Wes Annec – The Voice Within – Celebrate Your Existence – 2-27-15

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You have every reason to be joyful and celebrate your existence, but it’s easy to feel like you should stifle your excitement because of the bad things that happen on your world every day.

It’s easy to convince yourselves the world is an awful place to live, but life is what you make of it and if you’re willing to have a positive perspective in the face of every negative situation you face, you’ll realize that life doesn’t have to be as difficult as it’s been made out to be.

Your life on earth is precious, and you only get one chance to participate in the shift that’s taking place.

You’re encouraged to do as much as you can in your short time on earth, and when you don’t feel motivated to contribute, you’re encouraged to find some way to rekindle your spark and realign with the motivation and excitement that come with participating in a collective spiritual evolution.

Collective Evolution Doesn’t Happen Often

Collective spiritual evolution doesn’t happen very often, and you’re in a unique position to create a lot of important and needed changes.

The best way to create change is to cultivate it from within, and when you can make the inner changes that are essential to your creation of a positive future, changing your external reality will be a breeze as you open up and let the universe work through you.

You can become conduits for the universe to express itself, and all it takes is the willingness to open your minds to the wonders that exist beyond your conscious perception.

There’s so much for you to explore; so much for you to grasp and understand, and this is why you’re encouraged to do as much as you can now for the sake of the collective awakening. You help yourselves awaken when you help the world awaken, and the spiritually inspired work you present to the rest of humanity doesn’t only benefit them, but you as well.

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If you could only see how much you have to be thankful for (and excited about), the emotional obstacles that have held you back would be easily transcended as you recognize that life isn’t meant to drag on your spirit or your sense of wholeness.

Your existence on earth is meant to increase your wholeness and your willingness to contribute to your collective ascension, but you can only properly contribute if you find the willingness in yourselves to transcend everything that holds you back and welcome a greater perception.

As you welcome this greater perception, you anchor it onto yourselves and your planet, enabling the awakenings of millions of people who would’ve had a hard time awakening were it not for your diligent effort.

Meditation Will Help

Meditation will help you feel the perceptual wonders you can now anchor onto yourselves and your planet, and the more you connect with the universe and the omnipotent aspects of your consciousness that are being revealed, the more potent your spiritually inspired work will be and the more you’ll uplift others who subconsciously search for a way to awaken from the perceptual limits they’ve accepted for so long.

An interesting thing about your spiritual evolution is that you’re being assisted by an infinite amount of higher-dimensional forces, but for the most part, nobody on your evolving planet is yet aware of this assistance of the things you can do to expand your reception of it.

You can be told there are an infinite amount of angels and what you call ‘extraterrestrials’ attempting to assist you from the other side of the veil, but this information means little if you aren’t willing to open up to it or consider that it could be legitimate.

The more open you are, the more you’ll discover about yourselves and your reality that’ll surprise you and show you that life is nothing like you’ve been led to believe.

You don’t have to believe everything you hear or read on the internet, but you don’t have to close yourselves off from certain truths that you might benefit from knowing either. Only you can decide what is and isn’t true for you, and if you’re willing to open up to concepts you once shrugged off or assumed were pure fantasy, you might discover things you never expected to be real.

Open-mindedness goes a long way, and when your mind’s open and you’re willing to consider things you never considered before, connections are made that can liberate and amaze you along your journey back to Source.

Ultimately, every aspect of consciousness in every lower and higher realms is on a journey back into the Source of existence, and to connect with this Source and eventually reach it, all you have to do is travel deep inside yourselves and discover things you once knew about but have since forgotten as you made your way through the lower vibrations.

Disconnection Is An Illusion

You seem disconnected from Source in your current, limited state of consciousness, but little do you know, you’re constantly connected with your creator and all you need to do to experience the benefits of this connection is express faith in its reality and invite Source to enrich your lives and the lives of everyone around you who’d benefit from your active, sustained connection.

Everyone would benefit from connecting with Source and receiving the guidance that can result, but you can only make this connection if you’re willing.

Unwillingness to sustain it or believe in its reality could cause you to go without it until you’re willing to open up to it again, and you might be starting to realize that openness is an important part of maintaining any greater spiritual connection or conveying the guidance that can result for the benefit of the conscious community.

There will be times when, just like with your creativity, you can’t seem to sustain this connection very easily. When this happens, you’re encouraged to express patience and remember that a depleted connection doesn’t have to deter you from attempting to connect at another time.

Your connection can become stronger than it’s ever been, but it takes the willingness to work through any inner issues that are blocking it and embrace the hard work that’s sometimes required to sustain it. The work that’s required isn’t external by any means – it’s diligent inner work that needs done before you can enjoy a real or pure connection with your essence.

You’re starting to make this pure connection as you ask yourselves how you can use it to help humanity, and the harder you work to sustain it, the stronger it’ll become and the more enthusiastically you’ll be able to use it to assist in humanity’s awakening.

Channeling Won’t Be Required

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Those of you who channel or intuitively communicate with your higher self or spiritual guides in an effort to sustain this connection might eventually lay the practice down, because the connection will have become so real and strong that you’ll naturally express it in every moment.

You’ll no longer need to channel or practice another form of attunement with your essence, because you’ll be constantly aligned and your every thought, word and action will reflect this alignment.

You can stay connected without having to channel your inner voice or any other spiritual force, but for now, those of you who use channeling or intuitive communication to make this connection are encouraged to stick with it, because, in most cases, it’s helping you to sustain your connection.

It’s helping you find it in yourselves to stay connected, even when you aren’t channeling, and you’ll find that you need to channel less and less as you continue to sustain it. You’ll still be encouraged to align in whatever way works for you, but the difference will be that you won’t require things like channeling to stay connected or aligned.

For now, continue to embrace the things that are helping you raise your vibration and introduce others to the spiritual concepts you’ve long discovered, and stay busy in the name of love and spirit while remembering to rest every now and then and enter into the silence of the sacred self.

Most of you know by now that you can play as much as you work, but beyond work and play, remember to sit in the contemplative silence and stillness that help you stay connected with Source. Whether you enter into this stillness with meditation, channeling or any other form of spiritual attunement, remaining there is more important than most of you realize.

The entire conscious community (and the world) will eventually realize how important it is to remain in this sacred space, and those of you who are realizing its importance can make the path clear for others who’ll open up when they’re ready.

An intuitive message by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, February 26, 2015 – http://tinyurl.com/plknroa


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Wes Annec – We Evolve by the Grace of Source, Part 1/2 – 11-20-14

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Our perception of God has been distorted on this planet for centuries. Through a gradual editing and discrediting of various religious texts that were otherwise genuine, we’ve been taught to believe that God’s an angry man in the sky who sends ‘sinners’ to a fiery inferno because he doesn’t like the things they did on earth.

We’re taught to believe that we have to live unflinchingly in alignment with certain rules or philosophies, lest we wish to go to ‘hell’, and we’re considered ‘sinners’ from the moment of our birth.

Needless to say, this seems like a distorted way to perceive the Source of all existence. Instead of seeing our God as a vengeful man who has a score to settle with humanity, we can recognize that Source is unconditionally loving and offers constant grace – grace that we can receive if we open up to it.

If we’re motivated enough, we can feel Source’s grace very easily.

Like all things, the more we seek Source, the more we’ll begin to feel his/her higher qualities radiating through our bodies and spirits. If we seek Source with a humble and loving heart, we’ll receive his /her grace and every other divine quality that’ll lead us back into the higher realms.

Our perception of Source and Christ will have to be expanded for us to properly receive these qualities.

We’ll have to see that Source is a loving, omnipotent being of pure consciousness who wants us to understand that our reality is innately spiritual; that it’s comprised of the love that creates every reality and enables every being of consciousness to progress ‘upward’ through the dimensions.

Once our understanding of Source is undistorted, we’ll be open to greater insights about the spiritual nature of our reality and the necessity to live in alignment with ideals and philosophies that help us spiritually progress, as opposed to ideals that are pushed onto us by a church.

Needless to say, we aren’t ‘punished’ for living out of alignment with the divine qualities.

We punish ourselves in a sense, because we keep ourselves from exploring the greater perceptions and revelations that help us perceive the divine in a realer and purer way. Source doesn’t force this limitation onto us – we chose to embody it in the first place and we accept it (thereby feeding it) when we live out of alignment.

It’s something we do to ourselves, and I’m sure if it were up to Source, we’d all be back in the higher realms, enjoying ourselves and appreciating the experiences we were blessed to have in the lower spheres.

Here, I want to examine the grace of God, as outlined by various spiritual teachers. As we’ll learn here, our creator offers unlimited grace and when we attune to our personal Christ consciousness, we not only perceive, but express the intense, burning love and the compassionate grace our creator has for all of his/her creation.

‘Brother Lawrence’ tells us that he and his companions were always treated to Source’s grace.

“God never failed offering us His grace at each action; … he distinctly perceived it, and never failed of it, unless when his thoughts had wandered from a sense of God’s presence, or he had forgotten to ask His assistance.” (1)

He also tells us that “God seemed to have granted the greatest favors to the greatest sinners, as more signal monuments of His mercy.” (2)

If we strive for perfection, he tells us, we rely primarily on Source’s grace.

“The greater perfection a soul aspires after, the more dependent it is upon divine grace.” (3)

Nothing’s impossible when we seek Source’s grace, Paramahansa Ramakrishna tells us.

“What if you are [householders]? Through His grace even the impossible becomes possible.” (4)

Nothing has to stop us from connecting with our creator, and we’re the only ones who can keep ourselves from finding and maintaining this connection.

Only when our minds are open and our hearts are capable of receiving the divine inspiration that comes directly from Source will we access these higher qualities, and as a lot of seekers have discovered, grace is one of the most potent qualities Source offers us.

When we can open up and stay open, we’ll transcend the illusory limitation that’s convinced us we’re little more than finite humans who can’t convene with our creator in a real or pure way. It requires an open mind, a receptive heart and faith in ourselves and the divinely inspired things we’ve come to this world to do, but by no means is it impossible.

Leading a ‘spiritual life’ here on earth is quite difficult, Ramakrishna points out.

“Why shouldn’t one be able to lead a spiritual life in the world? But it is extremely difficult. … There are many ties on a worldly man. There is no way for him to get rid of them except through the grace of God.” (5)

When our perception’s fixed solely on Source and the spiritual nature of our existence, transcending the limiting qualities that have chained us to the earth will be a breeze. We’ll easily access the love that creates our reality, and our higher selves, guides, etc. and Source him/herself will be there for us in our most difficult times.

Any difficulty we face will only last as long as we let it, and our communion with Source will be as easy and free-flowing as we’ve always wanted it to be when we can let go of our focus on this external reality.

It all starts with the decision to live unflinchingly in love and refrain from giving in to the lower qualities that have held humanity back for centuries, and in time, every seeker will see that being of the world doesn’t have to disqualify us from feeling and acting on our spirituality.

Through Source’s grace, even the hardest feats can be achieved with an open and loving heart, Ramakrishna tells us.

“They are heroes indeed who can pray to God in the midst of worldly activities. They are like men who strive for God-realization while carrying heavy loads on their heads. Such men are real heroes.

“You may say that this is extremely difficult. But is there anything, however hard, that cannot be achieved through God’s grace? His grace makes even the impossible possible. If a lamp has been brought into a room that has been dark a thousand years, does it illumine the room little by little? The room is lighted all at once.” (6)

Even if we’ve lived in the dark all of our lives, all we need to do to receive Source’s grace is open up and ask for it. We’ll be illuminated instantly, but it might seem like a long process of growth and refinement because we’ll have to work through the mind-driven barriers that have kept us from connecting with Source.

The moment we seek any sort of greater spiritual perception or inspiration, Source and his/her angelic helpers instantly get to work connecting with us. They help us embark on what can be a long journey of growth and refinement, and with their help and a lot of effort, patience and diligence, we eventually find the greater perception we seek.

We’ll all eventually connect with our creator, but this can only happen when everyone’s mental barriers have been torn down or transcended and we all empower the idea of using our spirituality to make the connection. Through Source’s grace, even a lost society like ours will find the light and spiritually thrive.


Wes Annec – Oversoul Teachings – Crown Chakra Expansion, Part 1/2 – 10-17-14

Credit: Stuartwilde.com

Oversoul Teachings Q&As: Crown Chakra Expansion – Part 1/2, Channeled through Wes Annac, October 16, 2014 – http://tinyurl.com/o6epr4m

In this time of heightened consciousness and awareness on the part of the conscious community and, eventually, all of humanity, certain bold phenomena will grace you at times that are related to your ongoing ascension and your receptivity to the higher vibration descending onto your minds and hearts.

If you’re particularly attuned to this phenomena, many of you will begin to notice strange and interesting things in your meditations that are related to your ongoing ascension.

Interesting happenings and circumstances may greet you at times that leave you wondering what exactly you’re experiencing or going through, and we’re here to let you know that it’s all for the greater good.

Even the most bizarre ascension-related experiences you go through are all part of your ongoing ascent into a higher frame of consciousness, and in order to experience something paradigm-shattering, you’ll have to be open to having experiences that are very far outside of your conscious perception.

If you can ready yourselves to experience bold ascension-related phenomena that’ll vastly expand your individual and collective paradigm, you’ll greet the things you witness and experience with a greater degree of ease and readiness than if you enter into them unprepared.

Call on Spirit

Always call on spirit for the assistance you require with navigating your difficult ascension journeys, and know that as long as you call on us for inspiration, insight or energy, we’ll be with you.

We’re here for every receptive godspark who’s ready to enter the next, purer phase of consciousness and see what it has to offer, and we’ll always offer our energy and insight in hopes that it helps you navigate your earthly journeys with the greatest degree of joy and ease possible.

We want you to enjoy yourselves and your existence on the earth, and we want you to know that your enjoyment’s very important to your planetary ascension.

Even though we understand that many of you feel inspired to work as hard as you can to bring yourselves and the planet around you into the light, one of the best ways to raise the collective vibration is to get out and enjoy yourselves when you could otherwise work away.

The work you’re doing is very important and needed, but the time you can spend with your family is also very important and the level of joy you can collectively feel from doing things that are unrelated to your work but still fill you with a sense of love and wholeness is greater than we can express, through this or any other channel.

The best advice we can offer many of you at present is to simply detach.

Allow your ego-driven perception of the reality around you to fade and be replaced with the slow yet steady descent of a pure, loving perception, because this’ll strengthen your ability and willingness to be an infinite conduit of love for those around you to draw off of in every moment.

You have the potential to create a wealth of needed and important changes simply by enjoying yourselves and your lives, and the upliftment you can find in this transformative time will motivate many of you to start offering yourselves to the restoration of consciousness in whatever ways work best for you.

Your ability to find and remain in a lasting, loving space hinges on your willingness to claim the sacred upliftment you now have the opportunity to feel, and your work or anything else you do is never intended to drag on your sense of enjoyment.

Quite the opposite – you’re meant to feel inspired and passionate about every bit of work you do to bring yourselves and your planet the light.

You aren’t meant to slave away at your respective missions in bringing your planet into the light – you’re meant to feel as passionate about this work as possible. Let love (and the willingness to do whatever you feel inspired to do, which comes with it) reenter your hearts when you’re stuck with the draining emotions of the ego.

Let brimming joy replace the dull tiredness and depletion that tend to overtake the minds and hearts of so many of you, and let yourselves see that despite the ego’s attempts to convince you otherwise, you are free.

You’re free and sovereign beings who are meant to use your freedom for positive and progressive purposes, and you can use your inalienable freedom to embrace your developing creativity and help others find an immense sense of joy, positivity and upliftment because of the spiritually inspired things you decide to do.

In doing this, you’ll enable them to begin contributing to your planetary ascension in immense and extraordinary ways, and with this said, we’ll happily answer the question we’ve been given today.

Question: An Addition to the Crown Chakra

I have had many metaphysical experiences in my life including contact with both galactics and gnomes, orbs and other unidentifiable creatures.

“This is different. The latest one has been that I sense something directly over my head (over my crown chakra I guess). That is hard to describe. I want to say it is a few feet over my head but you know that’s hard to really describe too.

“Also it’s about as big as a candy bar with an opening like an envelope. When I ‘go up’ to it I feel my vibration rise. The strength of the sensation and awareness comes and goes. I’m not sure what it is or why it’s there but I’m comfortable with it. Any ideas about what it may be?”

This question, which we and our scribe anticipated, is the reason we gave the introduction we did for this message, and we’ll repeat that certain bold phenomena will begin to be experienced as you continue to lighten and refine your vibration.

Even though our scribe has understandably chosen to distance himself from explanations and predictions that have to do with your ascension, we’ll affirm the words of various channeled sources of late who’ve told you that you’re in a certain phase of your ascension at present and as your years tick on, the phases will begin to intensify.

The phase you’re currently in is allowing for many of you to begin witnessing things you would’ve never thought or expected – things you may seek advice and guidance about from a channeled source or a seeker who’s started to experience the same things.

You, dear reader, witnessed what we’ll call an addition or expansion to your crown chakra. The energies on earth are intensifying exponentially, and this is resulting in an occasional need for your crown chakra to expand and take in a greater and purer amount of energy than it has so far.

Your crown chakra isn’t the only one in need of certain upgrades at times, and as you continue to greet various energetic and celestial events that’ll turn up the purity and quantity of energy you receive through your sun (and your moon, but that’s another discussion for another time), you’ll find that many of your chakras begin to accommodate certain energetic expansions.

Exactly what you witnessed is difficult to describe with earthly words, but we’ll do our best with the limited expressional arsenal we have at our disposal.

Your crown chakra was in need of an upgrade, and you subconsciously decided you were ready to witness this upgrade as it was being put into effect. If you try hard enough, you may notice that you can experience the rush of energy you first experienced when you perceived this ‘crown chakra expansion’, as we’ll call it.

