Acturians Circle of Seven via Violet Flowers – Importance of Visualizing, Imagining – 2-26-15


We are the circle of seven from the plane of Acturius.

From here we send you greetings. We have many things we wish to share with you today especially pertaining to the realms of what you call imagination.

For our world you see is created entirely through the images we construct within the parameters of our minds.

We realize the importance of keeping our minds strong and creating an ability to send our minds in the direction of our choice.

For you all there, creating a controlled and high functioning ability to visualize is becoming more and more important.The ability to train and focus one’s mind in the direction you desire is of the up most importance.

There are some of you that train your minds very highly and you as you call it can ‘create mansions within your own mind’. Others of you find it hard to focus the mind in one direction let alone use it as a tool to create ones world.

Beginning this process of designing and visualizing firstly requires the ability to concentrate your mind in one place of your choosing.

Finding ways to do this such as meditation or peaceful contemplation could assist many of you to this space as could some of the slower energy based mind focused practices such as Tai Chi.

Find your ways to get concentration happening in your mind and then use it to create the world as you would like to see it.

Be like a kid again and allow yourself to dream. Visualize beautiful lakes and waterfalls, sunsets and all of those beautiful things that the mind can conceive of and work up the finder detail.

The unseen world and the worlds that you create in your mind are much more powerful than often you give credit.

Just think about your favorite food for a minute and your mouth will have a physical reaction showing us how important what you create in your minds eye is so very important.

Those of you that can control and create with your mind may find yourself the inventor of new creations to help the planet.

So many of you spend time projecting images inwards from the television and movies and the world outside the mind but the vastness and expansiveness that you create when you harness your ability to visualize has infinitely more potential. It has the power to heal you, to make you feel supported and expansive and happy.

How amazing to have this power right there inside your head. The power to dream, create and design your life right there inside your mind.

Among you are coming forth now those of you who will help show you the ways to help bring more physical and mental well being to yourself.

In preparation to receive these new gifts we urge you to harness the power of your own mind/visualization centres. Learn ways to hold the mind still and then control it to create imagery and create worlds as you would like to see them. Your mind is infinitely more powerful than you give it credit.

Do your best now to inspire yourself with your own imagination, then step into this vibration and feel the beauty.

When your reality seems less than you would like, use your mind to dream another view to create your health and happiness through imagining it so.
This world in which you live is a transient one through which you pass in order to gain more wisdom and understanding yet the density of this plane can make it hard for you to believe in a reality other than the physical one in front of you.

We encourage you to dream a little more. Create and visualize more inside your minds.

Find your joys often inside your mind rather than out.

We encourage you to do this for your future growth into worlds where your mind and the direction it leads you will be of the up most importance.

We love you- The Circle of seven


Create A Magic Journal

Consider creating your own spiritual journal.  Possibilities? 

Pen your thoughts and visions. Visualize your new higher density life. Feel the joy!  Make it real. Then meditate and give each thought your heart energy and loving intention.  

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