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Water is life. Literally. Life as we know it currently is improbable without liquid water. All life on Earth requires water to one degree or another. Water is so integral to life that astronomers look for liquid water as a sign of potential habitats for extraterrestrial life. A human being can die as quickly as 24 hours from lack of water.

Assuming perfect conditions, you might live up to 3-4 days without water to sustain you. You can go 30-40 days without food but water is more integral to our physiology. All of the chemical processes in your body require water to either carry out or facilitate. When you’re dehydrated, your blood changes from a thick red kool-aid into something closer to jello. As the blood thickens, it becomes increasingly more difficult for your heart to push that thicker fluid around your body.

Another property of water is its ability to incorporate chemical substances into its own makeup. If you have ever added a powdered mix to your water, then you have experienced that property first hand. Your body also incorporates a lot of chemicals into your body’s water. That balance of chemicals and water is necessary to carry out key biological functions like moving nutrients across the cell wall or from the blood vessels into the cells themselves. Your brain needs water to facilitate the transmissions of electrical impulses throughout the brain and nervous system.

Most of us feel we drink enough on a daily basis to keep hydrated, but the things we drink often dehydrate us instead of hydrate.Coffee, tea, soda and energy drinks often contain caffeine. Caffeine is a diuretic. What that means is that those drinks encourage the body to eliminate water from the body. Sports drinks can have a similar effect as they contain electrolytes, and by drinking too much of the sports drinks, this can cause an imbalance in the chemical composition of your body. For every sports drink you have, you need an equal amount of straight water.

When you get enough water in your diet, some very positive things can happen:


Increased Energy

Your body needs water to produce the sugars your body uses for fuel. When you are dehydrated, the body has trouble synthesizing these sugars and you feel tired. When you get enough water, your body’s power-plant can run at full steam and you will feel energized.

Less Constipation

Your digestive processes need water to operate at full effectiveness just like the rest of your body. Water lubricates the bowels and facilitates the transfer of nutrients from the bowels to the bloodstream. Water also keeps the waste products moving on down the line. Less water means more waste gets slowed down inside the colon and small intestine. Digestive disorders often have their causes traced back to chronic dehydration.


Standing Rock Nov 15.16 National Day of Solidarity – Water Is Life — OUR GREATER DESTINY

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Higher consciousness is calling humans to stand as one family to peacefully protect the water, people, and safeguard life itself. On Tuesday, November 15th, join a massive day of action in solidarity with those at Standing Rock, and demand the Federal government and the Army Corps reject this pipeline. Water is life. We all depend […]


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Christina Sarich – City Goes Fluoride-Free for Christmas – 12-18-14


waterWritten by Christina Sarich, Natural Society, December 17, 2014 –

As of December 31, the City of Prince George, British Columbia, Canada will be fluoride-free for the first time since October 4, 1954 – finally escaping from municipal water fluoridation toxicity in 60 years.

A vote to end fluoridation took place in November of this year, and it was unanimously accepted by the new Mayor and Council, expressing the wishes of Prince George residents.

The unanimous decision to end fluoridation comes with the dismantling and removal of all fluoridation equipment and hazardous waste storage tanks. This also means that as a province, British Columbia is now close to 98% FLUORIDE FREE – by choice.

Just to clarify, and to dispel the propaganda which states that fluoride is safe – calcium fluoride appears naturally in underground water sources and even seawater. Enough of it can cause skeletal or dental fluorosis, which weakens bone and dental matter. But it is not nearly as toxic, nor does it negatively affect so many other health issues as sodium fluoride, which is added to many water supplies.

Sodium Fluoride is a synthetic waste product of the nuclear, aluminum, and phosphate fertilizer industries.

This is why so many communities who look into water fluoridation ultimately end up discontinuing the practice. Actually, Most developed nations in the world have rejected fluoridation, including 97% of western Europe. This, while the United States fluoridates more than 70% of its water supplies. According to the British Fluoridation Society, there are more people drinking artificially fluoridated water in the United States than all other countries combined. But as mentioned fluoridation is ending in more US communities every day.

Rejection: 5 Fluoride Victories of 2014

As numerous scientists have explained – fluoride is not a benign substance, and the dental community “has no idea of the toxicology behind fluoride.” It is a neuro-toxin that can calcify the pineal gland and cause numerous other health issues.

For more information on the true harm that fluoride can do to human health, you can watch some well-informed experts here.

This is a huge success for any city, and a shining example for the many places in the world that still expose their communities to toxic fluoride via the water supply.


Other Popular Stories: – Water on Earth predates Sun – Meaning our Life Originated Elsewhere – 9-26-14

Reuters / Marcos Brindicci

Reuters / Marcos BrindicciScience, Space

Science relies on signs of water to tell a story of how a celestial body or its region came to be. Now it appears our own solar system holds water older than itself, which could have dramatic consequences for our search for alien life.

To explain this new theory, a previously long-held conception of star formation needs to be examined.

Each star is forged from materials found in its own interstellar molecular cloud.

It also surrounds it with a protoplanetary disk, or a solar nebula – a belt from which its planets are born. Previous research was uncertain whether the ice in this disk comes from open space or is formed in a chemical reaction by the star’s own processes after the previous building blocks of water are evaporated.

That uncertainty is now gone and we can say that our own life is not the result of activity created within the protoplanetary disk at all.

Because water is a definitive marker of life, and because we rely on signs of it to direct our search for new habitable planets, being aware of the conditions required for its survival is a huge leap forward.

“Why this is important? If water in the early solar system was primarily inherited as ice from interstellar space, then it is likely that similar ices, along with the prebiotic organic matter that they contain, are abundant in most or all protoplanetary disks around forming stars,” Carnegie’s Conel Alexander, one of the leaders on the study, says.

“But if the early solar system’s water was largely the result of local chemical processing during the sun’s birth, then it is possible that the abundance of water varies considerably in forming planetary systems, which would obviously have implications for the potential for the emergence of life elsewhere.”

In the study, led by L. Ilsedore Cleeves from the University of Michigan and published in the journal Science, the team found that 30 to 50 percent of water on Earth alone is older than the sun.

To arrive at this conclusion it focused on hydrogen, more precisely its modified form – deuterium, which forms a compound that scientists call ‘heavy water’. When measuring the ration of deuterium to hydrogen, scientists can estimate how much of that special water exists on a space body, and how it came to be there.

“The question was whether that violent, hot process of star creation scrambled the chemicals and broke the molecules of this pre-solar gas’s heavy water,” Cleeves says. “But if it did, then water would have been formed locally in this protoplanetary disk.”

“The punchline here is that we simulated heavy water formation as it would have occurred in the disk, and it was almost negligible,” she explains.

This means that a large quantity of ‘heavy water’ must have come not from the sun’s own processes, but was carried by the gas cloud from far away.

If this is true, we now know much more about this most important of building blocks for life. We know it can survive interstellar travel and is available as a material from before planet formation even starts.

One of the things humans have long considered special about our own solar system, and Earth, is that water was a special thing which made life in our neighborhood unique. However, knowing that the water actually arrived from some other distant region, we can make the proper corrections to our search for the origin of life on Earth, looking for the origin of one particular molecule.

Lincoln Gergar – Higher Self Guided – Personal Transformation – Earth, Water, Fire, Air Mastery

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We live in an Universe created with 4 elemental energies and substances — earth, water, air, and fire. Learn how to use these energies to live in harmony with the world and the original design of your human mind, body and emotions.

Ancient systems of health and spirituality understood that 4 elements are creating all of the Universe and life on Earth. It was taught that creating balance and harmony in these elements in our own lifes brings greater physical health, increased lifespan, deeper emotional peace and joy, and higher states of mental functioning. When all of life is in balance, then stress is removed and happiness is naturally present.

The 4 elements are not only physical, but also emotional and mental. The energetic nature of the elements create our different chakras, govern our human karmas, and determine our mental performance.

This video will teach you how to use this ancient wisdom in your own personal life to bring all parts of your human self — mind, emotion, and body — into greater states of health and happiness. By working with the physical earth, you can increase the amount of Earth element in your root chakra and physical body — giving your greater cellular and tissue health and emotional security. Water governs the 2nd chakra and will provide healthier relationships, sexual organ function, creativity and movement in your body and life. Fire is the element of transformation and expression, governing the 3rd chakra and your personality’s expression in your life. Air is governed by the 4th chakra and creates expansion, compassion, connection with your community and environment, as well as improved mental function and lightness of being.

When all 4 elements are high in energy and operating in balance, we experience the highest levels of health in mind, emotion and body.

Many blessings and much Love!

Satsang with the Self video series by Channel Higher Self

June 13, 2013

5 Simple Steps to Better Health –

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Let Go and Enjoy Life!
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Water Consciousness – The Shape of Love – Dr. Masaru Emoto’s Work

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Does prayer actually work? Is there a powerful force taking place when one person prays to another person? The beauty of this is that, there is.

I invite you to take a journey with me and explore the unimaginable world of focused prayer. Through the foundational work layed out by world renowned water researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto, we begin to see that water is alive, it is intelligent and it is conscious.

This film is dedicated to others out there who know of the importance of healing our water, to expand this idea presented before you and to forward the knowledge to the greater whole of the planet.

Soundtracks used in this film:

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Dr. Masaru Emotos book The Hidden Messages in Water…

Water has Memory

oasishdchannel·89 videos – Water — just a liquid or much more? Many researchers are convinced that water is capable of “memory” by storing information and retrieving it. The possible applications are innumerable: limitless retention and storage capacity and the key to discovering the origins of life on our planet. Research into water is just beginning.

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