Veronica Keen Interviews David Boyle, Part 2 – 2012


David Boyle


Montague, Veronica Keen Message – 6-28-15


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Message From Montague , Veronica Keen   –   6-28-15


Once you open the door to truth, you will find all the answers that had eluded you until now. Look at the seats of power and see all the symbols of BLACK MAGIC that are displayed all around them. It is all there, in plain sight. Until now, you were asleep to them.

Message from Montague Keen – 6-7-15

Message from Montague Keen – June 7, 2015

Veronica, my dear, it was a joy to see you with like-minded people who understand what we are about. The information that was shared was meant to be shared. You needed such support as there is an evil plan in action to isolate you. Yes, my dear, I can confirm that you are an Earth Keeper; one of 12 on Earth, as I am one of 12 on this side of life. This is why you face such opposition to what you do. We did not come together by chance. You and I, and the one who will remain nameless for now, have worked together in many lifetimes. Nothing happens by chance. Your struggle to survive is hard to cope with, but you will not fail to carry out all you came on Earth to do. Good people have come forward to help. They understand the energy in our home and garden. You were wise, my dear, not to allow that woman to force her way into our home. Her intention was to harm you.

Your world is teetering from one attempt to start World War III to another. People are suffering as a result. The arch enemies of humanity are being exposed. They can no longer hide their evil plans. We, on this side of life, shine a light on their exploits. They will not succeed but will cause many deaths and much suffering, as they try to push forward with their plans. They do not belong on Earth. Never forget that. Many of them are preparing to leave in case it has to be done in a hurry. They demand World War III as it is their only salvation. Never lose sight of the fact that all those who demand war are connected to those who perpetrated World Wars I and II. They brought death and destruction to your world. They cannot survive without the FEAR and suffering of humanity, especially of the innocent. They are actively involved in satanic abuse. It is the oxygen of life to them. Protect the vulnerable from such people. It goes on all around you, every day. You just do not want to have to face it. Many are killed and you turn a blind eye to it. None of you is safe from these predators. One day, they may come for you.

Where will you find the truth? Certainly not on television or in the newspapers, as those are used to keep you blind to their actions. They promise everything, but deliver nothing except more debt, as they increase the hardship on families. You work harder and are worse off, because governments constantly increase the cost of living. It is all part of the plan to destroy humanity. While man is striving to survive, he will not notice what the cabal is actually doing. Accept that it is when you are all working together as one that you have the real power to make the changes necessary for the survival of mankind.

Money was created to trap Man forever on the treadmill of life. It is corruption at its worst. The majority suffer at the hands of the corrupt bankers. I promise you that all this will end when Man wakes up to his own power to say NO. Do not pander to those bankers who look on you with contempt. They survive on your suffering.

The tide is turning for them. They are now having to contemplate the possibility of FAILURE; and that, my dear friends, is something they never, for one moment, thought possible. As Man opens his eyes and sees clearly what is being done by the few to humanity, they know that their only hope of survival is World War III. So I ask, who has the real power? When you refuse to accept war, they are FINISHED; exposed for all to see. Your soul is worth more than all of them put together. Do not surrender it for their survival.

Before the takeover of humanity, mankind understood how the universe operated. He understood nature and natural law. His mind was powerful and he knew how to use it for the betterment of humanity. All this was usurped by those who entered the Earth and decided to take it over for themselves. They created religions and separation to create FEAR and mistrust, to TRAP man into serving them. This worked satisfactorily until Man began to ask questions and wonder why so few controlled all. It did not make sense.

My own family tried to force a belief system on me that I could never accept. I refused to be part of it. Everyone has a duty to decide for himself. Become your own man. Do your own research and make your own decisions regarding life on Earth. Never be responsible for harming another human being, whether by thought, word, or action. Help each other to survive the onslaught of the Dark Cabal and you will survive. All the help you need will be made available to you when the time comes. You do not have long to wait.

