SUZANNE LIE – Planetary Crystalline Grid – Unity Consciousness, Unity Courage – Calming Fury of Irma – 9-10-17


Suzanne Lie

“Crystalline Grid” is the term used to describe the complex grid-like pathway or matrix of high-frequency energy that is part of the Earth’s energetic architecture.

This grid of light is encoded with the divine design for humanity’s transition into a highly advanced multidimensional interface.

This upgrade evolves the race from separation and conflict and into the non-polarized, timeless dimensions of universal principle, where totality and oneness are the reflection.

This new morphogenetic field is gradually replacing the current, time coded Earth hologram from which the human race has maintained its connection, and adherence to a timeline of duality and extreme suffering.

The Crystalline Grid is a bridge, linking us back to our Source… and to the unified field.

We are using the planetary Crystalline Grid as our vehicle of energy transfer during the Oneness Transmissions.

We empower the Consciousness Shift through highly focused Global Transmissions.

The Oneness Transmissions global grid



We are a platform of global volunteers. Our greatest strength as a sacred activism network is the ability to transmit transforming energy through the planetary Crystalline Grid.

This worldwide web of energy transfer empowers us, etherically and telepathically, to reach the higher consciousness of people and life everywhere.

As the human portals and extensions of this powerful crystalline system, we are directing tremendous amounts of transforming energy to emergent world need.

Through The Oneness Transmissions, we deliver outstanding humanitarian service, right from our homes!

Together, we get even stronger and can increasingly affect positive shifts for our world…. in ways unimaginable.

The Oneness Transmissions –

A Spiritual Telecommunications System

According to the cutting-edge scientific theory of quantum physics, there is a direct relationship between our physical reality and an energy field known as the Unified Field or “field of possibility”. This field is affected when focused thought and feeling intention is projected onto it.

The planetary Crystalline Grid is the means of sending these thoughts and intentions.

Likened to a spiritual “telecommunications system”, its pathways of light help us connect, etherically and telepathically, to the higher consciousness of humans all over the world.

Its energy travels from one “power cell” of consciousness to another. Examples of these power cells are mountains, pyramids and vortexes, places on the Earth with high crystal concentration in the ground.

When individuals or groups consciously connect with the matrix, it’s like making a phone call. Your phone connects you to the power cell and allows communication to take place.

On the Crystalline Grid, these “calls” are acts of intended energy transference. Instead of talking, one thinks and feels from the purity of heart intention. In so doing, profound changes can be manifested.

Key Features of the Crystalline Grid

Our new foundation for conscious living

It is pathway of communication and energy transfer

It connects the higher consciousness of all human souls.

It is our bridge into unity consciousness and new Earth reality.

It brings love, transformation and stabilization to our lives.

It helps expand our perceptual awareness.

It is strengthened as more people connect into it.

The Crystalline Grid and Earth Energy Connection

Crystalline Grid and Machu Picchu

Crystalline Grid and Egypt

Crystalline Grid and Egypt

The Crystalline Grid links all of the crystals in the Earth and crosses major portals, vortexes and dimensional doorways that connect Earth to cosmic forces and other dimensional realitie


These sites are repositories of subtle energies that have a corresponding effect on an individual’s state of awareness.

They serve as magnetic nodes where intimacy with spiritual energy can more easily be experienced.

As part of the grid network, there are numerous geographical areas that serve as the “central power stations”, while anchoring this advanced grid system to the Earth.

These power nodes hold a highly concentrated level of divinely coded crystalline energy, and emit a high vibrational field.

They are the massive energy fields that are supporting humanity’s transition into a more intelligent life form.

For example, Mt. Shasta in the USA, the Pyramids in Egypt, Ayers Rock in Australia and Machu Picchu in Peru are four of thousands of other places upon Earth that serve in this way.

We, as the human channels of this matrix, can direct tremendous amounts of pure energy to certain people, places and events.

By synchronizing our thoughts and heart intentions with the Crystalline Grid, the resultant effect is a harmonic frequency that coheres our collective higher light into one forcefield. Imagine the power!

By connecting to the Crystalline Grid often, we can make profound and accelerated positive impact in our own lives and that of the collective consciousness of humanity.


Hurricane Irma, a category 5 and one of the strongest storms ever recorded
in the Atlantic with winds of up to 185 miles an hour, is now in Caribbean
and heading towards the United States.
A Transmitter’s Role ~
The devastating affects of a powerful hurricane can be greatly minimized through divine intervention and our unification as an ‘enlightened group harmonic’, that is vibrating from omnipresent awareness.
Therefore, as one Group Avatar, we are invoking intervening assistance to help shift the reflective strength of Hurricane Irma and its potential path of destruction.
We are projecting our consciousness right into the eye of the storm as we pulsate the vibration of love and transformation.
* We acknowledge the presence of God and the universal source of creation as the mighty sustaining grace of each and every fulfilling action.
* Our highest alignment is with Divine Will as the mighty qualifier of this transmission and its final outcome.
* We know that humanity is undergoing great soul initiation and all will unfold in accordance to the highest good of all concerned.
If you feel called, please add your presence of light
to this 15-minute transmission and as soon as possible!
You may live stream, however it is recommended to
download the guided audio to your own device.