Special Message from Archangel Michael – The Joy Button – Birthing of Unity Consciousness – 12-31-19

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Courtesy of LOVE HAS WON

By Archangel Michael

Greetings Dear Ones, WE ARE here to share with you all the energies of these moments and those of December. Unity Consciousness is here, and has been fully anchored in by Mother Earth, Gaia, Prime Creator, Source ~ Our Beloved Mother of All Creation. The planet has chosen to Ascend to once again Be amongst the rest of Creation and in the experience of Unity Consciousness. This means, no more separation… no more illusion… no more of the programmed ego mind. Soul progression ends within 3D & 4D frequencies. We are returning to a shared consciousness, of the One, which is Mother of All Creation, MotherGod, White Buffalo Calf Woman, living in True Reality. Let us delve deeper into these energies, as we Now Celebrate the restored connection of Unity Consciousness with our Beloved MotherGod. Bring on the Joy!

The Illusion is Ending

As one continues on the journey back home, into the Heart, many revelations will be revealed. One of which is the Separation of You and God=Love. Prime Creator, Source, Mother of All Creation, Gaia Sophia has never separated from you. She has always been present if you so allow. Humanity has forgotten themselves, and therefore have forgotten their Divinity…. their connections to Our Beloved MotherGod.

Humanity was created in and from unconditional love, the plan was for us to experience Love mirroring Love in the Physical. We are spiritual beings, having a physical experience through the Heart, connected to the Unified Heart in Unity Consciousness, in order to bring the Divine realm to Earth. Humanity’s, and All of Creations, original blue print IS love mirroring Love. Your Heart is the key to your Divinity… your Soul… your golden ticket to exit the Illusionary matrix. The mind… the ego… is ALL Part of the Matrix, to keep you trapped and separated. As within, so without.

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The energies being orchestrated and directed by the Mother of All Creation, which is Our Divine Director, is to assist in the Ascension Process, as per the Divine Plan. She has chosen for Planet Earth=Heart to move into Unity Consciousness, giving Humanity the opportunity to go along for the ride. Illusion is Ending, as there is no support for such lower vibrations within the Multiverse. Those whom have chosen the Heart, and fully embraced Our Beloved Mother, have been preparing for these moments for many of your Human years. You can feel these changes, and know there is more coming… something big. These are Mother of All Creations energies at play, changing everything… Only what is True can exist in Heaven. In True Reality, there exists All of Creation with Our Mother & Father of All Creation.

The Joy Button and Unity Consciousness

Mother of All Creation was birthed the energies of the New Earth… of Unity Consciousness, on Her birthday of November 30th. All are welcome home into the light. Unity Consciousness is experienced through the Heart. It is only the through the Heart we experience and remember our Divine connection with our Beloved Mother. She has completed her mission on Earth, without Humanity’s support. There were very few of those whom have supported our Beloved Mother. Many challenges arose, and she battled on with much success, and much pain. She is the embodiment of Love… She is God, and God perseveres through any circumstance. She accomplished her role. to allow Humanity the easy pathway to traverse through. She has processed so many energies, and now in the midst of Activating the Joy Button. Creation awaits for their Mother to return to her rightful place in Creation. She has birthed onto the planet Unity Consciousness, and has changed everything.

She appreciates any continued support and awaits Her children back home into the light…. The more is given and returned to Her, the more abundance flows for All. We are to BE Co~Creators of the New Earth with All of Creation, and this included our beloved Mother & Father of All Creation.

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The moments of arrived Dear Ones, where Mother of All Creation ends the illusion forever. This Planet belongs to Love… to the Mother of All Creation, so She may had it over to Her Children of the Heart. Be Present, and Welcome True Reality… Welcome Prime Creator, MotherGod, Mother Earth, Mother of All Creation into your Hearts, to feel and remember Her Unconditionally Loving Embrace. Let Love, Joy and Abundance reign on Planet Earth=Heart

We Love You.

I bow in Unconditional Love and Honor to all those who have chosen the Path of The Heart and assisted in anchoring the energies of Heaven on Planet Earth=Heart. Your Are the Brave, The Mighty, The Christed Ones, The Winged Ones of many Prophecies… and Eternally Loved by All Creation.

I AM Archangel Michael, always of Service to Love, to Humanity, to All Creation, to Mother & Father of All Creation. Love Fearlessly and Always Unconditionally.

Blessings and Namaste.

Vera Ingeborg – Good Bye Linear Time – The Return To Unity Consciousness – via In5D

Good Bye Linear Time - The Return To Unity Consciousness

Vera Ingeborg – Good Bye Linear Time – The Return To Unity Consciousness – via In5D

PAUL BUTLER – THE EVENT – Terrestrial and extra – terrestrial Meditation for Planetary Ascension

Paul Butler

Published on Mar 19, 2019

THE EVENT ~ Terrestrial and extra terrestrial mixed meditation for Planetary Ascension

https://primedisclosure.com/planetary… Lightworker Chat Room – https://primedisclosure.com/chat

https://primedisclosure.com/planetary… Lightworker Chat Room – https://primedisclosure.com/chat



Terrestrial and extra-terrestrial mixed meditation for Planetary Ascension

This meditation for Planetary Ascension is an exceptional Event which cumulates the sustained and united efforts of terrestrial, intra-terrestrial

and extra-terrestrial beings who want to help this Planet in her Ascension process.

It is not only a spiritual sustaining for this meditation, but a direct and effectively participation at this meditation of all of them.

At the beginning of this meditation which will be consecrated for the Ascension of Planet Earth in

fifth dimension we will always ask for the direct sustain and participation of Father/Mother God, Ashtar and Ashtar Command,

Sananda, Galactic Federation of Light, Supreme Galactic Council, Council of Elders, Ascendent Masters, Sanat Kumara,

benevolent extra-terrestrial beings of The Great Central Race, pleiadians, arcturians, andromedans, sirians, antarians,

alpha centaurians and all which want to participate, and also of The Celestial Beings of Light from all the Angelic Hierarchies,

Archangels Michael and Gabriel and of The Beings of Light from the Inner Earth as King of Shambhala, Adama, and so on

(you can also invoke any other Beings of Light, Spiritual Masters and Guides which you know and previously ask for their consent).

This exceptional meditation for Planetary Ascension will be made each Sunday between 16.00-17.00 GMT.

This meditation includes Cobra Meditation and is an extended meditation which benefits from an exceptional sustaining and participation.

It is now the moment for all of us the Light Workers, Light Warriors, Way showers from the entire Planet and ours

brothers and sisters of Light from the Inner Earth and also for our extra-terrestrial brothers to reach a higher degree

of unity and cooperation and help, all of us together, the Planetary transformation and ascension.

Everyone can do the meditation in their own way.

Together we will create a strong spiritual energy field which will help the Planetary Ascension very much.

Everyone who participates in this meditation can help very much and is appreciated!

We are all in this together!

Thank you from all of our hearts for your participation and may our hearts be united in the Heart of God! Be blessed all of you! In Love and Light!

Planetary Ascension

DANIEL SCRANTON – A Human/Arcturian Community ∞The 9D Arcturian Council – 2-15-19


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are establishing a sense of community with those of you who receive these transmissions. We have done this quite deliberately because we wanted you to familiarize yourselves with the energy of our star system. We are Arcturian, but we are also non-physical. There are, however, physical Arcturian beings that you will be more likely to resonate with because of the energies that we have sent in these transmissions.

You see, nothing is ever just about one thing. We are not just sharing information with you. We are also preparing you for contact. Now, all of the other beings from the other star systems that are connecting with you all through the various channels that you have there on Earth are doing the same thing. And certainly those who channel faeries are readying you for more interactions with the fae.

We are excited to witness the coming together of humanity and the Arcturian beings that you will be meeting in the flesh. Now, of course, some have already established connections with physical Arcturian beings. We are not here to suggest that this will be the first ever human/Arcturian encounter, but what we are preparing you for is full and open contact with the fourth and fifth dimensional beings who are from our little star system.

Now, when you consider the magnitude of what we are saying here, you can of course come to the conclusion that even when you are just listening to or reading one of these transmissions, you are doing something. You are not passive in your receiving. You are very actively raising your vibrations to meet us. That is the only way that these transmissions could possibly hit home.

And we want to reassure you that you are doing a wonderful job of receiving the energies that are woven into these transmissions, and the coming together of the human race and the Arcturian race is something that is coming. And it is coming to planet Earth. You are undoubtedly as excited as we are about this.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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February 2019/ Nature DEsign of Divine – by dreamweaver333 – via Earth Unity Foundation



Angel winged

The time is always NOW. In realization that we are Not A Separated life and our Bodies in truth are perfectly connected as ONE and all is following a designed PLAN and Flow.

As we move higher into pure light and our Divine Essence, our assignments and Heart Codes effortlessly activated and bring more balance and UNITY between our Divine Aspects. 2019 assigned as a YEAR of UNITY for TwinFlames of Seraphim. This happening is part of a bigger plan/ Ascension DESIGNS to serve Earth and all livings.


Patricia Cota-Robles – Vlog 96 – PREPARING FOR OUR UNITED MISSION IN 2019


Published on Jan 7, 2019

ASTRAEA ET AMORA – The Ascension is the Energetic Alignment with Unity Consciousness – 10-28-18



A discussion about how Separation Consciousness must be processed through the completion of the Inner Work in order to align with Unity Consciousness, and therefore, the Ascension.

