Vasanas, Vrittis and the Endpoint of Enlightenment – by Steve Beckow – 11-15-16

Anger toward my father was my chief vasana

Reposted from January 2013.

Steve is still in Sedona.

I hear many people say, “Oh, I’m clear of my vasanas.” To the best of my knowledge, very, very few people are free of their vasanas. “As one set of Vasanas is worn away,” Sadhu Arunachala said, “another takes its place.” (1)

Don’t forget that we can and do have vasanas from other lifetimes too. When Sri Ramana helped his dying mother source her vasanas, “the vasanas of the previous births and latent tendencies which are the seeds of future births came out.” (2)

Sri Ramana describes what happened:

“Innate tendencies (vasanas) and the subtle memory of past experiences leading to future possibilities became very active. Scene after scene rolled before her in the subtle consciousness, the outer senses having already gone. The soul was passing through a series of experiences, thus avoiding the need for re-birth and so effecting union with Supreme Spirit. The soul was at last disrobed of the subtle sheaths before it reached the final Destination, the Supreme Peace of Liberation from which there is no return to ignorance.” (3)

I believe that to be a description of Sahaja Samadhi, the culminating event of our Ascension. Or it could be much higher.

I’m tempted to say that, if we had no vasanas, we’d be reunited with God again, but, as far as I’m aware, that isn’t quite true.

What keeps us separate from God are what Vedantists call vrittis, which means waves or movement in the mind. Any movement in the mind keeps us separate from God, who is no movement at all (no physical movement, that is).

Vasanas are one form of vritti, but, as far as I know, any stirring of the mind separates us from God because any stirring keeps the mind alive. That’s why Sri Krishna could say: “‘The light of a lamp does not flicker in a windless place.”(4)

“When, through the practice of yoga, the mind ceases its restless movements, and becomes still, he realizes the Atman. It satisfies him entirely. Then he knows that infinite happiness which can be realized by the purified heart but is beyond the grasp of the senses.” (5)

Thus any movement in the mind – any vritti or wave – prevents the higher forms of enlightenment such as Sahaja.

You remember how the Buddha, after having finished extensively studying under the best Hindu teachers of his day and having reached seventh-chakra enlightenment (Brahmajnana, God-Realization, kevalya nirvikalpa samadhi) left his teachers because he still detected movement in his mind.

He began the practice that later became known as Vipassana, designed to observe and cause to disappear the remaining virttis or waves in his mind. And when he succeeded in achieving Sahaja Nirvikalpa Samadhi, a higher form of enlightenment (one that we’ll achieve when we’re anchored in the Fifth Dimension), he ceased. He had taken enlightenment to a new level in the society of his time. (6)

Sahaja occurs when the kundalini goes past the seventh chakra and enters the spiritual heart or hridayam, causing a permanent heart opening.

Vasanas are one form of vritti. As I understand it, negative vasanas obstruct certain early stages of enlightenment; positive vasanas do not. Says Sri Ramana Maharshi:

Vasanas which do not obstruct Self-Realization remain [after Self-Realization]. In Yoga Vasistha two classes of vasanasare distinguished: those of enjoyment and those of bondage. The former remain even after Mukti [liberation] is attained, but the latter are destroyed by it. Attachment is the cause of binding vasanas, but enjoyment without attachment does not bind and continues even in Sahaja [Fifth-Dimensional enlightenment]. (7)

Enlightenment itself is virtually endless. What may not obstruct one level of enlightenment may obstruct another. We tend to think of enlightenment as a singular event, but in fact it stretches on past the human level of existence, past the angelic, and where beyond that it ends, no one knows. We speak of “full enlightenment,” “mergence with God,” and a “return to God,” but usually the level of enlightenment we’re referring to is very far away from the endpoint of the total journey.

Nonetheless, the clearing of all our vasanas would be a wonderful milestone. We would then only have the subtle waves in the mind to release.

But that work too could take vast stretches of what we consider time. It’s a long, long journey. All that we’re doing here and now is freeing ourselves from duality – the view that sees people as separate from each other and distinct in their wants, needs, deservingness, etc. At that point we achieve unitive consciousness – the view that all are one – but that is by no means the end of the road; only a good beginning.

Steve Beckow – Going Down or Coming Up, Vasanas Feel the Same – 10-13-14

Vasanas 231This statement from the Arcturian Group is significant and should not pass unnoticed:

“The [clearing] process is not always pleasant as you have discovered for many clearings are re-experienced as they come to the surface.” (1)

They describe a puzzling situation. Here we are after so many years of clearing, things and still coming up and they feel as unpleasant as heck. What in the world is going on? We should feel clear by now.

We fail to distinguish between an upset that we project outwards or introject inwards, that adds to our stack of vasanas, and a vasana that’s going off to be cleared and is cleared.

