Sacred Earth Dance HD – Dancer: Caroline Richardson – Composer: David Lanz

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As seen on Public Television and available on DVD and Blu-ray at, an excerpt from “Sacred Earth” movie by Emmy Award winning director Jan Nickman. Connect your spirit to ancient truths of nature with an extraordinary dance performance by former First Soloist with the National Ballet of Canada Caroline Richardson and music by Grammy nominated composer David Lanz.

Forgiveness – Releasing Pain, Hurts, Regrets and Mistakes

ForgivenessTrunk·2 videos Release your pains, hurts, regrets, mistakes allows you to move on. Letting go of past relationships, a divorce, abuse or abandonment needs to happen first.

TED Talks – Jill Vialet – What Play Can Teach Us

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Jill Vialet believes that playing is essential to human development, and addresses significant education reform issues by encouraging greater creativity and problem-solving skills. This approach, she says, creates learning environments where kids feel safer, more engaged and more connected. Jill launched Playworks in 1996 in Berkeley, California. In 2012, Playworks will be bringing play and physical activities to 350 low-income, urban elementary schools in 23 cities, including Albuquerque.

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)

We Are All One

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All is eternal essence embodied, all is reconciled, we are one.

Bashar – About 2013

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Earth Star Network – Flower Of Life Blueprint – Spiritual Society – Co-creation Portal




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~ The New Self-organising Society ~
The new society blueprint, completed at the equinox on 20 March 2013,represents a self-governing system for holographic co-creation that can be modeled conceptually as the Flower of Life; one of the most recognisable symbols in modern lightworking.  As the significance of the flower deepens, it is becoming possible to see how humanity received the vision for the Golden Age in the build up to 2012 when the Flower of Life began to enter our group consciousness.  Our whole world reflects the universal principles and sacred geometry of creation when our consciousness is able to perceive it.

Activation Of Pineal Gland Antennas – Drunvalo Melchizedek

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A must see for anyone seeking enlightenment, raising their DNA’s vibration, or activating their electromagnetic Merkaba. A lot of supporting evidence compiled for free, in an info-graphic format:

*Before attempting to create this electromagnetic field in your Pineal chakra it is highly recommend that you first follow these guidelines
1. You should first be able to pull chi from your organs, Heart chakras and the Earth/Sky fields. Beginners may need a month or two of resensitization to achieve this level of awareness with their Nervous System. Getting your internal body more resonant (Nervous System and organs) will in turn make your entire aura highly resonant. This will also help your body get into shape faster and grow more proportional if you live an active lifestyle.

2. If you have resensitized your nervous system and can move energy as described in #1, then next you need to learn how to open and use your Pineal chakra and Heart chakras for the first time. (Using your Pineal is the step that may require a few weeks of detoxing, but I first recommend mastering #1 before doing a detox, you may not need it because the energy flow in the Nervous System will still arise despite toxins, and only then can you know if your Pineal isn’t working. If you cannot use your Pineal chakra after doing all this then you should detox for a few weeks. If you do the exercise below, with the energy flow you have gained by resensitizing, it may also help loosen the crust on your Pineal gland to speed up your detox, which is another reason to hold off on this until mastering #1).
Pineal chakra/Heart chakra exercises to master before activating the cymatic vortex:
–Pull energy into the middle of your head with each inhale and then try to send it out into a small sphere around your head, or send the gathered energy to any part in your brain or body that has damage to be healed. I like to do two sets of six, with a minute or two of rest between. !!You must be able to hold/pulse the energy in your Pineal chakra before trying to use this gathered energy to form beams which give structure to the vortex!
–That is also a great exercise to work on opening your Heart chakra. Gather energy in the center of your chest on your inhale and then expand it into a sphere around your body, or better, Ankh it as the Egyptians would do. (step by step tutorials for the Egyptian practice of Ankhing at

3.IF YOU ARE A BEGINNER JUST SEEKING WELLBEING, resensitizing your body and then balancing your organs by sending energy to each of them, one at a time about 6 times each per session, will heal you faster and prevent disease better than just opening your Pineal chakra vortex. You don’t even have to say any of the affirmations I suggest on the organ balancing MP3 at, you can just tell it to heal while you feel the energy going in and out with each breath. Unlike the antenna beams, you can start this routine right away along with resensitizing.

4. Do not do this on your children or other people unless you have completed steps 1 and 2, and have then proceeded to successfully activate the beams on yourself every day for a week straight.

This is the most recent personal reassurance i’ve received that D’s teachings are real:(runtime 1 minute 46 seconds)

Video compilation of mainstream science that supports the ancient secrets of the Flower of Life:

Tips on decalcifying your pineal gland:

It feels amazing when everything is connected properly. If you are new to this stuff, feel in need of help, or do it and end up with a headache don’t fear to ask your angels, guardian, and guides for help. Even if you don’t know who yours are ask from a space of love for help from them and as you go through the process they will help you connect everything properly. And from personal experience I can say that if your vibration is high enough and intentions are pure, the angels will apear if you truly believe and pray for reassurance.

If you haven’t read D’s books I highly suggest them!
And If you can, go to one of the Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshops.

Archangel Michael – Ascension Update – Spring Equinox

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channelled: Ron Head

The Divine Child – Brahma Kumaris – Guided Meditation

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Thank You for Watching!

Mahler Symphony No. 2 “Resurrection” – Gustavo Dudamel

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BBC Proms 2011: Prom 29

Royal Albert Hall

August 5, 2011

Mahler: Symphony No. 2 in C minor ‘Resurrection’ Mov V (2/2)
Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela
Gustavo Dudamel, conductor
Miah Persson, soprano
Anna Larsson, mezzo-soprano
National Youth Choir of Great Britain


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♥♫.• ཨ ཨ ཨ ♥¯`♥❥ DIVINE FEMININE ♥ ARYA TARA
“All beings, desperate orphans lost in samsara wilderness from the lack of faith are nurtured and enlivened by the vast panacea of the milk of your unconditioned love. You prayed and praye3d to emanate in countless feminine manifestations to create Triple Gems appearances for all beings , leading them to pure lands beautified with unfading trees of turquoise leaves. Wisdom mother of all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, great Liberator Arya Tara …” Kyabje Thinley Norbu Rinpoche in Offering praise from the White Sail: Crossing the waves of the ocean Mind to the serene Continent of Triple Gems.
OM SVASTI In Spring 2000 HH Thinley Norbu Rinpoche (1931-2011) asked me to follow Yeshe Tshogyal and Mandarava, to nourish all pitiful (and all fortunate ) beings . May by Rinpoche´s sublime aspiration we all A-bide with immeasurable Buddhas. Visual Dharma — spiritual Guidance in 3rd millennium DIVINE FEMININE is a Praise to female qualities of Wisdom, represented by Wisdom Dakini like Mandarava and celebrated on each 25th lunar day every month and on every 8th lunar day, dedicated to Medicine Buddhas and Arya Tara. As it is said in the hidden Treasure Equalising of Buddhahood : Perfect Buddhas arise from A. Therefore we see Rainbow spheres /Thigle with A shining in this Visual Dharma. Source of all feminine manifestations of Sambhogakaya & Nirmanakaya is Dharmakaya Buddha Samantabhadri , Diamond Light shining in the sacred symbol A. When we remember the Sound of A within ourselves we turn our awareness inward and rest in Natural Sound of Dharmata (Chönyid kyi rangdra(, hearable in the Rainbow sphere with A in ourselves. In this way we can continue on the Path of Liberation Ati Yoga Dzogpa Chenpo.

Anoushka Shankar – Dancing in Madness

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Artist: Anoushka Shankar
Song: Dancing in Madness
Album: Traveller

Lori Granger – Let Go – Guided Meditation

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earn how to release negative energy and emotions

Marilynn Hughes – Astral Plane – Other Dimensions

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Mystic, researcher, and author Marilynn Hughes made her debut on the show, describing her out-of-body travels and experiences in other dimensions. There are many realms in addition to the astral plane, which is a fourth dimension that overlaps earthly reality, she explained. In one’s first forays out-of-body, you might be jolted by a certain type of noise– the vibration of the astral plane, as well as a “rumbling of voices”– the thoughts of humanity. There can also be a frightening sensation of the sound of breathing, which is different when detached from the physical body, she detailed. Meditation, prayer, and contemplation are good preparation for handling the out-of-body state, she added.