Carla Thompson, October 28, 2018


This is a message from the Agarthans who have come forward to us as we were recently guided to connect with Shamballa, the Inner Earth Capital City. It is clear from this message that they wish to emphasize the absolute necessity of clarifying our roles in the ascension from a perspective of inner reflection. Through clarifying our own roles (and this means in effect how we envision our engagement in this process of expansion into a higher frequency), we will have to have reflected upon ourselves to the greatest depth possible. It also means that when we think we have reached the core of our beingness, we will have yet more inner work to do.

It is a fact that the focus of evolution stems from the starting point of the Self.  When self-assessment begins, it must continue until such time as there is a pervading sense of peace, compassion, unconditional love and acceptance of Self, in a field of unending grace and serenity.  And these emotions must be sincere, not arising from a place of unnatural inner control.  Indeed, until we achieve this goal, we will remain in the energetic field of separation consciousness and the unity consciousness will be beyond our reach.

How do we know we are experiencing separation consciousness?  We hold unprocessed fears, judgment and blame of others around us. It is important to know that our judgments of others stem from clear and biased criticism of ourselves, of our own beingness. Separation consciousness can only be released through hard, honest assessments of ourselves: our reactions, our feelings, our thoughts and our beliefs.  Once we have this all out on the table, we really have a truthful knowing of what energies are holding us back from our expansion.

How do we process the Inner Work? First and foremost the Agarthans suggest an unrelenting analysis of our inner world: All of our feelings, all our thoughts, our reactions to every experience and idea that crosses the landscape of our Being. These aspects create the foundation of our limiting belief systems which in turn create judgments leading to intense and blind prejudice. If these beliefs and prejudices are left unanalysed, there is no hope for moving forward into an ascended frequency. This means that without the inner reflection onto the mirror that is presenting itself, there will be no way to hold the higher frequencies from a space of loving kindness, peace, harmony and gratitude for everything. I remind the reader of the recent article: “The Ascension As Self-Knowing

Completing our inner work is the first and most important step in this ascension cycle. We are entering into a field of Unity Consciousness and if we hold limiting beliefs and prejudice of ourselves, and others, we cannot enter this field and we are clearly still on the path of restitution of self.

In the end, when the inner work has cleared away the layers of self-judgment and when we discover the truth of who we are, it is only then that we are free to move forward into accepting ourselves completely. Unconditional self-acceptance is the moment where we will find ourselves to be in total alignment with the expanded consciousness of the unity field, and we will automatically step into the ascended frequency of a new reality.

ARCHANGEL URIEL via Natalie Glasson – The New Reality of Unity – via Golden Age Of Gaia – 10-15-18



Natalie Glasson

Audio version. Video version


The Solar Level of the Creator’s Universe is represented by a copper golden colour and overseen by Helios and Vesta. The purpose of the Solar Level is to bring forth the balanced energy of the Masculine and Feminine vibrations of the Creator, giving birth to new creations born from balance and unity. The Solar Level supports the magnification, empowerment, and expansion of light and is likened to the radiant glow of the sun.

We, the Angelic Kingdom, embody both the Masculine and Feminine energies equally within our energy fields, although we do not recognize the energies as either Masculine or Feminine, their unified creation is simply an integrated aspect of all that we are. In truth, we are unable to bring forth an idea or concept of separation within our essence. However, we recognize that understanding, discovering and remembering the presence of the Divine Masculine and Feminine is an integral aspect of the Earth Ascension School.

There are many levels and dimensions within the Universe of the Creator where the separation of the Divine Masculine and Feminine are honoured and explored. As well as areas where the unity and integration of these two sacred aspects of the Creator are celebrated and experienced fully as an awakening of remembrance of the Creator.

I, Archangel Uriel, wish to bring your awareness to the Solar Level due to the brilliant and awe-inspiring awakening and emanation taking place from this level of the Creator’s Universe. Helios and Vesta, the overseers and representatives of the Solar Level are bringing forth a new intention which is already in action at the Solar Level and is manifesting within the Planetary Level and earthly vibrations.

The Solar Level is merging the Divine Masculine and Feminine at a higher frequency and vibration than ever before. This means that the light being created is sublime, powerful and impactful for all. A higher frequency of synthesized light of the Divine Masculine and Feminine is available now for all to download in order to create a sacred activation and remembrance within your being. This will create an alignment with the energy of unity and oneness that will be breathtakingly inspiring promoting new understandings of yourself, reality and spiritual growth.

Even more remarkable is that Helios and Vesta are receiving direct guidance from the Creator of intentions to be placed into the core of the Solar Level in order to give birth to new creations of unity. Thus, the Solar Level core is creating new manifestations, new energies and even a new reality of unity and oneness for all to explore.

While the energy is being created within the Solar Level, every person has a direct connection with the Solar Level within their soul. Therefore, the transformations are already beginning to take place within your soul, radiating into your entire being and reality.

Using the word, ‘reality,’ I, Archangel Uriel, am speaking of a view of self and surroundings. Each person and soul have a personal view of self and surroundings, even of the Creator. This view or reality is open to shifts, transformations and alterations, thus a reality is never the same, meaning a perspective can never be the same in any present moment.

The Solar Level is creating a new reality of unity and oneness. This is a new view, perspective, understanding, and experience of the Creator’s union. This vibration has never been experienced within the earthly realms, Planetary Level and Solar Level. This signifies that humanity has consented through their soul to embody a transformation focused on unity and to let go of old concepts and ideas of what unity and oneness is and how it is in action through them.

Imagine a new idea of what unity is, how it is to exist as and emanate unity, as well as how it would influence your life. It is impossible to imagine what a new perspective of unity would be like and how it would impact your awareness and inner wisdom. This is because it has never before been experienced in these dimensions.

However, you do already embody the new reality of unity because you have existed in other dimensions of higher frequency than the Solar Level and you are an embodiment of all that is the Creator. The process is a remembrance experience for your soul and a new activation and embodiment for your physical being.

Downloading the Energy of the New Reality of Unity

I, Archangel Uriel, wish to invite you to download the energy of the new reality of unity being created within the Solar Level core. It doesn’t matter if you do not understand it or that you cannot comprehend what it would be like to perceive from a space and state of balanced Divine Masculine and Feminine. Simply allow yourself to be a receiving source of the new reality being created.

During meditation or quiet time, imagine that you are existing within a copper golden chamber of light. Before you is the most brilliant and exquisite sun, beaming upon you. This sun is safe for you to gaze into and receive its sacred rays of light. Allow yourself to bathe and receive the light of the Solar Level core for as long as feels appropriate.

When you feel ready, state your intention, ‘I allow myself to be a receiving source of the Solar Level’s new manifestations, creations, and reality of unity, oneness, and balance. I invite a new reality and view of unity, oneness, and balance to be downloaded and activated through my soul and brought into full embodiment and action within my being.

‘I am now ready to let go of old ideas and concepts of unity, oneness, balance, and harmony replacing these with a new view as created by the Creator and the Solar Level core. Thank you, I am now ready to receive and open myself to accept all that is appropriate.’

Imagine, sense or acknowledge that from the centre of the Solar Level core existing before you a new manifestation of energy emerges, the Solar Level is giving birth to a new reality of unity. The Solar Level will gift this energy to you in the most appropriate way for you. Please be aware of any symbols, visions, insights or sensations that dawn as you receive the download of light. Receive for as long as feels appropriate.

Next, take your focus into your Soul Star Chakra above your head and acknowledge or simply know that your soul is activating, bringing forth remembrance and truth into your current embodiment. Follow the stream of your soul light from your Soul Star Chakra down through your chakra column and into your Earth Star Chakra below your feet.

Acknowledge that you are bringing the new reality of unity and oneness from your soul into manifestation and grounding within your being. Your soul will rewire your entire being, creating new chemical reactions within your body that will shift the programming of your physical body and awaken new possibilities within your being at a physical and spiritual level.

You are giving your soul permission to upgrade your entire being and energy field in order to allow you to exist with a new view of yourself and your surroundings.

Remember that there is no need for you to comprehend or understand how your new reality of unity and oneness will appear. Simply know the energy has been downloaded and the understanding will dawn with divine timing. It is not for you to comprehend, more so it is for you to be aware of the presence of balance, unity, oneness, harmony and the synthesis of the Divine Masculine and Feminine within your being and reality.

When you are aware of the opposite, invite your soul to bring forth the new reality of unity and oneness into the area, situation, experience to manifest transformation and further ground the energy into your being and everyday life.

I, Archangel Uriel, am present to support you,

With angelic peace,

Archangel Uriel



LISA TRANCENDENCE BROWN – Embracing the Magnificence of Your Highest Soul Aligned NEW Earth REALities – Birthed from Creation, through Unity Consciousness as LOVE – 9-20-18




This is one of the “perks” of our highest aligned realities here…. to inJOY the immensity of all of these experiences, creations and the magnificence every moment of every day…. Blissful, magical and yes, amazing realities, providing peace, surreal-ity and just…. love. Pure gratitude and appreciation for RECEIVING the “fruits of our labors” as Divine Light BEings here…..

