ONENESS OF ALL – The Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele – 9-20-15


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SEPTEMBER 20, 2015 by Marilyn Raffaele | ONENESS OF ALL

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Dear ones, you are beginning to see many changes in your world. Try not to hold concepts regarding what those changes must look like in order to be valid, but instead learn to be silent observers of everything around you. Observe peoples’ reactions and listen to what they are saying. Note the increasing furor of politicians scrambling to keep you where they want you, in fear and old energy. Notice how advertising seems to have become ever increasingly loud and annoying.

All forms of old and dense energy are trying very hard to hold on in spite of the ever increasing Light of awareness flooding to earth this time. Those still holding tightly to the fear based projections of un-awakened consciousness are simply unaware and as of yet uninterested in knowing that there are more evolved and easier ways of living.

These dear souls continue to wage intense resistance to change in hopes of keeping themselves and the world in what is known or profitable, using tools that no longer resonate with many. Most of you are discovering that it has become very easy to see through the nonsense… you no longer live at that level.

In your course of spiritual seeking you learned that you were creators and that people create their own situations. This has caused many a serious student to look at the “problems” in his life as spiritual failures, as signs that he was not understanding truth correctly. It is highly likely that every “problem” in your life was intentionally and perfectly created by you for learning and growth. At this point in the journey there are no accidents.

It is time for silence and trust. Give yourselves permission to do absolutely nothing and just be. Old concepts bind mankind to the belief that time spent doing nothing reflects laziness. The result is a world full of people racing through each day who have lost contact with and awareness of their own quiet place of rest and renewal within. Spend time in nature even if only a small park in the city. Seek out the places where you can simply be, without distractions and noise. Learn to just listen to the silence.

In the midst of busy family and working life, finding quiet time is often very difficult. However, if you make the effort, you will soon discover yourself able to center more easily and quickly and that you carry a peace with you throughout your day. There are those who get up in the middle of the night for contemplation and meditation because that is their only quiet time.

Many of you are aware of specific dates being given for the first wave of ascension. Do not hold ascension to a specific date. What this means is that by this time those prepared to move into higher dimensional energies will be doing it. Believing that it can only happen on or by a certain date is third dimensional thinking. Actually many of you are already there or are moving in and out of it.

Do not be afraid, you are not leaving, but are shifting while in physical bodies to a new resonance which you will recognize by a new awareness. This is why the clearing of old energies from this and past lives has been so necessary.

Do not expect to suddenly see all war cease, for there are still many not yet ready to move beyond such third dimensional experiences. However, you yourself will not be in war unless you choose to be because it is no longer a part of your consciousness.

There have been some in the military who discovered after committing, that their state of consciousness had evolved beyond killing and violence and thus found themselves in the midst of intense inner struggles involving guilt, confusion, and a sense of failure. Some of them, seeing no other way, chose what seemed to be their only option–suicide.

These dear ones believed what they were told instead of trusting their intuition and from the experience learned a powerful lesson about personal power and choice. This awareness they will bring firmly intact into their next life when they will be the peacemakers.

Attaining a consciousness of Oneness manifests as a change in attitude and beliefs about so called “enemies”. News is more often than not simply fear propaganda continuously focusing on some “enemy” in order to gain general acceptance from the public for military action and additional surveillance.

Always remember that the “enemy” is also an expression of the Divine but not as evolved as you. Many have incarnated only a few times and through ignorance have allowed themselves to be hypnotized by pictures of separation and duality. Also in ignorance of who and what they are, they surrender their personal power to those claiming to have all the right answers but who in turn use these followers for personal, limited, self serving and power hungry gain. All will eventually awaken as all must, but it may not be for many lifetimes.

Time seems to be moving faster and faster, leaving everyone feeling frantic with the need to accomplish many things each day. This is because energy has become more refined and higher in its vibration leaving less of the old and slower that you were accustomed to. You will find in this new and higher energy, that even though you may seem to have a never ending list of things to deal with, they are getting done more easily and in faster ways. Solutions seem to manifest when needed.

