Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn – – Sacred Banff, The Michael Vortex

Archangel Metatron

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

Sacred Banff & The Michael Vortex
Lord Michael & The Lady of the Lakes


Greetings Masters, I am Metatron, Angelic of Light. I am joined by Tyberonn of Crystalline Service and we greet you in a vector of unconditional love.

And so we return to speak of the exquisite vibrational frequency & stunning visual grandeur of the Michael Vortexial Portal in Banff. Now, there are many unique and unrecognized aspects to the areas of Banff and Yoho National Parks in the truly spectacular mountains, rivers, valleys & waters of this unique columnar of western Canada. Because of its gravitational anomalies, tectonics, electromagnetic balance, mineralogy and latitudinal- longitudinal placement there are rare benevolent plasmic fields that allow for a more tangible interface with the divine realms.

The sacred Lakes you know as Lake Louise, Lake Moraine, Emerald Lake, and Lake O’Hara are conscious living entities. But this goes far beyond the ‘Spirit of Place’ that marvelously occurs in the beauty of nature. Because these emerald green, turquoise and sapphire hue waters are colloidal with silicate particulate, suspended crystal, these glacier melt waters have a very unique ionic current, which allows for a succinct piezo-electric charge & piezo-luminescent attribute to occur therein.

These sacred waters are ‘liquid crystals’. And these fluidic gems project a crystalline geometry which interfaces and blends with what may be termed the Angelic Realm. The depth of experience available in these living natural cathedrals offer an extraordinary pristine resonance of pure lucidity, enabling an utterly astonishing clarity of communication with the realm of the divine and of higher self.

The magnificent crystal lakes, are largely as yet, only considered as locations of splendid breathtaking beauty, but not truly recognized for the phenomenal interdimensional star-gates of consecrated sacred frequency within them. For an awe-inspiring vibration is tangibly exuded in rare balance in such a gentle manner that one interfaces with angels. The crystalline vibration is quite specialized, quite rare and opens the heart centre and illuminates the crown chakra in a manner that does not exist in other powernodes. These are areas of condensed dimensional overlay in which other realms coincide in remarkable legible palpability.

In other words, in specific energy fields and timings, the presiding energy present in the high energy nodes within the Michael Vortex of Canada, is predominantly above 3d, in a non-polar resonance, and ‘Angelic’ field!

Indeed, in times of embellished astro-gravities, such as eclipses, equinoxes and solstices, the visionary reach offered to the pilgrimaging seeker in these unprecedented fields of angelic resonance is akin to being inside the matrix of an enormous crystal. A visionary dream-scape is offered that can not only par, but exceed any astral visionary experience, and do so in a lens of purity, without the fear vulnerabilities and risks as oft may occur in shamanic journey travel induced by plant medicines. And that is due to the negation of duality spectrum electromagnetics within the nonpolarity fields of these nodes.

Infinity Point of Angelics

Masters, the field of energy that makes Banff quite unique is to a great extent defined by the ability to form an extraordinary inter-sectional & intra-sectional dimensional vector. This is indeed a heart centre, a crown vector of geo-crystalline matrix, projecting a resonance of pure love in non-polarity concentric overlay.

And we tell you, this unique blend allows for the angelic realm to not only merge into 3d, but to supersede 3d in attribute. It is why Archangel Michael has anchored this vortex. This is what may be termed an Infinity Point, and is truly a vector of ‘Heaven on Earth’, indeed inhabited by a Host of Angels.

And we tell you that in addition to the exquisite depth of the Faerie and Deva life in this resonance, there are cherubic Angelics spawned of Michael, that are benevolently teeming in the fields of the crystalline waters.

There are within the specific reach & succinct vibrational frequency of Lake Louise and Lake Moraine, extremely positive crysto-devic lifeforms that do not exist in any other location on the planet.