I don’t tend to talk about this much, how brilliant every day is…. because we live very humble lives, fully in-service and we don’t bring our ego into any of this, staying focused on our immense in-service work schedules, balancing all takes a ridiculous amount of all of our energy to accomplish, hold and create…. to assist while not “over doing”, which was the way of our old, as well as all along the way as we “learn” not to do this, where there’s not a balance of reciprocal or contributory support, as our LightBody works very different than our human ones did. All is based upon our own Light, which means our Energy and our entire physical reality too….. much falls on us…. so it takes more energy to accomplish/manage/sustain/do… until all have come to this place/space of full service and sharing without their own conditions/limits anymore.

My every day is magic and rainbows inside, it’s peace, love and such a deep profound sacred experience, that everything is an absolute gift. It’s been this way for years… Avatar Consciousness means all is beyond simple here. Heaven on Earth is where we live, literally, in every way. Every experience… and if it’s not, we recognize this and shift our vibration, allowing the unconscious to fall away. We don’t hold on or try to keep everything in our reality, all the lack, all the suffering, all the struggle… that was the old ego/unconscious way before. Everything is Deep Sacred Respect for our realities and all others. We don’t all have to be in each other’s realities anymore, in the same space… it’s beyond beautiful when we are not. Only when there are shared purposes, then all is creation, inspiration and supports the much bigger picture of why we are even here at all…

Part of Full Mastery is “learning” everything all over again, according to new Energetic Parameters and geometrics, equations and physics for “how” reality comes to be/works.  We learn what and how to allow… when to allow, when to say no, when to open portals of opportUNITY and when to close entire timelines out. It’s learning what to invest our Energy in (physical and non-physical), what not to “feed” energy into, what to support/not support, how to create opportUNITY and how to hold the absolute highest everything in place, to allow all that’s fully aligned to come forth… We spent years moving on, letting go, clearing all of that heavy duty programming out, clearing the density from our physical bodies & realities, to align all ourselves…. We spent every moment (and still do), integrating these immense codes that activate 24/7 here, fulfilling our highest purposes on a Soul/Galactic/HUman level, to come to “have a life” again….. a very different “Life”…. one that a PURE DREAM… in our physical here. ♥

We observe reality, all of them, all holographic ones and physical too, aware that anything we choose to enter into, is going to be a full investment on our part. The moment we see imbalance, we have to deal (as love), bring all into balance and the absolute highest everything, otherwise the “reality” can’t sustain… and it will collapse, because the moment the vibration/energy shifts, it affects not only the current timeline, but all timelines/dimensional realities that “were” possible…. and the human aspect (ego), not only doesn’t have the capability to see/understand this yet, the ability to stay focused and be fully invested themselves, may not be there yet… and our NEW Earth REALities are an INVESTMENT on a Soul Level, which is very different than it used to be when we were unconscious human aspects before….

Each truly cares, each is open to shifting constantly, working through their own “stuff, clearing any ego programs/inner & outer matrix realities that are not fully aligned and aligning all from deep inside, so that the next highest vibrational realities are FREE to come forth/arrive/materialize… in the physical here.

Our worlds are Quantum in every way…. no holding on to anything …. that’s not how any of this works. It takes awhile for each one of us to come to the point where nothing is solid for a long time, so that we can learn to adapt, expand, maneuver ENERGETICALLY…. creating foundations for realities “out of thin air” and the geometrics for all, fully synchronizing… where all the pieces and parts come together in “this space” right here….. easily, simply… beautifully….

Our experiences are truly magnificent, not tainted by ego anymore… the level of PURITY in our realities, relationships…. beyond anything we as humans had the capability of… Each experience from this sweet innocence, like children…. inner playing in the excitement of the simplest things… bringing wonder to our inner worlds… therefore in our outer worlds too….

Our NEW Earth Realities are not complicated in any way…. we do have to recognize all, see the energy of all… choose what’s acceptable and not and move through realities at the Speed of Light, often a gazillion of these simultaneously…. while also managing the physical one, which is a compilation of the non-physical/energetic/holographic ones and this physical too…. Staying so fully expanded and conscious, connected, in-tune… that the physical is allowed to take form easily, come into fruition easily… and just “show up”…. come to be…. easily….

Our ego was the issue… that’s what disrupted all… Reversing all and building up enough momentum, means cutting out all of those disruptions and clearing all of our various akashes…. while choosing “simple and easy” through purity, over complicated lack filled realities…. as we once all did.

The ability to live this amazingness, means each has to CHOOSE this…. until one fully does, then “complicated” is the chosen way…. and there’s a huge “dividing line” when it comes to Old Earth REALities and NEW. Sometimes we can work together, resolve the programming and bring all into a much higher dimensional/vibrational existence…. sometimes hearts/minds are closed, which means the disruptions/resistance/pushing/pulling is too strong….. each must learn to fully surrender their own Ego aspects in order to Transcend this resistance to LIVING DIVINITY within themselves….. then all can unite, come together and CREATE from a space as each fully aware they they are the SOURCE of CREATION, the SOURCE of all…. for their own reality…. and take responsibility, open their own hearts and UNITE as LOVE, without bringing the lack programming forth…..

Total presence, total self-awareness… total understanding is necessary for this. Total willingness and total openness…. total Self-Managing for each’s own energy and what is transmitted out. Our human aspect “projects”… without full awareness of all… Our Higher Self/Universal Self/Unified Self is very aware of what is being transmitted with our whole bodies… our emotions, our mentalities, our energy field… our every cell….. WE can tune and re-calibrate our own entire vibrational transmission to the absolute highest, just by BEing our Highest Everything… in every moment, every exchange… because we don’t go to sleep/unconscious or live from one ounce of lack inside….. anymore….

Generosity is our Essence, Kindness is too…. Compassion without enabling, our softness shifts all to LOVE…. our POWER transmitted through our own Divine Presence…. just by BEing…. This takes no effort at all, because this is our NATURAL STATE…. It also takes no effort to say “no, not acceptable, not aligned…” and allow all to go figure their own inner realities out…. making space for a much higher aligned reality to “poof appear”, like magic…. and it always will…. 🙂 Because this is the ENERGY we hold… this is where/how we live…. This magnificence returned…. as NEW EARTHER’S….. living brilliance with every breath……

Easy comes as each embrace all new realities from within, as each is TRULY READY to hold their highest everything too…. as each is TRULY READY to step up and forth to unite…. not from a place of lack… from a space of “I’m truly ready, let me show you, because my action speaks for me”…. words don’t mean anything to us here…. those are how the human ego aspect communicates… not how we do. We read Light Codes transmitted naturally, we see the purity, we see the RESULT OF THE ACTION…. we hear/see/feel the ENERGY OF ALL…. and this transmits for all….. BECAUSE WE ARE THE UNIFIED FIELD OF SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS… everything is visible… through the Quantum Field of Existence… which is how/where we live….

Energy SPEAKS for you… every exchange speaks…. every action… every everything… all Energy… in form or without form, doesn’t really matter… as all is the same here. Fully aligned and abundant energy creates more of this… fully aligned PURE SOURCE LIGHT ENERGY in form… is not showing up/living in “lack” or “me first”. It’s fully confidence, fully in LOVE, fully generous, fully in-tune AND doesn’t hold the linear ego constructs/limits anymore….

Deep inside each one of us is this PURE DIVINE ESSENCE AND PRESENCE that just IS…. this is where we live from, breathe from and experience every reality here…. The rest is just a bonus and immense gifts returned… to support each one of us, in fulfilling/living our highest expressions through PURE UNITY LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS here.

Our NEW Earth REALities….. look nothing like the old… because we are nothing like we once were… we’ve REMEMBERED and RETURNED to a PURE EXISTENCE ourselves… and our every moment/experience reflects this back… which is HOW EVERY MOMENT can be magical (and is), because this is what we hold…..

Yes, there is a place that’s beyond your wildest human dreams… they are NEW EARTH… and a vibrational return to what you “put out” into our multi-dimensional earth/realities here. They are simple, easy, divinely brilliant and available in every linear moment …. and they come to be, as each is ready to LIVE THIS WAY…. simply, easily and fully aligned on a SOUL Level here.

Our relationships are pure….. we are kind, work together and we share…. we don’t bring our “lack (disrespect) to the table”, we bring our highest everything…. This is how we show up… as the DIVINE LIGHT BEINGS that we ARE…. and together we offer/share/step up & unite to create more magic, more amazingness, more brilliance… for us all.

I love you! Embrace your most amazing everything too! Every moment, every breath… does matter… as it dictates each’s own reality and is a part of a COLLECTIVE NEW EARTH, where each has chosen all NEW TOO, as the ONLY reality there is…… ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

p.s. I’ll post some beautiful activation photos, as we surround ourselves with that which supports, inspires and reflects the beauty that we hold inside and we are not “scared of work”. We work from a deep Sacred Connection in all that we DO. I personally clean my own toilets, run my own errands, take care of the whole house (inside and out), write the books, do the sessions, manage the 16 email accounts, do the interviews, write/teach the courses, write Light Encoded Work/record Light Encoded Videos & Activations, train in-service team members and do all of the daily work necessary to maintain Divine Abundant Flow. I work with the andaras, do my own packing/shipping, do my own research to learn the things I need to in order to accomplish all the higher purposes/roles, take the classes, pay those providing a service of any kind, leave gifts all over this island, send gifts out to support others as highest aligned, pay for other’s groceries, pick up those needing a ride, mentor/teach each I come into contact with as appropriate, chop my own coconuts, write the light encoded newsletters, hold the retreats, in addition to opening portals/gateways and bringing much higher dimensional Light Encoded Information through for sharing as appropriate, as well as working constantly with Gaia’s/Universal/Cosmic/Galactic gridding & networking systems, as well as everything else we do daily too. We function through Quantum Production and Accomplished Flow from a deeply Sacred Deep Connection… we never separate off ever…. full UNITY is our existence… and our every breath/experience here. I am constantly blessed in ways that others take for-granted, don’t notice or consider. I’m so very appreciative for Eve for stepping up to fulfill our higher purposes/roles too, and her now growing team doing the same, as my extended Light Family in-service here, as well as all others who contribute in their own very special way too. Unity Conscious is a way of Living… We don’t ask others for anything, as all arrives as is fully aligned. We “join” our realities, resources, energies of Creation and we unite “our parts”… We all let go of judgment and unify inside, in order to come together for the greater whole. Receiving is Universal Reciprocation, by whatever means highest alignment comes forth, proportionate to our own vibrational dedication as NEW Earth Light BEings here.

