Saint Germain via Nancy Tate – Wake Up Call – 7-30-15

Saint Germain  via  Nancy Tate   –   Wake Up Call   –   7-30-15

I am St. Germain, with you once again through this one, and I have some news for you. There is, as I an speaking, an ongoing trade off of the funds that will be circulating around the globe in the time it takes for all of the circuits of sharing to be clear and open to those who are in the mode of a humanitarian blessing coming their way.

I tell you this now because when it came to me that you are all in the process of seeing the truth of what you desire and what you are being told, I also saw that you have been given the word that things are beginning to slow down because of the need for more security. This my dear ones is true and it provides the assumption that so many of the ones who are behind the holdups will take their ground again and run off with the moneys again.

This my dear family is not going to happen. No more are they going to be able to take back and squander the funds in the ways they have been doing. They are no longer in positions where they were, even two months ago. They are now operating from behind closed doors. Those doors are locked by the ones on this planet who are taking so many steps to assure that the cabal does not ever have power here again.

When the cabal gathered together to strike against the people, they did so with the ideas in mind of not only what they would do with the moneys, but also with the idea of being in control of so much more than the moneys. This gave them actually a weaker defense in order to gain strength in the long run. What they did not realize is that now that the people are awakening to what has been going on behind the scenes for so many years, they are seeing the power they have to change the pictures and bring themselves back into the power that was taken from them. They are realizing that their power is the most important, and is stronger than any of the things that have been done in the energy of fear. Yes, though it may not have seemed like fear to even those who operated in it, there were so many instances in which fear was at the uppermost in the reasons that they took the steps they took throughout their supposed mastery of the people.

It was not mastery. It was the exploring of what they could do when they felt threatened by those who stood over them and declared that they do what they were told. These minions around the world were under the surveillance of those who stood their ground and submitted their orders and threats to those who gave into to their fear. Now it is a matter of those who operate from Love, and the knowledge of what can be done in Love, to bring back the sovereignty to the masses of people who have been so manipulated. It is so powerfully expressed that there is no mistaking what is being accomplished. It is a matter of taking every step in peace and Love and seeing the results take hold. Also, of feeling so wonderfully ready for the sharing with people all over the world who are in the mastery of Love and sharing with each other.

My dear ones, I encourage you all to take this process of returning to the Love energies and see how each of you is coming together with the other and feeling the oneness of it. Isn’t it a wondrous feeling! Aren’t you feeling the Love of the mighty and the peace of the ones who give so beautifully to each other! It is indeed a time in which you are all coming back into harmony with each other, all wildlife, and the land. There are already such beautiful steps being taken all around the globe that are making such changes that astound us in so many ways. You are such a group of powerful beings! That is why the knowledge of what is behind it all is being spoken of now, by myself and others. Yes, I speak once again of the continuing information that will be spreading around the globe, along with the energies of the Christ. The Mushaba energy in each of us is being transmitted forth and worked with, danced with, sung with in so many ways.

I now take my leave from this message and sit back and watch more of what is taking place from you all that is so awesome. I so look forward to the walks we will all make together in the various ways in which we resound with Mother Earth, Gaia, and each other. We are all One, and that is being spoken and sung in so many ways. Love is all there is in all the ways that we speak it forth. Go in Peace, Joy and Love.

Thank you so much dear St. Germain,

Much Love, Nancy Tate

Saint Germain – Wake Up Call – Channeler Nancy Tate – 7-16-15

Saint Germain   –   Wake Up Call  –   Channeler Nancy Tate   –   7-16-15
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Today I would like to bring you an update on what is taking place in the money field. There is much distribution being set into place that will swim around the world and disrupt many trials of error that have been taking place. When I speak of trials of error I am addressing the means by which the moneys have been distributed and shared over the years. This has been a game that many of the underground workers have been playing. Now they are finding that there are no longer any funds coming their way. Those funds are now taking a secret passageway that will come into the open for all the world to see and experience.

As this takes place it will be obvious to those who are in the know about the situation and how it has been being addressed. They are the ones who have been staying informed as to the upheavals taking place in the money system, and how it is all turning around. Those who have not been informed will very soon know what has been taking place around the world. They will be informed as to the truth not only of the money issues, but also of the various other issues that have kept humanity in bondage for so long.

You will all see the changes take place in front of your eyes and all around the world. You all will see that there is a new world governance, religion, educational system, etc, as all of the aspects of human life take on their new changes. Some will even say goodbye to those who thought that they represented the best that could be in the energy of what they were told. They will realize that they have been kept in the dark about the truth of the lies that they have been conditioned to believe and support.

My dear ones, this is all going to enlighten the world. As it comes to the reality that is actually now in the works, it will answer many questions, and even raise a few more, as to what has been going on in this world. Many people will have questions that will be answered not only by those bringing the changes, but by being able to look around and see the truth unfold in front of them.

I am St. Germain, my dear ones, and I have come this day to bring you up to date on the changes that are about to become evident to all of you. They will resound through many of you, and even some of you will realize it is time to take your places in the wheel of distribution and use of the funds that have been promised. You will see that even though it has seemed a long time for them to come forward, when you look at how long this has been taking place to inspire the changes. Then you will realize that it is but a breath of truth that is being sent forth by those who are behind the scenes in action to come forth and be seen in what they are doing for mankind and all of life on this wondrous planet.

I am walking with you and lending my energy in ways that I will be able to bring forth to you as I walk with you on the land and in the various places where I have been taking trips incognito for some time. I will be able to come forth and share with you what has been taking place behind the trees, bushes, and mountains that have been set into place for so long. They will all be as they were meant to be and will have a new way of expression that will raise your awareness in ways that will bring a new sense of peaceful purpose to your hearts and lives.

I go now and set my pace in a dance mode, for I love you all and I look forward to the day when I can come forth and dance with you all in this new land of peace, joy and love. It is you and all of us who have been looking forward to that day of freedom and bliss that is right there now on the horizon. Love to you all, in Peace and Joy!

Thank you so much dear St. Germain,
Much Love, Nancy Tate

St. Germain via Nancy Tate – Wake Up Call – 7-6-15

St. Germaine 90Wake up Call: St. Germain, July 06, 15

Through Nancy Tate

I am here this morning to speak of a change in government. There is taking place right now a change that will free up not only a huge amount of funds, but also the people who are being affected by this freedom of their rights. It is a profound change that is taking place because there are minions behind the old governance who at one time did not feel they could ever be set aside and replaced. They did what they did to bring about the captivity of the people rights, and disguised what they were doing in a way that showed the people a totally false picture of what they represented.

As I speak through this one, I am as well taking the time to submit this information to a network that is working under cover to be able to find their freedom to release the information as it became available in a way that is unmistakable and has all of the proof that is needed. In that way it cannot be denied once it is released to the public. This is why I am not releasing the information as yet that tells the complete picture. However, I can release through this one the scope of the height of the changes that are coming about.

I am St. Germain, and I now tell you another piece of the puzzle. It has been some time since the truths of what has been taking place behind the scenes were addressed as they are now, and will continue to be in the coming weeks. It is because of this that there have been so many periods of silence, followed by what some people have claimed to be lies and disturbing news that comes from sources that cannot be trusted.

I tell you now that this is all in the changing mode. As it is clear that what has been taking place has been for a reason, then you will also realize the reason and support it, and what comes from it. There is nothing that will be hidden from the public once this information comes in the pieces it will come from. As it does, then you will understand why it had to be this way, for the truth to come to you.

One more thing that I wish to share with you is that the onset of these changes around the world will bring about a huge difference in the way certain people in the present governance have been presenting certain things to the people. It will be obvious the reasons behind what has been shared and why it has had such an influence on what has been seen and felt in the minds and hearts of those who saw these things in a way that brought great doubt as the authenticity of the actions of those in those certain fields of governance.

I tell you all this, dear ones, for you to be able to see what is coming, certain signs that tell you how it is to be released and how it interacts with what you have been feeling for some time. It will bring about a new understanding of what your role has been in all of this and why you have felt recently as if you have been swimming in circles in an ocean of stolid waters.

It is about to all change, and you will begin to fill in the holes in the various puzzles that have been in your life over the past 10 years or more. Take your time now to enjoy the times and see them as the opening doors to the freedom of your power, the enjoyment of your lives, and the Love that encircles all of you.

It can bring you the assurance that you are in the forefront of the New Jerusalem in the eyes of those who see the birth of the new world that is yours and all of eternity’s place from which to see the picture of the beginning of the new way of being in heaven on earth and beyond. You are the power buttons and we are the pushers. The rest is all in our field of Love and life in the no-time zone. It is eternal Love and Life that we are creating in the energy of the Creator. Love to you all.

Thank you dear St. Germain,

Much Love, Nancy Tate

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–   ST GERMAIN   –

Saint Germain  via  Channeler Nancy Tate   –   April 16 2015

I come to you this day in the energy of the trueness of life on Planet Earth. I am going to tell you more of what is coming and what will be in the works. First I will share with you something that is taking place as I speak in the annals of history, for it is already history having taken place yesterday in the cellars of the United States of America. I am St. Germain, and I speak of the cellars of the United Nations.

I was called to be with them as they disbursed the gold that has been in storage for centuries in these cellars I speak of. It was the ones from the United Nations who called me and instructed me to go with them into the storage facilities and bear witness to their disbursements.

As I accompanied them they were in a mood of splendor, for they knew this would mean the coming to peace of all of the nations of this world. It is time for it all to become in harmony and in Love for all of life on earth. One of the ways in which to bring this about is through the distribution of the gold in the process that is in the works now of the funds being distributing. As you have been told, the gold is backing up the funds, and it is being distributed to the nations as the funds are coming to the various places.

Now I will tell you another part of this message, for it has to do with how you are all going to respond to the funds as they come to you in the ways that are being formulated. There are those who have already set their places for the management of the funds to help all of mankind to return to the purity that they are destined for. It is a matter of the funds being used for the purpose of bringing about an equal use that reflects the equality of all of mankind.

There is no more use for the idea that one is better, or more than another, for we are all equal. We all will be going through the action of using the funds to create a more valuable way of living on earth, and then we will all go from there to set the example of how we don’t need to be richer than another person in order to have a better life. There is nothing like presenting the example of what is being shared with others and communicated in a way that cannot be mistaken.

I am here with you all in a way that speaks of who you are, for I am no more than you are. I have chosen the role I play, as you all have, and as soon as you are able to see me as I walk along side you, you will realize that this is the awakening time for you. That is what we all are so in delight about; to see ‘DeLight’ come back into your eyes and shine forth from the radiance of your heart. It is such a wondrous time for us to ready ourselves for our reunion. We are going to be celebrating in a way that is only thus far realized. As the steps take place for the funds to flow throughout humanity, it will be personalized in every part of the world, every village, every city, every home. As I speak, there are some who are already involved with what the funds are doing for mankind and Mother Earth.

