Matthew’s Message via Suzy Ward – 2-14-19 – Via Steve Beckow @ Golden Age Of Gaia



With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Let us begin by addressing your concerns as to how the following situations are affecting the progress of the light: Yellow Vest movement in France, Brexit complexities, political upheaval in Venezuela, effects of China’s economic slowdown on the global economy, effects of the United States government shutdown, cyberspace warfare, crisis in Yemen, continuing terrorism around the world, climate change denial, Russia’s intentions, nuclear programs in Iran and North Korea.

Those situations and all others in one degree of flux or another are the resistance to change clashing with the insistence upon it, and in no way is this deterring the light’s progress. A process as monumental as world transformation doesn’t happen in a straight line—it zigzags in accordance with billions of free will choices made daily.

The Illuminati, now commonly called the Deep State, are resisting accepting that their efforts to retain their influence in your world are utterly futile. And, without knowing that the light’s unparalleled power is exposing and banishing darkness, the peoples are responding to light’s high vibrations by insisting upon justness and equality. What you are seeing is a civilization bringing to an end its ages-long trauma so healing can come.

Beloved sisters and brothers, we know your desire for all of Earth’s peoples to live in a peaceful, harmonious, benevolent world—you went there to help them awaken consciously and spiritually so they can manifest it!  And, while we know this is happening with swiftness unique in this universe and we see that beautiful wondrous world flourishing in the continuum, we understand your impatience to see this in linear time.

When you volunteered to go to Earth, you knew that your journey would entail experiencing the emotions and hardships inherent in a third-density civilization. You also knew that by divine design, all of that would be forgotten when you incarnated and you wouldn’t remember why you are where you are.

Therefore, you would follow your intuition, tap into your spiritual strength and persevere with determination and ingenuity to surmount the many obstacles you would encounter—and you have been doing this nobly! Along with honoring your steadfastness in the light and your invaluable service to the peoples of Earth, we want to assure you that evidence of what you have helped them accomplish is on the near horizon.

Please, ask Matthew how to deal with the need of Ego in the task of learning to serve in light and love.”  First we say, ego gets a bad rap when it is limited to denoting egotism or pomposity, and it is more than your dictionary definition, the part of the psyche of which a person is consciously aware.

Ego can be considered a work in progress because it changes as you add to your conscious awareness through academic and religious teachings; observations; ideas; expanded circle of acquaintances; conformance with or rebellion against parental, peer and societal expectations; pursuit of interests; the honing of skills and talents; acquisition of “street smarts”; development of values and standards of conduct; success or failure in personal relationships and professional goals. In short, ego is the composite of everything you have experienced from infancy to date.

So, it is not an issue of the need of ego in learning how to serve in light and love or in any other capacity. Ego simply is. It is your concept of who you are, an intrinsic part of you that functions 24/7 as naturally as breathing.  Ego goes to its composite of all the human traits and actions it has experienced or observed—its storage facility of supplies, so to say—and automatically chooses what it wants as you interact with others and react to circumstances.

Everything in the supply line available to ego emits vibrations. The high end of the line includes “godly ways”: kindness, empathy, compassion, humility, gentleness, thoughtfulness, helpfulness, gratitude, generosity, joy, honesty, forgiveness, trustworthiness, loyalty, dependability, hopefulness, and perseverance in times of adversity. The low end includes apathy, immorality and amorality, cruelty, deceptiveness, betrayal, bigotry, arrogance, fear, anger, stinginess, jealousy, envy, pessimism, resentment, guilt, egotism, hubris and vengefulness. That duality in third-density humankind comes from the belief that each person is separate from all others and from God.

Now then, choosing traits and actions with high vibrations enables clarity in perceiving self and others and acting with sound judgment, whereas choices in low vibratory ranges produce deluded opinions of self, flawed assessment of others, and rash rather than reasoned behavior.

