Pleiadian Talk w/Guest Anastacia Kompos and Host Rocken Larry Locken




Bill Ballard – 11-12-13 – 3D Ego, 4D Spiritual Ego – In relation to 5D-6D Ascension

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Lightworker Wayshower Bill Ballard – A Vision Quest – New Monetary Energy Exchange – 11-7-13 – (Not Recommended For Most People)

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Brother Jimi Hendrix asked, “Are you Experienced?” Well, quite certainly, I AM! I found that I am perpetually in the frequencies I so was seeking during my vision quests of the 1970s and 80s. I have not done one since the early 90s until this past week. I found I am so very “there” now. The experience last week showed me all the spiritual work of chakra activations, initiations and LIGHT BODY EXPANSIONS into my layers of Higher Self has all paid off and the magical mushrooms can no longer take me into higher frequencies. IM THERE NOW which was my intention for so long.

In this video I describe the experience I had with a friend, and what I felt from her as she had a 2nd experience where I felt I had no need to participate other than guiding her through.

During this past week I also know that it is time now for me to begin helping individuals for a monetary energy exchange to support things and some luxuries for my experience as we wait for humanity to collectively go through their ascension process. I have not been asking for anything other than donations until now as my focus has been to create a world without use of $$$. But, my level of energy I have to offer is at the leading edge of LIGHT and Higher Dimensional Frequencies in my personal field which is in the leading edge and greatest abilities from most any others on the planet at this time.

As we are in a holding pattern waiting for the collective to go through their individual ascension processes which may take some time to come, it is time to use my abilities to help others teaching the ways in the New Age industry, so I too can have some of the pleasures of life I have been holding myself from these past years while I kept my focuses strictly to Mother Earth’s clearing and ascension process. That is done now and it is time for me to work with other individuals for monetary energy exchange.

Méline Lafont – I AM Presence Descending – Ego – Her Personal Ascension Transition

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Sandra Walter on A Fireside Chat – Creative Evolution – March 16th, 2013


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