Sananda via Dr Kathryn E May – We Have Your Back – Keep Going! – 12-12-14

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Channeler Kathryn E. May


I wish to continue the conversation with all of you after our historic radio program last night. Archangel Michael and I followed up an amazing program on Ascension training with what we think of as our “Call to Action.” I hope all of you reading this will listen to it, so that you can hear the love and commitment in our voices, and understand deeply how important these days really are.

As our Kathryn has described on the show, we in the Company of Heaven, your Masters and Guides, Mother/Father God and Prime Creator have joined with you to begin a focused and powerful surge of clearing and stabilizing of the energies around the Earth. We have debated long and carefully in the Councils to guarantee that we have not transgressed the contract we had with all of you not to usurp your free will, no matter what. Unfortunately, that original contract did not take into account that this would give the dark ones an advantage, since they are thoroughly unscrupulous and did not adhere to their original contract to give up control years ago.

Some of you have complained about this, feeling that the deck was stacked against you, that the conditioning of thousands of years of oppression left humankind so traumatized that you were not able to bounce back from it. We saw that since the Reptilians were removed, you have continued to generate the fear-based waves of darkness, without realizing that you were causing the dangerous warp in the electromagnetic field.

In an impassioned plea to the Council, Kathryn convinced Prime Creator and many others that the only reasonable recourse was to help you in a more intensive way for a time, so that you can maintain the progress you have made without being swamped by the dark thoughtforms swirling around you. It was agreed that our intervention could be calibrated to yours in a completely synchronistic way. As you clear away dark thoughtforms within yourself and your environment, we will follow, sustaining and supporting what you have done.

We will not permit the darkness to envelop you any longer, our beloved Lightworkers. We do literally “have your back.” In this way, you maintain your free will, while we protect you from the inadvertent assault by others who are not yet awake. It is a more active and personal intervention than we have ever been allowed to take part in, but it is takes into account the spirit of our original agreement, which was that we would all come here to experience whatever comes in the duality experience, including darkness. It was our strong belief that we could overcome all darkness because of the strength of our souls and the creative drive toward Light that is inherent in the human species.

As the Galactic brothers and sisters who created this original Great Plan, we understood that humanity is also characterized by sensitivity, empathy and can be overwhelmed by seeing pain in themselves and others. We thought of this as a positive quality, one of the things that endeared you to us and to the entire cosmos. Unfortunately, since humanity is a relatively new species, we did not foresee that this sensitivity and tendency toward deep love connections would also bring many to the breaking point – the point of losing hope and faith. Our hearts ached for you as you struggled against the growing darkness, continuing on in spite of the growing odds, forging ahead one day, sliding back into darkness the next.

As our original Plan progressed, with great waves of Light being sent to you from the Great Central Sun, we saw that this had the effect for some of you of rubbing salt in your wounds, so to speak. You felt the rising tide of Light and change within yourselves, and you experienced the backlash more and more intensely as those who were invested in the status quo fought harder to maintain their control, at all costs. As the Light increased, so did the ugliness, violence and competition, and the coverage of it on the media. Our removing the ability for governments to initiate nuclear war had the effect of turning the violence inward, creating conflict between individuals and armed groups rather than nations.

Now, understand that our original contract did call for opposition to our Prosperity programs. ISIS is not a surprise, but the effect on the world populace has been for many to feel the hopelessness of believing that no matter how hard you tried, an endless stream of evil would appear out of nowhere to crush your best efforts to gain control of your destinies.

Of course it is true that ISIS is a creation of the secret world government, whose funding originates primarily from the U.S. Knowing this has the effect of turning the citizens against their elected government, and is going to help to bring down the old system. Unfortunately, Americans are confused about who the real culprits are – those in power who threaten and hire hit squads to eliminate anyone who stands against their absolute power. It is not apparent from the news coverage who those dark ones really are.

It takes clear vision and the ability to look behind the words and publicly reported actions to identify the ones who are dedicated participants in strangling the working and middle class, promoting the power of the corporations, and creating a New World Order of their own liking. By the same token, it is difficult to identify the White Hats (our boots on the ground), because they have carefully cultivated the appearance of cooperating or even leading the dark ones. This is not a new tactic on our part. Remember the Lucifer Project? Lucifer was our powerful double agent, working for the Light while convincing the dark ones he was their legitimate leader.

You see, it takes a certain amount of strategy to support our Boots on the Ground, to protect all of you long enough to help you put your plans in place before revealing to all who was really behind the massive shift that is just around the corner. An important part of that strategy is to disguise our undercover Lightworkers as Dark Hats. Those of you who are operating at a high vibration will resonate with them, regardless of what others say, but allowing your vibration to drop will leave you feeling confused and suspicious, unable to discriminate between the true culprits and the powerful White Hats who are here to help you.

This presents us with a “Catch 22” condition: Our clever strategies leave those who are still asleep or dozing in a state of confusion, which adds to their despair and belief that all are corrupt, and things are hopeless. This is why we appeal to you now to join with us, help us to clear away the dark thoughtforms, in yourself first. This will raise the Light quotient on the planet in a way you cannot possibly understand, looking at it from behind the Veil.

In our recent messages, and in the tools you have been given by Kathryn, Meg and her family of Light, you are being offered a clear and simple program you can use to raise yourself immediately to a higher plane. Please go to the email message or to the newly named Facebook page, Who Needs Light, to find the Enlightenment Tools. This includes the flow chart that will take you step by step through the process of identifying and clearing dark thoughtforms, the use of the Ho’oponopono prayer, a case study showing how to use the program and how profound the results can be, and a word list to help you sort out your feelings. I ask Kathryn to put all the links below.

You may have seen our new website, It is completely redesigned to express the Love and Light we feel in our hearts and to offer greater flexibility to hold all the resources we offer you – all of them freely given, all generated through our long and productive relationship with Kathryn and her team. Every message has been carefully crafted to present the information we wished to bring to you at the time. You will feel the spirit of Love in ever word. Do not hesitate to read them several times. You will learn more each time.

Now, back to our appeal to you. We have given you these tools so that you can now step into the position of leading this project. Our response is now calibrated carefully to reinforce and increase the effect of your actions. For the first time in the history of our Great Plan, we have been given the latitude to act in intimate partnership with each and every one of you, resonating powerfully in tune with your highest vibrations, and maintaining the effect of your efforts even as you sleep or go about your demanding lives.

We are working tirelessly to support you, to literally keep you afloat as you propel us all forward. We have never coordinated so closely, focused so intently, or generated so much Light to fill every corner of your planet and all its grids and surrounding energy systems.

Now it is personal, Beloved Ones. We are working for you, and we need your help. We will sustain our efforts as long as necessary, as long as you are taking command of your part of the program – to raise the vibration of the planet from your position on the ground.

My dear brother Michael told you last night in the most eloquent way just how much we need your love and support, channeled through your light pillar to us, to combine with ours. The total effect is uplifting for all of us, and increases our power exponentially. This action on your part gives us increasing Light energy, as we refocus and direct our Light to help you stabilize and balance, then move forward again.

This message is to tell you, Dear Ones – IT IS WORKING! Please KEEP GOING! Remained focused and diligent along with us, moving forward shoulder to shoulder with us in the perfectly choreographed march toward the Light we envisioned long ago. It is with tears in our eyes and joy in our hearts that we tell you WE ARE SUCCEEDING!

Mother Terra is filled with joy and gratitude as she is finally able to make great progress on clearing away the residues of toxins and destruction, and she is now able to maintain it for the first time!

Breathe with us, Dear Ones, feel with us the hope and promise of a New Earth, close along our path. We see a glorious future for you. We must complete the building of that future together. At this point, we see that you cannot do it alone, and you should not be expected to, but we cannot do anything without your leading the way. Lead us on, Beloved Ones! Lead us on!

Lift your eyes and your hearts to the skies. Send us your Light and your Love as we send you ours. Search out your deep connection with your twin flame, your Guides and Angels. Use that connection to forge the rainbow bridge that will keep us always in tune with each other. We are creating a tsunami of Love, and it will sweep all in its path into the New Golden Age.

I love you without end, as you have loved me.
I am your Sananda.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, December 11, 2014

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The Company of Heaven – Breaking Through to the Light – The New Age Is About To Begin – via Dr Kathryn E May

 Company of Heaven


The Company of Heaven: Breaking Through to the Light

Dear Ones, we wanted to send you a brief message today, since our channel, Kathryn was traveling and was not able to work with us yesterday. We want you to know that there is a great flurry of activity around the world concerning the Global Currency Reset, which is going to create a tremendous change for everyone.

It has been a long and difficult road for our representatives on the ground, but the gentle arm-twisting for God, as we jokingly call it, has had a real impact, and one by one nations have fallen into line. Even the old cabal leaders are feeling completely outnumbered for the first time in recent memory. They have not been able to railroad their programs through or bully others into doing their bidding.