Especially if you sit down to meditate, you’ll feel this energetic phenomenon at practically any time of day, and this is because you and plenty of others are now expanding and taking in a greater amount of love than you would’ve ever thought or expected.

In fact, even before you experienced this upgrade, you still brought through a wealth of pure energy that you’d be very surprised if you witnessed yourself bringing through from an outside perspective. If you could see just how pure your ability to be a conduit for the light is becoming – and we mean this for our reader and everyone else out there – you’d be very surprised.

You’d see that you truly are lightworkers and energy conduits in the greatest and purest sense, and you might be dazzled at the impressive extent to which you’re able to bring this energy through.

Concluded in Part 2 tomorrow.


Wes Annec – The Lighted Ones via Andrew Martin – On The Concept of Failure – 8-13-14

The Lighted Ones: “On the Concept of Failure” Channeled through Andrew Martin, The Lighted Ones, August 12, 2014

Greetings Dear Ones!

Today we wish to talk to you about your concept of failure.

Before you have begun each of your Earthly lifetimes and incarnations, you have, from a soul level been completely aware of the lessons and experiences you were going to have while inhabiting each lifetime. You chose to go through what you would go through with great excitement and eagerness as you knew that the more lessons and evolution you experienced, the higher your vibrational state would become.

You also knew that in every instance you would sometimes be a teacher and that you would sometimes be a student. You knew that from your human perspective you would have a limited understanding of the arc of your soul and that you would perceive many of your experiences to be negative or to be failures.

However in your Unity state prior to each Human incarnation, you were able to perceive that your individual evolution and growth meant evolution and growth for all. In your state of connectedness to All That Is, you never questioned or labeled experiences as anything other than successful and ultimately joyful, for as the saying goes “there are many roads to the top of the mountain and all roads lead to the top of the mountain”. Each and every experience within your multiple journeys has value for the individual as well as the collective.

Consider for a moment when a child is learning to walk…they try many times to take a step without falling before they are successful. However, they do not sit and berate themselves between each fall and call themselves a miserable failure for not being able to walk on the first attempt. They understand on an energetic, soul level that there is a process to all things and each time they fall, they learn to adjust their center of gravity, their balance, inertia, hand, arm, foot and leg placement until one day they seem to magically begin to walk!

Now we are not implying that you are a baby, we only choose this example to illustrate that while they may not be able to verbally articulate their experience, they are driven by the same Divine Spark that drives all of us to evolve and grow. The primary difference is that as a child, they have not yet learned to judge or criticize themselves…they only experience each Now moment as it unfolds. We all seek out the experiences that will ultimately benefit our soul’s growth and in turn the growth of the collective. There is no way to not evolve…it is impossible not to learn from each experience.

Even if it takes you 1,000 attempts to create your masterpiece, the other 999 attempts were absolutely neccesary as they all contained the lessons which ultimately led you to the one which you deem a success.

So understand that when you are tempted to perceive an experience as a failure or as negative, you can trust that it always helps you to learn something new, or to clarify more clearly what your desires are, or to move in a new direction that feels more aligned with the truth of who you are. You are eternal beings who are constantly, always, eternally, evolving and growing…there is no singular moment that does not contain the answers that you seek.

So try to begin to see your life as a string of connected Now moments which will always bring you to the next Now moment, which will in turn take you to the next Now moment and so on. When you accept that there is no end, that there is only transformation and evolution, you will begin to see the greater picture and can finally let yourselves off of the hook for your perception of being a failure.

In Love and Light we leave you!



Copyright © Andrew Martin. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter or edit it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice link: http://www.thelightedones.com

Wes Annec – Focus On Your Inner Work – 7-28-14

Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

The best advice we can give any earthly seeker is not to take yourselves or your existence too seriously, and there’s nothing wrong with lightening up and enjoying your existence instead of feeling like you have to endlessly strive to do the things you’re on the earth to do.

You’re on your planet to do a lot of wonderful and miraculous things, but you won’t be able to do them if you’re stuck in a staunch or rigid frame of mind that keeps you from finding and acting on your creativity.

What many see as ’creativity’ is creative energy that lives in the minds and hearts of every earthly soul.

You can each access your creativity and use it for a wealth of helpful purposes, and when you realize that you’re creative beings by nature who are intended to use your natural creativity for purposes that are helpful to the planet around you, your motivation to do just that will be turned up to new heights and you’ll find that you naturally work harder than you did before.

You’ll work harder because you’ll feel inspired to offer all of yourselves to your planet’s restoration and evolution, and when it’s realized just how important the efforts of each of you are to the restoration of your planet, we can envision all of humanity happily starting your work.

Embody Love and Joy

Most of humanity, and even much of the conscious public, takes your existence far more seriously than it needs to be taken. Yes, a lot of awful things have and continue to happen on your planet every day, but this gives you even more incentive to embody as much love and joy as your expanding physical/etheric bodies can shelter.

With all of the bad in the world; all of the hatred and destruction, why not embody and shine your light more than you would’ve ever thought possible?

Why not expand your limits and see how much good you can do in your world; how far you can shine your light, helping waves of others uplift themselves in the process? We note that it’s very difficult for some seekers to believe you can affect your planet more strongly by living and embodying a constant, loving vibration than by directly creating social change, but from our perspective, this is indeed true.

You have a far greater ability to change your planet by changing yourselves than most of you have yet realized, and understanding this is the first step to raising your collective vibration with each kind, loving thought and act you emit.

You constantly emit energy, emotions, information etc., and in every moment, you communicate waves of complex personal expressions that ripple out to the rest of the universe.

We’re attuned to the thoughts and emotions of humanity, and in fact, the entire universe is. The entire universe is attuned to the frequencies being emitted from every conscious being within it, and this is one reason we and plenty of others have mentioned that all of humanity, and indeed, all of creation, is inexplicably one.

We’re all connected, and we can all sense each other’s thoughts and emotions.

Of course, we only tap into this innate knowing when necessary, as in the case of assisting you along your paths, and having been attuned to your energies and impressions for a very long time, we can say with absolute assurance that love is missing from your collective consciousness.

Even many conscious seekers who know and empower certain ideas still lack a full-on perception of love, which will change everything about how they perceive their reality and introduce them to a universally blissful experience of life that’ll completely transform their emotions and their ability to treat those around them with respect and compassion.

The state of mind known as ‘zero point’ is only necessary to blank one’s ego-driven perception, but beyond it lays a universe of love, bliss and the most uplifted joy you would’ve ever expected to feel.

Reclaim this frequency, dear ones. Understand the importance of opening your minds, but don’t open your minds to the same old nothingness that tends to lead many of you to negativity and feelings of spiritual depletion.

If you feel depleted of love, joy, or bliss, it’s usually because you are depleted of them, and it isn’t necessarily dualistic to seek them if you don’t feel them. In fact, it’s essential that you do, and after so much work is done to manually put yourselves on a loving vibration, you’ll find that it naturally flows and you have no further difficulty feeling it.

Energetic ‘Hangovers’

Because of a host of different factors that affect you strongly, some of you are going to have days when you feel depleted of your natural light.

When you’re in the midst of a potent personal transformation, there are going to be energetic ‘hangovers’ and similar feelings, especially in your morning time and afternoon, that you’ll have to simply surf through the best you can, continuously reinforcing the joy and positivity you want to feel without blatantly denying any negativity that comes up to the surface for review and release, which, by this point, would be futile because this negativity will reach you one way or another.

Any seeker who’s worried that they’ll feed too heavily into duality by manually seeking the uplifted feelings that your ascension is heralding are encouraged to know that while these qualities can be seen as one ‘side’ of the dualistic landscape, they also comprise reality in the realms you’re growing toward.

Love, joy, and bliss are constant factors of the higher dimensions, so why would blatantly seeking them be a form of dualism, and thus, something that constitutes lower-dimensionality?

From our perspective, it’s very important that you seek these higher qualities, and, of course, it’s equally important to seek balance. Balance and zero point are very similar, and from your balanced space, you can then find and express a wealth of higher emotions that’ll drastically raise your vibration and that of the people around you.

You’ll find that you’re naturally much happier than before, and the people around you will note the change if you stick to it.

Again, some days, you’ll have to work extra hard to keep yourselves in an uplifted, or at the very least, balanced state, and because of the extent to which darkness and density thrive on your planet, some seekers tend to be nearly overtaken by the density and can find it very hard to reach the loving and creatively potent space they want to be in.

You’re increasing and expanding your ability to find the higher state of consciousness that’s partially responsible for your potent creative works, but you’re going to have to deal with (i.e. transmute) the dark and dense energies around you.

This is one of the main reasons for the existence of many of you on the earth: to directly confront and transmute the darkest and most spiritually suffocating energies that have and continue to hold your collective consciousness back from the higher vibration you’re starting to find.

As you find it, you’ll meet a lot of resistance from lower energies and thought forms who’ve thrived on the surface earth for centuries, and in their eyes, what the conscious public is doing is very unusual and is something that should be eradicated.

The Lightworker’s Energy is Valuable

Because they’ve thrived for so long, they see the efforts of the conscious public as a challenge and a threat to their perceived ‘reign’, and they also thrive when they can drain a conscious seeker of their valuable light.

This is especially true for those of you who’ve come to the earth to be ‘lightworkers’, which is a term to describe the work that’s done in acting as conduits for higher-dimensional energy to be expressed on the surface earth while, at the same time, transmuting the aforementioned dark energies that have plagued humanity for millennia.

The incarnate lightworkers, starseeds, etc. are encouraged to create and reinforce a physical/energetic veil of light protection, because the entities whose energy you’re transmuting can and will attempt to pierce your greater perception and drain you of the energy you’ve come to the earth to use to do your work.

In doing so, they gain an intoxicating ‘high’ before needing more, purer energy to sustain their ‘fix’, and the souls who’s energy they’ve drained are partially introduced to what life in their realm is like. This is because the entities drain these souls of their natural light, leaving them to feel empty and depleted of any light or any ability to find and remain in a lasting positive space.

We’ve seen the effects these energetic vampires have had on even some of the strongest lightworkers, and we forever encourage you to keep yourselves away from their influence, which can be very subtle, and focus entirely on your inner work.

You’re creating a much greater amount of planetary change than we could hope to express, and as long as you can find and remain in a lasting, loving space, you’ll find that all of the creative work you seek to do becomes easier and your resulting motivation and inspiration to help the earth and its people ascend is dialed up.

A little love and joy can go a very long way, and the more effort you show in putting yourselves in a lively space, the purer of a vibration you’ll carry within and the further this vibration will ripple out to the people around you, affecting souls in other states and other countries who you would’ve never thought you’d be able to affect.

Is it hard to believe that you’re helping people in other countries (and even on other planets) with the things you’re doing on the earth? How difficult is it for you to grasp the idea that your light knows no boundaries; no distance, and can reach anyone it’s directed at?

When you’re back in the higher realms, you’ll find that your light has always been able to travel anywhere it desires.

The Inner Earth and Disclosure

Before we make our final expressions for this communication, we’ll mention something that’s been on the mind of our scribe, and that is the recent conclusion from various scientists at Harvard that there could be an ‘ancient earth’ existing underneath your surface, in what’s been referred to as the ‘inner earth’. (1)

We’ll say that there is indeed an ‘ancient earth’ as these souls defined it, and it contains advanced, crystal cities and beautiful landscapes with food and vegetation that are unlike anything most of humanity has ever seen. Dwelling within this inner earth is an advanced society of souls that includes the Lemurians, who traveled to the inner earth preceding the destruction of Atlantis and Lemuria, which they foresaw.

These souls wait for humanity to ‘officially’ learn about their existence and connect with them, and they’ve spoken with quite a few people on your surface through the centuries – in some cases, working with the people’s higher selves to arrange that they find the inner earth and speak with them so they could deliver imminent messages to humanity, such as the necessity to cease atomic warfare and warfare in any other form.