You may be discovering that people, places, and beliefs that formerly caused you to react with criticism and judgement simply no longer seem important. Previously loved films, books, music, magazines,TV shows, some sports, and other entertainments don’t hold your interest as they once did. “Entertainments” that focus on people in judgmental or sarcastic ways has no appeal but is instead recognized to be un-evolved behavior based in a sense of separation.

Arcturian Group wishes you to know that the weather will move into a time of calm. There is coming a time of rest for the world from the struggles that grip so many.

The fires, floods and weather extremes are Gaia’s way of continuing to remove remaining old festering energy required for her ascension. These events are serving as well to awaken many at one time. The old energy of “haves and have nots” is not well served when all find themselves on the same level and dealing with the same issues. All earth experiences in every lifetime have been for the sole purpose of leading each soul eventually into the realization of ONE which is in its purest form, Love.

The refugees you see daily fleeing from violence and war are serving to bring world attention more deeply into a realization of Oneness, that everyone is connected regardless of the language they speak or the color of their skin. This issue is forcing the attention and helping to awaken many who live out from a “not my problem” consciousness and who consider events taking place somewhere else, to have nothing to do with them. These images are also providing a perfect example of how war and violence solve nothing.

Always remember that every soul chooses or is helped to choose the experiences necessary for his awakening. Learning experiences are allowed only as an individual attains the evolutionary strength necessary to cope with and learn from the experience. There are spiritually evolved souls who seem to have one problematic issue after another and wonder why. It is because at this energetically powerful time most of you came with a full list of life lessons necessary for your completion in order to move into ascension energy. If you were not fully capable of this, you would not of been allowed to bring in so many lessons.

We wish to close the message with a few words about honor. Honesty and honor are extremely important when making choices and holding personal opinions. When an action flows from a person’s highest sense of right, (even if he is fully in third dimensional thinking) he is allowing himself to be open to change and a higher understanding of his beliefs and actions.

It is imperative that anyone serious about the spiritual journey be extremely honest with himself; “Am I pursuing this particular belief or action because it makes me feel and look important? Does it give me a sense of superiority over others? Do I not question, but follow because it has always been this way? Am I afraid that if I disagree with family, church, friends, parents, I will be excluded?”

These are questions that anyone serious about spiritual growth must ask themselves with regard to any lingering or rigidly held beliefs about anything. “Do I believe this because it has been revealed to me as truth, or because it is what I have been told? Is fear of losing my credibility as a spiritual teacher, counselor, parent, friend causing me to continue in some belief system that I have outgrown?”

Honor, honesty, and pure intention must be a part of every action taken and belief held if one is to grow and learn and ascend.

Those who really know, hold the truth they know secretly, silently, and sacredly within and feel no need to shout it from the rooftops, or change anyone or anything.

We are the Arcturian Group 9/20/15

Message from the Arcturian Group – via Marilyn Raffaele – 7-5-15

Greetings once again dear ones.

We wish to explain that because so much is happening on the deeper levels, you must be prepared for changes that will soon manifest on earth in many areas. Increasingly intense energies of transformation and clearing are bringing about physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual change not only for individuals, but also for Gaia who is a living soul and not a piece of dirt. This information is not given to cause fear, but simply to help you to understand that certain events are vital and necessary in order for mankind to evolve. Know that always, those involved in earth events have agreed on the deeper levels to be a part of the experience.

Never forget that you are not simply flesh and blood bodies living on a physical planet. The time is long past due for mankind to understand, accept responsibility, and correct the damage reaped upon Gaia and all her life forms in the name of greed. As more and more people awaken, change is inevitable, but it often takes a catastrophe or some devastating event for people to even question these things and the question is; Is money worth the continual destruction of life, including air and water?

As changes take place on earth, learn to flow with them, not resisting or struggling to keep the status quo in the belief that “The good old days” were better.

The United State is celebrating a holiday of freedom at this time. Do you truly understand freedom, or do you continue to believe what you are told about how free you are? Look around you dear ones, and observe how society has gradually allowed itself to be deprived of multiple freedoms under the guise of keeping you safe. FEAR is an effective means of control. You need these rules in order to be safe, don’t you…? It is a NEW TIME.