You have seen the tremendous shift in power from West to East just in the last few weeks. We want to reassure you that this will not mean the end of prosperity for the Western world. Just the opposite. The Chinese Dragon Family – the great Lightworkers who have guarded their part of the St. Germain trust until this historic moment – are intent on helping to create a humane and prosperous world for everyone, and they have proceeded carefully, with deep thought for all involved.

What a triumph it is to see the pieces fall into place. How we wish you could see what we are watching! The Lightworkers on the ground who have worked for many years in secret and in silence will soon be able to come forward to receive your blessings and thanks, and they will be able to join in the celebration at last. We are endlessly grateful for their dedication and their long service. You will be astonished when you learn what they have managed to accomplish in spite of the cabal control of nearly every institution on the planet.

It has reached a point of no return now. The New Golden Age we proclaimed this year is coming into full flower, and when the curtain opens for the first act, you will not believe your eyes! Such dedication, such resourcefulness and Love has gone into creating this pageant for the enjoyment of all! Every soul has played a part. Some have labored behind the scenes for a lifetime to nurture and shape the outcome you will see bursting forth on the world stage as if by magic, out of nowhere.

Ahhh, how we enjoy the anticipation of your astonishment and awe when you learn the truth of how enormous this Great Plan really is, and how many thousands have played an important role in its success. Yes, of course, we are sounding a bit mysterious and vague, but that is still necessary for a few more days, for the successful roll-out of the first wave of blessings.

We have worked with you every day for months now to help prepare you for this time. Some of you have opened your hearts and your minds to drink in the Love and information we sent you to set you free. Most of you have taken some of it and used it sparingly. A few have rejected it outright under pressure from naysayers, family “skeptics” and the weight of cultural blindness. The trouble with these few is that they try to take all of you with them, but you have held the line. You have refused to be discouraged from following the energy of Love and Light which lifts you ever higher, away from fear and doubt and into a new way of life.

We applaud you for withstanding the pressure and ignoring the fear-mongers who would have you stay at home taking endless medications and feeling old and worn. Arise, Dear Ones! Stretch your legs, shake off the doldrums of waiting for life to get better. Get to work now on what you are building to make the world the Paradise you saw in the back of your mind since early childhood. Gather your team. Be an effective coach and organizer. Help others to envision their own parts in the good work you will be doing together.

You are all discovering your special talents. You all have them, you know. Perhaps you are a “get-it-done” kind of person who loves to arrange things and lay the groundwork for others. Perhaps you are one who loves the hands-on details of completing a job when others become distracted by grand plans. You see, you will all be needed, and no project will be the work of one person, or one person’s vision. You have already begun the new era – the shift from yang to yin, from individual superstars to group consciousness, and you are feeling the power of joint authorship, joint ownership and joined hearts.

You are moving into a phase when all competition for resources and even for fame and wealth will melt away into the distance, never to return. The new entrepreneurs will be team players, and the leaders of your new age will be connected to their hearts, or they will not be permitted to lead. Falseness and pompous threats and promises will be baldly revealed for the ego manipulations they really are, and you will be freed from having to observe the nastiness of attack ads by desperate political hacks. A new era of genuine statesmanship will emerge when money and politics are completely disentangled.

Yes, you have so much to look forward to, the lists would be endless. We hope you are getting a taste of what you can now reasonably hope to achieve when you set out to improve things around you. You will be amazed how doors will open, where impermeable obstacles once blocked your way. Much of this is due to the new vibrations of Love you have all been immersed in. It is working, Beloveds, it is truly working.

We will return to keep you informed, to give you new details when you need them. We will ask Kathryn to continue these messages on a very frequent basis, although they may not be every day as they have been for months now. We have a few other assignments we wish to ask of her, to use her channeling skills to help bring in new programs, to share information with others on the ground to make their work come to fruition faster, and other foundation work to help bring in the new. You will be included in the family of Lightworkers who will be helping with these new beginnings as well.

We wish you a pleasant and restful day and evening, to restore your energies and lift your hearts for the next great adventure together.

We are the Company of Heaven, your Masters and Guides who are here with you every step of the way. We continue to send our endless Love to you, eternally. Namaste, all!

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, October 10, 2014, 11 pm, New York

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The New Scriptures, by Sananda/Jesus

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Lady Portia – You Carry The Ball – via Dr Kathryn E May – 9-28-14

St. Germain and I are taking turns talking to you in these last moments before the world turns completely around. We love talking to you, and we have both been so busy working with the government officials and world financial leaders that we have remained, like a bug in their ears, completely involved with the day to day operations of the unfolding Prosperity Programs. Of course, we have told you that we can be in many places at a time, but it is also sometimes more effective if we pull much of our energies together for a short time to focus as intensely as possible on a single person or group. Adamos and I enjoy combining our vibrational power to apply the violet flame when needed, or to send enormous waves of Love right into the heart of a recalcitrant one whose actions are important to the greater good.

It has been increasingly effective as we join forces with you on the ground who are sending such Love and compassion to your brothers and sisters. We observe the flow of loving energy in the environment the way you would see a drop of food coloring in a glass of water. The swirling waves of color and light move through the atmosphere like ribbons of Light. We see the energy being sent especially to the Middle East, to the areas of conflict, and to the leaders of the banking and finance, many who have been aligned with the cabal in the past. Your vibrational messages of Love are literally bowling them over. Keep up the good work!

Your planned meditations are especially effective, like when you send out your energy at 11 minutes past the hour. We love it when you join your energy with ours to create a golden wave of uplifting and joyful vibrations. It speeds the changes we all want to bring into effect, and we cannot do it without you. It is part of the contract we have had with you from the beginning: We cannot send more energy to effect change than you do. This creates a fair balance, and it means that we can never bring about any change that you have not begun to create yourselves. This way, you are always leading the way, designing and manifesting the world you envision. Then we can throw our energies behind helping you.

You see, we must always allow you to have at least the 51% share of the influence upon the conditions on your planet. It is part of the Universal Laws that we cannot intervene in the local affairs of a planet’s day to day activities. The only exception has been if the people engage in building nuclear-type weapons, because that, as we have told you, is dangerous to the entire Multiverse. It was decided in the Councils that it would never again be allowed that your military zealots unleash nuclear explosions, either for testing or in battle.

Of course, now they have designed missiles which can be made from small amounts of depleted uranium, the waste product from your nuclear power plants. The use of nuclear power to create electricity was an insane idea from the beginning, since the scientists had no idea how to dispose of the waste or how to control the powerful reactions if some small error or leak occurs. It was a truly foolhardy idea, sold to the people as a panacea, but in truth it was simply another massively profitable experiment because of the enormous expense of building and maintaining the extremely dangerous plants, and the impossibility of disposing of the waste.

Needless to say, there is no good way to dispose of a substance with a half-life of thousands of years, and no known way in your world to neutralize its toxic effects. Of course the builders were aware of this when they convinced their friends the politicians to approve of their irresponsible plans, but everyone understood at the time that the waste products might just be a useful source of military weapons, as they have become. You have seen the effect of this factor in the discussions of Iran’s nuclear capabilities and the waste from their reactors. It is a world-wide ticking bomb.

For this reasons, it was determined that the Ashtar Command would begin a program of clearing away the nuclear waste, using advanced technologies brought to bear on the problem by your galactic brothers and sisters. There has been an effective intervention in many parts of the world, commensurate with the activity on the ground to stop the proliferation of nuclear weapons and to decommission nuclear power plants. It has been unfortunate that since nuclear power plant spills and accidents have been mostly covered up, there has been a rather indifferent attitude on the part of the people. It is the common belief that since the plants have not exploded all around the world, there must not be much danger.

There has been little discussion in the media about the parts of the world that have been massively polluted by the Fukushima accident; it hardly makes the mainstream news that entire coastlines have been devastated by the movement of ocean currents carrying the radioactive waste. You have been told it was completely cleaned up by the Galactics, but unfortunately that is not yet accomplished, although there is great willingness on the part of the ones who will gladly finish the job. They require your ongoing participation and energetic input if they are to intervene in such a dramatic way to complete the job.

I want to ask all of you to join with St. Germain and me, the other Masters and the Brothers and Sisters from across the galaxy who wish to help restore Mother Terra’s oceans to their pristine condition. It is an enormous task, but one that will resolve quickly with the concerted efforts of all of us together. We ask that you join us for a powerful blast of violet flame energy to nullify and clear away all the toxic waste from nuclear weapons and power plants around the world, and to speed the decommissioning of the 435 currently operating nuclear plants around the world. In addition, there are 71 under construction, 29 of them in China, all approved for construction since Fukushima. Why has this headlong plunge into environmental roulette been permitted by the people of the world?

Partly, the answer is that governments have turned a deaf ear to protests by citizens’ groups, but the times are changing, Dear Ones. Arm yourselves with the facts of how dangerous this time bomb technology really is, and get rid of any government officials who support it. Make it your “litmus test” for who you want in office, and you will clear away the crooks and the irrational capitalists who care only about profit and who only look at the financial bottom line, without regard to environmental dangers. Why would you want anyone by that description in office anyway? You could clear them all out in one election cycle. You wouldn’t even have to wait for the Justice Department to build a case against them to get them out of the positions of power they now hold, although many will join the “perp walk” very soon for their accumulated crimes against the people.

So, join with us to continue envisioning and creating the world of our dreams – a world in which all are safe from man-made disasters, illnesses caused by toxic chemicals, dirty water, and reckless indifference to the pain it inflicts on our dear Mother Terra. Send your powerful energy of Love across the planet, flooding all the earth with your passionate intention to heal, clear away all destructive energies and residues of dark ideas and actions.

Include in your Vision the complete elimination of all genetically engineered food products and all pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Picture in your mind’s eye the dwindling of factory farms and the enslavement of animals. See them emptying of animals, and closing their doors because of the lack of demand for meat and meat products, as all the earth’s beings, animals and humans alike, evolve from carnivore to omnivore, then herbivore, or as humans like to call themselves, vegans. As your planet rises in vibration, there will be less and less interest in consuming the flesh of animals who have become your friends.

Have you noticed how much easier it is to find organic food in your markets? Have you seen how many restaurants offer vegetarian specialties? When you go out into the world and profess your preferences in markets and restaurants, when you get to know the farmers in your area and support their efforts to grow organic fruits and vegetables, you are making a large contribution to the positive change we are longing for.

Every decision matters. Every food choice carries with it a moral implication. Will you turn toward the Light in every area of your life? Will you “vote” for a healthy and sustainable Paradise as your living environment, or will you support the cabal in your choices by buying food that has been grown with their deadly poisons? Or buying water in plastic bottles that strangle and destroy the oceans and all who swim in them?

You see, Dear Ones, these are the changes that money cannot buy. You do not need the RV (although you will have it anyway) to create massive change in the world you live in. You only need to stop giving your money to the culprits who are encouraging your demise, sickening the whole population, causing birth defects and cancer, and lying about it. It is so simple, is it not? If every person reading this will withdraw their support from the polluters of the world, the world would be a different place.

Now, go down your lists of things that are toxic. Refuse to use toxic cleaning products. Eliminate all plastic bags. Bring nothing into your house that is made of plastic. Read labels to make sure you are not using toothpaste made with fluoride or fruit drinks made with sugar. Buy nothing in cans or boxes. Ask your grocer to unwrap the fruits and vegetables, or do not buy them. Take your own bags, and do not feel you have to wrap every item you buy in plastic just to take it home. It is a simple thing to carry mesh or cloth bags to wrap your foods. Do it for Mother Terra, and for yourself.

Loving yourself, your family and your planet is not a sometime thing. Be loyal; be always thoughtful of the impact of your actions, on yourself, your community, and your beloved planet. As our dear St. Germain has said, it is the mark of a Master to be in complete command of your thoughts, feelings and actions. Now, expand that definition to include all your actions, everywhere you go, every time you make a purchase, no matter how small it is, every time you plan a meal or step into a restaurant. Honor your commitments to yourself and your spiritual family, and as you do, you will find yourself rising above old habits, indulging in uplifting and joyful thoughts, and becoming healthy in the bargain.

You will soon be receiving enormous blessings. As you plan the ways you will be using your funds, be aware of the plea we have just made to you, to remember – you are the stewards of your beloved planet. Do not forget her in your excitement to buy all the things you always wanted. Instead, go to deepest part of your Heart, where pure Love flows from us, through you, and into the Heart of Terra. Honor that connection, Beloved Ones, and go forth to create Heaven on Earth.

How completely and how rapidly your world changes will depend on you. We are here, always at your side, moving the energy that turns the wheel, forging ahead when you do, holding back when you do. This has been the reason for some of the delays you experience, of course. We are not permitted to move “off sides” if you are not carrying the ball in the same direction we are. So, come, let us go full speed ahead, chanting our joyful marching songs and singing the praises of our loving God.

We are here with you, reveling in the triumph of these moments, and we are dedicated, thrilled to be moving with you in harmony. We are the ones who always, gladly, “have your back”. You just need to be aware of what’s in front of you. Together, Dear Brothers and Sisters, we are winning the game, and changing the world.

I am yours, joyfully dedicated to the Great Plan.
Your Portia.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, September 27, 2014, 11 pm, New York
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The New Scriptures, by Sananda/Jesus

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One Love – Prime Creator – via Dr Kathryn E May – 9-21-14


ONE Love

This is One. On this historic day, approaching the September, 2014 equinox on Planet Earth, I am going to give you a written message to follow up on the personal talk we had on Wednesday, Sept. 17 on BlogTalkRadio.* You have now heard my spoken words through this channel, and today, a message you can copy and keep on your bedside table to remind you that I am always with you.

My heart is brimming over with Love for all of you, my precious children of Planet Earth. I will tell you how I see you so that you can learn to see yourselves as I do. When I look at you, which I take great pleasure in doing, I see you in a way that you might call multi-layered. Of course I see your bodies, your physical systems moving and pumping, as you are used to seeing with your X-rays and MRI machines, but I see it all, in real time, as you call it. I know you inside out, you might say. This is of interest to me because I was the One who supervised your creation and your evolution into the bodies you now inhabit.

But your bodies are not what interests me most. It is the intricate connection you are working to achieve between body, mind, soul and spirit that I wish to help you with today. Let me explain. In the category of body, I include your brain, the handy computer where you store your fund of knowledge. Your mind is not in your brain, but is your personal connection to the great wisdom of the Universe, including the Akashic Record which is the stored knowledge of all the soul paths of all who have ever incarnated on Earth.

Your soul as I refer to it today is, of course, that part of your Greater Soul which has been dedicated to inhabit this body for this lifetime. You might think of it as the ray of your Greater Soul that shines always into the body, an active partner whose deepest connections flow through your Higher Self – the intermediary between your Greater Soul and you, here on the ground, and on through higher dimensions, directly to me.

Your Greater Soul is a convenient name, but not a clear description of what I think of as your Spirit. You see, your Spirit is the energy, the original entity that is You. It is the entirety of your soul energy, which may be divided, allotted to enter into various bodies over time, in a fluid ebb and flow which allows you to be present in many incarnations, in many locations and timelines, simultaneously or sequentially. This energy, the element from which your spirit is created is Me. This is why we say that you are all One with your Source – because you are indeed an emanation of my substance.

Now do you believe me when I say WE ARE ONE? You, Beloved Ones, are a part of me in an even more profound way than you are a part of your parents. Your parents only contribute their DNA to form your physical body, where I contribute the Light energy which forms your soul.

Now I will tell you of my great hopes and plans for all of humankind, and especially for those of you incarnated on Earth at this time. The Ascended Masters whom we call The Company of Heaven are what you might term my right-hand team, the great spirits who have dedicated themselves to assisting at this time with the Ascension of Planet Earth. They have other interests and sometimes other duties across the Multiverse, but their special concentration has been to assist you and me, the one you call Prime Creator, and of course each other, in manifesting The Great Plan.

You are familiar by now with what we mean by The Great Plan, are you not? Let me be specific. Your beloved Terra, and the Solar System which is your home, was created especially for the purpose of helping us to manage, control, and eventually rehabilitate the dark ones you know only too well. Humankind was also part of that plan, to mingle with and influence those dark ones who had separated from me and from all Creation. You see, what has come to be called the Lucifer Project was a relatively recent response, not the cause of the problem of dark invaders, which Creator explained to you in his/her previous message, “How Our Universe Began, and The Invasion from Omarrhan.”

We are now at a crucial turning point in the Great Plan. It is an exhilarating time, a time of hope and celebration in the Higher Realms, and soon it will be a multi-dimensional, multi-species event which will encompass all who inhabit our great Multiverse. You are at the center of the action, Dearest Ones, because you are the spark that has ignited the transition from 3rd dimensional to 5th dimensional experience on Terra.

Many of you have already experienced the shift in mind and soul, as your channel has done in recent years. You are now prepared for the next phase of your evolution, which for many of you is well underway. That is the transition from the lower dimensional carbon base to crystalline-based physical bodies. You have felt the rising energies as your planet travels through the great photon belt which is there for the purpose of acting upon your entire make-up. For some it is acting on the physical body first. For those who have been “asleep” – that is, oblivious to their spiritual presence and need for connection with me – it will be the first symptoms of change.

For those of you reading these messages, it is probably not a surprise to learn that you are undergoing a complete change spiritually, mentally and physically. The part of the news that is more recently being brought to you in detail is the knowledge of your place as the carriers of Light who will soon be taken to your well-earned position as teachers and guides for all the Multiverse. Your experience of living with the dark ones, striving to maintain your balance and your connection to the Light in spite of the Veil has given you the status of experts in managing yourselves in spite of the difficulties you have faced.

Of course there have been those who lost their way, who were seduced into believing in the dark teachings. The wondrous thing is how many of you were able to maintain a connection to your hearts in spite of the most difficult set-up, your voluntary blindness. These conditions – having been given free will behind the Veil – were the greatest test, and the most comprehensive challenge possible, and yet so many of you have kept your balance, remained in service to your fellow man, and sustained a sense of genuine Love toward yourselves and your planet. It has not been easy, and to you there on the ground, it may seem a rather strange notion, that you truly volunteered for this, but I assure you, you helped to design it, and it has succeeded.

Let me tell you why we developed the Great Plan in this way, and why we see it, finally, as a great success. I use the term “we” for two reasons. First, because I feel myself to be a Unity of energies which cannot be correctly described as I, or the simple number, one. I am known as One because of the cohesiveness of my connection to All That Is – all of you and all the Multiverses encompass what you would call “me.” That is difficult to grasp for you, I understand. You will see more and more of the bigger picture as you raise yourselves to higher dimensions. Secondly, I did not do this as an arbitrary or unilaterally imposed plan. I always consult with my children who are affected by the decisions to be made, and often they are able to offer unique and interesting ways of approaching the things we are to create.

The Great Plan, as we are calling it, was to encompass All That Is, and it has many facets. There are no time limits or restrictions to the Plan, rather, it is an open-ended Vision of what is possible and desirable for the Multiverse. You might say that humanity and Planet Earth are a primary cog in the wheel of change in this part of the cosmos. As you have been taught, every flicker of Light, every movement of a being of consciousness ripples throughout the Multiverse.

As your scientists have discovered, the Universe is expanding. I can tell you now, I am the Big Bang, or I should say, my energies created the Big Bang, and things have been expanding ever since. The basic Plan also calls for trillions and trillions of heavenly bodies, or planets, stars, asteroids, comets, gaseous bodies, races of beings and so on, inter-reacting in a constant and never ending waltz. It gives me great pleasure to see the Love between the beautiful beings I see as my children, and seeing them acting on their own volition, creating new and exciting experiences through their own interactions.

It is a magnificent tapestry, one I could not begin to describe accurately to you, but I will try as much as I can. I hide nothing from my beloved humankind, but I have relied on the intermediaries who are your Ascended Masters to teach you the things that relate to your life on the surface of Terra. Now you are entering a phase that will put you directly into relationship with the rest of your Universe.

First, you will become aware of your changing position in your galaxy. As you know, you are now on the outer reaches of the Milky Way Galaxy. Your solar system, with the addition of Maldek, who will be joining you in the position between Earth and Mars, will move first to the center of your galaxy, and then to the center of your Universe and eventually to the center of the Multiverse. When I say eventually, I do not mean billions of years. These changes will occur more quickly than the process of Creation, because it involves only the shifting of positions, something like the movement of pieces on a chessboard. It is not a difficult task for me to accomplish, but it did require that all the pieces be in place, you might say.

The pivotal piece in this Plan was for you to accomplish the energetic shift from darkness to Light on your planet, and therefore in your solar system. The “defeat” of the dark ones does not involve a defeat in 3 dimensional terms. It means convincing all the beings on Earth that Love is the only Truth, and that everything else is illusion. For instance, murder is not real, because only the body dies. Poverty is not real, because Earth is tremendously abundant; it is only greed that prevents the fair distribution of her resources. Human feelings of anger, depression, jealousy and anxiety (the dark spectrum) are not real, because they are based entirely upon a misunderstanding of the truths behind why you are here and who you really are.

Once you accept how powerful you are and how completely you are loved, the dark feelings melt away, do they not? They only thrive in the psychological atmosphere of want, lack of love, and the anger that results from having felt those things. Anger, even in response to poverty, hunger and illness, ignores the higher level truth that even if you were to starve to death or die of cancer, you will immediately resume your place beside your beloved ancestors and guides in a glorious and joyful Homecoming.

Now, the conclusion of these apparently separate Truths: All is well, Beloved Ones, all is evolving as it was planned. Your planet is rising in vibration, and you are making the mighty effort to rise with her. You are beginning to see that you are indeed your brothers’ keeper, and that it is up to you to help awaken the sleeping ones, even if they do growl and roll over to go back to sleep. Why should you care if they approve of your great Love for me or not? If you understand how much I truly love you, it would not matter to you if any other human being on the planet sees your worth or agrees with you, for the energy of my love is enough to sustain you in joy for eternity. You require nothing more to heal and to thrive as a soul. Of course it is exciting and fun to have the company of your fellow travelers, but it is not necessary, not at all. We have each other.

It is the foundation of the Great Plan, you see, that every living being is capable of sustaining themselves in the Light of my great Love. Above and beyond that, you have the close and constant care of your guides and Masters, who adore you beyond measure, in addition to my love. You see? If you are able to awaken a few of your friends and neighbors, you will be awakening them to join the greatest celebration ever devised – the Ascension of humankind. Look at it this way: If you were asleep and the band was playing, all the world was dancing and singing and embracing one another, would you want your friends to leave you sleeping through it? It would be worse than sleeping through your own wedding, your long-anticipated graduation and your surprise birthday party all at once.

Take your place next to me, as your dear planet will be doing soon, Beloved Children of my Heart. Have no fear, for it is the illusion of darkness, remember? As you evolve onward (to the Center of the Universe) and upward (to higher dimensions) at the same time, shout the news and join the march! Send my message, instilled with unending Love, to the ones you care for, whether you know them or not, for you are the teachers and guides who will be instructing the rest of the Multiverse in the lessons you have learned here on Terra.

Take notes! Tell your story! Join in the making of the cosmic revolution that is the source of the many kinds of revolution you see happening on your planet right now. The forays into darkness and violence are not an accident, they are laying the groundwork for all of you to turn away, once and for all, from violence, greed and selfishness. Notice that this week, nearly every incidence of domestic violence goes viral, and the perpetrators are left in disgrace? This is not because violence is on the rise. It is because you no longer look away, in the belief that it is inevitable, or none of your business. Feel your reactions! You are more intolerant of abuse and more tolerant of individual uniqueness than ever before.

You will now begin the adventure of being the shepherds of the flocks of other humans who have been unaware of the dramatic changes taking place all around them, the animals who are ready to move into the new world, and the beautiful Mother Terra who has sustained and nurtured you faithfully through all. You, Dear Ones, are the leaders of the New Golden Age. I embrace you, I honor you, and I love you without end.


Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, September 20, 2014, New York
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The New Scriptures, by Sananda/Jesus

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Creator – Our History, Your Destiny – via Dr. Kathryn E May – 9-12-14



I want to give you this message now, because the Revaluation of Currencies will be announced shortly, and our channel will not want to be sitting in her chair for hours while others are out trading their currency.

First, we want to congratulate you on the progress you have made over the past year and nearly nine months, since the historic Dec. 21, 2012 transition began. Many thought at the time that “nothing happened,” but that could not be further from the truth. From a cosmic point of view, everything changed.

The Lightworkers among you pushed hard to pull the ship off the sand bar, you might say, and your concerted effort, although it didn’t carry you all the way Home, certainly started the process going in a big way. You set sail with all flags flying for the first time. This was evidenced by the fact that although many of you woke up in your 3-D beds disappointed, you did not give up and turn on us for not lifting you directly into the heavens at that moment. After a few days or weeks, you came back to begin anew, with greater fervor, because you felt the truth of what our channelers and spiritual teachers were bringing to you. You are indeed here to ascend, and it is the great adventure in your future.

You have persevered in your studies, and you have reached deeply into your own Selves – your Earthly incarnations – and seen that there are dark corners of leftover anger, disappointment, resentment and fear that you needed to ponder, identify, wrestle with, and resolve. You have struggled with forgiveness, and you have seen the multiple layers of possibility for deeper and deeper understanding of what true forgiveness means, and how intimately you must know yourself in order to reach true forgiveness and peace of mind.

You have worked along with the others who read these messages and listen to the radio programs, and you have used these tools to reach for higher and more subtle understandings of what Love means, and how you can find it in your heart to feel unconditional Love. You have moved with us, through lesson after lesson, as we brought you step by step toward the greatest understanding of all – that We are One, and by that we mean you are a part of the great group consciousness that is Life.

Our goal for you – the one we designed together when you were with me before your present incarnation – is what has been called Unity Consciousness. This is not an Earth-shaking demand, something you must turn yourselves inside out to learn. No, I assure you, my dear children, that you are very capable of this, since humankind has experienced this wondrous state in earlier civilizations, before you descended into lower dimensions to experience this separation and individuation behind the Veil of Forgetfulness.

Some of you have referred to the journey from higher dimensions into the 3-dimensional state you have inhabited in this current civilization as “The Fall.” I would like to speak about that now. My Beloved Ones, you did not fall. You descended. We have tried in these pages to explain the Lucifer Project, which was a consciously planned, daring experiment. Our beloved Light, whose name truly describes him, volunteered to leave the safety of my embrace to descend to the lower dimensions to accomplish three things.

First, it was decided that humankind would benefit from the experience of life in a lower-dimensional body. There are myriad reasons for this, including but not restricted to the ability to experience intense sensations and emotions which you must then learn to manage. Second, the daring experiment of living without memory of why you came, and not knowing that your family in higher dimensions was constantly with you and awaiting your return to their loving arms, left you to draw on intuition and innate wisdom in such a way that you will never doubt your inner strengths. Third, and most importantly, you agreed to come to Earth to overcome the races of dark entities who had come to our Universe from elsewhere. Their purpose was to destroy all that was of beauty and perfection in our Universe. I will use the general term “Archon” to describe the dark ones who inhabited the lower dimensions, below the lower 5th dimension.

Some of you have become aware of the struggle which extended beyond your planet. It has involved your Milky Way Galaxy and other galaxies beyond yours, but the focus of activity has been in your area. You see, the intruders whose goal it was to find a center of operations here, where they could spread their destruction and chaos, was to take over our dear Terra, because of her quiet location in the far edge of the galaxy, and because of her beauty, which was a great part of the allure.

Now, allow your minds to expand to conceive of the unthinkable, Dear Ones, because I am going to tell you things that your human minds may try to put into a box of known events and possibilities. I ask you to remain completely open minded and free of pre-judged concepts. There are layer upon layer of Truths that I will try to give you a glimpse into.

Understand, I will not withhold any information from you that I feel is in your Greater Good, and I will do the best we can, given your limited previous knowledge of the Universe and its history. All of this will be revealed to you when you reach a higher dimensional connection with your Higher Self.

I will begin with the principal concepts and primary events which describe the history of this cosmic struggle. First, please understand that our Galactic Federation of Light is an overwhelmingly powerful military force which has protected you and will continue to do so, by mutual agreement of all concerned. We will not allow the dark ones to take decisive military action against any planet within our Universe. Now, let me try to explain what that means. We do not engage them in war if there is any possible way to defeat them without simply using our most powerful technology to wipe them out. This is not our way. We are Love. We will do everything in our power to win them over through the power of Love and Light, because this is who we are.

For eons, we have walked the thin line of allowing these beings of free will to survive, but not to defeat our beloved children on their soul paths to Ascension. They were successful in large measure in their infiltration of Earth, because they “wisely” used psychological rather than military means to gain power over humankind. By this, I mean that they were able to convince many of the humans they came to defeat that war was a viable way of settling arguments amongst yourselves, and they were successful in creating conflicts in which you would insist on killing yourselves and each other. This was a tremendous success for them. They did not step over the strict line we had set for them, that they could not invade militarily in order to take over any planet. They were clever in their attempts to use humans as their proxies by teaching their insidious and suicidal thoughtforms to my beloved human children.

Time and again, they countered the efforts of our great Lightworkers who came to Earth to stand against their destructive ways. I will give you one example you might recognize. Your St. Germain, during the 18th Century, was a founder of the secret society of Freemasonry, originally intended to foment revolution against oppression, which was co-opted to become the Illuminati who stood not for illumination, but darkness. At each step of the way, it was necessary to use fast footwork, and every time a battle was lost in the arena of winning hearts and minds, a new tack would be developed by the Company of Heaven to level the playing field once again.

You see, this was the purpose of the Lucifer project – to “beat them at their own game,” you might say. All of you signed up to be the warriors of the Light, to bring your creativity and great capacity for Love and Forgiveness, to use your great powers of Light against their far inferior, but illusory powers to convince you that their darkness was greater than your Light.

Although the dark ones who have caused such chaos in our Universe are not the children of my soul, they are the children of the Greatest Source of All, our Creator of All Creators. It matters not that it was an act of creation gone seemingly awry. We cannot know if this is truly the case, or if their apparent abhorrent and despicable behavior is a part of a Greater Plan. A child of Source is a child of mine, and yours. Together we will move to embrace those who have gone astray, to rescue every soul from destruction, for that would be the inevitable end for those who must be absolutely contained for the protection of our Universe.

You saw this devastating truth with the destruction of the errant Reptilians who refused to come to the Light on August 22, 2013. By mutually agreed galactic design, the Reptilian leaders agreed to this pact, in which all of the previously malevolent members would surrender and be brought to the Light, to be allowed a kind of cosmic amnesty and enlightened and released from the prison of their own making: the DNA changes they had engineered eons ago in order to remain separate from me, from Love, and from the Light. Those who came to the Light were welcomed and joyfully rehabilitated as they requested, and are now among the strongest mentors and friends who will share their experience and wisdom with all of you.

These are the clearings we have encouraged you to accomplish with absolute clarity and decisiveness. You must take command of your consciousness and your will, to dispatch these shadows of the dark propaganda that you absorbed as truth through centuries of past lives. We have instructed you through the book, Who Needs Light? and through the many channelings of our beloved Lightworkers, and we have told you: Only you can clear away the darkness within, because only you have dominion over your Selves in this free will state. Just as the Reptilians were given the opportunity to choose for themselves which path they would follow, you too have been given the same choice.

It is time now for all humankind to awaken, to accept responsibility for your own thought patterns and energy emissions, and to understand that you alone can create the inner peace and deep connection with me that you long for. I stand with open arms, radiating the Light which will lift you into my welcoming embrace. You need only release your hold on the precious but dark ideas and concepts which are holding you to your 3-dimensional life patterns. These specific ideas have been discussed at length in previous messages by the Company of Heaven and by me, in our carefully crafted lessons over the past two years. You need only open your hearts and minds to accept our guidance and our Love.

I want to stress to you all, who have felt so misused by the whole plan, that it was you, in your optimistic and heroic dedication to achieving the ascension of Light over darkness, who continued on this path of suffering whatever was necessary, giving one life after another, to discover together the final answer within yourselves.

Have you found that answer, my dear children? Do you know in the depths of your being that you must turn always to the Light to accomplish your goals? Do you understand now that only with the power of your combined ability to generate the energy of Love and Light will we at last overcome the illusion that evil is power?

This is your destiny, my dear humankind, to be the answer to the question in the minds of all who have suffered a brush with evil: Are you stronger than the ones who created the Matrix? Are you able to find your way through the maze of deception and illusion, because you have not forgotten that you have the nature of the alchemist, the sorcerer and the angels within you?

My Beloved Ones, you joined with me to carry the torch of Love to illuminate the entire Universe. You must first turn away from your fascination with darkness, to understand that once you deny your attraction to all that is not of the Light, it will vanish from your world. Do you remember the clever saying, “What if they gave a war and nobody came?”

We wish to complete the underlying thought which Berthold Brecht missed. Nobody came, means nobody. If the people of the world refused to see their brothers as the enemy, if men and women refused to think of each other as alien species, if parents refused to see their children as animals in need of “training” and humankind awakened to see the animals around them as brethren and Mother Terra as their true and loving mother, then, ahhh, then “the world would be a better place, yes, the world would be a better place for you, and me, just wait and see!” You may recall that the song by Jackie DeShannon begins with “Think of your fellow man, Give him a helping hand, Put a little love in your Heart!” Yes, I do love your pop songs. The lovely ones express our simple Universal Laws so beautifully.

I will ask Kathryn to play my favorite songs on her radio shows so that you can be treated to a taste of the humor and playfulness we hope to bring into your lives as you move forward to complete this wondrous project which will prove the triumph of Love over darkness, Light over all.

You cannot triumph over the greatest challenges that Life on Planet Terra affords if you cannot laugh with abandon and sing with all your might.

Will you join with me to create the New Golden Age out of the essence of creation, which is Love? Will you defeat war by not showing up or sending your beloved sons and daughters to die for a cause which could only be won by forgiveness, reconciliation and Love? Will you join the cease-fire, and make the resumption of any war impossible because it cannot be waged above the sound of your singing? Will you overwhelm those who have behaved so badly with your own powerful energies, combined with mine, to form waves of Light so blindingly exquisite and irresistible that no being can forego the invitation to dance, embrace and be embraced by the Greatest Love of All – the Love of One.

In your heart, as in mine, is the Love of One. It is our divine plan, our destiny, and our freedom. Join me, Beloved Children, to celebrate anew the Unity which is your birthright. Let us raise the flag of freedom, which is white, with a golden sun at its center.

Begin the march, Dear Ones, as the great ones before you have done. Let your spirits soar, as you march to the sounds of the Angels singing in your soul, as you feel my breath on your cheek, as we walk together with hearts filled with joy. It is our time. We will not bow to darkness nor to evil, for they are but a fleeting illusion, a figment of imagination. You are my Heart, and I am yours. Together, we are One.
I am your loving Creator.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, Sept. 12, 2014, 3 am. New York

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Book by Kathryn E. May, PsyD: Who Needs Light?

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Permission is given to copy and share these message, providing they are presented in their entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website,

Company of Heaven via Dr Kathryn E May – The Fire of the Ruby Crystal Lives in All Your Hearts – 9-10-14

Mario Gattoaladino

The Fire Of The Ruby Crystal Lives In All Yor Hearts – The Company Of Heaven via Dr Kathryn E May – 9-11-14



The Company of Heaven: The Fire of the Ruby Crystal Lives in All Your Hearts
The Company of Heaven:

We send you a long note here, with the hope that you will savor it. We will bring you the next message in two days.

We want to send you the blessings from all of us during this quiet time. You feel it, don’t you? There is a sudden lull as everyone integrates and acclimates to the powerful changes you have experienced over the past weeks. It has been a time of unusual transitions, internal recalibrations, and unsettling motion. Many of you feel as if you are rolling on high seas, but you don’t remember getting on the boat, or even asking to take the trip, but in the words of the legendary philosopher, “You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs.”

And so, you have a day or two to catch your breath, reorganize yourselves to accommodate to the higher vibrational systems within and around you, and when you are ready, lift your eyes to the Heavens and join in the joyful music of the Angel Chorus who serenade you during this time of triumph and transition.

You are what you might call the apple of our eyes, the greatest show of all, where the action is. Day by day, you are learning, awakening, letting the veil drop away, and you are beginning to see the world with fresh eyes. We have worked hard in recent months to send you a steady stream of channeled Light guidance to ease your path through the maze of information, misinformation, television propaganda, false “news,” in addition to the familiar curve-balls that life throws you. It has been quite a ride, hasn’t it?

We ask a lot of our Lightworkers, especially our channelers and our boots on the ground in the political arena. They have been working day and night to organize and bring forth the new Golden Age. They have been asked to work tirelessly to clear and activate the Earth energy sources – the crystals, pyramids and grids – to orchestrate the rising energy as it affects our beloved children, to clear the way for new political systems, to encourage the growing group consciousness, and to keep our connection with you constant and present in your minds. We thank them for their unquestioning service.

Since you all became aware of the Ascension path you are now walking together, life has changed for most of you in profound ways. Yes, we know you are sometimes caught up suddenly with a doubt, or a thought of “Oh, is this really real? Is it going to happen?” Then you take a breath and regain your balance and continue on your path of Faith and Love, walking beside us as surely as if we were there on your plane, hand in hand with you every moment. We appreciate how difficult these moments are for you, but they are decreasing, aren’t they? Your adherence to the Light path is becoming more natural to you every day.

We have asked our dear Kathryn and Gabriella to communicate with you every day, providing a Facebook Master Class for you to talk with each other and inventive, along with insightful messages, our and theirs, to spark new realizations and self-revelations. You are using these new teachings well, increasing your awareness daily, feeling the unending Love we are sending you, and knitting them into the moments of your daily life in new ways.

Now we will tell you about a wonderful event which has taken place over the past few days. Many of you are familiar with the establishment of the Prema Swarupa Etheric Retreat which was created about a month ago, during the Visual Centering workshop which took place at Kathryn’s country retreat in High Falls, NY. The group, which came from the far corners of the U.S. to meet during that week, forged a tight bond with one another from the start, but it was solidified completely during their hike to the top of the mountain we call Stone Mountain. It is a great crystalline mass, part of the Schwangunk Ridge behind Kathryn’s house, protected by the Mohonk Preserve.

The Preserve began as part of the land holdings of the Smiley family, who build the magical Mountain House and who have been the Earth-conscious stewards of this land for nearly 150 years. The Hudson Valley is the ancient site of civilizations, going back through the Revolutionary spirit of the new country, to the Native Americans who peacefully lived in these idyllic forested lands, back to Neolithic mound builders, and before them, Atlantean and Lemurian settlements. Since Earth’s earliest days this land has carried within its crystal mountains the memory of days of freedom, abundance and loving communities whose peoples were deeply connected with God.

This is the setting for the most recent activation of the crystalline grid formation which will become the energy source for all of Planet Earth. The story began in June, 2013, when one of the members of the Prema Swarupa Council of 12 – the group which formed during the workshop and has continued as a living entity between and amongst its members – took part in a historic activation of the Ruby Crystal under the island of Bimini in the Caribbean. You see how intricately your lives intertwine?

Marlene, who has worked with us and who has taken responsibility for a great deal of Earth-awakening work, had been asked to work with Ashtar, Thoth, and the Lord of the Crystals to go with a group to Bimini, and during their trip they worked with the Masters to activate the great Ruby Crystal, the crystal of love, passion and freedom. Their work was successful, and the crystal stands ready to fulfill her destiny as a primary force for Love and Alignment for all the beings of Earth.

Last spring, Marlene joined Kathryn, Gabriella and Michael. who hosted one of her workshops in Montreal and told the story of Bimini and the Ruby Crystal. She and Michael also traveled to High Falls to become members of the Prema Swarupa group. Afterward, as each of the members returned to their homes, they remained aware and ready to act in alignment with the group consciousness of which they had become an integral part. One member, Meg, traveled to Vero Beach in Florida last weekend, as an impulse, and called her group to offer herself as the grounding person who would “put her toe in the water” and for all of them to look into their hearts and see if there was some assignment for all of them.

Of course, there was. Marlene responded immediately with a channeled message from Mother Terra, which we quote here:

Message from Mother Terra : For Meg and the Council of Twelve of Prema Swarupa

It is in Love and Joy that I come to you today pertaining to our sister Meg’s voyage to the beautiful land of flowers and sun named Florida. This region played a very important role during the Atlantis Era. Let me describe the significance of this precious time.

Florida was then situated where the Atlantic and the now Caribbean oceans meet. The configuration of this region, its lush vegetation and exotic fauna was sought by world travellers of this epoch who chose to sojourn on their way to remote islands now called the Bahamas. The island known as Bimini was a sanctuary where one could bathe in the rejuvenating waters which contained the essences of healing and forever youth. The fauna and flora were abundant and greeted all who came from faraway lands such as Egypt. Since Atlantean times much has been transformed to meet the “needs” of the evolutionary segments of humanity.

Meg, you so gracefully share your unconditional support at this time as your Prema Swarupa Group Consciousness spokesperson. We, representatives from all kingdoms come together with you as we welcome and support the energetic and vibrational clearing you will be doing as a group. I, with help from the galactics are facilitating an ongoing steady motion thus creating an underwater to surface elevation process taking place which will allow a large portion of what was then the Atlantean Light Kingdom to rise above the waters and take its seat in the time/space continuum of what is termed New Terra.

We are grateful to you and Prema Swarupa One Consciousness for your love and dedication in making your world a loving and high vibrational consciousness. My heart embraces you all as I hold you ever so lovingly in my arms.

I Am Terra in love and dedication to the Great Plan.”

Transcribed by Marlène Yelle, September 6, 2014, Saint-Sauveur, Quebec
Marlene also wrote in her own words of the many interwoven threads which led to this week’s accomplishments:

“In the beginning of June this year, Kathryn and Gabriella came to Montreal on their Healing for Ascension Tour that was so graciously coordinated by Michael. My first meeting with our Sisters changed somewhat the course of my journey… I had shared my experience of traveling to Bimini Island and the activation of Thoth’s Ruby Crystal of Fire under the crystalline waters. At that specific time, our conversation created an important link to what was to unfold today as a Group Consciousness.

Precisely two months later we all connected with each other at Kathryn and Gabriella’s New York retreat. Together we created our Council of Twelve and Our Etheric Retreat of Prema Swarupa, cleared, activated and opened all channels linked to all Earth’s kingdoms and above.”

The Company of Heaven:
Following Meg’s offer, it was decided that the Group would meet directly by conference call, and that each member would be attuned to what contribution they would be asked to make, and would participate accordingly. The emotional experience was later recorded by Eleanora in her Facebook entry on Healing for Ascension Tour Group. It captures the intensity of emotion that was felt by all the members, and the work she participated in later in the day.


“I decided to share my documentation of yesterdays meditation which ended up being a very big event for me. I love you all and look forward to what is coming and what will be.

September 8, 2014

What an emotion filled day this turned out to be. It started with the blessing of the Thoth’s ruby crystal under the island of Bimini. A meditation brought on by a spontaneous trip by Meg to Vero Beach, FL. Spontaneous it may have seemed but it was part of the greater plan, no doubt. The Council of Twelve and the group consciousness of Prema Swarupa with the Company of Heaven gathered together for this meditation.

Led by Marlene we made our way to the great pillar of light to transport us to the Temple of Thoth in his etheric retreat below Bimini. Thoth, channeled by Marlene invited us to gather around the crystal and connect to our heartminds. Feel the love from Source emanating from the crystal and into our hearts. He invited us to move closer and open up ourselves completely.

I didn’t see our bodies, I saw our auras. Each a vibrant color like the rainbow. As the crystal gave of itself, we absorbed the radiating love, which ignited bright rays in all of us. This wave of energy grew and grew. And then you just knew, you knew that this was about something deeper than just activating a Ruby Crystal, a crystal that was activated before.

Each one of us that intentionally joined together for this activation became the guardians, the initiates of something wonderful, something so monumental that it wouldn’t sink in until later. Later, when you sat down to go back to the normal, except it’s not normal. You feel out of sorts, you feel full.

We ended the meditation knowing that we were knighted to do a work never done before, yet very capable of carrying it to completion. Everyone shared their visions. Sananda gave us parting words. And this monumental event was “sealed with a kiss,” beautiful codes that bind it in eternity.

It wouldn’t be until later that the impact of this meditation would hit me full on. Christine, James, and Dimo continued the work of clearing the old energetic patterns along with Meg and her young crystal grid worker on Vero Beach. I was reading posts from our group page to my daughters and keeping an eye on the on-going work through the group chat and a huge wave of emotion just bubbled up inside me.

Tears poured out of me, tears of relief, tears of completion – a knowing that this life, this 3-D matrix and the way it was experienced will never be experienced that way again. All I could express to my girls is that it was such a relief knowing that we don’t have to feel pain, suffering, no more anger, ONLY LOVE. I couldn’t explain at that moment where my tears were coming from but they were not from any feeling or experience I felt in this lifetime, in this incarnation. It was deeper than that.

I felt so grateful for all the work that was done this day, especially over the Atlantis area. It gave me such a deep-felt joy it is very hard to express in words. I felt a cleansing, a release. And then James expressed “Atlantis is now reconnected to the Great Central Sun…it allows for the transmutation of all of all other timelines…emanating energy from Gaia herself into the portal…Done!…We can link this work to the transmutation timeline that destroyed Terra’s twin flame Maldek… so visualize the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter which was Maldek… we can use Terra as an anchor point for Great Central Sun energies now coming through to will transmute the Wars, the Galactic Wars… let us bring in the Mighty Elohim of Peace… An energy boost from Dimo, establishment of Grid Harmony from Christine, and the powerful peace of the Mighty Elohim from James sealed the healing of the Atlantis incident. All wounds and suffering healed and the release was felt across the cosmos.

It was after this meditation, at the mention of Maldek, that the wave of emotion hit me again. I felt as if my heart had been mended, as if my soul that was torn was one again and an immense amount of gratitude overwhelmed me. I felt a wholeness, a oneness, a completion of my soul.

The house felt so limited and confined I had to go outside to sit, reflect, to make sense of the feelings.

I asked my Higher Self to help me understand. Terra and Maldek are reunited. Maldek is alive, is back, is with his love, his twin. They are one again. Together they will give birth to Atlantis. I can only express how I feel. It’s so real to me. Yes, I question myself, if I’m really understanding it to be so, am I making this up…but as I write I know it is so. And it is so beautiful, emotional, and so gratifying. I had to document this day.

This day will mark the day when Mother Terra was united with her Love, her Twin. This day would mark the day when the Golden Age was put in full affect, full activation. This day is the point of no return …full fledged onward and forward for all.

Day 2, September 9, 2014, and I’m still reeling from the afterglow and very emotional….”

Gabriella describes her experience:

“I saw the Ruby crystal on fire. I saw a small circle with the twelve of us receiving the Ruby fire in our hearts. Behind and above, were rows and rows of people, like an auditorium, and we could see that each one was receiving the shining spark of the ruby’s fire. We were all connected, and I saw billions of people on the planet receiving the Ruby fire in their hearts. It was a ruby fire in the heart chakra of all the people who had not yet awakened. I knew then that all the unawakened ones are going to awaken, and that the changes we are looking for will unfold at a faster pace. It was so intense, I couldn’t speak.”

and Christine wrote of her deep feelings of transformation and gratitude:

“Dear Prema Swarupa, (Divine Expression of God’s Love)

Eleanora, thank you for writing our events in the way that you do – so full of love and accuracy and poetry. I too see and know that the time of suffering and darkness is over for all. Now is just the clearing away of beliefs, patterns and thoughts, and when we do turn out attention to clearing, it all may dissolve so easily.

I also have had many moments of wondering if what I am seeing and feeling is real and if it should even be shared. Gabriella & Kathryn’s article so clearly stated that shyness is fear-based and therefore darkness. So I let it go… just like that. Besides, in my heart, I know.

I am experiencing an enormous healing right now. It is happening in every way, including physical. Pain has given way to transformation. Exhaustion has given way to softness. On Sunday, I reached out by phone to Kathryn and Gabriella. They helped me to see the war still happening within me, which was a distortion, a fearing of darkness held in place by some distorted thoughts and behaviors. That war within is being fully healed right now.

When Meg and Kathryn were speaking on Sunday, their words penetrated me as a transmission of energy. I felt One with them. I experienced their communication as I have experienced the dolphins. Waves and rings of emanations of high quality came off of them and flowed through me/us, allowing instant transformation. The deva of the dolphins is pleased I saw this likeness and encouraged me to share it with you all. The dolphins are so delighted as we comprehend joy and oneness more and more. Right now, I am mostly just not getting in the way of the healing that was ignited. I am allowing it to happen easily.

Our trip together and our work together to greet Thoh, receive the Ruby Flame, bring in the codes, all of it – was shared by the multiverse. All loving eyes are on us and all loving hearts are with us as we enter into this phase of fruition.

Thank you to Meg and the Rainbow Lemurian child for opening the Rainbow beacon (together in Vero Beach). What I saw was that this beautiful child IS the living codes. She made the portal with us as an extension of what she is. Very beautiful. The portal opening acts as a beacon both drawing the energies from the cosmos and then it also delivers them in even intensity across SHAN (I too know our Earth by this ancient name). At the time the Rainbow beacon became activated, the Gatekeepers across the multiverse released pristine energies as their realms’ contribution to the Rainbow stream. As Earth takes her place to become the Heart of the multiverse, she now pulses with the High Light from every place and dimension.

Thanks to James, Dimo, Eleanora & us all for establishing the new configuration of the energies from this beacon, so they may flow freely across Earth’s Grid. The codes that Marlene brought in, which were received and put into place by all Kingdoms, were activated to full capacity as this next phase occurred. The Holy Spirit, Mother God, presided over this with such love and authority that I sometimes had to remind myself to keep working and not just melt in awe.

At the retreat, Kathryn helped me get to the moment when I witnessed the destruction of Maldek – that is now healed, and it will be pure glory to witness the full restoration.

Our Family across the now very thin Veil wants me to explain one of the most exciting things that happened throughout all of this. We began to expand and work as an even greater Group Consciousness. Firstly, during the Ruby Flame portion of the journey, everyone was more easily contributing their offerings and emanation than ever before. Each one did their own contribution with more ease and brightness. This resulted in such a Light of Oneness! Then, The Love Bunch (the Facebook admin team at Healing for Ascension Tour Group), our Facebook followers who were invited to join our meditation at the last minute, the Florida family and Prema Swarupa merged and all worked splendidly and smoothly as One. The new Light of Group Consciousness is spreading! This causes much celebration and, yes, dancing on the ships in the heavens!

I am so happy and grateful to be One with you.


The Company of Heaven:

Meanwhile, Tuesday, the day following the Ruby crystal meeting, as the others were doing the follow-up work you see described above, we gave Kathryn the idea to climb the Stone Mountain again, and to contact us when she and Gabriella reached the top. Once there, we gave them the images of the connections they were to make to continue the work of carrying the Ruby Crystal energy and connect it with the Stone Mountain. They were still feeling the energy of the great crystal which had filled every cell with her bright, pulsing energy of Love. They had been shown the image of a small red heart beating in every cell of their bodies, and they carried that indelible sensation with them as they sat on the crystal ledges high above the valley this afternoon.

Joining the energy of the Ruby Crystal with the Stone Mountain brought a kaleidoscope of images for Kathryn. We ask her now to describe in her own words what she saw and felt.


“I saw such a panorama of the world’s ancient and present energies it is difficult to put it all into words, but I will try. First, I felt the merging of the feelings of Love I carried from the Ruby Crystal in my own cells with the rock where I sat. I felt my deep connection and love for the mountain whose protective energy has nurtured me for 30 years, then I saw a kind of bright explosion of energy as the two powerful forces combined. Images came through my mind in rapid succession: the Revolutionary War, fought by the brave settlers who came to this valley below me in search of freedom; the Native Americans whose soul energy remains, absorbed into the rocks and soil around me, and the passion for freedom they all shared.

I knew then that the loving fire of the Ruby Crystal was the fire which inspires the passion for justice and freedom, and that the etheric retreat of Prema Swarupa was to be a shining sanctuary in which peace, freedom and justice would be nourished for all the world’s inhabitants.

I saw Ireland’s green hills and thought of the ancient history there, the profound connection of the present-day Emerald Isle with the elemental kingdom, the deep spirituality of the people, and their struggle for freedom from the stranglehold of the British Empire and the Catholic Church. I saw a bird’s eye view of the planet, with energy lines curving across the U.K. through France (whose struggles against the English were symbolized by Joan of Arc) nodded to the West Coast of Africa, then crossed back across the Atlantic Ocean to Bimini, just 60 miles off the coast of Florida. I saw the route of the slave trade and the occupation of the islands by the Spanish and British, combining the oppression of Catholicism and British rule, and all came together in a picture of hundreds of years of struggle for freedom and justice in the face of overwhelming military might.

Tears flowed with the realizations, each in turn, and the pictures of human beings, brave explorers and revolutionaries who sometimes became oppressors themselves, under the sway of ideas of political and religious superiority, and the indigenous people who were displaced, enslaved or killed, robbed of their history, their families and their livelihoods to become fodder for the machine which was “colonization.” At the same time, I felt the fire in my own soul, stronger than ever, to meld the energy of my own heart with the Love of our Great Creator, to help raise us up, to transcend the pain of the past.

I knew that a powerful connection had been made. The crystals are united; their power grows with each new activation. I saw that now it is we who are being activated, joined in our common purpose to rise above all darkness, to turn toward the brilliant Light which has been given to guide us.

We are in motion; we are carrying the message of Love to end all war, to rebuild ourselves and our beloved planet. We are clearing away all the dark energies that have kept us down and replacing them with Fire. It is the passion we feel for one another, the love we are capable of feeling for people we have never met, and for all the unnamed animals and trees that share life on our beautiful Terra. Dear friends, we are ascending. Life will never again be what it was.”

The Company of Heaven

We have given you a small window into the feelings and actions of a small group of Lightworkers who have joined to create a group consciousness which is growing to encompass all of you. You only need to open your hearts, feel the Light we send to you as your brothers and sisters, your guides and mentors, and accept our Love. We applaud your impulses toward generosity and goodness, your resilience and courage.
We are with you, your constant companions, as you move ever higher on your path. We love you beyond words. We are the Company of Heaven.

Transcribed and compiled by Kathryn E. May, Sept 10, 1 pm, New York
Permission is given to copy and share these message, providing they are presented in their entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website, Translations must be approved by the author and the scribe.
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Archives of written channelings

Lady Portia via Dr. Kathryn E May – Tonight, Tonight, Won’t Be Just Any Night – 8-19-14


Lady Portia

Dear Ones,

It is such a celebratory time in the Heavens.  I asked to be the one to present the message tonight, because it will be the last one before the RV, and I like to have the opportunity to “wrap up” the story about what Adamos and I have been doing to help bring in the happy event which will be the beginning of a brand new civilization on Planet Earth.  Yes, a new civilization.  Let us envision it together.

The prosperity which will wash over the planet in the aftermath of the revaluation will create massive changes.  Of course, we cannot predict all that will happen, but we do know about several of the most dramatic shifts you can predict.  First, the banking industry will have a melt-down, as you would call it, because those in charge are now being prevented from stealing massive amounts of money.  At least, it will return to the simple savings and loan system which did not allow for trading of investments and the creation of derivatives, which is one of the most deliberately corruptible systems ever devised.  Eventually, there will be no need for money at all.

It may be difficult for you to imagine a world without money, since every day of your lives revolves around earning, spending, saving, and worrying about money.  I assure you, it will not remain this way for long.  The Prosperity programs are intended to redistribute the wealth so that no one will need to work long hours, except in service to the Greater Good, which is not work at all, but a joyful joining of energies and creativity to invent the most wonderful ways to do everything.  

Think of it:  The growing of food will be an open, personal endeavor, shared by many who will enjoy taking part on a part-time basis, under the supervision of talented and dedicated farmers who will have access to the most efficient and forward-looking practices to grow nutritious organic food.  When information is free-flowing, and it is possible for everyone to have access to the best methods available (not just the ones that corporations impose), the fun will return to farming, and communities will once again share in the harvests and in the sacred celebrations which bring Earth and her children into joyful communion.  Animals will be your friends, not slaves to be eaten.

Transportation will be a delight.  No more smelly and expensive automobiles if you choose to have something more convenient.  Because this is such an enormous industry, the changeover will need to be gradual.  First, free energy technologies can be adapted to the current types of vehicles, but as the auto industry is freed from the stranglehold of oil companies, there will be an explosion of creativity and expansion to provide vehicles which will evolve quickly into versions of space vehicles, with all the comfort and convenience of the ships we use ourselves.  Your designers will be helped by those of us in Higher Dimensions who are very ready to share our technologies once the profit motive is removed from the process.

NESARA law will bring a clearing up of the system in place which leans always toward the wealthy, and systematically leaves the lower social and economic classes to struggle against the entire weight of power fueled by massive amounts of money and influence.  You see, when the bribery and power-sharing is eliminated, there will come the fresh air of justice.  When judges are elected by the people, and they are not subject to the temptations of being constantly bombarded by those who wish to influence the outcome of nearly every case because of the promise of greater profits for all, you can expect fair and equal treatment.  Even this will eventually become obsolete, when crime becomes non-existent and there is no need or opportunity for law suits because no one need ever have disputes over money.

Once everyone has what they need, and the tone of communities settles into an atmosphere of easy-going service to others, feelings of stress and inadequacy will melt away.  Families will have time for one another, travel will be stress-free, and there will be no need for organizations like Homeland Security and massive police forces.  When all wars have wound down to the point where no one is even interested in conflict, and there is no profit in war, it will become a thing of the past, and a cultural blossoming will come to previously war-torn places.

Just two of these things – war and automobiles – have created massive devastation on the planet.  Imagine how glorious your beloved planet will be in just five or ten years, without the use of fossil fuels or plastics or most of the chemicals which are produced now.  The clean air and water which existed on Planet Earth just 200 years ago will return quickly with the global use of free energy technologies.

We are looking forward to the transition time during which your beloved channels will be able to bring forth an endless wealth of practical information for the good of humankind.  You understand, of course, that this could not be done earlier because of the predictable practice on the part of the cabal of arranging a “suicide” for anyone who invented or produced any technology which challenged the fossil fuel monopoly.  We could not put our beloved Lightworkers at risk to suffer the kind of abuse that Tesla experienced, or worse.  All that will be different now, because Lightworkers with enormous amounts of money, energy, creativity and community support will move into action the moment the RV is announced.

So you see, Dear Ones, nothing will remain as it was.  The changes I have described here are just the beginning of the transition which is to come within the next few years. We will be helping you every step of the way, gradually at first, letting the new prosperity take hold while you enjoy your new freedoms and begin your worldwide projects.  Once the psychological impact of truly being free of want and insecurity has settled in, and people across the world are enjoying their blessings, it will be a good time for us to come forth to reveal ourselves once and for all, with the Disclosures you have been promised.  

In the meantime, you will be seeing more and more videos of our space craft flying overhead, motherships and small craft showing how they emerge and disappear, as they did recently over London, and generally making themselves an everyday sight in the skies.  People will be so used to our presence that it will seem like a normal next step rather than a shocking revelation.

We have told you that you have made all these things possible by raising your vibration.  It is true.  You have “leveled out” the events and their introduction by activating the crystals, opening portals, creating a fully operational grid system, and by creating a growing sense of group consciousness.  This has helped your Mother Terra to raise her vibration even further as you have raised yourselves through service.  We are so grateful to all of you who have unquestioningly traveled to unknown places to carry out activities which would be seen by the general population as nothing short of insanity.

We truly appreciate that those of you who hear our voices and our thoughts and who carry out the boots-on-the-ground work.  You are healing the natural world, restoring the energy grids and power centers of the planet, and creating new ways of joining forces through group meditations. You are doing all this without pay, without recognition and without any scientific proof that your efforts are being felt.  Given the way you were all raised, it is remarkable, is it not, that you are reading these messages with such a sense of recognition and reassurance?  

It is indeed a testimony to the strength of the human heart that you have been able to overcome the prohibition from every quarter against such spiritual enlightenment.  Religion, science, social attitudes and a general fear of anything “occult” has stifled original thought, and here you are, communicating with me, a being you cannot see or touch, but you know intuitively that I am here.  Take a moment now, Dear Ones, to acknowledge how truly unique and powerful you are.  I encourage you to call on me, to open your channels to accept my love and my support, for you are truly the leaders of tomorrow, and I do mean tomorrow!

This is the evening you will remember always, Beloved Ones.  The last day of your former life.  Yes, I am telling you that by tomorrow you will have great news, and by the day after, your life will be forever changed.  You have internet sources which will keep you informed of the events as they unfold.  You will be dancing in the streets, and we will be there with you, laughing and applauding you for the years you have waited and the profound lessons you have learned in the process.

There is a sign in the restaurant where Kathryn goes to “hang out” in her town.  It says,”Smile.  You were born!”  Yes, indeed, you will now have a new appreciation for what your own birthday meant.  You are here, now, to witness the most wondrous events in the history of your beloved planet, and yes, even in the Universe.  You are here!  You will be the ones who tell the story of the wondrous triumph of God’s Love on Planet Earth!  You are the promise and the fulfillment of the Dream.

Raise your eyes to the sky, sweet humankind, you have arrived.  You will now be aware of the higher dimension you have entered through your participation in these messages, these talks, and the companionship you have created by being the fearless ones, the open and intuitive and loving ones.  Your Faith has brought us to this new day, and it will be different from every other day you have lived in this lifetime.  

I am here with our beloved St. Germain to send you our admiration and unending Love, as we join our hearts with yours.  We are One, we are Love, we are Light, and we are God.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, August 18, 2014, 11 PM, New York 


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Archives of written channelings

Permission is given to copy and share these message, providing they are presented in their entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website,