ASTRAEA ET AMORA – The Ascension is the Energetic Alignment with Unity Consciousness – 10-28-18



A discussion about how Separation Consciousness must be processed through the completion of the Inner Work in order to align with Unity Consciousness, and therefore, the Ascension.

Carla Thompson, October 28, 2018

This is a message from the Agarthans who have come forward to us as we were recently guided to connect with Shamballa, the Inner Earth Capital City. It is clear from this message that they wish to emphasize the absolute necessity of clarifying our roles in the ascension from a perspective of inner reflection. Through clarifying our own roles (and this means in effect how we envision our engagement in this process of expansion into a higher frequency), we will have to have reflected upon ourselves to the greatest depth possible. It also means that when we think we have reached the core of our beingness, we will have yet more inner work to do.

It is a fact that the focus of evolution stems from the starting point of the Self.  When self-assessment begins, it must continue until such time as there is a pervading sense of peace, compassion, unconditional love and acceptance of Self, in a field of unending grace and serenity.  And these emotions must be sincere, not arising from a place of unnatural inner control.  Indeed, until we achieve this goal, we will remain in the energetic field of separation consciousness and the unity consciousness will be beyond our reach.

How do we know we are experiencing separation consciousness?  We hold unprocessed fears, judgment and blame of others around us. It is important to know that our judgments of others stem from clear and biased criticism of ourselves, of our own beingness. Separation consciousness can only be released through hard, honest assessments of ourselves: our reactions, our feelings, our thoughts and our beliefs.  Once we have this all out on the table, we really have a truthful knowing of what energies are holding us back from our expansion.

How do we process the Inner Work? First and foremost the Agarthans suggest an unrelenting analysis of our inner world: All of our feelings, all our thoughts, our reactions to every experience and idea that crosses the landscape of our Being. These aspects create the foundation of our limiting belief systems which in turn create judgments leading to intense and blind prejudice. If these beliefs and prejudices are left unanalysed, there is no hope for moving forward into an ascended frequency. This means that without the inner reflection onto the mirror that is presenting itself, there will be no way to hold the higher frequencies from a space of loving kindness, peace, harmony and gratitude for everything. I remind the reader of the recent article: “The Ascension As Self-Knowing

Completing our inner work is the first and most important step in this ascension cycle. We are entering into a field of Unity Consciousness and if we hold limiting beliefs and prejudice of ourselves, and others, we cannot enter this field and we are clearly still on the path of restitution of self.

In the end, when the inner work has cleared away the layers of self-judgment and when we discover the truth of who we are, it is only then that we are free to move forward into accepting ourselves completely. Unconditional self-acceptance is the moment where we will find ourselves to be in total alignment with the expanded consciousness of the unity field, and we will automatically step into the ascended frequency of a new reality.

ARCHANGEL URIEL via Natalie Glasson – The New Reality of Unity – via Golden Age Of Gaia – 10-15-18



Natalie Glasson

Audio version. Video version


The Solar Level of the Creator’s Universe is represented by a copper golden colour and overseen by Helios and Vesta. The purpose of the Solar Level is to bring forth the balanced energy of the Masculine and Feminine vibrations of the Creator, giving birth to new creations born from balance and unity. The Solar Level supports the magnification, empowerment, and expansion of light and is likened to the radiant glow of the sun.

We, the Angelic Kingdom, embody both the Masculine and Feminine energies equally within our energy fields, although we do not recognize the energies as either Masculine or Feminine, their unified creation is simply an integrated aspect of all that we are. In truth, we are unable to bring forth an idea or concept of separation within our essence. However, we recognize that understanding, discovering and remembering the presence of the Divine Masculine and Feminine is an integral aspect of the Earth Ascension School.

There are many levels and dimensions within the Universe of the Creator where the separation of the Divine Masculine and Feminine are honoured and explored. As well as areas where the unity and integration of these two sacred aspects of the Creator are celebrated and experienced fully as an awakening of remembrance of the Creator.