Question everything you have heretofore accepted without question in the belief that anyone in authority must know what is best for you. You are at a point in your evolutionary journey at which you must reclaim the power and trust you ignorantly gave away. Start by learning to trust your inner guidance and no longer acting as lemmings blindly following a just as blind leader over the cliff. It is time for peoples of all countries to stop waving flags and shouting: “My country right or wrong, my country”. It is time to move into a consciousness of the Oneness of all people. It is a NEW TIME.

As a result of many lifetimes lived in the third dimensional energy of duality and separation, a universal ignorance of oneness became the consensus consciousness of mankind. This sense of separation manifests outwardly as the haves and have not’s of the world–some with power, intelligence, and strength and some without. This belief system continues today, allowing those with the most money or strength to control everyone else. Up to now most have simply accepted this. There are still many people who have need for rules and laws and someone to tell them how to live. but for all awakening souls, it is a NEW TIME.

Pause and think before voting for the individual with the loudest voice promising exactly what you want to hear. Question, ponder, and most importantly, go within to experience the resonance of the state of consciousness of the candidate. Feel their energy, listen to the spaces between the words, trusting your intuition to guide you. This is how you begin to reclaim your innate power and move past the hype and noise created by those who would be in power.

This will create a true democracy, which was the intention of the founding fathers for the United States. The United States was founded on deep spiritual principles which over time have been manipulated for personal agendas and allowed to deteriorate from their original high resonating focus. When personal religious beliefs and narrow concepts are allowed to determine laws effecting all but benefiting the few, true freedom is lost and the ideals of a declaration of independence no longer exist.

Many still hold ideas of war with pride. We too honor those who selflessly sacrificed themselves because these brave souls were living out from their highest sense of right. Living out from your highest sense of right is all that is required of anyone. This way of resolving issues has been the consciousness of the world in the past and now. However, it is a NEW TIME.

There is a popular saying; “Freedom is not free”. Freedom IS free, it is the sense of separation and wars that act to prevent it. Violence can never and will never bring peace. They are two very separate energies.

You are ready to experience true freedom dear ones, the freedom that has been ever present as your innate birthright and can never be taken from you for it is who you are. However, freedom can only manifest from a state of consciousness that knows who and what it is–not who and what it has been told it is.

You are not meant to live according to the whims of corporations, organized religions, and big government. You ARE the corporations, religions, and government if you choose to be. This does not mean you must stand in the street shouting and protesting, for often this simply gives an issue more power, not less. It does mean that silently, secretly, and quietly, you begin to trust your ability to make your own choices regarding what you believe. It means working for change–questioning, pondering, going within, and then taking whatever actions you may be guided to take which may simply be to send Light. It means choosing not to limit yourselves to the “acceptable beliefs” of the third dimensional belief system.

Spirituality cannot be separated from daily living for it is one and the same but the world in general does not yet understand this. God cannot be prayed to for victory of one group over another–there is only ONE. Bring your highest level of spiritual awareness to every physical emotional, and mental activity of daily living and you will find more awareness is given for you have opened the door.

Realize that true freedom can only be experienced personally and globally when there evolves a consciousness that all people and all living things are Divine and One within that Universal Consciousness many call God.

Freedom is your soul, your identity, the reality of you as spiritual beings. You can never be separated from it unless you believe you can be. It does not look that way because at this time the world is manifesting a gross ignorance of this. Freedom is the essence of your very being and as this awareness becomes a global state of consciousness, it will manifest outwardly as the peace so many seek, while yet believing that war and separation will bring peace.

Celebrate the birth of your country dear ones, but never forget the real focus and intention that brought it into being. The event of independence that you celebrate on the 4th of July is not finished, but only represents the first layer of many evolutionary steps necessary for mankind to evolve into a consciousness of real freedom.

This message is given as always, with love for you, our sisters and brothers.

We are the Arcturian Group 7/5/15

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The Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele – Humanity Is Awakening – 10-13-14

      forever_can_be_small OCTOBER 13, 2014

We of the Arcturian Group come to wish you peace, joy, and kindness to each other in these times of strife and confusion.  We know that many are suffering, but we  see great  awakenings through the experiences.  There are many who have always lived fully within the third dimensional belief system who now surprisingly find themselves questioning their core  beliefs in ways that are allowing them to awaken. They are reaping the benefit of the increasing Light flowing on earth even though they are not aware of why change seems to be happening within.
As Light flows from the increasing number of evolving energy fields, it adds  Light to universal world consciousness, exposing and dissolving areas of shadow in the process.  This is how the world is awakening–each small awareness of truth/Light helps to dissolve the illusion and  adds to the whole for there is only ONE.  Very soon, there will be enough Light in world consciousness to shift it. This is what “the shift” means–a transfer of energy domination.
We wish to speak of truth which manifests as does everything, through the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels–truth as an Absolute as well as truth the ordinary.  When we speak of truth in theses messages we are referring to the Absolute–Divine Truth.
In Truth, there is nothing but omnipresent Divine Consciousness  which in the human scene  is   interpreted by mind and seen as material. The third dimension views life through a filter of separation as well a belief that everything is either good or bad (duality).  More often than not, one’s individual belief system has been simply accepted without thought from the world consensus consciousness.
It is a very important to remember that thoughts you may have are not really yours until you accept  them as your own.  The thoughts and beliefs of world consciousness are floating around always available to be claimed as truth or not.  Allowing uninvited thoughts to simply flow through without giving them any importance is a reclaiming of your power and movement into truth.  Resistance to unwanted ideas or thoughts simply gives them a power they do not  have.
In the human scene, truth is determined by whether or not you honestly state what you know or feel to be correct.  It also represents consensus opinion  on  particular topics as dictated by the “experts” or those in power.   Living out from third dimensional thinking causes some individuals as well as businesses and governments to feel no obligation toward honesty or truth if and when it does not suit their personal needs or agenda–reflecting the belief in separation.
As mankind evolves ever more deeply into the realization of all within the One, it will begin to understand that the words and actions of ordinary daily life are important because what one says or does to another, he does to himself.   Fear, whether recognized or not, is the root cause of dishonesty and lying–fear of lack, limitation, rejection, failure, punishment etc. and can only be eliminated through Truth.
Fear stems from  third dimensional experiences and teachings from past lives as well as  this one.  Many of these experiences were horrendous, causing long lasting impressions within cellular memory and energy fields.  These old cellular and emotional energies are what you are now in the process of clearing.  Some of the more intense energy clearings, can leave you feeling exhausted and depressed.  Know that there is  nothing wrong, you are evolving, so do not claim these feelings as having any power over you which will simply pull them back into your energy field.
Children speak the truth until they are taught not to through fear or punishment. Many adults believe that being right makes them important (more loveable) and so say or do whatever it takes to be seen as always right–a reflection of the belief in separation from Love/Self.  Frequently individuals are simply ms-informed and speak from ignorance but as with all actions, the intention behind the words give them their energy.  Untruths spoken innocently carry the energy intended by the sender which is to be truthful.  We do not refer to malicious gossip.
Gossip and criticism are facets of duality and separation which  reflect self loathing and create the need for a person to see himself as better than others in order to feel any acceptance or self love. These activities not only humanly (never in reality) hurt the person gossiped about, but also come home to rest in the energy field of the sender for again…there is only One.
With evolution comes the inability to speak untruth for personal gain. The spiritual student becomes increasingly aware of that gentle tap on the shoulder whenever he is tempted  and begins to understand that his spiritual leash has become very short.
Divine Truth is an Absolute–that which IS, always has been, and ever will be–held infinitely in place by Divine Law.  The Absolute can never  be known or understood fully with the limited human mind which  is why over eons of time, man has repeatedly  created Gods in his own likeness reflecting whatever qualities believed to be important at that time.
The goal of all souls, on all planets and dimensions as well as on earth, is and always has been, to evolve into the fullness of the realization ONE, thus becoming the One. The soul has always been perfect,  but through its journeys of experience,  has not remembered this and so has struggled lifetime after lifetime in the process of awakening.  It is the spiritual journey and  purpose of life to eventually realize one’s Divinity and live out from that state of Consciousness.   Divine Truth is first grasped and interpreted intellectually  until over time it moves to deeper levels and becomes one’s reality–his state of consciousness.   Each soul’s journey takes infinite forms and paths and experiences, which is what you have all been doing.
Books, classes, and teachers can only assist up to the attained level of consciousness of the author or teacher. This is not to say there may not be the perfect book, class, or teacher for you at a given time, but always use your intuition when deciding if something is right for you. Just because something is popular doesn’t mean it would be right for you.  You may actually be beyond a particular teaching or teacher. There will always come that time in which you will begin to be taught from within for this is where Truth resides.
Information, answers, explanations, and ideas that result in “aha” moments for you are the fruits of your own inner work and will often manifest when you least expect, when you are doing something as mundane as washing dishes but are at the same time quiet and receptive.  Issues of life begin to be seen from new levels of understanding and a truth you may of read  and pondered but never fully understood may suddenly become simple and clear.
Divine Truth is all that IS, and is infinite.  There is an old Eastern saying that says that if you can encompass IT (the Absolute)  within your mind, (which many think they do) then that is not it.  Absolute Truth is every spiritual idea embodied within Divine Consciousness, ever present but  interpreted by the mind in the human scene according to individual and world consciousness.
To try and live the Absolute, before attaining that state of consciousness is a mistake many serious spiritual students make.  To throw away your medications before you have attained the consciousness of your completeness and wholeness as a Divine Being, is a very human action.  However, when  something no longer resonates with you, never be afraid to let it go. Holding on to some facet of your life just because it is what you are used to, is a block to your awakening.  You are required  to live out from your highest attained state of consciousness, living the truth you know while moving ever deeper through practice and study.
The act of transition or death, does not bring a sudden realization of Truth as many believe.  You are your state of consciousness and therefore take it with you.  All are taught and guided lovingly on the other side just as here.
Evolution  is the process of an ever increasing awareness of who you really are, dear ones. Evolution is a process that does not suddenly culminate overnight unless you have done  the work getting you to that state of consciousness in previous lifetimes.  Try not to become discouraged and feel you are making no progress if life seems mundane and ordinary.
Do not compare yourself to others, do the best you can remembering always that you are being guided and are never alone.  If you succumb to the weight of some human burden, resist the temptation for blame or guilt but simply pick yourself up and continue.  You will soon discover that the sky did not fall down when  you make a mistake nor do you have to go back to the beginning of your journey.  Failure is a concept within  third dimensional thinking.  There is  no such thing as failure in reality, only learning experiences.
You are loved dear ones, very loved and  honored greatly for your efforts and work.  All is proceeding according to plan.
We are the Arcturian Group

The Arcturian Group – Oneness of All – via Marilyn Raffaele – 8-17-14

unicorn with wide wings

AUGUST 17,2014

Dear Ones, again we greet you at this time of accelerating Light energy on earth. Much higher dimensional energy is flowing and being received by all who are receptive. Many still refuse to acknowledge and accept the gifts of spirit being offered at this time but that is the blessing of free will for no one need do anything if they choose not to. All who are open and receptive are now experiencing the increasingly intense light energies physically, emotionally, and mentally. It is a powerful time to be on earth and many who wished to be here, stepped aside for those who could carry and add more light to the evolution of mankind.

We are aware of the anger and frustration many feel with regard to current world wide situations. Be patient dear ones, for every awareness with regard to some world issue indicates Light shining into some shadowy corridor of the third dimension. Many of the issues now coming to light all over the world are not new issues as they may seem, but have
been hidden, denied and thus perpetuated generation after generation by an un-evolved society as well as by those who realize that their self-serving interests would be affected by change.

Exposure brings about change, for as mankind becomes aware of what has been going on behind the scenes, it begins to realize the necessity for change. When enough people demand it, new laws will begin to be passed that reflect a public awareness based in reliable and true information while giving no credence to the protestations of those who find security in what is old and finished.

Practice seeing painful world events with new and spiritually aware eyes…as wake up calls for universal change. Recognize these things to be the illusory manifestations of a dense and un-awakened three dimensional consciousness.

There is an element that wants to start wars and continually feed the energy of fear to the world for their own self serving reasons. Be aware and do not allow yourselves to enter in to their games, for fear is the energy that feeds the dark on all levels.

Fear is the root of all problems within the third dimension. All worry, anger, frustration,disease, etc. etc. has at its root the energy of fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of things not working in the way one has been led to believe they must, fear of lack and limitation, fear of pain, fear of death, fear of certain life experiences etc. Fear is the belief in separation and is the bottom line of every human issue…serving to create and maintain all third dimensional problems and difficulties.

When you find your self concerned about something be it large or small, ask yourself; “What exactly am I afraid of? What am I believing that is making me feel this way?” Be very honest with yourselves, not allowing the ego to immediately voice some concept the world has given you regarding your particular fear. When done sincerely, this practice will zero in on whatever concepts and beliefs you may still be holding, allowing you to acknowledge and then clear them.

Individuals usually need not be consciously aware of the source of their deeper buried fears. (eg; life long fears of heights, water, animals etc.) If this information is necessary in order to clear it, it will be given–in dreams, through a spiritual teacher/channel, or in whatever form may be needed. Do not actively seek to revisit these experiences simply for curiosity sake for this can add energy to that which you are trying to clear.

The job of the spiritual student is to state his intention verbally or silently to clear all old and finished energies from his energy field. With this intention will come whatever help and awareness may be needed. Remember always that you are powerful beings of light and your words, thoughts, and intentions serve to create.

The deeper fears are usually rooted in past life experiences, but until an individual spiritually awakens, new ones continue to blossom as a result of the teachings and influence of a universal impersonal world consciousness containing all human beliefs. Always remember that any fear issues you may discover are never personal, are never really yours, Fear is imposed upon the un-awakened consciousness from the consensus beliefs of separation and duality. These beliefs are always available in human consciousness to be accepted or not–the choice is yours. Evolution is the dissolving of these false energies, replacing them with truth which then manifests outwardly in higher and truer forms.

The real YOU consists only of Divine Consciousness and contains all that is embodied within Divine Consciousness. Your realization of your Oneness with Divine Consciousness automatically constitutes your oneness with every Divine Idea as well as with the spiritual reality of every living thing. However, this realization must become your state of consciousness and cannot be just intellectual knowledge. This is the journey.

When you realize that something is not true , why hold on to it? Ask yourselves that. Too many still view spirituality as nice ideas limited to an hour on Sunday but impractical for everyday living. It is time for all those serious about spiritual evolution and ascension to walk the walk and to cease just talking the talk. Those who confine their spirituality to some Sunday morning service, are going to find that they make very little real spiritual progress and remain enmeshed in outdated concepts and beliefs.

If you seek to come into the actual realization that you are all the things you have been seeking, then you must realize that the “saints” and “holy ones” of the past as well as the present, are no different from you. It is only that they know who they are, they remember. That is the only difference. Now it is time for you to remember– living out from and being all that you truly are. No more victimization, no more feeling sorry for your plight in life, no more whining. It is time dear ones, it is time.

We are the Arcturian Group 8/17/14

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unicorn with wide wings

The Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele – 3-2-14


Thanks to Lucas2012infos.

Greetings to all. We observe Light on Gaia increasing each day, and bringing with it a new world wide awareness of issues and problems that the majority were heretofore unable or unwilling to see. Appearances would say that the world is getting worse, but what you are witnessing is the Light now shining into the dark places and bringing to the forefront all that needs to be addressed in new and higher ways.

Many governments are starting to understand that the old self serving ways of doing business are no longer working. Many “leaders” choosing to resist any change, and will eventually find themselves in one way or another removed. All, from world leaders to so called “common folk” who insist upon holding tight to energies that are finished will begin to experience difficulties because the new energies do not nor cannot support anything held in place only through belief and concepts. Go within dear ones, and honestly examine what concepts and beliefs you may still be rigidly holding on to.

We wish to speak of compassion–a topic often confused with sympathy or the ignorant enabling of another. Compassion is a facet of love and is the ability to see another’s pain and suffering without entering in to it. This often means (especially with families and friends) offering assistance of some sort when intuitively guided. However, in compassion one NEVER ENTERS INTO THE ENERGY FIELD OF THE OTHER, that is sympathy.

When an individual spiritually evolves, his energy field begins to radiate ever more light and others are drawn to this energy. Each and every soul is seeking to experience the completeness of their true nature but are only able interpret this inner yearning within the bounds of their attained state of consciousness. Thus you have spiritually immature souls forever seeking that which is within, in the without. They seek completeness through wearing the “right” clothes, being beautiful or strong, or in having material possessions and money. Many confuse the love they seek with sex, and allow themselves to be used by others. Because society in general is based in duality and separation, it continues to promote solutions for happiness in hundreds of forms, none of which will satisfy the longings of the Soul for conscious reconnection to Source.

A soul’s immaturity has nothing to do with chronological age. There are many very evolved souls living in young bodies right now and many who have been on earth for a long time who remain spiritually immature. Spiritually immature individuals are often repelled by anyone holding great Light because this energy is a threat their firmly held but false belief system. They are usually not even consciously aware of why they may not like a certain individual. This is the root of much fear in the world for there remain many who continue to resist anything that may “rock” their comfortable boat bubble.

In the early phases of every soul’s search for completeness comes a reaching out to friends, strangers, Gurus etc.–anyone who seems to have the answers. They do not yet realize that that which they so desperately seek lies within. They feel the higher resonance of another’s energy field and gravitate towards it. It usually starts very simply, through questions like; “How did you get through this? Why are you always so calm? What do you think about this or that?” This can be a co-worker, friend, or family member. Most of you, being loving persons, are more than happy to help the person who suddenly unburdens but this is where you must be very aware and alert dear ones, not allowing yourselves to drop into their energy which then becomes sympathy.

It is commonly accepted that identifying with another’s pain is a loving action– “Oh you poor person. I understand/feel your pain. How could he/she do that to you?” etc etc. When you do this, you become a part of their energy field and make yourself available to be “drained” of energy. How many times have you experienced feeling totally “wiped out” after being with certain people? This can only happen when you open yourselves to those seeking more energy, These dear ones are unaware of what they are doing, but in their unhappiness and desire to be whole they draw on other’s energy. We do not like the term, but this is where the term “energy suckers” comes from.

In order to serve and help those seeking help, a Light worked must work in the energy of compassion. Practically, this means you can lovingly listen to or observe the problems presented, even offering some suggestions, but never fully entering into the energy of what is being presented. You recognize the appearance to be illusory, with no law to support it and based in the third dimensional consciousness. These deeper realizations NEVER prevent one from taking whatever human footsteps may be necessary–the practical everyday tasks so often called for–whatever is needed or you are guided to do. However, in doing these things, do not allow yourselves to be enablers–stay centered, always remembering that every individual has a Higher Self, Guides, and a contract/plan that they themselves chose before entering into this earth experience.

As we have said before, love never means being another’s door mat, nor does it mean you are tied forever to those you may not resonate with simply because they are a relative or childhood friend. It is ok to move on when someone wants you to do their work for them. Love and compassionate action means remembering the truth about every single individual in your consciousness–those drawn to you and those you read or hear about.

Always allow others the freedom to learn from their own mistakes while giving them the support they may need. There are times when this may mean simply leaving someone alone. It is ego to believe one has the right or duty to “save” another. Everyone is a spiritual being having human experiences in order to grow and evolve.

This Light not only attracts family, friends, and co-workers but also attracts some on the other side who have not yet moved into the light of their journey. There are those who do not even realize that they have transitioned to the other side (drug overdose, accident, coma, etc.) and are confused.

These dear ones often find themselves drawn to the Light of an evolved energy field. If you experience them (often in a half awake/half asleep state) do not be afraid, but tell these dear ones, that they need move into the Light where they will find help and guidance. You can ask for Light beings, Angels or relatives of the person to come and guide them to where they need to be. Occasionally one will not want to leave, and you can just say to them; “Go”.

Compassion is love in action, sympathy is the three dimensional concept of it.

This is Light work. This is how you plant seeds of truth and help others to evolve. We only say that as your own energy field attracts others seeking what you have, be aware of the temptation to enter into their state of consciousness, for you can never lift another up if you are on the same level as the problem. Humanly yes, but not spiritually.

This is compassion, this is love, this is the work.

We are the Arcturian Group 3/2/14


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