Wes Annac – Astral travels – Rainbow Blessings – 28 August 2013



The following was written for the ongoing “astral travels” section of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter.

Brimming ascended landscapes and perceptions are waiting for us to open up to them, and with the visualization power we’ve been practicing throughout various weeks we can access those landscapes now and amaze ourselves with our own ability to do so.

It’s being hinted to that the barriers between us and the higher dimensions have dissolved to nearly nothing, and if we make the active effort, we can reap the benefits and shatter our own perceptual barriers.

In visualizing and greeting myriad ascended landscapes, we can also address everything prevalent in our collective consciousness that continues to hold humanity back and see us feeding into the dissolving barriers. We can address everything being fed that’s keeping us held in a paradigm of mental and spiritual bondage, but we can also gain great glimpses into the higher dimensions.

Though we’ve done much already, there’s still much to be done and our blessings are needed for the core and outer mechanisms being fed by humanity that sustain the old paradigm.

Coming to find blissful ascended landscapes and states of consciousness will see us very easily able to address anything and everything holding humanity back, and for this week’s exercise, we’re going to visualize and bless a representation of corruption from a place of pure, brimming higher-dimensionality.

There’s nothing stopping us from blessing the lower states of consciousness from the higher, and while I don’t yet have a good enough glimpse of the ascended realms to offer much beyond my interpretation of the impressions I’ll receive amidst the course of this exercise, the landscape we’ll intend to visualize will be higher-dimensional.

As we make our efforts to perceive of the higher dimensions and pull them toward us in any way we can, so do we expand our perceptions of them and find ourselves able to gain greater glimpses into them. Our perceptions of the higher dimensions will expand with each bit of effort we make to perceive of them, and with that, we’re going to begin this week’s exercise.

I’d like for you to visualize a beautiful, wide open field. It can resemble other fields we’ve visualized in the past if you wish it to, but you’re equally welcomed to visualize and create an entirely new landscape based on the “field” template.

Though we don’t technically exist in human bodies in this visualized realm, take a breath of fresh air and feel your physical and metaphysical senses open up. Visualize the beautiful and brightly colored grass swaying about with the gentle wind, and thank this gentle wind for its serenity and its calming effect.

We can access downloads of pure energy the likes of which we’ve never felt before, even by just meditating on this field of colorful grass and gentle wind.

Visualize various trees scattered about in this field, each of them as unique as they could possibly be. Personally, I see very wildly colored fruit hanging from one of the trees, and upon walking/floating up to this fruit, I see that it’s literally multicolored and its colors are actually moving – swirling about around the fruit, incredibly and impossibly.

Of course, nothing is impossible in these heavenly spiritual realms and even as I write this, the incredible multicolored fruit has me dazzled. I’ve seen and consumed similar “ascended fruit” in the ascended city of Acclipthys previously, but I’ve never seen the real-time swirling colors of this fruit.

The fruit of the higher dimensions and the etheric landscapes we can visualize and bring into form is embedded with and literally constructed of purer energy for us to absorb and benefit from. If you’d like to, visualize yourself walking/floating over to this tree with me as I call our subscriber group over.

With a wonderful miracle of manifestation, visualize as a great number of fruit come flying from the trees and land on the ground near each of you. Notice the multicolored nature of this higher-dimensional fruit as you pick it up (or as you visualize it floating in front of your face).

If you’d like, take a bite of this heavenly fruit and feel your etheric taste buds flooded with the most amazing tropical-berry taste. Feel your etheric Self absorb massive quantities and purities of Love energy, and feel the resulting clarity in visualization and metaphysical perception you’re able to experience.

Did your visual of this landscape sharpen slightly when you consumed the fruit? Do you find your visualization much easier to access and your view of this landscape much more brimming? This is the intention of the fruit.

As we enjoy this landscape and consume our multicolored fruit, notice multicolored and refracted light beginning to appear amidst a light and calm drizzle.

It’s started to sprinkle in this landscape, and with the sprinkling has come a large rainbow boasting colors similar to our fruit. We can see the rainbow off in the distance, and as we visualize and enjoy it, feel yourselves being drawn closer to it.

We’re drawn closer and closer to this rainbow, visualizing and enjoying the serene features of the landscape along the way, until we find ourselves beginning to fly upwards to the top of it. Being unlimited in these realms and able to leave the ground whenever we wish, we’ve begun flying toward the top of the rainbow where we’re going to perch ourselves and bless our Earth.

We don’t need “skittles” to sit on this rainbow, (1), as we possess the pure power within to visualize and happily perch ourselves on it.

Visualize what our landscape looks like from up above as we fly higher and higher. Is it a little disconcerting to be so far up in the air looking down? Luckily, our etheric bodies cannot be hurt and we’re able to perform any feat safely in these realms.

As we reach the top of the rainbow, find a seat on the beautiful transparent, colored light and visualize the rest of our subscriber group following suit. Notice that the top of this rainbow is actually so big that we could hold a football game on it.

My aim was for us to perch ourselves on top of this rainbow, but my personal perception of it sees us nearly existing inside of it because of its large width. The top of our rainbow is much bigger and wider than I’d personally anticipated, but nevertheless, you can take a seat if you’d like. To be honest, you could sit/float in midair if you wanted to.

Take a few moments to sharpen your visualization of our rainbow setting further, and when you’re ready, we’re going to visualize a portal of sorts appearing before us and readying to show us a scene. Rather than traveling through this portal as we have in the past, we’re going to be shown another setting from our rainbow via the portal opening up (which we’ve also done in the past).

Notice the broken down-looking city the portal starts to show us. Pollution, poverty and corruption run rampant in this city, and the few remain ahead while the many are kept in poor states of living here.

Specifically, notice that we’re being shown a hospital in this broken down city. As our scene zooms in on the hospital setting, we find ourselves viewing a doctor filling out a prescription for one of his patients. Visualize and “learn” that the doctor previously had the choice between endorsing two different medications for illnesses related to his patient’s.

One is a natural vitamin designed to be taken with exercise and proper eating habits that has no adverse health effects, and the other is a pill designed by a pharmaceutical company that used legal loopholes to slip their product onto the market despite its many adverse health effects.

The biggest difference between the respective medications is that the vitamin company didn’t send a rep to the doctor. (Note: a “rep” is someone who essentially lobbies well-known doctors to use their company’s products.)

The pharmaceutical company did, and because of the bribes and free vacations they gave the doctor, he routinely prescribes their product to his patients without a second thought. The adverse health effects of the product are numerous, and in a few years he’ll find himself treating the same patients for different reasons derived from using it.

Without fully realizing it, the doctor is prescribing poison to his patients in so many ways, and allowing himself to be corrupted by pharmaceutical lobbyists has equated to letting many of his patients down.

As we view this scene from our harmonious rainbow setting, we’re going to ready ourselves to give our blessings as we have so many times in the past. The unique thing about our blessings this week is that we’re going to pull energy out of the rainbow we’re perched on, and funnel it through to bless the scene we’re representing.

We’re essentially going to act as conduits for this rainbow energy.

Visualize and affirm that energy from within the sacred transparent colors of this rainbow come up from their domain and funnel themselves through your etheric temple. Watch as this energy literally flows out from within our rainbow, like water flowing into a stream from a river, and brings itself through our temples, purifying and blessing our chakras as it does so.

We’re receiving blessings and being upgraded by this energy, and beyond our affirmation and visualization that it come through us it takes no effort for it to come through and funnel itself on down to the doctor in the scene we’re viewing and his patients.

Visualize this energy gently and gracefully flowing through you as it travels to its ultimate destination, and watch as it reaches and purifies the doctor, his patients and the broken-down city in general.

What effect does this energy have as it blesses the scene we’ve been viewing? Is the scene awash in light or rainbow color, or does very little seem to happen? Personally, I watched as the rainbow energy swirled around our scene for a moment in a specific formation, before almost striking the scene and cleansing it powerfully.

I’ll leave the visualization of the after-effects of this rainbow blessing up to you, as I will your etheric adventures after this point. If you’d like, continue to exist in/on the top of our rainbow and perform as many blessings as you wish, or seek other exciting etheric travels and visualizations.

I conclude this exercise with the satisfaction of having perceived of something greater than I expected, and in future weeks, we’ll continue making efforts to perceive of the higher dimensions and give basic (or complex) and needed blessings for various different mechanisms keeping the lower vibrations going.

Our energy work continues to increase in potency as we begin performing it regularly, and soon enough, we’ll find ourselves working with the collective to mitigate and heal much of the physical pollution that’s held us and our planet back in physical states of poor health.

This concludes this week’s astral travels.

(1)- The candy “Skittles” whose motto is “Taste the Rainbow” used to run a commercial of people sitting perched on a rainbow. Interestingly enough, the ad shows someone falling off of the rainbow after allowing himself to believe it doesn’t exist, as if it stopped being a reality for him.

Here’s a link to the commercial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUmXhCmVaQg


Wes Annac – Channeled Pleiadian Interview – Breaking Stereotype and Reaching Everyone – 23 August 2013




Wes Annac: With apologies to the readers, I’d like to make a potentially long note to the Pleiadians before we commence the interview.

Lately, dear Pleiadians, I’ve been surfacing a state of unrest with the role I’m playing in humanity’s ascension. Of course, you know all about it, but I’m mentioning and discussing it for the benefit of the readers.

I’ve found a self-instated barrier of sorts thrown up around myself when it comes to channeling you at times, and I recognize now that this is because I feel myself ready to reach the world in much more direct ways than I and we have up to this point.

I’ve wondered if I couldn’t perhaps serve humanity in much more direct ways if I were to focus on more direct methods of actively assisting humanity, and in thinking this, I surfaced my personal understanding that much of what’s expressed through channels can seem fantastical or fictional to the overall broader perception I’d like to be able to reach.

As it stands right now, so many people still don’t believe in channels, and even many believers seem to look toward your communications or those of the Galactics in general as something that takes our focus away from our inner-realms and abilities.

For a lot of people, the idea of channeled messages from Galactic sources is riddled with predictions that haven’t come about and a perceived outward focus on you, rather than tapping into one’s personal power.

Now obviously, I know that you’ve advised against looking toward anyone other than oneself consistently, but some who haven’t considered the validity of your messages tend to be of the firm stereotypical belief that focus on the Galactics or channels equates to outward focus, which would naturally equate to employing distortion.

Channeling as a whole hasn’t yet been accepted by even many spiritual seekers, and if I can be perfectly truthful, my aim in helping this planet is to reach everybody. So as you know, I’ve been steadily thinking about this for a very long time and shortly before sitting down to have this interview, I reached an incredible epiphany that I’m still processing.

As an awakening individual, it’s up to me to help the general public become aware of the assistance being given by you Galactics and by the Company of Heaven overall. In a sober, approachable manner, it’s up to me to do absolutely everything I can to break stereotype and present you and the CoH overall in as clear and understandable of a manner as possible.

Dear Pleiadians, I’m ready to go against the curve and do all I can to break the stereotype surrounding your communications and channeled messages in general.

I basically reached a make-or-break point where I could’ve considered leaving channeling overall to seek a more direct way to help inform every facet of the public, and then it hit me like a ton of bricks.

My task as an awakening soul and as a channel for the Company of Heaven is to reach the public as directly and coherently as I possibly can, and to help formulate a widespread understanding of channels and the Galactics in a way that breaks the stereotypical belief that you’re only about fancy words or sensationalism.

I know that you’ve told me there’s nothing wrong with seeking other avenues of assisting humanity if channeling you no longer resonates with me, but I want to strengthen the pioneering and presenting of this specific facet of humanity’s spiritual revolution as much as I can by offering myself in full service to helping humanity understand the reality of your existence.

This is the path I choose to take, and I recognize that it could be difficult to reach everybody and really work to break all of the hype and stereotype surrounding your existence and channeling overall, but I seek to offer myself nonetheless. If you’d like, I’m wondering if you could give us your thoughts on this matter.

The Pleiadian High Council: You’ve been performing much inner-searching dear Wesley, and we’re happy to see you reach the conclusion you’ve always been meant to reach.

Ironing out the Wrinkles

Indeed, we understand that there have been hiccups and difficulties along the way of delivering our communications, and we too seek to iron out the wrinkles and help humanity understand our existence and the Love and assistance we wish to offer you in as direct of a way as we, you and every other awakening soul can help bring such understandings about.

We should mention that there are many other avenues of your existence as spiritual beings repairing your Earth to focus on, but we rejoice at the prospect of even one Earthly soul becoming open to our energies and the assistance we wish to give.

This is because we possess the greatest of Love for you dear souls, and it means more to us than could be expressed that you’ve individually chosen to open up to the idea of our existence and have offered us the pure Earthly Love you’re coming to be known for throughout the Universe.

Every one of you can play the strongest role in informing and uplifting, and we stand ready to assist you in any endeavor you each begin from here on out.

Wes: Thank you. Now, as an aspect of helping present your existence in a way that’s understandable for everyone, I’m wondering if you could address the reasons we’re physically unable to perceive of you on our planet as of yet.

PHC: We would be happy to, dear scribe.

We’re awaiting the lightened collective vibration on the part of humanity to be able to land and exist openly on your Earth with you, because at present, your collective is steeped in lower vibrations that see them yet unable to accommodate the expanded vibration necessary for us to exist on your surface.

We exist in the fifth dimension, and cannot enter realms that are more distorted than those we naturally exist in. In the same vein, humanity and even the awakening Lightworkers cannot yet exist entirely in the fifth dimension, because you must gradually reach these realms through learning various lessons and shedding (and integrating) former aspects of yourselves.

The Lightworker’s Job

We’re so very excited to exist on your world and assist you with cleansing and mitigating the pollution that’s been widely manifested and fed, and we look toward the work being done by various Lightworkers to lighten the collective vibration in preparation for humanity’s ascension for us to be able to land on your world.

We’re looking to each of you in every moment to do everything you can to bring about a lightened collective vibration and help inform and awaken your populace.

Yes, dear children, predictions have been made and ideas surrounding our disclosure or landing on your world have been looked toward, in some cases, more than looking toward oneself for full validation of the spiritual realms.

We recognize and understand that amidst the course of attempting to let you know when our presence could be disclosed or when we could land, even if only temporarily because of the aforementioned collective vibration and because of potential actions on the part of your cabals in stopping our landings or hurting the Earthly humans involved who’d witness them; we’ve unintentionally allowed some to focus on us rather than their own power and ability.

We don’t seek to have you fixate yourselves on any source other than the infinite and everlasting You, because we’re all Godsparks of Source who possess incredible power and ability to anchor a supremely pure amount of Love everywhere we exist.

We encourage focusing yourselves on your personal power and ability, for in doing so, you’ll come to know and understand much of what’s discussed in so many channeled messages and you’ll find personal validation concerning your spiritual existence begin to become endless.

We can feel the outward focus given by some to our communications, and we can only be honest in stating that our intention is to help you become aware of the spiritual realms and your sacred power as spiritual beings and Godsparks of Source.

Why Hasn’t Disclosure Happened Yet?

Just as many of you are, we’re more than excited for the disclosure of our existence to come about on your world, and if you’d allow us to, dear scribe, we’d like to get into a discussion of just why our existence hasn’t yet been disclosed.

If we could only communicate the complexity involved in bringing your future about and bringing our existence to the forefront of the collective consciousness, than you would understand why our presence hasn’t yet been formally acknowledged.

We could point to many of the smaller disclosures that have been made recently, as well as the progress being made in helping the public understand the reality and suppression of (knowledge concerning) our existence. However, we know that the majority of Lightworkers awaiting our existence to be disclosed await just that, in a widespread manner.

Our existence is beginning to be understood more, as more souls who’ve been involved with secretive government projects wherein they learned about our existence and so many other things have been stepping up to reveal what they’ve come to understand.