However difficult it might be to envision right now, there will be a time when your mainstream media seems to suddenly start reporting the truth about waves and waves of important subjects that humanity has been lied to about for centuries.

When this time does come, it’ll seem to come in the form of a complete changeover on the part of your mainstream media and many of your governments, and suddenly, truths and revelations will start spilling out at a faster pace than most of humanity will be able to handle.

This fantastic series of events has been referred to as ‘disclosure’, and already, your mainstream media is being prepared for such a time with small bits of real, positive/progressive news stories about various subjects ranging from the existence of your star family and the advanced craft they’ve flown on your planet for centuries, to the existence of the inner earth and various other truths that’ll undo the centuries of lies and deceit that have held your society back.

We can foresee the release of an immense amount of advanced technologies that have been hidden from humanity, and full-on justice and accountability on the part of the souls who’ve suppressed these things and continuously lied to humanity will be brought about in a higher way; in a way that honors the divine qualities.

The ‘cabal’ as they’ve been referred to have a lot of hellish experiences to undergo after their charades on the earth are over, and many of them, especially the most active among them, will fully experience everything they’ve forced others to experience.

Their life reviews won’t be easy by any means, and the subsequent incarnations they make in lower realms will be equally difficult.

They’ll pay their karmic debts, however, just as they’ve forced so much of humanity to pay their orchestrated monetary debts. They’ll witness everything they’ve made others witness, because this is the nature of karma, which, despite what some of the conscious public might think, doesn’t judge.

Karma simply sends back what one has given out, and we’ll make our final expressions for this communication with the aforementioned encouragement to keep your heads held high and orient to love and positivity at all times.

You have a lot of clearing and transmutation work to do, so we’ll never recommend suppressing any negativity that comes up in favor of what’d become a false light that’d be used to mask the negativity, but when you find that you aren’t in the midst of such clearings, open up and put yourselves in a positive frame of mind and heart, no matter what it takes.

It’s very important that you do, and the avalanche of truths and revelations so many of you have heard so much about depends on it.

When the collective vibration has reached a certain purity, the ‘disclosure’ related events will be enabled to begin, so keep working as hard as you can to raise your vibration and that of humanity in preparation for the wonderful future you have the potential to create.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.




Wes Annec – The Spirit World Chronicles: The Borderlands – A Fictional Transition Into the Near-Earth Plane, Part 1/2 – 7-16-14


Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

The Spirit World Chronicles is an ongoing series based on channeled accounts of what the afterlife is like. Some of the material examined in this series dates back to nearly a century ago, and the referenced sources discuss a wide range of topics that have to do with life after death and the conditions of the realms beyond.

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Throughout the discussions we’ve had so far, we learned primarily about what it’s like to pass on from the earth – what it’s like to meet one’s friends and family members, what passing on is like in times of war, etc. – and now, I’d like to move on and examine the fourth dimension itself.

What are the conditions of the place we go when we die? Are there various planes and sub-planes, or is it one dimension where everyone exists together? The sources we’ll hear from here answer this and plenty more questions, and the remainder of the discussions we’ll have will focus on the fourth dimension and what its realms are like.

We have plenty of material to examine about this subject, and I don’t know about any of you, but I’m excited to learn all about the fourth dimension and the things we’re able to do when we leave the earth behind. Humanity’s headed for the fifth dimension, but we’re believed to be passing through the fourth and we might as well learn as much about it as we can.

I always love learning about the higher realms, and the things our sources have told us about the fourth-dimensional realms are interesting and insightful to say the least. Soon enough, we’ll look down on the fourth dimension from the fifth with an immense amount of love and joy, but for now, most of us still don’t know as much about it as we could.

For this installment, we’re going to examine a fictitious account of a person dying and making their way into spirit, with help from a transition guide. A fellow known as the ‘Persian Gentleman’ tells the story of one ‘Mr. Johnson’, who makes his way from the third dimension to the fourth, discovering a wealth of amazing things along the way.

Here’s a quote from Steve Beckow about the passage we’re going to examine.

“In this fictional account, the average man, ‘Mr. Johnson,’ has had a heart attack. He continues to go about his daily rounds, but accompanied by a stranger, his transition guide. No one pays any attention to him. When the transition guide finally convinces him he is dead, he follows the guide to the near earth plane.” (1)

The purpose of this story is to describe what the fourth-dimensional realm we’re going to learn about, referred to as the Borderlands, is like. The Borderlands is the place afterlife initiates first go when they move on from the earth, and the purpose of this realm is to help them understand and cope with their transition.

This is usually the realm where one meets departed friends and family, becomes familiar with their transition guides, and generally gets used to the new life they’re going to live. Mr. Johnson reaches the Borderlands with help from his transition guide, and in our first quote, his fictional death and the resulting transition take place.

“Suddenly, in the corner of the room, a light appears and the room grows dim. The gentleman (his transition guide) beckons to him and says,’ Please follow me into the light, into the next stage of your existence.’ Mr. Johnson feels drawn towards the light, as there is a warmth to it together with a love he has never felt before.

“It is a little like being under anesthetic because he forgets about his wife; he forgets about his daughters and forgets about his office job, and his car, and his house and everything else that seemed so important to him this morning. He follows the man through into the light and the light surrounds him. He cannot see anything for a few minutes – only the light.” (2)

‘Mr. Johnson’ seems to easily forget about everything that would’ve otherwise bound him to the third-dimensional earth, because he’s enamored with the light that’s just appeared before him. I’d be enamored with this light too, and I’m sure it’d be pretty easy to forget about the things that keep us tethered to the earth when we perceive it and the place it takes us to.

Mr. Johnson is then taken to the Borderlands, which, to his surprise, look a lot like the earth he was just on.

“Then, as it subsides, he finds himself in a village that is just like a village on Earth with walls, trees, houses and roads (although there aren’t any cars) and people going about their business. Mr. Johnson says to the man, who is still standing next to him, ‘I thought you said I was dead,’ and the man tells him that he is!