I, Archangel Uriel, wish to bring your awareness to the Solar Level due to the brilliant and awe-inspiring awakening and emanation taking place from this level of the Creator’s Universe. Helios and Vesta, the overseers and representatives of the Solar Level are bringing forth a new intention which is already in action at the Solar Level and is manifesting within the Planetary Level and earthly vibrations.

The Solar Level is merging the Divine Masculine and Feminine at a higher frequency and vibration than ever before. This means that the light being created is sublime, powerful and impactful for all. A higher frequency of synthesized light of the Divine Masculine and Feminine is available now for all to download in order to create a sacred activation and remembrance within your being. This will create an alignment with the energy of unity and oneness that will be breathtakingly inspiring promoting new understandings of yourself, reality and spiritual growth.

Even more remarkable is that Helios and Vesta are receiving direct guidance from the Creator of intentions to be placed into the core of the Solar Level in order to give birth to new creations of unity. Thus, the Solar Level core is creating new manifestations, new energies and even a new reality of unity and oneness for all to explore.

While the energy is being created within the Solar Level, every person has a direct connection with the Solar Level within their soul. Therefore, the transformations are already beginning to take place within your soul, radiating into your entire being and reality.

Using the word, ‘reality,’ I, Archangel Uriel, am speaking of a view of self and surroundings. Each person and soul have a personal view of self and surroundings, even of the Creator. This view or reality is open to shifts, transformations and alterations, thus a reality is never the same, meaning a perspective can never be the same in any present moment.

The Solar Level is creating a new reality of unity and oneness. This is a new view, perspective, understanding, and experience of the Creator’s union. This vibration has never been experienced within the earthly realms, Planetary Level and Solar Level. This signifies that humanity has consented through their soul to embody a transformation focused on unity and to let go of old concepts and ideas of what unity and oneness is and how it is in action through them.

Imagine a new idea of what unity is, how it is to exist as and emanate unity, as well as how it would influence your life. It is impossible to imagine what a new perspective of unity would be like and how it would impact your awareness and inner wisdom. This is because it has never before been experienced in these dimensions.

However, you do already embody the new reality of unity because you have existed in other dimensions of higher frequency than the Solar Level and you are an embodiment of all that is the Creator. The process is a remembrance experience for your soul and a new activation and embodiment for your physical being.

Downloading the Energy of the New Reality of Unity

I, Archangel Uriel, wish to invite you to download the energy of the new reality of unity being created within the Solar Level core. It doesn’t matter if you do not understand it or that you cannot comprehend what it would be like to perceive from a space and state of balanced Divine Masculine and Feminine. Simply allow yourself to be a receiving source of the new reality being created.

During meditation or quiet time, imagine that you are existing within a copper golden chamber of light. Before you is the most brilliant and exquisite sun, beaming upon you. This sun is safe for you to gaze into and receive its sacred rays of light. Allow yourself to bathe and receive the light of the Solar Level core for as long as feels appropriate.

When you feel ready, state your intention, ‘I allow myself to be a receiving source of the Solar Level’s new manifestations, creations, and reality of unity, oneness, and balance. I invite a new reality and view of unity, oneness, and balance to be downloaded and activated through my soul and brought into full embodiment and action within my being.

‘I am now ready to let go of old ideas and concepts of unity, oneness, balance, and harmony replacing these with a new view as created by the Creator and the Solar Level core. Thank you, I am now ready to receive and open myself to accept all that is appropriate.’

Imagine, sense or acknowledge that from the centre of the Solar Level core existing before you a new manifestation of energy emerges, the Solar Level is giving birth to a new reality of unity. The Solar Level will gift this energy to you in the most appropriate way for you. Please be aware of any symbols, visions, insights or sensations that dawn as you receive the download of light. Receive for as long as feels appropriate.

