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Archangel Michael via celia Fenn

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The June 2015 Solstice: Activating the Cosmic Diamond Heart, Birthing the New Earth Soul and Calling Back the Animals

Beloved Family of Light, your Planet is reaching a key moment in its process of Ascension and Transformation. As you enter into the ‘Event Field’ of the June Solstice on the 21st June, you are feeling the incoming and powerful energies of the Lion’s Gate, the 8/8/8, and the final Lunar Eclipse of the two year series on the 28th of September.

These events mark the final ‘grounding process’ of the Cosmic Diamond Heart Frequencies into the Multi-Dimensional Earth Grids, as well as the Birthing of the New Earth Soul. This is the true beginning of the Earth Star/Planet as a Multi-Dimensional experiential reality field for all Light Beings who choose to incarnate on the Earth. This includes not only Humans but all forms of life, including the Animal and Plant families.

At this beautiful convergence of energies at the Solstice, you will fully embody the Diamond Codes and the Diamond Light through activating the Cosmic Diamond Heart. You will welcome the New Earth Soul as a powerful new archetype, and you can, if you so choose, participate in calling back the animals who are beginning to leave the Planet in a mass extinction event.

Activating The Diamond Heart: Cosmic Codes…..on Earth as it Is in Heaven

In February of 2014, those of you who are Starseeds and Galactic Warriors made a massive Timeline Jump or shift to this present timeline. The Group Soul work was to create a way forward into the New Earth on this very heavy timeline.

In this process of healing and balancing and bringing in the Diamond Codes, the Earth’s Timeline fields would be unified so that all timelines were directed at a Multi-Dimensional New Earth where Humanity could continue to evolve and thrive together with all other Earth Life Forms.

This was an heroic effort by Family of Light and those of you who are Fourth-Dimensional Time Masters, to align the timelines into a common future of Peace and Love. You were to do this by creating peace and harmony in your own lives and by learning how to embody the Diamond Light and the Diamond Codes.

You were also to do this be connecting deeply with the Earth and the Elemental Energies and calling back the precious creations to participate in the New Earth. This is what is being celebrated at this time.

The Diamond Heart is the Cosmic Frequency that is being embodied within the Galaxy to express the highest frequencies of Divine Light and Divine Creative Will. The Diamond Codes are received on the Earth from the Great Central Sun or Galactic Center as pulsations of Diamond White Light or Fire.

The Heart of the Earth is in the process of aligning with these frequencies, and of course those of you who are working as Family of Light and Star Warriors are learning how to align your own Diamond Heart with these same Cosmic Frequencies.

The Diamond Light is the most intense and high-frequency energy that has yet been embodied on the Earth. It is a white fire that brings love, compassion, and creativity at very high levels. The key word is ‘Intensity’. When you embody this Light then you begin to experience the intensity and passion of the Diamond Light.

In terms of your physical body, there can be very powerful and noticeable effects on all levels. On the level of the body, all places where the frequency is low will be affected, as the body spins off low frequency and becomes more refined.

Many people notice this in the digestive system, as this is an area where low frequency energies are still found, as people eat without consciousness of what they are doing.

On the emotional and mental levels, all low-frequency fears and anxieties will be spun off and released to be replaced by higher frequency energies. This may give rise to anxiety and stress, and to an overactive mental or emotional energy for a while, as the old patterns are ‘revved up’ as they are transformed into Higher Frequency.

Do not hold on to what needs to be released. The more you hold on, the more difficult it will be to move forward with your life. Release with grace and gratitude, and allow your Higher Self to lead you forward into the new frequencies and the new version of yourself.

In terms of the Earth itself, these intense frequencies are causing much movement and disruption in weather and other global patterns. In the Pacific ‘Ring of Fire’ and other places, you will be seeing increased activity in volcanoes and earthquakes as the Earth moves into the Higher Frequencies and the Planet adjusts to these Diamond Frequencies. The cleansing activities of Fire and Water will be very noticeable at this time.

Beloved Ones, you chose to jump to this timeline to be the agents of change at this time. As you work with these deep and intense energies, know that you are working with your Soul, your Soul Group, and your Soul Families. You are Masters of Time and Space, and you are creating a new timeline for the Earth in her journey through Time and Space.

athenaowlBirthing the New Earth Soul

Beloved Family, since the big energy shift in December 2012, your Planet has been in a powerful process of Ascension and Transformation. This process will culminate in 2017, as you fully birth the New Earth timeline and the New Earth Soul within your Multi-Dimensional Physical/Light Body Complex.

We, as Angels and Archangels, worked with you and taught you the Sacred Heart meditation to allow you to access the archetypal energies of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, to embody the Golden Light of the Christ Consciousness. This was essential in order for you to create the ‘Star Gates’ that would shift the planet into Multi-Dimensional frequencies.

After 2012, the Diamond Light frequencies began to enter the Earth Grids and Fields, and in this new Multi-Dimensional frequency, a New Earth Soul was born that would express the Diamond Heart of the New Earth Being.

The Divine Feminine of the Diamond Light expresses itself as Higher Wisdom, Strength, Courage, and Passion. It’s center is the Heart, and it activates the Sacral center, the Brow Center, and the Soul Star, into Radiant Rainbow frequencies of Intuition, Love, Passion, Intensity, and Creativity.

She is the Wise Woman and Warrior, who loves with intensity and integrity and whose focus, as the Great Mother, is on all the ‘children’ of the Galaxy and of the Earth. Her Diamond intensity is a white fire that clears away the old, the chaos, the confusion, and creates space for a new creation of Golden frequencies and Diamond frequencies of Higher Expressions of Divine Love and Blessings.

The Divine Masculine of the Diamond Light expresses itself as Creativity, Clarity, Strength, Empowerment, and the ability to structure New Creations with Love, Intense Passion, and Responsibility. This energy is also centered in the Heart, and activates the Base, the Solar Plexus, the Throat, and the Crown Centers.

He is the powerful Creator who brings order and harmony into manifestation through his creations of Golden Light and Diamond Intensity. He speaks his truth and follows the path of his Soul and Higher Self.

When the Diamond Sacred Masculine and Feminine come into alignment within your Soul, you birth the New Earth Soul. You become a Radiant Diamond Light Being whose intense Light, Passion and Clarity can light the way forward into the New Earth for others.

Beloved Family of Light, at the Solstice many of you will complete the ‘birthing’ of your New Earth Soul into the Diamond Light. You may feel this intense Flame of White Fire as it ignites within your Heart, your Soul, and within every cell in your Body and Light Body. This will be a precious gift and a powerful transformation.

wolfCalling Back the Animals and Diamond Gratitude

Beloved Family of Light, as you work with the Diamond Light and the Ascension energies, you are aware of how intense and challenging life can be on the Earth at this time. This applies not only to human life but to all life forms on the Earth.

As the Earth shifts and changes, it is becoming more difficult for many life forms to hold their life templates in existence on the Earth. It is Divine Love and Creativity that anchors them here, but they need your assistance as well.

Your original ‘mission’ on the Planet was to fill the Earth and to tend to the ‘Garden’ and the Animals. While you have filled the Earth, you have not taken that much care of the Garden and its Life Forms. Many Species feel deeply unloved, as their habitats are destroyed and their families hunted and killed as resources.

In the incoming Diamond Light, it is time to call back all life forms, tend to the Garden, and call back the Animals especially. Do not allow them to go into extinction feeling unloved and unwanted!

The Shining Radiance of Creation is a precious Gift, all of it. At this time of the Solstice, and the birthing of the New Earth Soul, it is also time to affirm your Love, Appreciation and Gratitude for all Creation. Call back the animals, let them come home to Earth, and feel loved, honored and appreciated in their natural environments.

The animals were created from the Divine Creation Template of the Galaxy to be your companions on the Earth. They are also ‘Soul Family’, and they are ‘Star Seeds’ from many different systems and galaxies. Each species brings a gift from the Stars. As they disappear and become extinct, so the blessings are lost and the Earth becomes more lonely and isolated.

Beloved Ones, call them back. Let them know that your hearts yearn for them and their presence and their frequencies and their gifts. Call their Souls and Spirits, and let them know that you have seen their pain and suffering. And let them know that you will work together with them to create a New Earth..

It is time to rebirth the garden and to tend to the many species that were gifted to Earth. It is time for a powerful new force to arise, Diamond Gratitude. Gratitude, for every living being and their contribution to the Garden of Life that is Planet Earth, and to the Galaxy and the Cosmos!

“Archangel Michael: The June 2015 Solstice,” channeled by Celia Fenn, June 12, 2015, at

Source Link: Starchild Global with Celia Fenn

Archangel Michael via Celia Fenn – Solar Expansion, the Divine Mother Energy and Multi-Dimensional Experience – 2-10-15

1 Sunshine

Beloved Family of Light, as you prepare for the powerful incoming energies of the Equinox and Eclipse in March of 2015, you are currently feeling the effects of dynamic activity and expansion in the Sun and the Solar System. The Sun/Solaris is experiencing an “upgrade” in its Light Body Field, to bring it into harmonic resonance with the new Galactic/Cosmic Light Codes transmitted from the Great Central Sun at the center of the Galaxy. This process if being guided by the Solar Council of Solaris and the Galactic Council of the Golden Rose Galaxy (Milky Way).

As these necessary Solar adjustments are made in the Light Body of Solaris, it will, of course, also be felt as similar “upgrades” at the Solar level of your own Light Body.  This will initiate a recalibration of the frequencies in your Light Body and your Physical Body.

This is a powerful process that you will feel in the Pineal Gland and into the Nervous System, as well as in the Solar Plexus area.  For a short while you may experience tension, anxiety, depression, dizziness, interrupted sleep patterns and intense dreams.  You may also experience releasing old patterns of fear associated with holding and embodying more light as you reveal more of your Inner Divinity to the outside world. This will ease as the recalibration process if completed in preparation for the big shifts on the planet in March.

This process will then allow your Light Body and Physical Body to hold and transmit more of the Diamond Light that is being received from the Galactic Center into the Galaxy and via Solaris to the Earth.  It will allow you to become of the Diamond Light Crystalline Beings who are emerging on the Earth in the New Reality.

The Twin Flame and the Embodiment of the Divine Feminine or Great Mother

cosmic mother

The Activation of the Diamond Codes on the Earth has reached the stage where the Twin Flame or Sacred Heart Union is being fully achieved.  This is an internal union where the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine come together in Sacred Union to create the New Reality.

At this particular time, it is the Great Mother whose energy is being felt most strongly.  As Ma’at, the Keeper of Cosmic Balance, she is awakening in many people.  This is an intense energy that expresses itself often as Void, as emptiness or nothingness, prior to Manifestation.  For many, having to embody the Void is a frightening experience, especially in a society that values activity and production.

To embody the Divine Feminine is to embody also this nothingness and to be at peace with it as a part of the cycles of existence. Do not fear that you are “blocked” or “stuck”, or that you are a failure.  It is simply the time when you are Being the Void in order to facilitate the birth of something new into the Light.

Being able to hold this Void in balance with Creation and Manifestation is the work of the Great Cosmic Mother.  To hold that energy within yourself is to embody the Great Cosmic Mother.

As the Embodiment of the Divine Feminine, you are facilitating the Balance of all life on the Earth.  You become the Quan Yin also, the conduit for Love and Compassion, and the bridge for the energy that loves and nurtures all living beings.

Beloved Family of Light, as you embody this Divine Feminine energy, you help to sustain, love and rebirth the Earth.  This is the ultimate secret of the Grail Codes Mystery, the renewal of life and love in a New Age through the Alchemical process of inner Sacred Union.  It is a deep inner union of all aspects of Self, transmuting the old energies into the New Diamond Crystalline Light.

As you embody the Great Mother, you become the Grail, or the Chalice for the Diamond Light.  It flows from you and into the creation of a New Earth and a New Reality.  At the right time, the Divine Masculine will step forth to manifest this New Reality into Material Form.

The Multi-Dimensional Reality Process and “Time Phase Dissonance”


At the same time that you are working with these shifts in Light Energy, you are also becoming familiar with your abilities as Multi-dimensional Masters of Light.  This is requiring you to be highly skilled in shifting dimensions, as you also shift Timelines and Time Phases.  This gives rise to an effect that we will call “Time Phase Dissonance”.

This “dissonance” occurs when your Light Body has to rapidly switch between different timelines and time rhythms.

Your Earth is now situated in the 5th Dimension of Light.  Most of Earth’s inhabitants have chosen, for now, to remain in the illusion of the 3rd Dimension, which includes duality, conflict, and participation in emotional “dramas” of abuse and victimization.  In the 5th Dimension of Light, the perception of Unity and interconnection becomes more important, as does creating a peaceful and sustainable society.  At the 6th Dimension of Light, Magic and Imagination are the primary modes of perception, with Mystery and Miracles taking center stage, and at the 7th Dimension of Light you enter into Mastery of the Light Shift Dimensional Soul Technology.

Right now, Beloved Ones, you are learning how to master this practice.  On any given day, you might shift from 3D to 4D (Time Spirals) to 5D and 6D several times.  At each shift, your Body and Light Body changes Light Frequency and Rhythm.

3D is a very slow frequency, but it manifests as high activity and stress on the physical level. 5 D is slower and 6D even slower in terms of perception, as you approach a state of “no time” and NOW that is the essence of Higher Forms of Consciousness.

The shift between high activity and absolute stillness can create a sense of dissonance and anxiety.  Many people feel anxious, blocked, looking for a reason why “nothing is happening” , when in fact they are experiencing the deep peace of the Higher Dimensions of Consciousness.

Many of you have chosen, on the Soul Level, to continue to have adventures in 3D, while also living and creating in the higher dimensions.  This is the essence of Multi-dimensionality.  It will take a little time for your Body and Mind to become accustomed to these Time Phase switches between levels of Perception and Frequency.

We wish you much Joy in your Journey on Earth!

Listen to the Internet Radio Broadcast with Celia Fenn and Archangel Michael that covers what it means to be Multi-Dimensional. Broadcast January 2015.

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Archangel Michael via Celia Fenn – The Diamond Path – New Creative Adventure of Love, Abundance in 2015 – 1-3-15

celia fenn 2015

The Diamond Path: The New Creative Adventure of Love and Abundance in 2015

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On this first day of the year 2015 you are stepping into a new beginning and a new adventure on Planet Earth.  2014 was experienced by many as a difficult and chaotic year with personal challenges to many of you. But, Beloved Family of Light, it was also the year in which the gateways and portals of Magical Abundance and Creativity were anchored on the Earth. The challenges that you faced helped you to truly stand in your power and be the Creator of your own Reality. This is the essence of a Multi-Dimensional Master of Light.

In the year 2015, you will be given the opportunity to further develop your skills and abilities as the powerful Diamond Light energies create further acceleration of consciousness and further activations of DNA codes for spiritual and physical evolution. We call this new Time Spiral the Diamond Path, and on this path you will discover the power of Infinite Love and Compassion. You will discover your power within the Galactic and Cosmic energies and you will focus this into the creation of a loving and harmonious reality as you travel the Diamond Path as multi-dimensional Masters and Creators.

The Energies of the Year 2015

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Beloved Family of Light, there will be three very powerful moments of Change and Transformation in 2015.  The first will be in March and April of 2015, and it will be initiated at the time of the Equinox.  At this time, the Earth will experience a Total Solar Eclipse that will provide the opportunity for the Planet to shift away from dualistic confrontation and aggression and into a more balanced and harmonious state of collective co-existence. For those of you who have opened up to a state of higher awareness and become Masters of Manifestation, this will be the moment to hold the energies of Inner Peace, Harmony and Love, and to focus on the Creation of a Reality of Harmony and Abundance on the Earth.  You will have the ability to harness the creative magic of the Sixth Dimension and assist in manifesting a new reality.

There will also be a Total Lunar Eclipse on the 4th of April, and the period between the 20th March and the 4th of April will see many shifts and changes on the Earth, opening the way for new forms and new creations.  These changes will be felt on the individual and the collective levels.  We ask you not to be intimidated by these changes, Beloved Ones, but to hold the focus of Love and Creativity, seizing the opportunity to align with the new Timeline Energy of 2015 and to create Abundance and Harmony rather than to contribute to lower timeline energies of conflict and chaos.

The Second powerful moment will be at the Planetary New Year, from the 26th of July to the 12th of August, and will include the energies of the Lion’s Gate as a fulcrum of evolutionary and creative progress.  The high point will be on the 8th of August at the 8/8/8 Time Gate.  The Cosmic Energies that pass through the Lion’s Gate will amplify the new higher energies and create opportunities for many to begin new projects or to step into a new career path that will be more in alignment with their revised mission and purpose on Earth. At this time, the Higher Councils of the Galaxy, in alignment with the Solar Council and Earth Councils, will initiate many new energy vortexes or timelines that will allow for manifestation of the New Reality in physical form.  These projects will prepare the way for the powerful initiations of 2016 and 2017.  The adventure of the Diamond Path is certainly under way!  Those of you who are ready will step forward into this new path of accelerated consciousness and opportunity.

The Third powerful moment will be at the September Equinox, which falls on the 23rd of September.  In this month there will also be a Partial Solar Eclipse on the 13th of September and a Total Lunar Eclipse on the 28th of September.  The themes of these powerful shifts will be a continuation of the new energies of higher awareness that were initiated at the March Equinox and Eclipses.  There will also be further opportunities to anchor the Diamond Light of Harmony, Peace and Abundance and to create a New Reality.  It will be an exciting and challenging time, but also filled with new opportunities.  Again, we ask that you focus on these opportunities to empower yourself as Masters of Light and Creativity, and to assist in grounding the New Reality for Planet Earth into the Human Collective Consciousness grid so that form may follow on the material plane.  This two week period will be rich in opportunities to work with the Beings of Light and the Angelic Realms, and also the Magical Elemental energies, to anchor this magical and miraculous New Reality.

The Diamond Path: Higher Consciousness and a Higher Frequency Reality

Beloved Family of Light, this higher consciousness and higher frequency of Being we call the Diamond Path.  It is the frequency that anchors the sixth dimension and allows you to fully experience your multi-dimensional being.

At this stage, your anchor in the sixth dimension of elemental Magic and Miracles will allow you to move between dimensions of being without anxiety or loss of equilibrium.  When you are centered in a deep sense of Inner Peace and Creative Compassion, then you will be able to experience the lower frequencies with this inner power and strength and without losing your inner connection and sense of direction.  You will be able to adventure in the fifth, fourth and third dimensional energies without adverse effects.

Of course, Beloved Ones, if you should find yourself on a mission or an adventure in third-dimensional density, and surrounded by duality, conflict and chaos, you will know how to find your center in your heart, ground yourself into the Earth and follow the guidance of your Higher Self and Spirit and the Infinite Creative Wisdom of the Divine Creative Intelligence.  And know, Beloved Ones, that simply as an act of magical choice, you will be able to return to the higher dimensions of consciousness.

How is this possible, you may ask?  Well, you must ensure that you are well connected to your Magical Higher Self.  You must cultivate the Magical Garden of Inner Peace, Serenity, Joy, Peace, Love and Abundance.  As you create this inner garden, so it will also manifest in your outer world as a Sacred Space that will anchor and reflect your personal frequency or Energy Signature on Earth.

Your personal Sacred Space will also transmit your Energy Signature, and will begin to interact with and to shape the external world around you as you open up a multi-dimensional space on Planet Earth!  Beloved Ones, the Earth herself is overjoyed to once again dance and play with Beings of Light in many dimensions.

So, Beloveds, the Diamond Path is your passage to Multi-Dimensional lightness and adventure.  You are becoming  creators of realities, initiators of timelines, and  co-creators of planetary consciousness in the higher frequencies.  You will gain the confidence to ride the Galactic waves and shift frequencies in creative adventures of light.  And you will learn how to manifest light and energy into form as you create a New Reality.

The Blue Diamond Children of 2015

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As you move into this new phase of Creativity and Empowerment, you will be supported, as always, by an incoming wave of newly arriving and incarnating souls. These will be called the “Blue Diamond Children”.

These children will derive from, or have a close connection to, the Angelic Family of the Elohim.  The Elohim are the Creators of Form in the Universe.  The purpose and mission of these incarnating beings will be to support and assist the creation and manifestation of the new forms on the Earth as the New Reality begins to take shape on the Earth.

These children will be Cosmic Spirits who are closely connected to the Galactic Families and the Galactic Council.  They will be Masters of Manifestation and will be skilled at bringing forth form in graceful and elegant ways.

They will also be empathic and powerful, and will be able to “read” the energies  and the people around them.  They will use their empathic skills to direct powerful energies of healing and abundance creation where they are needed.

These children will incarnate in Soul Pods or Groups, as twins or as siblings, or within communities where they can best work together to form a powerful focus of Blue Diamond Light to assist in the creation of new ideas and new forms of individual and collective being on the Earth.

Beloved Family of Light, we wish you a Grand Adventure on the Diamond Path in 2015!

The Diamond Codes

If you would like to learn more about the incoming Diamond Light and the Diamond Codes you can explore the new book by Celia Fenn called “The Diamond Codes: Light Information for the New Reality”.

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Opening the Portals – 6th Dimension to Earth Reality – Archangel Michael via Celia Fenn (Starchild Global) – 11-21-14

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The Magic Rises and the Butterfly Emerges

Opening the Portals of the 6th Dimension to Earth Reality

November/December 2014  /  Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn


This year of 2014 has been a powerful year of change, and yet more change, and at the same time it has seemed as though the choas intensifies daily. But, Beloved Ones, while you may see this intense chaos, you will also need to look deeper and see the Divine Pattern that is emerging through this tumult of creative energy. You will need to look further and deeper and see how the Magic is Rising all around you, and how the Butterfly that is the emerging New Human is beginning to unfurl its wings.

In February of this year, on the 2nd of February, which was a 2 : 2 portal, we alerted you to the fact that the Earth was about to undergo a major shift and transition. At that time, you shifted timelines, and there was a temporary drop into lower vibrations, and you acclimated to the new timeline and began to lift the energies. This was the plan, that by dropping a little and then raising frequency you would be able to gather such momentum that you would burst open the portals of the 6th Dimension and make this part of the Earth Reality once again. This process was achieved, and on the 11: 11, the 11th of November, the portals were opened and the 6th Dimensional energies of Magic began to be anchored on the Earth. This process continues at full power until the 12 : 12 on the 12th of December, and will be fully activated by the Solstice on the 21st of December, when the Earth aligns with the Galactic Center and energizes the Earth’s 6th Dimensional plane with the Light Codes for the New Reality.

You are now truly existing in a Multi-dimensional Reality, with Reality frames ranging from Third Dimensional through to Sixth Dimensional all co-existing within the Earth’s New Reality Grids. The Earth as a Planetary Body is anchored in the 5th Dimension, which is the Dimension of Oneness and Inter-connection. There are many who still perceive themselves as bound by the laws and reality of the Third Dimension, and are still living their lives within this framework. Those who have raised their awareness and frequency, have mastered Time and have taken charge of their own lives and destiny, thus moving beyond the Fourth Dimension and into the Fifth Dimension with the Earth herself. Now, there are those of you who are ready to take another step and move into the 6th Dimensional Frequency of Magic and Dreams, and to make this a part of your lives on Planet Earth.

Beloved Ones, as these new 6th Dimensional Portals open, they raise the vibrational frequency of the Earth, and this intensifies what is perceived as “chaos” on the Earth. As you may know, the higher the frequency, the more harmonious and peaceful the energy. But, when lower frequencies encounter higher frequencies, then there is turmoil and imbalance for a while as the energies find a balance. So it is , right now, that the increasing turmoil is an indication of the raising of frequency on the Earth and the tumult that occurs as each of the interconnected Dimensions of Light comes into balance with the others.

It is also true, that the energies of the Higher Dimensions work their way downwards, so that when the 6th Dimensions is opened to the Magical Creation of the Garden of Eden on Planet Earth, this will begin to manifest until it is anchored on the 5th Dimension and the illusion of the Third Dimension with its duality consciousness and conflict will disappear from the Timeline.

So, in this next month, between the 11: 11 and the Solstice on the 21st December, you can expect that the chaos and tumult will intensify, but that at the same time you will begin to see the Magic arising in your lives, you will see and feel the Earth Magic once again, and at the same time you will begin to perceive the changes in your Light Body and your Physical Body as you align with 6th Dimensional Frequency and Light.

Solar, Galactic and Cosmic Energies supportingthe6th Dimensional Portals Activations

In this period of time, starting with the 2nd of February, you have experienced intense Light Code activations from the Solar, Galactic and Cosmic levels of Divine Creative Intelligence and Love.

Beloved ones, let us begin with the Solar energies and their role in your Evolution and Development. We know that you understand the important role of the Solar energies and the Solar Flares in transmitting Light Codes to the Earth and to you. But, some of you may also be aware that this is a two way process. The Sun transmits energies in response to the Earth as well. When the Earth, through the Earth Councils, indicates that she is ready for an accelerated process of transmutation and change, as in February of this year, the Solar Council of the Sun, those Light Beings entrusted with the transmission of Solar Codes to the Solar System and to Earth, responds with what is needed. And so, apart from very powerful Solar and Lunar eclipses, there have also been immensely powerful Solar Flares that have bombarded your planet day after day, week after week, bringing the Light Codes and information necessary to open the portals and incorporate the 6th Dimension of Magic and Dreams into the Earth Grids.

Then also, the Galactic Council Beings of Light, working with the Earth Councils and the Solar Councils of Light, are preparing for their contribution to this process. In late November, the Earth begins to align with the Galactic Center, and by the December Solstice she is in perfect alignment for the transmission of Galactic Light Codes through the Diamond Light that will anchor these portals and ensure that they become part of the New Reality of a Multi-dimensional Earth. This will indeed be a Magical time, when the Earth will be recalibrated and great showers of Magic and Love will rain down on the Earth in waves of Abundance and Joy available to all who can see and feel the blessings of this Field of Love and Light!

At the same time, the Cosmic Councils and the Star Nations are also assisting this birthing process. There are several Cosmic Radiatation Rays from “deep space” that have been transmitting information and assisting with the new alignments. The Star Nations of the Andromeda Galaxy have been very active in assisting with the anchoring of the Magical Creative energies on Earth, as the Twin Flame Galaxy of your Sacred Rose Galaxy.

All these powerful transmissions of Light and Light Codes will help you to feel and perceive the great changes that are happening on the Earth and all around you, and the great changes that are happening in your lives and in your bodies.

The Butterfly Emerges : 6th Dimensional Human Energy

The accelerated transitions and changes on the Earth have also had a parallel accelerated change and transition in your bodies. Many of you may have felt the tensions and anxieties as your Light Body and Physical Body went into another recalibration to higher frequencies of Light. You may have found it very difficult to cope with the perceived density of life around you, and the drama and manipulation of the old emotional and mental paradigms of life. You may have yearned and longed for real heart centered relationships and a real family or community to be part of your life.

These are all “symptoms” of moving beyond the old templates of life on Earth and emerging into a New Reality where you are able to manifest and create on Timelines in a Magical manner. Your Heart is the center of this reality, and you feel within yourself the Magic arising all around you, the Divine Creative intelligence, waiting to work with you to shape and create a New Reality.

As the Butterfly emerges, you are reborn to a Higher level of Consciousness, and you are entering another level of Reality that is a natural preogression or Evolution of the process of Light Body Activation that is being guided by the Gold Ray of the Christ Consciousness, the Galactic Diamond Light and the Platinum Ray. If you are ready to move with the incoming Light Codes and move through the 6D Portals, then you will already have been through the previous phases of the Ascension Process:

1. Full Activation of the Light Body with the 13 Chakra Vortex system. This includes the activation of the Christ Consciousness through the Gold Ray, and the activation of the Twin Flame energies through the Magenta and Turquoise Rays. Then the Diamond Light will activate the Galactic levels, together with the Platinum Ray. This Light Body activation will open the High Heart Center and will also enlarge and adapt the Throat Chakra and recalibrate it with the Brow and Crown and Soul Star Chakras, via the Pineal Gland, and to a lesser degree, the Pituitary and Thyroid glands. This can cause intense anxiety, intense dreams and heart palpitations, as these new “super chakras” come online. It will be a temporary process.

2. Mastery of Time, the 4th Dimension. Those who break through the 3rd Dimensional levels begin to see Time/Space as a fabricated illusion. They percieve that Time/Space can be created or manifested through Timelines, and that when they emerge as “Masters of Time”, they are not imprisoned within the Timelines or narratives of others. They are able to generate their own timelines and their own stories, and create and shape Time and Reality accordingly.

3. Mastery of the 5th Dimension of Unity Consciousness and Inter-connection. Here you will have moved beyond the simple “survival” mentality of the individual to a wider understanding of how all life forms are connected in a single conscious organism or being called “Gaia” or Earth, and how each one of us is an expression of that Reality. As you create your timelines and stories, you will do so with an awareness of the Creative Center, the Divine Heart, and an awareness of all the other stories created by others which are also expressions of the One Heart of Love and Creation.

4. You will have already grounded yourself and connected to the Earth Heart through your Earth Star Chakra. You will be ready to activate Earth Magic and to work with the Elemental and Fairy Realms, and with all the beings of Light that work and create in the Dimensions of Earth.

5. You will have mastered the processes of Conscious Transition, within your life, and from different dimensions and realities, as part of your mastery of timelines and creation.

6. You will be ready to incorporate the relams of Dream, Magic and Archetype into your Timelines and to create Reality using these powerful and primal energies. You will be ready to move between timlines, between dimensions and between realities in a Conscious and purposeful way as a Conscious Creator.

As you emerge fully to this level of Consciousness, you will understand that it is time to unfurl your wings and become the bright and beautiful butterfly of Light that you are! An Infinite Soul in Human Form, and Angel of Light in manifestation, a powerful creative energy working in a Conscious way with the Divine Creative Intelligence to manifest a New Earth and a New Reality!


If you would like to learn more about the Higher Frequencies of light, the Diamond Light Frequencies and the incoming Diamond Codes, we invite you to read Celia Fenn’s new E book with Mp3 Activations channeled from Archangel Michael.

You can also join our next “Diamond Light” Webinar Series on “Diamond Transitions”.
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Archangel Michael via Celia Fenn – Earth Whispers In A Time Of Change – Diamond Earth Communities Begin To Form – 10-4-14


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Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

September 2014

Beloved Family of Light, this is truly a time of great Change and Transformation. As we said to you in February of this year, the changes in your society in this year of 2014 will be immense. And we know that as you see these changes, the chaos and “noise” can, at times, be overwhelming. As the old way of being disintegrates, it is not a peaceful process, and so many of you may not be hearing the gentle whispers of the Earth as she call together those who will form the first Diamond Earth Communities.

Those who are able to hear and listen, will find themselves being drawn towards a dream of another Earth, a Diamond Earth of Clarity, Love and Compassion. A New Earth, where Nature and People are more important than money and power. It is a whisper that will enter your dreams and meditations, inviting you to be part of something new and beautiful. And if you hear that call from the Earth, and if you answer her in your heart, you will be guided to those places and people who will also be a part of the Diamond Earth Community.

Beloved Family of Light, you will feel the answer coming from deep in your soul, and you will say “yes” as you begin the return to the Crystal Garden of Beauty and Love. You may ask, “what is this Crystal Garden”, and we would say it is simply the energy or the frequency of Higher Consciousness where the Diamond Light shines through all living beings and creates an expression of Divine Joy on Earth. It is this that you remember from the beginning, from Mu and Lemuria, when the Divine Light was bright on the Earth. And so it will be again, as the Diamond Light is anchored in the hearts and souls of those who work for a Higher Form of Community on Earth.

So, Beloved Ones, we ask that in this time of chaos and noise as the old falls away, do not be distracted or discouraged, but simply listen with your heart and allow yourself to hear the whispers of the Earth as she calls to those who will work with her to create the Crystal Gardens of Love and Peace on the Eart.
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Open to the Diamond Light and Higher Frequency

The Diamond Light is one of the Highest Frequencies available on the Earth today, together with the Golden Light of the Christ Consciousness and the Platinum Ray. The Diamond Light carries the Galactic Feequencies and the Light Codes that the Earth needs to align with the Divine Purpose as expressed through Divine Creative Intelligence. In fact, we may say that the Diamond Light is the Divine Creative Intelligence in action, and that is why it is so beneficial for you to align yourselves with this incoming higher frequency light. It assists you in the creation and manifestation process, and so will help as you work to bein the creation of a new society according to the blueprint in the Diamond Light.

The Diamond Light is received by your through the Higher Chakras (the Galactic, Solar and Soul Star chakras) and the transmitted into the Crown Chakra. From there it is radiated into the Light Body and into the Pineal Gland. It has an intense effect on the Pineal Gland, and this stimulates the nervous system and the cellular system right down to the DNA. This enables your entire being to align with the incoming Diamond Energy.

It is then transmitted to the Heart Chakra, and then you are able to transmit this Light to others via the High Heart and Throat Chakra vortexes that have recently been recativated and restructured. It is also directed downwards through the Base Chakra and into the Earth Star Chakra and then into the center of the Earth to connect you with the Earth Blueprint Holgram held in the Diamond Crystal at the center of the Earth.

This powerful energy can have effects on your physical being, and many of you have been aware of this energy flowing through your body in an intense form in the last few weeks. Beloved Ones, know that these transmissions of Diamond Light are assisting in raising your personal frequency and consciousness so that you can also assist in raising the frequency and consciousness of the Earth Collective and so begin creating the Diamond Earth Communities.

As you accept and integrate the Diamond Light, know that you are being assisted in this work by an incoming wave of beautiful and bright Diamond Souls, whom we will call the “Diamond Children”.
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The Diamond Children and the Diamond Earth Communities

The Diamond Children are those that come after the Crystal Children. They are Masters of Time and Space, and they come to Earth with a new perspective of life and creation. They are born with the Diamond Light and the Diamond Codes for creation fully activated in their Light Bodies.

They began coming to the Planet in early 2013, but there is a “wave” of them incarnating right now. Just as the Indigo and Crystal Children came in waves to express their particular energy and contribute to the process of transformation, so the Diamond Children are also now coming in a “first wave” to assist in the anchoring of the Diamond Earth Communities.

The Diamond children, as we have said Beloved Ones, are Masters of Time and Space. They know that Time and Space are illusions or creations, and they are not afraid to take their power and create the kind of Earth that they wish to see. They are like prisms, and they know how to focus the Diamond Light into pure creations of Light, and they are assisting us in this process.

Know too, Beloved Ones, that just as the Indigo and Crystal children assisted you to raise your frequencies in the 1970s and beyond, so the Diamond Light Children are assisting everyone to raise their frequency so that they too may become Masters of Time and Space and creators of a New Reality.

So, many of you who are birthing children at this time will be feeling the power of this incoming energy as this new generation of powerful beings “lands” on Earth and begins to activate its energies. You can expect major changes of perspective and understanding on the Earth soon. The power of this energy will provide the extra “push” for major changes on all levels of society. Those whe hear the whispers of the Earth calling to work for the Diamond Earth, will also feel the powerful “lift” of the Diamond Light children as they begin to make their presence felt on the Earth.

As you work with these children and as they grow, you will find them entirely clear and pure. They will not tolerate manipualtion and lies, and they will see them for what they are. They will be direct and open and honest, and will expect others to be the same way. If others lie or manipulate, they will immediately be aware of this and will block these efforts simply by refusing to participate in anything that is not clear and of high frequency. And this is how you will become as well. You will feel in your heart and soul what is truth and what is not and you will refuse to be part of anything that does not help you to live your truth in a clear and open way.
The Diamond Earth Community
As the energy rises on the planet and as things become more and more chaotic, it is important that you focus into your Diamond Heart and connect with the Divine Flame that lives within. This will give you strength, courage and patience. You will know that All is in Divine Order and that there is a point where everyone will begin to see the emergence of a New Earth and a New Society.

We call this the “Diamond Earth Community”. As the Earth moves into the frequency of the Diamond Light, so the planet will begin to manifest a community of people who will express that Light in their lives. They will live their truth and walk in that truth, they will radiate Diamond Light from their hearts, and they will seek to live in harmony with the future that the Earth is manifesting. This will include living in harmony with the Earth and with each other, respecting nature, and seeking ways to be at Peace with all living beings as an extension of the Peace within their Hearts and Souls.

They will seek to live beyond the “economic grid” that determines life through money and power, but will find ways to harmonize their lives with the ancient paths of wisdom taught by the Earth Elders and Shamans, and will seek ways to make this meaningful and relevant to their lives on the Eart today. In this way, they will be acting as anchor points for Galactic Light and expressing that Light as Galactic Diamond Humans in physical form.

They will begin to form communities through resonance and attraction. The intensity of the Diamond Light will bring People of Passion and Commitment to a new path on Earth, and this passion will attract others of like Passion and Commitment. Slowly, you will begin to find and attract your Diamond Earth Family, those who are also working to manifest The Crystal Garden in their personal lives and on the Earth.

The Frequency Shifts in September
The first major shift will be felt on the 9/9, on the 9th of September. This is a key moment when those on the Earth can take a step forward to another level of Wisdom and Light. It will a point where you can integrate all the waves of Light Codes that have washed over the Planet in the months since the Planetary New Year in July. It may also be a “breaking point” for many, where relationships and partnerships that no longer reflect where you are in life may have to be released. On a Global scale, this will also be true, and you may expect severe Global tension in the week of the 9/9. We urge you, Beloved Ones, to remain in your core power and aligned in your Diamond Heart, and seek to anchor only Peace and Harmony within your Heart and on the Earth.

The September Equinox will fall on the 22nd/23rd of September. This will be the Spring Equinox in the South and the Fall Equinox in the North. The period between the 9/9 and the Equinox may also be difficult and chaotic, but it is necessary to hold that balance within your Diamond Heart. The Equinox will finally be a good moment to connect with the energy of Balance and Harmony, both within and in a Global sense. The New Moon in Libra falls on the 24th of September, so that will be a good time to plant the seeds of harmony and balance for the next cycle as you move towards the Eclipses of October which will anchor new energies that will culminate in the 11/11 in November and the Solstice in December.

We wish you adventures of Diamond Light in the month that lies ahead!

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If you would like to know more about the Diamond Light, the Diamond Codes and the Diamond Earth Community, we invite you to read “The Diamond Codes : Light Information for a New Reality”, or to attend our September webinar series “The Diamond Earth Communities : The Return to the Crystal Garden”. The information is given below.

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For More Information on the “Diamond Earth” Webinar Series, Please Click Here.

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn – Emergence of Inner Warrior of Light – Standing in Power and Love – Being a Focus of Radiant Light – Earth Transition – Eclipses of October 2014


In the period after the Planetary New Year and the Global Equinox, the energies of Change have continued to be powerful on the Earth. Waves of Light Codes, Solar impulses and Diamond Light have continued to pulsate through the Galaxy, activating deep changes to all life forms and structures. On the Earth, these Light impulses are integrated into the Light Grids and into the Consciousness of those whose Light Bodies are ready to receive them. And once they are received, they serve to initiate very deep changes that continue with the process of breaking down the old third-dimensional patterns and awakening the new multi-dimensional consciousness on Earth.

The incoming energies of the Diamond Children are joining with those of the Crystal Children, providing a powerful impetus to the new Warriors of the Heart and the Warriors of the Light. These young people are entering into the time of their lives when they are remembering who they are and why they are here. They have powerful missions to be the anchor points for the energy of Inner Power, Love, Strength, Honesty and Transparency. They have courage and focus, and they are beginning to make their presence felt on the Earth. You are seeing this in China now, where the majority of people who are going into the streets to protest are in the age group of 17 to 22. These are the Crystal Children, and they are feeling that this is their time to stand up and ask for what they need for their future on the Earth. It is not only in China, in many places on the Earth, it is the young people who are finding their Inner Power and their Inner Warrior of Light and stepping forward.

As this energy intensifies on the Earth, all of those who are resonant with the incoming Light Codes and the Diamond Light, will feel their Inner Warrior of Light being activated and will feel the need to express a powerful Heart Connection with the Earth and with her peoples. This energy will be expressed in different ways; for the young it may be in protest and organization, for others it may be in more quiet and focussed activities of meditation and other group energy activties.

In all cases, what is birthing now, as you move into this month of October with its Lunar and Solar Eclipses, is the emergence of the Inner Warrior of Light, a powerful expression of the Divine Light within, that allows you to shine forth and radiate the Light that you for all to see. You will no longer be afraid to be who you are, but will joyfully be empowered to express the Love and Compassion that lives within you. This you will do in ways that are unique to you, as you express your unique and beautiful essence as a Soul and Spirit in Human Form.

The Emergence of the Diamond Light Warrior Energy will bring more Light and More Radiance to the Earth, allowing you to begin to see the truth of what is happening on the Planet. You will no longer be blinded with confusion and misled by the stories of those who seek to manipulate emotions and create disaster and war. Rather, you will see the efforts and the courage, the beauty and the inspiration, of those who are already in the process of creating and manifesting the New Earth. Even if your Media refuses to share these stories and tries to direct you towards fear and anger, you will be the Warrior of Light and will refuse these old stories as you seek out those of the New Earth Diamond Communities who are already finding new ways to live and new solutions to the problems created by the old energies and perceptions. This is where you will place your energy, and this is where you will feel most comfortable as a Warrior of Light!


The Lunar Eclipse of 8 October 2014 : Galactic and Solar Time Gates and the Earth “Reboot”


On the 8th of October, when the Full Moon is in Aries, there will also be a Total Lunar Eclipse. This will be the second Lunar Eclipse of the year, following the first on the 15th of April 2014. This first Lunar Eclipse was in Libra, and so the two eclipses are connected by being in opposition and in activating the energies of Libra and Aries. These two Lunar Eclipses are Galactic and Solar Timegates, and they allow for shifts in the Time/Space fabric of your Earth Reality.

The first recoding of the Timegate allows for the the emergence of the Diamond Warrior. Aries is the house of the Warrior, and also the Child. This energy encodes a Warrior who carries the Diamond Light and expresses and Higher “innocence” that aligns with the Divine Blueprint for Planet Earth. The Crystal Child is also the Diamond Light Warrior, and the Light blazes forth at this time! As you align with this new frequency, you cannot but help feeling surges of inner power as well as a deep sense that all will be well on the Earth. As the Diamond Light is anchored and the Diamond Warriors are activated, so the New Earth blueprint is activated in your Hearts, in your Light Bodies, and in the Light Grids of the Planet.

The second area where this recoding will be felt strongly is in the area of Relationships. All relationships that are not “in balance” have been under pressure in this last year.And, in the Diamond Light energy, this concept of balance emphasizes the aspects of mutual respect, honesty and integrity in an empowered way.

In the Diamond Light it is the “Divine Sovereign” relationship that holds the highest consciousness and the most intense energy. This is where two partners are drawn together on the Soul level in order to express their inner Light and Radiance through relationship and partnership. Both partners are fully balanced and sovereign within themselves and have created a loving primary relationship with their soul and higher self. This bond of love on the inner levels can then be reflected and manifest on the outer levels.

The two partners are capable of merging their soul energies in ecstatic soul union, but are also capable of being individual and whole within their own right. They may work together, or they may choose to have a working life outside of the relationship. However they choose to express the partnership, it will create a field of Light and Radiance that will bring Joy and Healing to others through the very power of its reflection of the Divine Flame of Love and Compassion.


The 10/10 Recalibration


On the 10th of October, the 10/10, you will have the opportunity to pass through a Planetary Time Gate, where the new Codes will be recalibrated and activated within the Light Body of individuals and the Earth.

This will represent an opportunity for a “new beginning” at a higher level of consciousness. What does this mean? It means that at this point many of the “blocks” and “difficulties” of the past 6 months will fall away, and it will be a time when you will be able to move forwards once again.

On the individual level, you may feel as though what had held you back had now been removed, and you feel free to begin creating in a new way and in a new direction. This will be a higher level of consciousness than was possible before, and it will be easier to create in alignment with your hopes and dreams.

On the Planetary level, those who have been trying to “Time Engineer” the collective consciousness towards war and conflict will find that there plans will not succeed. The higher consciousness that is now available will make it very plain that their motivations and statements are not in the best interests of humanity and the future of humanity.

Once again, you will be able to turn your attention towards creating that Heaven on Earth that is your “home” on this Planet, and you will feel that your creations will be supported in a new way.

At the time of the next two Planetary Time Gates, the 11/11(11th November) and the 12/12 (12th December), these recalibrations will be “fine tuned” as you flow onwards into your New Reality.


The New Moon in Scorpio and Solar Eclipse: 23rd October

The New Moon in Scorpio on the 23rd October and the Solar Eclipse will allow these new energies to be felt on the Earth as changes and shifts in the Economic System. At this time, and in the month of October, there may some deep tensions within the financial community and the banking sectors on Earth. These tensions are arising because there are new energies emerging in the fields of finance and business that will begin displacing the old systems. The new Light Codes that will be anchored at the time of the Solar Eclipse will assist in activating these shifts and changes.

On the personal level, it will be a good time to consider your financial life and whether you may not wish to reorganize and “recalibrate” your work and your finances in a way that reflects your desire to live in harmony with the Earth. You may feel the need to seek out and support others who also have this deep desire to live in harmony with the Earth and to create a Peaceful and Harmonious life on Earth in all aspects of life.

It may also be the time to consider a different approach to life, and how you may better express your passion and your joy while also supporting your life in financial terms. In this new Diamond Light, you will be shown with great clarity where you need to put your energy in order to be in alignment with the emerging NewEarth and the Diamond Light.

Beloved Ones, use the energy of the Scorpion to move through whetever darkness there may be, and to see clearly what must be done so that you can act as a Diamond Light Warrior and radiate your Light in the World. Let nothing hold you back, let fear not hold you back, as you plant the seeds of creation for this next cycle of Light.

Beloved Family of Light, we wish you a joyous adventure in the Light in the month of October!


If you would like to learn more about the Diamond Light Frequencies and the incoming Diamond Codes, we invite you to read Celia Fenn’s new book with Activations by Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael – Inevitability of Change – Deep Dreaming with Gaia – via Celia Fenn – 12-13-13

Channeled through Celia Fenn© 2013-14 Celia Fenn and Starchild Global

Beloved Family of Light, it has been an intense and tumultuous few months since the Planetary New Year in July and the influx of New Light through the Stargates in July and August. These Energy Shifts have brought Change at a very Deep Level.

This Change is inevitable, for it is part of the processes of Life and Evolution. When the Earth shifted into the Fifth Dimension in December 2011, she shook off her rigid limitations of the old Third Dimensional Grids and allowed herself to re-connect with the Graceful Flow of Divine Light from the Heart of the Cosmos. This meant that every Living Being on Planet Earth was also recalibrated to this New Frequency of Accelerated Change.

Change is inevitable. It is part of the process of Life and Growth. It is the opening of a bud in Spring and the falling of the leaves in Autumn. It is the first green shoots in the snow and the richness of the summer harvest. All have their moment in Time, in the Richness and Flowering of Physical Life.

But, even beyond the natural laws of Growth and Change on Earth, there are also Changes taking places at a very deep level of Consciousness and of Creation. The New Light Codes that enter through the Stargate portals accelerate and activate energies at the atomic and subatomic levels, that we would call the “God Particles”. These nano particles are the Divine Cosmic Intelligence as it manifests into Physical Reality. As these particles evolve and change, so they initiate Change at all levels of Creation.

So, Beloved Ones, we would say that Change is occurring first at a very deep level in the Fabric of Creation and in the Collective Consciousness of the Earth. But, you will also feel this Change in your Physical Bodies and in your Collective Experience as Communities.

The Physical Body and the New Reality

As the deep shifts occur, your Physical Body will begin the process of adapting to the New Reality and the Higher Consciousness Grids. There are two processes involved here. The first is a very deep cleansing and throwing off of anything that is heavy, low frequency, toxic and limiting to you and others. You may notice your body seeking changes, in diet, exercise, sleep patterns and ways of expression. This process of “clarification” is necessary for the next step, where the body begins to “breathe light” in the Cells.

The process of “breathing light” is a Cellular Process and it occurs spontaneously in the Cells when the Body is at a High enough Frequency and ready to make the switch. At this point, the Body will derive about 50 percent of its nutrients from Light in an intracellular synthesis process, and about 50 percent from Physical Nutrition.

We would say, however, that this shift only occurs when the Body is clear, grounded and aligned with the Light Body. It is a Spontaneous Evolution and occurs when you are ready. At that point you become a “Shining One” as you begin to radiate Light and Energy from your Cells. This is the First level of the Shift from the old Carbon based Physical Form to the New Crystalline Light based form.

Beloved Ones, we ask you not to try to force this process, but to listen to your body and what it needs. If you are not ready for the Shift you may still need more traditional methods of nutrition until your body is ready. Even after the shift, you will need to monitor your nutrition and energy levels to ensure that your body is maintaining its new pattern of energetics and radiance.

Once you have made the shift you will find it very difficult to be in close proximity with people and environments that are toxic and polluted. Your new energetic structure is designed for the New Earth and desires clean air, light and nutritious food, and a light filled and harmonious environment.

This shift of the Physical/Energetic functioning will also be felt on the Emotional and Mental levels. Your Emotional and Mental energies my be unstable for a while, and fluctuate quite widely as your System integrates accelerated light energies travelling through the nervous system and firing the hormonal system and the brain cells. You may find yourself responding very swiftly with strong emotions in some situations. Just know that it will take a while to adjust to the accelerations in your system.

Beloved Family, over time we have shown you how to ground yourselves into the Earth Star Chakra and the Earth Center, and how to align with the Cosmic Heart. This is an essential daily practice as you work to integrate the light breathing and the acceleration of light impulses in the nervous system.

When this process is complete, you will feel yourself aligning in to a new sense of yourself and your power as a Master of Light. You will have more confidence in your ability to manifest abundance through working with the Divine Light and shaping it into Co-creations with the Divine Source.

The Earth Community and the New Reality

Beloved Family of Light, just as each one of you is experiencing this acceleration of light, so also is your Collective Expression as a Global Community. In the Fifth Dimension the aspect of Inter-connection is the prime vehicle for the manifestation of Collective or Global Reality. So it is that you will find that you have shifted from a culture of “nations” to a Global or Planetary civilization where “nations” are simply a part of a Planetary network.

To explain more clearly, in the past each person thought of themself primarily as belonging to a specific nation with a national identity that defined them. You also identified with the issues of your particular nation or state. Now, as the Earth becomes a Planetary culture or One Global Nation that is connected, all issues affecting the Planet affect every nation and every person. There is a new identification with the Earth rather then simply with a part of it.

The New Indigo and Crystal children already know this and they are “wired” to live their lives as Global Citizens, beyond the limitations of borders and boundaries. The New Earth will allow for the recognition of One Planet rather than many nations. It is the next step in the Collective Evolution of the Global Community.

This does not mean that this Global Collective will be controlled, manipulated or dominated by any power or group. At the 2012 Transition, responsibility for the Earth passed to the Higher Dimensional Council of Elders and the Council of Earth Keepers. These are the Light Councils that determine the direction and evolution of your planet. You work with them when you meditate for Changes, for Peace, to end suffering and to create the New Earth. Each person who is called to be an Earth Keeper will feel the need to assist where the Planet calls them.

So, this effectively means that governments become administrators on the Physical level of the decisions and directions that are formulated at the Higher levels by these Councils of Light. So, you will find many surprising shifts in the way in which governments deal with Global issues.

Initially, as the energies accelerate, you will be confronted by many unexpected and surprising events. Everything is changing. But, gradually you will begin to see the outlines of the New Reality emerging as Light begins to manifest in the reactions and responses of those who adminsiter Earth on the Physical level.

As you observe these changes, do not become anxious, simply allow yourselves to accept that the deep changes are manifesting a New Reality that is in harmony with Divine Creative Intelligence. The old scars and traumas of Atlantis are in the past and there is nothing to fear. The future will be an expansion into the Light, Joy and Abundance of the New Reality.

Once again, we say that the Indigo and Crystal generations are here to lead the way into this New Reality. They will be passionate, caring and filled with Fire and Light to manifest this New Reality. It is their Mission and Now is their Time. There will be many emerging Young Leaders who will help to guide the Planetary Community from the limited Economic “Mind Prison” of mental constructs to a New Reality of the Possibilities of other ways of Living, Sharing and Manifesting what is needed for Life on Earth.

Deep Dreaming with Gaia….A New Communion of Light

Beloved Ones, in all these Deep Changes, there is another aspect of You that is also changing. In the past you were limited by the nature of your society in the old energy grid. You were disconnected from Earth and Sky and you lived your life in a “closed circuit” of mental and emotional ideas and feelings that allowed you to be controlled by those who manipulated the media that controlled these ideas.

In the Awakening process you were able to disconnect from your “closed circuit” matrix and expand your reality into a Multi-dimensional awareness that embraced both Heaven and Earth.

But, on the Earth are still many who live within the old closed circuit, and many still emerging into the New Consciousness. So, there are differing “levels” of Consciousness, the more superficial mental/emotional circuit and a much deeper Multi-dimensional Expanded Consciousness.

It is this Expanded Consciousness of which we wish to speak now. It is a Consciousness that touches deep into the Earth and deep into the Cosmos. It is a Consciousness that awakens your connection to the Galaxy, but also to the Earth.

As you expand into the New Reality you will find yourself “dreaming” with the Earth. You will become aware that you are a part of Gaia and that she speaks to you, not in a superficial way, but in a very deep consciousness where she will transmit to you images and feelings. You will feel with her and dream with her.

Some of you may be asked to assist in deep healing processes for the Earth in places such as Fukishima in Japan, or to assist in working with the Forests, or in clearing and cleansing the Oceans and the Air so that the New Earth can manifest. Those who are called to this work will be the Warriors of Light who will focus intention into the Transformation of old beliefs and patterns from Atlantis into the New Earth patterns.

Then there will be those who are asked simply to dream with Gaia and to dream a New Earth of Abundance, Love, Beauty and Clarity. To Dream Clear Skies, Clean Oceans and Lakes, Healthy Trees and Forests and Plants, and all Living Beings Co-existing in Love and Respect. This is the emerging and original dream, as the Atlantis trauma is healed and the New Earth Emerges into manifestation.

We wish you Joy in your Deep Dreams of a New Earth and a New Reality.

~ Channeled through Celia Fenn

© 2013-14 Celia Fenn and Starchild Global

The Golden Light Channel