“’Well, this is a strange Heaven’ says Mr. Johnson and the man replies, ‘This is an initiation point; this is somewhere that will seem familiar to you. Come, there is somewhere here where you can live for a little while.’” (3)

The ‘initiation point’ will always seem familiar to the people who visit it, because their guides want them to be as comfortable with their transition as possible. It won’t help anyone to perceive a dazzling and overwhelming higher-dimensional landscape, and they need to be shown the most amazing things spirit has to offer as slowly as possible.

Mr. Johnson is then taken to meet a young lady – a lady he doesn’t initially recognize.

“Mr. Johnson then follows him to a rather pleasant house. He goes in through the door and there, sitting in the living room on a settee, is his mother. He doesn’t realize that it is his mother at first, instead wondering who the young lady is sitting on the settee with dark hair.

“His mother then explains that she needs to adjust the way that she is appearing to him. She closes her eyes and thinks for a moment and suddenly she is just as Mr. Johnson remembers her: that frail old lady who was in a hospital bed for a few months before she passed over.

“He is shocked because this is not some apparition of his mother but his mother in the flesh, just as she was. She gets up and they embrace and there is a tearful reunion.” (4)

In the fourth dimension, we don’t look like we did in our final days on earth. We might temporarily embody our earthly appearance to help people who’d just passed over remember us, but by no means do we have to remain in the form we were in before we passed away.

Mr. Johnson then gets his first taste of instantaneous manifestation.

“Then he sits down and she says, ‘You had better have a cup of tea and a biscuit because you don’t look too well,’ and Mr. Johnson agrees that he would like something to eat.

“Suddenly there appears on his knee a tray with a cup of tea on it and a plate with some biscuits but he doesn’t question how they got there and the tea tastes better than any tea he has ever tasted before and the biscuits are just divine.” (5)

There’s a reason the fourth dimension has been referred to as ‘heaven’.

According to these accounts, the things we can do, feel, and experience there are wonderful, and things manifest much more quickly and easily than they do on earth. We can manifest things in the third dimension, but our manifestations take much longer to come about, whereas they’re instant in the higher realms.


Wes Annec – Oversoul Teachings – Transforming the Earth Into a Hub For the Light – 7-16-14


Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

When you let yourselves fade into your sacred center, you begin to rediscover all of the divine wonders so many of you have strived so hard to find. In finding them, you’ll realize that striving was never inherently required to achieve them, but rather, surrendering to the flow that’s always been there is the best path you can take.

When you allow the ego to fade into the ethers and let pure love and joy take its place, the flowing connections you seek become much easier to attain and you find that your energy levels are naturally restored when they could’ve otherwise been depleted.

We note that many of you tend to feel very low, heavy and sluggish at times, and while each of your circumstances vary and no one thing is responsible for the depletion some of you tend to feel, we’ll recommend eating light, healthy foods that are filled with pure, higher-vibrational energy over dead, unhealthy foods that so much of your society has become accustomed to in hopes that it helps restore your vitality.

Your ascension process entails surrendering to the flow above anything else, but there are certain disciplines you can practice that’ll help you strengthen your connections and feel the natural energy you’re always meant to feel.

A System that Empowers the Common Man

As long as one maintains a healthy sleep cycle, exercises every now and then, and eats food that fills them with energy and vitality, the work they seek to do to help others become aware can flow easily and they can enjoy every aspect of their existence from a centered yet lively and jubilant place.

We excitedly await all of humanity to find and access the inner wonders that wait for you to realize their existence, and when more souls are aware of spirit and their ability to pick up on the energies and impressions of the higher realms, a revolution will spread across your society that’ll physically and spiritually empower each individual.

Your old system favored the few over the many, but the system that’ll be created by the most inspired conscious seekers will honor each and every individual, refusing to favor one over another for any reason. You’re all composed of pure Source energy, and underneath your physical bodies, you’re one creator consciousness that currently exists under the illusion of separation.

As awareness continues to rise, more souls will understand your oneness and the importance of coming together with love and respect for your differences and the things you have in common, but until this happens, those of you who are already aware can continue making an effort to be the change you want to see by expressing it in your daily lives and routines.

We recommend expressing love throughout your daily routines, but we also recommend transcending your routines; stepping outside of the boxes you’ve conditioned for yourselves and trying new things.

Gaining new experiences will give you a fresher perspective on yourselves and the existence around you, and even if your routine entails massive amounts of spiritual work that’ll help humanity become aware, we still recommend breaking it every now and then in favor of something else that nourishes and satisfies your quest to know spirit.

Anything that fills you with the wholeness and bliss so many of you desire is recommended, and in breaking your routine, you allow yourselves a glimpse into what your liberated higher-dimensional experience will be like.

You’ll never be ‘stuck in a rut’ when you’re back in the higher realms, and you’ll constantly refresh and renew yourselves with different higher-vibrational activities and methods of service.

Many of you will serve others on a grander scale than you already are, and we can envision some of you happily incarnating on other lower-dimensional planets in an effort to help their civilizations ascend in preparation for the universal ascension that’s just begun.

As we and others have said in the past, the earth’s ascension is the first step in the ascension of the universe, which is itself the first step in a series of continual, expansive ascensions, each one of which will be more potent and far-reaching than the last.

The earth, which has been rooted in intense darkness and lower-dimensionality for millennia, is blessed to lead the way in the ascension of your universe and the rest of this everlasting creation.

Despite the extent to which your people have and continue to root themselves in darkness and express this darkness unrelentingly, the earth is first in line for a creation-wide event, and your ascension will influence the ascensions of various other planets and civilizations who’ll benefit immensely from the light that has and will continue be emanated from the earth.

Your planet’s receiving a huge amount of light from the higher realms, and subsequently, the growing light quotient the conscious public is responsible for is radiating ever-purer energy for the rest of creation to absorb and benefit from, and for this and plenty of other reasons, we’ll happily repeat that you’re all doing far more than you realize.