Next, take your focus into your Soul Star Chakra above your head and acknowledge or simply know that your soul is activating, bringing forth remembrance and truth into your current embodiment. Follow the stream of your soul light from your Soul Star Chakra down through your chakra column and into your Earth Star Chakra below your feet.

Acknowledge that you are bringing the new reality of unity and oneness from your soul into manifestation and grounding within your being. Your soul will rewire your entire being, creating new chemical reactions within your body that will shift the programming of your physical body and awaken new possibilities within your being at a physical and spiritual level.

You are giving your soul permission to upgrade your entire being and energy field in order to allow you to exist with a new view of yourself and your surroundings.

Remember that there is no need for you to comprehend or understand how your new reality of unity and oneness will appear. Simply know the energy has been downloaded and the understanding will dawn with divine timing. It is not for you to comprehend, more so it is for you to be aware of the presence of balance, unity, oneness, harmony and the synthesis of the Divine Masculine and Feminine within your being and reality.

When you are aware of the opposite, invite your soul to bring forth the new reality of unity and oneness into the area, situation, experience to manifest transformation and further ground the energy into your being and everyday life.

I, Archangel Uriel, am present to support you,

With angelic peace,

Archangel Uriel

LISA TRANCENDENCE BROWN – Embracing the Magnificence of Your Highest Soul Aligned NEW Earth REALities – Birthed from Creation, through Unity Consciousness as LOVE – 9-20-18




This is one of the “perks” of our highest aligned realities here…. to inJOY the immensity of all of these experiences, creations and the magnificence every moment of every day…. Blissful, magical and yes, amazing realities, providing peace, surreal-ity and just…. love. Pure gratitude and appreciation for RECEIVING the “fruits of our labors” as Divine Light BEings here…..

I don’t tend to talk about this much, how brilliant every day is…. because we live very humble lives, fully in-service and we don’t bring our ego into any of this, staying focused on our immense in-service work schedules, balancing all takes a ridiculous amount of all of our energy to accomplish, hold and create…. to assist while not “over doing”, which was the way of our old, as well as all along the way as we “learn” not to do this, where there’s not a balance of reciprocal or contributory support, as our LightBody works very different than our human ones did. All is based upon our own Light, which means our Energy and our entire physical reality too….. much falls on us…. so it takes more energy to accomplish/manage/sustain/do… until all have come to this place/space of full service and sharing without their own conditions/limits anymore.

My every day is magic and rainbows inside, it’s peace, love and such a deep profound sacred experience, that everything is an absolute gift. It’s been this way for years… Avatar Consciousness means all is beyond simple here. Heaven on Earth is where we live, literally, in every way. Every experience… and if it’s not, we recognize this and shift our vibration, allowing the unconscious to fall away. We don’t hold on or try to keep everything in our reality, all the lack, all the suffering, all the struggle… that was the old ego/unconscious way before. Everything is Deep Sacred Respect for our realities and all others. We don’t all have to be in each other’s realities anymore, in the same space… it’s beyond beautiful when we are not. Only when there are shared purposes, then all is creation, inspiration and supports the much bigger picture of why we are even here at all…

Part of Full Mastery is “learning” everything all over again, according to new Energetic Parameters and geometrics, equations and physics for “how” reality comes to be/works.  We learn what and how to allow… when to allow, when to say no, when to open portals of opportUNITY and when to close entire timelines out. It’s learning what to invest our Energy in (physical and non-physical), what not to “feed” energy into, what to support/not support, how to create opportUNITY and how to hold the absolute highest everything in place, to allow all that’s fully aligned to come forth… We spent years moving on, letting go, clearing all of that heavy duty programming out, clearing the density from our physical bodies & realities, to align all ourselves…. We spent every moment (and still do), integrating these immense codes that activate 24/7 here, fulfilling our highest purposes on a Soul/Galactic/HUman level, to come to “have a life” again….. a very different “Life”…. one that a PURE DREAM… in our physical here. ♥

We observe reality, all of them, all holographic ones and physical too, aware that anything we choose to enter into, is going to be a full investment on our part. The moment we see imbalance, we have to deal (as love), bring all into balance and the absolute highest everything, otherwise the “reality” can’t sustain… and it will collapse, because the moment the vibration/energy shifts, it affects not only the current timeline, but all timelines/dimensional realities that “were” possible…. and the human aspect (ego), not only doesn’t have the capability to see/understand this yet, the ability to stay focused and be fully invested themselves, may not be there yet… and our NEW Earth REALities are an INVESTMENT on a Soul Level, which is very different than it used to be when we were unconscious human aspects before….