And, what you think of as character, nature or personality are what the ego most frequently chooses from its spectrum of possible selections. In this, conscience—the province of the soul that nudges provisions chosen in the soul contract—is ego’s companion and ally; but if conscience is consistently ignored, it atrophies and becomes nonfunctional, thereby leaving ego out on a limb, in a manner of speaking.

To give an example of ego “in action,” let us say that four strangers have just been seated in the waiting area of a crowded restaurant. Their reactions are in consonance with what automatically comes to each: One thinks about the delicious dinner ahead, one worries about being late for an evening business appointment, one looks around the room and admires its décor, the fourth shows annoyance about having to wait for a table.

Those four different perceptions of a shared situation enter the collective consciousness of Earth. As they wait, each person perceives self—self-image—and forms an impression of the other three, so 16 more perceptions exist within the group and those, like all the other thoughts and feelings that come to them, also become part of the collective consciousness.

Let us take this a step further. You see things as solid, but nothing is—everything is energy fluctuating within vastly varying degrees of frequency—and, like vision, everything that your other four senses tell you also is what you perceive it to be—what you perceive is what you believe and that is your reality. Now let us put into that perspective your questioning how various situations are affecting the light—those you mentioned and all others are reflecting the myriad perceptions of reality within the populace at any given moment.

Putting all of those into the context of today’s happenings produces two primary and opposing perceptions—a world ruled by the few who feel entitled to do what they want is one; the other is a peaceful, harmonious world with justness and abundance for everyone. The continuously increasing strength of the latter perception’s energy in the collective consciousness is manifesting that envisioned and desired world. And it doesn’t stop there. The energy of that perception flows into universal mass consciousness and on into cosmic consciousness—everything happening anywhere affects everything everywhere.    

We digressed considerably, so let us bring ego back down to Earth and speak about persons who are serving in light and love, or lightworkers. They are acting upon ego’s natural selection from its supply facility the qualities that emit the highest vibrations. The same is true of people who are living in godly ways, but they haven’t heard the term lightworker so don’t think of themselves as such. The difference between you who know you are lightworkers and the many millions who don’t know they are is your knowledge.

You know you are multidimensional immortal souls inseparably connected with each other and God, and all souls are the pure love-light essence of Creator. You know about soul contracts and pre-birth agreements, universal laws and planetary and personal ascension. You know there are countless souls in other civilizations, many of which are highly evolved spiritually, consciously and technologically, and some are your ancestors. And you know that during this unprecedented era of change throughout this universe, love-light, the most powerful force in the cosmos, is vanquishing the vestiges of darkness on Earth.

Rejoice, dear family, in knowing these truths!

“I am a former member of the news media and must say I don’t believe all of the members of the news media are corrupt. Maybe their bosses and some very high-profile talent are. But most of the journalists I worked with in the 80s and 90s were honest, hardworking people. I’m sure this is still true today.” Yes, it is. Most press, radio and TV journalists don’t know that the information they report from wire services and other sources is what media’s dark controllers want the public to believe.

Few journalists know that often information they call “fake” news is, instead, the truth. For instance, when the pedophile ring came to light in the Washington, DC, area that is serving members of the US government and visiting dignitaries—this became known as “Pizzagate”— dark ones quickly labeled it fake news and unwitting reporters echoed that falsehood. A term of longstanding that was devised to hide the truth is conspiracy theory, and the public has been programmed to consign to the trash heap whatever media reports as such.

Although many still do believe that information to which either term is attached is lies or crazy ideas, others are realizing that issues are thusly labeled as cover-ups and that is due to the efforts of journalists around the globe whose exhaustive research has exposed the pervasive corruption within their own industry; corporations; medical, entertainment and sports fields; governments and financial institutions.

We honor these men and women, whose soul contracts include not only writing talent, perseverance and courage, but the potential of professional discrediting, imprisonment or assassination because of their dedication to uncovering and publishing the truth. It should not be surprising that a large number of them are souls from other civilizations who volunteered to incarnate on Earth to serve in this capacity.

Although the history of St. Valentine has been discarded and the commercialization of February 14 has gone into hyperspace, who can fault celebrating love? There will be a universal celebration when love has permeated every heart in your world!