Emanating Your Inner Light

Together with your higher selves, guides, and the rest of the Company of Heaven, you recently completed a project that you’ve each been contributing to for some time. You took part in this project while your bodies laid sleeping, and we put the finishing touches on it so you could use it to its fullest extent.

Together, we’ve been working on transforming the surface of the earth into a hub for the light by setting up a system of light emanations, which the conscious public and each of the incarnate lightworkers, starseeds, etc. are contributing to.

In a nutshell, a system of energetic emanation has been set up in your inner earth and just underneath your surface that feeds the increasingly pure light being consciously and unconsciously emanated by the conscious public to various other planets, which are next in line to experience their ascension after the earth.

Whereas before, the gifts you gave out traveled to various places – undetermined locations in some instances – your light is now being sent exactly where it’s needed, and already, various souls on various other planets have benefited immensely from it.

This is why we and other channels have hinted that you’re affecting other planets and civilizations, and if you realized just you purely you’re influencing the ascensions of planets you don’t even know exist, you’d be very surprised.

We encourage all of you, especially those of you who enjoy radiating the light you carry within, to feed your positive energy into your collective consciousness and out to the cosmos where it can affect waves of souls who’ll be given a needed, helpful boost along their developing ascension processes.

The earth is very far into her ascension, and even though portions of her collective consciousness lag behind, more and more souls are finding the light and stepping up to proclaim their physical and spiritual freedom from the oppressive tyranny that’s sought to flatten humanity and divert your energy into areas that don’t serve you as much as the new routes you’re rediscovering.

Now that you’re discovering the existence of purer channels for you to feed your natural, creative energy into, we recommend acting on them and producing as much spiritually inspired material as possible, for in doing so, you accelerate your evolution and that of every seeker who comes across your work.

Some of you have come to the earth with random, general missions, but others have come with specific purposes that they fully intend to act on. Our scribe, for example, has tasked himself with interpreting the energies and impressions of the higher realms, and even though his interest is also directed at a few other methods of service, this remains his primary choice.

This is because he and plenty of other seekers tasked themselves with specific missions before making their way to the earth, but having a certain mission doesn’t have to stop one from finding and acting on other creative routes that they enjoy.

As long as your intent is pure and you genuinely desire to help others along their growth and development, it really doesn’t matter what you do. You’ll find things you enjoy doing and things that don’t seem to work, and along the way, you’ll empower and disempower all kinds of concepts, ideas, and creative routes in an endless search to find what works for you.

We say ‘endless’ because even in the higher realms, you’ll constantly swap out old, outdated beliefs for new, expanded ones that will themselves eventually grow to be replaced. Your growth and evolution are constant, and you never stand still – even when you feel like you aren’t contributing anything of value.

One of the Hardest Jobs

Even when your energy levels are depleted, you still contribute a vast amount of light to humanity’s ascension.

It’s important to clear out your auric fields and strengthen your frequency and the potency of the resulting connections you can make, but even when you find that you’re depleted of energy or enthusiasm, you’re still doing far more than your surface perception would have you realize.

Helping the earth ascend is one of the hardest jobs you’ll ever do, and ascending along the way isn’t much further down on the list.

It can be difficult to pull oneself out of the lower vibrations if they’ve been stuck in them for years, decades, and sometimes, centuries, but you’ve made a lot of potent progress so far and you’ll continue to excel from here, despite how depleted some of you tend to feel.

As long as you remember the importance of finding and acting on your greater creative and meditative connections every day, you’ll never burn out or close your creative channels so much that they can’t be re-opened with a little bit of effort.

You’ll always be pure and hollowed-out instruments for the expression of the divine, and remembering to keep your minds open and live in love as much as possible will help you remain sensitive to the influence of spirit and, specifically, your higher selves and guides, who are trying harder than ever to get ahold of you.

We don’t intend to make it sound as if your higher selves and guides clamor for you to realize our existence around you, and we’re happy to funnel down advice and guidance in whatever way you can receive it.

If you’re comfortable believing the advice we give comes strictly from within the confines of your mind, then we’re happy to give this advice nonetheless. If you’re content to let yourselves think your basic intuition is responsible for the advice you receive, we’re happy to let you think this until you eventually realize that the intuition is a pathway to the advice and guidance of the higher self.

The intuition as you perceive it is a stream of energy and advice that you can receive and act on if you’re open and receptive enough, and it comes directly from the higher self. When one receives intuitive wisdom, they receive a direct hint from their higher selves that they act on if they’re willing to take their own advice.

One can receive small hints of advice all day long, but one can also expand their connection with the intuitive voice that seems to help them so much, and in doing so, they’ll find a very direct connection with their higher selves and guides. We’ve strived harder than ever to connect with you lately, and we’ve used your intuitive pathway to do so.

We’ve been able to maintain a very pure connection with most of the awakening humanity, and while some seekers still have some work to do before they can directly receive the advice and guidance we’re happily and lovingly giving, a little more ‘time’ and effort will get them there as long as they continue to enthusiastically pursue their deepening connections.

We’ll make our final expressions for this communication with amazement at the tenacity and dedication so many of you continue to show.

You’re working far harder than you realize, and there’s nothing wrong with giving yourselves credit where credit is due. Let yourselves relax when the time seems right, and let yourselves work as hard as you can when you feel particularly inspired or filled to the brim with creative energy and enthusiasm.

You’re the souls on the front lines of the earth’s ascension, and your actions are far more important than we could hope to express. With this in mind, seek to live in love and root yourselves in a disciplined yet open perception and you’ll find in no time that waves of other budding earthy seekers follow suit.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

(Permission is given to spread this post far and wide, as long as the following bio is included.)

I’m a 21 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Culture of Awareness daily news site.

The Culture of Awareness features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as articles I’ve written and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material that’s spiritually inspired and/or related to the fall of the planetary elite and our entrance into a positive future.

I can also be found at Oversoul Teachings, The Golden Age of Gaia, Lightworkers.org, Ashtar Command Crew, Facebook (Wes Annac and The Culture of Awareness), and Twitter.

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