In so many areas of your society, changes related to other avenues of your entrance into the higher dimensions are being worked on around the clock, and the awakening humanity is increasingly coming to understand your ability to work with as much of yourselves as possible to help your collective awaken.

We continue to watch with Love from the higher dimensions as your collective becomes increasingly aware of our presence, and we can say with Love that a real acknowledgement of such presence and an admission of what’s been covered up on the part of your governments is not far off.

In the face of this, we ask you not to focus yourselves on manifestations and dates as you once did, and to simply enjoy the infinite and bountiful moment of Now and the fact that the reality around you is evolving. Focus on your active evolution into the realms of spirit, dearest souls, for this is much more important than the disclosure of our existence, which will indeed aide such evolution.

You can bring about Disclosure

Dearest scribe, we recognize and Love the fact that you wish to inform humanity of us in much more direct ways than you previously have, but understand as well that there’s so much more to discuss and be involved in. Ultimately, your desire to help humanity understand channels will be one facet of the mission you and so many others choose to perform.

Focus yourselves if you wish, on disclosing our existence to humanity and helping everyone to understand such existence, and understand as well that so much more exists in regards to the spiritual realms and humanity’s evolution.

Beyond us in the fifth dimension, there are so many more souls for humanity to open up to. There are so many other beings to connect with and bring through energy from, and dearest scribe, what you seek is an expansion of the role you’ve taken upon yourself.

Wes: Thank you for your explanation. Beyond the personal proof I’ve been given, is there a way we who seek to help validate your existence can prove that you exist to those who might not believe?

PHC: Dear scribe, one of the problems with providing physical proof of our existence is that we don’t exist in your physical reality.

The Extent of Suppression Prevents Open Contact

We can happily offer personal sightings of our craft and sightings to groups and people who are able to record what they witness, but in regards to directly showing ourselves or offering direct and undeniable proof of our existence – this can’t yet be provided because of the difference in vibration between us and you and because of the extent to which your cabals have suppressed knowledge related to our existence.

So very much has been hidden from your minds and hearts, and if humanity could see past the distraction that’s run rampant in your society and come to find an uninhibited understanding of your inner-realms and your potential to grow into greater perceptual understandings, than we’d be able to be with you happily and provide all the evidence required.

The biggest difficulty with providing evidence of our existence to a different dimension is the sheer difference in vibration.

This hasn’t stopped us from sewing advanced technologies and understandings on your planet for so very long, as your collective vibration has been allowing enough for temporary contacts with souls who’d long communicated with us telepathically before we made such contacts.

This is the manner in which we contact humanity; by first connecting with souls via their telepathic ability and eventually landing and meeting them when their vibration has become lightened and allowing enough for our presence.

In your past, we could do this relatively easily depending on the extent to which your civilizations were lost in the muck of unawareness. In this day and age on your world, there are advanced security measures taken in your air and near the bases we take in your mountains and underneath your large bodies of water, to see that we don’t make bold or brazen contacts.

Of course, you cabals’ measures can’t and won’t stop us from making such contacts; it’s simply that they’ve threatened violence against souls who’d witness our craft or experience personal contact with us, and we must be very careful when giving sightings.

The collective vibration alone is enough to keep us away from your ground for the moment, and this is why each of you is tasked with helping lighten it.

Beyond this, the strict security measures taken by your cabals and your militaries, as well as the incredible extent to which they’ve suppressed evidence of our existence, has equated to a temporary inability for us to exist directly on your surface.

Your Evolution is our Goal

However, upon opening up to one’s inner realms one will find brimming communications and energies from us and so many others, and your cabals cannot stop the lightening collective vibration or the eventual disclosure of our existence.

If we could communicate just how much has been hidden from you and just how much has been suppressed, as well as the extent to which your cabals have worked to keep the suppression going, than you’d understand why it’s as difficult as it is for us to give personal sightings and contacts.

Even still, we persevere in doing just that and as the collective vibration continues to lighten, we can happily say to expect more sightings and eventually, personal contacts.

From the realms of spirit, we seek to help humanity evolve as we encourage understanding your power and utilizing it for the greatest good of your planet.

Ultimately, the evolution of your species is the goal we have in mind and whether this is brought about by the Lightworkers raising the planetary vibration with no mention of our existence or with active mention of it, your ascension is still to occur and you will still be awakened to our existence and that of so many other beings and collectives.

Wes: Thank you, dear Pleiadians. Recognizing the reality of your existence and choosing not to focus myself on outward expectation, I’m ready to devote myself to helping the world understand what I’ve come to know and believe in the direct ways I’ve been able to.

PHC: You’re embracing a personal expansion of yourself, dear Wesley, and the expansion you’re feeling can be expected to pick up in many Lightworkers and awakening souls. You’re each being activated for your greater missions at this time, and we wholeheartedly encourage expansion and understanding that you, as an individual, possess the power of a million men.

One Happy Facet of the Light Forces

We don’t exaggerate when we say this, dear souls, as your power goes beyond what you’ve been led to believe. We thank you for your desire to help humanity understand our existence, dear Wesley, and encourage you to seek as many avenues of spiritual assistance as you wish to.

We encourage active exploration of every facet of the higher dimensions and your ascension into them, as again, we’re but one happy facet of the Light Forces assisting humanity. We’ll continue to offer advice and insight, as our ultimate goal is and will forever be to see you each reach the understandings we’ve been blessed with reaching.

As we make our final impressions for this communication, we express that your deepened perceptions are to increase to the extent of leaving you in awe.

Your active embrace of the spiritual realms can herald an incredible increased perception, and we leave now with Love as we continue to watch you go about your Earthly experience and find the realms of full consciousness once again.

Wes: Thank you so much to the Pleiadian High Council.

The rest of our world is in need of being opened up to everything that’s been hidden, and I no longer seek to cater to any exclusive or specific camp of belief or ideology. Knowing what I know and feeling what I feel, I’m ready to help the entire world understand the existence of the spiritual realms and you Galactics in every way I can.


Wes Annac – Astral Travels – Learning About Nova Earth


Aquarius Paradigm

The following was channeled for the ongoing “astral travels” section of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter.

This week, rather than perform an exercise I thought it appropriate to learn a little bit about our fifth-dimensional Earth and the work that was done to get our world from where it is now to where it will be.

I decided to connect with the fifth-dimensional aspect of my higher self (or “future self) who, speaking for the collective, has given us some insight into our new Earth. It’s hoped that the resulting discussion is helpful, and is a sufficient replacement for an exercise this week.

The aspect of my form existing on the third and fourth-dimensional ascending Earth has requested I come through on this day and give information regarding the fifth-dimensional Earth you’re building and growing toward.

We should say, and I am indeed speaking for a collective of fifth-dimensional Earthly souls, that your “new Earth” is the culmination of all of the work you’ve done and will be doing.

Your new Earth is the result of so very much hard and dedicated work and service to humanity, and having experienced the building of this Earth ourselves, we can say that in the initial stages there could be some difficulty in building it.

We don’t say this to dip anyone’s vibration or make your new Earth seem unattainable, as every trial and tribulation you experience will be necessary for your ultimate growth and will, if you let them, see you skyrocket toward a brimming future full of fully-conscious individuals who work together to keep your planet and collective sustained.

The initial hurdles humanity could experience are in the way of coming together and seeing beyond your perceived differences to build your new Earth. While this could be difficult in its initial stages, and we speak from experience having underwent the difficulty ourselves, we ask you not to worry; for your potential to come together will far outlast any differences that may initially keep you apart.

Instated separation has been prevalent on your world, and has been purposely crafted by souls who don’t want humanity to realize your potential to come together. After doing just that (coming together), the hardest and purest of work to begin building your new Earth will be done.

The aspects of building your new Earth involving cleansing pollution from your skies, healing the separation and war-based wounds prevalent in the collective and ceasing the massive pollution of Gaia as it stands in your current moment, will be the first for humanity to address.

The energies prevalent in the collective consciousness will forever determine the events that manifest on your world stage, and this is why we encourage addressing your collective concerns and scars and working to heal them as you grow into greater perceptions of yourselves and your reality.

As for our Earth – it’s a harmonious and restored planet whose citizens experience pure peace and prosperity, with no soul excluded.

Nature has been restored to this planet in the ways it was once prevalent, and we’ve been able to reestablish means of travel that go far beyond what your collective currently experiences.

The advanced technology that was disclosed and made available for all helped us to build a prosperous society, and the work put in to restore our planet physically helped us to evolve into the purer states of consciousness you’re now working your ways back toward.

We were able to Create our society based on the ideals of every person, after the cabals as they’ve been termed were exposed.

It was very stunning and surprising indeed when the initial exposures regarding the cabals were brought forth, but despite the initial anger many experienced, the rebellion that could’ve turned violent didn’t because of the calming and healing presence of various Lightworkers all around our world and humanity was able to build a positive outcome.

This is what you’ll be doing as well, and while we couldn’t yet express in detail much of what we’ve built as we don’t seek to spoil the surprise for you, we can say that the aforementioned advanced technologies assisted greatly in our re-engineering of cities into crystal cities and our ability to keep Gaia’s natural resources in Her ground where they belong.

We experience a completely prosperous society in every way, and we have the added boost of the blissfully-pure fifth-dimensional energies and perceptions to enjoy as well.

Whereas we used to fight, bicker and complain over various different matters and had allowed a small collective of elites to run our world for us, we’ve since come together and established the grandest of unity and harmony upon our planet.

In doing so, we assisted our ascension energies in being reflected on Gaia’s surface, and have brought our collective vibration into the necessary resonation for us to enter the fifth dimension.

We experienced trials as we ventured through the realms of the fourth dimension, just as you will, but we ultimately overcame and found ourselves smack in the middle of the building of a Galactic society, which is now an intergalactic destination point for many organizations and Federations bent on helping the Universe to ascend.

So many (Galactic) races and organizations exist and have existed around our and your planet for so very long, that you could perhaps understand when we say that billions of them exist with us on our Earth now.

We reconnected with them after their existence was fully disclosed and understood on our planet, and they helped us to establish peace and understand that we’re all One consciousness comprised of various unique and individual Godsparks.

Realizing the Oneness of us all helped awaken us to the fact that we were feeding into distorted ways of Living and being by warring amongst each other and feeding into separation in any way, and now, we experience pure joy as we celebrate the unique existence of each of us as facets of the Creator.

Coming to understand that we’re conscious co-creators of the experiences we have in a fluid reality we were taught to believe was dense, really helped awaken us to the reality of so many things we would’ve previously scoffed at or laughed away.

The realms of full consciousness have a timetable laid out for your ascension, just as they did ours, and are helping your collective to respond to the energies you’re being given in every moment.

You can assist in this process tremendously, by visualizing and affirming the negative or dense energy in your collective consciousness be cleansed. Many of the awakening Lightworkers in our early years of ascending and building our Galactic society did just that, and their efforts were quite crucial to helping the rest of our collective awaken.

On our Earth, we maintain constant connection with the Inner-Earth or “Agartha” as it’s been termed. We’ve largely rebuilt the colonies of Atlantis and Lemuria, and Agartha stands now in the Inner-Earth as its own separate colony. Both Agartha and Lemuria are filled to the brim with individuals!

Ah yes, we’ve made many efforts to restore and rebuild many ancient civilizations though of course, with our history being as extensive as it is we could never rebuild or restore all of them, lest we wished to use space outside of our planet.

Our cities no longer pollute our planet as they once did, and indeed, they couldn’t if they wanted to in the fifth dimension. Rather, our cities are powered by clean and pure crystal and free energy, and this energy powers each bit of technology we use.

We do indeed use technology in the fifth dimension, and standard cares as you know them have been largely replaced with ships and what could be called “hovercars”.

The “hovercars” are available to souls who are more comfortable flying or traveling closer to the ground, though we must note that fear and anxiety have faded away completely in the realms of consciousness we’re delighted to exist in. Even still, there are some who, for their own reasons unrelated to fear or anxiety, choose at times to travel closer to the ground and technology is available for those souls with Love.

The needs and wants of every person are met in this brimming Galactic society, and we detail some aspects of our society in an effort to uplift you dear souls into Creating it yourselves, and of course, to give you a glimpse of the future you’re heading into.

We can hardly describe the fifth-dimensional aspects of our existence as a Galactic Earth, and can only relay the societal changes we’ve made which are directly perceivable in your minds and hearts. We can discuss the positive changes we’ve made, but we cannot yet detail the glorious energies and perceptions we exist in because, for the most part, your temples aren’t yet expanded enough to absorb such discussions.

They will be in due time, and as we make our final impressions for this communication and thank each of you for absorbing our message, we admit that we’ve only been able to give you a small glimpse into our society.

Perhaps in future communications if our scribe chooses to bring us through, we can expand upon this discussion and offer you so very much more in regards to the changes we’ve made.

For now, we leave in peace with our Love, and we express that we’ll continue to be with each of you to help you build your own model Galactic society.

Thank you to my fifth-dimensional Future Self for the discussion you’ve given.

This concludes this week’s astral travels.

Aquarius Paradigm

Wes Annac – Astral Travels – Visualizing Love And Empathy – 5 August 2013




The following was written for the ongoing “astral travels” section of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter.

This week, we’re going to visualize Love, compassion and unity being expressed on our planet. We’re going to use our visualization abilities to cultivate a few different “scenes” wherein people are breaking the mold and helping each other in Love, which is a welcome alternative to how plenty of people on our world choose to treat each other.

Last week, we visualized and blessed representations of hatred and divisiveness being expressed and fed, and now, we’re going to use the visualization abilities we’ve been honing to Create and bring into manifestation, Love, compassion and unity being expressed in the collective.

Humanity has been held back for so long because we’ve allowed ourselves to be convinced we’re separated; apart; different from one another.

As we each possess our own unique egos and belief systems, the outer-differences between us have been played upon and we’ve kept our world in unawareness by refusing to work together and see to it that everyone can get along on this Earth.

The new paradigm we’re building is all about Love, cooperation and harmony and for this paradigm to come about, the mechanisms of separation and hatred that have driven collective unawareness and inability to work together must be surpassed. We must each recognize what it is in us that seeks to feed or drive hatred and separation, and we must, as a collective, address our seeming differences and come together despite them.

The visualizations I’d like to offer in this exercise will be of the new paradigm of unity and cooperation in play. We’ll visualize and Create based upon those visualizations, others working together and Loving each other despite the extent to which separation has been enforced and believed in.

To begin our exercise for this week, I’d like for you to visualize a small family standing on the side of a large and popular road or highway. This family is holding up signs proclaiming their inability to find food for their children or get by, and each car that comes by gets a glimpse of their tragic and unfortunate fate.

Breaking the stereotypes and judgments that sometimes come about regarding these sorts of things, there are no alcoholics or drug addicts in this family who seek to use their situation to score money for their addictions from unknowing people. This family is genuinely struggling, and the parents seek only to find money or food to feed their children.

This is the unfortunate situation far too many families are in on this planet, and while a certain small percentage of people possess more than enough funds and resources for everyone, the many are still left to suffer and worry in a world that’s employed a purposely-broken financial system that keeps the “little man” down and “big brother” on top.

The heat is nearly unbearable as this family diligently holds their signs and hopes for a generous Angel to help them. People passing by in cars blasting air conditioning wonder how the family can deal with the intense heat, but even the children are used to it.

The family has been unable to experience anything near the abundance that even middle-class families are blessed with, but persevere nonetheless.

Visualize these souls, and empathize with their situation. Empathize with the fact that so many families and children have been left uncared for by an uncaring collective, and send your blessings of abundance toward this visualization if you wish.

As you view this scene and empathize with this family’s situation, notice as a sleek, expensive looking jet-black car pulls up to the side of the road. The backseat window of the car rolls down to reveal the passenger; an older, suited man.

The older man promptly asks his driver to put the car in park and opens the door. Stepping out of the car, his expensive suit and other features about him show that he’s a very rich man.

The man communicates to the family that he was once in their shoes, struggling every day to get by and looking for a way to feed his family.

He gets into a small conversation about the tireless work he spent building his business from the ground up while he and his family struggled to get by, and expresses that if it weren’t for somebody who had money to invest in his business and help him out financially at the time, he wouldn’t be where he was now by a longshot.

He expresses to the struggling family that he understands the situation they’re in, and that the old “just get a job” rhetoric isn’t always applicable in a society that keeps the lower class earning low wages while, in many cases, performing much harder work.

He expresses that he saw the family on the side of the road earlier that day but didn’t stop, and instead went to the local organic market to pick them up some meals. Reaching into the back seat of his car, he pulls out grocery bags of healthy, organic foods that could be made into multiple meals for the children and the parents, and could potentially last weeks.

He expresses his understanding that all the cheap food in the world is also the unhealthiest and most ravaging to the human body, and that he wanted the children to be able to eat healthy food if they were going to eat anything.

This isn’t all the man has in store. Not knowing much about this family, he takes a huge leap of faith – and hands the father a great sum of money.

He expresses that he knows it would only be enough for the family to get by for so long, but that he gives it with Love and understanding nonetheless. The family, looking at the overstuffed grocery bags and the blessing of abundance they’ve just been given, are speechless.

They truly don’t know how to react, and express the most brimming and shocked of appreciation to this strange millionaire Angel.

He expresses to the father that if he were to have any palpable ideas for a business, to let him know for potential investment and assistance with getting it off the ground. He expresses that he’s older and retired these days, and is always looking for some type of business project to get involved in.

The family is overjoyed and the father considers working on potential business ideas, and the new paradigm of sharing and helping lift others up if one is uplifted themselves, is expressed tenfold. The collective energies of the planet benefit exponentially, as for a few glorious moments, stereotypes are broken and judgment gives way to understanding and assistance.

I’d like now for you to visualize a press release being held in a room in the White House.

The President is speaking in front of a podium to the world, announcing the United States Government’s reaction to the emergence of a whistleblower who exposed and brought to the world, secrets regarding the space-oriented technology of the Military Industrial Complex.

Technology that people have been taught to believe is only possible in science fiction was disclosed to the world, by a whistleblower who witnessed such technology front and center and was able to provide proof of it to the news organization they disclosed it to.

Since the leaks, pundits on conservative television and radio shows have screamed about the need to prosecute this individual because “the national security of the United States is at risk”. The United States Government is expected during this press release to announce their decision to pursue prosecuting this individual and “holding him accountable” for leaking what are actually very important truths for our evolution as a species.

What the President says is far beyond the expectations of anyone who thought this individual would be prosecuted. The President heralds this individual’s actions, and announces a full-on investigation into the secretive workings and technologies of the Military Industrial Complex.

The President expresses his desire to bring about full exposure of what the whistleblower had only just begun to expose, and to find groups willing to create positive and beneficial advanced devices for humanity out of the technology that had been exposed.

The President announces that his administration has no desire to go after or prosecute the whistleblower in question, and rather, seeks to honor him with a ceremony.

He will later go on to tell the individual to his face that if he’d like to use his background and experience with the advanced technology to head a company charged with creating something positive out of it to give to the world, he can.

The whistleblower accepts the offer, and creates a large and successful company bent on serving humanity and producing advanced technology that benefits our Lives in myriad ways.

Rather than this individual having to Live in fear of jail-time for Life or even having his Life taken, his brave acts of exposure garner immensely positive consequences for all of humanity, and the new paradigm is able to be built upon the foundation of recognizing when somebody exposes something important for us all to know, and honoring them for it rather than prosecuting them.

Admittedly, our second story was less about compassion and unity being expressed and more about our governments acting in humanity’s best interest, but nonetheless, I’m told our visualizations help in manifesting such things on the world stage.

That’s not to say that the US Government is going to suddenly announce a ceremony honoring all the whistleblowers they’ve tried to prosecute, but if the whistleblowers and truth exposers of our immediate future (and there will be many) can expose their truth in a safe and allowing way rather than a condemning or persecuting way, we’ll come to learn about every last thing that’s been hidden from us.

We can see our visualization as having kick-started the official “disclosure” in its realm, and we can make this visualization in hopes that Governments the world over will be able to break tradition and help bring truth and exposure forth, rather than fight against it and those who attempt to expose it.

We have so much to learn about the manner in which corruption and secrecy have thrived on our Earth, and for now, we can hope that our two visualizations have helped to anchor the new paradigm-energy in greater increments. Along with visualizing and giving our energy to the new paradigm’s manifestation, it’s important for us to integrate the qualities of the new paradigm into our own Lives and be the change we wish to see.

For now, you’re welcomed and encouraged to continue Creating and giving your energy to visualizations displaying the new paradigm in action. With the unlimited power of your astral visualization ability, there’s truly nothing you can’t do and you’ll come to find your exploration quite fun.

Getting into a light meditation and enjoying fruitful astral landscapes and visuals, as well as using such a heightened state of perception to perform necessary energy work for the planet, is more than enjoyable and will see you understanding and knowing about your power in greater ways.

We’ll come to find that our Lightwork is an absolute breeze and can be performed instantaneously if we make the effort, and we’ll aid in our own evolution by performing such work. In future weeks, we’ll build upon what we’ve done already, and we’ll continue to bless various situations and visualize aspects of the new paradigm coming about.

For now, simply enjoy the fact that you’re able to perform this potent work for the planet. We’ve been told that it’s noble work indeed, and I’m honored and delighted to be able to perform it.

This concludes this week’s astral travels.


Wes Annac – The Ascended Masters And The Pleiadians – Ascension Is Being Pioneered By Each Of You – 2 August 2013


-Channeled through Wes Annac-


With so much brimming Love from the entirety of our collective, we are the Ascended Masters speaking with the dear Pleiadians once again.

Specifically, we’re speaking with the melded-together energies of the soul who’s come to be known as SanJAsKa, who represents the Pleiadian Councils speaking with you all in this moment.

We wish to express your constant evolution and the fact that you’re growing toward the higher dimensions in every moment. This has been addressed in our previous joint communication with the Hathors, and we bring it up to help you understand that you’re not growing away from the higher dimensions as some of you tend to feel you are.

For those of you experiencing doubt or a perceived drifting-away from your growing higher dimensional perception, we wish to calm your tension by letting you know that everything you experience currently is a necessary and ordained part of your process.

If you feel yourselves to be drifting away from your higher-dimensional perceptions, we ask you to feel and sit with the resulting drive that nudges you toward seeking or doing more.

Emerging from your Comfort Zone

You’re ready to embrace the higher dimensions and all that comes with a higher-dimensional experience; it’s simply that some of you have remained fearful underneath your surface of emerging out into the vast, infinite and blissful landscapes you can now attune to and enjoy.

Some find it easier to remain in their comfort zones at times, but we ask you now to embrace the higher dimensions and your own growing perceptions, for as we and others have reiterated, they’re certainly not going anywhere.

If we could only communicate just how close you are with the higher dimensions and just how much your perception of the realms of infinite, blissful consciousness are growing in every moment, than you’d understand our request for you to feel at ease with yourselves in the face of a seeming departure from your growing perceptions.

You’re growing toward the higher dimensions, rather than away from them. It’s simply that many of you are experiencing facets of your Earthly growing and leaning that are necessary to be experienced before your ultimate ascension into the higher dimensions.

You exist in a very unique situation indeed, and we encourage enjoying your Earthly experience and understanding that what happens in your Lives that you perceive to be of a bad or unsettling nature, is all meant to be learned from.

Growth is the ultimate purpose of your Earthly existence, as the growing and learning taking place in your minds and hearts has steered your individual and collective evolution for millennia. Your spiritual growth and the metaphysical perceptions you’re able to unlock can be comparable to the physical growth and learning you experience on the Earth.

On Earth, you learn how to deal with your physical situation. What you learn as you go about your experience teaches you how to be of the world and survive, despite the nature to which your world has been controlled.

You learn to exist on the Earth as you grow from the various catalytic lessons you experience, and in a similar manner, the inner-lessons you learn and the spiritual growth you achieve go hand in hand.

Unlimited Perceptions

When you learn about or gain insight into deeper aspects of yourselves, which can come about by learning difficult but ultimately necessary and helpful lessons, you subsequently reach another phase in your already deepening metaphysical perception.

You’re able to feel and unlock entire astral and ascended landscapes within if you wish, and your perceptions grow to be unlimited.

When you experience a difficult lesson in your personal Lives, recognize it as just that; a lesson. Recognize what about your experience is meant to be learned from, and be thankful to those purer aspects of your overall Self that they’re helping you in your evolution with such lessons.

We know, even from our vantage point, that it’s not easy.

We can feel your pain and the sorrow that tends to accompany the most difficult or testing of lesson-learning. Many of us have felt your pain ourselves, having existed on your Earth and worked to uplift your collective while feeling many of the pains and experiencing many of the difficulties you have.

Many of us have been there and have experienced what you have, and as such, we can offer you the Love and support of souls with Earthly experience.

There are plenty of souls in the higher dimensions who haven’t had a taste of the Earth or the extreme and intense energies passed around your collective consciousness, but seek nonetheless to offer themselves to your ascension and have worked with much of themselves from their various positions to help achieve it.

We’ll turn this temple over now to dear SanJAsKa and the Pleiadian Council of Nine, as they expand upon what we’ve given and offer the same brimming Love we offer in every moment.

SanJAsKa & the Pleiadians Speak

With Loving regards to the dear Ascended Masters, I am SanJAsKa, representing the Pleiadian Council of Nine and indeed imparting the Love mentioned.

We, being fifth-dimensional, have gained great glimpses into the mechanics making up this Love energy, as we’ve learned fifth-dimensional lessons regarding balancing out our previous experiences.

In doing so, just as the dear Ascended Masters mentioned, we deepened our own metaphysical perceptions and grew into greater understandings of the energy at work behind the Creation and sustaining if your realities.

The Creation and sustaining of your realities is a process that’s widely known about and understood in the higher dimensions, and we, like you, have much to learn still in the way of energy work; as we exist on ultimately distorted planes of consciousness in comparison to the pure realms of Source.

The realms of Source are beckoning from within to be picked up on by each of you now, and we’ll forever be with you to help you understand the validity of your higher-dimensional connections. We’ll also be on your world in the time ahead to help you understand the technologies we’ll have to offer as well as our presence around your planet for longer than could be expressed, and we look toward the moment when we can be with you and offer our Love directly.

We’re just as excited as you dear souls are for our presence to be disclosed on your planet, as we’re ready for this wondrous and long mission that’s been the ascension of the Earth to come to the glorious conclusion it’s always been meant to come to.

The Earth’s ascension is being pioneered and propelled by each of you, and what you learn in this moment, you’ll take and use to help uplift the collective.

The rest of your populace will experience the ascension-related personal lessons you’re each experiencing as you grasp the pure states of consciousness you’re growing toward, and we hope for you to be able to offer your insight and the experiences you’ve gained for those souls when the time comes and your collective is informed of your ascension.

Accepting the Reality

Your entire collective is indeed to be informed and given the opportunity to ascend, and this is why we say that you can help those around you with their personal ascension-related lessons and with the struggle or difficulty they may experience.

One of the biggest areas of struggle or difficulty for many Earthly souls will be accepting that everything they’ll learn about is actually real. We anticipate that it could be quite difficult indeed for the programming to be broken on your world and for your general collective to believe in things they’ve been programmed to ridicule or brand “science fiction”.

There’s so much reality to the majority of your science fiction television shows, and the television shows and movies the cabals have put out displays very real technology, usually in negatively oriented manners.

You’ll come to learn of the reality of advanced technology that can feed your populace and see every person Living a comfortable lifestyle, and for this to come about it will also be necessary for the world’s wealth to be amassed and distributed accordingly to every person.

This isn’t to say that the people who’ve honestly worked hard to earn their abundance will have it taken from them, as indeed they won’t. We, nor you, have any desire to take abundance from well-meaning souls who’ve rightfully earned it.

However, souls who’ve gathered their immense wealth by keeping individuals and entire countries in incredibly poor states of health and consciousness, as well as souls who’ve used outright lies and theft to gain their abundance, will be treated the same as everyone else and will enjoy enough abundance to experience a comfortable Life, just as every person on your Earth will be able to.

A Worldwide Ruling Body of the People

As hopefully goes without saying, no soul will have their abundance physically or forcibly removed from them.

Souls who’ve gained their abundance by keeping others down or lying or cheating have manifested negative karmic energy for themselves, and the aspects of their higher selves in charge of balancing out such karma in their physical Lives will see to it that they experience what they’ve sewn for themselves.

Every soul on your dear Earth will be able to enjoy and benefit from widespread abundance and prosperity, and with your actions, a worldwide ruling body of the people will be established that will be truly fair and just for all.

Your collective will run your world based on the principles of unity, harmony, cooperation and Love. Justice will be brought about as your collective learns to garner forgiveness for those who’ve held your world back for so very long.

The cabals have taken so many measures to keep the collective unaware and feeding certain limited states of consciousness, and your mainstream media has been used to aid in this agenda and to enforce and reinforce a certain view of your society that’s then accepted by those who are subjected to the programming.

Your society has been programmed to function a certain way, and the biggest aspect of breaking the programming that’s been prevalent is teaching your society the importance of unity and really getting them to understand the basic fact that you’re all One.

There are no differences between you as races and countries, and there’s no difference between you and we souls in the higher dimensions. We are bred from the same Loving energy that Creates and sustains the experiences of every aspect of Creation, and we seek to help you understand your oneness with each other as a sentient collective.

As has been said, your oneness extends far beyond your oneness with each other as humans. It’ll be so very important for humanity know that you’re One with every aspect of the sentient consciousness around you, and it’ll be important for you to learn how reality is programmed and how it functions in the lower dimensions.

Understanding Oneness

Humanity has been programmed to believe that animals and plants are less smart than them, and this can only be seen as true in the physical sense.

Earthly humans, who are of a mostly third and fourth-dimensional consciousness, have learned to Create advanced societies because of their physical perception, whereas animals and other aspects of consciousness incarnate on your Earth maintain very strong and active links to the spiritual, and understand their oneness with the consciousness all around them.

Animals on your world are understanding increasingly that they’re constructed of the same energy, and your planet will continue to witness more phenomena regarding animals who’d previously feud or eat each other coming together to protect each other in certain instances and scenarios.

Humans, animals and plants will come together in the immediate time ahead, as humans will learn that they’re truly not the dominating species. This is so because domination is not meant to be the standard mode of Living and existing, even on a lower-dimensional planet.

Indeed, what you’ve experienced and fed into as a collective has been necessary for your understanding of the lower dimensions you’ve incarnated under, but on the ascended Earth, every human, animal and facet of consciousness will get along harmoniously and will understand that your world is meant to be run not by remaining divided and conquered, but by recognizing your unity and using it to your advantage.

As we turn this temple over to the dear Ascended Masters and make our final impressions whilst we exist at the forefront of this communication, we express that your perception of your oneness with yourselves and the reality around you will continue to grow as much as your perception of the higher realms is beginning to.

You have so very much to learn, and for the most part, you’re tackling the bulk of difficult lesson-learning you set out for yourselves to perform before you embrace the higher dimensions once again.

The Ascended Masters Speak

We express the purest of appreciation to dear SanJAsKa and the Pleiadian Councils for the energies and information they’ve provided.

The aspect of the Pleiadians’ discussion regarding your growing perception of your oneness with every soul around you will be addressed specifically in the long-awaited disclosure announcements, and in regards to those and to the overall manifestations on your Earth that have been waited for, we can say that when they do come about, they’ll have been well earned and long achieved.