I shall leave this message now and watch as those of you who read it take the initiative and follow through on what it awakens within you. It is a wondrous time here on planet earth now. As we all come together and share ourselves in every way that we can, it will be obvious that we have come to our final resting place before dancing forth in our next venture. From one moment to the next is when that change will come forth for all of us. Love is all there is, and we all walk forth into the next moment and the next.

Thank you so much dear St. Germain,

Much Love, Nancy Tate


Rawanda via Nancy Tate – Wake up Call – Forever Unlimited Blog – 12-10-14


Wake up Call: Rawanda, 12-10-14 by Nancy Tate


I am here today to let you know of some changes that are in the works. They are in the underground as yet and so they are not to be made public until all systems are in release enough for the changes I speak of to come to light. There will be an abundance of energy in many ways, physically and energetically. That is the result of the ability of not only us from off planet, but many of you on and within the planet to give of your energies of allowance.

I am a peaceful conquistador of the physical realm, and I come to you in the energy of the coming times. I am known as Rawanda, and I will be with you as we go further into the flowing times of Love.  I lend myself to your growing strengths and join you in the essence of the Mushaba Force, which has now reached the abundance of the Love Essence which has been in the works since the opening channels began to function in a way that is in keeping with the potential for all of you to be able to see what the future can bring and how you are creating the future in the moment of the Now.

It is a new concept for some of you to be able to take into consideration that what you have created and experienced in the moment just past can actually be changed to suit the present moment. It is a matter of the whole picture being in flux in order for the newness of the energy of Now to be an influence of what it is that you all intend as a whole beingness. This is what you are creating in the moment and therefore you are seeing in many cases changes that are unexpected or even not desired. That represents the whole picture of how it is all progressing in a way that becomes more and more harmonious as it evolves.

This is the beginning of the manifestation of what each of you intends for your lives and it becomes more in line with what is being manifested as the whole of you come more into harmony. This is the in-between time that has been spoken of by many beings in the evolvement of the messages that have been shared with you over the years. It is a matter now of many of those messages changing in ways that show you how you are influencing your energies in a more precise way now that the changes are more in tune with what is destined for you. It is a matter of you all coming back more to your inner knowing of who you are and what your destined roles are that you have been playing, and will continue to live in the coming episodes of what you choose.

All of the energies are evolving now in ways that seem to be chaotic. That is because of the out-flux of the old energies being released from the inner body of Gaia, just as they are being released from all of your inner recycling energies. As the oldest energies, which are more intense, come to the surface, they bring with them the intensity of what has been being held onto for so long. As the Light/love within all of you becomes stronger and more in keeping with the Love of the Creator within all of existence it is releasing, in readiness for the purity of the Love energy of the original beginnings of the universal expression created by the Mushaba Love Essence from the first universe. This was the predestined plan for the furthering of what you will all be creating beyond the duality experience that you have been evolving through.

There will be more information that will come through this one, and Anakhanda Mushaba, who is one of the original representatives of the Mushaba energy. You are all in keeping with what this universe was created for, and as you go on in the Christed energies you are evolving all that was brought to the table, so to speak, from the first moment of your existence. It is now the beginning of the new way of living, and that is what is bringing on so much of the chaos that is soon to be easing off. You are coming to a wondrous peaceful way of life and the new creation of your world. Know that you have the power to bring about that which is in the Essence of Love and the peacefulness that come with it in Joy and Love. Happy days are here! Live them and bless them. Know that they are the new horizon for the days of continuous, Loving Life.

Thank you dear Rawanda,

Much Love, Nancy Tate



Saint Germain via Nancy Tate – Wake up Call – 12-5-14

It is a morning for glory! It is a morning for joy! We are making plans to come and join you in the very near future. As we ready ourselves and get into the swing of what we will be doing with you, it is a wondrous journey that we plan, and the magic of it is that there is no plan. We have devised a way by which we will be coming to you in the ways that you will be comfortable with.

It is I St. Germain, and I am so pleased to be speaking through this one again. I have been with her throughout many centuries and this one is the epitome of how we will be addressing that which we have been setting into motion energetically over the time span that we have been creating.

First I want to tell you of the trials and tribulations that have been prevalent over the planet for so long. They have come to prove something that will be represented in your realizations, which are soon to be realized as the pathways to the light and love, which you have put aside in this journey on this glorious planet earth. This planet was designed and created with the knowing that there would be an understanding when this coming evolvement is about to become your present day reality.

Yes, you will all realize when the doors come flying open to your truths that there has been reason for all that has taken place on this planet and throughout the universe. I came to this planet knowing full-well what my mission was to be. When I lowered myself into the absence of realization of who I truly am, it was a wondrous awakening that came to me after my journey in duality was complete. I knew then what each of us were undergoing and still are experiencing. I knew as well that one day all of humanity would come to the place where I am, and would rejoice in every aspect of what you all created in this whirlwind of truth.

Yes, I say truth because it is what we have created and it is what we have learned from. We have experienced that which we would not have even imagined would come to be if we had not stepped down from our knowing of who we are and what we have represented in the universal picture. We have opened up a wormhole that is now full of surprises to each of you as you awaken to the promise that you each gave to yourselves as you walked into this land of forgetfulness.

