Message From Gaia via Julie Miller – Beautiful, Unique You – 7-21-15

Beautiful, Unique You   –   Message From Gaia  via  Julie Miller

July 20, 2015

I AM Gaia, your Earth Mother and I come to you today bearing fruits of love to each of you.

Just as the waters of life flows through your veins, your quest to move forward begins with you… with energy and vivacity moving through you in all that you tackle and work through until completion.

Every new day is a beautiful, golden opportunity to make changes to your own personal web of life. Every time you make a solid decision and stick with it to the end, you alter your direction and bring change to your life web.

Even if change is slow for some people, change is still occurring all around them. Nothing stands still forever, as you know all is impermanent. No matter what is going in your life, it is important to keep in mind all is temporary—the only thing dear ones that you have no control over is how long any temporary moment will last. What this signifies is the importance of treating each moment of each day as the gift it is. And not to squander it over petty jealousies, egotistic rude behaviour or to criticize your fellow earth-mate for not being perfect.

It is vital dear ones, precious citizens of Earth to treat others in the mater you wish to be treated. If you want people to be kind and compassionate towards you, then you must adopt a kind and compassionate outlook and manner towards all people and life instead of picking and choosing.

As you re-create your Web of Life every day, consider the path you are following: Is it due to the persuasion of someone else or from the guidelines of another person’s concept of what is right? Every person has their own idea of what is right for them. It is important to take into consideration that another person’s way may not really be best for you. To know what is best for you is to knowing who you are, what it is you want to achieve and the means to achieve your goals that are open to receive and to give light from the effort of your heart.

There are many deceptors and masqueraders among you, they encourage you to follow half-truths for their own benefit, pretending to care but over time they show their true colours of falseness. When you follow your heart and listen to where it is drawing you towards, you might just be surprised to find yourself doubting the authenticity of their merits and heading towards new territory of development and growth.

The rhythm of your heart is in sync with the energies of the Earth. By following your heart, you are allowing your natural self to emerge. Your natural self needs not to compete for followers, and has no need for airs of superiority as your natural self sees every person as beautiful and unique.

Your web of life is not supposed to be an exact match to anyone else’s. It is supposed to be authentic and unique. And just as your uniqueness distinguishes you from others, it will be your sameness that will draw you closer, to unite respectfully; learning and growing by helping, listening and understanding one another.

Bringing change into your life does not have to be a complicated process. It is merely choosing what it is that makes you feel whole, what does not bring harm and what encourages hope, peace, love and compassion.

Remember, each of you are responsible for how your web of life unfolds and what changes can be made to improve it. When you bring change that is consistent, your energy feeds other peoples’ energy and empowers them. Quite often the burst of renewed energy seems like it comes out of nowhere, but it’s the helping lift of another who is also pushing positively forward in their life.

Never doubt the strength of your energy as you apply it with whole-heart effort. This is your life, your journey and it is up to you to make the best choices you can at every moment, knowing you are making our web of life stronger and more resilient for when problems arise. And when trouble does come your way, don’t fear a helpful hand, it very well may be the anchor you need at that moment.

I AM Gaia, your Earth Mother through Julie Miller


El Morya via Julie Miller – Turning Negatives into Positives – 2-17-15



Turning Negatives into Positives
Ascended Master, El Morya’s Weekly Message ~ February 17 – 24, 2015
received by Julie Miller
February 17, 2015

Sometimes, the lack of belief in one’s self can go on for quite some time before a life-changing situation comes along and forces change to happen. Having a lack of belief in your abilities can be a major contributing factor in many endeavours you are trying to either implement or complete to not being successful.

By not believing in your whole self as a person who is capable of many great things, you put a great strain on pursuing a fulfilling career, sustaining meaningful relationships and even create great difficulty on trying to meet certain spiritual quests.

When you don’t think you can, you may go from one good habit to another, never sticking with one long enough to enforce it with discipline to make it work better. It is important to be assertive in life, but without being aggressive.

This means becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable, pushing beyond your comfort zones and embracing bravely what is new and good. Change isn’t all bad. Without change, you would have little growth and would not see your own personal potential or experience the strength you’ve always had, just never bothered utilizing.

No matter how self-assured a person may be, they are never perfect at being positive all the time 24/7. Doubt will creep in, like a pesky weed that you think you got rid of that suddenly reappears somewhere else when you’re not looking.

You can become more self-assured and less doubtful when you accept any of the mistakes that you have made as stepping stones towards success. Each mistake made, provides you with a fresh opportunity to try again, but by making different choices that will direct you to different outcomes.

And as you are meandering along, just imagine how much more insightful and knowledgeable of yourself and the world around you, you will become. You are more incredible than you give yourself credit for.

Remember, not everyone is perfect all of the time. And we are not encouraging perfection because with perfection there is no growth, there is no pushing beyond comfort zones. What we are encouraging is you to become more complete and whole in all you do and how you think of yourself.

When you are able to greet life maturely in your intellect and in your emotions, you understand that not everyone will return the gratitude and compassion you give because you give unconditionally and realize everyone is at different levels of acceptance and understanding and that growth comes at different stages for all people.

Being of a mature mind enables you to not take everything personally and to not judge others simply by their appearance or even by their current demeanor. Until you’ve walked in their shoes, you have absolutely no right to judge or criticize them.

You don’t know what personal horrors they may have dealt with by the time they crossed your path. Realizing that other people are also striving to surpass doubt and uncertainty will jog your memory that you are more connected than you realize.

Even if what you have to go through every day is different, the fact that you must persevere trials and tribulations daily that are challenging and on the verge of being difficult brings you closer to others by understanding that even life can be painful, it can also be joy-filled and fulfilling.

This knowing that is deep and profound is what will draw you closer to people and be not only sympathetic but empathetic.

So many dear souls are directed each day by fear; fear of making a mistake, fear of people not agreeing with them, or fear of not being accepted by their peers. These fears are only negative if you think of them as such.

What they are, are positive reinforcements and reminders that you are surrounded by growth and development opportunities. If you have made a mistake, learn what your error was and improve upon it; if people are arguing with you or are disagreeing with you, take the time to backtrack to when your discussion became heated and you’ll get your answer; if you think you are not being accepted by your peers, that could be an indication you need to be working more on your inner self, discovering who you are and to be your real self at every opportunity. Where you see a negative, there is also a positive, and something to grow from.

Mistakes of any kind offer bits and pieces of feedback. Sometimes you don’t realize how far you’ve gone until you meet a bump along the way and become frustrated over it. Every bump is your opportunity to smooth things out by looking at what has transpired thus far and how you can improve on each step.

There is nothing that you have done that was a mistake or accident. Everything has a purpose. Sometimes it just takes some time to go over a situation or incident and realize the truth underneath all the overwrought emotions and feelings that often block what is really there.

We understand that it can be frightening to embrace what you are afraid of. We are sure great people such as Martin Luther King Jr, Gandhi and others like these were afraid when defending what they believed in, working on projects that was of importance to them that helps others around them.

They could not predict how the people would react, they just knew they had to persevere and keep following the drawing of their heart. The things you are afraid of trying are the very things that are most necessary.

Embrace your fears, allow them to guide you and to enlighten you, to make you more aware of yourself and what you can accomplish when you truly try with all your heart and soul in every step.

You can become better at being less doubtful and more of a believer of yourself. You do this by practicing daily to push beyond something you find discomforting which will expand your level of discomfort.

In addition, stop worrying about what others are doing or thinking, be you. If you are coming from your authentic person and you accept who you are, then you will attract others that are of the same mindset.

Take the time to explore different coping strategies that help get you through self-doubt and moments you lack self-confidence and stick to them.

Build up a reservoir of trust in yourself and in your own abilities. Before going into a situation know as much as you can beforehand and regardless how things pan out be okay with the outcome. You can’t avoid mistakes by not taking chances.

Mistakes come when they come. Learning is never-ending and before you can provide a comment to something, know and understand what you are talking about first. Remember it is okay to make a mistake, sometimes you will make the same mistakes repeatedly until you learn what not to do by recognizing the signs that you have fallen into a repetitive cycle.

As you become more familiar with yourself at various intervals and stages of development you will come to realize that you are much stronger and more capable than you once thought.

You have tolerated so much in the past and look how much you have grown since then. Allow your past experiences to remind you of how far you have come and be empowered and inspired to continue growing and developing.

You will discover more of your true, natural self and reach the conclusion that you have always been great, all you need to do is believe this every time a trying event crosses your path.

You will get through anything and everything simply because you have done so before. So turn that sigh around into an enthusiastic smile and rejoice in new directions that are there not to scare you, but to help further develop who you are from the inside out.

And so it is…

I AM Ascended Master, El Morya through Julie Miller

Serapis Bey via Julie Miller – Mindful Thought Management – 2-13-15



Serapis Bey

Received by Julie Miller

February 13, 2015

For many people, and possibly for you as well, your thoughts can easily be described as a mixed up jumbled collection of ideas, choices, observations and intentions that are mainly administrated by external influences and distractions. What this simply means is that your thoughts are derived many times on what is before you, what has stimulated your mental and emotional faculties. This is a normal occurrence and for the most part there is no need of concern unless your thoughts take on a more darker and malicious route. You can prevent your thoughts being negative by disciplining yourself more by focusing more intently on your thoughts and where they come from and what; what is their purpose, and what are they trying to teach.

Disciplining your thought forms is never an easy thing to do with consistency. It is easy to do once in a while, but many struggle focusing on their thoughts daily and with all situations, not just the sudden, challenging ones. One of the reasons why many dear souls ignore or turn away from becoming more focused on their thoughts and the process the mind goes through because they assume they must make some life-altering change. The truth is, yes becoming more mindful of your thoughts will produce changes to your life, but changes for the better that come forth gradually until becoming aware and mindful is automatic.

By becoming more mindful of your thoughts dear ones, one of the primary steps is to figure out what is most important to you and how you can improve this that would help make your own life better. Knowing what you want, helps to gain better control over the busyness of your thoughts. Remember, the majority of the information you are getting is mainly from what you are seeing, what you are hearing and sensing and many times you become distracted by all the unnecessary noise and temptations life is trying to draw you towards. The more you know what you want and you develop a course of action that will bring you to a successful outcome, the more practice you get at controlling your thoughts and staying on track.

You might be unable to shut out all the noise or make all the distractions go away, but you do have the power to not be drawn to it, to remain calm and in presence. The media has always had power in the ability to intrude on your thoughts through persuasive commercialism, dramatic television and exaggerated news. If permitted, they are able to infiltrate into your thoughts and you become drawn to their temptations, to their distractions and before you know it, your mind is spinning, wanting more and not getting enough, which eventually leads you to disappointment and upset.

It is then up to you dear ones to take a stand by bringing calm back into your life by inviting silence in. You do this simply by turning your televisions and radios off and limit yourself to an hour or two a day to television and/or Internet surfing. It takes discipline to reduce these things, but your mental and emotional faculties will be happier for the gift of silence you will be giving.

Habits can be difficult to break, so it is understandable that reducing your TV or Internet time can be difficult. Reducing your time a little each day is a healthy way to do this and not so shocking to your system. Believe it or not dear ones, you will manage nicely without long hours watching newscasts, dramas and from Internet surfing. You will find ways that will help pull you away from the unnecessary noise and distractions while still enjoying your time at home with your family and friends.

Becoming accustomed to silence takes time if you have trouble drowning out the noise in your own head. Listening to serene music and putting more time into meditation will help. Even if there is noise all around you, if your mind is quiet and at peace, the noise will not disrupt the silence you have given yourself. It is important to your own peace of mind dear ones, to make use of silence wisely. By using the silence you are giving yourself wisely you are able to teach yourself to refocus your thoughts on positive things instead of hanging on to the negatives you met during the day.

Just like anything, practice makes perfect and we are not looking for perfection but wholeness, where you are able to accept how things are, yet look for ways to make things better, more enjoyable, more peaceful, and more fulfilling. Focus and self-discipline are essential and will help you maximize the moments of solitude you give to yourself to think over all that has occurred during the day, what you want to improve on and what your goals are, and the plans you have devised that will have you accomplishing them.

No matter what it is that you want to improve, you must not just focus on the negative aspects because you have positives that will help you see that there is a brighter horizon. Learn to eject negative thinking, in favour of positive thinking and allow yourself to think about how things are right now, in this present time and how you can improve what is working alright into becoming fantastic. Only you can control the good and bad that flows through your life. You don’t have to dwell on your shortcomings or on any negativity that you have faced when you have just as much strengths and positives to work with.

If you are determines enough, you will apply the effort and focus needed to see any plan through because you understand the necessity of disciplining your thoughts compared to allowing them to run rampant. Practice is the key and when you regularly monitor your thought process, you will discover how much easier it becomes to let go of the negativities that can sneak in, giving yourself a comfortable and secure zone that is positive and bright.

We know many of you sigh, knowing in some areas you have slacked off, but if you have enough willpower and drive, you have the power and all the internal resources to make your life better on all levels. You will create momentum when you see how much influence you have over your life when you purposely choose positive thoughts over negative ones. You will want to keep going because of the good feeling you get from thinking positively and maintaining a peaceful mind. Over time dear ones, what you may recognize, if you are paying attention; that your perception to life, to yourself and to those around you has shifted. You start to see that life is also filled with beauty, and not the pretty, dainty beauty that is talked about in your fairy tales, but beauty of nature, beauty of the sun, beauty of the rain, beauty of seeing yourself in others, the beauty of seeing God in all things and so much more.

Life is truly beautiful and has so much to offer you. The more peace you bring to your thoughts, the more beauty you will be able to recognize and appreciate.

And so it is…

I AM Ascended Master, Serapis Bey… through Julie Miller

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Serapis Bey via Julie Miller – Grounded in the Present

Serapnis Bey


Grounded in the Present
~ January 2 – 9, 2014
received by Julie Miller
January 2, 2015

Hard and challenging times are often before you and sometimes they seem to be getting tougher. It is well understood that too much stress, the kind of stress that is not productive causes many health issues.

To choose to ignore the harm stress is causing from trying to keep up with the hustle and bustle of your modern world is to undermine who you are and to live in a world of ignorance. It is essential dear ones to fully understand what you need as an individual to survive when things appear strained and difficult.

You have proven before that you can overcome any obstacle. You have weathered many trials and tribulations, you have learned to forgive, to let go and to move on. But your learning how to be is not over.

Each lesson you gain from a difficult situation becomes wisdom once the knowledge of what has occurred has had time to settle. You can successfully manoeuvre yourself around quite well even if all becomes overwhelming and hard.

By not attaching emotionally to any situation, and by retaining a calm and composed demeanor that is fed by compassion helps to keep the spark of joy and happiness alive no matter what you are forced to face.

Happiness that is true and pure will never be long lasting from any materialistic object or even from another person. Happiness comes from within, you know this because you have heard it and read it a thousand times before today.

If you look at the people that live in harsh conditions in other parts of the world, they are peace with themselves even if others around them are struggling and suffering.

It is during your darkest and most trying of moments that you come to know clarity and joy. Once you allow the confusion to dissipate, you can appreciate that you have come a long way and that it is okay to enjoy life even if you are going through a hard and tough time.

You are allowed to laugh and to smile while facing adversity. Just because you are trying to get through a difficult and challenging situation doesn’t mean you have to look sad and depressed and consider life to be empty when life itself is full of promise and hope.

Anger is a natural and normal emotion to have when your world seems to moving in a state of chaotic confusion but by learning to curb your anger, by channeling it in a healthy way will help to eliminate some of the stress and pressures from everyday living.

The moment you feel your anger rise, take a few deep breaths, bring yourself back to a place of equanimity and compassion. If your anger is towards another person, instead of retaliating with a hostile response, calmly excuse yourself and save the energy you would have spent on something worthwhile and meaningful.

You don’t have to react and respond every time you are confronted by someone. Remember they too are trying to go through life and they are trying to get through the best way the can.

Living in a world that moves as quickly as yours requires one to have a few supportive people in your corner. Someone who is truly and genuinely supportive does not provide biased advice or comfort.

They are sincere, yet non-biased, warm and giving. If you don’t feel comfortable turning to someone in your immediate family, then expand your family by adding a friend that you trust with your heart and soul. It is these invaluable people that will help you maintain your God-given light when your personal world suddenly goes dark.

Equanimity and compassion does not grow just because you know the words and understand how they work. They grow by exercising and practicing through all the actions you employ.

Allow your compassion and equanimity to grow, expand and develop further by helping others selflessly, and this help can easily extend to the many creatures that call this planet home.

Don’t hold onto grudges. They are like hot coals in your hand. Grudges will burn away any good you hold dear. Let your grudges go, share true and genuine kindness and permit yourself to flow in the light of your heart that is meant to be shared.

You will achieve the goals you put your heart and soul effort into. You will get over sadness and difficult moments. It might take you longer in some circumstances than others, but that only means there is a bigger lesson to learn. As you move from a difficult situation or surpassed a goal, keep yourself in the present. What you did yesterday is history.

Today is a new day, focus on the day before you and what you are able to accomplish. It is hard, we know to let go of the past, but the past cannot live in the present.

Your ego might have you think otherwise because it likes to play tricks. Don’t worry and fret about what is to come tomorrow or the next day because neither are promised. Anything is possible when thinking of the future because the possibilities are endless.

Keep yourself grounded in the here and now. Focus on what you can do now, not yesterday and not tomorrow…but now and be okay with it. Don’t add stress where it is unneeded.

Taking long walks through a nature trail or large park that has long paths has proven to be soul soothers. Letting all your worries go by watching the birds race each other in the sky or the squirrels chasing each other or fighting over the nuts can help ease tension and stress so joy may filter once again into your whole being.

A lot of the harmful stress that you carry is mostly a result from you becoming emotionally attached to a particular situation, person or thing. When you remove yourself from emotional attachment, you are not going to come across as cold or aloof, you will demonstrate equanimity and compassion that is an outcome of living consciously of your surroundings and of your inner self.

Just because the demands of your life are great does not mean you cannot find and maintain happiness. Watch a funny movie, get together with friends you haven’t seen for a while, go to a dog park and watch dogs play; there are many things you can do that will bring out lots of smiles and laughter that will help heal many aches from managing a stress-filled day.

Find them, embrace them and rejoice in them. For it is the times you are able to laugh you are able to appreciate life and when you appreciate life more, you have less stress…you are clear-minded and your spirit is free.

There are many people that turn to prayer or meditation during times of great difficulty. Giving yourself precious healing moments of solitude will do magical wonders dear ones.

Even if you claim to not be good at meditation, still try. Just by closing your eyes and trying to empty your mind for a few minutes each day will help to improve your ability to bring stillness into the moments of your life that are complex and chaotic.

Life will always be filled with its ups and downs. But by learning how to live consciously and aware, you are able to maintain equanimity and compassion regardless what it is you are working through. All you need to get through each day is already there within you.

And so it is…

I AM Ascended Master, Serapis Bey through Julie Miller

Lady Nada via Julie Miller – Uncertainty as Wondrous Adventure – 1-1-15


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Received by Julie Miller   –   January 1, 2015

Fear of the unknown including the future as near as tomorrow can inhibit you from achieving great things and can help you cling onto the things that are causing hurt, discomfort and dis-ease. Some of these things that cause you anxiety could be the clutter you surround yourself with, do you keep it just because of the comfort it gives you, even though it is taking up a lot of valuable space and possibly money? Or your discomfort and dis-ease could be from working at a job you do not like out of fear of failing in the area of work you would prefer? Each person has their own set of discomforts and fears and each person in their own time will learn to work through them and rise above stronger and more confident that before.

Uncertainty affects each person differently, from different things. Travelling to a new country for the first time offers new and exciting possibilities and life-changing experiences, but when you leave one country for another, you are also leaving behind what you know for something you don’t. But after years of living in the new country, can you say you’ve adapted and grown?

Can you be at peace while forging forward in uncertain and unknown adventures? Of course you can, but you need to get a handle on your fear and of the attachment you carry of the future and begin living in the present moment. In truth there is nothing fundamentally frightening about the future, even if that future is tomorrow, the next day, next week, next month or next year. Just because you do not know every detail of every moment of your life before it happens doesn’t mean some areas of your life will be disastrous. Even if things are going rough now, doesn’t mean that your future will be. There are many; endless actually of possibilities of what will unfold for you in all of your tomorrows. Be present in the here and now.

If you think about harm coming your way through some unfortunate accident, isn’t the same odds of being hurt today about as equal of being hurt tomorrow? Your odds of greeting anything that is considered challenging and difficult is the same today as it will be tomorrow, or even next week or next month. Just as you roll the dice in a game, you don’t know what you are going to get until they both land facing their numbers up.

It is easy to understand that your imagined pain or discomfort of the unknown is not really physical, it comes from the pain and discomfort change can sometimes bring and when changes happen, sometimes you must let something go and if you are emotionally attached, what you let go could be painful. The little cocoon you have built for yourself that keeps you safely snuggled within the perimeters of your comfort zone in the routines and possessions you keep prevent you from trying new things and make new directions frightening as they remove you from what is known and comfortable. Finding comfort in uncertainty is being at peace while learning the world around you, discovering it is more than the comforts you surround yourself with. Yes you might fail, and in some areas you might not measure up, but there will places where you will succeed, where you will excel and do well. You don’t know unless you try.

Too often Beautiful Bright Hearts, you grasp with burdensome emotions, clinging to what is known and certain…to how things ought to be and the moment that certainty is rocked, the pain of change begins to makes its presence known. It is important dear ones that bringing in change isn’t really an issue, it’s the fight you give to the change, and your resistance to allow the new change a chance.

You can become skilled at facing uncertainty when dealing with new things and with change. Change can become comfortable if you allow it. By embracing the new changes with an open heart, you can discover inside the changes there is joy to be found as well as new adventures, new areas to explore, and more learning of yourself and how capable you are at seeking change that will benefit your life. Knowing you will be fine while facing uncertainty will help eliminate your fear of not knowing what comes next.

New things and new directions can at first appear frightening mostly because you fear failure. But the more you practice and try what is new, the more confidence you will gain and what is new and changing will not be as painful. If you make a mistake, then that Beautiful Bright Hearts is your opportunity to learn why and take the necessary steps to try again differently that will bring success. Mistakes helps you correct and learn. Be grateful for the mistakes you have overcome. It is because of the mistakes you have made, that you have been able to grow and become who you are today and there is much more growing yet for you to do.

Even though change can be scary, you can also recognize the wonder and amazement change also brings. Of course allowing changes in means you are leaving your comfort zone or expanded its boundaries, or you might be letting something go that was holding you back, you are also bringing in something that is new, bring and amazing to take its place. And from this new that is coming into your life, you are giving yourself the opportunity and potential to explore something that is fresh to your eyes, and to learn and meet new people and through any new experience you offer yourself the opportunity to be reborn into this new way of living and being. Instead of looking at the uncertainty that is shrouded in fear that change brings, see change as a wondrous adventure—as new doors have opened because of choices you made that will help you grow and develop in unimaginable ways.

By going beyond your comfort zone, ask yourself Beautiful Bright Hearts, “What is the worst possible outcome?” Do you fear losing some or all of your possessions? Do you worry how you will cope? Ask yourself similar questions as these and be honest with your answers. And you will discover that you will learn how to cope in areas that are strange and uncertain. If you lose some of your possessions during a move or robbery, keep in mind that they are things. Even if those things are old and irreplaceable, they are things…you are here, alive, living and breathing. Each breath you take and every pulse that you feel is your indication of being here in the now and present. You will find your way around what is new, you will grow confident in areas that are strange and you will grow exponentially as a result. Believe in yourself, trust that you will be fine and embrace the unknown with gratitude of the learning you will gain of yourself and of the world around you.

Beautiful Bright Hearts, by becoming aware of when you start clinging to things and situations, you give yourself an advantage of recognizing what brings on feelings of pain and fear. By becoming the witness you become more aware of what is actually happening. When you are able to see where your clinging begins, you can then see how the pain unfolds from it. When you cling to things it is essential to see the bad side of clinging to materialistic things, situations and to people. When you see the negative side of your own behaviour then you may be inclined to do something about it for the better.

We encourage you to not fear the unknown but to experience the joy that flows within all areas of life, including the unknown and uncertain. You can re-frame your mental imagery of the frightening mental picture of what you once thought new looked like to seeing something that is peaceful and joyful. When you don’t know something, even if it’s a new direction or a new day, what you have given yourself is the gift of freedom to learn all limitless possibilities of what is not known…to carve a path that is new and bright with hope towards a new way of living and being. Why carry fear into the unknown when you can bring joy?

When you know you are about to cross the boundary of your comfort zone and enter a new area, learn to flow with what is new and different. Don’t freeze and become stuck. Flow like the water of life that courses through your body and veins. When you embrace change, your confidence rises and your ability to cope and survive greatly improves. When you let go of the fear, you no longer resist learning new things and your ability to retain is that much better.

You may not know what will happen tomorrow, you may not know what will come your way next, but what you do know is that you will be okay because you will flow with whatever changes that may come with enthusiasm and gratitude. The more flexible you become with the many changes life tends to bring Beautiful Bright Hearts, then the more peace and joy you will experience.

You will be greeted with more unexpected challenges, but you don’t have to face them with fear for the uncertain outcome they bring, you can face them with balance and peace; as well as with the joy of knowing all will be fine. All will be as it is meant to. And the process of working through the new and uncertain will provide something beautiful in you to learn and to become more of… your pure, and authentic self.

And so it is…

I AM Ascended Master, Lady Nada…

… through Julie Miller

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“There would be no passion in this world if we never had to fight for what we love.”

Master El Morya via Julie Miller – Impacted by Words – 12-2-14

El MoryaEl Morya   –   Impacted by Words

received by Julie Miller
December 2, 2014

It is easily recognizable that for any results to be known, an action must be applied; sometimes several actions. Now if you don’t act or apply effort there will be no results…quite simple isn’t it?

This simple awareness tells so much of what you are willing to try for and what you are willing to leave aside or behind. You are surrounded by a diverse amount of motivators, but you must discern and pick through what prompts you the most into positive action in order to produce certain results.

This can be a great challenge for many, learning to control the distractions from what is truly motivating in order for you to make intentional choices for the betterment of your own life and journey…one that has the ability to affect others—near or far.

For most people, their emotions is what controls their actions, and in some cases those actions can have some pretty heavy consequences.

But when under control, those same emotions can be what stimulates you into action; to make necessary changes in order to bring those goals you’ve been working on into completion. Instead of allowing the power of your emotions to derail you, you can use that energy to empower you.

The power you hold when you express yourself through written or spoken word is incredible. Depending on the words you choose, you can communicate your thoughts and ideas in a way they can be felt and understood as being either positive or negative.

Making the use of positive vocabulary makes a big difference in how you present yourself, on how your energy and effort is utilized and how others perceive you. So much power is held not just in the words used, but how they sound with use of tone and inflection.

If you are writing, you can make us of special characters, punctuation, and so forth to emphasize your emotions being positive or negative. So much creative and powerful energy fills each of you every time you write or speak.

Every time you choose a word to explain how you feel during any situation you are working through, what you are doing is labeling that feeling or moment. Now how about changing that label?

When you change the label, invariably you change the interpretation of the experience of the situation. See how amazing it is when you change a single word that works as a label, it has the power to change how you view something.

You wield a powerful weapon just by the words that fill your minds and how you make use of them. You have the ability to minimize or intensify a feeling just by how you express a single word.

It is well understood that what you say, either written or verbally has the capability to determine your level of happiness or lack thereof. If you think back to an experience you met that you felt completely wonderful about, but only labeled it pleasing, it will have an impact on your feelings of whatever the experience was, possibly minimizing it.

Now by changing the word to a greater use of positive-ness you will alter the emotional intensity of the experience. Incredible isn’t it.

The more conscious you become of the words you use to represent your feelings and emotions, then you will be able to associate the labels you use for negative feelings and words and begin to follow the trail to why and uncover the reasons there and learn how to make the necessary changes that will turn the situation around; from one that was on the dour side to one that is not so bad… where you can see where the blessings lie and embrace the knowledge being offered as the gift it is from God.

Like the many people who are unaware of this phenomena working within them, they have unintentionally intensified negative experiences and lessened their positive experiences.

As you can see, a lack of awareness can have devastating effects…all it takes is one word to continue an ongoing cycle of negative, disharmonic life experiences or to attract new and pleasant life experiences.

There is not a moment in your life where you have not felt something, either positive or negative about.

And the words you use to label the experience holds the power to your happiness at any moment of any time, regardless of the situation. How you view any experience and the enormity of the situation can easily be defined by how you understand those particular experiences and situations.

No one can control the intensity of any situation, not even God…only you can do this by choosing which word or words are to be used as labels to represent how you are feeling and how those words empower or disempower you.

How often do you associate your experiences with images, pictures that match the labels of the words you choose to represent your feelings? Depending on the words you use for your labels, they will make a difference on the picture your mind uses to describe the effect of that particular experience.

It is understood dear ones that before you can express any feeling, emotion or experience you need to be able to find the words best to describe it.

Try to keep in mind, if the words you select are inaccurate then you have a greater possibility of misrepresenting the experience of that situation to others, and most of all to yourself.

One of the best and most resourceful goals any of you can work at achieving is trying to always be in a calm mental state whenever possible.

When your mindset is in a negative state, it is more difficult to find the reason or purpose in anything as you are too focused on the negative emotions and feelings. But by altering your mindset with the use of words that are positive and empowering, you are gifting yourself with motivation and inspiration.

Each of you already wields the mighty blade of words, now it’s just learning how to make good use of your vocabulary. You are responsible for the direction your mind takes.

By purposely choosing specific word labels to define your experiences, you give yourself the glorious opportunity to empower yourself and give fuel to your journey. When those irritated feelings come for a visit, give yourself a moment to recognize how you feel and why.

Now change the word label used from irritated to being upset, and comprehend the change in your feelings from changing the descriptive word. Only you can let any feeling pass or stay. They only gain control from you allowing them.

Just by simply changing the words you use to describe how you feel at any given time, changes the flow and pattern of thoughts. And any pain associated with certain feelings and words is diminished as well.

You can become a skilled master at using your words effectively by regularly and knowingly lessening the emotional and mental impact of the negative experiences of any situation you face while at the same time increasing positive life experiences.

Knowing how to make good use of your words, can give you this power and this skill can be yours.

You are well aware, that life is filled to the brim of challenges and all challenges can and will be overcome. The difference here dear ones is how you react and respond to them and how much power you give them to control your perception of yourself and of life.

You are encouraged to find the words that motivate and empower you and make use of them especially when you are faced suddenly with dramatic life changing challenges. The use of a single word can improve the quality of your life even if you are going through a challenging trial or tribulation.

Life gives you so much to learn from and through every learning corner there are blessings there for you to uncover.

Don’t go out of your way in search of the negative experiences, allow your life and journey to be equally balanced by embracing the ALL that life has to offer you.

You have within you the ability to empower each step of your journey with the word or words you choose to describe where you are going and how you are going to get there.

Let us end today’s transmission with the word ‘LOVE’ and put that word into your thoughts and feelings and allow this word to be your motivator and see where it takes you.

And so it is…

I AM Ascended Master, El Morya through Julie Miller

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Mario Gattoaladino


Channeled by: Julie Miller






Melchizedek via Julie Miller – De-Conditioning with Love – 9-21-14


De-Conditioning with Love
Melchizedek’s Weekly Message ~ September 21 – 28, 2014
received by Julie Miller / September 21, 2014


Every person is born uniquely different, even if you find some dear souls having close similarities to yourself, they all come with their own unique potential, with their own gifts and naturally born talents. The moment children are born, parents begin grooming the child according to their own wants and needs…they begin conditioning the child to act a certain way and sometimes the conditioning done is destructive and can create unnecessary suffering. There are many parents with the conception that children, while they are young and able to be manipulated are there to serve their parents. Children are a blessing, a gift of love to be cherished…they are the parent’s opportunity to demonstrate unconditional love and compassion, to grow with the child, not just grow the child.

Every dear soul wants to live a happy, peaceful life yet this desire often gets unfulfilled as you meet challenge after challenge, making it difficult to see anything more than resentment and despair. Depending on the severity of your conditioning and how much harm it brought, seeking happiness and love could easily bring along a path that is harmful and potentially destructive. Many dear souls with severe conditioning by their parents or caregivers have difficulty sustaining any love they find as they never were taught to love themselves, to be kind to themselves and to treat others with the same love and kindness.
Those that only know how to love conditionally deliver and share a kind of love that has destructive capabilities. Conditional love is a kind of love that is like a favour, it works on self-esteem and many times pride. Remember dear ones your basic source of your self-esteem began how you were considered by those who took care of you as a child, how they felt towards you, how they professed their love for you. If a parent themselves had parents that did not value themselves, they were brought up on that concept also, that as children…that little person did not receive equal respect as an adult would. How you think of yourself now began as a child, but it doesn’t mean if you currently think poorly of yourself cannot change, because you can undo conditioning, you can become the person you want to be and create a life for yourself that is happy and love filled.
The era which you now live holds so much pressure to love others that many times the person professing love has undervalued the true power of love, a love that is never-ending and unconditional. As a parent you are expected to love your children and as children you are expected to love your parents or caregiver, but doing all that loving is love actually taught to have meaning. When love is professed, is there feeling in the words or are they just words to fill in the space? When working with such strong feelings such as love, there needs to be understanding of what the word and feeling means and not to throw around the sacred words, “I love you,” at a drop of a hat. And the truth is dear ones, many times the people you are conditioned to love, forced to love, told to love are the very people you may not like. As children, if you don’t mutter those words to people you don’t like you will appear ungrateful. This kind of conditioning is harmful to the formation of young minds and to the development of those young minds into adulthood. You live in a society that is so focused on loving that the truth of the heart is often compromised.
To live from the heart, from a place of love is not a forced way of living. It is a way that offers freedom from destructive childhood conditioning, it allows the person to be drawn to others that have similar likes and dislikes and it helps to nurture the love that is present that brought the experience…to unfold deeper potentials of self-discovery, to nurture, to love, to be kind and so forth…but all with meaning that offers fulfillment, happiness and peace.
When love is conditioned, it creates a spiteful way of living, based on demands for affection. It is not healthy and it is not pure from the heart. Love that comes with conditions also comes with the threat of abandonment; which means not being loved at all. Conditional love is a selfish means of controlling another dear soul for their own egoic purpose. Conditional love disempowers your self-esteem, your self-worth becomes critical because everything you do is for someone else and only if they approve you feel worthy. There are many loved starved adults in the world that have not figured out they are worthy and lovable and capable of loving from the heart…changes are needed to see this.
A major change, a development or serious situation has to occur before changes can be implemented. Life-changing alterations can only occur when something has happened for you to see the harm of a certain lifestyle or way of being. Where the light goes on that you deserve to be treated better and to break the chains of your conditioning. Even though most people were never taught about feelings, empathy, how to develop healthy relationships, or what true value means within a family, you can still learn to be who you really want to be by learning to control your mind and learning who you are…to take yourself away from all negative conditioning and see yourself pretty much naked…then what do you see? The answer is you. Just you, ready to look at the world with new eyes, with a new, fresh perspective, a person that is open to new challenges, new directions and has learned to love themselves just as they are…knowing there are yet weaknesses to work on, but focusing on the strengths for empowerment and inspiration.
In order to heal yourself from negative, or harmful conditioning it is important dear ones to comprehend what it means to nurture, to love from the heart, and to give unconditionally kindness and appreciation. Don’t become a prisoner of your own mind, free yourself with love. We know learning to love yourself is not an easy feat when you have been taught to serve others. When you love another, you are sharing a part of yourself, demonstrating without words that you do care about their uniqueness, you have no desire to change them, but you do wish to grow with them, to learn together from each other. Love is beautiful and infinite. When it comes from the heart there are no conditions as it is unconditional.
When you are healing yourself, developing your inner self and growing into the person you wish to become, you are nurturing yourself for the sole purpose of growth, to becoming better than you once were and when you nurture another with love it is for the same reasons, but the experience is no longer solo, it becomes a shared experience. There is no jealousy or competition, there is only encouragement, compassion and enthusiasm for one another.
Try envisioning that the dear soul you wish to share your unconditional love with as a very rare and delicate flower. This rare flower requires tender, loving care in order for it to develop and to bloom properly in all its colour and heavenly fragrance. Flowers are considered as blessings, they bring about smiles and laughter, and they are appreciated by many. Now take this idea or concept when you are nurturing another person, see them as delicate flowers in need of upliftment, love and care. As you nurture another dear soul with such care, you are also nurturing yourself which is just as important.
If you think about it, a newly born child is also a flower. He or she is need of nurturing, to be grown and developed with pure love and care at each step. You never ask the flowers that you have grown to be anything more than the flower that they are. You appreciate it for what it is. Even if it grows missing a petal or doesn’t quite grow the right colour, you don’t destroy it, you continue to care for it with love and focused attention. Each person, young or old is a flower to be appreciated, to be loved and cared for.
In order to make the changes you are about to bring that will help you overcome any conditioning you have been brought to live by, you must first begin to understand that you are not your mind, you are not your thoughts and most definitely you are not your feelings. Become the observer of your mind, explore what you find, uncover truths and learn that as you develop your awareness and wake to your true self that you dear ones are consciousness, you are love and you are very much capable of giving and receiving pure unconditional love and compassion, and not just occasionally but always. When you become the observer of yourself, it is important to observe with the barest of attention, to look without judgement, to look for the potential and opportunity to learn, to grow and to change what is not liked. Any changes you make, are done by you and never by anyone else; they are your responsibility to see them through. Yes the going may get a little tough and you might find yourself facing some truths or difficulties, but you will rise above them stronger and more knowledgeable. Stop comparing yourself with others, stop badgering yourself to be this or that, and start being you.
Make your consciousness become a tool, become more aware of your whole self and the world around you. Don’t allow fear to prevent you from displaying real compassion for yourself or towards others. It takes time to heal and to overcome conditioning, be gentle with yourself. As you heal, don’t only look to yourself, make the courage reach to others for support, love and guidance and remember to reach to us, to God or to the deity you are closest to. End the need to see yourself with angry eyes and see yourself with love, unlock the prison of your mind and free yourself through your heart.
As you learn to nurture, to be kind and love yourself don’t forget to appreciate the most important relationship you could ever have; the relationship with yourself. Before you can love any other person, one of God’s creatures, a flower or anything else that has meaning to you, you must be able to love yourself. In order to love yourself you need to be able to accept all of yourself just as you are. See yourself as being valuable, as being worthy, with the inner knowing that God does support you and is always there for you; He’s only a heartbeat away dear ones.
When you are relaxed in your mind, where you feel safe and secure after giving yourself the necessary time to heal from the selfless nurturing you applied then you can allow the wounded parts of your Self to come into your body and mind so they can be healed and let go. By focusing inwardly and by allowing the healing process to filter into other aspects of you, even into the wounded parts of your mental and emotional faculties, you are permitting yourself to feel. By going inward dear ones, you are slowing down any pain or despair once felt and allowing any feelings to slow down and to dissipate once and for all. You are able to then see how pure, unconditional love can heal all that you may have blocked, refused to admit; all that has been restricting you to love and to be at your full potential. You have the ability dear ones, always have to free yourself of any painful moment. We encourage you to let go of the disharmonic feelings and emotions, give them to God—trust in Him to take them and replace them with love. Don’t be frightened, love yourself enough to grow and to develop naturally, at a pace that is perfect for you. When the pain of any conditioning or hurt from any mistreatment has left, then you also end creating additional pain from day-to-day living. Instead of choosing fear, resentment or shame, you are choosing love, compassion and appreciation. You fill your mind with thoughts of gratitude and love and your perception is no longer distorted, but full of clarity.
It is vital to maintain the process of overcoming conditioning and hurts from difficult situations as it helps to further develop a deeper openness and you continue to have a relationship with your consciousness. You are no longer living in the past, you are embracing the present knowing it is a gift. You are not feeling absent of left behind, you are feeling connected and you are able to feel and know that you have an unlimited reservoir of love and it comes from within you. If you ever doubt this inner well of love, simply seek God, He will illuminate the path back to your heart which is forever joined with His. You will come to the conclusion dear ones that as you go within yourself for nurturing, for growth, change and to learn who and what you want to be, you discover that there truly is a flower there of great beauty and of great value, one that is divinely unique and special and that flower is you.

I AM Melchizedek through Julie Miller

Lady Nada via Julie Miller – Peace Yourself Together – 9-10-14

Mario Gattoaladino

Archangel Ariel – Become Your Spectrum Self – via Julie Miller – 2-25-14


Message from Archangel Ariel  /  Received by Julie Miller

February 24, 2014

Before we begin the message that has been prepared for you today, let us give thanks to the day that is before us, a day gifted by God, a day that is filled from the morning you open your eyes and until you finally lay yourself down to rest is filled with unlimited potential and opportunity to bring in new changes, to grow and to develop in many new and wondrous ways, and let us give thanks to this dear vessel for allowing me to come forward once again to speak to all of you. Thank you.

Regardless of the kind of relationship you have, whether your concerns are with family, friends, co-workers or people that you may pass by or those that serve you in a number of ways are there for you to build upon and to maintain. The cementing used to build and maintain any relationship is created with an important mixture of trust, compassion and acceptance of the other person. Of course there will be differences, how could there not? It is essential to take into account the differences that are apparent, understanding you are not meant to be exactly like the other person, and even if you have some of the same interests and it is through these interests that draw you together, it is equally important to accommodate the differences as well as what you find compatible in order to build a long-lasting connection.

How well do you know the other person or persons? Have you become so used to their presence that you have taken them for granted and not noticed that after all this time that they have changed right before your eyes? The truth dear ones, is that it is not easy learning about many different people that are different from you and from your beliefs, but it does make a huge difference when you take the time to learn more about your friend, family member, co-worker and even the cashier that rang in your groceries without being overly inquisitive. It is important for you to acknowledge that each person that crosses your path was meant to and touches a place inside you even if they only came into your life once. When you show pure and genuine interest with another person, that energy is felt and kept for a very long time and remembered.

One of the easiest ways to get to know someone is by asking questions about important things. When you take the time to learn of the other person’s values, you are building a connection and the connection you are building demonstrates you have an openness to learn, that you accept the other person for their values and differences and it brings about respect that is mutual. When the other person is sharing their values and beliefs, it is only normal to share your own and when you do prepare yourself to be challenged if the other person does not understand. Don’t always jump to the defensive or provide a hateful reply. Appreciate the challenge because the other person is now learning about your values. If you are not comfortable with certain questions let the person know they have probed a little too deeply. Remember not everyone is on the same level of understanding or awareness. Be patient, demonstrate compassion and learn to share what you are comfortable with sharing…it is a beginning and positive development for future sharings.

If you are alone and not romantically involved with anyone, there is no problem with this and for some people being alone is a conscious choice. There is a lot to learn when it is just you. Even if you live alone, it is important to be able to reach to others, like a friend or family member for companionship and human comfort. We understand it can be hard to be on your own at times. We encourage you to learn positive ways to be with yourself that is healthy and rewarding…become a spectrum whole self.

There are so many different variables that surround the issues of building harmony within relationships. People from families that have broken down for one reason or another may find it difficult to connect to others, but at the same time they are yearning to make that special connection that does work. Work at enjoying the life that is in front of you, while you are working at making deeper and meaningful connections with others. Don’t abandon the enjoyment of life because you are working on achieving a connection with another dear soul. Sometimes family has no blood relation, remember dear ones there are many dear souls that you can connect with that is not out of your reach that are family to your soul. They can become your source of strength if you let them and never forget you always have God to turn to and He is always there waiting for when you need Him, holding His loving arms out to you to catch you in His infinite embrace.

It is vital to keep in mind that the prolific relationships are derived from pure and honest living, loving and from sharing. When a dear soul is living purely and honestly, they are not out to control others, they allow others to live as they choose as long as there is no harm being done to others around them. They are not there trying to change others, but they remain open and available if guidance and support is needed. Opinions and preferences are not forced because they genuinely enjoy who they are with for who they are.

When you come from a loving place and you demonstrate this energy towards another, you are giving yourself in the capacity you can unconditionally. This is clearly one of the hardest things for so many dear souls to do within any relationship mainly because emotions get in the way and create a warped perspective in your sense of responsibility. We know when you love; you love deeply, but if your love is pure, you will not try to shape certain conditions upon those you love that are based on your likes and not theirs. There are ways to bring the best out of someone without being forceful. If you see a diamond of a person but is still in the rough stages, simply be patient and gently keep rubbing away their debris, earning their respect, love and trust in return and in time you will be rewarded by a gem that sparkles beyond anything your imagination could conjure up.

Sharing in any relationship brings people together in harmony. Harmony is balancing and essential to any relationship and of its foundation. It is important to point out that any relationship is never about JUST you, they are about the other person and you working as WE. Of course there will be rough patches and difficulties in your relationships. The difficulties in life are how you grow as a person and when they include people you have built a relationship with, they can help you grow together. When problems arise within a relationship, even if it’s a platonic friendship, it’s important to not allow the issue to put aside because by ignoring the issue, the issue festers and becomes toxic over time and will damage the structure of your relationship and many times this structure becomes so damaged that it is irreparable. Learn to talk and to communicate openly and with respect to each other’s feelings. Express your feelings and concerns about what you are thinking about and don’t allow judgements from other people cloud your own thoughts and perception of what is in front of you. Yes it is important to be circumspect but don’t be so cautious that you miss the point of your need to share your concerns.

Because there is so much involved in relationships and having them flow harmoniously, it is essential to be willing to take complete responsibility for all your words and actions that you expressed if you truly wish for the relationship to continue. As adults, you are expected to be responsible for what you say and do yet we see even now among your modern world how many adults are not taking responsibility or being accountable for any wrongs they may have done towards another…blame becomes an easy scapegoat and all blame does is create guilt and feelings of inadequacies onto the other person. A lack of responsibility damages the growth of any relationship. One of the best ways to improve a troubled relationship dear ones is simply removing the need to blame and to accept responsibility where it is needed and to work together to discover feasible solutions rather than complaining about what is not there or what is wrong.

By working together, you grow together. You may have a good friend for many years or married your best friend, but even after a few years this person has changed and so have you. You both changed even from 5 years ago to now. To assume that this person has remained exactly the same while you know you have changed is very unrealistic. It is sentimental to remember the person you became friends at the time you met, but that person has grown and so have you. Take a look at the relationships you have now, the ones with your children, with your spouse, with other family members and friends. Observe how they changed over the past 4 or 5 years or from the time they came into your life. Have you missed some developments because you looked away and were too preoccupied with your own life, or have you watched them grow and noticed their stretches upwards and sideways that helped them reach to where they are now? A good and long-lasting relationship requires growing room, not just for the other person but for you as well. The space provided for growth and development must be nurtured by compassion, love and by your openness to be the strength they need when necessary. When you are able to bring out the best in each other, that is the true and genuine telling of a good relationship, and this doesn’t have to be between lovers, this kind of relationship can be found with friends, other family members, customer service people, and other people that you associate with often.

Try to remember dear ones, that when each person that you are connected with grows, this does not mean your relationship has to end, it simply means some of its dynamics has changed. And if you can accept the changes, then you also move with the changes. There very well may be some major changes that come about that you are not compatible with and such changes can create a disruption in your relationship. When you feel you are growing apart and you are absolutely sure there is no fixing to change the sudden course of events, then understand that some relationships do come to an end. Knowing this dear ones; every person from every relationship you have had and from those you are still part of, all come with important life lessons. Now you can choose to only see the negative ones, but they are also rich with positive life lessons if you are willing to open yourself to embrace them.

All relationships require love and care in order for them to flourish and continue. By allowing someone you are connected with to be untended, the survival of your relationship is less than favourable. It is important to find time for just you and this person, where there are no interruptions – just you and the other person. One-on-one time is nurturing and it helps to keep the structure of the relationship strong. The time together doesn’t need to a big just as long is quality time well spent…together. When you have finally found time to be with your friend, spouse, family member or even co-worker ensure you providing your full attention and not demonstrating boredom or distraction…show you are interested in what they have to say and in them.

We understand that being with friends and family members that don’t live in the same city, state, province or country can be a challenge, but now with so many technological advances there are many ways to connect and to nourish your relationships. One thing we encourage you to assume is Faith – have faith in the people you are connected to; trust them and believe in them for just as they are. We are positive there will be times when your faith, trust and belief in people will be tested. You will cross paths with people that will abuse your trust and will abuse our faith and we urge you to forgive them and allow your heart to guide you to the right way to go. Don’t always assume people are out to harm or to do wrong, it is far better for you to assume that others will do the right thing because you prefer to attract positive, love-filled energy. If you look at the world and the people that share your earthly home through eyes that are angry and critical, there will not be any relationships for you to build upon or maintain that will be long-lasting. Trust your intuition about people; learn to follow the direction of your heart when interacting with others. Who is once a stranger can easily become your best friend.

When you indicate to another dear soul that you believe in them and that you trust in them and have faith, you then become a source of encouragement and illumination. When trust, belief and faith is recognized it is harder to break as breaking one of these attributes doesn’t just bring harm to one person, it brings harm to both. When you have a relationship that is built on compassion, acceptance and trust; choices become different because the choices don’t only affect one individual, but have the capacity of affecting all that have become part of the deep relational connection. Understand dear ones relationships not only require responsibility but they also require commitment. Stand behind the dear souls that you trust, give them the support they need and believe in them – become the rock if they are weathering a storm and become a comfortable place to be at any time of their journey.

It is understood that many people among you prefer to live complicated lives instead of living in simplicity. Knowing this, it is important to not see things in black or in white, remember there are other colours in the spectrum that are important and help fill your life. Just because someone is different from how you think or how they choose to live their life doesn’t mean they don’t deserve your respect, compassion or acceptance. Instead of seeking to discredit someone’s differences, seek to understand the reason behind your clouded judgement and from your discoveries and explorations you will come to the conclusion that you are not just learning about them, you are learning about you in the process.

And so it is…

I AM Archangel Ariel through Julie Miller

El Morya – The Whisperings of Your Inner Voice – via Julie Miller – 2-26-14

El Morya
El Morya

Ascended Master, El Morya’s Weekly Message ~ February 25 – March 04, 2014

Received by Julie Miller  /  February 25, 2014

There is no doubt that you have heard your inner voice before, and there have been times you have trusted this inner voice, your voice of wisdom – it is this inner voice that knows what is best for you, but so many times you turn away from your inner voice, or you have allowed yourself to become so distracted that you no longer can hear it. When you tune into your inner voice and learn to trust in what it is whispering, the choices you make and the decisions you choose will seem as if they are answering themselves. When we urge you to follow your heart, it is because the direction your heart is leading you towards will never fail you. It is when you allow your over-processed mind to step in and decide against what your heart is telling you what is right for you at that given time that creates complications.

When you learn to listen to the wisdom of your inner voice, you will discover not only your true and authentic self, but you will recognize what stirs your soul with the greatest of passion and this dear ones becomes your driving force that propels you forward each and every time. For the many dear souls who have yet to exercise the wisdom found from listening to their inner voice, trust will be a huge hurdle to overcome; as they must learn to trust what they cannot see or hear with ears, but learn to know from knowing that is instinctual and intuitive. There are so many reasons why hearing your inner voice is so difficult that makes it even more difficult to trust. And the more you explore yourself, the more you will uncover.

Even if you are somehow unaware of the workings of your mind, understand dear ones your mind is constantly busy and flooded by waves upon waves of thoughts, feelings, emotions and information that is gushing and flowing for attention and for action. There are times when your mind does slow down, but it never stops. If you truly take a moment or two to gauge your mind, you too will realize that you never shut down your mind – you are constantly thinking, processing, analyzing, interpreting, judging, giving comments and making suggestions all day and many times you allow your mind to draw you into its unstructured and uncontrolled flow without even thinking twice.

Now if you were to slow down your stream of thoughts and reflect upon them then it is possible for you to recognize that inside your mind is a voice that is something like a narrator of story but the story is not something you read to your child, the story is your life and the voice of your mind is your ego. Many times this voice may seem to be loud whereas other times soft and gentle. Knowing you have so many emotional voices in your head, ones that are angry, frustrated, forceful, loving, compassionate, etc., it becomes difficult to hone in on your actual inner voice – the voice of your wisdom, the voice that is knowing, loving and kind.

Just for a moment dear ones, consider your true and authentic self as being the source of your wisdom has no voice. Instead of connecting to you with certain words and thoughts, it connects to you through another method. Comprehend dear ones, Inner Wisdom is all sensory and connects to you through certain sensations, feelings and emotions found within your body – the trick is noticing them.

We know you get these sensations all the time, but because your day is so busy and your mind is often distracted you have chosen to ignore most of them because you have not allowed yourself to tune in to their meaning or purpose. So many dear souls are rusty when it comes to interpreting the message coming to them from their inner voice. What we have observed is that even if you have some amount of understanding to what you are sensing and feeling, many times you are too fearful to trust what you are feeling and choose to not investigate further and not to follow through the wisdom that is coming through from your inner voice. It is the force behind your egotistic mind that prevents you from hearing your inner voice, it will drown out its wisdom so drastically that its whispers become imperceptible and obscure until you learn to rise above your ego.

We have a simple exercise for you: Think about something you’ve wanted to do or try but you have held back for many reasons. The reasons could easily seem logical or even rational at the time for why you haven’t started, but in truth you are afraid to begin, you may be afraid you will do something wrong or fail, but seriously how would you know if you don’t try? Think about the outcome you wish to reach and think about how important and significant this is to you and what it means for you to succeed in something you have wanted to do but held back. Will it help fulfill you if you began making steps towards this new direction, would it help you grow and develop by completing it and how will it help you grow?

When you know you have been holding yourself back, even in a conversation understand why this is dear ones. Speaking openly and honestly from your true self can be daunting, but if you don’t tell the other person how you are feeling, how then are you to resolve any issues or share your thoughts or concerns? Speaking from your true self, being honest and genuine seems to be such a difficult thing for so many to do, but the more you do even in little things, the greater your confidence grows and the easier it becomes to speak up, and share your ideas and what is bothering you. Your inner voice is there whispering dear ones, encouraging you forward, stop your mind from its busy attempt to distract you and just allow yourself to be and you will hear.

If you really think about it honestly and truthfully, you will agree that what you want is what is best for you and it’s always best to trust yourself and take appropriate action that will bring you into alignment with your values and true self. Your inner voice is gentle, not at all forceful. Your inner voice will instruct you with suggestions, there will be no force, simply an invitation to make a choice. Knowing this, your authentic self also knows and understands that you deserve to share your truth, but also realizes that you resist this part of your Self. You may be overcome by tightness or discomfort in your stomach from a lack of trust and use of your intuition. Then your mind takes over and creates larger issues by having you second guess yourself and having you feel uncomfortable instead of confident within any situation and many times can create fear where there was none before.

Life is hard; it can be frightening. It is important to admit to yourself that some choices and decisions are scary. What is important is not to become stuck in the fear of trying. Sometimes you had to learn the hard way, you have gained scars and bumps along the way and because of the experiences you have met, the wisdom you have accumulated is second to none. But it is your ego and busy mind that has you becoming your biggest critic. And at first your ego may seem as if it’s trying to protect you from tasting the full flavour of life, but eventually your ego will make you its prisoner. Understand it is not silly nor is it foolish to listen to your heart and to trust the sensations you get from this divine core of your being. Don’t deny yourself the happiness you deserve by listening to your ego – tune into your heart and allow your inner voice to be heard through its subtle energies and ways.

Did you know dear ones, every time you choose to not follow your inner voice and the guidance from your heart your energy becomes depleted? There is a sense and feeling of a loss of personal power brings feelings like sadness and sometimes a deadening kind of feeling. You are encouraged to become more attentive to your sensations and to your emotions, because like all things time will provide you the healing and nurturing required and the understanding of the value of your inner voice and of the directions found from its guidance.

If you want to start something new but were afraid to begin, just think dear ones of the outcome you wish to achieve that include all the positive possibilities that could result if you followed the direction of your inner voice. As you enter a new and more positive mind-set, your intuition will be able to flow more freely as you begin to relax into your freer self, the self that is not overcome by a forceful ego, the self that is aware and knowing. As you continue to consider all the possibilities of this new direction, how you will grow, by answering certain questions about yourself, you become more connected with your total self. You learn the importance of honouring your values by ending the smothering pattern your thoughts once were that were governed by your ego. You begin to nurture yourself and your mind in new positive ways and you will feel great as a result. When your total self is at peace and your mind is quiet, your inner voice is then able to come forward.

There very well may be times when challenges will trigger negative thinking and thoughtforms to reappear, and you will feel yourself become uncomfortable and tight once again. Listen to your body’s signals – pay attention. Your inner voice is speaking to you through subtle sensations that are for you to recognize then take appropriate action to bring peace and calm back to your mind, and not to give in to panic that will lead to stress and upset. Trust dear ones in your inner self and voice. Even if your ego is frightened, your inner self, will know exactly what to do because it is derived from love.

The more you practice tuning into your inner voice, the more you will trust in its direction, and the more your confidence will rise. Decisions will become easier as you have more faith in the wisdom that is coming from your inner voice and life becomes simpler, calmer and definitely more enjoyable.

Always trust your heart, your intuition and inner voice. They know what is best for you always – and you deserve to truly live a life that is honest, heart-felt and authentic.

And so it is…

I AM Ascended Master, El Morya through Julie Miller