Events progress significantly in favor of your collective understanding of everything that’s been hidden from you, and the activities of the cabals in spying on their citizens will continue to be exposed while their ability to use such intricate and advanced spying methods will indeed be turned on them, so to speak.

The advanced ability on the part of the Company of Heaven to always know what your Earthly cabals are doing or what their plans are, sees our utilization of the technology within the American NSA unneeded.

Nonetheless, the “Earth Allies” as they’ve been termed on the ground can use such technology for very positive purposes, as it’s subsequently exposed and seen as the injustice it is and has always been.

Some would think the perceived freewill of the cabals or the cabal heads to be in violation because of this, or would think the Company of Heaven or our Earth Allies hypocrites for choosing to use a method that’s been used against the people, to further expose the cabals.

This wouldn’t come about if it weren’t a perfect fit for the exposure related karma of the cabals, as they’ve Created a vast infrastructure bent on spying on benevolent citizens of the Earth and it’s only fit for their own house of cards to not only come falling down on them, but to be used to further expose what they’ve been doing.

The shorthand of what we wish to communicate is that all is well; a solid plan is in place to further expose the cabals in every single way, and the progress being made on the part of you Lightworkers and on the part of the Earth Allies who are performing diligent and constant duties for your planetary ascension and for the exposure of the souls who’ve worked actively against humanity’s evolution, is seeing such evolution able to come about.

Embracing Expansion

There’s so very much you can be doing, dearest souls, and in every moment you possess enormous potential to help shift the collective energies toward enlightenment.

The missions of each of you are expanding exponentially, and we recommend and encourage embracing the expansion taking place, because it’s leading you to perform much more for the ascension of the Earth’s than you’d perhaps initially envisioned yourselves performing.

As each of you individually clarify your intent and purpose to help awaken the collective, so is an energy spread that sees more and more souls able to do the same. The result is a domino effect of unprecedented proportions, and exposure of the cabals is coming about as a result of the widespread collective awakening taking place.

Those who are leading this revolution of rising consciousness amongst the entirety of your Earth have been activated ahead of time, and are pioneering feeling and bringing through many of the pure energies that’ll be brought through by the collective in the time ahead.

Much of the energy that’ll be brought through will be used for healing purposes, and specifically, Gaia’s sky, water, air and ground are to be cleansed enormously of the widespread manifested pollution. There’s been much pollution indeed, and as we make our final impressions for this communication, we hope to give you a glimpse of the future you’ll all be working toward.

Everything is Getting Better

Envision yourselves and all those around you funneling the purest, most colorful and wondrous to behold higher-dimensional energies through a handheld device that then takes such energies and uses them to cleanse your skies and water.

Envision being able to swim in the crispest, clearest and purest water and breathing in the purest and freshest air alike. This is the future you’re heading into, and the advanced energy work being performed already by so many of you will see to it that you’re able to manifest this future with relative ease.

Whilst you’ll continue to experience lessons and challenges that may test you to your cores, we wish to communicate that everything is getting better for you.

The realms of full consciousness are leading you onward toward understanding that harmony and personal bliss are meant to be felt in every moment, and many of you are garnering immense satisfaction with your experiences as you come to find this truth for yourselves.

Along with this truth and your growing perception of your own unalienable freedoms, you’ll find yourselves infinite in the energies you can bring through and in the truly psychedelic and metaphysical experiences they’ll offer you.

You’ll come to find the purest of energies upon embracing your personal freedom as a being of spirit, and we leave with our Love for now as we encourage you to continue embracing yourselves, in every manner possible.


Wes Annac – Ascended Masters and Hathors – You Are Steadily And Constantly Evolving – 27 July 2013

Channeled through Wes Annac  –   www.wesannac.com

With greetings and Love from the entirety of our collective, we are the Ascended Masters speaking with the dear Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes.

We speak together with humanity at this time to offer you Love and peace throughout the struggle of your daily Lives.

We wish for you dear souls to see the beauty of your existence and the perfection of your Being in every moment, as we hope to help soften the hardest shells that have been built around so many Earthly souls who’ve only known and felt the density they’ve seen around them for so long.

The entire collective is awakening to the reality of spirit, and those of you who’ve awakened ahead of time are helping others see the impetus to themselves awaken underneath their surface, which will of course, help them to awaken at their surface.

In the realms of spirit, you’re performing so very much for the ascension of the Earth. You’re helping to awaken the collective by working with the collective energies as they’ve existed on your world for so very long.

As the dear Hathors have been fond of reminding you, you’ve transmuted the bulk of collective negativity and density that’s been manifested upon your surface, and you stand in this moment as glimmering examples of higher-dimensional souls incarnate on the Earth.

Just BeginningYou’re performed the most wondrous feat that could be performed in anchoring so much exponential Light to the surface and core of dear Gaia, and your collective has benefited enormously from your efforts up to this point.

We wish to address the feelings in many of you that your missions are only beginning, as well as the idea that the wholeness and satisfaction you’re finding with your existence is just beginning. We say that both feelings are true, as you’re growing into a greater expansion of yourselves in every way.

You’re growing to understand the spirituality of your existence and the realms of full consciousness you’ve come from, and as you open up and maintain an active link to your home-realms, a great sense of happiness and satisfaction with your personal experience begins to emerge.

When this sense of wholeness with oneself and one’s Life emerges, they too are able to emerge and greet those around them with the warmth of the Creator, and with the glimmering happiness of a soul who’s discovered themselves in every facet.

You’re growing to discover yourselves as you come to discover things about your outward realities that could otherwise bring you down or keep you in states of unhappiness or dissatisfaction. As you perceive things about your realities that you know not to be in alignment with the realms of consciousness you’re growing toward, so too are you uncovering aspects of yourselves that haven’t benefited you in your growth.

The various mechanisms and tendencies humans have fed on the Earth have helped you along your third-dimensional existence, but such mechanisms aren’t prevalent or necessary in the realms of full consciousness.

If we could only communicate the constant harmony and bliss accompanying existing in the higher dimensions, than you’d understand why the various Earthly mechanisms and tendencies that resonate with the Earth’s lower realms are not prevalent here.

Vanished DistortionsAlong with those mechanisms, the separation, strife, injustice and unhappiness fed on the Earth vanish as well. A complete and unhindered bliss sees one feeling the constant good vibrations of these brimming realms in every moment, and when feeling these vibrations, the possibility of experiencing anything more distorted than them simply doesn’t exist.

Indeed, we’re able to funnel ourselves down to lower realms of consciousness if we wish to feel the energies associated with such realms, but beyond a desire to incarnate on lower-dimensional worlds to help the civilizations of such worlds evolve, we choose not to venture away from the realms we exist in, lest we wish to travel further onward into realms of consciousness purer than those we currently perceive.

We indeed exist on our own individual realms and octaves of consciousness, and we Masters come from various and unique realms, and have united in service to the Creator and to every soul we seek to uplift with the Light of Source.

This Light guides our way, and is a very real energy that works with Love to keep realities sustained on their respective frequencies. The process of overseeing the energies Creating and sustaining your reality will be explained by the dear Hathors, who we will now step back to let speak.

The Hathors SpeakWith immense appreciation to the dear collective of Masters who’ve spoken before us, we are the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes. We will indeed venture into a discussion of the process that is funneling the energies down Creating and sustaining your reality, and specifically, we’d like to inform you of the roles you play in such funneling-down.

As we’ve said fruitfully, we send down the energies sustaining your realities after receiving them from entities stationed in the realms of your Sun. We send those energies down to lower realms, after distorting their natural purity so that they’ll match the realms we’re sending them to.

There are plenty of Earthly realms between ours and yours and as such, beings stationed within those realms receive the energies from us, just as we received them from the entities within your Sun, and themselves distort their purity before sending them down to further and further distorted planes of consciousness.

Eventually, when sufficiently distorted in purity, these energies reach you dear souls through Gaia’s planetary chakras, which you’ll come to know as the energy gates opening in Her skies and within many of Her large caverns and mountains.

These gates receive the energies Creating and sustaining your realities, and help us and the various other beings such energies are sent to before they’re given to your realities, to steadily decrease the nature to which we distort them each time they’re sent down.

We understand that we’re venturing into complex territory, but we attempt now and have attempted to explain this aspect of the process in as easy and understandable of a way as possible.

We, as well as the beings between your realms and ours who receive and dim the energies you receive, are working to decrease the distorted nature of this energy with each time we funnel it down, which means that we’re decreasing it’s purity slightly less each time it’s given.

Again; we’ve discussed this aspect of the process, as well as the overall process it’s attached to, quite fruitfully. We continue to do so to expand further upon this process and to tell you what the continual decrease in the distortion accompanying this energy means for you dear souls.

You’re Constantly EvolvingWhat this essentially means for you, who are taking these energies and absorbing them when they’re funneled through Gaia’s planetary chakras, is that you’re steadily and constantly evolving, in every moment. We do not exaggerate or attempt to paint this communication with glittery words when we say this, dear souls.

You’re evolving in every moment. Your perception of the realms of spirit are growing, and you’re finding yourselves more enlightened with each linear second that passes by.

Take a few deep breaths, dear souls, and ask to feel the increasingly-pure vibrations you’re being given. Know and understand that after those few seconds, your consciousness has already lifted; not necessarily because of your request, which did indeed help, but because the energies you’re being given are being decreasingly distorted every time you receive them.

We ask, how does it feel to know that your ascension is becoming more and more of a reality in every moment?

While we’ve been performing this process for quite a while, it was intensified exponentially at the end of your year 2012. December 2012 will prove to be remembered by your entire collective, as it will be explained that our missions and the energetic tasks we’re assigned to were broadened at the end of that month.

You were given a very large boost in consciousness and perception as a collective, and while this hasn’t yet become apparent for many of you, we ask you trust in the inner-workings of the Divine and know that everything is being taken care of in regards to your individual and collective ascension.

This is because of the incredible impetus and motivation you’ve shown already to perform the wondrous feat for the ascension of the Earth that you have, and because of the diligent work being performed by myriad higher-dimensional beings and collectives who’ve been actively fixated upon your Earth’s ascension for so very long.

The Universal AscensionSouls from all across Creation have focused themselves on your beautiful little blue world, because of the importance of the elevation of your collective into a new frame of consciousness, perception and understanding.

A few individuals, or even a few thousand individuals, awakening and assisting the collective of humanity in awakening as well, is a very good thing indeed.

However, we seek to help your entire populace to awaken, as the energy that’ll be manifested from your entire collective finding a new frame of understanding will send shock waves throughout Creation and see a plethora of other planets and civilizations able to evolve.

The grand event that is the ascension of your Universe has only begun to be explained to humanity. Deeper and more intricate discussions regarding your Universal ascension will begin to be given through channels, as until now, it’s been too complex of an issue for us to attempt to explain.

With the increasingly-pure energies at work helping you to find enlightenment and an expansion of your perception in ways you haven’t imagined, the very large and spectacular event that is and will be the ascension of the Universe, as well as plenty of other topics, will become easier for us to explain to you.

Simply put; you’re coming to understand greater higher-dimensional, spiritual and scientific concepts as you open yourselves up to the purer energies helping you to unlock such understandings.

They’ve always been within you, dear souls, waiting to be uncovered and utilized once again.

We’ll turn this temple back over to the dear Ascended Masters, as we make our final impressions and express the Love we’re hoping to offer to each of you absorbing our communication.

It’s obvious to any one of you reading this that we seek to offer energetic perspectives on the ascension of your Earth and your Universe, and we intend to give more information in a future time about your Universal ascension and the even-bigger roles many of you have already come to play in it.

The Earth’s ascension is very monumental and important indeed, and will assist in the Universal ascension exponentially.

The Ascended Masters SpeakWith so very much Love to the dear Hathors, we express appreciation to them and to our dear scribe. In making our final impressions for this communication, we express that you’ll continue to find yourselves able to pick up on our impressions as you open up more and find the greater, expanded perceptions mentioned by the dear Hathors.

Oh, how we await the time when you can convene with us personally and ask as many questions of us as you want concerning our existence, our origins and our purpose in assisting your and so many other collectives and civilizations to see the Light.

We ask you to look toward the brimming future you’re building in every moment, as we seek to help you enjoy the moment of Now you’re truly blessed to exist in.

We reiterate that pain and frustration will be things of the past when opening oneself up and discovering the miracles of the Divine on a full-time basis, as Light will permeate every facet of your being when opening yourselves up and maintaining a constant connection to the higher dimensions.

It’s your right as citizens of the Earth and sparks of the Creator to actively sustain your higher-dimensional links from a lower-dimensional world, and help the citizens of that world re-find and fashion their own links as well.

You’re each performing this feat for the collective, and the actions of the Lightworker public in transmuting the bulk of density prevalent and accumulated in your collective consciousness, as well as helping an incredible amount of Light to flood through and be felt by every Earthly soul, will be widely explained and understood.

You’re Uplifting the CollectiveIt will be explained that a collective of higher-dimensional souls have chosen to funnel themselves down and exist on the Earth in an effort to bring Light to the Earth’s surface and collective consciousness, and to themselves experience the Earth and grow to understand it as they were uplifted and as they uplifted the collective.

You’re certainly uplifting the collective with your actions, and even though it doesn’t seem to be so, we say that you’ll see the effects your actions and your presence have had on the Earth so very soon.

For so many awakening souls, the Earthly experience is getting better and better while for some, difficulty and strife seem to be at the forefront of their experience.

To those who are coming to enjoy their experience more and more, we say to keep walking in your pure Creator Light, as you’re helping every person around you with the Light and exuberance you express to them. To those who continue to grapple with Earthly difficulty, we ask you to seek equilibrium when it would seem easier not to.

We ask you to seek spirit when the Earthly experience seems to pile up or make one forget one’s sacred origins, and we ask you to come a place of stillness in your mind and open up to the frequencies of energy you’re receiving. We hope for it to help to know that you’re being given increasingly-pure energies that are seeing you more evolved by the moment, as the dear Hathors mentioned above.

We hope for this to assist those of you who don’t feel as if you’re making any forward progress, for you certainly are. The pure energies you’re being given seek not to invade your freewill by making you evolve if you’re not ready at your surface, but even at your surface you’re evolving.

We Love you all so very much, and we smile upon you in every moment as we watch you go about your Earthly endeavors. Continue to be the brimming conduits for the Love of the Creator you’ve always been, and look out for the reflections in your outward reality of the increasingly-pure consciousness growing in humanity.

Thank you to the Ascended Masters, and to the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes.


Wes Annac – Saan And The Arcturian Councils : The Galactic Headquarters That Will Be The Earth – 19 July 2013


Channeled through Wes Annac-

With warm and Loving greetings from every facet of we souls speaking with you, I am Saan of the Arcturian Councils of the Galactic Federation.

The Galactic Federation as you’ve perceived of it is an organization of myriad ascended races and societies, who’ve evolved from our respective planets and seek to help as many lower-dimensional civilizations to evolve as possible.

We hold routine meetings amongst the entirety of our Federation, and our Councils operate in united factions as each race and each Council works together on the ascension of various planets and civilizations.

We work in service to Source; to the Creator, who’s funneled Him/Herself down from the pure realms of Source to experience a different facet of His/Her ultimate omnipotence. Everything is Source; is God; is Love. We are all comprised the same energy of Love, which has taken various different and unique forms.

You are an extension of your ultimate oversoul consciousness, who’s been funneled-down to assist the Earth in Her ordained evolution, and we work to help you grow back into the realms of consciousness we found upon evolving from our various planets and civilizations.

The Ascension Process for an Unawakened SoulWe uplifted our planets as well, as we cultivated individual awakenings and worked to awaken those around us. While collective ascensions don’t happen very often, they can be initiated by just one soul awakening and working to awaken those around them.

This is so because the extent to which disbelief and hate have ruled on your Earth has not been experienced on most other lower-dimensional worlds and rather, third-dimensional awareness can give way to purer awareness and understanding quite easily depending on one’s Life path.

Those around you who you perceive to be unawakened but who operate on their own level of consciousness on which they’re comfortable in this moment, are going through their personal ascension processes and responding to the increasingly-pure energies you’re being given, which are being delivered en masse, in their own ways.

For some who haven’t yet understood the realms of full consciousness you’re growing toward, this process of absorbing and assimilating energies from realms they don’t yet understand, is very difficult.

At their surface they know or believe nothing of the realms of full consciousness they’re growing back into, but underneath their surface, they’re more than knowledgeable of such realms. This is because every soul has come from these realms, and while you experience the Earth as extended facets of your higher selves, you’ve never really left the higher dimensions.

What we mean is that you sustain active roots in the higher dimensions as your higher selves, and your lower-dimensional Selves existing on the Earth are facets of the oversoul that is your higher self.

This is why every Earthly soul knows completely of the higher dimensions underneath their surface. The further one goes underneath one’s surface, the closer one gets to a connection with Source and with oneself.

Planning Life LessonsConnecting with your higher self is very important to your personal evolution, as your higher self has so very much to teach you and orchestrates lessons in your personal Lives for you to learn from. Your guides work with your higher self, and you work as well in your sleep realms to plan events that play out in your Lives in the specific ways needed for your ultimate growth as a soul.

You’re growing (back) into the higher dimensions of consciousness, and your process has included meetings facets of yourselves that could easily be judged as dark or in need of hiding from.

We ask you to realize your completeness as a spiritual being in every facet you exist on the Earth, including the parts of yourselves you’d otherwise hide from or feel ashamed of. Every facet of You is Divine, and we’ve asked our scribe to capitalize the “Y” in the word You to display it’s importance.

Your power as a Divine being is unparalleled, and those facets of yourselves you perceive to be “bad” are simply in need of understanding.

As you properly understand yourselves as spiritual beings, so does your level of security with yourselves begin to grow. We wish for each of you to be completely secure with yourselves as Godsparks of the infinite Creator, as this is what you truly are and you’ve never been meant to struggle too much in self-orchestrated guilt or insecurity regarding oneself.

You’re meant to Love and understand yourselves as facets of Source, and this is why we say that in the eyes of Source, you can never err.

You’re on the lower-dimensional Earth to experience it, and experience it you certainly have.

Enjoy the Earth ExperienceAspects of your human existence that don’t directly impede your growth (or infringe upon others’ growth or freewill) should certainly be sought-out and enjoyed, as even aspects of the lower-dimensional experience that aren’t prevalent in the higher dimensions are still worth experiencing whilst you find yourselves on the Earth.

You’re on the Earth to help awaken and uplift the collective, but why not enjoy your experience as you do this, dear souls?

Why hide yourselves away from the Earth experience or seek only to work away, even if that work benefits your collective, rather than recognizing that you exist in a very unique situation and treating it as such?

In short, we ask for you to enjoy your Earth experience, rather than see it as less-than or in need of upgrading to the higher dimensions you’re growing toward. You’re indeed growing toward the higher dimensions, but your Earth existence is and has always been Divine, unique and worth exploring in every facet.

You can enjoy your Earth experience and even feel at home on your dearest Earth, and we can feel already that many of you who’ve incarnated on the Earth and expected yourselves to venture away from it after Gaia’s ascension has taken place, will choose instead to stay for quite a while and seek to uplift the rest of Creation from the Galactic Headquarters that will be the Earth.

Earth will indeed be a Galactic Headquarters of sorts, as the pure and powerful energy that will emanate from the Earth, which will result from your powerful collective ascension, will reverberate out to so many other planets, and indeed, even galaxies.

The Typical Planetary Ascension ProcedureThe Light of your Earthly ascension will spread out to every facet of Creation in need of uplifting and evolution.

The Earth is responding to the energies emitted from other planets whose populations have ascended individually in great numbers, causing the Light-quotient on such planets to tip enough in favor of the Light for planetary ascension to occur.

This is the typical manner in which planetary ascension comes about; as a result of individual souls who Live on such planets awakening and shifting the collective energies into the Light.

Of course – every evolution, be it individual or collective, is monitored and guided Divinely, and you’ve (previously) sought to help various worlds and civilizations to see the Light by working from the realms of their unseen to help awaken their individuals who, in turn, awakened the collective and caused planetary ascension to occur.

The unique thing about your Earthly ascension is that it’s to come-about by your collective awakening and ascending, after the Earth has already reached the pure states of the fifth dimension, which She indeed already has.

The Earth’s spirit exists in the fifth dimension for the most part, and She’s waiting for Her dear collective to catch up. This is quite uncommon for a planetary ascension, but we’ve long recognized that the Earth’s evolution is nothing if not unique.

The individual evolution of each of you is certainly unique, and this is one of many reasons we ask you to embrace your Earthly experience, rather than hide yourselves from it or brand it unworthy of experiencing, simply because it doesn’t exist in the purer realms of consciousness.

Joy and Love are Just as PrevalentTrust, dear souls: you’re going to learn and discover so very much in the higher dimensions, but for now, we ask you to enjoy the growing higher-dimensional perspective you find descending unto you, as you enjoy the fact that you’re on a very unique planet.

We do indeed note the struggle experienced on your Earth, which makes it quite difficult for a plethora of higher-dimensional souls to incarnate and enjoy their experiences, but we ask you to see that joy and Love are just as prevalent on your Earth, and indeed more so, than any of the lower-dimensional emotions that have been fed for so very long.

Before making our final impressions for this communication, we wish to make one last note about humanity’s concept of time.

You Exist in a Constant EnergyAs our scribe has learned by seeking information through books that accurately display the merging of science and spirit, the same energy that Creates and sustains your realities is responsible for the flow of time and the force of gravity humanity experiences. (1)

The force of this flowing energy helps you to stay within your dimensional domain, and what you experience as the flow of time is a movement of energy on your part; energy you Create when moving around or simply existing on your Earth.

In this very moment, you exist in a constant energy; a force that you Create and travel through as it holds you in place and sees you experience a seemingly-linear movement through it.

We seek to offer more information regarding this concept, but find ourselves limited in the terminology and understanding we can express through this scribe.

For now, we’ll make our final impressions for this communication by reminding you that you’re working toward a brimming Galactic future; a future that’ll validate your beliefs concerning the higher dimensions.

Indeed, some of what you believe currently may become outdated in a factual sense, but what so many of you can feel regarding the higher realms and your own lineage is indeed real. What you can feel deep within is realer than could possibly be expressed, and it’s for this and many other reasons that we ask you to nurture it and to nurture yourselves.

Thank you to Saan and the Arcturian Councils.

(1)- Specifically, David Wilcock’s “Source Field Investigations” discusses this concept.

Wes Annac – Archangel Indriel – Perfection Lives Within – 8 July 2013


Channeled through Wes Annac-

Feel the brimming Love I have to offer each of you, my dear children.

Feel the brimming Love of the higher dimensions you’ve come to the Earth from, for it’s stronger than you currently fathom. You’re expanding your perception of this Love, and you’ll understand in due time why so many higher-dimensional souls express it in the brimming manner that we choose to.

Today, my dear children, I wish to communicate the Love of your existence. I wish to make you aware of the vast metaphysical planes beyond your current perception, and I wish for you to see that Love weaves all of these realms together.

This is how we in the spiritual realms are able to speak with you, dear children; because of the mere fact that our realms and yours are intertwined. Indeed, our realms intersect with yours, and the connections we’re able to maintain with you are so very strong and pure.

We’ve wished for you to know that in the realms beyond your conscious understanding, there is no strife, pain or fear.

Love is Embraced

There can be no difficulty, heartbreak or hardship in these higher dimensions, because Love is understood and embraced as it spreads all throughout the vast planes of infinite, unlimited consciousness that are these higher dimensions.

We so dearly wish for you to feel the brimming Love that makes up the fabric of our and your realities, even if only for a moment, because you deserve to feel this Love in every bit of its purity.

You deserve the understanding that you were Created from and are Loved eternally by the spiritual and physical Source of all existence, and you deserve to know that humanity’s image of this Source has been muddied exponentially.

God’s Love is unbounded for you dearest souls, and as may go without saying, you cannot err in the eyes of our Creator.

Oh, how hard of a time some will have not judging those who they perceive to be different or worse than them. How difficult it could be for your entire collective to see that Source Loves even those who society has turned their backs on.

Source does not care of the mistakes you perceive yourselves as having made along your journey of rediscovering yourselves as Source, because Source knows that eventually, all will return to His/Her Kingdom.

All will find the brimming vibrations of Source in their own ways, and it’s for this reason that judgment is not a factor in our existence.

No Judgment

We don’t pass judgment on any of you and in fact, we Love you more than you could possibly fathom for what you perceive to be your errors and faults. We feel the strongest empathy and compassion for the struggles you’ve incarnated under, and we wish for you to unlock your potential as free, uninhibited and spiritual beings.

You truly are free beings, and your existence has always been meant to reflect your innate freedom as spiritual beings undergoing a human experience.

You’ve always been meant to rediscover the Love we speak of so very much, and you’ve always been meant to know that it forms the bridge between your realms and ours.

The lower vibrations as you see them are derived from the higher realms of experience, and in these realms, nothing can go unseen or unknown. The actions of those who have hurt others which, again, are not judged by us or our Creator, are nevertheless monitored and understood in the higher dimensions.

What so many souls have termed “accountability” in regards to those who’ve perpetrated acts of injustice upon your general collective, is indeed to come about. However, it’s not to come about in the manner so many Earthly souls would expect.

We wish for humanity to bring-about exposure of the cabals as you’ve termed them, with no condemnation or judgment for their actions against you.

We wish for forgiveness to be found in the awakening humanity, as the souls we speak of are dearly lost along their paths and deserve the same opportunity as anyone else to re-find the Light they’d so willingly turned themselves away from.

Learning Harmony and Cooperation

As Love is the fabric of your existence, it’s essential that Love is expressed to every individual facet of consciousness upon your Earth. It’s imperative to your ascension-plan that humanity learn the ways of harmony and cooperation, rather than strife, injustice and separation. It’s crucial for you to understand the ways of peace and forgiveness, rather than those of conflict and vengeance.

When you can shine your perceptive Light on everything that’s driven the lower-dimensional experience for so very long, you can work to transmute anything you feel may be holding you back as you understand yourselves as being perfect already, despite what you perceive to be your faults.

Yes, many Earthly souls stay away from the term “perfect” and we understand that many of you absorbing this communication don’t seek perfection but rather, equilibrium and balance. We wish you to know that despite even this, you are and have always been perfect in the eyes of our Creator.

You’re Already Perfect

You don’t need to seek to be perfect, as at your core, you already are.

This is why many of you choose not to strive for perfection; because it isn’t a tangible things that’s to be attained. Rather, perfection is something that Lives within; in your hearts, and can never be taken from you.

Even as you perceive yourselves as erring along your experience, when you recognize an error and strive to make it right it’s because you’re acting in alignment with your unbounded perfection.

The Divine You that’s watching your experiences play out from a silent point of view is gently guiding and nudging you in the right directions, and when you seek to be in alignment with your Divine Self, you’ll understand the sheer perfection of your being.

You’ll understand the Love we choose to express to you, and you’ll feel your innate perfection at its very essence.

So very much will be unlocked and understood, and the wonderful boosts in perception you’re to download as you continue on in your quest to reach purer states of consciousness, will see you able to enjoy every facet of your growing understanding.

What we mean is that you’ll enjoy the new, heightened understandings you’ll come to find about yourselves and the world around you. You’ve largely made it already, though we note the small, final bits of dross still seeking to be cleared-out in the minds and hearts of some awakening souls.

You continue on in your processes as valiantly as you ever have, and as we look upon you and smile at your perfection and the vigor you continue to show, we note the feeling of seeming detachment from those around you or from the higher dimensions, that some of you tend to feel.

Illusory Low Emotions

Some of you are undergoing experiences of feeling lost, depressed or alone. We wish to comfort you in your times of sorrow or sadness, as we help you to understand the illusory nature of such feelings.

What we mean is that we seek to aid and inform you when you feel the heavy, dragging emotional effects the lower dimensions can have upon you, while we seek to inform you that the reasons you find yourselves agreeing with such emotions are as illusory as the reality you find around you.

The things that come up in your minds and hearts and convince you to feel ill about yourselves or your current experience are not only illusory, but are driven by aspects of your lower-mind in an effort to have you employ it much more, which you do when feeling low or depressed.

While stress can indeed make one lose focus and concentration, the very feeling of stress, frustration or sadness upon one’s brain is similar to an opiate high.

What’s wonderful about the human vessel is that you can experience a natural boost of higher-dimensional energies and perceptions by employing positivity, but some souls have become encompassed in the feelings driven from being able to feel alone or otherwise not at peace with the reality around them.

We’re here to help each one of you struggling with such issues currently to understand the Divinity and perfection of your existence, and we know you’ll come to find the understanding that there’s truly never anything to worry about.

You have Source on your side, and the brimming energies of the higher dimensions are only to increase in purity as they descend down unto your reality and are absorbed by your evolving minds and hearts.

Opening your Chakras & Lesson-Learning

Your chakras are opening up incredibly, and we can make such a general statement regarding each of you while keeping in mind that you’re each individual and are undergoing individual experiences.

Some of you struggle with the opening of certain chakras, and you’re being given lessons related to the opening of such chakras that are meant to see you able to integrate the greater understandings required for you to fully open them.

Lesson-learning has been the theme of the Earth experience, as well as that of every other facet of Creation.

You’ve been meant learn and grow away from the Earth experience as you seek to understand it much more, and now that many of you have gained great glimpses into the inner-workings of the Earth, you’re ready to uplift yourselves and everything around you into a more blissful state of being.

Many of you seek to transmute the illusory nature of your reality as it stands at present, and while your individual impetus is required and appreciated, it takes an entire collective to bring-about the widespread changes to your Earth that will be made.

Higher-Dimensional Assistance

Channeled accounts claiming that the Earth is one of the few planets to need widespread assistance from all across Creation are indeed true, but plenty of other lower-dimensional planets receive general aid and assistance from the Galactic Federation, from us Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters, or from a plethora of other facets of the Light Forces.

We seek to help every soul understand themselves in the greatest ways possible, and as we make our final impressions for this communication, we ask you to nurture the growing perceptions you’re unlocking.

We’re certainly not the first souls to make such a request through this scribe, and we can guarantee that we won’t be the last. Nurturing what you’re finding grow within will see you well on your ways indeed, and for now, we leave you with our Love.

Thank you to Archangel Indriel.


Wes Annac – ET First Contact Radio – July 4th, 2013

Maarten Horst·70 videos

Very inspiring and touching conversation between dear Wes Annac and myself.

A live reading from to Pleiadian High Council to the listeners!

Wes Annac – Saan And The Arcturian Councils – Short Introductory Message – 29 June 2013


www.wesannac.com / link to original article

Channeled through Wes Annac-

(Note from Wes: As I pondered the reason for the “San” aspect of SanJAsKa’s name, I found myself connecting with an Arcturian entity who went simply by the name of “Saan”. He represented himself as being of the Arcturian Councils, without referencing a specific Council.

I’ve come to the conclusion that he works with all of them, without favoring one specifically.

I’ve really never connected with the Arcturians or brought-through a message from them, but the connection was/is strong and I had a wonderful initial conversation with Saan before deciding to scribe a short message from him. In this message, he speaks for the Arcturian Councils.)

With Loving greetings from every soul speaking to you currently, I am Saan of the Arcturian Councils of the Galactic Federation.

