SOUL SISTER TRUTH – What Is Victim Conscious? – Why It Will Keep You Stuck? – And How To Heal It – 6-9-19


Victim consciousness is an illusion over your third eye that is from an old program running in your subconscious usually from your childhood. It causes you to see yourself as a victim in your present life because you were in the past. Unless you have been kidnapped by human traffickers or live in a country that is at war and bombed everyday, you as an adult are not a victim. You may have been as a child but as an adult you are not. No one can abuse you, use you, or take advantage of you without your permission as an adult.

Victims view others around them in 3 categories, other victims, perpetrators, or rescuers. To a victim every person around them fits into one of these roles. Victims blame other people, the world, and sometimes even God or another higher power, for all their pain and misery and see everything as outside themselves. They want something outside themselves to validate them, make them happy, and solve all their problems, without them having to put any effort in. Most of the people in this world are in victim consciousness and that is why it is such a mess. Society and religion has conditioned and taught people that they are victims and that something outside themselves is coming to or going to save them. This will happen without them ever having to ever work on themselves and change themselves in any way, and they wait and wait for something to come save them and it never ever does. The first half of your journey is healing victim consciousness and you can’t go any farther or to the next level, until you do.

The mental health field is one system that is set up to feed into your victim consciousness, so you never get better and heal. How it works is, you go to a therapist or psychologist and you sit there an hour and tell them all your problems and all about your life and how bad it is. The therapist or psychologist just sits there and listens, nods their head occasionally and maybe shows some sympathy, and lets you vent. They never actually give you solutions or guidance on how to solve anything, they basically just listen and charge you hundreds of dollars to do this. Yes, you may feel better for a little bit afterwards because you vented, but without any solutions or guidance this is temporary and you go back to your life actually not much better for it. Your therapist or psychologist may refer you to a psychiatrist and this psychiatrist after talking to you for 2 minutes, prescribes you some mediation. You leave the office, fill your script, take the medication, and may actually feel better for a little bit, but pretty soon you are going back, and going through the whole cycle again. Before you know it after a few months or years of this cycle, you are taking 5 or 6 medications and convinced you need this medication, and you don’t feel any better and possibly even worse. No one has given you any solutions on how to heal and you are trapped in a cycle of medication and therapy, and your life isn’t any better. The therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, and pharmaceutical company’s lives are better because you are giving them all your money, but your life and you aren’t better. That is one way how society feeds you and keeps you trapped in victim consciousness and you keep giving your power away.

Religion traps you too. At a young age we are told to believe in this power outside ourselves. If we devote our lives to this power and worship this power it will eventually come save us and we will be saved. Doesn’t matter what kind of person you are 6 days a week, as long as you show up to this place once a week, give them your money, and worship this figure or person, you are saved. Don’t work on yourself and heal yourself, just sit here and wait and, you will be saved. This is teaching you to give your power away also.

The Law Attraction is real and one of the number one laws of the universe. The vibration you put out, is what you will get back. Vibration has everything to do with consciousness and what level of consciousness you vibrate at. The Law of Attraction draws to you people, lessons, experiences, and situations for you to heal and grow. If you think and vibrate at the level of victim consciousness, you will draw to you people at that level of consciousness as partners, friends, neighbors, and coworkers, because that is the vibe you send out. Guess who answers that vibe and is drawn to you Abusers, Users, and people who take advantage of you. The universe through universal laws of energy and vibration will keep sending you these people, until you grow, learn the lesson, and change and raise your vibration.

Someone in victim consciousness bounces back and forth between the three roles they view the world through their third eye, Victim, Perpetrator, and Rescuer. While thinking they are the victim, they actually victimize others around them through blaming and shifting all their responsibility onto others. They are expert blamers and never take responsibility for anything in their lives. They start a lot of sentences with made me feel, made me do, made me act, when if fact nothing and no one can make you do, think, or feel anything. They are attached to their suffering and feeding their ego with this energy and stuck in an ego trap. Healing and changing is a lot of hard work and by clinging to their suffering they get out of doing that hard work. They get out of the self-examination, which is very painful and intense, by constantly and consistently focusing on everyone else but them. They become lazy, complacent, and eventually anti-social. They then complain about how lonely they are, which of course is everyone else’s and the world’s fault and blame everyone else but themselves and stay stuck. They take on victim-hood as part of their personality and identity, and become extremely hard and unpleasant to be around. They don’t know they are but they are energy vampires by blaming others, complaining to others, and putting their problems on others but not taking any advice offered to them on how to change themselves or their lives. A common thing a victim will say is “I tried that before and it didn’t work.” What if Tesla tried once to invent alternating current (AC) motor and developed AC generation and transmission technology, which we use for electricity today, and gave up? The world would be dark. What if the Wright Brothers tried once to invent the airplane and gave up? We would not have airplanes. They never gave up inventing what they wanted to invent and when it didn’t work the first time, they tried again and again until they got it right. That is how you should be about yourself and your journey. Don’t try once and give up. Keep trying to reinvent yourself because that is what you are doing, on this journey.

What does a person in victim consciousness get out of it? They get to feed their ego and keep it running the show. They feed their ego by thinking they are right and everyone else is wrong. There is nothing wrong with them, it is everyone else around them. They get to feel sorry for themselves and therefore superior or better than everyone else. They sometimes jump into the role of rescuer and saving people and feed their ego that way. In the meantime they take all focus off themselves , their healing, and their pain, and put it on whoever they are saving at the moment. They find every reason to not heal, remain in suffering, and to not work on themselves and then blame everyone around them for how they are and why they aren’t happy. They want a book, a person, a healer, a guru, a person, a relationship, or a drug, to fix them and make them happy, so they don’t have to go inside and find what really makes them happy. They want something or someone outside themselves to heal them and validate them, and that is not possible. All happiness, healing, and validation comes from the inside by you doing your own inner work. A guru or healer can guide you, they can tell you how to do it or advise you how to do it, but they can’t permanently heal your inner child without you doing the inner work with us. Only you can heal that inner child crying out for love and attention from you completely by defeating the illusions covering your third eye. If you keep ignoring it and look for and focusing on anything outside of yourself, you will stay stuck.

Those in victim consciousness will frequently feel targeted, victimized, bullied, judged, neglected, ignored, abandoned, and unappreciated by others around them. They will focus on their outer lives and the people in it to change, so they can then change. They will wait to be rescued by a person, a higher power, or an event, and never take their power back. They will spend the rest of their lives waiting and the universe through law of attraction will give them, more waiting, thus staying stuck.The universe during your waiting time will then send you more people so you can learn the lesson you need to learn. So you will stay stuck that karmic cycle, until you take your power back.

How does a person in victim consciousness take their power back? By taking responsibility for everything in their lives and stop putting that responsibility on others. By knowing that no one can make them feel or do anything and that is all their own power. That no one but themselves are responsible for: their healing, their journey, their words, their thoughts, their actions, their mistakes, their feelings, or their behaviors, as an adult. And they they are not responsible for any of these things when it comes to others, everybody is responsible for their own healing and their own journey’s. When you really truly believe this in your heart and soul, you have healed your victim consciousness by seeing through the illusion and you move to the next phase of your journey.

Focus On:

  1. Stop blaming others and ask yourself “What is my role in this situation and why do I feel this way ?”
  2. Practice observing and say “What can I learn from this situation.? What is my lesson?”
  3. Stop sabotaging yourself. Always thinking in the worst case scenario and expecting a disaster to strike you at any moment, keeps your vibe very low and actually draws these things to you. This way of thinking is all about you having control.
  4. Perform acts of kindness with no strings attached and expecting nothing in return. Don’t be codependent and do things for others hoping they will do it for you, because they won’t. They aren’t codependent like you.
  5. Forgive the past and others and let it go. Victims don’t like to forgive because they think it makes them seem and feel weak. So they hold on with a vise like grip to every wrong ever done to them and keep themselves suffering. The person that did them wrong is not suffering but they themselves are suffering.
  6. Think about who taught you and how you were taught to be helpless and go back and heal that situation in your life.
  7. To avoid feeling taken advantage of and used all the time ask yourself when someone asks you to do something for them. “Would this person do this for me if they had the capabilities?” If the answer is no then don’t do it.

Victim consciousness can reach a dangerous mindset that can keep you trapped in dangerous situation. Ask anyone that is abused why they stayed after they are out of the abusive situation and I promise you they will say ” I felt sorry for them and I thought I could help them and save them”. I know because I was one of those victims once and I could have left at anytime but my mindset told me I couldn’t and that I was trapped. If you are in a situation like this get out immediately, you can’t help them and you can’t save them. Call the National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-7233 and save yourself and your children. Children learn what they live.

Love and Blessings,


Saul – Channel John Smallman – You are not the victims of others, of circumstances, nor of God – 1-5-14



The Reality of the Oneness of all of creation is finally dawning on humanity, as is the importance of working harmoniously, creatively, and cooperatively together to heal yourselves from all the suffering that you have inflicted on each other, and to enable you to start healing and repairing the damage that you have collectively caused Planet Earth.  This growing and essential awareness is an excellent reason to celebrate because it indicates that over the eons much has been learnt and that from those lessons wisdom is growing.  Congratulations!  From here you can only move forwards because you have learnt far too much to allow yourselves to slip backwards into the unconcern and disrespect for one another and for your beautiful planet that has for eons been the norm of human behavior.

You are definitely leaving sleep and unrealistic dreams behind as your awareness of your divine connectedness comes more fully into your conscious minds.  You are One with God, your eternal Source of being, and as your awareness of this divine and undeniable truth intensifies your ability to forget, to switch off to your true nature weakens and fades from view.  You are becoming consciously accountable, you are becoming aware of your responsibilities, you are realizing that the environment in which you are presently experiencing life, consciousness, is something that you yourselves are building and maintaining in every moment.  You are becoming aware that you are not the victims of others, of circumstances, or of God, but that what you experience is a conscious choice that you have made so that you will undergo and engage with the lessons that you know that you need to learn to move forwards on your spiritual paths.

All your paths are spiritual ones, wisely chosen to ensure that you experience the lessons that you have each decided – with the help and guidance of the unsurpassed wisdom of your spiritual guides and mentors – that you need to learn.  Realizing that you are not victims of your environment, of others’ nefarious decisions to crush or betray you, or of God’s judgment upon you, enables you to move forwards on your paths to enlightenment, to awakening, with the necessary enthusiasm and confidence to ensure that you reach your destination.

For eons you have been apparently trapped in an endless cycle of repetitious and intensely painful experiences over which it has seemed that you had no control.  You were, it seemed to you, at “the mercy of the gods!” – earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, storms, other peoples wars, betrayals and catastrophes.  Now you are seeing that what happens is as a result of your own beliefs, attitudes, actions, and behaviors.  Realizing this enables you to change the environment that you experience, and the situations in which you find yourselves “inadvertently” involved, by changing your expectations.

None of your experiences are inadvertent.  Everything that happens to you has a far deeper meaning than you can understand or access as human beings with your severely limited intelligence and your equally limited underlying wisdom – if it can even be called wisdom!  You chose, for very good reasons, reasons that were perfectly clear to you prior to your individual incarnations, to undergo a variety of experiences as humans in the limited environment that you constructed for yourselves.  And you have learnt lessons of incredible value as you have struggled with this worldly environment and the limitations that your physical bodies and their intrinsic energy fields, by their very nature, have imposed upon you.

Your true nature, the nature to which you are inextricably and eternally connected is Love, Godliness, Oneness with your Source.  You can pretend, as you have been doing for eons in the time driven illusion in which you experience life as humans, that you are alone, individual, disconnected from the Source of all existence, abandoned, betrayed and basically unreal – chemical reactions in an inanimate and forever unchanging and basically unliving, in fact dead and unconscious universe.

However, you are in fact moving permanently away from that unreal and unsupported belief, that fearful state of mistrust, as Love floods your apparently tiny and individual worlds – where it has seemed that you are, each one of you, small and insignificant beings at the center of an incredibly large and threatening universe which is constantly striving to crush and destroy you.  It is unrelentingly encouraging you to open to the possibility that you are far, far more than your bodily reflections in the mirror suggest.  And of course what Love is suggesting to you, is indeed offering to you, is Reality as a replacement for the threatening and illusory environment in which you are presently experiencing very unsatisfactory, terrifying and exhausting lives that have nothing to offer as a reward for living honestly except death!  What an unrealistic outcome or finale to a life spent struggling with such unrelieved hardship and woes.

Go within, find that quiet, spacious, and welcoming inner sanctum that you all possess, ask for help, Love, and guidance, and start to awaken into the understanding of your divine and eternal nature.  As you do so your fears and anxieties will dissolve, being unreal, and you will start to experience an awareness of your divinity that will bring you an abundance of joy as you once more connect with the spiritual realms, where you live always at one with God.

With so very much love, Saul.


The Arcturians – The Healing Of Victim Consciousness

RadiantlyHappy·227 videos
Please watch in HD and use headphones!)

YOU ARE an Image of this God, and when you experience and express victim consciousness you have forgotten and betrayed your own Divinity. Because you yourself own the undeniable and unlimited power of creativity. But you have rather agreed to the false image of death that your churches and your societies have preached to you over Millenniums to keep you afraid and forgetful about your own God Given Creative Powers. But accept that even death is in reality a Benign Divine Process.

To read the full message, please click on the link above!

Ascension Guide Bill Ballard – Geniune Clearing – Victim Consciousness

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Since April many of us have been doing some MAJOR CLEARING for our own selves as well as for humanity. How we experience this is due to our perceptions and whether we are looking at the situation from the old stand point of the glass half-FULL or half empty. Personally I choose to look at my situation as a champagne glass full and bubbling over. That makes it so much easier for me to clear out my quantum field of the magnetic emotions.

I am seeing some persons who are working on clearing, but in the same old way of victim consciousness. That seems to give this state of poor poor pitiful (Pity Full) me… and they are going through the same thing(s) again and again without different results.

In my experience (for me) I had to learn to change my perceptions of that which I clear and seeing it for the best, and also from a higher perspective so I can understand WHY I had that experience… The question IS, can you give that not so fun experience you are wishing to clear, your gratitude? Can you see what you learned from it? Can you give that person who gave you conflict your unconditional LOVE, even though you didn’t like that experience? Can you see the clearing (REAL CLEARING) from that higher state of being, from the highest vibration you can hold rather than hanging on to that traumatic experience and constantly reliving that because you have not changed your perceptions about what occurred?

There is a huge difference between actual and true clearing and torturing one’s self in that state of reliving that which they experienced…

We EACH create that which we experience. How we view that experience will create our present experience… Be careful as to how you choose!

Clearing or Re-Living the experience…. There is a fine line there we each MUST MASTER in our Ascension process!