Now you are at the pivoting point of seeing that which has been your journey through the land of forgetfulness, and how much of who you truly are has been with you through the whole journey. It will be an eye-opener for so many of you, and a remembrance for the rest of you. It will be the best movie that you can have brought to the screen of life forevermore. It will show you your power and your ability to walk through the muck and the mire into the golden leaves of autumn as they collect on the ground and crinkle beneath your toes. They will speak to you of the wondrous life that you have created in the energy of the Mushaba Love and the expression of that which is in the works for you in the leaves that grow forth on the trees of Life in the coming evolvement. Yes, there is much that you will be hearing about, as shown from your own inner knowing. It will be the new realization of another facet of your evolvement, and what it will bring you to be able to walk forth in the next aspect of your coming times.

You have been told some of what I speak, and you will be hearing more and more of it as you awaken to your inner selves. You will know of what I speak when I tell of the Mushaba energy. The messages will come forth more and more of the Love Essence that emits forth from that energy that is sprouting forth from deep within each and everyone of you. You will resonate with the information more and more as your knowingness comes forth in equal measure to the information that will be coming from various sources throughout the universe. It will be another source of what you already have within, and with the rising energy of creation building in your souls you will resonate with what you know to be truth.

I shall end this message on this note. As you wander through the next days and nights to the respect and honor that you feel around you, it will be a new regime that will be forming for you. It will be endless and complete in every moment for every moment is complete in perfection. You are the Creators of your world, and as you awaken more and more to that truth, you will go forth in the dance of remembrance and sing the song to the heavens and all of Creation. Tally forth in Love and Light!

Thank you dear, Loving St. Germain,

Much Love, Nancy Tate

Diaclosities via Nancy Tate – Wake up Call – 10-28-14

October 27, 2014

I am here today to give you a very important message. It is a message of what is right and what is wrong in the new setup for the administration of the legal system and how it will be affecting the money situation around the world. I am Diaclosities and I am seeing the whole mess slowly and emphatically settle down and begin to be put into the manner of rightness that means it will flow without restrictions and interference by those who have been in place for so long.

I see how much the ones who have been manipulating the systems around the world are not stepping down, but are being replaced by ones who are in the harmonics of what is to be in a peaceful and Loving world. There is coming a feeling throughout all of humanity that there is only what is, and that the judgment of right and wrong will have no bearing on anything that is brought forward. Judgment is old news; it is what is in harmony with all that is the deciding factor. Until that is in place there will be a careful manifestation of what it will take to bring it all into harmony. It will be for the best interest of all of those around the world who will be taking their places, which have been destined since this whole earth experience has begun.

Are you one of those who have seen the visitors from out in the universe come and visit? Are you in the shadows of those who feel that they are right, and what you see as loving visitors coming to be of assistance is but a lie and a planned way to create a hectic world that can be downplayed and found to be in confusion? I only mention this because there is coming a little more of this kind of energy, for it is the last remnants of negative energy that is being cast away from the planet. As the remnants flow on out to be restored to the Love energy that is prevalent, then the whole planet will be restored to its original Love and peaceful freedom that it is destined for.

This will not be something that will automatically happen, for free will is still a major issue here. Once you have exercised your power of free will, and stated within, and/or without of your beingness that you are ready for what is the best way for this to all come to the Loving state that you intend, then it will come in a quicker speed than it would take if you sat back and asked us all to do it for you. You have the power to stand with us and follow your own inner inspirations that come from a loving place. It is that simple, rather than being complicated, as many would have you expect.

All of you are in a place where you can create your own heaven on earth. What it takes is to live it now, and to know that you are in harmony with the rest of the world. As you ride through that knowing you will see the results in your life and you will see that spread out with all of those you come into contact with who are in harmony to some degree with you. It will emerge as a wondrous way of life for you, once you know that you have the power for bringing the energy of Love into everything that is in your life. As that grows it affects everything and everyone in your life and that includes all of life on this wonderful planet. Do you see my point in bringing this message forth? I feel your confusion sometimes as you find that there is more and more diversity going on around the world. I also feel it when you take a deep breath and tell yourself that it is over and that all you feel is love and peace. You then go on with another step and find that what you felt is multiplying as the power of Love is guiding it through all of the muck and mire you come across, and it changes it to peaceful golden light.

Make no mistake, dear ones about what I say. All you need do to make a difference in this situation right now is to take it one step at a time. Tune in to the love that is guiding you in the direction that will take you to the next step of power in manifestation. You have that power, and you have been using it in so many ways. It is what you see and feel manifested in what you live and what you give to yourself and others.

There has been a message from us brought through others who see the validity of what we are sharing with you. All you need do is to ask us when you have seen and felt that you desire our assistance. Whether it is by our working with you on a plane that keeps us invisible to you, or one in which we come to you one at a time, or in throngs of beings who look much like you, we are ready to follow the wishes and intentions that you have. It is most powerful for you to exercise your rights and to know that you are not wrong or right. You are what and who you are, and that is that you are the powerful beings of Light and Love. You have the capability that we have to bring about that which we have been sharing with you. Ask and ye shall receive; that is the bottom line. Reunion is on the doorstep and we are ready for your opening of the door and welcoming us to your home of Love.

I hear your beck and call, and we shall respond, in Love, peace and Joy to the commitment you make to yourselves and all of us for we are all One.

Thank you dear Diaclosities,

Much Love, Nancy Tate

Nancy Tate – Wake Up Call – Go in Joy, Peace and Love through Life – That is what we will Manifest – 6-10-14


WAKE UP CALL:   Nancy Tate , June 9, 2014


Dear ones, we are so enthralled with the times these days and so enamored of all that is being told to us. It is a matter of us being told and all that is in the works coming to fruition. Or is it; is it that simple or that complex? Are we waiting with baited breath that which we are told is coming? Or are we saying to ourselves that it is in our world now and that we are enjoying every moment of our lives?