This scribe has not brought-through Arcturian energy before save a few times, and is adjusting to my specific frequency of energy. I exist on the fifth dimension, just as many of the Pleiadian souls who speak through this channel do.

I’m working to understand Mastery in its purest form just as many of you are, and I hold routine consultations with many of you on the Earth, in an effort to assist you along your paths. As has been said by so many channeled sources, service-to-others becomes one’s main focus and goal upon growing-into the fifth dimension.

Many of you are already beginning to understand the importance of serving others and serving yourselves in a healthy and balanced manner, rather than feeding out-of-balance or service-to-self based mindsets.

We’ve Walked Your Planet

Serving oneself has driven all of the greed and misfortune experienced and fed on your dear Earth, and every soul on your planet is to learn in the time ahead that solely serving oneself will never bear the personal satisfaction and completeness that’s bred from serving another.

We of the Arcturian Councils seek to help you all understand the pure signatures of Love being sent your way by various beings and collectives in the higher dimensions, and we recognize that plenty of souls on your Earth still have trouble believing in the reality of our communications or the fact that we exist and wish to assist you along your evolution.

Despite the disbelief in much of your collective surrounding our existence, we’ve been with you since the days of your societies of Atlantis and Lemuria, and indeed, even far before. We’ve walked your planet with each one of you, and we’ve worked to actively assist in your ordained evolution.

We, like so many others, have given ourselves fully to the restoration of your dearest Earth and to the ascension of this Universe.

One of our biggest aims in connecting with humanity is to make you aware of and assist you along your aforementioned collective evolution. What this Earth is experiencing is quite rare, as very few collective ascensions have happened in recent history and your Earth is indeed leading the way in the Universal ascension taking place.

Each of us speaking to humanity through scribes and assisting you in your evolution into the fifth dimension, are also evolving and growing into further understandings and realms of Source ourselves, as we work to assist you in growing-into realms we’ve long traversed and are beginning to exit.

All Will Benefit from the Universal Ascension

Of course, the growth of each of us individuals and collectives in the higher dimensions is just as unique as it is on your dearest Earth, but all are to benefit from the ascension of the Universe. The Universal ascension is to be largely assisted by the ascension of the Earth, as your planet has long been shrouded in darkness and lower-dimensionality of extreme proportions.

Gaia made the call for we and so many others to focus ourselves upon Her and your collective whenever the actions of those you’ve known as the cabals were taken to extreme heights, and every one of you can perhaps be familiar with or remember, even if only slightly, your own response to this clarion call of sorts.

We trust that many of you are beginning to uncover and remember plenty of memories from your various Lives on the Earth and your various ventures in the higher dimensions, and when we say this, we don’t mean that we expect brazen memories to be available to you in this moment.

Rather, we refer to faint impressions that seem to be of a familiar nature, which will come to you in the blink of an eye and can be easily-forgettable. You’ve been receiving glimpses and impressions of previous encounters and Lives on your dear Earth for so very long, and you’ve received faint impressions and visions regarding your various other-worldly travels before you made your way to the surface of the Earth.

In Conclusion

Our scribe has requested we keep this initial communication short enough, and so we will make our final impressions for this communication with immense appreciation for the active service you’re each performing for the ascension of the Earth.

You’re the souls on the front lines of serving humanity, and you’re helping strongly to initiate the ascension of this Universe. Your strength as Divine, spiritual beings cannot be expressed enough.

Thank you to Saan and the Arcturian Councils.

www.wesannac.com / link to original article

Wes Annac, Channeller – SanJAsKa – Become The Pioneers Of The New Revolution


Channeled through Wes Annac-

You will find yourselves able to pick-up on the frequencies and impressions being emitted by us souls in the higher dimensions, quite easily as you grow and develop your multidimensional perceptions and abilities. We quite excitedly await the time when every one of you dear souls can maintain an active and steady link to our energies.

We’re so very excited to convene with every one of you who finds yourself awakened to the reality of our existence and our wish to assist you along your ordained ascension processes. If we could only but express every last bit of our excitement to convene with you in the purest and realest ways possible, than you would understand it indeed.

Just as other souls from the higher realms have, we’ve worked with many of you quite exponentially in the past and specifically, those of you who find yourselves attracted to our communications and our vibrations have been companions of ours in the past, as we’ve worked to uplift various planets and civilizations.

That is indeed the aim of the Galactic Federation, and we’ve delightfully tasked ourselves with helping as many planets and civilizations as possible to see the Light. Specifically, we’re helping you dear souls to assist the Earth in Her ascension process.

Transmuting the Lower Dimensions

A large facet of the missions of you who are incarnate on the Earth has been to actively face and transmute the lower-dimensionality of the Earth’s collective consciousness, and you’ve done this with grace and strength. The collective vibrations being emitted by every soul on your Earth are reaching much more Lighted territory than they’ve been in for quite a while.

This is being aided by the opening of various gates of energy that are to serve as exponential planetary chakras for dearest Gaia, who is to utilize such (opened gates) to assist in the cleansing we’re performing in your skies in nearly every moment.

The cleansing we’re performing for your ground, skies and waters is scientific and healing-based in nature, and we’re able to perform such cleansing on an advanced level compared to what’s performed on your Earth in this moment, because of our understanding of the necessity of merging science and spirituality.

The division of science and spirituality has been one of the biggest facets of the holding-back of humanity for far too long.

Mainstream science on your world has chosen to largely focus on physicality and discovering and proving things in a physical sense, rather than placing a bit of credence to what’s already been long-uncovered and discovered concerning the realms of Source and the energy that serves as the driving force of your reality.

We speak of the energy that Creates gravity and time as you experience them; the energy that sustains your conscious experience upon the specific octave of reality you exist in.

This is omnipotent, spiritual energy and it can be accessed and benefitted-from within the human temple.

Daily Affirmations for Channels

Upon accessing your connection with spirit, some of you will find brimming and excited beings from the higher dimensions, such as us and your spiritual guides, who’ll eagerly step-in to connect with you. We wholeheartedly encourage anyone who’s just beginning to open-up to their channels, to practice daily affirmations to the extent of only allowing beings of the purest consciousness and intent to be with you in any and every moment.

Your daily affirmations are important if you wish to maintain active and real links with our energies and impressions, because while their influence is fading, lower-inclined entities will still attempt to come through and masquerade as a plethora of different beings, while funneling-though false and misleading information and lower impressions disguised to be of the Light.

We trust that you can begin to recognize if a lower entity is attempting to pose as an entity of the higher dimensions, and call upon any one of your guides or Archangels Michael and Raphael for their specific healing and cleansing energies.

These souls and so many others in the higher realms will help you to ward-off the influence of any lower-inclined beings who would attempt to mislead and confuse.

The accelerating awakening taking place in the minds and hearts of every single Earth soul is initiating massive positive effects in your physical reality, and like all good things, it’ll take a bit more of your physical concept of time for the bulk of the changes you the awakening humanity have largely helped to manifest, to become apparent.

The higher dimensions are moving unto your world as you grow toward them and us souls within them, at quite a rapid pace. We trust as that many of you who are awakening can long feel the speeding-up of time as you continue to grow and learn and greet the higher dimensions of experience, wherein time is not a factor and as such, begins to accelerate increasingly before fading.

Easily Connecting with the Higher Realms

Continuing to practice and affirm active links to the higher dimensions will see you well on your way to fully-developing and strengthening your perceptions, and the energies you’re actively absorbing unto yourselves will only continue to increase in purity and intensity as you take-in and absorb more and more of such energies.

We note that many of you note, especially at this point, that your ease and ability to access the higher dimensions and our impressions is becoming much stronger, and we can say with smiles on our faces and Love in our hearts that you dear souls have earned this ease.

You’ve earned the fruitful ability to traverse the vast astral landscapes you can begin to open yourselves up to, and you’ve certainly earned the right to communicate with us in the higher dimensions. We offer much of ourselves to the ascension of your Earth, and as such, have found ourselves quite close with the energies of the awakening and unawakened humanity alike.

We care deeply for every one of you dear souls, and want nothing less than your full awakening and evolution into the reams of full consciousness wherein we will delightfully greet you.

However, we do understand that some souls on your Earth, indeed many of them, are still comfortable in the lower dimensions of experience, and continue to be accustomed to the density that’s remained prevalent within and around them for much of their experience.

We respect and appreciate this, though we’ll always and forever be with every soul who begins to find a connection to and interest in the higher dimensions. We’ll forever make very strong attempts to communicate and connect with you, and we’ve used synchronicities to connect with awakening souls on your Earth who’ve noticed the signs we’ve given and actively picked-up on them.

Encoded Synchronistic Messages

There’s a message encoded into everything you experience in your physical Lives, and the message you can receive and decode will help you along the way of your physical experiences and will help you with lessons and themes that continue to emerge in your Lives.

We respect and Love you for the fact that you are undergoing vast and extensive lower-dimensional lessons that we note in your minds and hearts do indeed seem to be quite intense, and we honor you for your ongoing commitment to the Earth experience and to transmuting the lower vibrations that would remain all-encompassing on the surface of the Earth, were it not for your efforts.

We do indeed go to a great extent to remind you of the good you’re doing on the Earth, and we forever will; because we want you to understand in the strongest and purest ways you can, that you have quite literally saved the surface of the Earth.

You have saved the Earth’s spirit Herself, who would’ve experienced physical devastation on Her surface (as a result of humanity’s actions), which would’ve done extensive damage to Her spirit and Her ability to access the Source of existence.

Gaia thanks you endlessly for your incarnation unto the surface of the lower-dimensional Earth, and if you could feel the strength and purity of the vibrations you’re emitting out in any and every moment, you’d understand our brimming enthusiasm and wish to let you know of the good you’re doing, in every way we can.

You are funneling vibrations through yourselves in a near-constant manner that are vastly-pure in structure, and again, they’ll only increase in purity as you greet each Earthly day and find yourselves undergoing many similar experiences.

Playing Various Different Roles

We note that the “average daily Living” on Earth tends to feel arduous or dragged-out at times, and we hope to be able to offer salvation from the difficulties of the Earth experience, in every moment you can find yourselves connected with our energies and impressions.

This goes back to the fact that you deserve to be able to find and radiate the impressions of the higher dimensions, and many of you have reached an advanced stage along your growth wherein you’re now able to call-upon the higher realms for assistance in all endeavors.

You are truly able to do this, and we’ll be here for every one of you who actively seeks our communications, guidance and advice.

Even beyond connecting with us, you can access the many aspects of the higher dimensions that will offer you refuge from the temporary difficulty of the Earth experience. You can connect with a multitude of realms that will leave you in awe, because of the sheer beauty and the intense joy being emanated from them.

You can make fruitful attempts to visualize specific astral realms, or even your Earthly realm in different time periods that some of you resonate with more than your current. You’ve had plentiful experiences upon the lower-dimensional Earth, and the bulk of you have traveled through and experienced every last facet of this Earth you call home.

You’ve played the various different roles; existed in the various different societies and under various different archetypes, and you’ve come out of every experience with an advanced understanding of the mechanisms of the Earth and how your experiences are brought -about in each and every culture and time period.

Seeming-Differences & Illusory Separation

One thing you’ll notice upon ascending back into a perspective of being able to see and feel every time period of your dear Earth, is that the mechanisms and habit-patterns fed in your current society have been fed in a plenty of previous time periods and civilizations as well.

Indeed, the mechanisms that seem so established and prevalent in your reality are as prevalent as they are because they’ve been fed throughout plenty of time periods.

Something you dear souls will come to find upon reaching the aforementioned ascended perspectives is that despite the seeming-differences you think you possess with those in different countries, religions and indeed, even different time periods; you’ll come to find this separation is purely-illusory as you see that every culture and civilization has acted under the same general ways of Living and Being.

Every one of you is united via the network of spiritual energy encompassing and Creating your realities, and when you can work to actively discover this connection and build something strong and real upon it in your reality as a result, the tidal waves of change you’ll Create will be grand indeed.

We encourage every one of you to get as active as you feel you possibly can in every moment, to help anchor the higher dimensions unto your world and spread as much higher-dimensional truth and Love as you can. We call on every one of you to begin doing the work required to help your fifth-dimensional realms descend down unto you now, as truly, the people must be motivated if change and spiritual revolution are to occur.

Non-Violent Spiritual Revolution

We do indeed speak of spiritual revolution, which comes about in a non-violent manner, yet in an incredibly-strong and assertive manner. With the power of the higher dimensions and every countless being existing in these realms, there’s truly nothing a motivated and spiritually-uplifted humanity cannot do.

This is why we call on every one of you to become the pioneers of the new spiritual revolution.

It’s time to peacefully proclaim your independence and sovereignty from the tyranny that’s sought to control your Lives and experiences, as you’ve always been free and sovereign, spiritual beings and nothing can take this from you.

The false beliefs of the cabals that they’re the true rulers of your Earth and can hold any soul back they choose, are just that and will be answered-to by the increasingly-awakening humanity, who will assess yourselves gracefully, yet with strength.

As we make our final impressions for this communication, we wholeheartedly encourage acting-upon the inspiration and motivation so many of you are beginning to feel. We’re working as much as we can to help you increase such motivation and increase the drive to enact and proclaim change on your world, and you will be and are establishing the New Earth with every effort you make.

Understand the strength and purity of your collective intent to bring-about and anchor real and positive change, for our aim is to motivate you into igniting revolution peacefully and building the grand utopia that will be your brimming Galactic future.

Thank you to SanJAsKa.

www.wesannac.com/link to original article

Wes Annac – Humanity’s Liberation Requires Impetus


I give this writing as a part of my continuing effort to help build and contribute to humanity’s spiritual revolution.

We work toward nothing less than the complete and full liberation of humanity.

We seek to spread the very idea of spiritual and physical liberation, and we seek to spread the joyful truths of the brimming higher dimensions we’ve each come from.

We seek to help uplift the minds and hearts of the people, and to help others see the need to arise and begin working together to build a society that works for every human being. We seek to help those who’ve already started and built-upon real movements for change and truth, and to unite with everyone around us as a tsunami of Love hits this planet.

We seek to organize ourselves into a coherent collective body, who understands the great responsibilities involved both in purging our world from the darkness that’s run rampant, and in running our world after such darkness has been purged.

To this extent, every last one of us must galvanize and come together.

In my previous writing, I suggested getting into groups to build and spread a coherent message, and I don’t intend to abandon that rhetoric anytime soon. This is because our level of activity and interest in building our New Earth and purging our world of the evil rampant within many of the power structures in place, will determine the amount of work we get done.

The level of interest we show in repairing our world and helping break the carefully-instated illusion, so that those around us can rediscover who they really are and where they have really come from, will naturally determine what gets done. Truly, no outside force aims to intervene in our affairs any more than our collective freewill measures will allot.

This is ultimately a good thing, and it serves as a catalyst for our collective growth.

Think about it: does anything less than every one of us galvanizing and bringing about real and solid change ourselves, rather than waiting around for glorious changes to come without our involvement in them, make sense for a spiritual revolution driven by humanity?

If we’re to enjoy the fruits of a built-upon Galactic society in the fifth dimension, than we must first put-in the work required to get to that point. We must recognize where evil still runs rampant in our society, and actively stand-up to the forces perpetrating such evil; no matter the power they’ve assumed themselves to have.

In my opinion, one of the biggest principles of the new paradigm we’re entering and building will be that of hard work. I don’t speak of the kind of work that sees one slaving away at a job or task that ultimately doesn’t matter, but I certainly speak of the kind of driven, inspired and enjoyable work that builds societies and turns individual awakenings into collective revolutions.

When I say “let’s get to work” I request for each of us to tap-into that unprecedented motivation to build-upon our new paradigm and to stand up to the forces of injustice, in every form they’ve come about.