Within this unusual blended matrix are manifestations of angelic beings of a nurturing feminine nature that can not only be seen as orbs of brilliant light, but may also be heard, for these Angelics project a tranquilly serene chorus that permeates all life in this extraordinary overlay. It is a euphoric energy that aligns the chakras and open the heart and amplifies visionary perception of that termed the 3rd eye.

Michael & The Goddess of the Lakes

It is no coincidence that these vectors brings out the best in even the unsuspecting visitor, for it is heart stirring and awe inspiring. We will speak more of the Kingdom of Fae and the Lady of the Lake, later in this wonderful sharing.
For the Spirt of the Nature Goddess, the Lady of the Lake has embedded most potently at Lake Louise. (Speaking to James Tyberonn), and we tell you with loving spirit played an important interfacing role in the extraordinary vision you experienced of Archangel Michel in you fasting vision quest years ago at Lake Louise.

Her presence is of the Sacred Fae, Devic in nature, but of the highest level of the elemental consciousness, very close in frequency to the angelic. And we will add, that she spiritually personifies Lake Louise, and awaits you, for all who have such experiences in this crystal energy deposit portions of their soul essence in this impeccable, magnificent energy Infinity-Point.

Archangel Michael – The Michael Vortex

Lord Michael began anchoring his presence in a triangulated portal within the core of the Canadian Rockies after the gateway event you call the 11:11. The process required three years to complete. The three pinnacles within the triangulated vector occur at the crystalline waters of Lake Louise, Lake O’Hara and Emerald Lake. These three crystalline lakes hold an incredibly potent energy and are thus capable of anchoring & potently sustaining manifestations of Archangel Michael’s energetic presence. The clarity that pre-existed in these pristine sites has facilitated many to have direct experiences with his Divine Presence.

A counterclockwise energy vortex was set into motion prior to the 12:12, connecting the locations. The triangulation has formed what may be referred to as the Michael Vortex, and a great spiritual light is thus disseminated throughout the entire area for hundreds of miles. And that is important to realize, for the energy does indeed extend in concentric layers, and expands further than the inner triangulation of the 3 anchor points.

In 2016 and beyond, there is a call to connect to these pristine energies, for within these consecrated regions, resides an even greater clarity and even greater concentrate of life force. Enhanced crystalline clarity is indeed occurring in many powernodes across the planet in the post 2012 energy of the New Earth. Indeed, an embellished energy that did not and could not be fully expressed in a 12-dimensional format prior to the 2012 completion of the 144 Crystalline Grid now is present in many powernode locations.

We shared with you previously that in 2015 the range of the Rocky Mountains reconnected to the Andes Mountains, connecting vertically, and horizontally with all subranges, rifts and columnars. Thus forming an unbroken networked energetic current, transitioned into crysto-electric format, in what was termed the Crystalline Up-Shift. This benevolent affected all powernodes along these currents, and accordingly the Canadian Rockies were among the most potently upshifted, upshifted from an already superior stance and tonal vibration. What is emanated in 2016 in the Michael Vortex is now absolutely unequivicated, truly sublime.

We tell you Masters, among those powernodes on your planet termed as sacred sites, the Michael Vortex of the Canadian Rockies is brilliantly differentiated, and it is quite exceptional. For this mountainous area of Banff & Yoho National Parks of Alberta and British Colombia Canada uniquely and harmoniously merge mineralogical, gravitational and crysto-electromagnetic forces in a newly formed treble spin format that effects an even more potent interface between dimensions, and also blends light spectra and matter spectra in an accessible manner that allows each human seeker to remain within its incredibly elevated vibrational energies without auric depletion.

Holy of Holies

In ancient times, there were certain recognized vectors that were termed as ‘Holy of Holies’. These were located in potent natural powernodes, and amplified by Temples of specific structure utilizing the Phi Golden-Mean aligned directionally and cosmically. These venerated energies were in essence contained in placement in the sacred Temples & Pyramids of Atlantis, Egypt, Yucatan, Asia, Greece and Judea. Yet, these were not accessible to all, rather only to the initiated masters, elders and high priests. For indeed, the great intensity of these carefully honed stations, could not be sustained by the uninitiated.

We tell you that the energies within specific points of the ‘Michael Vortex’ contain an energy equally potent to those of ancient days. There are vectors of the Canadian Rockies that absolutely can be considered as living ‘Natural Temples’ within which are utterly astonishing frequencies equivalent to the intra-dimensional aspects of the ancient ‘Holy of Holies’. And yet in the Michael Vortex, the vectors of the Holy of Holies, within this succinct ‘mélange’ are in a unique resonance that is both sustainable & accessible to all. That is because of the rare harmonious natural balance and the rare living crysto-geometry in place, within the areas of Banff and Yoho.

Fluid Geometric Fields

We have told you before that sacred geometry underpins all realities, all dimensions. Within the Michael Vortex of Canada is an incredible multifaceted geometry. A precise dimensional vector of all three planetary grids, unified within the 144 Crystalline grid, harmonically exists within the Michael Portal Triangulation. As such, the geometric projection of this vortexial portal area contains all the sacred geometric codes: tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron and icosahedron. The area projects the sacred geometrics & crystalline codes of the Metatronic Cube.

In this geo-patterning, the energy of Metatron pervades within this area, via the sacred geometric overlay. It is in fact the Metatronic geometry that forms the template for the entry of the other Angelic energies to manifest within this area. The structure is such that the sacred geometric template enables a constant negation of untoward energy.

The energetic blends here uniquely forms the Metatronic cube in a very reactive multidimensional matrix, such that any telluric force or emotional energy that would in other regions mal-effect the balance of the crystalline template is met with an immediate counter balancing adjustment that will maintain perfect symmetry. This combines with the natural telluric energies that offer a softening of what would otherwise be an energy of great intensity.

Thus, an impeccable clarity of consecrated energy exists succinctly and uniquely in this specific vector of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. This stretch of the Rocky Mountains is by far the most potent on the planet in its embellished portals and vortexial sites. Humans experience this as an area of quickened ‘higher’ thought manifestation.

Higher thought, pure thought, loving feelings, are transformed into the geometric vector within the operating system of these energies, and real immediate healing and transformation can occur here. That which you refer to as negative thought is virtually laid dormant within this sacred field. This nullification is because negativity lacks the appropriate hyper dimensional geometric frequency impulse to achieve reaction or recognition within the positive homogeneous matrix. The matrix thus projects the energy of love. This energy is effectively disseminated throughout the area for hundreds of miles. That is one of the reasons that the people living in this land are perceived as being so agreeable in disposition.

Rejuvenating Radium Hot Springs

Within the Canadian Rockies are two extraordinary Hot Springs. The hot springs in the Village of Banff at the base of Sulfur Mountain, and Radium Hot Springs in British Colombia near Lake Windermere, both contain the very rare element of radium in trace levels. Radium is very beneficial to the human body in low levels. Radium is slightly radioactive, occurring in both of these Canadian natural thermal waters. Radium is extremely rejuvenating. It is interesting to note that the only other natural hot springs containing radio-active healing radium in such benevolent trace levels in a crystalline matrix is located in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas.

Soaking in these springs is the perfect pre-treatment preparation for entering the heart of the Archangel Michael Vortex in Lake Louise. These waters absolutely remove any auric attachments, reinforce & recharge the human auric field as well as quicken the alignment of the 12 chakras.

Chateau Lake Louise – An Utterly Astonishing Jewel

Chateau Lake Louise sits atop a creviced moraine, created by Victoria Glacier when the last Ice Age ended more than 12,000 years ago. The lake is a startling blend of vibrant glowing green-blue water, so beautifully iridescent that it appears to be emit a glow, as if lit from underneath. At the far end of the mile long lake soars Mt. Victoria, exquisitely etched in the white blue of the crystalline glacier. We tell you that these waters are not only piezo-electric but are also amazingly piezo-luminescent.

