Yellow Rose For Texas – The Mystery Of The Egg – 5-23-17 – A Unique telling of the Mother Earth’s History, Quest For Freedom


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Stereo images of Earth’s Emit


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YELLOW ROSE FOR TEXAS – An Alternative View Of Our Reality

Answering Questions about Earths Exit


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Had some trouble with the vid program, and so this isn’t my usual type of video. I hope it answers some of the questions posted in comments, and clears up some confusion.

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Lisa Harrison:

Thank you Rose, I along with many have been waiting for this and it was worth the wait. So much confirmation in this for me about what has been experienced and observed in the last month or so.

I really am planning an update of my own, I have just had a lot on my plate lately as all this is playing out.

Much Love



. . BREAKAWAY CIVILIZATION BYE BYE . YOU ARE GETTING ”PULLED” BUT I DON’T KNOW WHEN . JUDY CRESS Awesome UPdate from Rose- She’s ready. We’ve seen some really amazing things she’s done on the pole, these last weeks. But Men are “Summed” now, it is a system remember? Don’t forget, you are in a […]


YELLOW ROSE FOR TEXAS UPDATE – As we look up, we can see that there are fireworks and music – This starts the show! – 2-2-16


YELLOW ROSE FOR TEXAS UPDATE   –   As we look up, we can see that there are fireworks and music   –   This starts the show!   –   2-2-16



Earth is ready to move.
So, the description of the ships and show, appear to be this way.
The skyline looks like dawn or sunset, as the sun is just appearing or going down. Then suddenly, it moves back to night. Next moment, the entire sky is blue daylight but no visible sun.


As we look up, we can see that there are fireworks and music.
This starts the show.

There is a flash afterward. That flash, not bright, draws us out of our body.
I believe that the ships are part of the pick up points, at that moment, for people like captains and such. I do know of a few that go directly to their ship. Others go to the vahs service hub and door.
The image we normally see, of the earth is ‘horizon of blue’ and a curve. What nasa calls a ‘window’ is a door high up, and once you exit it, you clearly see the image of the vah, we here, have learned exists. The masts, flags, boot, are all visible.

I’ve heard that more than 50% of humanity, goes to Mankinds branch. The other 7 branches above, then take the remainder, less those getting the pour.

The road we exit onto, (after the eye) is the City of Raylen (spelling?) on Ison. Thats the parade, we step off the stairs directly into. This is where the party starts, and it doesn’t stop on Ison. We do appear to go partying, from Ison to Eden and Mer.

THE LEAP FORWARD by THE ALLIED FORCES – THE GATHERING – Ascension According To Yellow Rose For Texas (YRFT)

This video is from Out Of Ths WorldX   –   Yellow Rose For Texas is Narrator




 Excerpt from The Lie NASA Told – The Imminent Demise of the NWO

Yellow Rose for Texas

YELLOW ROSE FOR TEXAS UPDATE – They said the EF see all the allied ships lined up, and are panicking – 2-20-15







Well, we heard the Oaks & Arrows and their. Ops were panicking
In fact the. Elite Arrows are bawling like babies Whining

Weelllll..little more than that…lol, that pic cracks me up

They’re panicked….Because their names. Were just ERASED from the ROM


Thats. Worse than the pit

Well, there were a few key names, yep
The boredom we have. To. Put up. With. Till we exit
We heard they tried to sue. But that was shot. Down

The One pulled the Law on them. We exit.

Well…if your name. Isn’t on the servers ROM, then even though you are physically here it doesnt recognize you.

It self cleans on the exit. Deletes and wipes the fragmented disk

Apparently, the el still held some bells. So now the Network Security Service is taking what is owed the One, & voiding the el.

We hear. They point

We did keep winning (the war, since 2010), even past their suits

They’re so corrupt, they breached. Every contract

They are now at date of termination

We are right up against the door in the optical window

Yeah, but wont be bored for long. The el will be

Yep, just got a message to good to pass up

They said the ef see all the allied ships lined up, and are panicking

They said the Mass (us) are now leaving, the Owl has lost

Lovejoys got all her ships visible

We want everyone. Nothing left behind so that they can start over. No escaping from the servers


Yellow Rose for Texas – The Lie NASA Told – Summary

Adam 1414


Yellow Rose for Texas Summary of the Video:
The Lie NASA Told – The Imminent Demise of the NWO…

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Positive Thoughts to Ponder Concerning Our ‘Reality’ – Yellow Rose For Texas – 12-31-14 YRFT

More from Rose… what my soul most craves, these days.

Yesterday we were atop Mount Lemmon on the fringes of Tucson. From up near Summerhaven at 8,000 feet we could see, as you can imagine, a VERY long way, and interestingly… the horizon was straight as an arrow.

Happy New Year everyone. What’s coming is HUGE compared to what we already learned. Yes, 2015 will be a killer year.

See you all on the other side.

Love and Light to the awakened ones out there who congregate on this little corner of the Internet.  Steady as she goes.  ~ BP

YRFT – You know, over time, they gave a lot of information but I always got that they were worried about disclosing the whole of it.
It took time for our minds to accept, I suppose.
I mean, they told me about emitting in a single burst.
They told me about ships, etc. In fact, over time, I’ve heard quite a few things.
Some of which was incorrect, as the ma net hacked and I didn’t catch it in time before speaking about it.
Other things were correct, but mistimed or mistaken as to the meaning.
And then there are things that were told correctly, but in fact did change, as plans are wont to change in war situations.
Lots of mistakes along this journey, but we still all made it to the finish line.
But in looking at this pic, nothing could be more clear.
The earth is a ship, and it is comparable to the size of a ship when you look at that city outlined.
What is most telling is the steps. The scale of the steps, is the biggest clue.
It means that we are totally inside a computer as a stream of data.
Nothing more.
And they did in fact tell us that we were inside a server. So that was correct.
These computers are what transfer our minds out to a body.
We literally have no body inside this simulation.
It is pure data.
Comparing the scale of the steps, to the size of the ship, tells us that there isn’t any way “7 billion” plus trillions of other lifeforms, could be held as physical bodies inside that size of a ship.
Its possibly why many are going to be pulled to ships, instead of the service hub, and that I had already speculated on.
They didn’t have enough event monitors inside the service hub to accommodate all the population.
Of course, this is all speculating again, but hey, what else is there to do while we wait? lol.
The ma net is still somewhat active.
It is hitting people with anger, depression, aggravation at each other.
People think that this is ‘just being human’.
It is not.
It is the ma net attempting to make people fight.
It was part of the defense system, of the ma net, when many gather together and are outing the fact that they know about the computer and AI system.
I don’t go to the hangouts or FB, mostly because it doesn’t work for me.
And now, this is one of the only pages I can reach at the moment.
So pass the word along, that this is caused by the net.
Don’t give into it, and don’t let it ruin the day for you when others get hit by the need to be mean to you, whether its your own family or on fb or hangouts.
Try to help each other through it.
We are about to be free of it completely and you wont ever have to deal with it again.
You are about to enter, the ‘real world’ again.I’ve been watching families line up on the road.
There is a rope, parallel to the road, a crowd barrier.
On the other side is all the families waiting for us to exit.
So it is very soon, that we leave.
Ally see’s very very clearly.
She’s also been seeing those families lined up today.
When Ally tell’s you she see’s something, you should take a moment to listen to it.
Yes, sight can be hacked.
But the enemy’s ability to do that now is GREATLY reduced.
She’s getting pretty clear images, with respectively very little enemy interference.Happy new year, to all of you. I wish you all well, and hope you have some good family time today and tomorrow.

Yellow Rose For Texas Update – we are at the exit already. There is something they are timing … We are sitting there – 12-22-14

This is so much fun! I’m trying to organize the baking and make pastry, make sure the guests are fed, look after Mica, make a grocery list… so I appreciate these little updates. Try not to attach a date?! What? That’s hard. NOW. NOW. NOW. ~ BP

X … I thought that object above Ed was the drill´s head, Rose said

ROSE : No, thats the area where the skull ships..vah’s…were.
Could be broken pieces
There is also a pop up piece there, we used to time it. It was on a cycle.
I have pic’s in motion, of it popping out then going back in. We were betting it would break off, because it kept coming further and further out.
Ed’s a big watch. A clock. That had an area that would spout fire as well. Like a venting mechanism
yes, that is the mechanism. You can see the metal part on the right side of that ‘white’ area
And…I think we are at the exit already. There is something they are timing
We are sitting there

X … (we all use to try to guess the time and day for the leap)

the minute she does that, the EF alter the construct. Try not to do it. Don’t date or time it. Although, I know from my own strife..its hard for a human being NOT to do that!
X … I had a horrible thought: What if every time we guess the leap date ONE says “damn, they guessed it again – it was too obvious – ok better change it!”

thats exactly what happens
Tell them, instead of guessing ‘when’ say “it happens NOW”. Every minute is “Now” and its on The One’s orders ‘when’ now is.
This helps with the hope, and still allows no date

X … I’m not sure if that does keep the hope alive – if we keep saying it’s NOW, when it obviously isn’t that is going to have the opposite effect of building hope

Rose : We are already sitting on the exit. The solstice marks “May”. We go on his orders.
It’s counter-intuitive
X … Ok Rose, naturally I can wait, as there is no alternative, but I can’t stop being impatient. Stuff is closing in on me all around – and others here as well – we don’t just want to go – we actually need to escape.

lmao, him and me both..along with all the other 3 to 7 billion!
yeah, its bad.
And they are closing in on me too.
there’s an old crabby road, with paper cartoon…an old woman name maxine that has an attitude
she is at the computer and pushing the ‘escape’ key..caption reads “I keep pushing esc an nothing happens. I’m still here!!”

THE ALLIED FORCES – Moving us out of the Abyss – ( Yellow Rose For Texas ) – 12-19-14











The following information is from the Allies concerning how we make the leap forward. The allies are moving us out of the Abyss; they say they will rotate earth to the horizontal position for the purpose of flight. All electricity worldwide will be cut off. In the early morning hours all life that is good will be given the call, this unplugs them and they wake up and stand up out of their body. This is when the veil lifts and all memory returns. The holographic sky net will have a hard time keeping up with the role. This gives the appearance that the sun which was already rising falls backwards below the horizon again as you look to the opposite side of the sky you will see the ‘Net’…

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Yellow Rose For Texas – Planet Shields


Planetary Shields in Motion

Yellow Rose For Texas Update – Your Capacity for Love, has won you Your Freedom

Yellow Rose For Texas Update   –   Your Capacity for Love, has won you Your Freedom

Yellow Rose For Texas – New Downloadable PDF of Yellow Rose Revelations – Her Take On Our History and Reality Might Shake You Up A Bit – It’s a Heavy Dose of Polarity with a Happy Ending – Life Inside The Server – Exiting The Matrix


Yellow Rose For Texas   –   Life Inside The Server   –   Exiting The Matrix  

Here it is in PDF format! The 200 page thread from Yellow Rose –

posted as Old Soul on DiscloseTV from 2010-2011.

It took Becca Jones weeks to put this together…

it may help many here to delve deeper into Rose’s info

and gain new insights. Access at will.


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Yellow Rose For Texas – Life Inside The Server – Exiting The Matrix – Out Of This World X Blog

Yellow Rose For Texas Updates

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Is The Flag Up?