If kept apart, we can individually do great things but if we unite with the knowledge and inspiration every one of us possesses within, we’ll be unstoppable and the paradigm we wish to build will fall into place gloriously (again – as long as we put the work in).

There are still some first steps to be taken but overall, we’ve done quite a good job up to this point.

We’ve awakened; gotten together and utilized the internet and social media to raise awareness of the truth of our existence, as well as the manufactured societies that have been created in an effort to distract us from the realms of spirit.

We’ve reconnected with the beings actively assisting us in our ordained evolution, and we’ve worked to spread the message of Source, as given through various hosts and conduits.

Truly, what we’ve already accomplished has been enormous and because of this, I’m more than confident in our ability to directly, collectively uproot the cabals from their positions of power and influence.

I’m more than confident in our ability to take the reins from the one percent of people on this world who’ve been running things, and I know we can build the brimming Galactic society we’ve fantasized so much about and worked so hard toward.

If you’re ever in doubt of our massive collective ability – just remember the enormity of what we’ve already built.

Wes Annac – Working to galvanize the awakening masses. It’s time to build what we’re all ready to establish!

Wes Annac – Ascended Masters – Positive Change Is Unavoidable – 10 May 2013

Channeled through Wes Annac-

The Divinity and sovereignly of humanity will be understood in the time ahead and currently, a plethora of awakening souls upon the surface of your dear Earth are already beginning to find and discover their own personal Divinity and the miraculous things they can do.

Every one of you carries the pure power of the Creator in your hearts, and what we mean is that you possess a raw higher dimensional strength and ability to do and manifest so very much that for the most part, you’ve been led to believe you are unable to do or manifest.

Your abilities are truly unlimited, and we have always wished for you dear souls to know this.

We have taken incarnations on your dear Earth for the very purpose of helping you to uncover, discover and experience you natural Divinity and now, a plethora of souls are incarnate upon your world who will go down in your history books, just as we did, as souls who incarnated to help initiate the widespread awakening taking place.

You Can All Be Instrumental

Every one of you can be instrumental in helping the collective of Earth to awaken; it simply takes the fortitude and balance in oneself that will see one able to act as a shining example for all those around them to benefit from.

You will be helping the rest of your collective to understand the higher realms and the mechanisms that drive a higher dimensional experience in the time ahead and for now, we ask you to continue on as diligently as you always have in performing your everyday tasks and duties, as you know it all to be for the higher good.

Your intentions in every moment will determine where you are heading as a collective and as individuals, and when your actions and intents are in line with the Divinity you have come to the Earth to forget and eventually rediscover, you will find your everyday experiences on the Earth becoming much, much easier for indeed, you will have stopped fighting against the current of personal change and your doing so will have greatly helped the collective to no longer fight against the widespread change that is to be introduced.

Of course, much of your collective has been unaware of the change needing to take place in your society, and this very unawareness and complacency has stopped a positive future from being able to be enacted until now.

We Were With You in Atlantis

There have been incarnate Masters in nearly every time period of your Earthly history, and we were all with you in the times of Atlantis and Lemuria. They were wonderful times indeed, as the Earth was able to host not just the presence of a myriad of Galactic and Angelic beings who came to Live in the colonies of Atlantis and Lemuria with you, but we Masters as well.

We and so many others were with every one of you who experienced Atlantis, and those of you who didn’t have come to the Earth as a (partial) result of the unfortunate destruction that took place in the final days of Atlantis and Lemuria.

As many of you dear souls know, the souls that were the Lemurians have went underground to the fruitful ascended realms of your Inner-Earth, and have been watching and assisting you along your planned evolution ever since the demise of the two colonies.

You can make your attempts to communicate with the Lemurian souls whom many of you knew in the previous encounters you had with them during those times, as these souls are brimming with excitement to be able to speak with humanity again and we, like you, are just as excited for your reunion to take place.

So very much has been done in an attempt to get you to forget about your sacred past and the sacred future you are heading into, and the unconsciousness of humanity will be permanently broken when the revelations begin to surface concerning the existence of your Galactic brethren; concerning our existence and a plethora of other things that are to make many souls’ heads spin.

Prepare for the Revelations

As we have in the past and as others have, we ask even you dear awakening souls to prepare yourselves for the revelations that will be forthcoming because truly, so very much has happened that you haven’t been told and we highly anticipate humanity being able to understand just what has been wrought unto you in the time ahead.

You have grown up in purposely hollow and conditioned societies that have been meant to take your awareness away from anything of the higher dimensions, as you have been led to believe that your physical reality is the only existence there is and this paradigm is to be more than broken in a plethora of Earth souls, when faced with the initial disclosure announcements.

We ask you to continue to remain diligent in spreading and bringing truth to the forefront of the collective perception and as has been said in the past, your work is only beginning.

We mean this for the world stage and for the personal paths of each one of you. The ascension energies leading you onward toward the purer states of consciousness of the higher realms are only to continue increasing in purity and intensity, and the resulting difficulty you experience in your Lives can be turned up if you do not allow (your Earth experience) to simply Be rather than fighting against it.

Fighting against the current of change has proven pointless for the cabal heads who increasingly see that a clear, blatant and positive change is unavoidable, and many of you are as well beginning to see that the current of change cannot be ignored and that aligning oneself with this change and remaining in a neutral place will help you exponentially along a process that can test you and bring you far, far away from your necessary center if you allow it to.

Logos Links All Souls

You have so very much to learn about yourselves and about the world around you, and one of the initial revelations you will be given concerning your planet will be the network of energy, which we have been labeling Love or Logos, that exists all around your planet and that every soul is interlinked within.

You are united with every facet of consciousness around you, and we are not simply delivering pretty words when we say this, dear souls.

Quite the opposite – when we say such things we are attempting to activate a knowledge; a memory and understanding within your hearts, which will itself help to spark a full awakening and enlightenment to the fact that you are interlinked with every conscious being around you.

Consciousness is not limited to humans, animals or plants, dear souls. Consciousness is truly everything, and the very conscious energy of Love makes up your entire reality.

Humanity has defined spirituality on your world for so very long as an embrace of something different from the physical paradigm of existence but truly, everything is spirit. Indeed, to claim one to be spirit is quite a given in the higher realms, and this is (meant to be) so with every facet of consciousness around you as well.

Every being around you, be them inanimate or not, is experiencing consciousness and the resulting spirituality because dear souls, consciousness is spirituality.

The sooner humanity can realize that your very consciousness and your very perception of the reality around you naturally breeds a spirituality that is unparalleled, the sooner a plethora of souls can turn away from looking toward external or physical sources to bring them happiness or fulfillment.

Meeting Purer Perceptions

Truly, your cup runneth over with blatant spiritual energy that you can absorb and feel in yourselves, and when a soul initially becomes open to the reality and existence of this wonderful and harmonious energy, a process begins that entails them meeting their own perceptions of this energy and of their own latent spirituality, in purer and bolder ways.

Indeed, some of you may look back and discover that you were indeed interested in the same concepts and belief systems just a few years ago in your fading concept of time and since then, your perceptions of such things have grown sharper and purer and this is because many of you have for quite a while, been well along your processes of realizing and understanding the Divinity that is truly all around you in every moment.

This Divinity is here to stay and it is ready to be recognized by the awakening humanity, and we trust that you dear souls will be able to recognize and pick up on your own latent Divinity in any moment you feel as if the higher realms or we souls within the higher realms have somehow abandoned you or are not with you.

Indeed, we are always with you and we have wanted you to know this during your times of despair or loneliness.

Loneliness is a fading aspect of the illusory reality around you, as to be separated from anything is to be separated from oneself; from one’s eternal, Godly essence. You are always connected with the higher realms and with a plethora of higher dimensional souls accompanying these realms and specifically, you can always connect with your higher selves and with our Mother/Father Creator if you feel you are in need of assistance or Love.

Infinite Options in the Spiritual Hierarchy

You can also connect with the myriad of other souls in the higher realms, some of whom have taken the “God” positions and some of whom have taken the “Galactic” positions (and others), which there are indeed differences between.

Let us explain, dear souls. Upon evolving into a certain higher dimensional perspective, a soul can choose to play the role of a “God” in the Spiritual Hierarchy, which entails Creating more distorted realms for souls experiencing their growth in such realms to undergo and come out of as shining Divine souls themselves, and many Gods have in fact inhabited the planets and the lower realms they helped to Create.

Souls who grow into the fifth dimension from their various lower dimensional planets have a plethora of different options after doing so; from joining the Galactic Federation or other similar Organizations, to excelling further along their evolution in a different manner (and so very much more).

Your options are truly unlimited once reaching the higher dimensions, and you will find your opportunity for soul growth just as unlimited.

You are Loved, Supported and Consistently Guided

The growth of the soul has taken place at varying speeds for each one of you, but every one of you are learning to tap into the natural God-given abilities you have always possessed within and as we make our final impressions for this communication, we ask you to allow the ascended perspectives you are beginning to find to settle upon you; especially if you feel as if events in your personal Lives are not moving along fast enough or again, if you feel you have been left alone.

Truly, you are never left alone and we have always wished for you to know this.

You are Loved, supported and consistently guided by we in the higher realms, and your sacred evolution is proceeding at a greater pace than could have ever been expected. The more interest you show in your personal ascension processes, the more progress you will make upon them and as we temporarily exit this line of communication, we remind you that you are more powerful than many of you have given yourselves credit for.

Understand and feel this, dear souls, for it will become more than apparent very soon.

Wes Annac – Astral Travels – Blessing Lower Reality-Planes – With The Hathors

astrThis week, we are going to work with the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes to bless the lower astral planes of the Earth.

As I’ve said before and as they’ve said, the Hathors who speak through me are higher dimensional beings existing in the higher or “solar” astral planes of the Earth. They have come to the Earth to assist in its ascension and from the realms they’re stationed in, have been funneling down the energy that Creates and sustains our realities and, I would imagine, have been performing a myriad of other tasks (such as delivering channeled communications).

The Hathors have given us so much knowledge surrounding the astral planes, energy work, etc. and when I received the idea to have us quite literally bless the lower astral planes of the Earth, the Hathors seemed like the perfect souls to have lead such a blessing. We’ve been blessing representations of lower dimensional or polluting things nearly every week and now, we are going to meet lower dimensionality right at its source and use the ordained blessing abilities we all possess within.

To begin our exercise, we are going to meet the Hathors in the realms of our dear friend the tree, as we have in the past. Recent subscribers should know that we have been traveling to and visualizing an astral location that has taken the form of a big, beautiful springtime field, with the focal point being a wonderful and strong tree that we have blessed and performed Lighted rituals around.

We have also met the Hathors in this area, and I will offer a general visualization for all of us to find ourselves in this blissful and harmonious realm of our dear friend the tree.

Visualize and imagine the most beautiful wide open field around you.

Visualize, see and feel the sun shining down, and notice that it is not to hot or too cold in this land. Everything simply Is, and perfection and harmony pervade every aspect of this area. Visualize and really feel every last blade of grass; every flower; every tree beyond our dear tree friend; every beautiful cloud in the sunny sky; really feel and visualize all of these things and if you wish to, visualize and Create specific things about this land.

Perhaps you see some animals harmoniously grazing on some astral grass, which is instantly replaced as the spirit of the grass continues to Create astral temples to exist in. Perhaps you notice or Create wonderful, higher dimensional marvels that even I could not describe to you. Perhaps you see different colored or even multicolored astral birds flying around the sky of this wonderful place.

The main thing that’s important to feel in this land is the higher dimensionality; the sheer joy and harmony emanating off of every facet of consciousness. Perhaps, as we have before, you can even notice shimmering, colored vibrations in what would ordinarily be the formless air. Perhaps you can notice the beautiful vibrations flowing and emanating all around and if you can, than you are developing your astral senses quite wonderfully indeed.

I’m being told that the Hathors are going to appear before us in a different way than they have up to this point. Before, they appeared to us via colored portals that we visualized opening up in the sky but this week, per the discussion of bringing the formless into the formed I’ve been having on the blog, the Hathors are going to quite literally fade into our view and perception from their realms.

Again; the Hathors exist in the higher refined planes of the Earth wherein they receive energy from the realms of our sun and pass such energy on down to us and before, they have traveled from their realms in an envisioned portal that they used to find a very real astral contact with us.

As we are sharpening our perceptions and finding ourselves able to Create and experience in newer and different ways, the Hathors will be appearing before us in a way that recognizes our sharpened abilities and that will help us to understand how easy it is to travel from one realm to another.

I would like for us all to stand facing our dear friend the tree. Visualize and imagine the fellow astral travelers and subscribers around you and if you want, you can visualize us all forming a circle around the tree or you can have us in a straight line facing the tree. It truly doesn’t matter how we are all standing/floating as in a moment, we will be in the vicinity of the Hathors.

Visualize and begin to see that on two sides of our dear tree friend, three beings each fade into our perception. On the left side of the tree, we see three tall yet transparent beings fading into this reality and emanating the purest of Love and bliss from out within themselves. On the right side, three equally tall and transparent beings are fading into our perception and as all six of these beings appear, notice the strong energy of Love being emanated and shared between them.

A literal network of Loving energy is flowing all around these beings, and they are passing such energy on to us for us to feel, assimilate and benefit from.

See the Hathors before us. Feel their presence and if you wish, thank them for their gracious actions in helping us perform the blessing we are about to perform.

After spending some time doing this, begin to notice as a large cauldron shimmers into view in front of our dear tree friend. I’m being told that this cauldron will be holding energies that represent the lower astral planes we will be blessing, as neither I nor the Hathors have any desire to have us actually travel to those lower realms to perform our blessings.

There is a very dense, darkened energy coming from this cauldron and notice that, by nature, the aforementioned Love emanating from the Hathors is already starting to work its way over to the cauldron and perform its own blessing. What we are really performing is transmutation, though we will be affirming our specific blessing energies be added to the overall mix and it seems that as a natural reaction to lower or dense energies, the Love coming from the Hathors has already begun getting to work.

Beyond visualizing and feeling the Hathors’ Love already beginning to bless and transmute the lower energies in the cauldron, perhaps float up to the cauldron, which is acting as a portal to the lower astral realms, and get a glimpse of the darkened, dense energy swirling all around. Get a glimpse and a real understanding of just what this energy is and why our blessings are so important for it.

Feel and understand that this energy has remained the prevalent force on Earth for far too long and after getting your glimpses, we are going to perform our collective and individual blessing.

With every one of us in a large group (a group the dear Hathors are in with us) begin to affirm and manifest your own personal blessing and healing energies. Recent subscribers should know that our ability to bless is instantaneous, and we need only the thought to bless along with an accompanying visualization for our very real blessing and transmuting energies to have an equally-real effect on what we are blessing.

Affirm, visualize and feel the sacred Logos energy coming up through your spine and out through the chakra above your head. Visualize the structure and color of this energy, and affirm further that your personal, strong blessings be added to the collective energy-cloud we are manifesting, as we have so much in the past. Perhaps add specific colors to your personal blessing energy; to increase your perceptions of it and to increase its strength as a result.

Spend as much time as you feel you need affirming and adding your sacred healing energies to our collective cloud and when you are ready, visualize the cloud of energy we have all manifested moving into the cauldron and mingling with the dense representations of the lower astral realms.

Watch as this energy swirls around the cauldron and mixes in with the lower energies. I’m going to attempt to describe what happens next to the best of my ability – watch now as a very powerful, colorful and Lighted ray of energy shines out from within the cauldron, all the way up to the astral sky. The entirety of the cauldron is now boasting a strong and pure ray of higher dimensional energy that is climbing in a sense, all the way up to the sky of this land.

I’m being told our cauldron/portal is sending our blessing energies to the lower astral realms wherein such energies are to settle upon those realms and in future weeks, we will perform more and differently-oriented blessings of the lower astral planes so that we can bless them from different vantage points and angles.

