SUZANNE LIE – The Arcturians on Mastering What Jesus Knew – Hour With An Angel Show – 12-24-15



SUZANNE LIE   –   The Arcturians on Mastering What Jesus Knew   –   Hour With An Angel Show   –   12-24-15

Channeler Suzanne Lie  /  Interviewer Steve Beckow




By Steve Beckow

December 24, 2015 ~ Linda continues to recover from her shoulder surgery. Sue Lie sat in for her again this week and allowed us a far-ranging discussion of Ascension, karma, free will, grounding energy, etc.

Sue and I are both connected to Arcturus so talking to the Arcturians for me is like old home week.  We discussed what the qualities were that Jesus manifested that we can learn from and assimilate and what the galactics hope to see from us, who celebrate Christmas, at this time of year.

We discussed the different choices that beings make who agree to embody as planets. Some are free will and some are not. Some are impacted by the law of cause and effect and some are not.

The Arcturians explained the importance of us lightworkers grounding our energy into Gaia. They reminded us that we were here not for our personal Ascensions, but for planetary Ascension.

We discussed how the love we give ourselves is not an idea, not an attitude, but a palpable, tangible experience of love. The Arcturians also went into the actual mechanics of “expansion,” a concept we accept but perhaps have only a common-sensical appreciation of.

We talked about the impact that fear has on us and the necessity of forgiving others and looking upon all, including ourselves, with unconditional love, as Jesus did in his final act on the cross of forgiving his tormentors.

This Christmas Eve, we remember what Jesus taught us about unconditional love and the need to forgive all those who have in any way “failed us,” disappointed us, or even mistreated us. If we wish to detach ourselves from Third Dimensionality, the way to do it is to complete with the Third Dimension and for many of us, the way to do that is to forgive.

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