Oversoul Teachings via Wes Annac – Explore Yourselves, Your Divine Abilities – 10-23-14

wes-annac-300x229Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

If you can stay constantly open and receptive to spirit, you’ll have little difficulty enjoying yourselves and your existence on the otherwise dense and difficult earth.

We note that many of you strive to find a higher vibration throughout your daily existence, and in the same vein, you struggle to cease feeding the seemingly endless wants and desires of the ego, which will trap you in states of neediness and dissatisfaction if you let it.

If you want to cease feeding the ego, you can keep in mind that it doesn’t intend to help you find a higher vibration. The ego craves stimulation and little else, but it can be opened and used the way it’s intended to be used – as a receptor for the energies and expressions of the open heart.

We wholeheartedly encourage you to loosen any pressure you may put on yourselves to re-find the higher realms. In putting pressure on yourselves, you actually keep yourselves from finding any real or pure higher vibration, and from our perspective, it’s imperative to release any and all pressure and allow yourselves to simply flow.

As easy as it is to follow the ego and the endless stress and pressure it’d have you feed, you have the opportunity to enjoy your existence in pure and unprecedented ways and we recommend you utilize it. As our scribe’s been learning, you’ve come to earth with a banquet of inner spiritual energy that can be used for a wealth of purposes.

How Will You Use Your Light?

You can use your energy for physical tasks or labors that get things done but don’t quite help you find a higher vibration; you can use it to explore your consciousness and discover even purer energies and perceptions; you can use it for spiritual work that either depletes it or expands it (either way, you’ll help others tremendously by taking this route); there are various things you can do with your inner light, and we certainly don’t recommend you extinguish it by feeding the ego.

You can if you let yourselves, but with the potential you now have to find exactly what you seek by embracing the higher realms and everything that comes with them, we think you’ll be able to recognize which qualities you’re better off feeding.

If you can open up to the pure and omnipotent love you have the opportunity to feel and radiate to everyone around you who’s been lost in the darkness of the lower dimensions for millennia, enjoying your existence will be a breeze because you’ll go about your days with a pure and refined link to the higher realms that you’ll enjoy to say the least.

You’ll be on a constant cloud throughout your daily existence, because the pure, refreshing and revitalizing spiritual energy you each seek will be continuously refilled. This can only happen if you allow it to, and staying open to the energy and influence of spirit will always help you in your times of trouble or difficulty.

When you live for the ego, you live for finiteness and your perception of your latent spiritual energy is as limited as you let yourselves become. When you live for love, spirit and the higher qualities that are leading you back home, however, you open up and become a limitless receiver of the energy and inspiration spirit constantly provides.

Our scribe has chosen to communicate primarily with me, his oversoul, as well as a few of his spiritual guides who happily and lovingly offer everything they can to help him and various others find the light and eventually ascend, but when you open up to spirit, you’re limitless in what you can do and who you can communicate with.

You open up to your infinite potential to communicate with various higher-dimensional souls or perform a wealth of other, greater tasks that’ll help you and everyone else on your evolving planet embrace the light, and you can only truly excel when the ego’s influence is completely diminished.

When the ego’s used the way it’s intended to be used, everything becomes easier – including your receptivity to a higher vibration. You’ll find and express the divine flow so many of you seek with a greater degree of ease, and the universe will open up for you to happily and willingly explore.

We implore you, with love in our one heart and appreciation for everything you’ve been able to do so far, to go deeper. Explore more; discover more; feel more; know more; do more. Let yourselves see that you’re only as limited as you’re willing to believe, and embrace your infinity with more love and enthusiasm than you have so far.

We encourage all of you to diminish any pressure you put on yourselves and simply enjoy your existence like you’ve always been intended to.

Enjoy your exploration of the higher vibration descending onto your minds and hearts instead of denying it in favor of materiality, and don’t directly deny or resist materiality or anything else that constitutes the old world if it’s in your sphere of perception.

Embracing Spirit

You can feed materiality all day long if you want, but if you do, you’ll be naturally blocked from the greater spiritual connection you possess because you’ll have fed your energy into your physical world (or rather, the more finite aspects of your physical world).

Again, where you put your focus and direct your energy is very important, and embracing materiality to the extent that you constantly feed it will take you away from the greater etheric perception you can access.

Needless to say, in the end, you’ll be more than happy you put your focus more on spirit than the aspects of your limited physical reality that’d continue to hold you back if you let them, because you’ll have discovered paradise from right on earth.

You can discover this paradise now, and all that’s required is for you to continuously travel as deep into your consciousness as you can and, at times, turn away from materiality or anything else that’d halt your greater spiritual exploration.

Again we say: go deeper than you’ve let yourselves so far.

Really explore yourselves and your divine abilities, and don’t let your growing etheric perception wane in favor of anything that you know holds you back. With the potential you now have to anchor a higher vibration onto yourselves and your planet, you have little reason to feed the wants, pains, fears, or stresses of the finite physical self.

We’ll make our final expressions for this communication with as much love and compassion as we can muster up for those of you who tend to feel like you’re lost in the limitation the lower vibrations provide.

You’re only as lost as you let yourselves be, and instead of feeling separate from the higher realms, you can see that you’re closer with them than ever. All you have to do is realize this, and everything you seek will flow easily, as if by magic.

Seeing that you’re far less limited than you’ve let yourselves think will inspire many of you to step up to the plate and anchor the higher realms onto the surface of your once lost planet, and the entirety of the Company of Heaven will continue to be with you and help you whenever and wherever we can.

Our assistance has to be requested to be given, and as long as you’re willing to make a request in your evolving minds and hearts, you’ll find a plethora of guides and angels at your service who’ll help you through any and every obstacle you face.

We can only do so much given that we’re on a different vibration than you, but our service can sometimes be purer and more direct than you’d think or expect. Continue to be open to us and to spirit in general, and you’ll never hunger for a higher vibration again.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

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Oversoul Teachings via Wes Annac – Freewill and Soul Contracts – Two Contradictory Concepts – 10-21-14

Credit: Scientopia.org

Oversoul Teachings Q&As: Freewill and Soul Contracts – Two Contradictory Concepts, Channeled through Wes Annac, October 20, 2014 – http://tinyurl.com/mhjsscs

If you ever deviate from your life plan in favor of materiality or make choices that aren’t in the best interest of your growing perception of spirit, it helps to remember that you’re doing your best.

You exist on a planet where humans have been taught to believe material things and the luster that comes with them grant eternal happiness, but in reality, this happiness is only temporary and the materiality that drives it will away seek satisfaction; feeding; stimulation.

If you catch yourselves in the trap of materiality, you’ll find that you always strive to enjoy the next new or big thing; the next shiny or glossy thing; the next thing that temporarily takes your attention away from your growing spiritual perception and puts it on your external reality.

Needless to say, this doesn’t fill you with much love or wholeness.

With love in our one heart and compassion for how easy it can be to lose yourselves in materialistic traps, we recommend you put your focus fully on spirit and what you can do to achieve a higher vibration every day and in every moment.

You’re Spiritual Beings

Don’t hold yourselves back any longer, and instead, allow yourselves to soar with the understanding that you’re spiritual beings having a human experience.

Like plenty of others have said, you aren’t simple human beings who’ve suddenly awakened to spirit – you are and have always been spiritual beings. You were spiritual beings before you made your way to the earth, and you’ll be spiritual beings far after you leave your little blue world, which’ll happen after you’ve helped her and all on her surface achieve planetary evolution.

Again, we recommend keeping in mind that you’re all doing your best with the currently limited perception you possess on the earth, but if you ever feel like you’re deviating too far away from your life path or denying your intuition to the extent that your spiritual perception’s distorted, we wholeheartedly recommend breaking the spell and doing everything you can to live for love and spirit – two qualities that are desperately missing from the minds and hearts of humanity.

You have far more potential than you realize, and you can achieve a wealth of spiritual phenomena right from the surface of the earth if you allow yourselves. Should you decide to, you can bridge the gap between the earthly and the spiritual; the unreal and the real, and all you have to do is believe in yourselves and your divinely ordained abilities.

Detaching from materiality and everything that feeds it is one of the best things you can do, and in doing this, you’ll break the spell that’s entranced millions of people on your planet who don’t understand or believe that something very real and pure exists beyond the external, material things you’ve been taught to believe provide the happiness you seek.

They don’t, and instead, they provide a temporary materialistic ‘high’ that has to be continuously satisfied to be enjoyed. With each time you satisfy a materialistic urge, your consciousness and your sense of spirituality deplete a little bit.

The souls on your planet who are entrenched in materiality to the point that they can’t seem to find their way out have zapped their spirituality and their greater perception for the most part, but if they were to detach from their material goals and pursuits and perform a wealth of diligent and focused (yet detached) inner work, their spirituality would naturally return to them.

You’re meant to enjoy the greater perception that comes with embracing spirit instead of the temporary and limited ‘high’ that comes with embracing materiality, and with all of this said, we’ll answer the question we’ve been given today.

Question: Freewill or Soul Contacts?

“On different channellings I often hear that we all have free will but on the other side they also say we all have an agreed life plan before reincarnation. I feel contradiction here. Can your higher self explain how they are related?”

Both aspects of our reader’s question are correct. You have indeed been given universal and inalienable freewill, and you’ve also come to earth with a pre-planned life contract that your higher selves and guides help you stick to while you’re there. How is this not a contradictory statement, you ask? We’ll be happy to provide our perspective.

From our vantage point, you’re the ones who plan and stick to your life paths. Even though you’re given assistance from your higher selves, your guides and the rest of the Company of Heaven, you plan out your lives and the things you’ll do and experience while you’re on earth – nobody else.

If you begin to deviate from your life path, there’s no grand oversoul or leader who attempts to put you back on it. Your higher selves and guides don’t take commands from some supreme spiritual authority who makes sure you stick to your life path, and instead, you’re the ones your higher selves and guides listen to.

If you stray from your life plan and your guides attempt to help you get back on track, it’s because they’re following orders that originate in your subconscious.

You’re the ones who plan the things you’ll do and experience on earth, and when you stray from your paths, certain aspects of your subconscious will lovingly request your higher selves and guides do what they can to keep you on your path without invading or interrupting your divinely ordained freewill.

Your guides are quite limited in the things they can do to keep you on your path, and this is because of your freewill.

They can send you signs here and there and make suggestions about the things you can do to remain on your path, whether you’re aware of these suggestions or not, but they can’t and won’t ever force you to stick to your soul contract, which you created and planned.

Some souls stray very far away from their life paths, and this includes conscious seekers who intend to do and complete certain things in their lives but fall short of their goals or expectations. In some cases, a conscious seeker will subconsciously ask their higher self and guides to do even more than they’re permitted to keep them on their life paths.

This request is usually humbly denied, because if the conscious public has learned anything by this point, it’s that no higher-dimensional entity would violate your freewill for any reason. Your freewill is as honored as the life plan you’ve each come to earth with, and your individual freewill is the only thing that can keep you from fulfilling your plan.

You’ve given a wealth of assistance from various facets of the Company of Heaven with staying on the path you’ve planned for yourselves, but at the end of the day, your willingness to do the things your intuition recommends determines the evolutionary progress you make.

One of the things we’ll recommend for those of you who want to remain on your path with no hindrance is to listen to your intuition in every moment.

We’d say that your intuition is a little voice in your head, but this isn’t an accurate way to describe it. It’s more of a constant inner guide or companion that sends you impressions related to the choices that are and aren’t best for you to make in any given moment.

Your intuition is your link to your higher selves, your guides and the rest of the Company of Heaven, and if you listen to it, you’ll find that your lives become much easier and more free-flowing. This is because you’ll live in alignment with the divine, and when you do, a lot of the pains and difficulties that are bred from resisting your life plan, soul contract, etc. practically disappear.

When you can release any and all resistance, everything flows as if by magic.

If you’re willing to see that you’ve meticulously crafted a specific soul contract to adhere to, as opposed to another entity crafting it for you and attempting to make you stick with it, you’ll have much less difficulty understanding the concept of soul contracts and the importance of adhering to yours while you help the earth and its people ascend.

The deeper you venture into your own consciousness; into the pure and blissful vibrations of the Self, the clearer various important spiritual concepts will become and the easier it’ll be for you to get a perceptual grip on these concepts when you could otherwise know little about them.

With the intuitive link you now possess with your higher selves and guides, you’ll be practically infinite in terms of what you can do and be, and your choices will always be in alignment with your life path if you let them.

Freewill Transforms into Divine Will

Your freewill could never be abridged, on earth or in the higher realms, and like many of your famous spiritual teachers have told you, your freewill steadily yet surely transforms into divine will as you reach higher and purer states of consciousness.

You’ll seek to satisfy your egos less and the divine more, and your desire to live for spirit will be far purer and more potent than it’s ever been.

You’ll be very glad you made the decision to listen to your intuition and your higher selves and guides when you could’ve otherwise ignored them and satisfied the nearly endless demands of the ego, and your willingness to work hard to bring yourselves and those around you into the light will increase exponentially.

You have a lot of divinely inspired changes to make to your once broken planet, and with each step you take in the right direction, you help yourselves and everyone around you see that you don’t have to feed the materialistic condition your collective consciousness has been in for a long time.

You can break the spell by detaching from materiality and your physical reality as much as possible while making sure you don’t directly deny or resist them, because to resist anything is to create an energy that doesn’t help you progress into the higher spheres.

The energy of resistance will hold you back more than anything else, and you can experience materiality without directly feeding it; without expanding your ego to the point that you can’t control your own wants or desires. So many earthly souls have fallen into this trap, and it’d be very unfortunate to see the conscious community knowingly or unknowingly fall into it as well.

You’re given the freewill to fall into it if you really want to, of course, but most of you have designed your soul contracts to include the transcendence of materiality and anything else that keeps you from discovering and acting on the spiritual nature of your existence or the incredibly pure and blissful vibrations you now have the opportunity to feel and enjoy.

Your potential to use the good vibration you’re feeling within to create a wealth of important and needed changes is growing by the day, and if you can only realize how potent your abilities are becoming, we’re confident that you’ll each happily choose these abilities over the materiality you could otherwise easily feed.

We note that it seems much easier to feed materiality than spirit on your evolving planet, but if you make a diligent effort and remain committed to your mission, you’ll find that spirituality becomes much easier and far more fulfilling to access than the material things that can block your spiritual perception if you let them.

Because of the perspective we’re blessed to have, we recommend you fully shift your focus onto spirit instead of materiality, and when you do this, you can experience and even enjoy material things without letting them overpower you.

There’s nothing necessarily ‘wrong’ with enjoying a video game every now and then, for instance, but if you aren’t extremely careful, you’ll be easily trapped in the desire to feed or stimulate the ego, which video games and plenty of other things can cause.

A Thin Line

You have to be careful when it comes to experiencing materiality, because there’s a very, very thin line between experiencing it and feeding it.

Many seekers have unknowingly crossed this line and suddenly found themselves craving materiality over spirituality, and if this has happened to you, you can recognize that you’re swaying from your path and seek to mend any perceived errors.

Know that you’re infinitely loved by your creator, who simply wants you to experience and enjoy the lower vibrations until you’re ready to experience the higher again, and do everything you can to embrace spirit (if you’re ready to, of course) and follow the life paths you’ve planned for yourselves.

We’ll make our final expressions for this communication with the usual gratitude for everything you’ve collectively done so far. We know that many of you have a lot of trouble dealing with the pains and stresses of earthly existence, and we empathize with the fact that many of you are ready to see what the higher realms have to offer once and for all.

Many of you have been involved in the earth’s ascension for decades in your current life, and if you understood how long you’ve been involved in this important mission beyond your current life, you might be surprised. Some of you, however, might not be surprised to learn that you’ve spent literally hundreds of lives on the earth’s surface preparing for the time you’re currently in.

The more you utilize the blessed opportunity you’ve been given to uplift yourselves and everyone else who’s in need of the sacred upliftment your purer vibration will provide, the more you can get done in your current life and any others you may choose to experience – on earth or anywhere else.

Continue to be the light bearers and ascension assistors you’ve been for so long, and know that you’re being given all of the assistance you require with remaining firmly on the path that’s best for you. You’ve planned this path for yourselves, and we’ll continue to do everything we can to keep you on them so you can explore your true potential and get the fullest out of your evolving earth experience.

You’re eternally loved by every facet of consciousness in the higher realms, and with the extent to which many of you are knowingly receiving this love, we’re confident that you’ll be able to express and radiate it in a time of heightened consciousness and awareness on the part of all of humanity.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

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Oversoul Teachings via Wes Annac – Channeling Your Higher Self – Earning Money from Creativity – 10-11-14

Credit: Daveramsey.com

Oversoul Teaching Q&As: Channeling Your Higher Self and Earning Money from Creativity – Part 2/2, Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, October 10, 2014 – http://tinyurl.com/lgl8nr6

Concluded from Part 1

Question #2: Earning Money from Creativity

“I gave it all to make this music album, and I gave it away to the world for free, simply opening a space for donations. Since I believe a reality of freedom and abundance is possible, I refused to put it out there from a scarcity paradigm like ‘having to pay before listening’… But it seemed not to work… Or at least not yet.

“People aren’t even listening to it and if they do mostly all of them don’t seem to value it, or get it. Am I deceiving myself, not valuing my own work by giving it away openly for free? Or am I doing the right thing and this kind of exchange will succeed, eventually in the future?”

From our perspective, there isn’t necessarily anything ‘wrong’ with using your creativity to make a living.

It’d be different if you wanted to use any potential money you could make from your creativity for vain, materialistic or indulgent pursuits, but on your planet, everyone needs to survive by collecting the paper that humans have attached so much of their energy and expectation to.

In order to understand what we attempt to convey, you’ll have to see that in the higher realms, morality and polarity as you see them are different. We recognize, as many on your world have, that there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ as you experience and define it.

Polarity is an illusion that’s kept in place by an unaware humanity, and in the place of polarity and morality, we want you to understand that the consequences you experience for your actions are more important. If you do something you term ‘wrong’ or even ‘right’, stop and examine the consequences of it.

They’re more important than anything else, and more seekers are realizing this as they transcend their perception of ‘right and ‘wrong’ and simply live their lives, doing the things that resonate with them and letting others feel however they desire.

There’s nothing ‘wrong’ with making money from your creativity – again, as long as you choose not to be indulgent with the money you earn, and even if you do, it’d be your choice and the consequences would naturally be yours to reap.

The only potentially negative consequence you could experience by selling your creativity is that others could condemn you for it, but they’d also be lost in their perceptions of right and wrong. They too would eventually realize that consequences are far more important than your human labels and judgments.

Plenty of awakened souls on your planet are able to spiritually thrive from the connections they’ve made, and they’re also able to physically thrive by selling their creative works for others on your planet who resonate with such works to support them with.

If you’re truly genuine in your intent to help humanity, and we know that you are, the money you make from any sales of your creativity would be used in a just and honest manner.

It wouldn’t be used to provide you a lavish lifestyle that most people on your planet are unable to attain – it’d be used to pay your bills, keep food on the table, and provide your family with gifts on your various holidays. There’s nothing wrong with any of this, and we want you to know that your creativity’s valuable enough to be purchased.

We’d recommend offering free and paid options for your music or anything else you do, and as long as you offer some of your material without charging money, you could gain a dedicated fan base of people who are willing to support you because they recognize the value in your art.

All art is valuable, and even those who don’t charge money for their creativity are still worthy of the exact amount of ‘riches’ it could potentially earn them.

Most souls who choose not to charge for their work will experience a bounty of inner riches when their earthly experience is over, but those who do will still experience a similar degree of inner riches – again, as long as they’re genuine and honest in selling their work.

Money’s a very interesting thing to us, because some of the unawakened portions of your society see it as a god, whereas the awakened portions almost see it as a stigma; a taboo that shouldn’t be earned from creativity.

Plenty of souls have purposely kept themselves in poor or difficult situations by refusing to charge openly for their creativity – creativity they could make a decent living off of if they let themselves – and while we understand the moral reasons behind this, it doesn’t seem like the greatest choice from our perspective.

Charging for every bit of creative work one produces doesn’t seem like the greatest way to go either, and we’ll always encourage seekers who are required to earn a living to offer a wealth of free creative work with the option for those who really enjoy their work and want to support them to purchase specific work that’s set aside for the purpose of earning a living.

Money has Helped Good Souls Thrive

All of the conscious community will see in due time that making money from your creativity isn’t necessarily the boogeyman it’s been made out to be, and money might be the ‘root of all evil’ on your planet, but it’s also enabled the rise of a lot of good souls – souls with love in their hearts and knowledge in their minds who’ve vastly uplifted humanity.

Many of the souls we speak of wouldn’t have been able to uplift anyone if they hadn’t experienced the necessary financial abundance their creative work earned them, and their abundance – both inner and outer – enabled them to contribute to the raising of consciousness and awareness in inexplicably pure, potent and direct ways.

We encourage you, dear reader, to embrace the idea of earning a living from your creativity.

It’s a very liberating thing, and even if you gain some naysayers along the way, you can recognize that they’re simply stuck in their own narrow and predefined views of what’s right and wrong and refuse to let their cries of corruption keep you from doing what you’re on the earth to do.

Every soul’s on the earth to use their creativity and the innate spirituality you can all rediscover and access for positive and progressive purposes, and we’ll make our final expressions for this communication with encouragement not to let anything keep any of you from fulfilling your mission; your reason for being on the earth.

We wholeheartedly encourage you to do whatever it takes to uplift yourselves, those around you and the conscious community as a whole, even if this means profiting from your creativity in genuine and honest ways, because you’re all intended to contribute to the planetary restoration in whatever ways work best for you.

Many of you will have trouble doing this if you’re hung up on certain moral concepts that render you unwilling to get a leg up in your difficult world, and in due time, no soul will go without the inner or outer abundance that’ll enable each of you to start making a wealth of divinely inspired changes.

Change is on the horizon for your little planet, and as always, you’ll be the ones to create it by enabling and supporting each other. You’ll uplift each other into important positions of ability and influence, and the result will be that everyone’s awake, aware and willing to do their part in creating a new world that operates very difficult from your current.

You each have a lot of work to do, and some of your work revolves around supporting others and helping them through the difficulty that comes with existing on your planet.

Continue to be strong when you could otherwise fall into previous versions of yourselves, and always keep in mind that you have the love and support of a plethora of higher-dimensional souls who watch you experience the trials of the earth with as much compassion as we can muster up.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

Share this article freely, and check out The Culture of Awareness daily news site. The Culture of Awareness features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as articles I’ve written and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material that’s spiritually inspired and/or related to the fall of the planetary elite and our entrance into a positive future. While you’re surfing various spiritual websites, you can also check out Oversoul Teachings, which is a blog I created for the messages I channel from my higher self/spiritual guides.


Oversoul Teachings via Wes Annac – It’s Time to Cease Feeding the Ego – 10-13-14

Credit: Experience Zen

Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

However often we’ve said this in the past, we’ll reiterate that love truly is the way out of the lower vibrations.

When you’re stuck in lower, rigid patterns of thought and behavior, call on the love of your sacred self, who exists beyond any discernable dimension or plane of consciousness, and allow the omnipotence and infinity to naturally flow forth from within the deepest, most intimate depths of your being.

All of the hatred, lack and suffering experienced on a daily basis and on a massive scale can be eradicated with a simple, collective decision to root yourselves unflinchingly in your opening and expanding hearts.

All of the drama, strife, turmoil and conflict experienced throughout your planet could be eradicated and healed if every citizen of earth made a simple yet potent decision to shift into the heart space, and we note that those of you who’ve started to make this shift are noticing the incredible effects that result.

You’re finding and anchoring a greater sense of love and self-worth than many of you thought you’d be able to, and this is happening as you make the conscious decision live in love as much and as often as possible.

You’re Raising the Collective Vibration

When you do this, the good vibration you emit radiates out to the rest of humanity and vastly affects the minds and hearts of souls who might’ve had trouble opening up to spirit and enjoying the perceptual flow that results without your assistance.

If it weren’t for the potent awakenings taking place all across your little planet, your mainstream society wouldn’t be able to open up to spirit with the level of enthusiasm they will in due time.

You’re raising the collective vibration with every attempt you make to live not for the ego, but for Source and the higher facets of yourselves descending onto your minds and hearts, so we recommend with love and appreciation for everything you’ve done so far that you ‘step up your game’ so to speak and make it a point to anchor far more love and divinity than you’ve been able to so far.

We want to say what we’re about to say with as much compassion and understanding for the difficulty of the earthly experience as we can: It’s time to cease feeding the ego or living for the finite self.

It’s time to turn away from everything that feeds the lower aspects of your consciousness that clamor for your attention, and it’s time instead to turn toward the light and everything it offers.

We obviously don’t recommend you turn away from your perception of your ego, for to do so would be to deny it and if you’ve learned anything so far, it’s that denying or ignoring the ego doesn’t do you any good.

One of your famous spiritual teachers has told you that ‘what you resist ultimately conquers you’, and realizing this is essential to fostering a proper relationship with the ego – a relationship that doesn’t see you constantly feed its wants and demands, but use it the way it’s intended to be used.

From our perspective, the ego’s intended to be used as a conduit for the brimming and flowing expressions of the open and expanded heart, and the sooner you realize this, the sooner you can start using your egos in a way that allows for your nourishment and growth as a soul.

We want to make a call for the conscious public to cease feeding the ego and its clever disguises, because we note that you manifest a lot of misery and unhappiness when you feed it.

Instead of worrying about how you can be satisfied throughout your day; how you can find a sense of joy or happiness, turn to what you can do to help others navigate the difficult lower vibrations you’re all enmeshed in.

Even those who aren’t ‘spiritually aware’ as the conscious community defines it still swim in the same dense and difficult vibrations as you, and they deserve the love and compassion of souls who fully understand the difficulty of their existence – not souls who seek to satisfy their own egos for ultimately irrelevant or unnecessary reasons.

You’re intended to be conduits of love (and especially compassion) for those around you who are clearly having difficulty navigating your earthly experience, and however easy it could be to turn your back on them or think only of yourselves, this isn’t your purpose for being on the earth at this time.

Your purpose, as many of you are discovering, is simply to embody love.

Yes, many of you have taken on complex work-related roles that revolve around working as hard as you can to produce potent spiritually inspired material that’s intended to raise the collective vibration, but your works mean little if you can’t display the things you speak of throughout your daily existence.

Walking Your Talk

If you write or channel about love and light but quarrel with those around you or, again, seek to live only for the ego, the purity of the things you offer will be distorted and you’ll find it much more difficult to reach the spiritually inspired, heart-centered place so many of you enjoy reaching.

We’ll go as far as to say that living in love and expressing selflessness throughout your lives is far more important than producing spiritually inspired work.

You can channel communications from the Company of Heaven all day long, but if you’re unwilling to take our advice once the channeling session’s over, the purity of our otherwise genuine communications will be distorted and nobody will benefit.

If you can communicate with us or produce similar spiritually inspired work and then live the example you intend to display for the rest of the conscious community, the collective vibration will be massively uplifted and you’ll find it much easier to reach the pure and potent inner space that helps each of you thrive.

The love you now have the potential to feel can only be as strong as you allow it to be, and if you continue to feed the ego or live below your potential in regards to helping others, you’ll continue to manifest exactly what you’ve created for yourselves and ultimately, you’ll be unhappy.

With the extent to which love and awareness are growing in the minds and hearts of all of humanity, however, we’re confident that each of you will see the importance of walking your talk and truly becoming conduits for the divine instead of simply offering yourselves as conduits on a shallow level.

All of humanity will soon recognize the importance of aligning with the divine and ceasing to feed the destructive qualities that have kept you in states of unconsciousness and unawareness for millennia, and we’ll make our final expressions for this communication with gratitude for the difficult roles you each took on in order to experience the earth and help its people evolve.

We’re ready for the conscious community to turn it up a notch in regards to the amount of love and selflessness you’re able to express, but we still recognize the enormous difficulty of the mission you’re on and we seek to do everything we can to alleviate the pain you could easily feel every day.

We’re here to help you through the seemingly endless trials you willingly embraced before you made your way to the earth, because however confident you were of yourselves and your ability to anchor the light from an extremely dark place, we note that the challenges can sometimes overtake you and we feel nothing but compassion and understanding for your plight.

Keep in mind that everything you’re doing is for a greater purpose, and keep yourselves as busy as you can – whether you’re busy producing potent spiritual work or expressing the love and divinity you’re meant to express to those around you who’ll benefit from it more than you realize.

All of humanity’s awakening thanks to the diligent actions of the conscious community and various other souls who don’t consider themselves a direct part of your community, so keep going – no matter how difficult or stressful your existence seems to get.

You’re on the earth for a much greater purpose than you can consciously see, so keep this in mind when the difficulty seems to pile up and you don’t feel like you can find any sort of real or pure higher vibration. You certainly can, and it all comes down to how willing you are to live for love and cease feeding the fading ego.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

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Oversoul Teachings via Wes Annac – Your Love is More Potent than Your Beliefs – 10-3-14






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Channeled through Wes Annac

October 3, 2014

Allow your opening and expanding hearts to guide you in every endeavor, and you’ll have little difficulty feeling the wholeness so many of you desire to feel.

With the immense and miraculous things you have the potential to do in this time of heightened consciousness and awareness, the best thing we can recommend is to seek your sacred heart space and enjoy the flowing perceptual gifts that result.

Your heart space is more important than we can express, and finding a real and potent connection with it will help you feel the divine wonders that seem missing from the perception of many of you.

Even the conscious community has a ways to go before they can fully and purely embody the love you’re meant to embody and share with the rest of humanity, but you’ve made a lot of potent progress already and we couldn’t be happier to see this.

Continue to be Receptive

We’re doing everything we can from our positions to help you find and feel a greater level of love than you’ve been able to so far, and as long as you continue to be receptive to the energies and impressions of your respective higher selves and guides, the connection you can make with us will increase in purity.

You’ll soon find that you’re able to connect very easily and produce a wealth of flowing communications that can benefit you and those around you who are also ready to re-find the light.

The work the conscious community’s doing is very important, because your diligent efforts are raising the planetary vibration and making it easier for waves of souls who were previously lost in darkness and unawareness to find the light and embrace the spiritual aspects of your existence, which have been unknown for a very long amount of your concept of time.

Many revelations regarding the purely spiritual nature of your existence have been suppressed to benefit those in power who strive to keep you unaware of just what you’re capable of, but now, the conscious community’s stepping up and using their spiritual awareness for positive and progressive purposes, creating and strengthening a revolution of love that’s affecting the minds and hearts of every individual – even if they don’t realize it.

You’re reaching out and affecting everyone around you, and in most cases, the souls you’re reaching are more than ready to re-find the light and see what a spiritually abundant lifestyle has to offer.

More souls subconsciously desire to awaken now than ever before, and for this and plenty of other reasons, we wholeheartedly encourage you to continue your valiant missions – even when you don’t feel like you can do anything helpful or significant.

Every moment of your lives is a moment to do something positive, and you can constantly assist in the restoration of consciousness if you make a true and solid effort. This’ll require living in love as much and as often as possible, and however difficult it might seem, you’re more than capable – you simply have to realize you are and flow from there.

If you’re committed to doing anything, you can and will do it. Humans have shown that you can take commitment very far, and in the case of the conscious community, you can all be committed to constantly living in love and being a conduit for this love for everyone around you to draw off of.

You can constantly express an overflowing bounty of love to the people around you, but we note that giving in to the constant wants and demands of the ego tends to be a lot easier and more preferable.

Instead of listening to the ego’s incessant demands, we implore you to see just what the open and brimming heart space can offer you and those around you.

With love by your side, you’re completely infinite in terms of what you can do and be, and if you constantly keep in mind that love is with you and could never be apart or distant from you, living for the divine will be a breeze.

It’ll be easier than you might think or expect, because you’ll be more motivated than ever to live for the love you’re discovering in increasingly pure measures. The more you live for it, the more you’ll naturally be able to feel it, so we ask you with love in our one heart to embrace it with every ounce of yourselves and refuse to sway in favor of the ego’s tricks and distractions.

The fading ego will do everything in its power to get you to continuously feed it and its wants and desires, but you’re on the earth for a far greater purpose.

Choose Love Over Ego

You aren’t on the earth to endlessly feed the ego or any other, lower facet of your consciousness that doesn’t need ignored but needs loving nurturance and healing; you’re here give those parts of yourselves this love and healing as you also give it to the people around you who, in many cases, are desperately in need of it.

You don’t need to ignore or deny your egos, and instead, you can give them all of the loving nurturance they require while going out of your way not to feed them or the lower desires they seek to express and feed through you.

There’s a big difference between giving the ego the nurturance it requires and outright feeding it, and we’re confident that those of you who are ready to make a real and pure change to your lifestyles will see just how harmful and destructive continuously feeding it can be.

We ask you, with appreciation for how difficult refraining from feeding the ego is, to shift your focus away from your perception of your physical self and onto the love you can now access and the things you can do with this love to make your lives – as well as the lives of those around you and the rest of the planet – easier, more free-flowing, more progressive and more enjoyable.

Instead of consistently worrying about yourselves and how your wants and desires can be satisfied, shift this focus to the world around you and the people in your immediate vicinity. Ask yourselves every day what you can do to make the lives of those around you easier.

Ask what you can do to make the lives of complete strangers easier if you feel inspired to, because from our perspective, this is among the best ways to create change – on your planet or any others.

Yes, a lot of bold and undeniable changes need made to your planet, such as the dethroning of your self-serving governments and the redistribution of financial abundance back into the hands of the people, who truly deserve it, but the biggest changes that need made revolve around how you treat each other.

How humanity acts toward one another is the biggest and most concerning item on our agenda, and even if all of the miraculous changes you’ve heard about manifested tomorrow, your collective vibration would still be in the same place.

Little will change until all of humanity can make the inner changes that are required to bring your planet and society into the light.

While we understand and empathize with the fact that many of you have been waiting for disclosure, financial abundance and various other things that you feel will make your lives better and enable you to create the direct changes that need made, we implore you to bring your focus inward and see what you can do to live for love and help the rest of the world do the same.

As we have so much in the past, we’ll continue to reiterate that inner change is far more important than outer, and the inner changes you each choose to make will eventually facilitate the outer changes you’ve wanted to see, as long as you can remain committed to them.

It’d be much easier to witness disclosure or financial restructuring than it would to seriously and discerningly take a look at yourselves, your tendencies and habit patterns and see what needs changed, but this is truly the best way to create change.

Living in love and simplicity and sharing the love you can now feel with everyone around you who’s in need of nurturance is the best way you can create change, and finding little positive and helpful things to do for others each day will accelerate your ascension timetable and purify the collective consciousness more than almost anything else.

The forces who are working behind the scenes to bring about the changes you’ve waited to see require you to live in love and find inner, heart-centered abundance before you can enjoy any outer abundance that could potentially result, and we’re confident that those of you who recognize that inner changes need made will continue to diligently pursue your ascension paths with the understanding that the things you do right now determine the future you’ll create.

The Future is Now

In truth, there is no ‘future’ as you see it, for everything exists in this infinite moment of now.

The things you choose to do in this moment affect the ‘now’ you’ll experience in what you term your future, and no matter what you do or how you live, you’re creating the next ‘now’ moments you’ll experience, however far down the line they may be.

When you choose to live for love and harmony, you manifest those higher qualities in the collective consciousness and everyone benefits. When you choose to live for the ego or express the negative and self-serving qualities it’d have you feed, you manifest these qualities and keep your planet and society from collectively entering the light.

You have a wealth of divinely inspired changes to make to the broken manner in which your planet continues to function, but before you can make them, you must first look very deep within and fix whatever is defunct or broken about yourselves.

Even the most ‘lighted’ and receptive seekers still have inner issues to deal with, and there are almost no conscious souls on your planet who’ve completed all of their life path work.

Some have, and they’ve ascended and come back again as enlightened souls to lead the way for the rest of humanity, but for the most part, every conscious seeker still has unresolved vasanas and similar things to deal with that we wholeheartedly recommend you take a look at.

You can only change the things about your planet that you’re willing to change about yourselves, and when you’ve completed the greatest of your inner work, you’ll find an abundance of heart-centered love energy flowing your way that, again, you’ll be able to use to make the lives of those around you better.

Before we make our final expressions for this communication, we want to encourage those of you who have a tightly knit group of people around you to focus on how you can help them find a greater level of love and wholeness throughout the day.

We know many of you are fond of attempting to awaken others to the beliefs you cherish and hold closely, but this isn’t what we refer to when we say this.

We don’t necessarily want to encourage you to attempt to awaken those around you to the beliefs you carry close to your hearts, but instead, you can help them find the love those beliefs led you to access.

Instead of trying to awaken someone to the existence of your benevolent galactic family and their advanced, organically etheric technology, for example, you can do a nice deed or two to help their days go by a little easier.

You can express pure, unconditional love to them instead of trying to make them aware of ascension, because the love you have the potential to feel and express is far more potent than any beliefs that have led you to it.

The infinite, omnipotent love you can radiate to everyone around you will raise your vibration and the vibration of the people in your lives more than attempting to awaken them to certain beliefs or concepts, and we’ll make our final expressions for this communication with appreciation for the amount and purity of love you’ve been able to radiate so far.

Your abilities as lightworkers and gatekeepers are purer than you yet understand, and we’re confident that you’ll realize their purity in due time as you continue to raise your individual and collective vibration. Your work has just begun, and you can increase it whenever you feel particularly inspired.

Continue to be the brimming conduits for Source you’re starting to become, and always keep in mind that you have the love, support and assistance of waves of higher-dimensional souls who watch you experience the difficult trials of the earth with immense, undying gratitude for the personal sacrifices you’ve made to be there.

We love you all more than we can express, and we know you’ll feel this love as you continue to become aware of it.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

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The Culture of Awareness features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as articles I’ve written and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material that’s spiritually inspired and/or related to the fall of the planetary elite and our entrance into a positive future.

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Oversoul Teachings via Wes Annac – Oak Island Secrets – Unity of Mankind – 9-9-14

Oak Island. Credit: Listingsca.com

Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

We’ve mentioned before that your history is nothing like you’ve been led to believe, and it goes without saying that humanity has a lot to learn before you can understand your history in a real and undistorted way.

The current version of history you’ve been taught is quite distorted compared to the things that have really happened to various civilizations throughout the ages, and for the most part, you don’t know about all of the different advanced civilizations who’s existed on your surface and preserved (yet hidden) the truths of their spirituality and their general advancement.

On every continent, a lot of revelations remain to be discovered underground.

Advanced, Connected Societies

It’ll eventually be discovered that at more than one time, various advanced societies who existed on other sides of your world were connected, and it’ll especially be surprising to learn that free energy has powered more than one ancient society.

Crystals were once widely used, along with free energy, to provide any given necessity beyond food. Every home was powered by free and crystal energy, and needless to say, nobody had to pay for utilities that Gaia readily provided to everyone.

In some societies, however, the egos of the leaders caused a lot of chaos.

The leaders of various ancient, advanced civilizations were focused on making sure their societies’ secrets were unattainable to people in later generations, and a lot of protective measures were taken to guard their secrets and the treasures that come with them.

Humanity has a lot to learn, and for the collectively enforced illusion to be pierced, those of you who are awake and aware of the things that need to be learned will need to use your knowledge to bring others into the light by providing them with a new perspective on various topics and situations.

You’re encouraged to use your knowledge to help the rest of humanity become aware, and you can do anything as long as you’re motivated enough. You have the ability to awaken all of humanity to the startling truths and revelations that have been hidden, but you have to become aware of them yourselves before you can spread the word.

With this said, we’ll answer our first question.

Question #1: What’s Underneath Oak Island?

“Can you ask about Oak Island off of Nova Scotia?

“What is the purpose of the underground shafts that lead up to the surface of the island and to the edges underwater? Is there something significant to be found there? Or is it from the Atlantean time when they dug massive shafts and used the heat from Gaia to power their society? Or is it possibly a sealed off shaft leading to Agartha?”

This question is the reason we gave the introduction we did, and we’ll be happy to provide our perspective on what lays underneath Oak Island.

As we said, various ancient and advanced civilizations have existed throughout your history, and many of them chose to preserve their secrets by hiding them – sometimes in plain sight and sometimes in places that are very difficult to get to.

This is the case with the society that once existed at what’s now Oak Island.

An advanced society once existed there who, at the beginning, honored themselves and their creator. This society wasn’t part of Atlantis – it was built a few centuries after the Atlanteans, and its people were introduced to the Law of One and similar enlightening concepts that many of them took to their graves.

As your history becomes clearer, you’ll find that a lot of ancient, advanced civilizations seemed to thrive before experiencing some kind of downfall, either gradual or rapid, and this is what the civilization at Oak Island experienced.

They started out as positive, loving and mindful of the spiritual laws, and like many other ancient civilizations, their leaders soon began to distort the teachings they were given and preserve the sacred truths for themselves.

The leaders who did this were a part of what you term the ‘Illuminati’ today, but the group didn’t have that name at this time. They acted under a different name but still had very similar agendas, and one of those agendas was to hide the truths from the future generations who’d visit Oak Island.

We should mention that Oak Island itself wasn’t this civilization’s home – it was far too big for this area alone. However, the land the island now sits on was important to this society for many reasons, and near its end, the leaders used this area to hide a lot of the texts they suppressed.

Very advanced engineering was used to hide certain important, sacred tablets, such as the one that was discovered just shy of a hundred feet in the first shaft.

Practically Unreachable

There are plenty more sacred texts buried much, much deeper in these shafts, and it’d take a superhuman level of work and ability to dig deep enough and surpass all of the traps that were set to find them. They’re practically unreachable, and they were intended to be.

The leaders had their people set various traps that were intended to halt progress when anyone attempted to dig deeper and find what lays underground, and while small bits of coins and such that are considered very valuable can be found, the real treasure lies in the uninterpretable texts that lay deep, deep underground.

We’d say these texts will be uprooted when the time comes for humanity to learn the truth, but they can remain underneath your ground because they’re copied into the Akashic Records and can (and will) be available for humanity to interpret and learn from.

It’s basically a fruitless endeavor to attempt to look for these texts or the currency that lays with them, but we applaud the incentive so many people have shown throughout your history to reach them. The contents of Oak Island will remain a mystery for the time being, but in due time, a wealth of revelations will come pouring into your mainstream media at a rapid speed.

One of these truths will be that an advanced society once existed near Oak Island (who utilized its resources), and this society knew a lot of revolutionary things that, if your society knew, would help you progress and thrive.

Oak Island isn’t by far the only place to have once been utilized by an advanced society, and almost every piece of land on your planet was once under the feet advanced peoples.

Your social progress hasn’t been as slow and steady as you’ve been led to believe, and in fact, various ancient, advanced civilizations have existed in various places on your planet – again, many of whom actively communicated with each other despite the fact that there were no ‘phones’ as you perceive them.

Their methods of communication were much more direct, and humanity will enjoy this direct communication in due time as a wealth of revolutionary technologies are disclosed and declassified for public use.

The place our scribe lives in also contains buried secrets that the people in power don’t want humanity to know, and a little bit of digging in various parts of the United States will not only uncover arrowheads and a wealth of other interesting Native American remnants – digging deep enough will unearth some secrets that humanity deserves to know.

This is all we’ll say on this subject for now, and we’ll move on to our next question with appreciation for our reader’s hunger for truth regarding Oak Island.

Continued in Part 2 tomorrow.



Oversoul Teachings via Wes Annac – Manifesting Abundance – Finding Your Passion, Part 1/2 – 9-5-14

Credit: Tommiezito.com

Oversoul Teachings Q&As: “Manifesting Abundance and Finding Your Passion – Part 1/2″ Channeled through Wes Annac, September 4, 2014 – http://tinyurl.com/km8rhby

Love and harmony will have to overflow from the minds and hearts of every seeker who wants to see them established on your planet, and it’s important to live harmoniously if you want to see the changes that’ll result from a society that’s willing to come together.

You can’t expect anything about the manner in which your planet currently functions to change if you aren’t willing to do the inner and outer work that’s required to bring yourselves and your planet into the light, and we encourage every seeker who’s ready for immense planetary changes to keep this in mind.

We fully understand and empathize with the fact that a lot of widespread havoc and destruction continue to be fed on your world, but we encourage you to keep in mind that everything playing out on the world stage is happening for a very necessary and important reason.

Everything that happens – whether it seems relevant or not – plays a big role in the manifestation of your heavenly future, and you’re encouraged to remember this when things seem too random or chaotic to make any sense.

Change Your Planet by Changing Yourselves

Even the darkest and most destructive things that are happening are ultimately necessary, and anyone who loses their life as a result of the massive conflicts playing out across your planet has subconsciously chosen to go early and, in some cases, raise awareness (from the other side of the veil) of the necessity to cease division and the warfare that results.

One of the ultimate conclusions you’re heading to is the complete ceasing of war and every other divisive act that keeps you collectively chained to the lower realms. The cabal has manifested a lot of negativity and cruelty in an effort to feed the lower astral forces who guide and advise them, and you can put an end to all of the negativity and hatred by refusing to let it into your perception.

You can change your planet by changing yourselves, and if you’re peaceful and balanced within, your world will eventually reflect this.

Of course, it takes more than one or two conscious seekers to make the inner changes that are required to bring your planet into the light, and everyone (or at least a significant portion of your population) will need to make these changes.

A lot needs done, but any significant changes will only be temporary if humanity isn’t awake and aware of the necessity to cease feeding your old, divisive ways in favor of a new worldwide standard that embraces love and respect for every conscious godspark.

You’re all sparks of Source’s omnipotent consciousness, and realizing this will help you make the inner changes so many of you are ready to make.

With this said, we’ll be happy to answer the first set of questions we’ve been provided.

Question #1: Big Money?

“I have heard big money is coming my way during August 2014. Is true or false? “2. Then this NESARA thing of St Germaine. When will it reach South Africa?”

Our reader isn’t alone in wondering when the planetary abundance you’ve heard so much about will manifest, and plenty of seekers are focused on gaining the abundance that’s necessary to physically and spiritually thrive.

Of course, financial abundance isn’t necessary to spiritually thrive, but outer abundance can and will help many seekers gain new ground; find the means to contribute to your planet’s restoration.

On your planet, financial abundance equals an almost uninhibited ability to do whatever one wants, and a conscious and responsible lightworker can use financial abundance to help the planet become aware of spirit and the necessity to live in peace in a much more uninhibited way than if they were limited by financial constraints.

Financial abundance will be necessary for many conscious souls who strive to contribute to your planet’s restoration without fear of negative financial consequences, but we say with love in our one heart that beyond this, having money isn’t inherently necessary.

Yes, it’s necessary to physically survive, and we certainly understand why so many conscious souls are focused on it, but our intention is to encourage you to take your focus off of money or any other physical enabler of your ability to survive and help the planet.

Or rather, we’ll recommend taking your focus off of gaining or having money and act as if you already have that which you seek. If financial abundance is what you desire, we first recommend you ask yourself why you want it. Do you wish for financial abundance simply so you can survive, or do you want to use it to help others?

Do you want to live a lavish lifestyle while others continue to go without, or do you want to use your funds to help the rest of humanity prosper? Every soul deserves to enjoy their existence instead of endlessly worrying about financial, survival-based needs, but abundance will mean little if it isn’t used for the right purposes.

We don’t desire to predict when any certain financial program will render the results they intend to, but we do encourage our reader and every other seeker who wants financial abundance to ask Source to provide it and visualize it manifesting before them.

Whether it manifests as a result of any given abundance program or another twist of fate that’ll help the seekers who experience it, visualizing it will help our reader and everyone else find what they seek.

Visualizing Abundance

We’ll offer our reader and anyone else who may be interested a simple visualization for financial abundance, and you’ll find that this visualization also incorporates and embraces spiritual abundance.

We recommend our reader visualize his etheric body as a simple drawing or outline of energy.

This transparent energy can take the form of a human body, but it doesn’t have to. For this exercise, we’ll ask our reader to visualize the energy of money and abundance as a bright green, glowing energy that slowly yet surely fills the space in and around his etheric body.

We recommend he visualize his etheric body filling up with this green, abundant energy, and he can hold the visualization for a few moments once his etheric body is filled to the brim. Practicing this visualization once will do some good, but for its effects to really be noticed, we recommend our reader practice it once or twice a day.

If our reader or anyone else is serious about experiencing the financial abundance that’ll help them thrive as they awaken the rest of your planet, practicing simple visualization techniques once or twice a day shouldn’t be too much work.

In fact, our reader might find that even more can be done with visualization to manifest what he seeks, and he’ll be very glad he made the simple effort to visualize abundance coming his way. While he’s at it, we recommend he envision your planet being filled with the same, abundant energy, because all of humanity could use financial abundance.

Again, we and plenty of other channeled sources no longer want to give dates and timeframes for the manifestation of certain bold events, such as an economic restructuring that could cause abundance to flow down to the most depleted social classes, but these things will be very necessary for your advancement into the light.

Prosperity and abundance will be very important aspects of your future, and the widespread poverty that keeps so many souls bound to a lacking state of consciousness will have to be replaced with collective abundance. Everyone will need to be a part of the construction of your new earth, and for this to happen, everyone will need to be in a decent financial position to contribute.

As your planetary reconstruction picks up pace, you’ll find that money and similar things are no longer needed because prosperity will be shared outright and no soul will have to worry about going without the basic essentials they need to survive.

We hope for our reader’s visualization to render him the success he seeks, and if any seeker wants to do or gain something monumentally significant, some work will always need to be put in.

In our reader’s case, this work is visualization-based in nature, but others will find that similar things are asked of them if they want to contribute to your new society or simply get a leg up in your difficult and hectic world.

Concluded in Part 2 tomorrow.