There are those who say that there is only one way to look at it, and that is that it is not physically in our lives, after all we have been told saying that it is, then why should we listen any more to what they say? Well, I say that there is more to the action than applies to the physicality that we have created. There is also that moment of manifestation that is awaiting enough support that says yes, it is here with us now, and we are so enjoying it!

Is that what we are creating in our disbelief, or our impatience for what we have been told is here? Is that the way we bring to our lives that which we desire and intend? How about seeing this all as the ships in the harbor? How many of you know what I mean by the ships in the harbor? I first heard about it about 15-20 years ago as I was opening up to the real person I am.

The story goes that there were ships that came into the harbor off the shores of where some natives lived who had not seen much of other people. Their elders knew about the other life on the planet, and they knew that there were other things in this world that their natives had not heard of, much less seen. As the ships stayed in the harbor, the natives saw them as huge boulders, for that is what they knew. They wondered why they suddenly were there, and figured it must have been something that rose up from the ocean floor.

The elders knew different for they saw them as the ships that they were. They talked with the natives, and soon some of them saw them as ships. Those natives talked with some of the others and eventually the others saw it as well. As this progressed more of the natives saw that they were ships. After the majority of the natives saw the truth of the ships, then suddenly all of them saw that they were ships.

This is an example of what is with us now, and has been since time began. It continues as I speak. As long as we see the way life is on this earth, then that is the way it will continue to look like and be. For those on this earth will still see it to be and believe it is. How many of us have been given untold amounts of money, so much that we feel we could never spend it all in our lives? How many of us have not had to scrape and save for us to be able to live within our means and barely get by? Has this not been a way of life for so many of us on this planet?

Now imagine how it would be if we suddenly were handed a huge amount of money by which to give ourselves all that we desire and more, for the rest of our lives. How many of us can relate to that in a way that tells us that it is for real? We may want to, but do we really believe it when we hear it? Is there a part of us that is saying, “Oh sure, someday we will have a million dollars to do what we want with,” and then feel the feeling of, ‘No way!’, on a level that feels like reality?

Perhaps it is time to get beyond the idea of boulders in the harbor and see the ships as what they are. They are there to give us the opportunity to see more of this world that we have created. It is there to extend our feelings of knowing and believing in ourselves to be able to have a life that is more in keeping with the abundance that we are destined for, in so many ways. Could it be that first having the huge sums of money that we are being told we will have, will take us to a stage in our evolvement where we will be able to experience our lives in a way that tells us that we don’t have to have money in order to be happy, at peace and able to do anything that we desire? Is maybe the world of unrestricted money the middle ground to us being able to relate to the idea that we don’t need anything outside of ourselves in order to create that which we intend and desire for our lives?

I feel that in order for the money to come to us we have to be happy about the abundance that we have right now. Feel this truth of abundance and the joy of it in all that we do. The more we approach this whole subject with joy, peace and love, the closer we will come to manifesting it without any encumbrances upon it. Play the game to the fullest. Get beyond the empty table that you so desperately want to have food on. See the food there and know that it is a matter of you doing more than wanting it. Know that as you are inspired to go forth and manifest it, it will come to you in a way that is created through your knowing and love for yourself and all of life.

I’m not saying this only because I read it in some book, or messages. I can say this because I have experienced it. I am still in the process of experiencing it, of creating it in my life on the levels that can bring what I desire and intend into my life. I too have brought doubt and disbelief to certain stories. But I realize that in order for what I am told to come to fruition I must let go of it not being here. I must know that it already is here; it is up to the circumstances that we all create to bring it into our physicality. It is important to not set ourselves up for disappointment, for that is adding to and supporting the fear energy. Go in joy, peace and love through life and that is what we will manifest.

We are the creators in our lives. We see the ships in the harbor and they bring to us the treasures that we call for. All is well, and we are rejoicing in every moment.

I see abundance for you all!

Much Love, Nancy Tate

Master Saint Germain – Wake Up Call! – Channeler Nancy Tate – 5-5-14

 saint germain

by Nancy Tate ~ May 04, 14


I am here today to give you all a piece of news. This is something that you can take to sleep with you and to dream with in your waking hours. It is something that you can share with others you come in contact with. It is that there is a freedom bell that will be tolling for everyone who chooses to listen in the next few months. It is something that will tell those who understand what it is saying that there is an end to the old way of being on this planet and the beginning of the new freedom that has been promised for so long. It is a freedom that so many are beginning to accomplish in their own lives and as that happens it washes out into the rest of the world.

As you begin to see and feel this freedom you will realize that it is definitely something that you haven’t even felt the absence of in your lives. You will realize that the words of freedom that were given to you through the schools, history and the internet’s early days have been only words, with no truth behind them. You will realize that the true freedom is far beyond what you have been living, in lifetime after lifetime. You will also realize that there is a coming time when the freedom you will be living may bring with it an outpouring of good deeds that will fill certain people with instances in their lives that may bring on some feelings of distrust. That is because the freedom these deeds represent isn’t something that has been lived in their lifetime, only been promised in an empty and untrusting way.

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Those days are over. The times for believing in oneself are now radiating out to humanity in a way that brings the truth of the words to a new perspective. They are going to see the reality that is coming for them, and they will realize that they are the only ones who can set it in place for them within their beingness. Then it will shine forth out to the rest of the world. The people around them will tune in and recognize their own freedom that lives within, and they will bring it forward to be another example to the rest of humanity.

Yes, that is the way it works dear Ones. It is the example you present to the others that makes a difference not only in your world, but also in theirs, once they see how it accomplishes in their world their own example of the treasure that they hold. It is a wondrous thing to see the people of this world set in place their newness of the energies that have been available to them for so long. They are now beginning to listen to the voice within, rather than the voices that came to them from outside of them. They are seeing that there is no more powerful example than the one you produce from within yourself, no matter how it looks from the outside. The power will create anything that comes from within.

When you realize what that means in your life, you know that it is the answer that you already have as to why your life is the way it is. You will see that your thoughts and feelings vibrate with your actions. In that way you will begin to see how to create a world in which you live the wondrous desires and feelings that you are in harmony with and that reverberate throughout the rest of life on earth. You will also see how it also affects the rest of the life in this universe and beyond.

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It is a time of truth, my dear Ones, more powerfully than ever before you are in the midst of creating the wondrous examples of what you are capable of. You are in the process of releasing the fear-based movements, and replacing them with the Love-based, free-flowing of the world in the best way you can think of, and beyond. With every thought you have of the utmost freedom, love and creativity you have in expression with the power within, you will see the beginning of the expansion of that ability.

I take my leave in this moment from this reminder of who you are and what you can do. You can let it soften within your heart and then let it increase in power for what you see that you can accomplish. There will be a time when we will all be back in touch with each other in a way that knows no boundaries. Till then, know that I, and all of the others who have been communicating with you, are but a second of time away from you. You are the power that brings that recognition to all of us. Our reunion is imminent. I am here in Love and gratefulness for this journey that you are about to bring to a close as you then flow into the new journey that includes us all together in the Oneness of us all.

Happy Journey, One and All!

Thank you dear St Germain,

Much Love, Nancy Tate

The Pleiadian Message – Wake Up Call for the Family of Light

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Nancy Tate – Wake Up Call – Horus – 12-20-13



I, Horus, am here dear ones to speak to you of the upcoming event that so many are hearing and reading about. I am here to tell you about the part we in Hollow and Inner Earth have in the coming event. It is a matter of us being at the root of what is taking place on the planet and within it. As we go about our parts in it we also are working with those of you on the surface who made this promise when you first came to this lifetime. Not only was it a promise to all of mankind, but especially to your own beingness, and to the Creator as well. It was one brought about in seeing what it could bring to the ascension of earth and all of life on it and within.

I sit in place in the Porthalogus library in this moment and sort through what has already been place here in the energy of what it takes to put all of the pieces together for the event. It is a matter of seeing all of the parts that are set in place and then sifted around as decisions are made and changes take place in the everyday life of humanity. It also relates to what is taking place with ISON and with all of the other heavenly bodies that are in place now and are affecting the overall scope of what is taking place and root in the causal effects of all that is coming.

You will see that in the coming times on earth things will speed up, as the energy of the people rises. Also as they intercept that which they see as not only what they desire, but also what will serve all of humanity in a way that has not been lived as yet. I speak of allowing people to choose their way of life, their choices in the moment, and seeing that it will all work out, even if it doesn’t seem to be a beneficial choice for the whole of life on Gaia. So many of you are seeing that these choices are made in the aspect of what will serve in the whole picture of what it is taking to bring it all into harmony.

When that becomes a knowing of more people around the globe it will bring about a change that will allow the manifestation and living of the event that will be obvious to those who have been tuning in to the pieces of the ‘so called’ puzzle. It will solve some issues that have been singing their off notes for some time, and will bring it all into harmony with the totality of the musical energy of Love and Joy in the peacefulness that will be prevalent.

This is part of what is taking place and causing some of you to be distressed, confused and tired of hearing what is coming, while never seeing it manifest. This is part of what so many refer to as the patience that is necessary for the result to show itself. It is also the example of the totality of humanity’s ideas about how to live life, how to make things happen, etc, come along. For so many of you it is making itself clear in your minds and hearts, while at the same time you find yourselves unable to find the words to explain. It is a knowing that requires no words to be clear. In fact words can often mislead for they cannot completely express what the knowing is.

So as I said, I am sitting here at the library and seeing the mix of results and seeing how it is all interweaving into a constantly changing pattern. The colors that are spoken change as in a living rainbow that escalates as the changing tides bring about the sounds that express in colors. The rainbows bring about a constant elevation of the tones of the promise that is in place. Have you ever heard a song that is sung on one level, and then brought to a higher and/or faster tone? This is quite an experience that I am having, and it is something that you all coupled with All, for the energies connected with this planet are creating in your own melody of creation in the manifestation of that which is in the highest benefit of all of life.

Now that I’ve planted some new ideas, perspectives and perhaps confusion in your minds, I know that you will go away from this message with the ever changing and clearing energy that you are in right now. It is wonderful so see so many of you asking for clarity, for that represents the truth of your being able to understand it and to then apply it to your movements in the manifestation of the event that you will in some way recognize when it happens. It will be as a mirror shining back to you that which you, on some level, already had seen. It is the nature of the capabilities that you all have, even those who don’t remember they do as yet. You will one of these days; you will awaken and see that your part in all of this has been so intragal that without it, it would still be out there churning and changing till the one piece finally falls into place to bringing it all into harmony. Know that it is at your doorstep, and live the moment of Now in love, peace and joy. That is the secret ingredient in the perfection of the Creation of All.

I sit in Love and the observation of your power. Love you all so much!

Thank you dear Horus,

Love, Nancy Tate

Alan Watts – Time to Rise – Wake up call – The Real You

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St Germain – Wake Up Call – Channeller Nancy Tate – 11-3-13

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I am here today to tell you of something that is taking place within the confines of the government. There is a solidity that is being formed as I speak, and it is that of the ones who are no longer willing to support the lies that have been going on for so long within the governmental standards of operation of this country, United States of America. It is not only a matter of not being willing to go on with it, but of being determined to bring it all back to a successful transition to the honor and integrity of the original concept of governance that I brought forth to the country when I first was called to the task.

Yes, this is St. Germain and as I bring this news to you I also bring to you your part in what I speak of. It is a matter of all of you recognizing where your rights have been taken away, and seeing what it is that you can do to bring it back to square one. You are the ones who can do it, and as soon as you see what it is that you can do, then as you march forward in that energy you will find a gradual, in some cases, and instant in others, movement that brings it all to what it is that it is destined to be from this moment on.

I first would like to thank all of you who are reading this for being in readiness to do what you are inspired to. I am not here to tell you specifically what to do, but to encourage you to follow your inner guidance, and then see what power you have by the enactment of that which you feel to do. It is a matter of the end of being told what to do, and the new beginning of trusting you inner guidance and moving forward in it. When you review what is taking place and compare it with what you intend for your lives on a personal level, then you can find the inspiration for what must be done.

I serve in the capacity of your brother in these times on earth. I was part of the earthlife in the beginning and as such I was able to see, through my diversions, and then the rightfulness of bringing myself back to the straight ways of doing things. It was a matter of working through the lower energies of where I was and then seeing how they affected me. Then I was able to see how I turned around the personal movements in my life and applied them to the outer scope of life with all of mankind. I did not always reach out to others, once I saw that their ideas may not coincide with mine. Not that they were wrong, for there is no wrong in our journeys. What it is, is that the movements of others may not coincide with ours, so we must make our decisions based on what we feel is in harmony with ourselves, and then reach out to others in love, and see the harmony that we have created with them, through our individuality.

I will speak now, once again, of what is taking place in the government of the United States. It is a matter of being in harmony with all of the people and not pushing against the government that has strayed so far from the harmonic energy from which it began. It is a matter of speaking in the way you choose to the people who are in place and following what it is that they are doing. Whether you go peacefully to them, or sit in your home and send your energy of intent for the harmony, which you see as being the only way for your life, is your decision. It is a matter of seeing what works for you and then applying it to what you can do to help to bring the governance back to what is right for the country. When you stand strong in what you see and feel, then it will have its affect. I give you an example.

As I once stood on the steps of the White House in its early days I saw that there were some discrepancies in the way that the present governance was acting. I stood and watched as some of them came forth from the halls of justice laughing and joking amoungst themselves. As they approached me I reached out to them with a smile and said, “I am so pleased that you are in place to help to bring the country to a good place for all of us. We appreciate what you do, for there is a great deal of confusion going on with the people as to what you all are doing. Some of the people have been saying that they feel that there should be more openness with some of the meetings that are taking place, so that anyone who tunes in can know more about the steps you are all taking. What do you feel about that?”

The men all looked at me as if I was crazy, at first. Then after a few moments they seemed to be confused as to what to say, but began to speak anyway. They told me that there was a matter of not being able to say it all to the people because they may not understand what it was that was behind our decisions. I asked them what they mean. They said that there were some people outside of the government who came to them often and told them that they must do this, or that in order for it all to work smoothly. The outsiders told them that there were things they could not tell them at the time, because of a breach of contract, and because it would not serve the people to not listen to what they were being told to be silent on. Then the men of governance all stood there with looks on their faces that told me that they wanted to tell me more but could not, so they hurried past me and to their freedom from my intent to learn what was truly going on.

My dear brothers and sisters, I tell you this now because you have the power to do something about this in a peaceful manner. You can find the inspiration by being in a clear place in your mind and then moving forth in the truth that you carry with you at all times. This is a time when the energies of ascension are firmly and freely, in a more powerful way, with you. You may be surprised at what you can do by doing ‘nothing’, or what seems like nothing on the outside. It could represent very powerful movements on your part on the inside. Once again, look at your own lives and see what you have brought to it that has secured your freedom and power in a way that is harmonious and grand.

I leave you now on this auspicious day and I see that you are already making a change in the progress of what I speak. You are very powerful beings and as you go forward you will see the results of that beauty in which I see you all. Love, Light and Peace abound!

Thank you dear St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate / link to original article

Hatonn – Wake Up Call – Channeler Nancy Tate – 10-10-13



Hatonn, can you tell me what all the cloudships were doing yesterday over the southeastern part of AZ?

Hatonn: I will tell you this, dear one, there is lots of activity going on with your galactic family, and the ships that come cloaked are a busy lot. They come to accomplish various feats and one of them was, as you had interpreted when you first saw them, that there are many portals that are still having to be cleared. As they are cleared they are then protected by their own energy of Love. Nothing can penetrate them with that energy of love instilled within each one. Any being/person who is enhanced with a great deal of Love is allowed entry.

This is something that is occurring on a large scale these days. As the ones who have that access join the ones within the areas that the portals lead to they will be told various pieces of information that they will have the freedom to share with anyone they so choose.

