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“Importance of optimism; Putin, Illuminati; personal ascension; soul contracts, pre-birth agreements; “Love Revolution”; Olympics”


With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. We thank the reader who listed several areas wherein she sees progress, then wrote: “So thank you for helping us all stay the course, keep finding our optimism, and keep working for the world we know is possible!” Because optimism is light-filled, it plays a vital role in a society’s evolvement, and people who view the world as tumultuous and fearful rarely can feel optimistic about what is to come. They don’t know that what they see as upheaval is the clashing of low vibrations with high and the latter are gaining dominance on the way to prevailing overall. They don’t know that this “storm before the calm,” so to say, is purposeful, it is ushering in powerful changes worldwide. You do know this, and talking with people about substantive changes afoot is a splendid way to let the light of your optimism shine into their lives.

There are heartening stories in Internet articles and some publications, and evidence is close to home, too. Growing numbers of community groups are uplifting the lives of those nearby who are in need and are supporting local visionary leadership. World transformation doesn’t trickle down from national governments, dear family—it starts with you, your friends and neighbors and soars upward.

“There are some good signs that positive things are starting but then there is Putin and Russian trolls controlling the media news. What is Putin up to?  I know Matthew has said he is not a part of the Cabal but he seems to be able to kill without remorse or thought. Not what one would call a good guy! Could he comment about what is happening there?” President Putin has done some unsavory things, to be sure, but he is not guilty of the many accusations promulgated by the Illuminati in retaliation for his refusal to cooperate with them.

In most cases their minions have been responsible for what they have attributed to him or his country—recently it was meddling in other countries’ elections and the poisoning of a father and daughter in the United Kingdom. Putin is justified in denying involvement, but global opinion is “guilty as charged,” the verdict pronounced by the Illuminati. And, pointing a finger at Russian trolls for influencing people’s opinions and exacerbating divisiveness is giving the trolls credit for what the Illuminati are doing via their politicians and corrupted mainstream and social media.

Putin does not want a cold war, much less “hot” ones that they want the West to wage with Russia and Iran and perhaps North Korea, where they will try however they can to prevent a peaceful outcome of multinational talks. Not only do battlefields need the machinery of war manufactured by their corporations, but they need the low vibrations of violence and fear to sustain their very existence. Thus, punishing the Russian president for what he wouldn’t do for them has become what he is doing to them: He is one of the principals cooperating behind closed doors to end their international web of heinous activities, hold them legally accountable, and achieve a world at peace.

Understanding personal ascension is important, and information in previous messages has given rise to more questions. “If some of us ascend with Gaia and other family members choose not to, how does that physically happen? Do we simply disappear from their world?”Ascending with Earth is not nearly as dramatic as a sudden disappearance that leaves family wondering where that member went. Ascension is not abruptly departing the planet and arriving in a sublime physical world, it is advancing from third density to fourth during the Earth lifetime. It is a gradual process of light absorption whose two effects happen in tandem—growing spiritually and consciously and the changing of carbon-based cells into the crystalline that enable bodies to survive in the vibratory levels where Earth is heading. Persons who absorb light will remain on the planet throughout the life span chosen in their soul contracts, then transition to Nirvana in a fourth density status.

To ascend or not to ascend isn’t a conscious choice. It is a matter of how closely free will decisions adhere to the soul contract, which is part of the pre-birth agreement made by souls that will have major roles in each other’s Earth lifetimes. Formed in unconditional love, these agreements provide growth opportunities for all of the participants.

“If someone on the ascension pathway dies before reaching fourth density status, how will that affect their life in Nirvana and next incarnation?” It will be the same as now. The energy of thoughts, feelings and actions throughout the lifetime determine the part of Nirvana to which persons are drawn energetically, and each part provides the specific learning that each soul needs. An individual who had mastered most karmic lessons can complete the rest in Nirvana, where it also prepares its personage for incarnation; that can be a return to Earth when the Golden Age is in full bloom or the same kind of stimulating lifetime in some other vibrant fourth density world.

How can we know if people we love will ascend or even if we ourselves will?” There is no way to know if people you love, or anyone else, will ascend, and actions are not reliable indicators. Someone who treats another harshly may be following to the letter what both of them chose in a pre-birth agreement, while an individual widely acclaimed for philanthropy may be sharing ill-gotten wealth and doing so only for fame and praise. That is why we and other messengers from the light often advise, “Do not judge anyone.” Also, life span has little to do with ascension. A soul may leap forward in spiritual and conscious awareness during a brief lifetime and someone who becomes a centenarian may not grow an iota in that respect.

As for knowing your own ascension progress, a sense of genuine peacefulness, lightheartedness, about how your decisions have affected your life and the lives of others signifies advancement. And please do not think that ascension requires an error-free life! While striving for such is an admirable endeavor, perfection exists only within the pure love-light essence of Creator.

“Matthew, there is much talk of enlightened souls transcending to a duplicate planet or another dimension, while the less fortunate endure the tribulation. Can you offer your insight and a timeframe?”  There is no duplicate planet where enlightened souls go, but they do enter another dimension as they journey with Earth into increasingly high vibrations. And, at the end of the lifetime choice in the soul contract, they enter the part of Nirvana that corresponds to their level of enlightenment.

It could be said that the “less fortunate”—let us say, individuals who consistently refuse the light that is available to all—will “endure tribulation” when they experience lifeprint review in Nirvana and see how seriously they departed from their soul contracts. Achieving the balanced experiencing that is needed to evolve is the choice and goal of every soul in every physical lifetime. There is another factor in this. Nirvana is ascending with Earth, and when the planet reaches vibratory levels where bodies without crystalline cells lose viability, the souls will transition to some third density civilization’s spirit world, where they will prepare personages for incarnation in that civilization.

Personal ascension is at each soul’s pace, and those differ so widely that it would be foolhardy to even guess what a realistic timeframe might be. Furthermore, in addition to souls’ limitless opportunities to embark upon or to advance along the ascension pathway, during this unprecedented era on Earth another advantage is available—submitting a petition at soul level for an extension of the contract’s longevity clause. Because that would affect the lives of all others in the pre-birth agreement, they must unanimously approve or deny the petition. When there is reasonable expectation that additional time will result in the person’s ascension progress, the request is approved.

What we can say regarding a timeframe is, now that the decade of delay in societal advancement has ended, souls are awakening and joining the world’s “Love Revolution.” The unequaled power of love is the key to creating a world at peace and life in harmony with Nature, and the myriad ways love is manifested will be illuminating to newcomers and a helpful reminder for long-time lightworkers. [May 1, 2012 messagecomprehensively covers light-love, and May 23, 2015 message contains part of that.]

“What will happen to individuals who haven’t heard about planetary and personal ascension?” Of the seven and a half billion people residing on Earth, only a comparative handful have heard about ascension. It isn’t necessary that the masses know Earth is ascending for her to continue her steady course into lighter energy planes, and many people who are living in godly ways are on an ascension pathway without knowing it. We are speaking of conscious knowledge—humankind know at soul level about Earth’s ascension and individuals know at that level if they are evolving or not. In time, everyone there will be consciously aware of planetary and personal ascension.

In our last message we said that the NRA—National Rifle Association—in the United States was formed by the Illuminati. We want to explain correctly that it is one of many local, national and international groups formed for constructive reasons that the Illuminati infiltrated and subverted to serve their malevolent purposes. They have done the same with developments intended to be beneficial, notably vaccines, agricultural methods, information sources and technologies. Wherever Illuminati have taken control, their influence is fast unraveling—the low vibrations of dark intent cannot survive in the light intensity that Earth is approaching.

“Our discussion group has mixed opinions about the Olympics in South Korea. Would Matthew be so kind as to give us the perspective from his station?” It is our pleasure to do this. From arrival until departure of people from participating countries, the energy emanating from Pyeongchang sparkled like a sea of diamonds. The brilliance was the high vibrations of the extraordinary athletes’ thrill of participating, joy of medal winners and the respect of their competitors, excitement of performers in the opening and closing ceremonies, admiration and awe of spectators on site and TV viewers energetically connected with the games.

We are not overlooking that this year’s Olympics, like those before them, entailed lavish spending of funds that could have been better used to benefit all of the citizenry. However, pride in being selected to host the games, in their own outstanding athletes and the production of spectacular ceremonies merits consideration, and this year’s games had a unique aftermath. Energy of prior Olympics drifted into a neutral pool in the universe; energy generated in Pyeongchang merged with the most intense light in Earth’s recorded history.

Beloved family, light beings throughout this universe honor your steadfastness in assisting the peoples of Earth and support you with the power of unconditional love.


Suzanne Ward

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COSMIC VISION NEWS – JUNE 9, 2017 – by The Way of Love Blog


JUNE 9, 2017


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2016 09 23 Cosmic Vision News


With news around, upon, within, and beyond our planet, the newscast making disclosure official. 

PLEIADIAN ADAMU SPEAKS – A Full Political Briefing – by Zingdad – 8-20-16




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Pleiadian Adamu Speaks   –   Adamu Offers a Full Political Briefing   –   8-20-16

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In my view, Zingdad’s Adamu is up there with Linda Dillon’s Council of Love, Suzy’s Ward’s Matthew’s Message, John Smallman’s Saul and Jesus, and Mike Quinsey’s SaLuSa. My only regret is that he doesn’t communicate with us more often.

Here we have a long analysis of our world’s political and financial situation from him, which is surely helpful at this time of chaos and confusion.  The post is quite long so I’ll post an initial helping here. The rest can be found at

Adamu Offers a Full Political Briefing… 
Including the Coming Financial Reset… 
and the American Elections!

Greetings to you, my dear friends.

I am Adamu of the monadic entity of the Pleiadian civilisation, coming to you through Zingdad.

In today’s conversation I will be offering you a briefing on the political situation in the world at present. The focus of this briefing is to offer you a comprehensive understanding of the coming financial reset. Unavoidably, we will also be discussing the coming presidential elections in America.

The topics under discussion are complex and, though I will attempt to be brief, this communiqué will be a little longer than you are used to receiving from me. I do believe it will, however, be worth your while to set the time aside to digest what I have to offer.


The briefing that will follow will take some focus and attention. And not all of it will be fun or exciting to read. But it is crucial that you understand what I am about to share with you. Your future, and indeed the future of your planetary civilisation, might very well depend upon it!

In today’s conversation I will be addressing a number of real hot-button issues. It is vital that you have the full context for what I am about to say so I must begin with a very firm request that you please make sure that you have read the previous items in this series.

Without this background you are likely to misunderstand today’s content. These previous items are all conveniently collected for you at

Arn: And while we are addressing such administrative issues, I’d like to also invite you to sign up for our newsletter at This will allow Zingdad to update you directly whenever he and I release new material.

Now, on to the matters at hand. And what pivotal matters they are! My friends, you are right in the eye of the storm of change. Your planetary consciousness is at the most crucial stage of its development yet. And so I find it important to bring you to an understanding of the situation so that you can weather the coming storm with your courage in hand… and crucially too… so that you can make the correct, fully-informed choices for yourself, your life and those who depend upon you.

To begin with, I know you have noticed that your world’s financial system is on the verge of collapse. Everyone knows that. And those who have created this disaster are very busy pretending as if they don’t know how it got that way or how to fix it. All the while proceeding to do EXACTLY what it takes to make it worse! While making themselves richer and all the rest of you poorer.

You see, my friends, the financial system is not busy breaking. That is what they want you to believe. It was built this way. It is doing what it was created to do. And what it was created to do is to enslave you, to steal your power and to place control of the whole world in the hands of this system’s creators.

But if you don’t have a clear understanding of the mechanics of your monetary system, this will take a little explaining. And so I wish to offer you, right now, the very barest boiled-down facts. You can consider what I am about to tell you to be a synopsis, but I do suggest you use the resources on the Internet to do your own research in order to gain a deeper understanding.

So here we go:

The first fact is that what you have in your wallet and in your bank account is not money. It is fiat currency. Money is something with real, intrinsic value, like a gold or silver coin. That is money. The worth of the coin is right there in the coin. The value of such a coin does not change.  One ounce of gold is one ounce of gold. That IS its value. Other things might change value in relation to an ounce of gold but the gold is what it is.

It is possible to create paper money. This is what is called a promissory note. I could create a piece of paper which promises that I will give the bearer of that paper, say, an ounce of gold. Then that paper is a proxy for the coin. The paper is worth one ounce of gold. As long as you believe me, and as long as I don’t create more paper than I actually have gold to back it with, then that paper is also money.

What you have in your wallet and in your bank account is not money. It is fiat currency. The word “fiat”, means “decree.” An arbitrary order issued by some authority. And this is what your currency is. Your nation’s financial authority essentially issues a decree to create currency. But it really has no value other than what they say it does.

Its value exists only in the fact that those to whom they give this paper believe it has value. And as long as it flows from person to person and as long as that belief exists between those people, so long it appears to have value. And then only because it is possible to exchange this nonsense fabricated fiction for things that do have actual value.

That’s the first fact. Your currency is not money. It is a fiction created by decree by your financial authorities.

The second fact is perhaps a bit more startling. Do you know who the financial authority of your nation is?

If you guessed that it was your government, then you have fallen for the deception. Your currency is created when your central reserve bank declares a loan from its Illuminati bank.

Let’s unpack that statement shall we?

There are a number of ancient bloodline families that are insanely, obscenely wealthy. Their wealth comes from banking. They have been in banking for a very, very long time. They started out being money changers. They grew wealthy by offering more promissory notes than they had gold to back it with.

They also developed a system called usury, which is the basis for modern bank loans. And they slowly became wealthier than kings, popes, emperors, sultans and even whole nations. Then they became the financiers to those nations.

When one country went to war with another, these bankers were called upon to finance the war. They quickly realised that financing both sides of the war was very profitable business. And then they realised that they could encourage wars with a little skulduggery, and in this way could open the taps of wealth. And so they became ever more powerful too. And all this without any risk to themselves.

When the populace come with pitchforks to the palace gates, when they overthrow a despot, when guillotines end the lives of kings… the bankers live on in comfort and luxury… usually leaping in to offer “financial assistance” to the revolutionaries in terms of loans.

Do you see how it goes?

And today these ancient families live in vast secluded mansions. They continue to be the wealthiest individuals on the planet by a vast margin. But they are clever enough to hide their wealth using a complex game of shells so that they are very nearly invisible to you.

So these are the people to whom I refer when I say “the Illuminati.” These ancient families have been manipulating the human story from behind the scenes for the length and breadth of your recorded history. These families own top-tier banks that the central reserve banks of very nearly every nation on Earth come to for the annual loan that creates that nation’s currency.

We’ll be speaking a fair bit about the American situation in today’s conversation, so let us begin right now by using the USA as our example, shall we?

The United States’ central bank is popularly called The Fed, short for the Federal Reserve Bank. And so it is that the Fed approaches an Illuminati bank. And while there are many such family banks, the Fed is contractually bonded to a particular group of Illuminati families. Let us call them the Red Shield [SB: Rothschild = Red Shield] group. And we’ll talk some more about the different groups in a little while.

The Red Shield group of banking families loans to the Fed however many trillions of dollars that the nation will need to run its economy for the year. And here is the crucial bit. The vast majority of what the Fed needs for the economy is really just to service the nation’s debt that is carried over from previous years.

You heard that right. Only a small percentage of the loan is actually for currency that will float the economy. Most of the loan is just to pay back debt from previous years. At this point, the US federal debt runs to about 20 trillion dollars. Do you understand what that means? It means that your nation owes the Red Shield banking families about 20 trillion dollars. You owe it to them because they previously loaned you money and the debt has accumulated, with interest, to this level.

And do you know how that debt will be paid off? Next year, the Fed will loan more money than it did this year. That is why the debt ceiling must constantly be raised. Next year, the Fed will loan more money so that it can pay off this year’s debt plus the little bit extra needed for currency to flow into the national banking system.

So to answer my own question: I asked you if you know who your nation’s monetary authority is. The answer is that it is the Red Shield banks. They own your money. And they own it in two ways. Firstly because they create the currency that is loaned to the Fed and secondly because they own the Fed.

Did you catch that? I slipped it in there casually enough that perhaps it did not shock you.

So here it is again, a little slower, this time. The Federal Reserve Bank is not owned by the nation or by the government or whatever else you might have thought. It is a private corporation owned by shareholders. And the controlling shareholders are … would you like to guess? … those same Red Shield banks!

It’s a closely guarded secret as to who actually owns the stocks, but I can tell you that there is another game of shells used to hide the fact that the Illuminati families that own the banks, that make the loans to the Fed, also own the Fed itself.

Can you begin to see how iniquitous this is? They collude with themselves to make loans out of fresh air … making up numbers as they go … and you, the people of the nation, must, by the sweat of your brow, labour to repay those loans!

The vast majority of your annual taxation goes to just this: repaying that loan. Each year, you personally give a huge chunk of your income directly to the Red Shield banking families. And the system is rigged such that your nation can never, ever repay that loan. The debt simply balloons. Year by year the debt ceiling is pushed higher, as ever greater loans are made to service past loans with interest and a little more for the running of the nation.

So, this is the second fact: your currency is created, really, by the Red Shield banking families in collusion with themselves. They create it out of nothing. The Fed has no collateral at all to back the loan and the Red Shield banks have no gold, silver or any other thing of value to back the currency they issue as a consequence of the loan. It’s just… made up. Meaningless numbers sucked from their thumbs. They shake their own hands, agree with themselves… which instantly makes them more money than you can imagine.

And you then slave away to exchange your life-energy for this fiction. This created currency. You give your time, energy, effort and creativity for this fable.
And because the Fed must loan more money each year to service last year’s debt, more money is created out of nothing each year. This means, directly, that the currency you are holding becomes worth less and less each year. That is called inflation.

Which is a lie. Nothing is inflating. Prices are not going up. Your currency is just worth less because more currency has been created. So you get poorer each year. You put in the same effort, but the currency you are given in exchange is, over time, worth less and less. And this is actually all just a hidden tax that also makes the Illuminati families richer still.

You have heard the talking heads on the news speak of Quantitative Easing? Well, really, this is just an acceleration of this very principal. It is a deal that they sign with themselves to produce even more currency which accelerates the devaluation of the money in your pocket. Really… it is just an ingenious way to take value from everyone else and further enrich themselves.

The third fact is that only about 10% of the currency in your wallet is created in the way outlined above. The other 90% is created by retail banks. When your salary lands in your bank account, your bank is permitted to make loans against that money. In a system called fractional reserve banking, they are allowed to loan out about 9 times as much money as they have in reserve.

This would be a terribly bad idea even if what they had in reserve was real money. Like gold or silver. It is an absolutely insane idea when what they have in reserve is valueless currency! But, be that as it may, that is how it works.

These retail banks don’t do business with the Fed, they do business with you, the citizens of the nation. And when you go to them for a loan or an overdraft, they are allowed to loan out nine-times as much currency as is in deposit with them. Which is why, when people lose faith and go to the bank en masse to make withdrawals and to close their investments, those banks can very quickly fail. Quite simply, they hold much less currency than they have loaned out. And, if their deposits quickly drop, their business model quickly implodes.

But, as insane as this is, this is the way your banking system works. Most of the currency in circulation is created out of second-tier debt between private citizens and their banks. And of course, you also pay interest on your debts, which is yet another way in which they get richer. But you, of course, are not permitted to make debt without collateral. Only the Fed is allowed to do that!

And, of course, the bank doesn’t need to hold anything of value to back the loan they make to you. Other than, of course, one tenth of the value in this fiction called fiat currency.

I highly recommend reading the remainder of the article, which can be found here:

This article is copyright © Zingdad 2016

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Cosmic Vision News


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Cosmic Vision News – Journalist Geoffrey West – 3-4-16



Geoffrey West

Geoffrey West, Journalist


Cosmic Vision News   –   Journalist Geoffrey West   –   3-4-16


Show Summary

Cosmic Vision News – Journalist Geoffrey West – 2-19-16


Geoffrey West

Journalist, Gepffrey West




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COSMIC VISION NEWS – Journalist Geoffrey West – 1-8-16

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Geoffrey West


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COSMIC VISION NEWS   –   Journalist Geoffrey West   –   1-8-16

COSMIC VISION NEWS – Journalist Geoffrey West – News of the World and Spirit – 11-13-15


COSMIC VISION NEWS   –   Journalist Geoffrey West   –  

News of the World and Spirit   –   11-13-15


Show Summary and News Links

COSMIC VISION NEWS – Journalist Geoffrey West – News of the World and Spirit – 11-6-15


COSMIC VISION NEWS   –   Journalist Geoffrey West  –   News of the World and Spirit   –   11-6-15

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Cosmic Vision News – Journalist Geoffrey West – Sharing The Light. Spreading The Love. Anchoring The New – 3-6-15


Cosmic Vision News   –   Journalist Geoffrey West   –   3-6-15



3. ( 37:32 ) THE ORIGINS OF ISIS.








Listen to the show.

Ascended Master Mother Mary via Kim Michaels – 2-22-15


TOPICS: A spiral of light around the planet – Crucial points in world history – The collective consciousness of Russia – The spirals of the Ukrainian people – The problem with corruption – How much suffering do people need? – Taking the long view – The situation in Africa – The need for many messengers – The demands on a sponsored messenger – Qualifying for your ascension – How the golden age will be manifest – Why Muslims reject progressive revelation – The way to bring change in Africa – When the student is ready – Conferences for 2015 – Planetary initiations for 2015 – Book about changing the world –

Ascended Master Mother Mary, February 22, 2015 through Kim Michaels


My beloved hearts, I am indeed the Ascended Master Mother Mary. I come to share with you my gratitude and my enthusiasm for the fact that so many of you have taken up this vigil, to give four hours of decrees and invocations once a month for a specific purpose of consuming conflict and other atrocities going on around the world.

My beloved, although I have said 500 people, I do not wish you to play a numbers game here. It is not a matter of so many people. The real importance of this vigil is that as many people as possible give decrees at the same time at a regular interval whereby you create a momentum that becomes an upward spiral.

A spiral of light around the planet

I know very well that the human mind always has a tendency to look for specific results; you want to see a linear result of your efforts. I wish to share with you the very fact that what we of the ascended masters are looking for is not linear results and a linear progression. We see everything in terms of spirals.

A spiral, as you know, circles around and it comes back, not quite to the same point, but at least to the same side of the planet at regular intervals. That is precisely what you are building: A beautiful spiral of light that circles around the planet and that actually follows the planet as the planet moves through absolute space.

As you might know, if you think deeply about this, planet earth is constantly moving, not just around the sun, but throughout absolute space. As the planet moves through space, and at the same time moves in an oval orbit around the sun, it actually traces a spiral pattern.

What you are building is a spiral of light that in some ways goes faster than the earth. Therefore, you may not see a result right now of your efforts, but rest assured that as the earth again meets the spiral that you have built, there will be another chance at manifesting a result in the physical octave.

As I have said before, and as I want to instil on your minds, no effort of invoking light is ever wasted. You could do a vigil of focusing on a specific problem and asking for the intercession of the forces of light, and you may concentrate a great effort on that specific problem, but it does not necessarily mean that you would see an instant linear result. Even if you had millions of people invoking light for a specific problem, there may not be an instantaneous result because you always have the equation of free will.

Crucial points in world history

This is one of the mysteries that have often confused people when they look at the earth. You see, for example, how at certain crucial points in world history one person has been able to either hold back a new development, to hold back peace or to create a conflict that, once it had crossed the borderline into the physical, could not be stopped for a long time.

This is the extreme outplaying of the law of free will. What you need to recognize here is that even though one person may sometimes seem to be the one who has the power to change the course of the entire world, it is not actually so. It is only that that one person becomes the focal point for a movement in the collective consciousness.

Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Chairman Mao could not have done what they did in their nations had it not been because there was already a spiral in the collective consciousness of those nations. Vladimir Putin cannot do what he is doing today by his own power alone. He is also riding a spiral in the consciousness of the Russian people, not only in Russia but in other nations, especially right now in Ukraine.

The collective consciousness of Russia

My beloved, consider a mystery, or at least what seems like a mystery for the people from the West who do not understand the Russian mindset. You have people who have lived outside of Russia in other nations for generations. Many of them are born in those nations. Why then do they still identify themselves as Russians and not as Ukrainians or Poles or Lithuanians? This is a mystery to ponder, but the cause from a spiritual level is that these people have not freed themselves from the collective consciousness created in Russia.

This is because the collective spiral, the collective consciousness, created in Russia was spread beyond the borders of Russia during Soviet times. As we have said before, these spirals have not completely been arrested and consumed.

Those of you who are concerned about the situation in Russia, in Ukraine and potentially in other former Soviet nations, would do well to focus your decree efforts and your invocations on consuming these spirals. Especially those who are the spiritual people of a Russian descent might consider here that these spirals of identification as Russians are not the highest potential of the Russian people. They are an artificial construct, again created during Soviet times where the Russian people were used to put the whole world in an artificial conflict.

The Russian people – some among them – are so attached to being a powerful nation and having the respect of the world that they actually want these spirals to continue. They do, as Putin himself, to some degree does want to go back to the Soviet era where Russia was feared by other nations. They think fear leads to respect and that there is no way to get respect without being feared.

This, of course, is what people who have grown up in the West, in free democratic nations, cannot understand. You cannot understand why anyone would think that by making you fear them, they earn your respect. You know, of course, that that is the surest way to lose your respect. Certainly, other people can make you fear them but this will not lead to you respecting them, will it?

You need to make these calls also if you live in the West, if you are not of Russian descent, and you are concerned about the situation. Make the calls for the arresting of these collective spirals of the Russian people and their fear-based tendency to think that they can earn respect only through fear and power and the exercising of power.

The spirals of the Ukrainian people

My beloved, we are certainly desirous of seeing a resolution to the conflict in Ukraine, but I must also tell you that once again we look at free will. We see that the situation is not nearly as simple as it might seem for outsiders.

The Ukrainian people have their own collective spirals and one of them is that they do not truly want to take responsibility for themselves as a nation. That is why you see such high levels of corruption that it has made the majority of the population the virtual slaves of a small power elite of oligarchs and those in positions of power in the state apparatus.

This is not so different from what was there during Soviet times, only now those people at the top can freely accumulate greater amounts of wealth than they could during the so-called Communist era, which was not truly Communist at all. What needs to happen is that the people come to this awareness, and they demand what other people have demanded in other countries before: An end to this blatant corruption that brings any nation to its knees economically.

The problem with corruption

You can look to many other nations who have high levels of corruption. You might know that there are certain world-wide organizations who every year compile indexes of which countries have the highest level of corruption. You can go and look at these nations and you can see a clear connection between their level of abundance and the level of corruption. You can also see a connection between the level of corruption and a more dictatorial form of leadership.

What is corruption a sign of? It is a sign of the fact that people are not equal to the law. There are some people who belong to an elite who are above the law. They are misusing their power, the power that really is entrusted to them by the people or at least by the state and the governmental apparatus, which should be representing the people but is not.

The people have allowed this to happen, they have allowed this to go on. They all know someone who is benefiting from this corruption so it has become so ingrained in the population that they are not willing to take the conflict to demand an end to this.

That is, of course, why they have become susceptible to more dictatorial forms of government. They did not object to it, as the Russian people should ideally have objected many, many times as Putin tightened his grip on power. They should have protested when he stopped freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom to assemble.

Of course, there is freedom for those whom he wants to assemble, as seen in this recent mock demonstration in Moscow against the so-called coup in Ukraine. How can it be a coup if you overthrow a government that was a strawman for a foreign power?

How much suffering do people need?

My beloved, without going too deeply into these topics, I wish to encourage you, for you have made a difference by invoking this light. We may not see an immediate result of this because of free will, which must be must be allowed to outplay itself, sometimes even into what seems like unnecessary extremes.

They are not unnecessary in the sense that sometimes people can be awakened only through extreme amounts of pain and anguish. This is clearly not what we of the ascended masters want to see. We would like to see people awaken through the least amount of pain possible. Unfortunately, people do awaken through the least amount of pain possible, but it is an enormous amount of pain that is needed before they awaken.

This, of course, is something that we of the ascended masters cannot stop, we cannot change. Neither can you change it. Neither, for that matter, should you try to change it with your calls and invocations, nor should you even desire to change it. Doing this will only make you frustrated and make you discouraged because you feel like your efforts are not having an effect. I tell you: They DO have an effect!

It is true that there are people who are in positions where they can hold back a change for some time, but they cannot hold it back forever, my beloved. As more and more people invoke more and more light, changes will happen, it is absolutely inevitable. It just may not happen quite as swiftly as you wish to see it happen.

Taking the long view

This is where you need to be a practical realist, as we of the ascended masters have learned over the sometimes very long time we have served this planet, or even other planets in a similar state as earth.

When you have been ascended for many centuries, like myself and other masters, you have long ago realized that you are working for the long-term perspective, you have long-term goals. You have long ago realized that the earth is indeed in an upward spiral, but that the upward spiral does not follow a straight, ascending line. It follows a curve with peaks and troughs, with ups and downs, not exactly like a sine wave because the ups and downs are not regular, they are very irregular. It still follows the curve that you might see as the result of some statistics, whether it be weather patterns or other dynamics.

We, of course, have learned to see that general upward movement and to work for that general upward movement, and not be overly concerned about the dips and not be overly enthusiastic about the peaks. We know that both are temporary and both will change, but it is the upward movement of the median that matters in the long run.

The situation in Africa

My beloved, I know that there are many people who over the years have asked: “Why have the ascended masters given so few dictations about Africa?” There are several reasons for this.

One is, of course, that you from a very early age have been taught to look at a world map and identify certain continents. When you learn that there is continent called Africa, you think that this huge area is one homogenous area. In your childlike mind, you think that the people in Africa must be as homogenous as the people in your own country, or in your own part of the world.

Africa, although it may be said to be one continent, really cannot be said to be a unit. This is in part due to the huge geographical differences. Consider the difference between the states North of the Sahara desert, those in the Sahara desert, those South of there, those around the Equator and those further South. The differences in geography are far greater than the geographical differences in for example Europe. They are even greater that the differences in the United States, even though the United States has quite dramatic geographical differences between the different regions.

It is virtually meaningless to make general statements about Africa. What we can do is make more specific statements about specific countries or specific regions. This, however, would require us to have a messenger who had a greater knowledge of these regions, especially first-hand knowledge from having grown up in one of the regions of Africa. This we do not currently have. Surely, this messenger could spend his time to learn more about the conditions found in Africa, but would this be the wisest use of his time, given who he is and the fact that he was deliberately born in another region than Africa? It would not, seen from the long-term perspective.

The need for many messengers

We, of course, hope that we will gradually have messengers from all areas of the world, from all walks of life, who can take valid messages. Until that manifests, it will be difficult for us to give messages, not only about Africa, but about many other regions around the world where we know there are ascended master students who would like to hear more specific messages for their own nations.

This is simply the nature of how it currently works on earth. Many of you who have studied the work of this messenger for years, or have studied the work of the ascended master organizations that come before this, have almost come to take this for granted. You sometimes think it is so easy for us to have a messenger in embodiment that you think it should be possible for us to find messengers who could talk about any topic, or that one messenger should easily be able to take a dictation about any topic whatsoever.

This is not quite as easy as you think! Having a sponsored messenger, who holds a complex mantle, is not something that we of the ascended masters can take for granted. It is not an easy task to be a messenger and to still maintain a physical life with all of the demands of having to make a living, having to get your economy to function, having to have a place to live, having relationships with other people and so on.

The demands on a sponsored messenger

This is not something that we take for granted because we know how complicated it is. It is not easy for us to train a messenger who can actually maintain a state of mind that allows that person to continue functioning for any length of time. It is not easy for a person to be a messenger and hold the many complicated balance points that you need to hold in order to have the mindset that allows you to even accept that you can be a messenger for the ascended masters, and that you can tune in to the masters and take a dictation.

This is not nearly as easy as some of you have come to think. We understand that it seems easy given the amount of ascended masters teachings that are out there, and that have been brought forth over the last century. You can see several messengers who were able to function over a long period of time and bring forth very large amounts of material. This, of course, makes it seem easy, but it is not easy.

There are only very few people who are able to hold that balance and that focus where you make this the highest priority of your life and everything else comes secondary, or tertiary or further down on your priority list. You do no allow anything to stand between you and your relationship to the ascended masters, no matter what kind of attacks or criticism that you are likely to be exposed to from the world.

There are many people who actually have a potential to take messages, but we cannot sponsor them as a messenger because we know that it would be too destructive for them psychologically. They would not be able to hold the balance, the very complex balance, that you need to hold in order to function as a messenger with any kind of mantle.

Some of you have come to think that once you have been given a mantle by the ascended masters, everything should be happily every after because now you are protected by that mantle. Certainly, there is some protection in the mantle. But you realize, do you not, that you have to continually earn that mantle. You have to live up to it, and there is a return demand on you that you have to be able to hold the balance that is required for you to carry the mantle.

You may look at the old kings who carried a big heavy metal crown on their heads, and it gave them a certain regal appearance. If they did not hold their balance, then the crown would fall off and roll on the floor, would it not? So it is, in a symbolic way, with a messenger who has received a mantle. If you do not hold the balance, it will come off and fall to the ground and then we must withdraw it.

Qualifying for your ascension

Why am I telling you this? Because I want you to appreciate what you have while you have it. As Jesus said: “Work while ye have the light, for the night cometh when no man can work.” Everything has its time in the physical octave. We look forward to this messenger serving potentially for many years to come, but still appreciate what you have while you have it. Make the best use of it because I can assure you, my beloved, that those of you who are open to ascended master teachings have come into this embodiment, not to live the good life on earth, but to live a spiritual life that for many of you will qualify you for your ascensions.

When you are in your last embodiment, you cannot allow anything else to stand in the way of you qualifying for your ascension. It must be your first priority because the prince of this world is an expert in diverting your attention into all kinds of blind alleys that do not further your ascension or your service to the light.

How the golden age will be manifest

This in some way ties into the topic of why we have not said more about for example Africa or other regions. We must again look at the overall picture; we must look at where we have the greatest amount of ascended master students. Which nations have the potential to come closer to manifesting some of the complex matrices that Saint Germain holds for the golden age?

You may think that this will only make the inequality between certain nations greater, and this is true on a temporary basis. Some nations must be the first ones to begin manifesting the matrix for the golden age. As they do so, they will make progress far beyond those nations who are not yet ready. But you see, the golden age cannot be manifest all at once all over the world. It must be started somewhere where you break through the barrier, you break through the veil, and start bringing into the physical octave the matrices of Saint Germain.

When some nations have manifested this physically, then you have a physical proof that this is possible. Suddenly, there can be a shift in the collective consciousness where more and more people begin to accept that this is a possibility. You who are ascended master students may look at our teachings about the golden age and you take them for granted, you think it should be obvious to all people. But I tell you that there are many nations where the vast majority of the people simply do not have the awareness needed to accept our teachings.

Why Muslims reject progressive revelation

They would look at them as pure fantasy, or they would look at the fact they go beyond their religion and then they would reject them outright, as even being the works of the devil. Just look at how many nations are so trapped in the mindset that is dominating the Muslim religion right now that they would reject anything that contradicts the Koran or goes beyond the Koran. You may think this is ironic because, after all, these people believe that God, through the Archangel Gabriel, revealed the Koran to man.

Therefore, you might think that they should be open to the possibility that God, through Archangel Gabriel or other ascended masters, could give new revelation. But you see, the mindset created by the fallen angels is that there could never be new revelation because the previous revelation was perfect and adequate. If new revelation was forthcoming, it would prove that the previous was not complete as it is claimed to be. You see the catch-22 that these nations are in. Therefore, the vast majority of the people in such nations could not accept our teachings, even if they were explained to them.

This, of course, is also the case in many of the nations in Africa. I am not hereby saying that there are not people in all of these nations who are ready for our teachings. I am simply saying that there are so few that it would not be realistic to expect that there would be a widespread acceptance of some of our ideas.

I am not here even talking about a widespread acceptance of our outer teachings or our existence. I am talking about an acceptance of more subtle ideas by the people. We do not only spread new ideas through sponsored messengers and organizations. We spread them in many different ways, but again we must work primarily in the nations where at least the biggest possible number of people are open to these new ideas because there minds are not so imprisoned by the old concepts and ideas.

The way to bring change in Africa

What I will say, as a general statement about Africa, is that it presents a very difficult challenge to the world. This challenge has unfortunately been created by the fallen beings by taking what happened in colonial times and the entire issue of slavery in the United States, and distorting the relationship between different peoples of different races and skin color to such a point where it is almost impossible to bring forth golden age ideas about Africa.

Many of the wealthy developed nations in the world still suffer from what we might call a “guilt complex” about colonial times. They barely dare to debate freely what potentially could happen in Africa. They are not even open to some of the radical new thinking that is necessary if Africa is to be brought out of its current stalemate, or even the downward spiral that you see in many nations.

Neither are there very many people in Africa itself who are open to such ideas. The entire international community, such as the United Nations, is not open to these ideas. Therefore, there is not much point in us bringing out these ideas as the collective consciousness is right now. But I will give you a hint.

If there was to be a positive development in Africa, there would have to be created an international organization. This organization would have to go far beyond what has been envisioned for the United Nations. It could not be created from or within the United Nations because that organization is simply too stuck in its self-created matrices.

There would have to be a new organization created. It would have to be an organization that could make an overall assessment based on many, many different considerations. It would have to be an organization that would have to look at certain regions of Africa and say: “What is a viable way to turn the current situation into an upward spiral that will benefit most of the people who live in that area?”

You would have to think in radical new ways. You would have to acknowledge one very simple fact, and that is that most of the nations you currently see in Africa are simply not viable nations from a variety of perspectives. Many of these nations, especially in sub-Saharan Africa, have been created in highly artificial ways, going all the way back to Colonial times, but also based on very complex patterns of racial and especially tribal conflicts.

If you were to really turn things around in Africa, you would have to identify certain regions from an overall perspective and say: “How can we create an economically viable region that can move towards giving prosperity to all of the people living there?” This would in the beginning require an international force that could come in and suppress the tribal warlords and the warfare you see going on right now. It would require a radical new thinking on how to use the natural resources available without allowing single people or multinational corporations to exploit all of the profit without giving it to the benefit of the people.

Can you see that in order to avoid or transcend the exploitation by multinational corporations, you would have to create a multinational “corporation” that could function in a way that is not driven by profit or political interests? This is the only practical way to bring true change to Africa.

Unfortunately, it is not currently practical to create such an organization. Not even the most developed nations in the world are ready to seriously consider creating such an organization. There are so many concerns, so much baggage from colonial times – from two world wars, from the struggle between capitalism and communism, from the whole issue of multinational corporations – that no nation is ready to seriously consider this.

Yet unless such an organization is created, there is very little hope that the current struggle in Africa will be transcended any time soon. We of the ascended masters are greatly concerned that the warfare and the struggle you have seen on other continents must be repeated in Africa before a majority of the African people have had so much pain that they are ready to look for an alternative.

We have not given much teaching about Africa for there are very few people who are willing to listen to the radical, or so they would see them, ideas about what needs to happen on the African continent. You know very well the law: “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” Certainly, we have the ideas that would transform Africa into a number of regions that would be in an upward spiral. Certainly, Saint Germain has a golden age matrix for the area you now call Africa. But until enough students are ready to even consider these ideas, what would be the point in releasing them?

Who would be willing to listen? And if no-one is willing to listen, why then would we spend the time and the energy of our messenger to bring them forth? Why would we not concentrate our efforts on where there is a greater potential to bring certain nations or regions closer to the golden age.

When the student is ready

You see, we of the ascended masters do not have what you so often see among human beings: personal preferences, likes and dislikes. We do not have the emotional attachments, the evaluations, that you have. We look at the earth neutrally. We love all people everywhere, but we also look realistically at where people are at in consciousness. We look at the fact that we have limited resources available for speaking directly to people.

Therefore, we must use our resources in the way that has the greatest chance of having a positive impact. This I trust that many of you will be able to understand. It is clear that we hope the situation will change, we have plans for bringing about this change. As soon as things do change, then of course we will begin bringing forth more teaching. This is not only true about Africa, but about many other regions of the world.

You see, my beloved, there are complex equations here. Why has this Messenger not been in South America for years? Because there has not been a student body who was willing to, not only invite him but to hold the balance for a sponsored messenger visiting the area.

Conferences for 2015

This brings me to the final topic I wanted to discourse on. We now have two conferences planned for this summer. I am personally looking forward to these conferences. I know that there is a potential that they can bring much needed light to the area of Europe and the United States.

This messenger has not had a conference in the United States for some time. We have much light we want to bring there; we have much light we want to bring to Europe. I strongly hope that all of you consider yourself ascended master students will make an effort to attend or in other ways support these conferences.

There is great value in our students coming together physically, for much more light can be released, not only through the messenger but through all of those who participate with sincerity and purity of motive and intention. There are always some who come without having clarified their motives for coming, and sometimes they have selfish motives. Those who do have a certain purity of motive become conduits for the light, and the more people come together and the greater the harmony and unity in the group, the more light we can release.

We hope, therefore, that you will consider supporting this effort. I very much hope that you will also help spread the word about my vigil so that we can get more and more people and create more of a momentum.

Planetary initiations for 2015

My beloved, it is an important step for the planet that we have started releasing these books in the series called: “The Path to Self Mastery.” These next years, the total of seven years where the planet is being initiated by one of the seven rays per year, are very important. This year, as you know, the planetary initiation is on the Third Ray of Love and the book The Mystical Initiations of Love is extremely important for setting the foundation.

You can do yourself a great favor by studying this book throughout the year and by giving at least one invocation a day throughout the year. This takes only twenty minutes of your time. The reward I assure you will be worth it. But you can also do the planet an immense favor by using this book and the invocations, because you help create a trail in the collective consciousness.

You can see for yourself that relationships is one of the most complex aspects of your lives. But then look at the more developed nations and look at the divorce rate, and look at the problems that people are having with relationships. Then consider the service you can give by giving these invocations and by sending out these ideas and the light into the collective consciousness.

There is a great need for a breakthrough in the relationship between all people but especially between men and women. As the book makes it clear, we have entered a new phase where there is a need for an entirely new relationship between men and women. Who will bring it forth, my beloved, unless those who are open to ascended master teachings become the forerunners. Therefore, we look to you to make use of these teachings.

Book about changing the world

I am also excited about the new book, that has not yet been announced, about how you can help change the world. This will become the first book in a series of books that are specifically designed on the matrix where we give dictations and these dictations are turned into invocations.

This matrix is extremely powerful, as those of you will know who have made use of some of the books, such as the book about Clearing the Chakras. There is currently no more powerful way to clear your chakras than that book, and I can assure you that as we bring forth these books in the series of how to spiritualize the world there will be no more powerful tools available in the physical octave than these books.

The matrix of studying a dictation and giving an invocation is extremely powerful. It serves both the Alpha and Omega of raising awareness and transforming energy, and this is how you transform a world. This is how a relatively small number of people can have a decisive impact on transforming a world.

I know well that I do not have millions of people are who are willing to listen to or read this dictation. Therefore, we must bring forth tools that can work, that can have the greatest possible impact with the number of people we do have.

As I said: “Appreciate what you have.” Make the best possible use of it. Catch some of my enthusiasm, my beloved. Catch my Joy. Catch my gratitude, and allow yourselves to rise above these spirals of pessimism and discouragement that are so common in the world.

There are all kinds of doomsayers in the world, my beloved. They will tell you that this world is going to hell in a hand basket in five minutes. But my beloved, I have been an ascended master for two thousand years. You can go back to any year during those two thousand years and there have also been naysayers who would tell you that the world was going to end in the near future. This is a phenomenon created by the fallen beings.

Do not fall prey to this trick. It has worked on you enough times in past lives. Do not fall for it this time. Accept that with God all things are possible. When you make use of our teachings and our tools in the form of invocations and decrees, you are with God.

My beloved, what more can I say? If what I say has not been sufficient, what more can I say? Thus, I will bid you a fond “adieu” and thank you for your attention and your efforts in these vigils.


Copyright © 2015 Kim Michaels

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Georgi Stankov – 2 Updates – 2-19-15

Georgi Stankov   –   2 Updates   –   2-19-15

Ukraine   –   Crazy End Time World

Message from Matthew – Life in the Higher Dimensions – World News – 2-8-15


With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew.  We have been asked if the Illuminati have any role in the fighting going on in Ukraine and what ISIS is doing. Yes, major roles in both, but since they are “behind the scene,” so to say, they aren’t historically or currently attributed to the Illuminati. The unrest in Ukraine stems from wars they initiated long ago to form new national borders without any regard for the differing cultures and history of the affected peoples, and ISIS’ goal of creating an Islamic State has its emotional roots in wars started in Afghanistan and Iraq by Illuminati within the United States government.

Now Russian President Vladimir Putin, US President Barack Obama, and some national leaders in the Mideast and Europe are trying to quell inflammatory situations instigated by Illuminati-controlled CIA agents who created incidents to incite the citizenry, carried out by Illuminati-“owned” mercenaries and unwitting troops, and funded by the Illuminati’s illegally-acquired massive resources.

Please keep foremost in your thoughts that turbulence is running out its various energetic courses and the increasing energy momentum of positive change is moving your society ever closer to a peaceful, harmonious world. It is helpful to remember, too, that you lightworkers and members of our universal family—the vanguard of progress—are aided by vast numbers of your populace.

All except a comparative handful of individuals are loving, compassionate, honest people who endeavor to make life better for their families and communities or they go to countries to help the many who are in dire straits or they support efforts to protect your environment and wildlife. Simply by living from their hearts, these millions upon millions of souls are adding immeasurably to the light that ultimately will prevail throughout your entire civilization.

Our mentioning Nirvana’s “fourth density residential area” elicited a number of responses. We thank the reader whose questions are cited, and our reply also will address comments and questions from others who wrote.

Matthew said, ‘Persons who advance from third to fourth density spiritually and consciously during Earth lifetime enter Nirvana’s fourth density residential areas.’ He also said residents there range from second to fifth density or higher. How do the areas where they live differ from fourth? Who decides where people live? Are family members reunited in the area where the first one who went there is? Are people restricted to their area or can they move from one to another? What kind of living accommodations do residents have? What do people do while they’re there and how long do they stay? I’d like to know more about what to expect when I get there!”

First, as a reminder, we number densities, whether mass or location or soul evolvement status, ONLY to indicate advancement. Densities aren’t compartmentalized and there are no sign posts indicating where one density stops location-wise and another begins, and the same is true of soul evolvement. In both there are many gradations, which you could think of as shades on a color chart that move from the faintest tinge all the way up the spectrum to the color’s full intensity. Applying that to residency in Nirvana, persons who are the least evolved spiritually and consciously live in “tinge” and persons who are more evolved live in the shades that correspond to their status.

Now then, at the end of physical lifetime, all of Earth’s peoples go to that multidimensional spirit world, thus it encompasses religions’ concepts of both heaven and hell. Nirvana comprises numerous meandering, energetically-connected, flexible “layers,” which can be considered heaven, and a tiny dense orb that is separate from the layers can be considered hell. Both are about the same distance from Earth as your moon. The layers are what you call “discarnate,” and even though they do have mass, their high vibrations make them invisible to your telescopes and the orb is too small to be noticeable.


First we shall speak about the layers and their gradations, all of which are at varying vibratory rates, and who goes where is determined by the laws of physics that govern this universe. The energy of every person’s thoughts, motives and deeds throughout the lifetime is registered in the infallible Akashic records, and when the dense body dies, the etheric body automatically is drawn to the part of Nirvana that corresponds to the energy in the person’s records.


We remind you as well that the soul is freed, or liberated, from the etheric body—it is the personage and its lifetime experiences, which form the psyche, who goes to Nirvana. So it is possible, even likely, that members of an Earth family will enter different parts, but all who go to the layers may visit each other. As members in lower layers or layer gradations grow in spiritual and conscious awareness, they advance accordingly in residency.

Nirvana is in the timeless continuum, so you’ll be seeing not only family and friends from this lifetime who are there, but also dear ones from other lifetimes, and you may prefer to spend time with them. Always the stronger love bonds between individuals prevail and everyone honors this; the same applies to persons who remarried after their spouses died and all are in Nirvana.

Now we shall speak about who lives where. Occupants of the topmost layer are the most highly evolved: the 100-member council that oversees Nirvana’s administrative aspects, resident and visiting masters in specialty fields, and universal family members who wish to stay a while after completing their volunteer service on Earth. Down a notch are the principals in charge of transition, customized healing and settling-in assistance; childcare; education; employment; transportation; architecture and construction; entertainment; Earth monitoring; libraries and the fine arts.  Then come the myriad employees in those and other fields who live in layer gradations commensurate with their extent of responsibility and progress in service, spiritual and conscious growth, and personal interests.

Although education at every level and training in all fields are available to everyone, skills and talents of other personage lifetimes are remembered, so residents have a wealth of knowledge and experience to choose from. Always employment is a matter of choice, and individuals who desire to work may change from one field to another whenever they wish.

Babies and young children enter fourth density. If close family members are living there or in higher layers, the children join them; if not, they are lovingly nurtured by specially-trained caretakers and schooled appropriately for age and soul growth status at the time they arrived.

Animals also enter fourth density. Those whom you call predators were herbivores before darkness made them carnivorous long ages ago, and that aspect of their nature is erased from cellular patterning during the passage from Earth to Nirvana. Pets and their human families are reunited by the energy streamers of shared love bonds. If pets arrive first, they roam with other animals until a family member enters any of the layers. Henceforth they may live together if that is what is desired—all animals are self-sufficient and there is no pet ownership as you know it.

Third density is home to people who refuse to listen to universal truths that differ from their beliefs and to people whose characteristics such as bigotry, greed, anger, dishonesty, jealousy, arrogance, egotism or disloyalty led them astray from their chosen karmic lessons. All of those individuals need time and assistance to become open to enlightenment and gain spiritual and psychic strength. As they respond, they move to a higher gradation, where advanced learning and a wider range of employment, activities and growth opportunities are available, and so on up the ladder.

Please don’t think that life in Nirvana is all work, work, work or learn, learn learn! Just as on Earth, most residents want the self-satisfaction that comes with being productive and creative and adding to their knowledge; and because they also enjoy leisure time, a wide range of age-related activities and entertainment are available. All team and individual sports except those that destroy or injure life are popular; so are attending or participating in films, theater and concerts; and “story hour” is enjoyed by all ages. There are travels throughout the realm, lectures by visiting “professors,” grand fiestas and small social get-togethers, splendid museums and art galleries, and hobbies of interest.

Buildings of all sizes and designs are erected by focused thought and visualization, and although residences are in accordance with evolvement status, everyone has a choice of house or apartment in a city or living in a rural environment. It is noteworthy that the most highly evolved souls choose humble dwellings and people who choose mansions later feel uncomfortable with such opulence—they have those homes dematerialized and replaced with more modest styles.

Now we shall speak about second density, the tiny dense orb that can be considered the hell of religions. The individuals drawn there are those who consistently ignored conscience and pre-birth agreements and they willfully caused great suffering to persons whose soul contracts did not include those experiences. Because light is anathema to these individuals, only a pinpoint is directed into their dark world; as they overcome their fear of the pinpoint, a bit more light is beamed to them. It may take hundreds or even thousands of your years before they choose to absorb enough light to embody at the lowest consciousness level in a third density civilization, a life comparable to Earth’s slugs and minute, short-lived insects. This act of divine grace wipes clean the cellular and psychic patterning of devastating behavior choices.

Although Nirvana primarily is the temporary home of people who transition from Earth, residents in the higher layers vary considerably. Mother, my description of the population answers other questions sent to you, and I think it will be of interest all readers, so please insert that.

[Excerpt from “Residents” chapter of Matthew, Tell Me about Heaven; Matthew transmitted this information in 1994, when he still lived in Nirvana.]

      Matthew, how many souls live in Nirvana?

Between 10 and 12 billion.  We come and go continuously, so the population fluctuates.  You’re having a hard time with that number, Mother.  Why?

      It seems like a lot of souls between Earth lifetimes.

I need to clarify our population, which is considerably more varied than I’ve explained. This realm is primarily for people transitioning from Earth lifetimes, who could be called “regular” residents, but many others live here, too, and I’ll tell you about all of them.

Although most of our regular residents are preparing for their next lifetime on Earth, depending upon the stage of their soul growth, some are preparing for incarnate or discarnate life elsewhere, even outside our galaxy, or they may choose to experience as free spirits. Probably 20 years is average for a “long-timer,” but I’m not really comfortable giving that figure because many variables influence the length of residency. Some souls feel great sensitivity in all aspects, an ability acquired only in higher density vibrations, and they don’t stay very long.  Some are so highly evolved that they practically whisk through to their next growth placement.

Others of this spiritual evolvement status may choose to remain here quite a while. They have earned this as a reward for honored service, and they stay for a long time by your calculations.  Some of these souls are very high in our hierarchy. Other long-timers are here for intensive healing from a number of difficult lifetimes. They stay in an environment of tranquility as long as they need to recuperate before choosing their next level of spiritual growth experiencing. All those souls constitute what I referred to as our “regular” population.

Another large part is transient.  Some are free spirits, who come and go as their growth needs require.

      Matthew, excuse me, please.  Remember, here free spirits are folks who seem to go blithely through life doing their own thing out of the “mainstream.”  Is it the same there?

Oh, no, Mother.  Free spirit can mean only that no body, not even the etheric body, is necessary for residence of the soul.  But in a larger sense it refers to the mental attitude or psychic approach to communion with God and the knowledgeable accomplishing of the pre-birth chosen mission.  Either or both of these conditions constitute a free spirit lifetime.  It’s a different sort of learning process and is as necessary as any other lesson due to karmic cause and effect.  

      I see.  Thank you.

You’re welcome!  Now then, others of our transients are teachers in specialty fields or students who come for selected education, and they leave when they have accomplished their purpose.  Visitors come from other discarnate realms to further their spiritual growth and stay as long as their specific interests last.  And there are many short-term vacationers, some from supra-human civilizations.  Nirvana is much more beautiful than many other discarnate realms and, just like resorts on Earth, it attracts “tourists.”

There is still another kind of resident here, souls who have taken on new bodies on Earth, but they reside here as well as there.  Mother, this isn’t “weird” at all, and there is good reason for these “dual” lives.  When one is motivated toward studies, learning can be achieved far more rapidly here than on Earth. We have almost limitless superb resources and master teachers, and the entire environment is conducive to spiritual growth.  What better place to gain knowledge and spiritual enlightenment with which to endow the new personage?


Thank you, Mother. We have given an enlightening glimpse of life in Nirvana, but no message can cover all facets of that world, like the personal reception of all arrivals and how they are affected by the thoughts and feelings of their loved ones on Earth; the customized care given to all who arrive with traumatized psyches; the diverse environment in that spirit world; its republic form of governance; aging and de-aging; or the range of residents’ manifesting capabilities. Although our messages never have been a platform for recommending the Matthew books, we make this one exception: Matthew, Tell Me about Heaven offers comfort to people grieving the loss of a loved one and is an inspirational guideline for living.

Light beings throughout this universe are cheering you ever onward and embracing you with unconditional love.



Suzanne Ward

Georgi Stankov – 7 New Updates – 1-18-15

Georgi Stankov   –   7 New Updates   –   1-18-15


6  Geopolitical  Headlines

Cosmic Vision News – Journalist Geoffrey West – News Around, Upon, Within and Beyond Our Planet – 1-9-15

Geoffrey West
















Cosmic Vision News – Journalist Geoffrey West – News Around, Upon, Within and Beyond Our Planet


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15. ( 77:04 ) ANNOUNCEMENTS


Georgi Stankov – MAJOR UPDATE – 12-24-14

Georgi Stankov   –   MAJOR UPDATE   –   12-24-14

Cosmic Vision News – journalist Geoffrey West – News Around, Upon, Within and Beyond Our Planet – 12-19-14


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15. ( 80:52 ) FINAL WORDS:  WHICH WAY IS ‘UP’?

Georgi Stankov – 4 New Updates – 12-14-14

Stankov’s Universal Law Press

Georgi Stankov

During the last few weeks I have expanded the scope of my topics to include a vast array of articles on politics, finance, economics and collective sociology, all this imbued with the transcendental concept of our Ascension as the underlying force behind all events.

Cosmic Vision News – Journalist Geoffrey West – News Around, Upon, Within and Beyond Our Planet – 12-12-14

cosmic vision news

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Cosmic Vision News – Journalist Geoffrey West – – News Around, Upon, Within and Beyond Our Planet – 11-28-14


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