Archangel Michael – Ascension – We Are Ready Now – 11-27-13

Ascension has been anchored now in your Reality and some first ones have made already their quantum – leap – Archangel Michael through Marc Gamma

Introductory Talk to the Translation of ArchAngel Michael’s Message
Eva Maria, translating all my channeled Messages has had a short talk with ArchAngel Michael introducing this very translation. If you follow the given link you will arrive at this introductory invocation of hers to Archangel Michael. It is meant to be a supplement to this message:  [Link]

Archangel Michael speaks…
My beloved humans, this is us, Archangel Michael and our heavenly Father, speaking to you. Right from the start of this message I shall hand on the sceptre to the Father so that he may envelope you with his love and all his divine energy. He will give you some update like he did last week, which later I shall explain a little bit further in detail.

My beloved children, this is I, your heavenly Father speaking. I returned here again in order to announce to you that the very first humans have made their decision and left planet Earth in the meantime. Mentioning to leave will be in the sense of leaving earth dwelling in the old dimension of Duality.

They meanwhile have arrived safe and sound on the other side in the realm of 5th dimension. They have experienced what “awakening” is like and they are still in the very phase of adjusting themselves in which they enjoy a close collaboration with Gaia – and thus in order to complete their anchoring within the new reality of a 5-dimensional realm.

We all have welcomed them with open arms and this entails all heavenly choirs, Angels and ArchAngels and all of those having played an important part in this process of ascension so far and still have.

The eyes of those arriving here are still blinded by all the light here. Their eyes still need some while until they have been accustomed to the light since this is some sort of light which is not to be compared in any way to your kind of light. It is not only a very bright light in order to simplify your view. No, it is also some new foundation of nutrition – it is Nutrition off the Light as you call it – and has become reality now here. Nutrition’s off the Light has been made accessible for everybody and the amount of such light is a superfluous one.

We now have reached that very phase where humans have to decide now. These are also the particular phase where Chaff is separated from Wheat and these also are the phases of bidding farewell to each other. All those who have gone through this kind of experience will know what I am hinting at. And the other ones who still have to go through it – they will know soon what is meant hereby.

Now this is the conclusion of my message here before I hand over to Michael for the remainder of this message.

My beloved children. Now we have arrived at our All-Target ! We do not speak anymore of the approaching ascension. No, we do speak of Ascension, the very one, taking place now and which will proceed in due course. Portals have been opened and we all expect you passing over their thresholds. We are waiting for your light passing with you through these portals and we are awaiting your most beautiful faces when you first will throw your looks on the wonderful sightseeing the New Earth for the first time.

I shall return to you with the next message of my other son Archangel Raphael.

With all my great love to you, my beloved humans
Your Father and Creator of “All-There-Is”

Now, since my Father has returned the sceptre to me again I’d like to deliver here some more supplementary passages. I believe that you now comprehend what has been said by our All-Father with:

“We now are in ascension and do not wait anymore for ascension!”

And this is why it is upon you now my beloved humans. It is upon your decision now and on you also to step forward. We have mentioned this already repeatedly before and shall do so again once more.

You are the ones to make your very own decisions. You are the ones to step forward and to pass through the Portals of Ascensions. We cannot do this for you since we have to keep to the Laws of Free Will. Call upon us and we shall rush to assist you accordingly. Call upon us and we shall accompany you as this we are allowed to do.

Now we have arrived at the conclusion of our today’s message. Future messages will be shorter and their contents will be changed again. Starting ascension we do no longer speak of ascension as such since it has become reality now.

We shall speak about everything which will be awaiting you on the other side. We shall speak of everything being the reality over here and this will be done in some specific way and mode.

This channel will obtain his messages from 5th Dimension from now on – entailing that this channel will connect himself to human being having ascended already and thus he will get something of the sort of a so-called “Front-Report”. He will be submitted information from extra-selected human beings having achieved the transition through the portals and they will report what and how they have experienced it and how were their feelings about it.

They also will show you what was needed in order to ascend and they also will demonstrate to you where they had to overcome difficulties. This is to assist you and to make your transition much easier for you. We shall do the introduction of such messages and then in our combined messages we shall hand over the sceptre to one particular soul in the 5th dimension. This is also quite new and has never been made before.

This channel will be prepared for everything by us because up to now he has been in telepathic contact with only one other human being here on earth. This sort of contact will become possible for him with everybody in the 5th dimension.

We shall return to you soon and will proceed along the lines explained to you above.

With great love to you humans and I am joyfully looking forward when I may welcome you on the other side.

Yours ArchAngel Michael


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