Jesus via John Smallman – We are all One; There is Only Love – 9-4-16

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Jesus through John

Hello, this John with Jesus’ message for Sunday September 4th 2016. I spent 3 weeks channeling this message, mostly in the last 2 days, and so I am including my communication with Jesus before I fully relaxed and allowed him to commune with me. We all have our “stuff” coming up for release which can make it difficult to get into our quiet space, the one from which I channel. His encouraging words to me are, of course, directed to all of humanity.

Jesus Blog # 300 for Sunday September 4th 2016. Channeled 20.10 Thursday August 18th thru’ 21.18 Saturday September 3rd 2016.






Me:  Well Dear Jesus, I have been blocked, out to lunch, unwilling? I don’t know which, but I have either been avoiding making contact with you, or, due to reasons of which I am unaware, have just been content to remain uncommunicative and quiet.  I get vaguely anxious feelings that I should channel, but choose not to respond.  So input from you and/or a new message would be greatly appreciated, and so here I am attempting to be open to you, please commune!

Jesus:  Good morning John, thank you for calling, we have much to discuss, and you will be pleased with “what comes through.”  Just keep reminding yourself that All are One, you know this deep within yourself, so allow yourself to feel it, to experience it, and be truly inspired and uplifted, which is your will and therefore also God’s.  Don’t judge or disparage yourself, it is totally inappropriate because 1) God is Love and therefore so are you, and 2) You are not a body, you are free, you are as God created you.  Just be yourself, accept yourself as you are because that is how God created you, and that can only be Perfect!  You and God are One in perfect harmony, in perfect alignment, perfectly integrated and inseparable.  You just forgot that, momentarily, but your memory is returning if you will allow it to open and then accept the wonders it offers you.  And why wouldn’t you?  God wants only for you to be in perfect happiness, and only you can prevent or block your awareness of that.  YOU ARE ETERNALLY ONE WITH GOD, so ALLOW yourself to be aware of that, your eternal and most natural state!



Me:  WOW! Thank You.  I need to sit with that for a little while before we continue.  Please excuse me as I sit quietly assimilating those uplifting thoughts.


Jesus: The apparent chaos you see in the world around you – political confusion in many countries, continuing economic hardship for many, bitter conflicts, people being driven from their homes due to conflicts or business developments – is arising to be addressed and resolved, much like your individual packages of “stuff” that need to be acknowledged and released.

There is only Love! Humanity is coming to realize this, and the many grass roots movements across the planet seeking major change in the way humanity relates to itself and to the planet, are striving to bring these essential changes into being through loving and honest communication with those who are attempting to maintain a system that has long outlived its usefulness.  This essential change in relationships on every level will succeed!  The human collective has been preparing for this moment for a very long time, and it will not be diverted from its loving intent to create a state of peace and harmony on Earth.

As you note the reports on the mainstream media, focusing largely on catastrophes and disasters that involve individuals or nations, realize that the intent is to encourage a state of fear that will enable their owners and those who control them – those who would maintain the status quo, the old order of divisive interactions on every level – to impose ever more restrictive laws to maintain that control.  However, the old system is crumbling as more and more refuse to cooperate to maintain it.  It is clearly seen by the vast majority of humanity that the present system is totally corrupt and must be replaced by one that honors every human regardless of economic status, ethnicity, nationality, gender, and religious or political persuasion.

God created you eternally free, but, within the confines and limits of the illusion, you gave away your power and allowed bullies and tyrants to suppress and control you.  It was an enormous lesson for you to choose to experience, and now that you have learnt it, it is time for you to move forwards by returning to your God-given state of individual freedom in which harmonious and creative cooperation will lead you out of the morass of corruption and dishonesty that has ensnared you for eons.

You are all, as we have often told you before, spiritual beings having a human experience.  Living within the illusion, where that experience occurs, you utterly forgot who you really are.  But now, due to your collective decision to awaken, your memories are returning and gently reminding you that you are and always have been One – One with God and One with each other.

So what the vast majority of humanity is now doing is coming to a realization of this divine truth, and therefore being drawn intuitively to move inwards to the divine flame of Love that burns eternally on the altars within them – the holy and infinite space within each one of you that enfolds within it All That Exists.

This most wonderful realization is truly quite mind blowing after being in the deep sleep of forgetfulness for so long.  And yet it has been but a brief moment, as you will become fully aware when your awakening happens.

You can have no idea of the joy here in the spiritual realms as we observe you stirring and moving out of your state of deep and unaware sleep towards a knowing awareness of your true nature.  When that happens your joy will be boundless.

As you deal with long buried personal issues and the emotional pain they have been causing you, know that this is an essential but passing phase on your path to awakening.  To use an up to the moment analogy, it is as though you had been in very demanding training for an Olympic event in which you are now taking part and as the finishing line appears you can see that You are going to take the Gold!

Yes, every human is now in a position to win in a manner that you cannot possibly conceive of, for you are coming Home to God, to Yourself, to Reality.  And although it seems as though you have been separated from your true and divine nature for eons, it has been but a moment, a moment so brief that on your awakening it will be instantly forgotten, for in truth it never happened!  There will be no memory of pain or suffering of any kind, for that would be a memory of unreality, and what never happened obviously cannot be remembered.

Each of you is traveling on your own personal path Home.  It was designed specifically for you, and for no one else, with great skill and wisdom before you incarnated as a human, and no matter where you feel you are, you are never off your path.  That alone is reason to rejoice, because your path will bring you Home.  You can slow down or delay your progress along it, but you cannot leave it, move backwards, or come to a complete halt.  You are continually progressing along it at the pace that you yourself choose in any moment.  Enthusiasm draws you along more swiftly, whereas doubt and anxiety tend to slow you down.

Practice letting go of doubt and anxiety because they are unwarranted.  You are safely established on your way Home, so enjoy the ride by focusing on the good things in your life which far outweigh those about which you choose to worry.  Difficult situations may well arise, but you have the support of all in the spiritual realms who will help you deal with them successfully.  Ask for our assistance in being aware, in knowing that you are eternally divinely loved in every moment and that you will arrive, just as planned.  When you allow us to assist – often people ask for help but then choose not to accept it – and relax into that state of allowing you will feel the Love that envelops you in every moment of your eternal existence.