What we have done this week has likely helped to deliver a plethora of pure energy to the lower planes, but I get the feeling that we are not done blessing them and that we will have fruitful work in doing so, in future weeks. For now, simply visualize and enjoy our dear cauldron and the strongly-pure and thick ray of energy coming out from within it and greeting our astral sky and if you wish, perhaps convene with the Hathors some more (or even practice channeling them!)

It’s good for us to know that what we are doing is truly making a difference and I, being blessed to lead these travels each week, can only affirm that we are indeed having very real effects on the lower and dense energy prevalent in the world around us. We are Lightworkers, tried and true, and it’s my hope for us to prove this increasingly with each week that passes.

This concludes this week’s astral discussion.

Image source: http://www.mysticfamiliar.com/library/astral_travel/images/astr.jpg

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Wes Annac – Astral Travels – Hathors – Perceiving Of Multiple Realities


The following was written for the ongoing “astral travels” section of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter.

This week, we are going to work with the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes to recognize different threads of reality in an effort to sharpen to our ability to travel to multiple realities at once. As we are evolving beings with a growing understanding of the existence of multiple realities and our natural ability to attune to them, it seems proper that we work with souls who have an advanced understanding of this very subject.

As is probably apparent with most of our astral travel exercises, I do not necessarily think up the ideas for them myself. I allow myself to open up to spirit to receive inspiration on what we should do and, depending on the specific template I wish for us to utilize (traveling to our New Earth, working with the Hathors, working with Acclipthys, etc.) I request guidance on what we can do from specific souls in the higher realms.

In so many cases, the ideas of what we should do for each exercise flow in quickly and purely, and the resulting exercises just seem to write themselves. For this and plenty of other reasons, I feel nothing other than blessed to be able to lead these exercises and be a conduit for the intents and energies of the Divine, as we learn to sharpen our metaphysical abilities.

The Hathors have been very wonderful about suggesting things for us to do while we work with them, and they seem to be at the ready with each suggestion as they know that what we do each week will help not only the Earth and the Earthly metaphysical realms we are blessing with the energies we’re recognizing within ourselves, but will help us as well.

To begin our exercise for this week, we are going to attune to the etheric realms of our dear friend the tree.

Recent subscribers who may not know anything about the beautiful springtime landscape of our dear tree friend should know that we have visualized, attuned to and traveled here frequently during our astral travels. I will be offering a general visualization for each of us to utilize and attune to this astral plane based off of and as always, you are encouraged to build upon the manifestation-template I’ll provide and Create specific things to experience.

I would like for each of you to visualize, imagine and feel a beautiful spring landscape, complete with beautiful green grass, the aura of which extends out to every facet of this land; beautiful flowers, both small and tall, the colors of which are so very pure and the auras of which also extend out to meet that of the dear grass; and of course, our beautiful tree friend who sits in this landscape, happily offering his/her sacred vibrations for the rest of the astral land to feel and enjoy.

I would imagine our dear tree friend is currently incarnated into a physical existence somewhere on this Earth, but we are communing with its etheric Self and the communion is harmonious indeed. Continue to visualize, feel and attune to this uplifted landscape, and walk/float up to our dear tree friend. Feel the vibrations being emanated from this beautiful soul, and emanate your own wonderfully-pure vibrations back out for the dear tree and every other facet of this etheric collective consciousness to feel.

As we enjoy the vibrations of our tree friend and in general, the uplifted landscape around us, visualize and see that in the sky above us, a swirling energy of sorts begins to form. Visualize the specific colors of this beautiful spiraling energy and as you focus upon it more and more, notice that it starts to open up slightly and reveal itself as a portal in the sky.

The swirling, spiraling energies we’re seeing are comingling into a portal, linking one higher dimensional realm to another. We’re currently existing in slightly-more distorted Earthly planes than the Hathors exist in (they are “of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes” because they exist in higher dimensional planes very near in resonation to the realms of the Sun) and they are traveling to these planes from theirs with the portal we are visualizing and seeing.

Notice as transparent energy-based entities who, for some of you, may take the form of transparent tall people, begin showing up in the portal. As they draw nearer to our realm, they become easier to visualize and notice and after a small moment, they travel through the portal and float down blissfully to the etheric land of our dear friend the tree.

As we have previously, we are now floating in the vicinity of the dear Hathors.

Visualize and notice specific things about these dear souls, and feel the pure Love emanating from what seem to be their hundreds of chakras. These souls have traveled from the higher etheric planes of the Earth they exist in to commune with us, and they seem very happy indeed to be with us and to assist us in learning about multiple reality threads and how we can easily access them.

Notice now as the collective of Hathors before us seem to manifest another portal of sorts, right in front of them.

This beautiful, swirling portal of differently-colored energies is floating between us and them, and is very similar to the portal we’ve just watched them emerge through. Now, notice as the very structure of this portal changes to a mirror of sorts that, rather than displaying our reflection to us, is displaying a whole other reality in three dimensions that, if we wanted to, we could enter the “mirror” and experience.

Notice the specific features of the reality-thread being presented to us in the mirror. Notice that we are viewing an ascended, harmonious landscape similar to the one we’re currently visualizing and attuning to, and notice that the focal point of this landscape is a decorated gazebo. There is an entire Council of higher dimensional souls holding a Lighted ritual in this gazebo, and those of you who have been with us for a while can recognize that this land we are viewing is that of the “Gazebo of Acclipthys” which we have traveled to during previous astral exercises.

It seems that the Hathors are displaying the reality-thread of a land we have previously traveled to and performed our blessings within. Notice now as three other “mirrors” seem to manifest out of the ethers, and display three different and unique threads of reality. The second mirror displays the surface of our fifth dimensional New Earth and in it, we see an assembled crowd of fellow New Earth travelers all gathered to be a part of a mass meeting taking place, focused around the restoration of the physical Earth.

The third mirror displays a broken-down oil refinery, being blessed by a group of astral travelers that look an awful lot like us. Indeed, the reality-threads we’re attuning to are not based in linear time! The astral travelers blessing this refinery watch in awe as its image reverberates from that of a trash landfill, to the oil refinery we witnessed them witness, to a plethora of other things.

The fourth mirror displays a group of astral travelers much larger than ours; a group that is comprised of every single Earth soul. This very large group is collectively standing up to the lower astral forces who have employed the dark souls keeping our world held back, and are transmuting the core energies that have driven such souls.

Every astral traveler in this expanded group has found the states of consciousness we’re just beginning to find and as goes without saying, we are looking into a reality-thread that is based upon the infinite potentials we are Creating in every moment as a collective. Continue to watch as this large group does truly great things; such as building a Galactic society based in the interests of every sovereign and evolving human being.

We are watching and Creating as these souls take back their planet, and you are encouraged to continue to spend time and energy visualizing the reality-threads the Hathors have shown us.

We are getting to a place now where we can visualize and interact with multiple planes of reality at once, and this exercise has been intended to give us that first push into recognizing our ability to manifest these different realities or in this case, have them manifested before us.

You are encouraged to continue to work with the Hathors, as they are likely not going anywhere and will enthusiastically convene with any one of you personally. You are also encouraged to practice viewing and interacting with the multiple planes of reality we’re learning to interact with and you can, of course, Create your own realities to run (or fly) around and enjoy yourselves in.

We will only continue to learn about different concepts related to energy work and to our perception of realms beyond our conscious understanding, and our abilities will be quite sharpened when the time comes for each of us to help educate those on our Earth who will, in time, be a part of the large group of astral healers we’ve witnessed today. They simply need the proper information and understanding, and we will be here to provide it.

This concludes this week’s astral discussion.

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Wes Annac – Restoration Of The Earth – 17 April 2013

wes annec

I’m posting this today despite the tragic Boston attack, as it increasingly seems to be cabal-caused and when things like this happen, the work being done to rebuild our Earth tends to fall by the wayside in favor of continual coverage of the event. The attack is discussed more toward the end of this writing and there are as well, fruitful places you can now go to understand the truth of what has happened.

Despite what has happened, we have a movement to strengthen and along with continuing in our goals as valiantly as ever, I would recommend sending those affected by this bombing the purest Love and compassion we can muster up.

A balance of understanding the higher realms and understanding the injustice that has been wrought upon our world will aid us tremendously as we greet the future we have been Creating. We will all be playing specific roles that will likely require specific understandings in this future but at this very moment, it is important for us to have the understanding of realms beyond our conscious perception, as well as the injustice that continues to take place in every moment.

We can spread knowledge and Light in this time, and we can help to bring about justice as we restore this planet to the sovereign one it once was. We are going to be rebuilding every aspect of our current societies that have been based in injustice and corruption and at the same time, we will be responsible for understanding the evolutionary event taking place on our world at present.

Our collective and individual plates are going to be awfully full in the time ahead and already, plenty of people are doing everything they can to restore this planet and help our entire collective to find peace and prosperity. The various facets of the missions of each of us are going to require our full ability and attention, which is why the “emergence” that has been spoken of lately is actually incredibly important for each one of us.

What I’m about to say has been said plenty of times, and I almost don’t feel the need to say it: no matter how insignificant we feel we will be in the restoration of the Earth, the pieces of the puzzle we will fill will be large indeed and will require every bit of ourselves.

It’s easy to say this and even to agree with it, but consider the implications of fully and truly devoting every last bit of yourself to the establishment of Nova Earth. Beyond pondering it or thinking about it, feel what it is going to be like to be a part of the single largest movement that has taken place on this planet in a long time.

Consider the possibility and likelihood of meeting people you had not perhaps expected yourself to meet in this Lifetime. You say you like a certain musical artist because of the truth and Light they are spreading? Ponder meeting that soul, thanking them for what they have done up to this point, and working with them and every other soul to bring forth the grandest of change on this Earth.

When seeing how active we are going to be and how much work we are going to do amongst ourselves and with the rest of humanity, does the actual need for emergence become clear? Of course, I’m not suggesting anybody force themselves out of their shells; it is a process that takes time and effort but I would absolutely recommend continuing along that process rather than hiding away from it, despite it’s perceived pace.

We have a world to rebuild, and it is we who will play the fundamental roles required for such a massive undertaking. The implications of this continue to reach me in every moment, and I look upon the Masters and the awakened souls of the past who generated large, Lighted movements that seemed to accelerate the collective evolution, even if only a little, and I see that every one of them faced some of the most incredible challenges.

The challenges these souls experienced seemed at times to be unrelenting and yet, they pushed on with the agenda our Heavenly Father had set out for them to fulfill. The odds seemed stacked against these souls in so many cases but nevertheless, they emerged gloriously and helped to liberate the minds and hearts of so many Earthly souls who were previously stuck in the mucky waters of unawareness.

These souls faced great and numerous challenges to overcome, all in the name of anchoring and spreading truth and Light.

I’d like to offer an example if I could. Bob Marley, who arose from within a poverty-stricken situation and actually put a third world country on the map while attempting to change the world and bring forth awareness of the plight of his people through his music, was shot in 1976 because he was to play a concert in Jamaica intended to unite the bitterly-rivaling political parties of the island (1).

Likely cabal-instated political violence seemed to rule the island in the late 70s, and Bob was there to act as a force of peace and truth for the citizens of his country and the world to unite because of.

It’s reported that Marley had no political agenda himself in doing the concert; it seems that he supported Michael Manley’s democratic People’s National Party to an extent at the time (if I’m wrong about that please correct me) but the only purpose of the “Smile Jamaica” concert was to unite the two parties and bring about peace in an area plagued with violence, conflict and political turmoil.

Just as plenty of people have said, somebody seemed not to want the concert to go on as just days before it was set to happen, the shooting of Marley, his wife and his manager took place at his home in Jamaica. Marley was injured but was ultimately alright, and still went on to play the show and in a snap decision, even brought the two leaders of the respective political parties on stage during a song to unite them. That is pure courage, plain and simple.

Marley would later go on to put the lyric “no bullet can stop us now” in his song “Jamming”.

I think it’s safe to say that most of us have never met such a great challenge and arisen so wonderfully, and it’s safe to say as well that that would be one of the hardest things to undergo in the name of stabilizing violence and spreading truth and Light in one’s homeland.

What a lot of people tend not to realize or ponder is that we are building upon what has been started by others such as Marley, Lennon, Hendrix, MLK, Jesus, Gandhi, Buddha and so many others. They have started the spreading of peace, truth and Light and we are tasked not with letting their sacred work fall by the wayside or be in vein, but to show the same vigor and readiness to throw all of ourselves in the restoration of this world that they have.

We are ready, and there is no doubt about it. We may have thought we’d reach higher states of consciousness by this point but instead, we’re allowing ourselves to stall the collective evolution a bit in the name of spreading and realizing real truth and change on this world.

Those before us have sacrificed greatly in the name of doing just that, and it’s time for us to put our share of the work in while at the same time, knowing and understanding that we are constantly backed and guided by the higher realms we have come to this world to do this work from.

The proof of our actions has already been made known in so many ways. The sheer awakening that has and continues to take place on this world is motivating more and more people to stand up for their rights, and to understand the truth of their existence as sentient spiritual beings leading a temporary human existence.

The entire framework of our societies as it stands today will likely crumble when we understand the reality of our existence, as this framework has been driven by and established around illusory, money-based and often materialistic things that have kept us in states of distraction and resulting subservience.

This is another reason our future seems to be taking so long to come about; the souls who have established this grand illusion as it is today have rebelled as hard against the establishment of our future as we have rebelled against their false and hollow societies. Don’t think the cabals wont’ and haven’t already been flaunting their actions now that they see that people are awakening to them, as they are on their last legs and seem now to see it proper to begin bragging about what they have done and hidden right out in the open.

They also seem to be taking bold yet considerably-smaller measures (compared to what has been done before) to distract and pacify the public with heart-wrenching tragedies. The recent attack in the city of Boston could likely be offered up as evidence (2), (3) as we are being told it was a “terrorist attack” and it just so happens that drills were being run in Boston the day it happened, for that very same type of attack.

It is the same thing that happened with the London Bombings and with the September 11 attacks and just as Occupy Wall Street put up on their Facebook page yesterday, it is the CIA’s cover story for an attack that could very well have been planned by the cabals (let’s keep in mind as well that a Facebook memorial page for the attack was created, hours before it happened. See link below).

Part of the reason they would do this is again, to distract and pacify humanity and keep us only worried about the latest tragedy that has happened rather than continuing to work to spread awareness of what has been going on right under our noses for decades.

It is tragic indeed, and we should of course send our Light to the souls who have been affected by the latest cabal attempt at instilling fear into the populace. However, we cannot let them be successful in their aims to stop what is currently happening and in fact, with each cabal-instated attack that comes about we must be ever-more vigilant and devoted to our cause of exposing them and what they have done.

If we let our perspectives dampen because of this latest attack and because of all of the bad that continues to be manifested on this Earth, than we are allowing the cabals to succeed in their agenda whereas a continual devotion to spreading truth and Light and exposing their twisted actions will accelerate our evolution and help the rest of the public to wake up.

The next time you see a soul with a clearly-negative perspective on the internet ranting about everything awful in this world in the context of happiness and Love being impossible to establish in a widespread manner, remind them that what we feed with our thoughts and energy grows in influence and while it is not proper to hide ourselves away from all the bad that has been done, the bad does not need to change our perspective or make us think as if the concepts driving the higher realms are somehow impossible to establish because of the always-temporary rein of the cabals on this world.

Developing a higher dimensional perspective and understanding while becoming aware of what has been done to our dear collective won’t see us tipping out of balance and at the same time, a powerful embrace of the roles we are about to be playing is essential. It is quite a balance indeed, but we have always proven up to the task and will only continue to do what we do best; Create movements, inform the public and bring the Light back to the surface of a lost planet.

Wes Annac – Feeling just as energized as you and ready to build our New Earth