Beloved family, all light beings throughout this universe are supporting your mission on behalf of Earth with the unequaled power of unconditional love.



Suzanne Ward

Mike Quinsey via Higher Self – World events are heading for a grand finale that will give great satisfaction to the Lightworkers. After a long period of delays it will be seen that the final days have arrived, and the dark Ones no longer have the power to dictate the future of the Human Race! – 6-10-16


10th. June 2016. Mike Quinsey

World events are heading for a grand finale that will give great satisfaction to the Lightworkers. After a long period of delays it will be seen that the final days have arrived, and the dark Ones no longer have the power to dictate the future of the Human Race. The Forces of Light are largely in control, and are preventing major catastrophes planned to plunge the world into another great war. Peace is coming and very soon steps will be taken to raise the vibrations upon Earth, that will eventually result in an end to all forms of warlike actions. You will then truly know that the end of hostilities has resulted in world peace. At last it will be safe for our friends from other planets to land on Earth, and openly meet you. It will also signal the beginning of changes that will truly bring about permanent peace.

The path ahead is simply one of great satisfaction, and will more than compensate for the demanding challenges that have accompanied your lives on Earth. To once again become fully conscious Beings will take you way beyond your present level. Life will become one glorious experience, and your memories of time in the lower vibrations will quickly recede into the background. At present it is difficult for you to fully comprehend the welcome changes that are approaching, but know that you will be most delighted and happy with them. Many of you already have ideas of what lies ahead but it will almost certainly exceed your expectations. So do not let go of your vision for the future as every one of you are collectively influencing it and determining how it will be.

There are many questions that you wish to ask and all will be revealed in the course of time. It is important that you are given the truth behind your time in the 3rd. dimension, and how as Lightworkers you have greatly contributed to spreading the Light. Your mere presence upon Earth has helped other souls to awaken to their true selves. There is much to do in this connection, and even now you are spreading the truth so that souls can take responsibility for their evolution. There is no urgency involved but at the same time the end of the old cycle has been surpassed by the new vibrations that are taking hold. It is important for you to go with the flow and as you do so, you will be attracting others so that they can take the same journey as you.
Sometimes it is a wonder that you make any progress at all, as from all directions you are assailed by a constant barrage of different energies. You attract those that harmonise with you, and providing you aura is intact can fend off the lesser energies. You can mentally visualise your aura completely encasing your physical body and by keeping it in place, have defence against attempts to penetrate it. St. Germain has often recommended that you use his Violet Flame if you need protection. Open auras invite some souls who seek to attach themselves to another soul, and if they are of a particularly low vibration they can cause problems.

If you need help for any reason, do not forget that you have Guides who will be only too pleased to help you. They travel your journey with you and are the unseen helpers who ensure as far as possible that you keep to your life plan, although in the ultimate you have the final choice. Your freewill is clearly very important but your Guides will do their best to intervene if you look like going astray. Remember that you have an agreed life plan and it is vitally important to lead your life accordingly. You can deviate from it a little without harm, but there are key moments when you must follow the plan that you have decided upon.

Looking around you it must seem that life is a collection of random events that have no real bearing where you are concerned. Yet the outworking of life for the Human Race is meticulously planned, so that you learn to evolve whilst experiencing the outcome of your choices. So you have to go along with the level that is set by the majority. Nevertheless, there is no reason why that as an individual you should not aim for a higher level of expression, and in so doing will carry others with you. There is never as you might say “a dull moment” but life will always ensure that you experience what you need, rather than what you believe you need. So accept what comes your way as a challenge for you to overcome. It is not all testing and there will be times when you will have happy experiences that lift you up.

On Earth where your evolution is concerned there are such complicated matters that you may wonder how they ever work out. It is not just planning but the dedication of those who work with you to ensure you take full advantage of your opportunities to evolve. A missed opportunity simply means that another one will be taken, although in some circumstances it may be held over until a subsequent lifetime. How much you take on at any one time is your choice, although you will be helped in your decisions so as not to overload yourself. Karma is not always carried forward from one life to another unless it is necessary, and more often than not there is an immediate result.

Life after life you have had experiences in whatever way was necessary for your progress towards the higher dimensions of Light. Now many of you are on the verge of completing your time in the lower dimensions, having learnt sufficient to enable you to rise up. Having reached that point some of you prefer to remain so as to serve those who need a helping hand to make progress. You may ask what is the ultimate goal of all souls and to put it quite simply it is – to return to the total perfection of the Godhead, until you are sent out again for a new set of experiences.

Events are moving along very quickly and announcements will soon be made in that respect. The reason why it has not been picked up by your media is that they still do not have the freedom to report the real news that is of importance. However, that is slowly changing and steps are afoot to bring about the necessary changes that will achieve it. As you are beginning to realise, you have been fed only what the dark Ones have controlled and often it is far removed from the truth. It does at times filter through but you need to be aware of reliable sources, as some are simply set up to give out false information. The Internet is still your best source and carries up to date news of events that are taking place. If some news seems doubtful then it probably is and should be ignored.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.
In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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What On Earth Can We Do? – Rise Multiversity Podcast #2 – 11-20-15

Gustavo Tanaka  – There is Something Extraordinary happening in the World – 10-17-15

There is something extraordinary happening in the world by Gustavo Tanaka | Medium

We still haven’t realized of something extraordinary that is happening.

A few months ago, I freed myself from society, I’ve released myself from attachments I had and fear that locked me to the system. And since then, I started seeing the world from a different perspective. The perspective that everything is changing and most of us have not even realized that.


Why is the world changing? In this post I’ll list the reasons that take me to believe this.


1 — No one can stand the employment model anymore.

Each one is reaching its own limit. People that work in big corporations can’t handle their jobs. The lack of purpose starts to knock the door of each one as a desperate scream coming from the heart.

People want to escape. They want to leave everything behind. Look how many people trying to become entrepreneurs, how many people going on sabbaticals, how many people depressed in their jobs, how many people in burnout.


2- The entrepreneurship model is also changing

A few years ago, with the explosion of the startups, thousands of entrepreneurs, ran to their garages to create their billion dollar ideas. The glory was to get funded by an investor. Investor’s money in hand was just like winning the World Cup.


But what happens after you get funded?

You become an employee again. You have people that are not aligned with your dream, that don’t give a damn to the purpose and everything turns into money. The financial return starts to be the main driver.

Many people are suffering with this. Brilliant startups start to fall because the model of chasing money never ends.

We need a new model of entrepreneurship.

And there is already many good people doing this.


3- The rise of collaboration

Many people have already realized that makes no sense to go alone. Many people awake to this crazy mentality of “going on your own”.

Stop, take a step back and think. Isn’t it an absurd, we, 7 billion people living in the same planet get so separated from each other? What sense does it make, you and the thousands (or millions) of people living in the same city turn your back to each other? Everytime I get myself thinking on that, I get even kind of depressed.

But fortunately, things are changing. All the movements of sharing and collaborative economy are pointing towards this direction. The rise of collaboration, sharing, helping, giving hands, getting united.

It is beautiful. It makes tears come from my eyes.


4- We are finally starting to understand what the internet is

Internet is an incredibly spectacular thing and only now, after so many years we are understanding it’s power. With internet, the world opens, the barriers fall, separation ends, union starts, collaboration explodes, help emerges.

Some nations made revolution with the internet, such as the Arab Spring. In Brazil we are just starting to use better this magnificent tool.

Internet is taking down mass control. There is no more television, no more few newspapers showing the news they want us to read. You can go after whatever you want, you relate to whoever you want. You can explore whatever you want, whenever you want.

With internet, the small starts to get a voice. The anonymous become known. The world gets united. And the system may fall.


THE NEW EARTH TIMES ~ Edition #17 ~ World Events – The Escalation oF Goodness is Unstoppable – 8=9=15


Dearest Ones, it is I, your Father God.
I want to bring you up to date on the world affairs which will affect you and your loved ones in the coming days.  As you know, the Lion’s Gate has been thrown open, and the intense energies we sent to you during the period from July 4th until August 8, 2015 will not abate as they normally did in past years.  We will continue to send you the uplifting energies that will carry you through the times to come, and they will increase incrementally until all of humankind has ascended.
Some of the major changes in the world are beginning to seep into the mainstream (cabal-run) media, slipping past the circus in the U.S. that is laughably called ‘political debate.’  It is really a contest about how much buffoonery, insolence, arrogance, violence and abuse the American people will tolerate, and what their response will be to the caricature of duality and separation being played out on the world stage.  Of course it is an embarrassment to anyone who believes their leaders should be dignified, calm and principled, but never fear, Beloved Ones, this is merely a very obvious last gasp of the cabal minions, whose overt nastiness and arrogance is on display for all to witness.
The shenanigans flooding the airwaves, and the isolated (but not unrelated) incidents of murderous violence being played over and over in the media are all designed to present the picture of a world that is out of control, dangerous and unpredictable.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  We – your Mother and I, and our beloved Company of Heaven – are at this time encouraging the public escalation of “news” about such unseemly behaviors because the backstory will inadvertently be revealed in the process.
You see, the cabal’s greatest weakness is their thinly veiled contempt for one another.  They are incapable of true cooperation; they only align with each other when it is in their own private interests. Otherwise, they are combative, underhanded and double-dealing.  They will expose each other with glee, and at the same time they will reveal the truth about how devious their power-building strategies have been.  Watch closely as it unfolds.  It is a wonderful time to be in the front row watching this slow-moving train wreck that is the disintegration of the Matrix.
Meanwhile, in Iraq, earnest Lightworkers in the new government are working diligently to rid the country of the corrupt Old Guard, including Maliki and his thugs.  It is imperative that the country raise themselves out of the old systems of graft and outright theft if they are to make their debut as a reliable participant in the emerging world markets.  They have made enormous strides in the past week.  They have prepared their fertile ground for prosperity and abundance on a level the “Cradle of Civilization” has not seen in eons.  The suffering people of Iraq deserve nothing less.
It has not been an easy task for us to join hands with you in this Project.  You have been taught to mistrust God and anyone associated with us in Higher Realms.  Over thousands of years, humankind has suffered under the belief that we are controlling and vindictive, negligent and uncaring about the moment to moment challenges and pain you face every day.  We come through our beloved channels to reassure you and to convince you that none of those old teachings are true.  They were designed to take advantage of the Veil, to tell you what profited the dark ones, whose main goal was to take complete control over Earth, in defiance of our Word.
It has long been prophesied that there would be an “End of Times” on Planet Earth.  The original prophesy was from Mother and I, delivered to humanity by Archangel Michael.  We did not predict an end of life on Earth, or an end to the planet herself.  It is to be an end to life as you have known it – a low density and mostly torturous experience of being controlled by dark forces you cannot see.
The dark ones, under Anunnaki guidance, did a good job of diverting your attention away from themselves, so you would think it was I who caused the chaos and suffering.  It was never so.  They even convinced nearly everyone on the planet that God was a lone male source of dark power who throws lightening bolts and creates plagues to punish his children.  What a picture!  In this way they eliminated Mother from the story, along with Mary Magdalene and all the other strong and loving women who threatened their dark interpretations.
Mother and I are One, the Source of Creation.  We create only with Love; there is no other way to create living beings with souls.  No laboratory experiment, no matter how sophisticated it may be, will ever come close to true Creation because without our participation, no Spark of Life – the living soul – can be joined with any physical body, no matter how perfectly designed.  Anything less is an abomination, a robotic imitation of Life.
These practices are being shut down in this “End of Times.”  We will permit no more such experiments once our courageous boots on the ground have succeeded in prosecuting some of the offenders.  It is vital to put an end to these heinous practices because they threaten the balance of life, tipping all into darkness.  For instance, every genetically modified plant or animal emits only darkness.  It also introduces darkness into your body if you ingest it.
Work with us, Beloved Children, to the extent of your own ability, to help us eliminate all these things from your environment.  While we do indeed have the power to cast lightening bolts, we would never do that.  This is your planet, Humankind.  We created and nurtured her for you.  Now you must begin to do the same, for every gesture on your part allows us to “have your back.”  By this we mean that we can then intervene with you to the maximum allowed by our free will contracts.  For instance, if you insist on eating toxic food, we will not take it away from you, but it does slow the progress of our joint work toward Ascension for you and for all.  When you turn your eyes to us in partnership, we can work with you to the fullest extent possible.
Take my hand, Beloved Child of mine, and let me pour my love down through your Pillar of Light directly into your sore and exhausted heart.  I will nourish and restore you for this final lap – the Victory Lap, really, after millennia of hard work.  We will triumph in the Light together, you and I.
Mother and I embrace you as we do our beloved Company of Heaven.  We are holding open the gates for you to walk across our Bridge of Light into the Oneness you have been searching for.  Search no more, Dear Children.  We are right here in your heart.
I am your Father God
Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May, New York, August 9, 2015
Choosing Light
“With the picture of your own path stretching out ahead of you, and you moving along it, calmly observe the the events and people you come across.  As you celebrate your adult intelligence and strength, breathe deeply into the center of your brain and continue with the exercise of putting down your roots in your own body soul and into the Earth.
As you feel the pathways in your brain awakening and new channels being formed, do not be alarmed if you feel a momentary headache or dizziness. This is a good sign that you are disconnecting old concepts and prejudices in favor of a new system which embraces equality, creativity, and unquestioning worth – yours and that of every living thing not he planet.  Imagine yourself basking in the Light of Spirit, showered with the feeling of unconditional love which pours down over your head, into your brain, and throughout your system.  Put your hand on the back of your head as you absorb the healing Light.  Feel the depth of your brain, and position yourself just above and behind the center, as captain of your own body-ship.
As you breathe in the Light, acknowledge the precious connection you have with your present-day self, and with the body you have been given experience this journey.  Safe and at ease, surrounded by Light, envelop yourself in the loving heart-energy you emanate.  It ripples around you like a protective cloak and emanantes outward to warm and reassure others.  You are safe.  Inside your own heart, you go on.  In this configuration, you do not “give of yourself.”
You can give of your energy, your time, you affection, even your money, but you cannot give of yourself because no one else can use it.  They have their own. Respect and cherish that separateness, the basis of each person’s free will.  At the same time, allow the awareness of our absolute interconnectedness.  Each of us – every creature and plant and rock – is a part of the greater whole.  Living your life in celebration of Oneness allows you to never feel alone, because you never are.”
Dr. Kathryn E. May, Who Needs Light?  pg. 163
Link for book:  Who Needs Light?

Georgi Stankov – New Updates – 12-24-14

Georgi Stankov   –   New Updates   –   12-24-14



Archangel Michael – An Hour With An Angel – Ascension, World – Host: Steve Beckow – Channel: Linda Dillon

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Archangel Michael talks about Ascension and World Events

Cosmic Vision News – Geoffrey West – InLight Radio – 9-27-13

Cosmic Vision News   –   Geoffrey West   –   InLight Radio   –   9-27-13   –   Click Here To Listen 

“With news around, upon, within and beyond our planet, it is the first newscast making disclosure (of our galactic families) official.”

After more than one year on the air, the show has succeeded in connecting with souls around our planet while gently guiding listeners into a new paradigm that is currently birthing a more peaceful and loving human and planetary consciousness.

CVN lays the foundation for the future of journalism, with a nod to the ethic and morality that journalism is not ‘THE TRUTH’ – it is merely a perspective by which one can help to formulate one’s own truth through one’s discernment.

In service to humanity, our planet and our galactic families, CVN aims to be the future source for disclosure news and stories, as our galactic families become more known to humanity.


Ascended Masters’ world message for 2012-2013 regarding the Earth changes