I ask that you send love and light to ROME and its ley lines and obelisks in order to prevent them taking control of humanity. They do not have your best interests at heart. Their fine words are just that. Their intentions are very dark indeed. Veronica had the good fortune to be able to talk first hand with good souls who understand what is going on. They work on your behalf. It was very enlightening for her. A war was fought and many died because one country wanted to hold on to a very important ley line crossing, so that the good energy would not be released to humanity. They now dump all sorts of chemical waste and rubbish on it. Does this paint the real picture clearly enough for you, about the importance of ley lines. Take back your ley lines. They belong to you; not to the cabal.

Yes, my dear, you were in danger when that woman tried to enter our home last week. She did come to harm you, but we alerted you to the imminent danger and you refused her entry. You need to be on alert for such occurrences. You need to fulfill your mission with those who were selected to work alongside you. You need the prayers of humanity to protect them from the dark side. The Golden Age needs humanity’s cooperation to commence.

My dear Veronica, take good care of yourself. Be kind to yourself and be ready when we call on you to act immediately.

Always, your adoring, Monty.

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Veronica Keen Makes Urgent Plea – 12-16-14

Veronica Keen Makes Urgent Plea

Message From Montague Keen – On the 10th of December Ireland will Rise – 12-7-14


Montague Keen

You are getting closer to your goal each day, as the corrupt and their corrupt practices are revealed. You can be in no doubt now about those who have held humankind in slavery. They are doing their utmost to hoodwink you so that you continue to serve them. The power they possess is what they have taken from you.

You are at the crossroads. You have to make a choice: slavery or freedom? They see you as “Useless Eaters” [Henry Kissinger]. They despise you; as to them, you are there only to serve them. Everything they have, they have taken from you, and you allowed them to do so.

The awakened Irish are taking to the streets on the 10 December. Listen to their call, it’s straight from the heart . . .

On the 10th of December Ireland will Rise

Every country in your world will follow the Irish lead. Everyone who is awake should be with the Irish in spirit as they march to lead humanity out of oppression. On the 10 December, humanity should WALK AS ONE to demand the removal of all that is corrupt. This is the first step that you have been waiting for. Ireland will lead the way.

It would have been good if we had the Irish Centre available, but due to false accusations and deliberate obstruction, sufficient money was not available. So we’ll try to find another suitable building. Please bear with us, as we will succeed; this is too important to abandon.

The genetic grid is calling all those on Earth who are without souls, to prepare to gather together, in order to take their leave. They face extinction if they remain. They cannot take all that they have acquired on Earth with them; so their riches will be left behind. You almost allowed them to take over the Earth completely, and they used every conceivable method to prevent your awakening. People have been cruelly used to give false information that all is well. Some even said that a spaceship would come to collect you, to take you to the light. But NO: THIS IS NOT TRUE.

Remember, your oppressors have technology that is unknown to you. They can enter the minds of those they feel they can use. They want to get rid of you, as they want only the soulless to inhabit the Earth. The tax you pay to them is used to pay for the poison in your water, the poison in your food, and the poison in the air you breathe. Then, they KILL you with vaccines and medication when you become ill from all their poisons. You must wake up and realise this. You pay them to destroy humanity so that they can take over your planet.

The battle for Planet Earth has reached a critical stage. You must make a stand. The Prime Creator will become involved for the first time in the history of humanity. There are those on Earth who need your support. Forget race or creed, it is humanity as a whole that needs to survive. We cannot give you all the details, as that would leave Veronica and those who help her, vulnerable to attack. She has suffered too many attacks as it is.

Their removal was planned. It needed the right people to return to Earth, with minds that are open to the destruction and takeover of Planet Earth. There are those on Earth at this time, who have not shown themselves as yet. When they do, they will leave you in no doubt as to who they are. Everything will happen when the timing is right. We, in the world of Spirit, will do our utmost to help you overcome your oppressors. We will then help you to create a world without conflict. A world where thought will become the norm, as it is here. You have a lot to learn. When you come out of the control system and realise that your are beings of light, you’ll see that you are capable of so much more than you can imagine right now. It will be so exciting for you to learn who you are.