You are the divine child of God, a holy and honored soul, created perfect because God delights in His divine ability to create perfection.  That is what He does, endlessly.  And your destiny is to return to complete awareness of your joy and ecstasy in creating with Him, eternally.  That is the only reason you were created, to share with Him the joy of creating, and as you awaken you will be once more aware that that is precisely what you are doing.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Phillip J. Watt – To Unite, or Not to Unite? – That is the Question – 7-10-16


By Phillip J. Watt, The Mind Unleashed

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There’s so many lies, false flags, psy-ops, divide & conquer strategies, problem-reaction-solutions and an array of other deceptive tactics designed to keep us in a state of fear, focused on separate issues and fighting each other.

Therefore, it’s simply sense to keep an open mind, not blindly believe what we’ve heard and remember one of our primary goals is to build the ultimate team, which is the unification of the people.

To do so, it’s important we remain vigilantly open to the truth, and each other. With so much racist rhetoric amplifying from the Dallas shootings, as well as hatred towards the Police in general, most people have been suckered into the mind-control game and are therefore focusing on the wrong target.

There are obviously rotten police officers who are on a power trip and act disgracefully towards the public. This must be exposed. There are also racist whites, blacks, browns, pinks, purples and every other color you could name, in which their behaviors should be condemned.

The various ideologies too have extremists and fundamentalists who have hatred in their hearts towards various perceived opposites. Ironically, these differences in belief are mostly superficial, because we have more primary reasons to stand together.

The Basis for Uniting

Of course we don’t need to think the same, feel the same and believe the same; the plethora of cultural and individual uniqueness offers a rich tapestry of creativity and passion to our world. Yet, we should always remember that beyond all that noise, we are all interconnected and interdependent on our Mother Earth, and in the universe.

We can view our intimate connection with each through various prisms, such as ecologically, quantum physically or even spiritually. In this light, anyone who truly believes that only one religion is the right religion must believe in a fallible god, because why would he/she/it only make the teachings accessible to a select few over the long course of humanity’s history?

That is obviously a ludicrous notion and goes completely against the spirit of all religious and spiritual teachings. The reality is there are many ways to climb the mountain; we might be taking different paths, but we’re all striding towards the same peak.

The other way we can recognize our connection with each other is that all this mess – all the socioeconomic issues, all the disintegration of community spirit, all the ignorance, all the inequality, all the suffering – it all traces back to the global banking cartel and their multinational minions.

Of course the political spectrum has also been infiltrated by the oligarchical order too, so it is this trinity of tyranny that we must direct our primary and undivided attention to.

Redirecting Our Focus

This toxic system, the one where our money supply and mainstream media have been stolen to act as the primary mechanisms to hijack of the minds and behaviors of the masses, is where we need to be as one united force, together, directing our energy.

To be successful in taking back the control of these public utilities, we need to continue helping those around us to understand our true agenda.

The people are simply not organised enough yet for any widespread systemic response; they’re just too ignorant of what’s going on so unfortunately they will just happily accept authoritarianism in an overt form if it ever came down to it.

Moreover, most of us are just too sedated by the propaganda and mind-control control tactics to have any idea what’s happening behind the scenes, including celebrities and many so-called experts such politicians, journalists and academics.

But many are waking up to the theft of our system too. For example, there are high numbers of police, military personnel, politicians and bureaucrats who are well aware of the truth regarding the pyramid of power and its associated loss of sovereignty for the people, but they’re organizing behind the scenes and biding their time until they’re needed to rebuild the system.

Simply, there are many people within the control-matrix who know that choosing the side of the people, and not the oligarchy, is the only ethical choice. The truth has hit home to so many people who don’t speak out about it, simply because of their position.

The reality is we only see the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the fight for freedom, so we can’t be too gung-ho. It’s important that we maintain a rational and peaceful response, and then do what’s needed, when needed.

In addition, look at whats happening in France right now with the widespread protests against the establishment. We can only hope that more Americans take note. We need a US led uprising in as peaceful way as possible, otherwise the oligarchs are prepped for a forceful response.

They might do this militarily, or even economically. The private central banking scam and it’s creation of massive bubbles in debt, bonds, housing and stocks, as well as a global money bubble in general, is slowly unwinding, which they will undoubtedly use to their advantage.

World Currency

The cover of the Economist Magazine on January 1988 indicates a world currency in 2018

We know that’s their plan anyway. The hope is that they need to incrementally destroy the economy to slowly implement their new world order, because they realize a swift transition via a complete collapse isn’t possible with the global infrastructure they’ve got in place.

If so, that means we have the opportunity to create more awareness, more mobilization, and more resistance to their totalitarian goals.

And we’ll need to capitalize on it.

Ultimately though, they will fail, even if they have small successes and we have darker days that await us. That’s because the paradigm shift we are experiencing is fundamentally an energetic transformation, albeit a long one.

Engaging Locally

As we watch this giant monetary ponzy scheme continue to die, it’s always a good reminder to mention the importance of getting to know our local community, as well as involving ourselves in it. We’ve been doing it for eons.

The current social irony of living on top of each other in urban legolands, whilst being so disconnected from each other, really is unprecedented in humanity’s civilized history.

We have always had community. We have always had tribe.

The original peoples of Australia, for example, which are the oldest known living culture on earth, were not only a series of civilized societies with agricultural and technological capacity (contrary to mainstream belief), they also survived for tens of thousands of years through all sorts of natural and artificial challenges. This was simply because they worked together as a team.

In this modern moment, when we are so hopelessly dependent on the system, this is no doubt a practical lesson we should be taking serious heed of. For sound measure, we should also be deeply learning from their philosophical sophistication too.

Therefore, regardless of what happens with our rotting monetary and banking system – which has been the direct and indirect cause of so much suffering all over our planet – connecting with each other to re-localize our lives, including how we access our food and other basic necessities, is always going to be a wise move in this toxin-rich era we co-created ourselves in.

Plus, we get to interact with so many great people too.

Final Thoughts

We all need to take a serious chill pill. We need to be intelligent and wise in our response. We also need to continue building on our solutions. After all, the people’s union is still in formation and therefore has much more growth to come.

Furthermore, there is simply no justification for any random violence, especially the actions of those snipers, regardless if they were false flag agents or real protesters.

All the people who assist the perpetuation of the toxicity and delusion – including journalists, police, politicians and academics – are just people. There is no doubt that if they truly understood what they were actually standing for, the strong majority of them would change sides in an instant.

We already have so much division throughout our world, so this is the chief challenge we must reverse. That includes not just helping those who subscribe to the mainstream mentality to realize the truth, but also those who have unknowingly sold their souls.

The reality is the battle for freedom is an ancient one, so while we might be getting frustrated with the blatant takeover of our global community by the psychopathic shadow order, we must continue to educate, expose and unite. When all the stars align, the right movements will occur naturally, just like the Occupy Movement. And when the time comes – when Occupy 2.0 is ready to roll – we’ll know what to do.

Much love to all the victims of the senseless and unnecessary tragedies occurring right now across our world.


Phillip J. Watt lives on the East Coast of NSW Australia. His written and film work deals with topics from ideology to society, as well as self-development. Follow him on Facebook, watch his interviews with an array of inspiring guests at his YouTube Channel or visit his website.

There Is Only One Race On This Planet – The Human Race – by Bloom Where You’re Planted – 6-27-16


There Is Only One Race On This Planet   –   The Human Race   –   by Bloom Where You’re Planted   –   6-27-16


Whether we are discussing the differences in race, color, ethnicity, creed, financial status or gender, we must realize that on this planet, there is only one race, the human race.

Sometimes we try to hide our prejudices behind other reasons, to justify the positions we take politically, socially, environmentally, religiously, or any other way we human beings use to suppress the voice of others. We are more alike than any difference we profess.

The root cause of prejudice is fear, not hatred. While certain groups may be extremely angry about an issue, the underlying cause of anger is fear. Why are we so afraid of other people, their belief system, their culture, their gender? Think of how we respond to someone expressing a different viewpoint, or addressing uncomfortable issues such as immigration, homelessness and hungry children in our country and the world.

Fear promotes radical groups in any of the human categories mentioned. If we are truly serious about fixing our world, before we can build any bridges to repair the damage we have caused, we must eradicate the root cause of fear. War, murder and killing are not communication skills.

We have made great progress in this country and in the world. We should celebrate the strides we have made. But there is more to do, more to share, more to learn, more to understand, more to forgive, more to let go. It is not about being right, or wrong, or making others right or wrong. There is no way to make up for the loss of life through war, violence, bloodshed, or retaliation. Two wrongs do not make a right. We need to build bridges to and for all people everywhere.

Despite all our unique differences, we all share this one beautiful planet. We are all born in the same way, we all breathe air while we are here, and we all die. We are all having a shared human experience. Our life is in our blood, without which we would cease to be. No one soul is better than any other soul on this planet, no matter what our pride (insane ego) might be telling us.

There is only one race on this planet.

It’s the human race.

Wesak 2016


GREGG PRESCOTT @ – We Are One – A Native American Perspective – by bodymindsoulspirit – 12-8-15


by Gregg Prescott, M.S.,

As a society, we have lost that connection to nature and how it interacts with every form of life.  We have bought into ego, materialism, and greed at the expense of depleting our resources and subsequently killing that which keeps us alive.

The following video contains quotes from Floyd Red Crow Westerman, Oren Lyons, and Russell Means. These Native American words of wisdom show our link to all life and the future of our planet.

The driving point in this video is the story of the tree.  If you cut down one tree, you are also affecting everything that relied upon that tree, such as herbs and plants that grow near specific trees and any animal or bird life that existed in that particular tree.  You’re also depleting the regenerative ability for that tree to purify our air.  Just one single tree connects so many living things in the forest as they are all related and interplay with one another.

We are all one child spinning through Mother Sky.
~ Shawnee Tribe

Red Crow Westerman stated, “We are all from the Earth and when Earth, water, the atmosphere is corrupted, then it will create it’s own reaction.  Mother is reacting.”

The following quote is an excerpt from Last Cry – Native American Prophecies & Tales of the End times:

Aho Mitakyue Oyasin means in Lakota “We are all one” – not just all one with a part, but one with the whole.

We are preoccupied with nonsensical distractions such as sports, television, and most importantly, the feeling that we need to be economic slaves to a broken system of fiat currency. We are literal slaves to the almighty dollar and are willing to work 40-plus hours, 5 days a week until we are no longer able to work anymore.  For what?  And why?



As the rich get richer, they are creating an even larger disparity between those who have money and those who do not. We pay our bills to things that should be inherently free, such as rent to a landlord (the LORD of your land), food and water.  In order to do so, we pay homage to our overlords, who graciously give us employment in exchange for the government raising our children through state sponsored education systems that are nothing more than propaganda machines and mind control.  In exchange, our overlords bless us with one or two days off each week and perhaps a week or two of vacation each year.

  • How many people are working jobs that they hate for an employer who’s an a*hole?
  • Is this living or just existing?
  • Is this why we incarnated at this particular place in space and time?

The time has arrived where mankind needs to reclaim what is ours, without overlords telling us what to do and when to do it.

In order for this to happen, we ALL need to come together because once the bottom of the pyramid unites (ALL of us), the rest will collapse.

This will be the beginning of becoming one. The rest is dependent on reconnecting with nature and finding ways to coexist, not only with ourselves but with Mother Earth as well.

It won’t happen by doing nothing.  As the Hopi say, “We are the ones we have been waiting for“.

“I, Chief Arvol Looking Horse, Keeper of the Sacred C’anupa brought to the Lakota-Dakota-Nakota Nation by the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Woman nineteen generations ago. Mitakuye Oyasin has a bigger meaning than just our blood relatives. Yes, it’s true; we are all one human race. But the word Mitakuye means relations and Oyasin means more than family, more than a Nation, more than all of humankind. Everything that has a spirit. The interconnectedness of all beings and all things. We are all One”

People are powerful and there is time to become the change you want to see in the world.   Peaceful non-compliance will change the current global system. Ideas such as Ubuntu and The Venus Project will transform the world into the proverbial Golden Age, but we are at a tipping point and do not have much time left on the ecological clock.

Like Oren Lyons stated, “Every day that you don’t do what’s right is a day that you’ve lost an option and you’re losing your options every day.”



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About the Author:
Gregg Prescott <a href=Gregg Prescott, M.S. is the founder and editor of In5D and BodyMindSoulSpirit. He hosts a weekly spiritual show on In5D Radio and promotes spiritual, metaphysical and esoteric conferences in the United States through In5dEvents. His love and faith for humanity motivates him to work relentlessly in humanity’s best interests 12-15+ hours a day, 365 days a year. Please like and follow In5D on Facebook as well as BodyMindSoulSpirit on Facebook!

DAVID IAN COWAN – The Resolve to Awaken – Recognizing Others as Extensions of Ourselves – 6-11-15

David Ian Cowan

I must decide to see each relationship I encounter as first a relationship with my Self. I can then own my own will and power of choice, and can act from true intelligence. I begin to see you, no matter what your behavior may appear to be on the surface, as my perfect teacher, even as a savior from my own illusions.