They feel the same. In both situations we feel crummy, hurt, pained, etc. We tend to wonder what if we’re getting anywhere.

But indeed there is a difference.

In the first situation we’re burying ourselves deeper and deeper in our upsets and unwanted conditions. In the second one, we’re releasing our upsets and unwanted conditions. But to do that we need to re-experience those upsets and whether experiencing them and projecting them or re-experiencing them, and releasing them, we feel equally crummy and out of sorts.

Don’t be fooled. If we re-experience them to completion and let them go, we might never be troubled by them again.

It’s a hard birth, as the Arcturian Group says. But it’s what we came to do and it’ll soon be superseded by a state of equanimity and bliss.

“Hang on,” as Linda Dillon says. (2) We’re on our way home now, never again to be prodigal children. The last act of the drama of the old Third Dimension is happening now.

Steve Beckow – Why Processing is So Important – Releasing Your Reaction Patterns – Golden Age Of Gaia – 5-9-14

Happy 223Written by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia.

This article is very well contextualized by “Archangel Gabriel via Shelley Young: Shifting With Grace and Ease & Becoming Your Own Hero” at

We’ve talked a lot about “processing.” What does that mean and why put emphasis on it?

Years ago we discussed how, if we did not cleanse ourselves of what I call our vasanas, (1) by which I mean our reaction patterns formed in childhood as a result of traumatic incidents that are carried in memory, we might have a rocky ride in the lead-up to Ascension and in Ascension itself.

At that time, there was no talk of a Tsunami of Love as a precursor to Ascension. But I now see that the need to clear vasanas relates as much to the Tsunami as to Ascension itself.

A few days ago, I had an experience of the Tsunami. The spiritual experience I went through was indeed actually a tsunami! The blue setting I found myself in buckled and burst and a wave of love arose which very quickly filled up everything.

I was not somehow swallowed up in this wave of love. It was not intrusive at all but very gentle and uplifting. So much for “drowning” in the wave.

And then it passed and I was back in processing leftover feelings again. No experience is lasting short of the Tsunami in full force and Ascension.  The Divine Mother told us on January 30, 2014:

“One drop of knowing the fullness of my love shifts you permanently, irreversibly. And yet I speak to you of a tsunami, of an ocean of love, of our love, to penetrate your core so that you may know not only how much you are cherished, but what you are truly capable of.” (2)

Unless we process these leftover blocks, barriers, and resistances, they’ll be the first things that come up in the face of increasing love.  We’ll need to clear them at that time, I think, and so processing them when they rise to the surface in everyday life is a good thing and the way to have them be gone.

Jesus in “Jeshua via Pamela Kribbe: The Third Way” describes what this third way which I call “processing” looks like: I apologize for the lengthy quotation, but it’s very relevant.

“There is a third way – a third way to experience your own human emotions. The first way was to totally identify with your anger, as in the previous example. The second way was to crowd it out, to suppress it and to condemn it.

“The third way is to allow it – to let it be and to transcend it. That is what consciousness does. The consciousness of which I speak does not judge – it is a state of being.

“It is a way of observation that is at the same time creative. Now, many spiritual traditions have said: be aware of yourself, that is sufficient. But then you wonder: how can that be? How can the mere awareness of myself bring about change in the flow of my emotions?

“You have to realize that consciousness is something very powerful. It is much more than a passive registering of an emotion – consciousness is an intense creative force.

“Now imagine again that something in the outside world evokes a powerful emotion in you – for example, anger. When you deal with it consciously, you observe it fully in yourself. You do nothing about it, while at the same time you keep observing and watching.

“You no longer identify with the anger, you do not lose yourself in it, you just allow the anger to be what it is. This is a state of detachment, but a detachment that takes great strength, because everything you have learned seduces you into being drawn into your moods, inside the emotion of anger or fear. And to make it more complicated, you also get drawn into judgment about that anger or fear.” (3)

Awareness or consciousness is decidedly not neutral. I’ve spoken before about “painting with awareness.” (4) When we apply awareness to an unwanted feeling, it’s like painting on paint remover. It causes the feeling to lift, without leaving residue.

Eckhart talks about applying “presence.” Same thing. (5)

What I do is that, as Jesus said, I be aware of the feeling, rather than projecting it or interjecting (swallowing) it. If I abide long enough as this bare and basic awareness, the feeling not only lifts, but, if I’ve seen the process through to the end, the feeling mitigates and finally disappears, leaving me free of it (after repeated processing, that is).

And, yes, it does take great strength to do this. Feelings like anger, anguish and loneliness are very unpleasant to rest with. We squirm in the face of them and want to escape.

It’s counter-intuitive (6) to breathe into them and allow them to be, without running from them. But this is the way to release them. (You can also give them away to the Divine Mother, something that is working more and more these days.)

I not only “be” with the feelings, but I also ask the mind to throw up images that show me what earlier, similar incidents the feelings relate to. The mind is very obedient and throws up an image almost immediately and we’re to go with the first image it casts up.

But that image flies by our field of awareness very quickly and so we have to grab it. If we reject the first image, either no further image will come up or an image will that is not as relevant. So we have to be swift.

Once we’ve processed the feeling completely and it lifts, we’ve gotten rid of one more barrier to a smooth experience of the Tsunami or Ascension.

So this is what I’m doing and why I’m doing it so religiously. I’m clearing my memory banks of traumatic memories to ensure a smooth passage later.

I’m clearing the musculature of the body of its holding patterns if what I’m doing is clearing a surface feeling, embedded in the body’s muscles.

And lately I’ve also seen that if I allow the traces to remain, the so-called subterranean feelings, they then sprout again into a full-fledged surface feeling.

So that’s what processing means and why I do it and why it’s so important as we prepare for the full-fledged Tsunami and Ascension.



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Steve Beckow – Addressing Key Vasanas

Golden Age Of Gaia   /   Steve Beckow

Ooops! Too many vasanas!

The rising energies have been taking care of a lot of our day-to-day worries and grumbles – at least they have for me. The love that is washing the Earth as each new set of portals opens, the last I think having been on 10/10, is raising our consciousness.

But some key vasanas – some deeply-ingrained habit patterns, sleeping volcanoes or command-value records (as Werner Erhard would have called them) – remain and they’re stubborn and persistent.

To get at these key vasanas is difficult and I imagine some of the more shocking or convulsive experiences we’re having about now are designed to bring them to the surface.

I have one of these deeply-ingrained latent tendencies and I’m watching it continue to play itself out at this time. It feels identical to me. There’s no space between it and me for me to get even the sharp end of a crowbar in. I have no leverage with it. It and I are one, so to speak. Let me describe it perhaps so that we can see how these mischief-makers work.

Every parent has certain things they say to “motivate” their children, to have them “learn a lesson,” etc. Few of them know the results of using these “motivating” techniques. My Dad had one and, in using it, he was no different than our neighbors or anyone else of his generation of the early fifties.

When he wanted me to do something I wasn’t doing to the extent he wished, he would call me a “lazy, no-good good-for-nothing.” It worked but unfortunately it stuck.

All through my life I became a huge producer to prove my father wrong. I’m not trying to take away from my mission in life, just as we all of this generation came here to do a task and have a mission. I’m also not trying to denigrate my capacities. But there’s an element of it all that’s nonetheless robotic, automatic, and is designed to show my Dad that I’m indeed not a lazy, no-good good-for-nothing, to “prove” myself.

Dad isn’t even here any longer. He’s on the Astral Planes having the time of his life exploring. Most people convalesce when they arrive, but not my Dad. The minute he hit the vestibule, though he was 91 years of age and had been in the hospital for the last two weeks of his life, he was off to peek and poke into every nook and corner.

He was definitely never a lazy you-know-what!

But this isn’t about my Dad and it isn’t really even about me. It’s about the same process that everyone faces – the tendency of the mind to take snapshots and require itself to live in reaction to past events and become an automaton to avoid pain and enjoy only pleasure.

So what’s the answer to the rise now of our key vasanas? It’s the same answer that solves all these difficulties. It’s the amazing and poorly-understood solvent called awareness. We think matters are accomplished by effort, strenuousness, physical activity. But spiritual matters like the erasure of vasanas is accomplished by the passive bestowal of awareness on what’s there. Emotional knots are dissolved by the solvent of awareness.

So I’m watching this key vasana, this lifelong determination to avoid being lazy. I’m observing its rise within me and its falling away. I’m bestowing awareness on it and loosening its grip on me. I’m allowing it to come and go, rise and fall, and as I do it relaxes its hold on me.

This is made easier by the love that we’re all simmering in as the vibrations rise around us. And it becomes a labor of love in the face of today’s expanding light and joy.  I’m determined to sidestep the need for a shocking or convulsive event to have me loosen this last-remaining but centrally-important vasana from my mind.  I’m “being” with it, allowing it, accepting it.

And I’m laughing at myself – the ridiculous picture of me producing reams and reams of paper for so many years. I will move from being the servant of this vasana to being the master of my self. And I’ll move there gracefully and gently. Long live the good-for-nothing who turned around whatever situation those events were meant to address, whatever role they played in my life-contract.

And three cheers for all that came out of it. It was fun and here I am at the end of it all, looking back, and feeling satisfied.

Golden Age Of Gaia

Vasanas – Mooji

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