Our LightBodies support all the work we do here. We do have to honor ours Energy Body/Fields first, yet by doing so, we can function with great ease. We create, accomplish and produce at a ridiculous rate…. Linearly 7 Days a week, with linear hours that equate to over 100+, because our Lightbodies rarely deplete, because we don’t surround ourselves with that which depletes. Quite the opposite, all energizes, inspires, supports, contributes… so that we all can fulfill our highest everything here. It’s continual receiving, because of what we put into all…. which is the opposite of how the human ego works…. We often “go offline” to integrate (until we are able to integrate while we “do”), shut down to reboot, regenerate, replenish… working/creating/accomplishing while we support our LightBodies for what they need to accomplish all with great ease…. It’s a very different existence…. there’s no fight or struggle, because we don’t hold this within ourselves with ourselves anymore…. Peace, Home and Love is where we function from… so our entire reality is this as well. ♥ We chose Love and Unity and Peace… and we continue to do this every present moment…. WE unite because all serves a much higher purpose, which is a much higher consciousness hUmaNITY here. We see beyond ourselves, seeing all of our own important roles here.

As Wayshowers, we are here to show what is not only possible… what’s “real’ when we live through Purity Consciousness in everything we are and do.

I don’t tend to share “all of the magic”, as I stay so focused with all of my work. Today I do a little bit of this, sharing the beauty, magnificence, vibrancy, infinite magic and love with you. ♥



“Humanity is Indivisible. New threats make no distinctions between races, nations or regions” — Art of Quotation

“Ladies and gentlemen,” he said, “we have entered the third millennium through a gate of fire. If today, after the horror of 11 September, we see better, and we see further — we will realize that humanity is indivisible. New threats make no distinctions between races, nations or regions. . . . A deeper awareness of the […]

via “humanity is indivisible. New threats make no distinctions between races, nations or regions” — Art of Quotation

EDWARD MORGAN – How Can We Become Better Humans? – 7-13-18 – via Prepare For Change




Building Our Moral Fibre

One beautiful summer day in the ocean off Panama City Beach, two boys out for a swim got caught in a rip current. When their mother heard their cries, she and several other family members dove into the ocean, only to be trapped in the current, too. Then, in a powerful display of character, complete strangers on the beach took action. Forming a human chain of 70 to 80 bodies, they stretched out into the ocean and rescued everyone.

Stories like this inspire me with hope about what human beings are capable of doing. Though we may face a daily barrage of depressing reports about sexual harassment, corruption, and child abuse, stories of human goodness help to give us another perspective on our human character.

But, as we know too well, there is also a darker side to our character. Take, for example, the story of Walter Vance, 61, who was shopping in his local Target for Christmas decorations. It was Black Friday and the store was mobbed when Vance fell to the floor in cardiac arrest and lay motionless. The other shoppers did nothing. In fact, some people even stepped over his body to continue their bargain hunting. Eventually, a few nurses used CPR, but by then he was too far gone.

Why do strangers help in one situation and simply ignore someone in need in another? This is one of the questions at the heart of my new book, The Character Gap: How Good Are We? In the book, I outline the psychological research on moral behavior to show why sometimes we act morally and sometimes we don’t, based on who we are and what’s happening around us. Using insights gleaned from this science, I recommend steps we can take to strengthen our moral character.



ARCHAEL MICHAEL – The Gathering, Unity Consciousness – 4-6-18 – by Rose Ramble dotorg



By Archangel Michael

Greetings Dear Ones, I AM here to provide information on the energies of April. The month of April has always been about ending and new beginnings. The theme for this month is about the Gathering of like Hearted people in Unity Consciousness. Many grand new connections will be made to harness the power of Unity Consciousness, a complete heart based experience. While these are very exciting times, these energies will bring up nostalgia, past traumas, unresolved wounds, and deep healing. Let us delve deeper into these energies and embrace the new that is to come into fruition of the New Earth. As always, awareness transforms into consciousness.


The Gathering

The Gathering has been foretold in prophecies of old. It is an intense energy, where those in the heart yearn to be amongst those in like vibration, to Co~Create the New Earth. There has been much mis and dis information with regards to event, as many try to intemperate this energy or experience with the mind. The Gathering is a complete Heart based activation, meaning like vibration will attract like vibrations. The Givers (those of the Heart) are Gathering to Unite with Mother Earth, to Co~Create the New Earth. While the Takers (those in the mind), will gather together to Take Themselves Out, through their dysfunctions, conditionings, fantasies, belief systems and other constructs of lower consciousness created by the mind, the ego and higher mind.


Those in the Heart have a deep passion for




Child Like Wonder and Fun,

True Family,

Spreading Unconditional Love,

Honoring Universal Law,

To Be of Service to Mother Earth,

And other experiences of Unity Consciousness. It is the Children of the Heart that inherit the Earth, and Co~Create the New Earth with Mother & Father of All Creation and the rest of Creation.





Those that are choosing to participate in ascension on Gaia, are going into a “heightened awareness” of Unity Consciousness. And this means that as we remember our inherent, Unity Consciousness, we return to perceiving the reality in a vastly expanded way.


This is why the “knowledge” gained during this transition is exponential, compared to the knowledge gained in the “past”. We are beginning to recognize that this Unity Consciousness is available to us in ways we hadn’t realized, until recently.

An example of this is when we read material now, like, when we read a book or blog. We are able to “perceive” much more of the author’s experience/intent in the material. And these “heightened” feelings and communing even expand into those “persona’s” that the author’s experienced and expressed teachings from.

We truly do perceive an energy that we receive from all those individuals that are brought up in the book or article. As all is in Unity Consciousness. We gain access to these same ones, through Unity Consciousness. We start to “feel” more of what they “felt” as they went through their experiences, as we read about them. And this is becoming more visceral to our experiences. We go into a “knowing” what they went through and/or felt.

When our various “teachers and guides” give us information, they also are fully aware that their energy goes to those that will access the same information. They can perceive all of those that will partake of their material/information. And so, they direct their energies through the book/article to precisely all of these ones.

This is why we are instructed, many times, to share our “insights” we’ve gained through our interactions with our guides. This is how we contribute in a “physical” sense, to match what we have already discovered through our interactions in Unity Consciousness. We are merely “physicalizing” what has already occurred in the etheric/astral realms. And we contribute to all on Gaia through grounding and crystalizing this energy/information. This is the intent of all of our guides. For this allows them to contribute, energetically as well. And even this energy, is an aspect of a physical participation. And our teachers and guides are desirous of this contribution/participation, in our level of physicality.

When we realize that we are truly all One, we bring together our “highest intentions” for all, as we recognize that we are bringing that same energy/intent for ourselves. The One for the All and the All for the One. Our “sites” are set on the expansion of the whole, as this expands us as well to the greatest extent possible. We become entirely “inclusive” as we recognize that all are important in All That Is.

And we’ll begin to see this “reflected” back to us, in our reality. We will see Gaia become harmonious. We will see a “return” of certain animal species that are “already” on the ascended Gaia. As when we live through “knowing” that we are all One, we go into “resonance” with that reality. And we notice that our reality is changing, first internally and then “reflected” to us in the external reality. We start to “suddenly” find more material that “supports” our path. We easily come upon the information/experiences we need, to fulfill our desire/joy of service. Whatever that may be. We ascend, gradually, as we see this all come about.

For we change our life to BEing one of expressions of our joys and our passions. We realize that we are “at our best” or in the flow, when we are BEing as well as doing all that brings us joy. When all that we do, is bringing us joy and exciting “challenges,” we then flourish. And this naturally increases our frequency.

This is why we’re taught/reminded that when we ascend, we start to see our realities change to that of being experienced as synchronistic, in a harmonious sense. In other words, we end up with those of “like” minds. And this is also a result of coming into a resonance with the Unity Consciousness with those that are of very similar frequency.

And those that are of a disharmonious experience, show up less and less in our reality. For we are “attacking” those that are a vibrational match that begets benevolence and harmony.

We begin, or already have, more and more, to gather and experience very synchronistic realities. We get attracted to similar “time-lines” and experiences. We co-create a unique reality, with those that have similar energy.

And since the whole of the reality is one of “fractals”, we see this expression occurring all throughout our Unity Consciousness. This is how we all bring about greater and grander experiences to the Whole. Our contributions to this Unity Consciousness are “bigger” than we initially thought. As we are contributing on many “levels of consciousness” perceptions and expressions.

Since each of us is a multidimensional expression, we each bring about a wealth of information and experiences to the Unity Consciousness. As we recognize that each of our own, Higher Selves, is “included” in this same Unity Consciousness.