Energy Concentrated Within Geological Walls

Lake Louise is boxed on three sides by high granite walls that enclose the magical area like the cradled hands of God. The rock wall enclosure and resulting energy containment is very, very significant. It is this boxed enclosure of the various inflows of telluric, solar and elemental energies that differentiates Lake Louise. Its cubic and octahedral formations entrap, contain and amplify the benevolent energy level.

Visibly, it is one of the most beautiful mountain scenes on Earth … but it has another layer of unseen inner majesty and depth of purpose. Lake Louise is one of the key triangulated points of the Michael Vortex, specifically because of its accessibility. In this area of Lake Louise, balancing healing powers are immense. It is a sacred place, a healing, balancing energy of great intensity. It is a great, yet subtle, intensity that effects every visitor to the special mountaintop of Lake Louise … and there are many visitors.

Contrary to what one may initially conceive, the energy of Lake Louise is absolutely not mal-effected by the hundreds of daily visitors and hotel guests. In fact, it is enhanced. The visitors are, without exception, moved by the energy and incredible, inspiring beauty. All visitors experience a sense of the profound beauty and awe, and that emotional energy is released onto and into the resonate energy. And this energetic flow contributes to the incredible energy of place at Lake Louise.

Its energy is as powerful (or more so), as any on the planet, yet its magnificent vibrational intensity is divinely balanced, and thus not overwhelming. Its balance is the plate that serves this experience to the pilgrim and tourist alike in a palatable, gentle manner. Comparable energy levels in less gentle formats are capable of depleting the aura, not so with Lake Louise. Not so within any node of the Michael Vortex.

Negativity, as we have explained, is nullified within its energies, and the awe inspired emotions & profound feelings of beauty and love are amplified. As a result, few of the first time visitors to Lake Louise anticipate the depth of the spiritual experience they are going to have, and few of them leave without being deeply affected & healed by it.

The emotional reaction to the awesome beauty opens the heart, and the frequencial balanced energy balances the aura. The penetrating, spiritual energy emanating from the lake triggers self-searching and deep cleansing. You will see that robust tourists become so moved by the beauty and healing energy of the lake that tears of joy soon flood their eyes within minutes. It is particularly healing for visiting couples and families. Few conflicts, fears or anxieties can remain buried in this energy, and their surfacing occurs in the energy of immense but gentle love, leading to a cleansing release.

The issues will bubble to the surface in that cleansing crysto-electromagnetic energy. But unlike the crucible energies of Sedona, which are purposely imbalanced, and can lead over time to auric implosion, the energies of Banff lead one to inspiring spiritual levels of alignment & prioritization in a much softer effectual path of sublime purification & aspiration.

The energies in fact, of the entire massif of the Athabasca mountains in Banff & Yoho, are in harmonic oscillation, in a divine overlay within a soft gentle balance, that are harmonically benevolent to the human trinity of body, mind & soul.

The crystalline fluids, the astonishing rivers and lakes, as we have explained, carry an electrical field so complex it creates an energetic resonance that penetrates the atomic & molecular structure of everything within its field. For these reasons, certain areas such as Lake Louise, Lake Moraine and Emerald Lake are permitted to have large streams of touring visitors, many of whom are directed to come on a subtle level. The energy of the crystal fluids with the imprint of Lord Michael penetrates their being in such a way that it subtly radiates within their being on physical & emotional levels. And thus thru such whispering induction, it is virtually impossible for them not to be spiritually affected, all visitors to these special energies are absolutely deeply touched and given the opportunity to not only emotionally heal, but also to spiritually expand.

Positive Pristine Expanse

For the past three decades, Earth-Keepers and Gridwerkers have been called to experience and align to power-sites of myriad formats of sacred higher dimensional energy, across the planet. In most there is a sensed time constraint, a feeling of ‘time to go’ after a few days. This is due to an energy differential that could over time fissure the human aura until an equalization was achieved. However, in Banff, the aura not only maintains its appropriate ovid integrity and circuitry, but continually recharges despite the vibrational differential aspect. Isn’t that interesting?

Crystalline Activation of 2015

In 2015 the crystalline structures of the vertical range of the Rocky Mountains energetically re-connected to the Andes, thus forming a massive unbroken frequencial current extending from Alaska to southern Chile. This is maximized in certain locales, including The Colorado Rift Zones, Banff, Titicaca and Patagonia. Special caretakers have been drawn to these areas to anchor and imprint the energy. This is still ongoing. The channel is among these.

But specifically because of the extraordinary telluric energies and minerologies of the Canadian Rockies, it is the Banff and Yoho regions of Canada that house the living presence and nurturing resonance of Archangel Michael. The channel was aware of Lord Michael’s presence long before he consciously realized it, years before he understood the significance it had planetarily. That is why, even now, he has deposited an energetic portion of his spirit embedded in this magnificent area of Banff. & Yoho. That is why he has returned to this area many times….and is the reason he is now called to return in 2016 in pilgrimage.

The Devic, Sacred Dragon & Fae

This consecrated area of the Canadian Rockies is quite unusual in another aspect. There are forms of positive Devic & Faerie life that exist very tangibly in this unique field of resonance. The Faerie, Pixie and Elfin Kingdom in this marvelous energy are quite playful and benevolent. These often will manifest into visible spectra near the sacred waters and flowering fields. You will also find that the bird and smaller members of the animal kingdom in this area have an extremely devic attribute of friendly approachability & playfulness. The chipmunks and squirrels are very close in vibration to that of the flower faeries of the area. The varieties of jaybirds that inhabit Lake Louise are extremely playful and are more conscious than members of their species in other less embellished regions. The ravens, black crows, hawks and eagles of the Banff area are highly advanced, and have been recognized as messengers by the indigenous of this area.

Because of the unique crystalline structure of the lakes in this area, there is also a living consciousness, within them. Lake Louise & Lake Moraine are living energies, and have a conscious presence that may be oft seen in manifest format as what may be termed the Lady of the Lake. This is a feminine presence akin to the Deva Spirit of the waters. Yet in this powerful crystalline field, may often be both felt and seen by the empath.

Masters, what we tell you now may surprise many of you, but the host of Ascended Masters that tangibly reside in the Banff and Yoho regions also includes that you may term the sacred angelic Dragon. These benevolent and fully conscious beings exist, and are as much a part of your Earth as humanity. They possess supreme divine intelligence and are extremely advanced. They are protectors of humanity and of the planet, and are awakening into greater role in the New Earth of 2016 and beyond. . These beings are Masters of what is termed kundalini and as such are involved in engineering aspects of the aptly names dragon lines and ley lines which are in fact arteries of life force on your planet. They are awakened into greater role, and involved in the formation of new energy lines within the electromagnetic surge of the Crystalline Shift, and it is thus logical that these benevolent beings would reside in the piezo energies of Banff.


The Canadian Rockies are magnificent beyond words. The energy that exists within them is aligned with exquisite extraordinary energies from mineralogical, water, light and electromagnetic aspects. Incredible energy emanates from the mountains with their granite, quartz, metamorphic and sedimentary strata, combined with the stunning array of hydro energy from rivers, streams, waterfalls and glaciers. The lakes are a class unsurpassed in the world, and their accessibility is a bountiful region of prolific balance and healing.

The supreme and benevolent angelic presence of Archangel Michael further enriches the energy of this area as a tool of the Ascension, and the seeker and tourist alike can experience this. The portal of Michael is presented in an amazing Metatronic geometry in the vibrant living waters and amazing lakes. The Divine Presence has always been discernable here, as known by the indigenous First Nations of Stony and Cree, but in the quickening energy of the New Earth, the Michael Vortex stands in an astonishing clarity & spiritual depth and offers an unparalled resonance for those seekers of clarity, joy, life purpose inspiration and wisdom.

This magnificent area is truly a living cathedral. We are Metatron & Tyberonn of Crystalline Service, and we share with you these truths. You are Beloved.

… And so it is….And it is so…

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