sky and not see anything you have seen.

Question: Thinking with the heart instead of the brain. What can you share about this?

ONE WHO SERVES:  Always in all ways. Yes. Very much so. Look within your heart. Listen to that small, wee whisper within you. It will never guide you wrong. You have been so programmed to think and to act from the thinking.

That is not to say that you may not think. You have to use your brain. You have to think but you have to hear with your brain but listen with your heart. There is a difference here.

Further questions?

Question: I had a dream but it was real….Discussed presence on ship.

ONE WHO SERVES: We are so pleased you brought this up because it is a precursor to your next Advance. There is a connection here and you will find it as you are there. You believe it was a dream and it was more than a dream. It was in that state where you are between waking and sleeping. It was very real and very important. It has to do with the 12 of the 12 Tables of the council. The Council you have been a part of and will continue to be a part of if you wish. Many will be involved if they are wishing for it.

ASHIRA:  We wish to add that you ask for these types of experiences and you have one! We are very pleased for you. We see this as a live experience and we would say, ask Ashtar.  Ask him what you would like to know about this experience and see how he answers you. We believe that will be an interesting experience for you.

You will continue to have these experiences. So many in this room are on ships  at night. So many in this room are a part of the migration of ships that are coming and going from this system. So many have their own crews that are serving with them.

This is not a one and only type of experience. This is something that many, many of you are experiencing. So bring your experience forward when you have it!

Question: I am dreaming about falling off cliffs. I am afraid of heights. I am falling in dreams with no fear.

ONE WHO SERVES:  We like this dream! Are you ready to jump off the precipice? We are using different language now but your dreams are showing you that you can walk over the edge and let go. Very indicative of the Ascension. Have no fear! The more you can let go and let it be, you will have amazing experiences and all of this.

You are here for a reason and it will come.

We release channel. Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.


ASHIRA: I am Ashira. Wishing you a wonderful Easter today! Thank you for coming along with us today. Thank you for sharing as we serve you.
Blessings and peace. Namaste!

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated

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