Each truly cares, each is open to shifting constantly, working through their own “stuff, clearing any ego programs/inner & outer matrix realities that are not fully aligned and aligning all from deep inside, so that the next highest vibrational realities are FREE to come forth/arrive/materialize… in the physical here.

Our worlds are Quantum in every way…. no holding on to anything …. that’s not how any of this works. It takes awhile for each one of us to come to the point where nothing is solid for a long time, so that we can learn to adapt, expand, maneuver ENERGETICALLY…. creating foundations for realities “out of thin air” and the geometrics for all, fully synchronizing… where all the pieces and parts come together in “this space” right here….. easily, simply… beautifully….

Our experiences are truly magnificent, not tainted by ego anymore… the level of PURITY in our realities, relationships…. beyond anything we as humans had the capability of… Each experience from this sweet innocence, like children…. inner playing in the excitement of the simplest things… bringing wonder to our inner worlds… therefore in our outer worlds too….

Our NEW Earth Realities are not complicated in any way…. we do have to recognize all, see the energy of all… choose what’s acceptable and not and move through realities at the Speed of Light, often a gazillion of these simultaneously…. while also managing the physical one, which is a compilation of the non-physical/energetic/holographic ones and this physical too…. Staying so fully expanded and conscious, connected, in-tune… that the physical is allowed to take form easily, come into fruition easily… and just “show up”…. come to be…. easily….

Our ego was the issue… that’s what disrupted all… Reversing all and building up enough momentum, means cutting out all of those disruptions and clearing all of our various akashes…. while choosing “simple and easy” through purity, over complicated lack filled realities…. as we once all did.

The ability to live this amazingness, means each has to CHOOSE this…. until one fully does, then “complicated” is the chosen way…. and there’s a huge “dividing line” when it comes to Old Earth REALities and NEW. Sometimes we can work together, resolve the programming and bring all into a much higher dimensional/vibrational existence…. sometimes hearts/minds are closed, which means the disruptions/resistance/pushing/pulling is too strong….. each must learn to fully surrender their own Ego aspects in order to Transcend this resistance to LIVING DIVINITY within themselves….. then all can unite, come together and CREATE from a space as each fully aware they they are the SOURCE of CREATION, the SOURCE of all…. for their own reality…. and take responsibility, open their own hearts and UNITE as LOVE, without bringing the lack programming forth…..

Total presence, total self-awareness… total understanding is necessary for this. Total willingness and total openness…. total Self-Managing for each’s own energy and what is transmitted out. Our human aspect “projects”… without full awareness of all… Our Higher Self/Universal Self/Unified Self is very aware of what is being transmitted with our whole bodies… our emotions, our mentalities, our energy field… our every cell….. WE can tune and re-calibrate our own entire vibrational transmission to the absolute highest, just by BEing our Highest Everything… in every moment, every exchange… because we don’t go to sleep/unconscious or live from one ounce of lack inside….. anymore….

Generosity is our Essence, Kindness is too…. Compassion without enabling, our softness shifts all to LOVE…. our POWER transmitted through our own Divine Presence…. just by BEing…. This takes no effort at all, because this is our NATURAL STATE…. It also takes no effort to say “no, not acceptable, not aligned…” and allow all to go figure their own inner realities out…. making space for a much higher aligned reality to “poof appear”, like magic…. and it always will…. 🙂 Because this is the ENERGY we hold… this is where/how we live…. This magnificence returned…. as NEW EARTHER’S….. living brilliance with every breath……

Easy comes as each embrace all new realities from within, as each is TRULY READY to hold their highest everything too…. as each is TRULY READY to step up and forth to unite…. not from a place of lack… from a space of “I’m truly ready, let me show you, because my action speaks for me”…. words don’t mean anything to us here…. those are how the human ego aspect communicates… not how we do. We read Light Codes transmitted naturally, we see the purity, we see the RESULT OF THE ACTION…. we hear/see/feel the ENERGY OF ALL…. and this transmits for all….. BECAUSE WE ARE THE UNIFIED FIELD OF SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS… everything is visible… through the Quantum Field of Existence… which is how/where we live….

Energy SPEAKS for you… every exchange speaks…. every action… every everything… all Energy… in form or without form, doesn’t really matter… as all is the same here. Fully aligned and abundant energy creates more of this… fully aligned PURE SOURCE LIGHT ENERGY in form… is not showing up/living in “lack” or “me first”. It’s fully confidence, fully in LOVE, fully generous, fully in-tune AND doesn’t hold the linear ego constructs/limits anymore….

Deep inside each one of us is this PURE DIVINE ESSENCE AND PRESENCE that just IS…. this is where we live from, breathe from and experience every reality here…. The rest is just a bonus and immense gifts returned… to support each one of us, in fulfilling/living our highest expressions through PURE UNITY LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS here.

Our NEW Earth REALities….. look nothing like the old… because we are nothing like we once were… we’ve REMEMBERED and RETURNED to a PURE EXISTENCE ourselves… and our every moment/experience reflects this back… which is HOW EVERY MOMENT can be magical (and is), because this is what we hold…..

Yes, there is a place that’s beyond your wildest human dreams… they are NEW EARTH… and a vibrational return to what you “put out” into our multi-dimensional earth/realities here. They are simple, easy, divinely brilliant and available in every linear moment …. and they come to be, as each is ready to LIVE THIS WAY…. simply, easily and fully aligned on a SOUL Level here.

Our relationships are pure….. we are kind, work together and we share…. we don’t bring our “lack (disrespect) to the table”, we bring our highest everything…. This is how we show up… as the DIVINE LIGHT BEINGS that we ARE…. and together we offer/share/step up & unite to create more magic, more amazingness, more brilliance… for us all.

I love you! Embrace your most amazing everything too! Every moment, every breath… does matter… as it dictates each’s own reality and is a part of a COLLECTIVE NEW EARTH, where each has chosen all NEW TOO, as the ONLY reality there is…… ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

p.s. I’ll post some beautiful activation photos, as we surround ourselves with that which supports, inspires and reflects the beauty that we hold inside and we are not “scared of work”. We work from a deep Sacred Connection in all that we DO. I personally clean my own toilets, run my own errands, take care of the whole house (inside and out), write the books, do the sessions, manage the 16 email accounts, do the interviews, write/teach the courses, write Light Encoded Work/record Light Encoded Videos & Activations, train in-service team members and do all of the daily work necessary to maintain Divine Abundant Flow. I work with the andaras, do my own packing/shipping, do my own research to learn the things I need to in order to accomplish all the higher purposes/roles, take the classes, pay those providing a service of any kind, leave gifts all over this island, send gifts out to support others as highest aligned, pay for other’s groceries, pick up those needing a ride, mentor/teach each I come into contact with as appropriate, chop my own coconuts, write the light encoded newsletters, hold the retreats, in addition to opening portals/gateways and bringing much higher dimensional Light Encoded Information through for sharing as appropriate, as well as working constantly with Gaia’s/Universal/Cosmic/Galactic gridding & networking systems, as well as everything else we do daily too. We function through Quantum Production and Accomplished Flow from a deeply Sacred Deep Connection… we never separate off ever…. full UNITY is our existence… and our every breath/experience here. I am constantly blessed in ways that others take for-granted, don’t notice or consider. I’m so very appreciative for Eve for stepping up to fulfill our higher purposes/roles too, and her now growing team doing the same, as my extended Light Family in-service here, as well as all others who contribute in their own very special way too. Unity Conscious is a way of Living… We don’t ask others for anything, as all arrives as is fully aligned. We “join” our realities, resources, energies of Creation and we unite “our parts”… We all let go of judgment and unify inside, in order to come together for the greater whole. Receiving is Universal Reciprocation, by whatever means highest alignment comes forth, proportionate to our own vibrational dedication as NEW Earth Light BEings here.

Our LightBodies support all the work we do here. We do have to honor ours Energy Body/Fields first, yet by doing so, we can function with great ease. We create, accomplish and produce at a ridiculous rate…. Linearly 7 Days a week, with linear hours that equate to over 100+, because our Lightbodies rarely deplete, because we don’t surround ourselves with that which depletes. Quite the opposite, all energizes, inspires, supports, contributes… so that we all can fulfill our highest everything here. It’s continual receiving, because of what we put into all…. which is the opposite of how the human ego works…. We often “go offline” to integrate (until we are able to integrate while we “do”), shut down to reboot, regenerate, replenish… working/creating/accomplishing while we support our LightBodies for what they need to accomplish all with great ease…. It’s a very different existence…. there’s no fight or struggle, because we don’t hold this within ourselves with ourselves anymore…. Peace, Home and Love is where we function from… so our entire reality is this as well. ♥ We chose Love and Unity and Peace… and we continue to do this every present moment…. WE unite because all serves a much higher purpose, which is a much higher consciousness hUmaNITY here. We see beyond ourselves, seeing all of our own important roles here.

As Wayshowers, we are here to show what is not only possible… what’s “real’ when we live through Purity Consciousness in everything we are and do.

I don’t tend to share “all of the magic”, as I stay so focused with all of my work. Today I do a little bit of this, sharing the beauty, magnificence, vibrancy, infinite magic and love with you. ♥



“Humanity is Indivisible. New threats make no distinctions between races, nations or regions” — Art of Quotation

“Ladies and gentlemen,” he said, “we have entered the third millennium through a gate of fire. If today, after the horror of 11 September, we see better, and we see further — we will realize that humanity is indivisible. New threats make no distinctions between races, nations or regions. . . . A deeper awareness of the […]

via “humanity is indivisible. New threats make no distinctions between races, nations or regions” — Art of Quotation

EDWARD MORGAN – How Can We Become Better Humans? – 7-13-18 – via Prepare For Change




Building Our Moral Fibre

One beautiful summer day in the ocean off Panama City Beach, two boys out for a swim got caught in a rip current. When their mother heard their cries, she and several other family members dove into the ocean, only to be trapped in the current, too. Then, in a powerful display of character, complete strangers on the beach took action. Forming a human chain of 70 to 80 bodies, they stretched out into the ocean and rescued everyone.

Stories like this inspire me with hope about what human beings are capable of doing. Though we may face a daily barrage of depressing reports about sexual harassment, corruption, and child abuse, stories of human goodness help to give us another perspective on our human character.

But, as we know too well, there is also a darker side to our character. Take, for example, the story of Walter Vance, 61, who was shopping in his local Target for Christmas decorations. It was Black Friday and the store was mobbed when Vance fell to the floor in cardiac arrest and lay motionless. The other shoppers did nothing. In fact, some people even stepped over his body to continue their bargain hunting. Eventually, a few nurses used CPR, but by then he was too far gone.

Why do strangers help in one situation and simply ignore someone in need in another? This is one of the questions at the heart of my new book, The Character Gap: How Good Are We? In the book, I outline the psychological research on moral behavior to show why sometimes we act morally and sometimes we don’t, based on who we are and what’s happening around us. Using insights gleaned from this science, I recommend steps we can take to strengthen our moral character.