Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock – Disclosure Checkmate, Parts 1, 2

The first episode of Wisdom Teachings: Disclosure Checkmate marks the beginning of a new focus in the series. This is the subject of Full Disclosure. Due to recent developments in our planetary situation, the people at Gaia decided that the subject of Full Disclosure needed the spotlight.

 The material which David Wilcock is to cover in this series runs parallel to that of many well-known whistle-blowers and personalities, such as Corey Goode, Randy Cramer, Michael Relfe, Cobra, as well as many insiders whom Wilcock knows personally. One point that was made was that events are transpiring so quickly that it may be difficult for the series to keep up with them all in a completely contiguous order.

According to David, there have recently been some “very aggressive” moves toward disclosure.  He says that, should events begin to unfold at a rapid pace, there may be a change of pace for the series so as to keep the viewers up-to-date on the latest information.


Understanding Holograms – Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock

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In this episode of Wisdom Teachings, David Wilcock reviews Benoit Mandelbrot’s research into static electricity on AT&T’s early phone lines, which resulted in findings dealing with energy and natural laws of the universe, including predator/prey animal populations in the wild. This resulting ratio can be represented as a graph or fractal pattern, which has become known as the Mandelbrot Set. This concept is referred to as self-similarity and applies to David’s conclusion that holograms are fractals in action. David explains how this concept can help us better understand the components of a hologram. Watch the full episode and sign up for your free 10-day trial at GaiamTV.com-http://bit.ly/WisdomTeachingsOnGaiamTV

Full Length – Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock – Strange Physics Part 1 – Atomic Densities

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David Wilcock – Gaiam TV – Wisdom Teachings

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Gaiam TV Wisdom Teachings – Faces of the Gods

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http://bit.ly/GaiamTVonYouTube – Carved in stone and cast through the ages, we still know the faces of the gods who ruled over ancient civilizations.