Look to the future. You will quickly forget this present life with all its doom, gloom, and control. When the control grid is lifted, the Earth will return to being the beautiful planet that it was before it was taken over.

Humans are beginning to recognise those who are not human; those who just appear to be human, those who are without a soul or empathy of any sort, and those who can kill thousands of people without a second thought. You witness this over and over again. The FEAR that this creates is the oxygen which they NEED, since they thrive on the spilling of human blood. Humanity facilitates this need without understanding that it is killing its own kind. Think carefully before you agree to wear a uniform. Look honestly at what will be required of you. You will be asked to oppress or eliminate your fellow man. Do you want to do the dirty work of the Cabal ? They NEVER go to war, since you do it for them !

Those in power are there, only because you, the people, put them there. YOU are responsible for putting them in power. You are fooled by party loyalty, etc. You must learn to think of yourselves as human beings; your loyalty should be to humanity, not to race or creed. You entered the world without labels and YOU ARE FREE TO MAKE YOUR OWN DECISIONS. Labels are foisted upon you, and foolishly, you accept them. But you are always able to free yourselves, and to think for yourselves, and to decide how you wish to live your experience of life on Earth.

This is a time of great change. Take a positive part in this change. Your future depends on the decisions you make at this time. Let the love of humanity guide you.

Send love and light to the Irish, as on the 10 December, they peacefully endeavour to take control of their country. Use WORDS, not bullets. It can be done. The time has come for action.

Ireland is the key that will unlock everything.

This is a difficult time for you, my love. I am always at your side.

Your adoring, Monty.


Andrew Barzis, Friday Show – Sacha, Andrew, Veronica Keen

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Andrew Bartzis, Veronica Keen – on Tara Hill

JaneBoProduction·5 videos

Andrew and Veronica discuss bringing together people from everywhere to join them in Ireland.

The call is going out to ALL sovereign leaders to bring their drums and sacred hearts to this historical event. There are many roles to fill: drummers, ley line workers, shamans, healers, transportation, bus tour guides, on the ground volunteers, administration, camera crews, techies, translators, off site remote support teams, sponsor coordinators and more!
Contact them today.

Adventures into Reality – Veronica Keen, Galactic Historian Andrew Bartzis

Galactic Historian·48 videos

Galactic Historian Andrew Bartzis and Veronica Keen continue in this amazing exponsé of the current situation and their call to action this Summer.

Break Original Music courtesy of Frank Pisciotti

Audio recorded on 05-2014

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Adventures into Reality – Veronica Keen – Galactic Historian, Andrew Bartzis

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Galactic Historian·13 videos

Galactic Historian Andrew Bartzis and Veronica Keen first round on deep subjects about our past, present and future.

PDF-download-icon Soul contract Revocations – A.Bartzis – Spanish Translation by Claudio A. Dunn


Project Ley Lines – Extremely Important! – Activation TODAY – Your Help Is Needed – 1-2-14


The Ley  Lines  Project   –   Organized  by  Veronica  and  Montague  Keen

Please, include this today  –  This is your way to be part of  Our Ascension  and  The Event.

Please Read Official Document (PDF)

This tells the whole story,  why it is Today, and why your help is so needed.

Opening   the  Ley  Lines  will ignite Earth’s Energy Grid

And Awaken  the Consciousness and Ascension  of Gaia and our Human Collective.

You can help with your own deeply felt meditation  either at Sunrise or Sunset.

Please, first  go deep into your Sacred Heart Space by using the Guided Meditation below:

Unity Breath Audio Meditation – by Drunvalo Melchizedek – How to connect with Mother Earth and Father Sun from your heart

The next video  will help you better understand the importance of Earth’s Ley Lines: