Star Meditation By Val – The Six-Pointed Star has long been a Symbol of Universal Peace and Brotherhood – 8-6-14



The six pointed star has long been a symbol of Universal Peace and Brotherhood and is used on many of the colonized planets as a mind link to join with others to image peace for all Beings wherever they might be.


The star is also symbolic of the manifestation of a Star Being who took upon Himself a matter body to walk humbly the earth, healing and teaching the true nature of God – Love. As we connect in mind with the six pointed star we are making a mind link with all those Light Beings that are sending Light to the planet, and with our own inner Christ Identity.

I ask that you join with us in our specific way of prayer by speaking softly the words, “Let there be Light” in your meditation holding in mind the six pointed star in a globe of shining Light that all mankind might come into the fullness of their Christ Identity in this generation.

Image a beam of Love from your heart center into the spinning six pointed star, moving out into all the world, touching every being.  Then image it moving on through the star into all the Universe, touching every creation of God.  Know that you are a part of the whole and speak, “You are loved” then after meditating this for a few minutes change it to “I am loved” and feel love returning to you from the universe through the star center.

Pattern your thinking on Love, Peace, and Goodwill to all.  Any thought that would direct you to harm another living being in word, deed or thought is not from the ONE that is love and you can dissolve it by placing it into the star and sending love only.  Do not allow a thought into your mentality from the dark side from which comes all desire to kill, steal and destroy. This is not just the physical act but the thought to harm another or words that would tear down, hurt or demean another living being is considered sin and there is karmic payback for every thought, word or deed. Speak only words of upliftment and love and write only words of upliftment and love.

A very good thought to hold for each person that crosses your mind or each person you pass on the street is “I behold the Christ in you.”  This is a way of blessing your fellow man and each blessing will return to you many times over. Try it for a day and your life will never be the same. Let it become a habit of blessing each one you see or that comes to mind. To do otherwise is a curse and curses like chickens always come home to roost.