I have drawn you into my script so that you can mirror to me the part of my mind that is still in need of healing, that still holds a vestige of the past. The One Self we both represent has conspired perfectly to create an opportunity for its own healing and recovery through this relationship, should I choose to take the opportunity.

Imagine if enough people on Earth did this all at once. Would we drop all the ridiculous fears and prejudices that have only served the ego and its thirst for conflict? Would we be the fulfillment of the motto from the 1960s peace movement, “What if they gave a war and nobody came?”

I must determine within myself to remain vigilant with my own thoughts before attempting to “read” meaning into others’ thoughts. I need to recognize the voice of the ego (critical, jumping to conclusions, judging, separating, comparing, and complaining) versus the Voice of Spirit (quiet, neutral, accepting, non-reactive, inclusive, and loving) and then make a choice.

Us vs. Them?
The ego is usually the first to speak up—often loudly and belligerently. The ego typically makes broad claims such as “He’s such a loser” or “Women are all like that.” It will then pat you on the back for your wisdom, and assure you that you are right and they are all wrong.

The Voice of Spirit, which is always “on,” quietly reminds you that we are all the same, we come from the same Source, and we want the same things. Spirit will show you that all behavior is rooted in love; the “good” behavior is clearly demonstrating love, but that which we judge as “bad” behavior is nothing other than a call for love.

The bad behavior is just the best way a person knows how to demonstrate that they are not experiencing love in that moment. If they did not know of love on some level, they would not know what they are missing, and so would not act out. A child only acts out if it is tired or missing comfort, food, or recognition. Essentially no difference.

The World and Others Are Extensions of Myself
Once I resolve to see the world and others as extensions of myself, each relationship in any circumstance becomes a portal to deeper Self-understanding, acceptance, and love. The end game here is that once we “get it” on the level of Unity Consciousness, the next phase of planetary evolution will begin in earnest. Maybe only a small percentage of us have to consciously “get it” before a spontaneous wave of awakening overtakes the world.

We have yet to fully come together and snap out of the spell of separation, but this is inevitable and is already happening. Our only real choice in the meantime is “How much longer do I want to suffer?”

Bringing Love Into Any Situation, Past, Present, Or Future
If I am truly done with suffering, then I am ready to embrace the Path of Forgiveness. On this path, giving becomes receiving. On this path, only love is real. All the rest is simply the illusion of love’s absence. Because of my Divine inheritance, I have the power to bring love into any situation, past, present, or future.

There is great power to be released and realized in these understandings. At first, there can also be great confusion, as we realize the terrible cost of conditioned illusory thinking upon our own life’s story and the collective human saga. We realize how needless the historical litany of human suffering has been, how pointless the centuries of war, struggle, and conflict have been, and all for naught … if we don’t learn by them! We are so deeply entrenched in our judgments, many of which are upheld by institutions, “-isms,” and generational beliefs weighed down by piles of moldy cultural baggage that we call “history.”

The Dark Night of the Ego Leads to Spiritual Awakening
The period of “reality adjustment” as we recognize our blindness and awaken to Universal Truth is called in some traditions the “dark night of the Soul.” As the Soul is Divine and knows not of the dualistic concept of darkness, this period of adjustment is more accurately described as the “dark night of the ego.”

I would guess that a large number of folks who believe they are depressed are rather experiencing the early signs of Spiritual Awakening. You have to see the illusion for what it is and become “disillusioned”—this is a necessary step before you can embrace the reality hidden behind the veil.

The “Spiritual emergence” movement in psychology is devoted to helping people through these early birth pains of the sudden onset of awareness. Researchers have discovered that many of our “diagnosed” conditions are natural reactions to sudden leaps of consciousness that simply need to be supported and assimilated into the former worldview and self-concept of the awakener.

Remember to Meditate Before You Medicate!
Fear not, and try to remember to meditate before you medicate! Unlike chemical intervention, a crude and potentially harmful form of intervention based on a backward perception of causality, the choice to go into silence has no dangerous side effects and is freely available to all.

Please be encouraged that once the awakening has begun, like a pregnancy, it must come to fruition. There’s no going back, and that’s a good thing! We are not called to create a perfect future, as this is likely impossible here on Earth School.

The future, as an aspect of the illusion of time, is being charted with each and every decision we make in this very moment. We are only called to respond to what is before us now. Trust: Spirit has your back, and will only lead to new “nows” that will build on and reinforce the peace you are accepting for yourself now.

It is most important to recognize that all Spirit is asking from you is your willingness to change. This will, being One with Divine Will, is all that is required for the Divine Messenger to support you in every way you can perceive toward the goal that is given each of us. Spirit will accomplish this mission, even with as little as 1 percent willingness on your part; that’s how willing and determined Spirit is to lead you home.

Source:“The Resolve to Awaken: Recognizing Others As Extensions Of Ourselves” by David Ian Cowan, not dated, at…

Original link: The Resolve to Awaken: Recognizing Others As Extensions Of Ourselves

Manel Blanco – Integration – Being In Peace With The Self and the World – 5-29-15

Manel Blanco
Integration   –   Being In Peace With The Self and the World   –   5-29-15

No one can experience inner peace fully while we are still finding fault with the world and others. While the list of things that could be changed, so as to make it a better place, to disagree with and to dislike is endless, we must learn to integrate what we see outside, accepting it as a part of ourselves without judgement.

Humanity is one big family. Everyone is different, but we all complement each other. This is the beauty that we do not seem to perceive. Everyone is different, because each one of us has a different purpose and only by joining forces together we can create a magical reality.

Without embracing the good and the bad in ourselves and others there will never be a peaceful living situation. We don’t have to agree to what is happening, but casting a stone while hiding the hand and separating from all responsibility from the state of the world will never make it better.

Blaming the rest of the world or society for the current state of affairs, as if we weren’t part of it only causes separation. What we are seeking for is unity. One World, one race, one heart, one soul, one feeling. And it is everyone’s responsibility to contribute to reach this goal.

Accepting any reality however unpleasant this might be, is the first step to integration and to embrace what we see in others. Understanding and perceiving this stage is no different from accepting a personal flaw, unwanted feelings or behaviours that concern the self. One could be driven by hate for years acting accordingly, but living in denial of this fact. Denying any reality, whether personal or collective only serves to perpetuate it.

When we accept that this is what we have at the present moment, we raise awareness. Then and only then we can consider promoting change. It doesn’t mean that this is who and what we are, but it is where we are now as a collective. All humans are incredibly beautiful beings of light. Our true nature is love and only love. Everyone is looking for love for this reason, so as to return to our natural state of being, and one in which are born and forget. Everyone. No exceptions. We must help each other to remember what we lost.

One can only be in peace with the self when our actions, thoughts and words stem from love and we offer ourselves and other our best version. We cannot control anything else and it should be our good actions what promote change by example. Opposing to an ugly truth it is also possible from a place of love and peace, reason for which the only way in which we can change the world is by means of a peaceful revolution. Hate, violence, criticism, judging right or wrong never worked so far, and yet, we continue promoting this way to solve all our problems. Violence creates more violence. Hate creates more hate. What we feed not only continues, but grows.

The sad truth is that in such ways we are avoiding responsibility by pointing fingers at others instead of helping each other to grow. Imagine a village in valley being flooded as a result of heavy rain, but as I live at the top of the hill and my house has not been affected, I blame others for not foreseen to what to me is now obvious. Not only this, I laugh at everyone’s lack of wisdom and of course I refuse to contribute with rescue or to help them. I am right and they’re wrong. In this line of thought, the feeling one has is one of false superiority, but it’s also lack of compassion and love and detachment from the soul.

We can witness what we see, dislike it and be at peace with it by transcending the moment and the truth that is presented. In the same way that we look at ourselves and know that deep within there’s an amazing being, but sometimes we do not act it, we can see others in the same light; with love, kindness and compassion. Anyone acting out of anger or hate is trapped in a different state of consciousness. It is possible that they are not aware of it. Everyone has been there or is still in this uncomfortable stage. Judging does not do the job.

Accepting, however has a more powerful effect, as we have recognised the difference in others, perhaps disagree and begin a discussion with the intention to change it in a peaceful way. When we accept the differences in others, we are honouring that person or the collective, as we have established a platform to find a common ground. We are also honouring their souls. Everyone wants to be seen and this is one way to achieve it.

Certain truths are hard to accept, and this is where the challenge is presented.

We can choose to react or respond. No one should take personally the actions of others however hostile they might be. What others do has nothing to do with ourselves, but with them, their level of perception and understanding. Responding to others with the same negative energy only helps to create more negativity.

It is a matter of refusing to continue living in a world or reality bowed to fear in which actions of hate, anger or violence are far too frequent, and choosing to continue living with love and in love. By not reacting we evoke the soul and not the ego to act.

Let’s consider that there are many people around the world who have not been treated with love, kindness or compassion for most of their lives. Unless they are treated with our positive qualities and shown that there is another way, they will never see it. It is not about changing anyone, but inviting others to integrate in a world that is kinder, more compassionate and loving for everyone.

In love we feel safe. It is everyone’s choice to move towards love at their own pace and in their own time. Once love has been offered, everyone will want to join at one point. No one can live without love all their lives. Life without love is not life, but something else.

By transcending the actions of others seeing who they really are, we also transcend a part of ourselves reaching closer to our own soul. What we do to others, we do to ourselves.

This article is not an invitation to accept reality as it is and expect others to do the work. We still have to denounce, oppose and do our best to change what insults the collective soul until we live in a world we all wish for; in peace, in love, in freedom. How we do it determines who we are. Let’s accept diversity and use our fingers to point out where love is.

Julien Wells – Pleiadian Update – Ascension Assistance – We Are All One – Diamonds Forever Show – 8-9-14

Julien Wells

Link to MP3:…

-WOW, 4 hour show! Absolutely packed with richness and awesomeness
-Julien briefly describes the services he offers to the public
-Everyone is heading for accessing broader information within themselves
-How he connected with the Pleiadians
-Telepathic communication
-We ALL can do it
-Brief summary of the update where 11,000 cabal members were taken to sanctuary by the Pleiadians (Part 1:…, Part 2:…)
-Angels also participated in the pick-up
-Julien Bi-locates to initiate the update for today
-Ashtar Command is also present
-4 Pleiadians step forward to speak (Mahlia, Teric, Aidan, and Achoua)
-11,000 cabal members have become 2 groups working on technology merging
-They are mostly fully 5D at this point, they have rearranged their vibrations to more aligned with broader awareness
-They wish to make clear that pick-ups of this nature will not happen again
-Percentages of “Light Quotient” statistics around the world (Light Quotient is defined by the percentage of beings who have come to the realization that they have a Higher Being, Broader Mind, etc. Basically people who have come to understand that their PERSONAL connection to Source or God exists)
-If Hope had dropped below 10% NWO could have begun
-By end of this year, beginning of next year inspirational people will shine so brightly everyone will shift to wonder how they are doing it. Will result in MASSIVE HOPE SPREAD
-(Do not underestimate raising vibration, folks!! This is why we say happiness of SELF, lighting up ONESELF is the single most important thing to do to tip Ascension- Crystal)
-“Doomsday” (apocolypse of negative polarity) is gone from all timelines of those listening to this now, you are Free now
-Archon’s grip over Earth, net over Earth is disintegrating, they can only focus on small regions, USA is still main target
-There some countries which are now free of it almost completely, this is who Ashtar has been connecting with
-The Families involved in maintaining 3D illusion are facing resistance they’ve never known
-Prevailing thought that speaking heart is now safe, more humaneness building
-FIND YOUR HEART, CHOOSE TO BE IN HEART more than to accept a negative projected reality
-This is often called “being selfish” or uncaring, or even NOT being in their heart (ie, we should be lowering vibration for another’s sake; it’s noble, feeling bad for others is useful)
-Despair does not lead to progress EVER, it only creates slingshot effect (which is what we’re looking at now, people are tired of being tired, ready to shoot forward)
-There are no heroes, YOU save YOU
-Watch the children right now, there is arrangement with their higher beings that they are going to pick up some of the mantel of the energetic need for positivity
-Many consciousnesses becoming Angels now, “graduating” to that level
-Julien opens up for Elizabeth’s questions, she plays 20 min audio about the Pole Shift
-Awesome audio about when the flipping of Earth’s magnetic poles occurs
-Pleiadians talk about the Pole Shift
-Solar energy, magnetics, and DNA
-Timelines are always individual, this shift will occur by choice and only when one is ready
-The Sun is monumentally important to integrating more light
-What does “Raising Vibration” actually mean?
-The “Collective Consciousness” is actually YOU, just You, it’s always YOU YOU YOU! 🙂
-Elizabeth plays clip from David Wilcock from July 17, 2014 (wow, really good update)
-Self-governing and responsibility
-Ashtar’s closing words “there’s no such thing as the “real world” if you are looking at the world and cannot identify it as yourself…”
-Julien’s closing words “Feel free to not take anyone else’s advice…”
-Elizabeth play’s Pharell’s “Happy” song 🙂
-She opens up the room to callers and questions
-One note at the end: after Julien got cut off, a gentleman called in referencing something the Pleiadians said about not being a “Hero”. Elizabeth thought he said “Healer” and there was a mix-up there between them. Julien plans to put out another recording answering that question.
– If you don’t have a way to watch youtube videos you can replay via telephone 209 255 1099 Pin 883267# Ref 160#
-Follow Julien on facebook:…
-Questions for the Pleiadians facebook group:…
-Book a session with Julien or Crystal:
-Crystal Walker on facebook:… “RevolutionShips- Navigating Relationships in 5D” “Decoding energetic patterns with Tarot and Astrology”

We Are All One – This Is Our Family – People Need To Wake Up

Everything meaningful

This incredible short film shares an Indigenous Native American Prophecy that links all of life and the future of our planet.

Visit the website… Upload the file and spread the word!

Our purpose
We want to change the global markets to protect the future of our beautiful world. Every single person should make aware choices to contribute to help our environment.

We want to encourage everyone!
Spread the understanding that everyone has an individual power to make a difference, we are the consumers in this world, what we don’t buy, doesn’t sell.

Take action!
Please help us carry this message to various media, including the major TV networks. This is the lesson we all must learn and pass on to our children. We are privileged to put your compassion into action.

Oren Lyons, Floyd Red Crow Westerman, Native American, indigenous rights, united nations, Indian, Prophecy, Planet earth, nature, we are all one, activism

Wes Annec – Who is Ra, Part 1 – 6-25-14

Written by Wes Annac, June 25, 2014 –

These days, you’ll find a plethora of channeled material on the internet that’s claimed to come from different entities and collectives. Famous angels, archangels, etc. are routinely channeled, and Archangel Michael is one of the most popular sources of information.

There are even channeled messages that claim to come from extraterrestrials – physically, technologically, and spiritually advanced beings from other worlds who are keeping a close eye on our planet and assisting us with our ongoing physical and spiritual evolution.

There are plenty of theories as to why they haven’t directly shown themselves, and chief among them is the idea that their appearance would violate our collective freewill by showing us something we aren’t ready to see. Think about it – how would you react if a ten-story mothership suddenly de-cloaked and landed in your back yard?

There are a plethora of theories that explain why ‘management’ (the greater spiritual forces helping us evolve) haven’t shown themselves to humanity, but those theories aren’t why I’m writing this. The point of this article is to introduce one such spiritually advanced, extraterrestrial collective of souls, who go by the name of Ra.

With all of the channeled messages that are published to the internet, Ra’s material, which was given primarily through Carla Rueckert in the eighties, remains among the purest and most consistent material out there. Some channeled messages can’t be taken seriously, but in my opinion, there are a lot of gems out there that we don’t need to look too hard to find.

I’m a believer in channeled messages, and I think a large percentage of the messages we’re offered are helpful and filled with wonderful and uplifting information and energy. Most channels don’t hold a candle to Ra’s material, however, and this source has given us volumes and volumes of interesting, important, and scientifically accurate information.

I don’t consider myself much of a scientist, and the science behind spirit doesn’t interest me as much as it does the pioneers who are helping bridge humanity’s understanding of the two subjects.

However, Ra has made statements that were later proven by complex and revolutionary scientific experiments, and for this and plenty of other reasons, I think they’re among the purest channeled sources out there. I’d like to introduce them by letting them tell us a little bit about who they are and the vibration they exist on.

First, Ra tells us that they’re hard to get ahold of and channel because of the purity of their vibration, which can’t be reached by a lot of earthly channels.

“I am Ra. I have not spoken through this instrument before. We had to wait until she was precisely tuned, as we send a narrow-band vibration.

“We greet you in the light and love of our Infinite Creator. We have been called to your group because you have a need for a more advanced approach to what you call, seeking the truth. We hope to offer you a somewhat different slant upon the information which is always and ever the same.” (1)

It’s interesting that Ra refers to the information they give as ‘always and ever the same’, and in my eyes, it proves that contemporary channeled messages are just as valuable as theirs. No matter how we receive it, the spiritual information we seek will always be the same.

Whether we read a message from Ra or Archangel Michael through any given channel, they’ll always relay information that’s relevant to our spiritual nature and, usually, our evolution from the third to fifth dimension. Ra offers this information in a much purer way, in my opinion, but this doesn’t discount the genuine nature of a lot of channels out there.

Ra also tells us that in their dimension, polarity as we see it is harmonized.

“We are those who are of the Law of One, of Unity. In our vibration the polarities are harmonized; the paradoxes have a solution. We are one. We have walked your planet and seen the faces of your peoples.

“We now feel a great responsibility of helping remove certain distortions that have been given to the law of One.” (2)

We’ll learn more below about why they feel this responsibility, but no matter why they feel it, RA is here to help us understand the spiritual truths of our existence so we can eventually evolve back into their realms. They’re able to exist in a place of pure peace and bliss, and their realms are unlike anything we’ve yet felt or experienced here on earth.

They’re able to experience harmony instead of misery and separation, and they spread their good fortune to others by assisting in the evolutions of various planets and civilizations, of which the earth is one. They’re working closer with the earth than most other planets, but I’m sure they still assist the rest of the cosmos in discovering the Law of One and ascending.

Ra then tells us why they feel so responsible for helping the earth evolve.

“We, as social memory complex or group soul, made contact with a race on your planet which you call Egyptians. We spoke to one who heard and understood, and was in a position to decree the law of One.

“However, the priests and the peoples of that era quickly distorted our message, robbing it of the compassion with which unity is informed.” (3)

Does the name ‘Illuminati’ sound familiar? In ancient Egypt, high-ranking people are believed to have vastly distorted the originally pure teachings Ra and other ancient astronauts gave the Egyptians, and Ra feels partially responsible for this distortion given that they’re the ones who offered the teachings that were perverted.

They’re assisting us with correcting our distorted understanding and exposing/moving beyond the influence of the ‘elite’ forces who distorted their message, and when this planet successfully evolves, they can move back up to the dimension of consciousness they’re comfortable in.

So, what/who exactly is Ra? Is Ra one enlightened soul, or a group of enlightened souls who represent themselves as one entity? To grasp this subject, you’ll have to understand what the higher realms are like in terms of merging our consciousness, and Ra explains their collectiveness in the quote below.

“Q: When I am communicating with you as Ra, are you at times individualized as an entity or am I speaking to an entire social memory complex?

“A: You speak with Ra. There is no separation. You would call it a social memory complex thus indicating many-ness. To our understanding, you are speaking to an individualized portion of consciousness.” (4)

Ra is essentially a collective of higher-dimensional souls who’ve merged and taken the form of one expanded, collective consciousness. ‘Social memory complex’ is one the best terms for it, and if we choose to, we can merge with others when we reach a higher state of consciousness.

I don’t think soul-level merging is prevalent in the fourth dimension, but it becomes more common in the fifth and beyond. Eventually, we’ll all merge back with Source and replace our perception of our identity with pure, harmonious oneness.

It’ll be unlike anything we can currently fathom from the earth, and it won’t happen until we’re absolutely ready. It’s inevitable, though, and in due time, we’ll be back in realms of consciousness that’ll make more sense and feel more familiar than the lower-dimensional earth.

According to Ra, when they were in the third dimension, they were assisted with realizing the spiritual nature of their existence by sixth-dimensional souls.

“We were aided by 6th density entities during our own 3rd density experiences. Being extremely less warlike than humans we found this teaching to be of help. We had not developed the interrelationships of your money system and power.

“We were a more philosophical 3rd density planet than your own, and our choices of polarity were much more centered about understanding sexual energy transfers and the appropriate relationships between self and other-self.” (5)

The collective consciousness of Ra’s planet, who merged to become the social memory complex we’re hearing from, weren’t controlled or led into war like we are. They embraced peace and love over war, and instead of using currency to control each other, they lived in joy and harmony.

Their purer way of life probably accounted for their receptivity to the influence of sixth-dimensional souls, and those souls helped them expand on teachings they were already discovering within. Those souls helped Ra into the position they’re now in, and in turn, they started helping other civilizations understand the Law of One.

In our next installment, we’ll learn about the compassion Ra had in the fourth dimension and the way their fifth-dimensional light bodies looked when they visited the ancient Egyptians.

Just like New Maps of Heaven, which is the spiritual database I get all of the information for The Spirit World Chronicles from, the Ra material is incredibly rich and dense with informative and uplifting material, so it’ll take us a while to scratch the surface.

Ra’s stunning material takes up four different books, and we’re at the very beginning of the first book. Maybe that’ll give you an idea of how dense this material is, and I look forward to discussing as much of it as I can in an effort to help everyone become aware of Ra and the complex spiritual concepts they’ve presented to humanity.

Wes Annac – Grateful for the enormous evolutionary assistance the Company of Heaven is giving.


Max Igan – Collective Individuality

Lakota – The Star People – A Message For All Of Humanity

eursweet7·87 videos

~ May the Creator bless you all with health and happiness ! ~

Some Natives might think that this doesn’t sound old traditional Native to their ears. But these fellows in my Lakota – Star People video are real Native Americans from Lakota tribe and they are part of the Healing World Ceremonies. Many Native artists today are switching from the one way monotone style to more sharing & understanding style which is the key to unite all four colors people to bring the message of the world of sharing and understanding between each other so no more war dance will be ever need to be played anymore.

” We are everybody brothers and sisters and we have to walk away from our shadows to see the beauty of our homes ”

Little Crow



Jamye Price – Weekly Lightblast – Being One In The Moment – 5-30-14

JamyePrice2012closeupYou are becoming accustomed to a state of Being as you allow Life to flow with you and direct your creative focus toward your desires with a detached observance. The magic of Life becomes more obvious to your human perspective as you interact with the perception of the beauty and grace of Life. It is an engine of creation and movement that begets Life; therefore, all that you experience is to create the strength of Life to thrive. What opposes you, strengthens you. What supports you, strengthens you. If you allow the perspective of it strengthening you and direct your focus toward manifestation with that same allowance. For the butterfly, the cocoon is safety until the butterfly grows to such a moment that the cocoon becomes a hinderance that must be pushed past for the freedom flight to begin. Do you lament your moments of challenge beyond the benefit of your desire for change? As you direct your awareness into a focus of benevolent change opposing and supporting you into freedom, you relax more into Life improving. It is the natural flow. Unseen to most is the vast Love that is calling you to your Freedom and Empowerment. Life is with you, living through you.

To allow the perspective of Oneness, is to direct your focus to the connection of Life. That unseen Love is your Higher Self and the Source Beingness of all others. In this non-physical form, Love is known so deeply that the human form of forgetting is its expansion. You are that expansion in each moment, choosing with your inner free will. You are that expansion as you forgive, as you perceive through Love, as you hold a boundary that empowers you, even as you oppose or support another. You are the expansion of Love on Earth. In each moment, as you are aware of the connection of Love that threads all Life, you are being the change you want to see in the world. You are the moment offering hope, offering inspiration and offering a new way of being that benefits All Life. You have the power of Love at your stead, which is consciousness living through you.

As we sit to Blast Being One in the Moment, we are appreciating how Life is presented to us as it is the platform for change and improvement. We are allowing Life to flow around us, giving us fuel for focus. We are seeing connection with all beings, even those we disagree with, as this connection is what brings true healing rather than a new form of domination. We are calm and aware, which is a powerful state of being, we are connected and conscious, which amplifies the moment. We are appreciating the flow of Life because we are that flow, resisting Love’s transformation for a time until forgiveness and empowerment rush in. We are teaching others the power of Love, for it is the true transformer of Life. Blast on!

We Are All One – InTimes Of Danger Love Prevails – 2014: The Year Of Unity Consciousness – Devastating Balkans Floods – People Risk Their Lives To Save The Animals – May 2014

Thanks to Jean Haines Post for these inspiring images.

Unprecedented floods have raged across the Balkans affecting over a million people. Fleeing in panic, in packed boats and trucks, many owners could not bring their animals along – but others courageously risked their own lives to save beloved pets.


A Serbian emergency services worker evacuates a dog from floodwaters in the town of Obrenovac, 40 kilometers west of Belgrade, on May 16, 2014. (AFP Photo/Andrej Isakovic)


Photo from Twitter/@ChaosAddicted

Photo from Twitter/@KacicaBicBoziji

Photo from Twitter/@njofranjofra


Photo from Twitter/@alna_anna


Photo from Twitter/@JuliaDavisNews


Huffington Post – Anonymous Saudi Man Has A Beautifully Simple Idea To Feed The Poor With ‘Charity Fridge’ – 5-21-14

fridge charity


Sometimes, making a difference can be shockingly simple.

A man living in the city of Hail, Saudi Arabia, came up with a brilliant idea to feed needy people in his neighborhood while sparing them the “shame” of begging, according to Gulf News.

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, installed a refrigerator on the street in front of his house and invited neighbors to donate their extra food, so that hungry people could come and eat.

The idea gained international attention after religious scholar Shaikh Mohammad Al Araifi praised the act of charity on his Twitter account with a picture of the fridge. “I’ve always said the people of Hail are generous. A man puts a fridge outside his house for leftover food; an indirect act of charity for the needy,” he said, in a translation provided by the BBC. “Oh how I love you, Hail!”

Twitter applauded the simple gesture. “That is exactly what we needed: A simple, but bright idea that goes a long way in helping people,” posted user Sniper, according to Gulf News. “The idea should now be adopted and all large mosques in the country should place fridges to take and distribute food.”

The Muslim holy month of fasting, Ramadan, will begin at the end of June. Bahraini national Salah told Gulf News that the charity fridge concept should be adopted in Bahrain during Ramadan. “It is a great act of charity that can make many people happy and satisfied,” he said. “There is the food factor, but there is also the spiritual dimension, especially during the sacred month when people engage deeply in acts of charity.”


Nassim Haramein – We Are All One

LHall3308’s channel·27 videos

Not my video, I was not there for this lecture, but this is such important information that I wanted to make sure this is available for educational purposes. Please visit for further information.

My gratitude to Nassim Haramein for his continued work and courage.

Dana Mrkich – More About This Oneness Feeling – 5-9-14

Dana Colour Pic New

Here is an excerpt from a really beautiful session I recently did that many of you may resonate with: 

“Your ‘original’ and authentic energy is of a very high vibration. You come from a place where there was no real sense of ‘I’ or ego or anything like that. There was a tremendous sense of oneness, and knowing around ‘we are all connected.’ “What you do to me you do to yourself”, and “What you do to you you do to me” were basic concepts that everyone recognised and lived by. 

So the idea of intentionally hurting someone was unheard of because ‘what you do to someone you do to yourself’. Likewise there was no sense of jealousy because ‘what you do to you, you do to me’ so if someone experienced great love or great joy or great happiness, everyone did. Yes you all had your individual bodies, but it is like an extreme version of the energy of twins – you often hear that when one twin feels something the other twin feels it too. It is like this where you are from.”

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

Typhoon Haiyan – How You Can Help


Typhoon Haiyan   –   How You Can Help

Google Relief Map   –  Evacuation Center   –  Hospitals and Health Facilities   –  Command Posts and Vital Infra   –  Police Precinct/Station   –  Areas of calamity

Make A Donation:

Philippine Red Cross   –   CARE   –    UNICEF   –   World Food Programme   –

Save the Children   –

Google Person Finder   –   Looking For Someone   –   I’m Looking For Someone

SBTF Urgent Needs Map

More celebs unite for ‘Yolanda’ victims

Letters, Messages & Panawagan of TYPHOON YOLANDA Survivors & Victims in Palo Leyte (Tacloban)

We Are All One – Interview with Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee – One the Movie

WorkingWithOneness·67 videos

“It is time for the world to remember that it belongs to God.”
Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee was interviewed in Fall 2002 as part of an independent film project titled ONE The Movie. The project, an exploration of spirituality in the new millennium, began in 2002. The filmmakers interviewed over 100 people across the world. Asking the same thirty questions of all interviewees, from spiritual teachers to atheists to the homeless, they sought to produce and promote messages of mutual respect, understanding, love, and oneness. This is the full interview with Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, excerpts of which were used in the final film.

5D Media Network – Global Meditation Event – We Are All One

5D Media Network Global Meditation Event

5D Media Network Global Meditation Event
August 27, 2013


Please join us in a Collective DO’ing as we gather together from all corners of the world. In ONENESS of intent we will send a wave of compassion, activation, and transformation to usher in the NEW REALITY of our choosing. All are invited to take part in this historic and momentous occasion as we exercise our creative power and take charge of our collective destiny for the highest good of all.


Immediately following The Remembering Show. Will start Friday at 6pm pacific time

Mark Wills – Don’t Laugh At Me

MarkWillsVEVO·9 videos

Music video by Mark Wills performing Don’t Laugh At Me. (C) 1998 Mercury Records

The Collective Evolution – Full Film

djhardcoretruth·276 videos

‘The Collective Evolution’ is a documentary aimed at showing the current state of the world, why it needs to be changed, and how each and every one of us can play a role in changing it. The documentary addresses this need for change through five individual yet interrelated structures society has come to rely upon –finance, education, religion, entertainment/ media, and health/ food. Each of these structures is fully broken down to show viewers how they have come into place, and why their continued existence can no longer be supported. The documentary concludes by drawing attention to consciousness. Addressing who we truly are, what we have come on this planet to do, and most importantly how we can go about doing it.



Follow CE on Twitter:


Educate Yourself Freely @

Creating A New Civilization

GoiPeaceFoundation1·6 videos

The Goi Peace Foundation leads “Creating A New Civilization” Initiative with 4S key words as Sustainability, System, Science and Spirituality.

Dalai Lama – Universal Responsibility & Inner Environment

gyalwarinpoche·382 videos

His Holiness the Dalai Lama will speak on “Universal Responsibility & the Inner Environment” at the University of Portland in Portland, Oregon, USA on May 9, 2013.

Swami Isananda – We Are All One – Service To Others

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Swami Isananda     –    YouTube

What a Wonderful World – Playing For Change

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Playing For Change is proud to present a new video of the song “What A Wonderful World” featuring Grandpa Elliott with children’s choirs across the globe. In these hard times children and music bring us hope for a better future. Today we celebrate life and change the world one heart and one song at a time!!

This video was produced in partnership with Okaïdi childrens clothing stores. Okaidi designed a special line of PFC T-Shirts to be sold in over 700 Okaïdi stores worldwide this holiday season. Okaïdi has committed 1 euro per T-Shirt sold to go to supporting the PFC Musicians and PFC Foundation’s music education programs. We thank them for their generous support of the Playing For Change Movement!