By allowing yourself to be guided, you can often learn more that just wandering on your own while out-of-body, said Hughes, who noted that a variety of spiritual beings, including ghosts & lost souls, inhabit a multitude of dimensions. She described her work visiting hellish realms on rescue missions to pull beings out of spiritual “bogs.” While there, she had to “veil her energy” or subdue her light in order not to be attacked by negative denizens of these realms.

The higher realms are inhabited by exalted beings such as Jesus and Buddha, and a “golden angel from the 23rd dimension” filled her with a sense of awe, said Hughes, who also described her encounters with ET beings, where she observed a Galactic Counsel and was transferred from our universe to a more advanced one for a brief period.

Drunvalo Melchizedek – Ascension – Planet X

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The Musician

I’m a 16 year old musician simply sharing with the world and learning from it

How do we know there is a Cosmic Musician? Well, the piece is there, isn’t it?

Thank you for watching

It took the history of the whole universe to lead to the life of one person; if there is life in that person, there is life in the universe they came from, just like if there is life in the tree, there is life in the leaf. Therefore the deepest part of everyone is the life of the whole universe that they are an extension of. Find this cosmic life in yourself and let your freedom be as wide as the universe. The universal story that leads to all life shares the same point of origin, the same beginning of the story. Therefore, we are all different versions of the same cosmic life, the same ancient story, and the more we see this cosmic beauty in others, the more we realize it in ourselves because it is the same****

Music Credit: 1st song: Gary’s Theme, Bill Evans Piano Clip: Keith Jarrett Improvisation 3rd Song: Gabriela Rose, Yellowjackets

Disclaimer: All content including photos and music belongs to the respective artists and creators

Heaven & Earth Spirits – Within Our Reach

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Artist page at

Higher Self – Guided Personal Transformation – Chakra Alignment

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The personality is created by the energy patterns in our chakras. By awakening your chakras in a specific way and connecting them to your Higher Self, you can effortlessly transform and heal. The process is easy, but requires proper guidance.

Step Nine in the Higher Self guided Personal Transformation mini-series will teach you how to correctly align your chakras with each other and with your Higher Self Consciousness. The goal of this lesson to give you deeper inner peace by directly balancing the energy of all your chakras. This will improve your emotional health and change your emotional baseline.

In addition to the 20 minutes of instruction, this video includes an hour long chakra alignment exercise and Kundalini awakening meditation.

For this Channel Higher Self video mini-series, every week you will be taught one part of the self mastery and personal transformation process. Practical information and powerful exercises are provided to develop the skills necessary to master your human experience. These videos will lead you towards your own Higher Self state of awakening and total mastery of the human experience — from mind and emotions to your physical health and material success.

Many blessings and much Love!
Satsang with the Self video series by Channel Higher Self  –  March 18, 2013  –
Higher Self Guided Personal Transformation — Step 9: Chakra Alignment
These Higher Self Teachings are presented by Lincoln Gergar, the channel for Higher Self. Since 2007 Lincoln has shared over 1,000 free spiritual teachings to help humanity understand themselves more deeply and transform their creative expressive in alignment with Divine Love. The Higher Self Teachings are a unique spiritual path that will align you directly with your Higher Self within, increasing the experience of Divine Love, eternal peace and creative power.

To learn more about Channel Higher Self, please visit:
To watch more videos from the Satsang with the Self series, visit:

Palm Sunday

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From the Movie “The Gospel of John”


Cosmic Energies Of Sedona – Pleiadian Alien Alaje

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Taken from]

ALAJE from the Pleiades, Member of the Galactic Federation of Light —-(11 Videos)
The meaning of Life is to have Love in your Heart****
Love is the solution for everything****
Love is the key****
Be prepared for the coming Transformation Light Energy****
Now is the opportunity to evolve your consciousness****
Activate your Love in your Heart and send it daily to planet Earth.
Use my Meditations from part 4 and part 10 of my Videos.
****Protect yourself from negative people who are against love

We are pure Light, pure Love, pure Divine consciousness. The Archangelic Emissaries of the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light and emit golden yellow rays of Divine Love and Light. We have come to this plane to offer our assistance at this time during your transitional phase from three dimensional Beings to multidimensional Master Beings of Love and Light, able to transcend time and space in its current earthly limitation as you move into the fifth dimension.At this time, Mother Earth is changing frequencies. She is sensing different vibrations and is starting to expand and move with these new energies. This is impacting on the natural elemental environment. Subsequently, a great universal and personal shift is needed. A shift in collective thought and collective consciousness. We are calling to you as we sense your energy, your ripeness in wanting to become your Higher Light, and to experience your Light Body. So, the journey has began and as you recall your multidimensional and multifaceted nature, remembrance needed to work on a planetary level, so your consciousness will expand and within this Light, you will become Master Beings of Light and Love. You will travel with us to different dimensions and collect various skills for your ascension journey into the fourth dimension. This is a most wonderful journey into the New Golden Age and we are pleased to be part of this evolutionary process as you become your Higher Self of the Light and your Christed Overself of the Light and assist in the planetary ascension of Mother Earth and her many people through the Photon Band and into the Golden Age of Aquarius.

Urban Garden with Michele Margolis

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Michele Margolis (Editor of the Permaculture Diary & Calendar), shows Transition Bondi how amazingly abundant an urban permaculture garden can be with a sense of adventure & a little bit of experimenting!

Brooks and Dunn – Everyday Heroes

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Brooks & Dunn – Everyday Heroes
(Written by: Senator Orin Hatch, Janice Kapp Perry)

(Verse 1)
Some people have eyes to see a friend in need of help
They seem to reach out to those who can not help themselves
Some people have ears to hear the cries of those in need
They show us how much they care with quiet sympathy

Everyday heroes live in every neighborhood
Everyday heroes helping in a way the neighbor should
Giving just a little time
Sharing just a little love
God bless each one of those
Everyday heroes

(Verse 2)
Some people have helping hands that go the second mile
They’re willing to love and lift a brother for awhile
Some people have hearts that feel the hopelessness of man
They’re willing to walk with them until they’re strong again

Everyday heroes live in every neighborhood
Everyday heroes helping in a way the neighbor should
Giving just a little time
Sharing just a little love
God bless each one of those
Everyday heroes

Teach a child to read
Help a friend in need
Mend a broken fence
Or a broken heart
Plant a flower or two
Give a point of view
That’s how it’s done

Everyday heroes live in every neighborhood
Everyday heroes helping in a way the neighbor should
Giving just a little time
Sharing just a little love
God bless each one of those
Everyday heroes

Jasmuheen – Prana Feeding from Nature

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A brief meditation on absorbing prana from nature, increasing your chi flow with Jasmuheen. Music by; visuals by Jasmuheen. Am Embassy of Peace alternate nutrition project. Please note:- combining this meditation with the 8 point Luscious Lifestyle Program will provide many health/happiness additional benefits. For more complex meditations with Jasmuheen you may wish to purchase her MEDITATION MAGIC book from
To have a deeper experience of what Jasmuheen is sharing in her YouTube channel & websites, you may wish to join her in meditation on various subjects – go to her iTunes store at where you can download these as MP3 files. Your financial support – via the purchase of the below meditations – will not only aid in the expansion of consciousness to higher levels, but will also help with the fulfillment of the projects of The Embassy of Peace and the agendas Jasmuheen promotes.
Being nourished by prana is about allowing our Essence to do what it has always been able to do. To do this in a healthy way is about aligning our energy bodies back to that pure inner pool of nourishment that we all carry within. Applied with self responsibility it is a wonderful way of using the resources we all have at our disposal with a little more wisdom and care. Prana – as pure essence – if increased in all – can create a healthy, happy, harmonious planet! Love & Light