There is an ongoing hiatus of the ones within the earth and the ones who are hovering in the craft above the earth. As the visits become more and more in purpose the hiatus will soften and eventually become unnecessary, for there will be an open communication with all three levels of beings, within, on the surface and above.

One more thing I would like to share with all of you is that there will come a time when you will be speaking with the elders of the Native American and other aboriginal tribes of this land. They are in safekeeping in the Inner and Hollow Earth, and they will be speaking not only through you, but through others as well. They hold much information that is relative to these times, and that information will enrich the understanding that is to be brought to the surface of many peoples lives. There will be questions answered with the information, and I speak now of on a soul level, that will bring much deeper and clearer communication between everyone on the surface in the process of ascension.

Nancy: Thank you Hatonn. I have one more question at this time. Red Jacket, one of the former chiefs of the Seneca tribe, has begun to speak through me. He told me that he is in the line of not only Mushaba, but of you as well. Could you elaborate on that for us?

Hatonn: I would be happy to. We are all descended from the original Mushaba energy. We came to this planet because of the plan that was in place when the universe was created. Not only was I in the original line of the Mushaba beings, so too was Red Jacket. We came from the original tribe of Mushaba beings who populated the planet Mushaba and took part in the creation of the various races of humanity. It is a matter of the interlacing of the colors of the Mushaba energy with the rest of the spectrum that was created from the various expressions of the tones of the Mushaba energy. The totality of the colors that are expressed at the time, and continue to be as more expression is created is what brought forth the essence of all of Creation.

There will be more information that will be brought forward about all of this as more and more people are awakened in the various ways that they choose. You will find that there are many aspects of information that will be coming forth that will explain much of what has been taking place and will be in the coming evolution of all of existence.

Thank you, once again dear Hatonn!

Love, Nancy Tate

Nancy Tate – Wake Up Call – Hatonn – 1 August 2013


I am here today to give you a sample of what is to come for you in the rest of the ascension process. It is a matter of what you are doing in the moment and how that is affected by the energies of the universal influence that you have had a hand in creating. I am Hatonn, and I am most pleased to be speaking with you this day.

As I said when I began, there is a great deal of influence that you all have on the ascension process. You create as you go along, as does all of existence. You have as much power as anything anyone else in existence. It is a matter of what you do with that power. It is a matter of being true to your innermost desires and intentions for a wonderful, peaceful loving life.

This is what is at the base of your experience. This is what you have realized to some degree throughout out all your experience. As you go forth in your experience, you are realizing that more and more what you see in your life is what you have been thinking and feeling. You are learning that in order to create your life in the way that you intend it to be, you must change some of your thoughts, words and actions. This is proof of your stepping forth in the ascension that you have been told is upon you.

One thing that you can do is to respect yourself more and more. See that what you are capable of is infinite. In that way you will begin to tune in more to what you realize is pure, and in the line of joy, peace and love. You will see the results multiply and build upon one another. As that comes about you will know that you can do so much more to enliven your experience and that of others. It is a matter of each having influence on one another. It is a matter also of you having the ‘final word’ of your example affecting you first and others as well. What you create comes into being for others to see as the example that they can create, if they choose, and in the manner in which suits them.

We are seeing such an incredible example through all of you. We see that in order to learn more about the ascension and how you can create it, you are doing things that set up a possibility of going in a direction that feels new to you. You also go in many directions in order to try them out and follow the instincts that feel the best at the moment. This is new for so many of you, for you are seeing that making a plan is not always the best way to live your life. It is a matter of bringing all of time into the present moment and going from there.

I shall give you an example. Once upon a time there was a person who took her time to make many plans and succeeded in living her life more and more as if something was missing. She gave it much thought and then one day realized that she was not being successful with the plans she made because they did not come into being. She found it was better to make a plan in a shorter time, and more and more it brought to her the realization that it was good for her to decide in a few minutes, hours, or days ahead. It became a pleasure for her to see how much more interesting and fun her life was becoming because she no longer relied on long made plans to give her a good life. She was seeing how much more enjoyable her life was to live in the moment. As a result she decided to move from where she lived and to realize long-ago dreams of a different kind of life from what her family and friends had long lived. As she relocated she found that her life became more and more peaceful and enjoyable. She found talents within her that she didn’t realize she had, and she didn’t have to study and be taught how to do them. They just were there awaiting her tapping into them.

This person I speak of is this one at the keyboard. She is an example of how you all can live, how you all can ascend into a higher consciousness. It is a matter of taking it one step at a time in the inspirations that come to you in the moment. Know that when you do so you will look back on what came from it and you will smile, you will rejoice, and you will love yourselves even more. You will then find that you believe in yourselves more than ever before, and that it is proving to be the best way to live in the moment that creates the best that can be for you.

Do you really think that you have ever done anything wrong? Everything, every decision you have ever made has produced the best results for your path of learning. See the power you have? See the growth you take with each step. It is measured by how wonderful you feel when you look at your life and the feelings you have. Ask yourself when a feeling might not feel the best and the answer will be immediately there. It is a matter of allowing yourself to see the truth of the answer and then go on in joy to the next moment of self-love, which can be translated into love of all that is, for that is who you are. You are part of all that is, and you contribute to it in a way that is deeply appreciated by all of existence.

Go now into your day and realize that anything that you desire and intend for your life is at hand. It is a matter of believing in it and your ability to bring it forth. Even the new doggie that is waiting in the wings of the angels to be by your side frolicking in the grasses of forever, and the flowers of Now.

Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate