Support the Allied Light Forces – Simple, Beautiful Way to Help at This Time – 2-10-18 – by Therese Zumi Sumner

Therese Zumi Sumner

TZ here; One member of the ‘Sisterhood of the Rose’ group Mary B mailed this suggestion a few days ago and the picture has remained in my mind and so I want to share her suggestion with PFC readers. You need to press the link provided to see this beautiful video in motion. Here is Mary’s message.

“I found this on the 2012 portal blog and thought that this would be a great way to support the light forces.

In order to energetically assist the light forces in the current purification (until the beginning of March), which extends to 3 earth radii from the center of the earth, we can visualize a rainbow vortex (from welovemassmeditation) in this area.

Such visualizations create multidimensional bridges for the light forces.…/Rainbow%2Bvortex%2Babove%2BEart…

If you highlight the above link by pressing the left button on the mouse and dragging the mouse to the end of the gif, then right click on your mouse while on highlighted area and then you can select open link in new window then go to the new window and right click on the picture of earth in brilliant colors and click Set as Desktop Background. You will change your computer screen to show this image. Then you can visualize and create multidimensional bridges for the light forces every time you look at the screen.

Victory of the Light. Mary”








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Message From Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff – More Weather Anomilies – Earth strives to bring Balance Within – 6-7-15

Hilarion by Marlene Swetlishoff

Beloved Ones,

As the days move forward there will continue to be more weather anomalies as the Earth strives to bring balance within. There are many ancient energies that were buried in the past now being brought to the surface. These are recognizable as feelings of sadness, anxiousness and worry, for in the past, many were the people who lived in constant fear, for their lives were not their own. They were subjugated and literally owned by others who controlled their daily lives with an iron fist. There was no empathy or regard for the sanctity of their lives and their lives could at any time be destroyed.

This energy is rising in the collective consciousness of humanity and is experienced with a feeling of heaviness, the sense of heavy burdens which are hard to dissipate and clear. Know, Dear Ones, these are temporary in nature and try not to become engaged when and if, they surface, in your thoughts and feelings. They are being cleared from the collective field by those who volunteered for this task. When one is aware of what is happening, it becomes easier to deal with it. Awareness means self-empowerment. It means that you were deemed able to transmute these energies through the power of love.

As these deep layers are brought to the surface, more revelations are also exposed to the awareness of humanity. All that was successfully hidden by those individuals who misused their power in times past can no longer keep it suppressed from public scrutiny. Humanity in general is waking up to the realization that their world is much different than they were told and perceived it was. Everyone is growing weary with the constant changes taking place.

These changes are bringing to light all that needs to be addressed in the world systems in order that more equitable and enlightened practices replace all that is not serving the individual and greater good of Earth’s inhabitants. It is a challenging endeavour but will become easier as these reformations occur. There will come a time when the consensus amongst all the people of the world will be that peace is their highest priority.

As it takes root, stay strong and steadfast as that consensus becomes the new reality here on Earth. Your loving efforts are bringing it ever closer.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion


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Message from the Water via Ute Posegga-Rudel – I Am the Mirror of Humanity – 6-2-15

Message from the Water  via  Ute Posegga-Rudel

Dear Friends,

I was walking on the shore of the Atlantic, blessing and embracing the waters with the love of my expanded heart. The forceful waves seemed to pause for a moment and suddenly, while some becoming very shallow, small, and translucent. They caressed my feet with great softness.

I stood and asked the waters:

Who Are you?
Who ARE you!
What is your true identity!
What is your mission and your function!
What is your work on this planet!

And the water spoke:

I am the messenger of peace, from the Origin that I am, the peace of Being, the peace of Divine Existence Itself.

I am representing the ocean of consciousness. I am giving you an image of your own Divine Nature, because, first of all, I do not only appear to you in this seeming element. But I also appear as moving waves to your awareness. I am representing both, substance and moving form.

So when you look at me, you see exactly yourself and how you function. I am your great mirror and I am what you are: energy. In truth I am energy, and not an element. I am energy, made visible in this form in your 3-dimensional realm. This might not be new to you, but you tend to forget. And as much as you neglect my waters of your planet, as much you do not love yourself, neglect yourself.

I am the mirror of humanity. And in fact your whole planet is imprinting me with information. My waters speak with the orchestra of the increasing and decreasing sound of existence. Listen to them. Listen to the waves, that YOU are creating. They are your thoughts, your feelings and emotions. They are also responding to the fabrications of your artificially created, illusionary world.

So, in order to recognize me as your own being, you need to look deeper, you need to look at my substance. You need to connect with my deeper substance to find yourself reflected in me.

When there is much turmoil, I reflect humanity’s emotions and also violence. I am nothing; my waves are just humanity who creates their own mirror in me. When you see me violent, when you see me killing life.

And when you see no life anymore in my waters, how many of you exist without life inside, who consider themselves to be pure, free of reactions to life, without feeling, but who have become in fact lifeless, automated beings. I reflect that at the shores where you see no longer life. That´s me, when life in me is gone.

I store humanity´s consciousness, I absorb it and reflect it to you back.

Still I am Love, as much as you are, and I open for you your space of heart to find yourself in the immensity and the apparent infinity of my Being and Substance.

There is only one Divine Consciousness, and it manifests itself in many layers in your creation. One of the most important layers are the waters. They are found in many domains of your universes, even though the density might be different to what you experience here on your earth. But the principle of water, the reflective nature of its light and energy and infinite Divine Consciousness exists everywhere in the universe.

On this basis of infinity and substance, my universal waters communicate with each other, being able to carry information over long distances.

I am without judgement, I just AM. I am reflecting the vast Divine Consciousness, and what is arising in It, back to you, so that you can learn about yourself, to turn to yourself with my help and example.

Do spend time at my ocean shores, at the shores of my rivers and lakes. Even a little drop of morning dew on a leaf is revealing you the Divine Nature of the Universal Waters.

But even the most polluted water maintains still its Divine Substance. The loveless information it carries does not touch It. What you can see with your eyes does not touch It. What you see is just a reflection of your perceptual senses. You notice a form and information, that is destructive, which is your own thought form.

To regain balance, seek my shores of clean, pure water, full of life, to recover, to rediscover knowledge about your own true nature. But even if you are not able to find easily these shores of purity and full of life, with your pure heart, you can find my true nature everywhere, that is also yours.

I Am in love with everything, that´s why I accept everything, that´s why I do not dissociate from anything. Learn from Me to not to be attached, although you might appear to be burdened on your surface with the image of unlove. Cut through all the surface illusion to find the Truth, the Essence of Being altogether.

You are that, I am that. Divinity is without limitation!

Message conveyed by Ute

Source:“Message from the Water: I Am the Mirror of Humanity,” channeled by Ute Posegga-Rudel, June 1, 2015, at…

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