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by Angel V. Ornedo Jr., Guest writer, In5D.com If 5D is alternative news that publishes multifarious concepts, doctrines and ideas that are not read or even known in the main stream media (MSM), why is MSM publishing terror, wars, doomsday, creating fears and announce disasters to happen to humanity? Why are esoteric, spiritual and metaphysical…

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Suzanne Spooner of TAUK

September 10, 2017

Universal Consciousness

[Hello Universal Consciousness.] Hello Suzy. We want to give you information about the coming times. The earth is at the beginning of its’ new awakening.

It is opening to allow those that are in control of the masses to be held accountable for their past indiscretions. That doesn’t mean jail or punishment. Those two options are simply the same tool of duality that has caused the problems to begin with. Those whom we speak of will instead experience in their psyche the feelings of those they have harmed. This is similar to what you call the life review. This however will happen while in body but in dream-states, meditation and other ways. This integration will bring a new awareness, a way of seeing the light, so to speak. The results will be seen as the love and compassion they had lacked prior. One must not judge if one is compassionate. Understand this will reverberate to all.


There is so much energy coming into the planet now that no one can stay the same. Dimensional shifting is the new normal. The freedom this gives you will take time to understand; all the while time is not what it was.

This is the reset.

To experience the reset open your minds to all possibilities that are based in love. Being ‘grounded’ will not serve so well during this transition. You will do best by going with the flow of your day, setting few expectations and allowing for connection to your deep consciousness often. This is why you are seeing with your third eye, experiencing psychic travel and receiving ideas as you wake that don’t belong in the old consciousness; like the one you had about time.

[Can you tell me more about that thought? I recall waking up knowing that everyone now knew that time is not what we thought it was. I wondered how humanity would accept the new knowledge.] You gave yourself a glimpse into the near future. In that ‘time’ there is no past or future. Only Now.

The time shifted all consciousness and all had to look at things differently. Thinking about being with someone and then actually being with them happens concurrently.

You are in the Now of Existence.

These experiences will increase as the energies grow on the planet. This is why fear and resistance needs to be diminished.

 All will easily experience the role of a Master Creator. In this role you become the master of your world. Every individual does this. Co-creation becomes the way of mingling in-between worlds. Shift your thoughts to this concept and you shift yourself to this reality. Free will is still experienced and souls will shift as they calibrate but all are going to shift quickly now.

We are watching all of this unfold from our dimension and the love and support the planet needs is coming like a steady stream. Be One with All and Now.

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RaverJedi – Universal Consciousness – Space Ambient Mix 2014

NOTE:  PLEASE  use your very best headphones to capturethis Multi-dimensional  vibrational experience.  Allow the very deep bass tones, sonic events and all the upper partials of overtones to penetrate your Consciousness. Thank You!

RaverJedi·24 videos

This is another space ambient mix I decided to compile. Let it connect You with the Universal Consciousness. Enjoy…

1. 00:0015:20 – The Stars Like Dust – Jonn Serrie
2. 15:2122:28 – Land of Lyss – Jonn Serrie
3. 22:2928:00 – Aftervisions – Jonn Serrie
4. 28:0134:10 – Mother Spirit – Jonn Serrie
5. 34:1143:44 – The Straits of Madigan – Jonn Serrie
6. 43:4554:15 – Deep Starship – Jonn Serrie
7. 54:161:01:30 – Starport Indra – Jonn Serrie
8. 1:01:311:10:50 – Pan Galactic – Jonn Serrie
9. 1:10:521:16:45 – Muroc – Jonn Serrie
10. 1:16:461:24:50 – Goldstone – Jonn Serrie
11. 1:24:511:33:12 – The Stargazers Journey – Jonn Serrie
12. 1:33:13 – First Night Out – Jonn Serrie

DNA Awakening – Universal Consciousness

fawksy55·2 videos


Ponder On This – Part One – The Word – Justin Wilkinson

justin wilkinson·14 videos

Who are we? Why are we here? What is our ultimate destiny?
Let us ponder on these questions.

Empty Mind Meditation

ChannelHigherSelf·1,519 videos

The most important and final practice in any genuine spiritual tradition is the practice of meditation. Meditation is a simple technique in which a person remains in the state of awareness in this immediate moment. The goal of meditation is the realization of who or what you are at the most fundamental level. Meditation awakens us to the truth of ourselves and life — without words or methods, without steps or stages.

In this Channel Higher Self video you are immediately taken into the practice of meditation and the experience of an empty mind. Empty mind is a Zen Buddhist term that refers to the state of being in awareness with no thought. When the empty mind is present, everything simply is and no thought or emotion occurs. This empty mind state is the goal of meditation. It is only by directly experiencing the empty mind state of sustained periods of time that the ego mind can be purified, silenced and removed. During the experience of empty mind, all that is false will effortlessly be removed, and that which is truth will remain.

Universal Consciousness

wifink·217 videos

A photo from the black hole at the center of our Universe (with courtesy from ESA) will change our consciousness.

Symbols of the Universal Peace Calendar and an improvisation on piano of the World Anthem “We are one” played by Kevin Reid support the message.(www.aworldanthem.org)

“Wave of love song” from Shawn Galloway promoted by http://www.UniversalLifeTools.com

The last painting is from a young indigo painter named Akiane (see http://www.Akiane.com)

she will be one of the next ambassadors of love & peace honored by the Universal Peace Calendar

Constance Demby – Novus Magnificat: Through The Stargate

Constance Demby-Glimpses

Alleluliah. Constance Demby – Sanctum Sanctuorum