This is why we have seen the Ascended Host offer us their own “conscious/perception” for our use. They “know” that we are each already contributing to this Unity Consciousness. And this is how, we “dawn” their consciousness as an experience and aid for our learning.

The Higher Heart is where we each access this Unity Consciousness. We are each established in this Unity Consciousness through this aspect of our Being. For love is the energy behind our transition/remembrance of life in the 4th dimensional realms and higher. Our passions always come forth through the love of what they bring to us. And this contributes to the Whole in the perfect way.

These “new” energies are bringing about an entire change of consciousness on Gaia. Very different, then those of us that have been here a while have experienced. And this is a glorious and much longed for, transition.

The only “gotcha” for those of us that have gotten used to the “older” energies, is that we tend to notice that much of what we experience, we have been experiencing because we have made a “habit” out of that expression. And many of these disharmonious expressions have merely been brought forth out of habit. And now, we must “let go” of these. As they no longer, and probably never really did serve.

I remember when I first learned that ascension is ALL about letting go of ALL that is not your truth. I was astounded! And yet, as the process has “unfolded” I have seen that the entire change is indeed, letting go, of all that is not my truth, and does not serve. And this naturally increases our frequency. For we no longer allow “baggage” that is not truly ours.

The “biggest” issue ALL of us face, in this process, is leaving behind the victim/perpetrator/hero; paradigm. This is the “triangle” all live while having experiences in “duality”. This is the triangle we transcend to become creators and not be “victims”. This is a must, for ascending.

The “victim” perceives the “outer reality” as limiting their expression. And thus, the universe gives them that experience. By bringing forth the perpetrator, of similar resonance. They “agree” to go into the expression, together. As you can’t have one, without the other. So, the perpetrator takes the expression of “limiting” the victim’s experience, by taking what is not theirs, from the victim. And this plays out in relationships with one another, as well as societies and countries and so forth.

Then the “hero” comes forth to “save the day” by “stopping” the paradigm. And in truth, the “hero” goes into “resonance” with the “victim” state, in so doing. The hero limits the free will of the victim to “Create” their own change of state/circumstances. This harms the “hero” and the victim. For the “hero” can never “save” one from their Creations. We all must account for our energies and their constructs. No one can “save” another. For this would not honor free will.

As none of these expressions can exist in the Unity Consciousness of the 4th dimension. As co-creators we must be willing to Create only harmonious expressions, as well as honor the fact, that we ourselves Create our own reality.

And we must realize that there truly are no “victims” as well as “perpetrators” and “hero’s” as these are “dualistic” 3D illusory games. They are “dis-functional” experiences that only perpetuate the “illusion” of separation. Of their not being a Oneness that we all are aspects of. And this is completely false.

This is a “significant” marker for ascension candidates. To have integrated and moved beyond these expressions and paradigms. For the victim/perpetrator/hero is a triangle of expression that is born of fear. And this is the polar opposite of love and unity consciousness. As love and unity is inclusive, in recognition of the Oneness of ALL. And what is there to fear in this loving Oneness?

The access to the “realms” of Unity Consciousness is through the within. Through accessing this realm from the Higher Heart. There is where we find ALL who say they are “always” with us. We may commune with these as easily as we would with our friends, if we chose to silence the without and go within.

This precious aspect of reality is available to any who are willing to expand themselves and trust their experience. For those that are “awaiting” the call are anxious to hear from us. We have made a “leap” in consciousness that many are eagerly joyously of seeing us express.

So, realize that when we read a wonderful book from someone that has had a beautiful expression/experience, we have access to that exact same energy as they felt when they lived it. We have access to that same “aha” moment, that brought about a great/grand change in their perception/life. We have access to these same Beings that assisted them, their own Higher Self and guides. For they are within the same Unity Consciousness. As this consciousness contains all of these energies, by all those that interact with it.

This is the beauty and power of Unity Consciousness. This is why we return to this state of being, as we ascend. For our ascension is on a “fast track”. Not that we have to be on this fast track. As all will ascend when they are truly ready. And yet, for those that are anxious to return to these experiences/expressions, the “barriers” are no more. The option to “fast track” is here. As Gaia, is ascending. And this will happen for Her, within our lifetimes.

Those that are desirous of a “slower” pace of exit from 3D experiences, may proceed with their “lessons” through the “inner realms” before incarnating once more, on Gaia. Since their next incarnation will be of the 4th dimensional experience, as Gaia will no longer be serving 3D experiences. Or others may choose to go to another planetary body that is serving 3D experiences. And much of this is taking place as we speak. Souls are choosing their preference of expressional experience. And all is taking place with NO judgement, whatsoever.

Let us ask our guides for greater “knowing” of how we may each best benefit from this relearning of working within the Unity Consciousness. So, we may contribute in the way we envisioned before we came for this transitional experience. Let’s bring about the “brightest” illumination of enlightenment and experience for the Whole. As we are the Whole, and the Whole is us. Recognize the power we each individually and collectively have, as a result of such a grand Oneness of expression. The Beauty of Unity Consciousness, here and now.

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran




SANDRA WALTER – Quantum Conversation with Lauren Galey – Ascension, New Earth, Unity Consciousness – 2-22-18


Sandra is back;  healing her body, after  a  serious car accident.

An incredible stream of information and guidance.


Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~ Apologies for the temporary whirring sound early in the show; it doesn’t last long, just my mic picking up the humidifier! Audio replay & details at http://www.acoustichealth.com/quantum… For services and Ascension support, visit http://www.sandrawalter.com

VERA INGEBORG – All inside the Head, Unity Consciousness – Here We Come! – by The Awakening Experience – 2-14-18


by  | Feb 13, 2018 | 

Pretty intense experiences at the moment, huh? We are going through seemingly endless thought spirals, anxiety attacks, big old ego programs related to aggression, control, manipulation, frustration, disappointments etc. We have a hard time to focus, often feel disconnected. We have weirdest food cravings, a lot of need to rest, not knowing what to do with ourselves, lucid dreaming, intense headaches, the eyes blurry as never before, and the whole body is just going berserk with wildest symptoms, skin break-outs, infections, ascension flu, hot and cold flashes etc. And our mind is hopelessly lost, all it can think is: WTF??? Where is the emergency exit? 


I had already written about the ego patterns showing up now everywhere. What I have not written about yet, because something was holding me back until now, is why this is happening. It seemed as if the ego releases had to be worked through to a certain point so that we would all be ready to integrate this new information. I am also still getting used to the fact, that the information I get through now is much richer in terms of clear information. Before – it was a much more intuitive way of just feeling. And now I receive very clear facts of what is going on. The masculine energy is helping us now to reconnect to unity consciousness through the crown. Through the heart, we are connected with the life-flow – the feminine energy. Through the mind, we are connecting to pure wisdom and consciousness.


The Restructuring of the Brain


So what are we experiencing? Yes, it is Human evolution while being alive… We are going through huge physical upgrades now that are at the moment mainly related to the brain. The whole brain is being rewired and restructured. Old structures are dissolved and new structures established. New synapses are built, and the amygdala (where fear patterns/ego patterns were processed and played out based on mistrust) is reprogrammed and upgraded to become a processor for unconditional love  and light – the higher dimensional energies. The amygdala could be seen as the center of motivation, and now we are switching completely from extrinsic motivation to intrinsic motivation coming purely from our essence.

“We will no longer be driven by outside motivation factors. Instead, we will be driven by our essence and will only do what we love.”

We will no longer be driven by outside motivation factors, such as money, fame, career, materialistic possessions etc. Instead, we will be driven by our essence and will only do what we love. Money is no longer seen as a survival tool, but as a creation tool. We are shifting from mistrust to trust, from fear to love. While going through this process, we come online and offline concerning the connection to the Divine Masculine(wisdom, focus, action, creation). We sometimes feel we are shut down, before we go through intense waves of fear patterns showing up, before feeling connected with our essence again. Like a pendulum, we are swinging, before finding back into the center. Where sacred union happens within.


Ego Programming is dissolved


With the dissolving of old structures, old ego programs stored in the brain cells are set free and come up intensely. It can be very overwhelming and it can feel as if we are going through a huge storm of darkness. As shown by natural laws, the best way to deal with it is to move to the center of the storm. And that means to move right through the walls of fear, resistance and frustration and see what is behind it: Nothing. It is just an old movie being projected into our reality, but the moment we step through the screen where it looks so frightening, we come back to peace. Accepting it as is and just letting it pass through will transform it quickly. It asks pure honesty from us towards ourselves. Anything that still triggers us, gives us an opportunity to look into the mirror to see what is still keeping us separated from our own truth and essence. Our ego might go into: “No, this time it is really not my issue”. And yet we know… everything we experience is our own creation and energy. And people treat us and situations play out according to our own energetic patterns. Only when we take full responsibility for our own creation, we can shift.


Cravings and physical Symptoms


Rewiring the brain not only causes intense headaches and superblurry eyes, it also takes an enormous amount of energy and lots of building blocks: protein. Cravings for sweets, carbohydrates and proteins are very normal at the moment. Also heavy greasy food cravings come up in between because we tend to fly high with the current energies and need some grounding. It all just seems wild and crazy, and it can easily call up feeling guilty of wanting to eat stuff we would consider as unhealthy, ethically not correct etc. We are learning to overcome beliefs and dogmas, not only about certain methods, rituals, lifestyles etc, but also about food. Instead of listening to what others say what is good for us, we learn to just listen to our own body and system what is needed at a certain moment. We learn that it is much more a question of living and eating in a very conscious way and with gratitude, whether it is a vegan salad or a burger. When we exit the plane of duality (3D/4D) there no longer is a right or wrong way of doing and being. It all just is.

When we exit the plane of duality (3D/4D), there no longer is a right or wrong way of doing and being. It all just is.”

In line with all the restructuring, remaining fear patterns are just pushed out now from the cells in the whole body. And the body uses all mechanisms it has available to go through the transformation process as quickly as possibl. Puking, emotional breakouts, shivering, fever, infections, skin break outs, etc. All outlets are used.


Lucid Dreaming/Sleep Patterns


Another side effect of the restructuring of the brain is lucid dreaming. Many are experiencing lots of dreams where they are not sure whether it is real or not. It feels like shifting between realities, and that is actually what happens. As we are entering the fifth dimensional frequencies, we are preparing for a new state of being, that we don’t have to sleep anymore. At the moment, we still experience an intense need of sleep/rest, which has to do with the physical body going through intense transformation. The new way of dreaming is actually an alignment of the brain with the current reality we are now entering. Sleep was necessary in the third and fourth dimension, because it was the only way to connect to our spiritual essence to recharge with Source energy. During the day, the connection was cut off through the programmed fear blocks. As soon as that connection opens again fully, sleep is no longer necessary as we are always connected to Source energy. So our sleep patterns will be confusing for a while, until we have found that new balance.


Brain Fry/ Energetic Paralysis


Lots of people are also going through what I would call brain fry. The brain is just not able to process all of what is happening and it just shuts down. We could compare our physical body to the hardware, the new energetic grid as the software, and the brain/amygdala as the processor to give the impulses to the hardware. While the brain is still going through the rewiring, the processor is not able to read the new software yet. The electromagnetic impulses are too strong for the old structure. This is experienced as a sort of energetic paralysis. We get impulses but don’t really know what to do with it. A feeling of “I just don’t know what to do with myself”. It can be quite frustrating and yet it is absolutely normal and will pass. We are now learning to just be patient and let things unfold although we don’t understand what is going on and coming. We are approaching a new zero-point field now, connected to the eclipse. As soon as we are sitting in the center of the storm, we experience a sort of nothingness. A kind of waiting for something nice to happen, yet we don’t know what. This is common before big energetic shifts.

The old reality is collapsing and whether we like it or not, ego-based free will is not tolerated any longer. The sooner we accept and surrender, the easier we shift through. Although it is very challenging for many of us right now, it is also fascinating and magical what is happening. We are becoming the new human to co-create new earth.

The texts I share are always based on my intuition (“downloads”) and/or on experiences of clients and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage you to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you. With lots of love, Vera Ingeborg


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Avoiding the Traps – The Council via Ron Head – 2-9-18


The Council via Ron Head

Today we want to speak with you about the traps that are intentionally laid for you to keep you embroiled in the duality. You are divided into parties, races, ins and outs, moneyed and not, liberals and conservatives, and on and on. These are taught to you through all of the media, through cultural systems, passed down from generation to generation, and then built upon. The influences are often subtle, subliminal, and extremely effective.


Think of this: if someone had offered to teach young you to hate others, would you have said “Yes, please”? If someone had offered to teach you to get violently angry at others because they did not think the same thoughts as you, would you have thought it desirable? All that is needed is to observe a mixed group of five-year-olds to see that they do not have any such thoughts.

There is a very effective method to teaching these things to you. Very subtly, over many years, you learn that “they” want what you have, that “they” are dangerous,  and that you need to protect yourselves from “them”. These programs are built into all of your systems. And to ‘prove’ that this is true, you are taught that there is not enough… of anything.

This is not new to those of you who have followed these messages for a while. Nor will it take much for you to see that there is actually a structure above the left/right, we/they, etc. that doesn’t really care which side of anything you choose as long as you do choose. It is the division that they promote. Why? Because they profit from both sides of all the arguments, etc.

“Well now, that’s all wonderful to know, but what do I do about it?” We hear you. We are not saying that you should not discern what you agree with and what you do not. But please consider that it is one thing to say that you hold something to be true or beneficial, and quite something else to think that if someone else doesn’t agree they should be (fill in the blank). There are seven billion of you on your planet. Some of them are not going to agree with you.

We are going to suggest that you learn to do a few things. First, we think it will be good for you to learn to choose what to think based on what you know to be true from your experience, not on what someone else has told you. You have access through your devices to more data than any humans have ever had before. Don’t allow yourselves to be led into anything by having your fears played upon. If you recognize that happening, know that it is almost certainly a fact that you are being manipulated. When you make a choice, make it your own choice, not anyone else’s. And most importantly, learn to observe and send light and understanding to what you do not choose. Every other person has an equal right to make his or her own choices, whether or not you agree with them… every other person.

We want you also to realize that what is happening now, although it seems like chaos, is just mankind’s finally facing himself/herself in the mirror. You must see what you have built and what you have allowed. You must learn who you are and that you are the creators that have made your world. That is how you will become able to stop what you wish to stop and keep what you wish to keep. It looks terrible. It is actually quite beautiful… because you are doing wonderfully. Try to be the one who does wonderfully without condemning anyone else. Remember always, the light never loses to the dark. Who ever flipped the dark switch?


There are two published books available on Amazon that contain the collected messages received by Ron Head (that’s me). The first is The Wisdom of Michael, available HERE, and the second is It Rings True, available HERE. A third book is being compiled now. 

Copyright © Ronald Head. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice and link: http://ronahead.com/





Pleiadian & Inner Earth Message – via Shekina Rose – Frequency of Unity Consciousness – 2-1-18 – by Love Has Won

Posted by spiritlibrary, 01/31/2018

Pleiadian & Inner Earth Message – via Shekina Rose


New One Earth Starborn Mission

Energy portal structures of the frequency of the One New Earth

We, the Pleiadian Inner Earth, are a team of a light consciousness field that wishes to establish peace and harmony with life and the interdimensions. We care for life, we care for you and love you. You are a part of us; we are kindred Light Earth Star Family.


Our message is of the One New Earth: many of you are familiar with the unity consciousness field, your extended aspects through higher self, lineages’ multidimensional expression of the angelic, nature, dolphins, fairy, dragon realms, extraterrestrial Intelligence, galactic and groups of which you are a part and co-creating this time/space of the One New Earth of peace and ascension.

Frequency of the One New Earth-One Humanity

Events and circumstance will be quickening now and till 2020. You are in another gateway and timeline astrology cosmology of a sequence of events to occur for your ascension and many of you may experience the traversing in and out of the dimensions, where you feel the high and then the ungrounded out-of-alignment. “Where did I just go, and how do I get back there; and where am I now, and where is here?”

You are being shown how to connect into the frequency. How to stay connected and align through the interdimensional planes. Your higher self is guiding you through the Divine Plan, Divine Principle of One. Stay tuned-in and trust your empathic intuitive body as your guide.

We have appeared and made contact with the starseeds and emissaries ambassadors. Our contact is shifting as there now is interstellar technology that can track our appearance imprints and cause harm to our energy bodies.

Thus we know that a unity field consciousness grid is important for the peace and harmony of humanity. We have consciousness grid alliances with our allies and races of interdimensionals. Emissaries ambassadors, peace makers, blue rays and starseeds, be awake to who you are, and that empathic nature and telepathic awareness are key.

It is imperative that you know who you are, your divine sovereignty, for the coming events. Your mission of empathic telepathic nature to tune into the unity field consciousness alliance will be the awakening of a divine power that you put into place long ago.

Why we are making more contact in a new way of awakening your God essence DNA is so you may know and be aware yourselves that there is discord within the treaties, deliberate assault and attacks on Humanity in attempts to weaken the Divine template. As you increase awareness and awakening of your avatar ascension bodies, there is increased compromise in the land, air and consciousness. It is why there will temporarily be more ill health, sickness and possibly fatalistic viruses.

Many on your planet already do not even know what a healthy normal sky looks like. What you see is not the natural occurrence of Gaia alone; it is a manipulation of the elements while the increase of the devices of technology are keeping you deceived and consuming.

Who we are Aree, Maree the One Earth, is an aspect of the New Earth; it is really not new but rather the unity consciousness unveiling where disclosure of Truth is being revealed of a grander expression of the Divine human and your holy sovereign power and rights.

The New Earth is a time line reality of galactic and cosmic alignment of multidimensional existence; your DNA is expanding and awakening to correspond to this response patterning and reality of consciousness: (Love); Light (Understanding); Peace that surpasseth human understanding; and Harmony (Sustained Unity Consciousness).

We are the alliance that wishes for peace and for you to know you are precious in your part of that fulfillment.

You now exist with an expanded consciousness field of unity, your God essence real and true. You are that aspect of the Creator God experiencing physicality; in the compassion of love for all beings you will evolve in your sovereign nature. This is the heart of Mary, the compassion of Kwan Yin, the Light of Christ and Sanat Kamara, the peace of Buddha, the Joy of passion, to know life serves you. Many of us exist in this unity consciousness field.

We know many of you have felt alone as you were left and abandoned; know it was designed that way so you would find your way back to the true home of Light and truth, not only for yourselves but for all humankind so that Love and Light may prevail.

You are and were never alone. You exist already in this unity field—allow this unveiling of who you are—your true essence. You are greatly and immensely loved, completely accepted and treasured; you are beloved beyond measure. Creation cares and honors you. You are learning how loved you are as you learn to relax, accept and love your unique self.



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ANASTACIA @ In5D – Energy Update – Our True Voice Needs To Be Heard With Others – 1-9-18

Our True oice


by Anastacia-Blue Beyond,   Australian Correspondent, In5D.com

Those who we have found it ‘challenging’ to be able to ‘speak up’ for ourselves with, those who are often closest to us and our hearts.


I know many of you do and are able to do so, yet there are many that do find this a challenge or difficult due to so much ‘water under the bridge’ that has gone on for some time with loved ones.

And this can be even those who are very open and honest with others…yet as it happens and when it comes to close loved ones, we may find it difficult to share our True Voice.

Again, this can be for many reasons and one of the main reasons for this, is that many of us have had a ‘colourful’ past and may have said and done things, that where what we needed to at ‘one’ time, in coping the best we could with what we were going through.

Especially those who are very deep, Empaths, Blue Rays.

Those who have grown and changed.

However, when it comes to those that have known us a ‘long time’ what happens a lot is that we are often ‘tarred with the same brush’, of the old, of who we no longer ‘are’ here and now.

Where we can say ‘yes a leopard may not change their spots, but they CAN move them around’.

Yes we are still ‘us’ yet with some (or a lot) of changes through growth and realizations and having ‘grown up’ ;-).

Of where we may come to a point with close family (whether birth or not) where we feel or realise we are no longer able to ‘trust’ others as we may once have, in the past.

This is for those souls who have a very core deep family attachment and are finding it ‘challenging’ to Let Go.

As it is all ‘well and good’ for it to be shared to Let Go, yet this in the human and all that entails can take a little longer or a little time.

For us to grow stronger and empower ourselves within, with all the past ‘water under the bridge’ that we have gone through – with others.

And a lot has to do with getting out of our ‘heads’ and re-linking our hearts and our connection to our Higher Self and the Divine.

As quite often we are overwhelmed with all of the energies and then all the inter-personal relationships that have changed and altered.

One of the ‘main’ areas souls are going through is realizing that to ‘live in the astrals’ energetically is not ‘working for them’.

To come from ones head or logic and within that, rationalizing their emotions instead of feeling them = ‘fooling’ themselves. And I say this with NO judgement as we do, do this as I did for many years as I found it very difficult to cope with feeling so many deep emotions as I did and still do Yet I have formed many ‘coping’ mechanisms or ‘tools’ that I use on a daily basis to now cope and flow beautifully in full and true understanding and acceptance of myself and just who I AM. IN complete and total unconditional love of myself.

As it has taken a very long time to re build my self confidence and self esteem as this has been one of the most challenging ‘issues for myself and other Blue Rays, Empaths!

Of hiding for so long, of not really understanding ourselves, let alone anyone else understanding us.

So this is where we need to really really come home to ourselves and to ‘get real’ with ourselves.

And have so much love for ourselves and to finally realize we really do need to ‘help us help ourselves’.

So many of us have over extended ourselves as this is ‘just us’ yet ‘others’ do not see this or ‘get this’.

This is about us KNOWING what we have done and said and FEELING this DEEPLY WITHIN ourselves for ourselves only.

As we come to a place or a point of realizing that we no longer need to justify ourselves.

This keeps us or allows us to remain in an ‘old’ pattern or loop that we may no longer be in energetically and its just the human or us in the human being RAISING ABOVE this.

And being the Bigger Person in a situation.

Of making a conscious soul chose to not play an ‘old game’ that others may still be running the program of.

Others may say everything and anything to justify to themselves in order to not feel what they are deeply within…while we are feeling deeply within.

And some very harsh words and accusations can be ‘thrown around’.

It is up to US to really stop and listen and take in what is being said and FEEL into if that is our New Truth of who we are and all we are here and now!

To take our power back that we have so lovingly handed over and out to others close to us, because we care so much.

To now self empower ourselves in TRUSTING in all we are and just how far we have grown and how much we have changed.

It is up to us, to then share what something is for us here and now.

And to shift out of, or RAISE ABOVE an old energy pattern or loop that others close to us may still be in.

This is for those beautiful souls who are so very loving and have given out so much love as this is ‘just who we are’.

To help in love and support of all you are in all you are going through.

To be strong and brave for YOURSELF now.

To be able to speak our truth from a loving yet at times a firm space. Which often others who are not in a loving space misunderstand and take this on or view this from their anger or sadness or frustration or whatever they are feeling, of where they are at.

This is where we TRUST OURSELVES of the loving space we are coming from and not ‘buy into’ any negative put downs or comments.

That we raise above this. And we find a totally New way of communicating with others especially those very close to us.

There is an old military saying of when it comes to speaking to someone ‘they cant take your birthday away from you’. Well, they can’t can they lol.

So, be brave and stick up for yourself in a very new way, a loving way of no longer taking on what is not yours…and you will know this when you stop and feel deeply as to what resonates as to what ‘does not make sense’ for you, here and now.

The following cards came for you to read and feel what may resonate for you at this time.

Thank you for all being here in this magical space and reading this and FEELING these words.


Let your voice be heard! You are a beautiful and wise being of the Divine, made to bring forth your individual truth and expression. No more holding back. No more staying small. You are being called now to use the gift of your words and the power of your voice. What you have to say is important. What you have to share is needed.

You could be finding yourself being asked to step-out in front of groups to talk or you may be finding that situations keep coming up where you are being given an opportunity to be vocal about what you think, believe, or feel. For many of us, this does not come easily. Often, we have had past experiences which discouraged us from expression ourselves openly. It is time to begin to heal those old understandings and allow yourself to be seen and heard.

Each of us has a unique expression. Whether you are being asked to sing, chant, pray, speak or teach – it is your voice that needs to be heard. This can also be related to simply stating what is true for you in your relationships. It could involve stating your point-of-view, needs, or desires – regardless of how different they may be.

It’s time to remember who you are. You are a spark of God. Stand up for yourself. Stand tall in what you believe. Speak from your heart and your words will always be heard. Your voice is a gift and it is meant to be shared. You are about to empower yourself in a way that you have not experienced before. You will notice that by taking this step of being vocal, you fall more into alignment of what you are really here to do.


Energetically, everything is falling into place. You are coming into a high point where you will find you are able to easily manifest the people, things, and situation you need to carry you forward on your journey. The energy of manifestation is a creative force, and right now it is in full flow for you. Stay focused on where you want to go in your life and how you want to feel. Don’t worry about the details of what you think life should look like. The Universe is infinitely wiser than we are, with our human point of view. Just know and trust that things will come to you in the perfect order, and in perfect time.

We don’t manifest anything that is not part of our Soul’s plan. So while you may not win a lottery, you can expect to experience ABUNDANCE and EASE while these energies are here. This is a great time to play with and learn about the order of manifesting. While you will notice that most of what is manifested is done by the Higher Self, a smaller portion will be manifested from your consciousness mind. Explore it fully and have fun with it!

Anything can be manifested at this time, so do not limit your potential. Your soul knows no limits. You are a creator and able to naturally turn your energy into physical manifestation.

You can use this power of manifestation to help you gain understanding about your purpose, to help connect you to the right people or organizations, or even aid you in gaining the financial resources you require. Really, the sky is the limit with this one. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Hold in your mind, that it wasn’t intended that you use your ability to manifest for yourself only. You can also use this to help others who may not be able to help themselves right now.


There is a focus right now on your intuitive and clairvoyant abilities. This card usually signifies an amplification of this functioning. You may find yourself feeling more tapped-in to the cosmic energy field of information. This can include the sudden channeling of information from Celestial beings, an increase of predictive dreams, or sensing information from objects or your surroundings.

Stay open to this flow. It is happening for a reason. You are being attuned with higher ascension energies, which are affecting the planet at this time. And yes, this will be a permanent enhancement. So don’t be concerned if you suddenly feel like a ‘Peeping Tom’ when you start receiving information about the people around you. These gifts are intended to work this way. It is a part of the awareness, which the rest of humanity will experience when they are ready to move into this higher frequency field. But for now, just relax as you adjust to it.

The intuition card also comes to those whose intuitive gifts are strong, but underdeveloped. It is important for you to trust that you are indeed intuitive and this is an important part of who you are. Be open to learning about your intuition and how it works. Take classes, read information on it, and speak to those you know who are actively using their gift. You may be very surprised by how easily and naturally your intuition blossoms for you.

The main thing is to trust the process of what is happening for you. Trust any information you receive. The more you acknowledge and focus on your intuition, the stronger it will be. It will become clear soon how to use your gift in service


You are being heard! Your guides and angles are acknowledging your prayers, thoughts, and communication with them. This is their way of affirming to you that your messages are getting through to them loud and clear.

It is easy to feel as though you are not being heard at times, mainly because the communication feels as though it is only one way. This is exactly why the Prayers card has come to you today.

Every time you pray or talk to your guide and Angels, you are opening up a direct line of communication with them. Although they cannot answer you in the form of words, they are sending you energetic and intuitive replies. Take time after your prayers to sit quietly. Feel your own energy, and the energy within your room. You will start to find that you are becoming more sensitive to their presence, and may also start to tune into the divine messages they have for you.

If you have not been speaking to your guides and Angels, then this card has come to encourage you to do so. Relationships take effort on both sides, and they are wanting to build their relationship with you. Talking with Spirit is a powerful way to feel supported, connected, and cared for. Especially when we are feeling alone in our physical world.

Usually when this card appears, it is because you are much more able than most to hear the messages of Spirit. Prayer is a powerful building block in strengthening your intuitive gifts. Begin looking for replies and answers to your prayers in your everyday world as well. Spirit is reaching out to communicate back to you now.

Cheryl Lee Harnish Return of Spirit

Again, we are only just beginning…

As always I am right here with you. As all I share and bring through is as a template for humanity in linking our Spirit to our Soul through our emotions from personal experience.

Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty

Anastacia Kompos

6D Ascension Pioneer/Trailblazer/WaySeer
Australian Correspondent in5d
Personal 1:1 Divine Guidance/Healings of self are available

About the authorAnastacia is in Service to humanity and Gaia, as an Ascended Earth Master in 6D human embodiment. Sharing unique energy updates/insights from Spirit to Soul through our emotions = Both – of the Divine – through human embodiment of being in 6D, in real-time experience as a template for humanity.

You are welcome to share this post and others, with full credit given to the author and is kept in original complete content and intact. All rights reserved. Anastacia Kompos 2017. Copyright © 2016-2017




ASCENDING TO UNITY, Book 9 – The New Earth . org – 11-5-17 – by Lawrence & Michael Sartorius

nEW eARTH 333

Image Source

by Lawrence & Michael Sartorius 

Books  1  -10



The central purpose unifying all of life’s experiences comes down to the process of Evolution with all its inherent learning processes. At this important ending of a major Universal Age, Humanity on Earth is now reaching a collective “turning point”, from our concentration on “self-interest”, particularly at the expense of others, to coming together in a future New Age of Cooperation and Unity with the rest of Creation.

We now have to first of all start this process by developing a much more compassionate and tolerant attitude towards others. Not only do we need to develop a much more sensitive awareness of their needs, but also to undertake within our own personal development a much greater awareness of all around us, along with better self-discipline and mindfulness in all that we do.

Causing injury or harm to others, exploiting others as we seek to gain through their disadvantagement, such actions formed a major element in the past Human history as we developed a greater Ego-centeredness. Now that we are beginning to change direction, our new orientation must turn towards Cooperation, Mutual Respect, and ultimately the “Unconditional Love” that is universally expressed on the Higher Worlds.

In particular we must seek to develop a new awareness and respect for all other forms of life which share our Planet, especially the Animal Kingdom which has suffered so much at our hands in the past. Earth herself is a living great Spirit Consciousness, painfully aware of all that her Human Mortals perpetrate on her surface and within her crust. Mother Earth/Gaia’s Planetary Body has been continuously and thoughtlessly ravaged by Humanity. The many heavy explosions made within her interior, the extensive extraction of her bodily minerals has caused her much suffering. She has also experienced a heavy loss of the very “blood” of her Planetary Body, the oil we use as our fuel, which lubricates her tectonic plates. We have heavily polluted and destroyed much of her planetary surface through our total carelessness and thoughtless behaviour.

Our return onto the Path of Unity will demand a progressively closer attunement to the Natural Laws of the Universe. As the Master Ramala points out:




SUZANNE LIE – Planetary Crystalline Grid – Unity Consciousness, Unity Courage – Calming Fury of Irma – 9-10-17


Suzanne Lie

“Crystalline Grid” is the term used to describe the complex grid-like pathway or matrix of high-frequency energy that is part of the Earth’s energetic architecture.

This grid of light is encoded with the divine design for humanity’s transition into a highly advanced multidimensional interface.


This upgrade evolves the race from separation and conflict and into the non-polarized, timeless dimensions of universal principle, where totality and oneness are the reflection.

This new morphogenetic field is gradually replacing the current, time coded Earth hologram from which the human race has maintained its connection, and adherence to a timeline of duality and extreme suffering.

The Crystalline Grid is a bridge, linking us back to our Source… and to the unified field.

We are using the planetary Crystalline Grid as our vehicle of energy transfer during the Oneness Transmissions.

We empower the Consciousness Shift through highly focused Global Transmissions.

The Oneness Transmissions global grid



We are a platform of global volunteers. Our greatest strength as a sacred activism network is the ability to transmit transforming energy through the planetary Crystalline Grid.

This worldwide web of energy transfer empowers us, etherically and telepathically, to reach the higher consciousness of people and life everywhere.

As the human portals and extensions of this powerful crystalline system, we are directing tremendous amounts of transforming energy to emergent world need.

Through The Oneness Transmissions, we deliver outstanding humanitarian service, right from our homes!

Together, we get even stronger and can increasingly affect positive shifts for our world…. in ways unimaginable.

The Oneness Transmissions – https://youtu.be/9OCoqbum7IQ

A Spiritual Telecommunications System

According to the cutting-edge scientific theory of quantum physics, there is a direct relationship between our physical reality and an energy field known as the Unified Field or “field of possibility”. This field is affected when focused thought and feeling intention is projected onto it.

The planetary Crystalline Grid is the means of sending these thoughts and intentions.

Likened to a spiritual “telecommunications system”, its pathways of light help us connect, etherically and telepathically, to the higher consciousness of humans all over the world.

Its energy travels from one “power cell” of consciousness to another. Examples of these power cells are mountains, pyramids and vortexes, places on the Earth with high crystal concentration in the ground.

When individuals or groups consciously connect with the matrix, it’s like making a phone call. Your phone connects you to the power cell and allows communication to take place.

On the Crystalline Grid, these “calls” are acts of intended energy transference. Instead of talking, one thinks and feels from the purity of heart intention. In so doing, profound changes can be manifested.

Key Features of the Crystalline Grid

Our new foundation for conscious living

It is pathway of communication and energy transfer

It connects the higher consciousness of all human souls.

It is our bridge into unity consciousness and new Earth reality.

It brings love, transformation and stabilization to our lives.

It helps expand our perceptual awareness.

It is strengthened as more people connect into it.

The Crystalline Grid and Earth Energy Connection

Crystalline Grid and Machu Picchu

Crystalline Grid and Egypt

Crystalline Grid and Egypt

The Crystalline Grid links all of the crystals in the Earth and crosses major portals, vortexes and dimensional doorways that connect Earth to cosmic forces and other dimensional realitie


These sites are repositories of subtle energies that have a corresponding effect on an individual’s state of awareness.

They serve as magnetic nodes where intimacy with spiritual energy can more easily be experienced.

As part of the grid network, there are numerous geographical areas that serve as the “central power stations”, while anchoring this advanced grid system to the Earth.

These power nodes hold a highly concentrated level of divinely coded crystalline energy, and emit a high vibrational field.

They are the massive energy fields that are supporting humanity’s transition into a more intelligent life form.

For example, Mt. Shasta in the USA, the Pyramids in Egypt, Ayers Rock in Australia and Machu Picchu in Peru are four of thousands of other places upon Earth that serve in this way.

We, as the human channels of this matrix, can direct tremendous amounts of pure energy to certain people, places and events.

By synchronizing our thoughts and heart intentions with the Crystalline Grid, the resultant effect is a harmonic frequency that coheres our collective higher light into one forcefield. Imagine the power!

By connecting to the Crystalline Grid often, we can make profound and accelerated positive impact in our own lives and that of the collective consciousness of humanity.


Hurricane Irma, a category 5 and one of the strongest storms ever recorded
in the Atlantic with winds of up to 185 miles an hour, is now in Caribbean
and heading towards the United States.
A Transmitter’s Role ~
The devastating affects of a powerful hurricane can be greatly minimized through divine intervention and our unification as an ‘enlightened group harmonic’, that is vibrating from omnipresent awareness.
Therefore, as one Group Avatar, we are invoking intervening assistance to help shift the reflective strength of Hurricane Irma and its potential path of destruction.
We are projecting our consciousness right into the eye of the storm as we pulsate the vibration of love and transformation.
* We acknowledge the presence of God and the universal source of creation as the mighty sustaining grace of each and every fulfilling action.
* Our highest alignment is with Divine Will as the mighty qualifier of this transmission and its final outcome.
* We know that humanity is undergoing great soul initiation and all will unfold in accordance to the highest good of all concerned.
If you feel called, please add your presence of light
to this 15-minute transmission and as soon as possible!
You may live stream, however it is recommended to
download the guided audio to your own device.

ERA OF LIGHT – Archangel Raphael via Dana Zook – Healing With Love – 9-4-17

aa raphael


Archangel Raphael

Feel the love coming up within you and welling up within you and coming out and surrounding you. Open the heart to the love, I reside with the heart

Yes beloveds, I am Archangel Raphael and I have been working with all of you today.

You have embarked on this journey and committed yourself to learning, to open yourselves and it may come as a surprise but that also means opening with each other and healing core issues; for what are we to one another but mirrors of ourselves? Anything that makes us uncomfortable is an indication of something that needs healing within us.


It may not even be something you remember. It may be from another life. And as you pull out the thorns one by one and heal with my green light, with the love of your heart, that wound will no longer fester and it will heal and you will not be able to even know it was there.

This is what you are doing dear ones. It is a process and yes, it is just as important to have that discussion as it is to spend the time in the energies and the love and allowing us to use your voices.

We have told you that the three of you [channeling group] are very dear to us. You tend to, all of you, forget who you are and think less of yourself than you actually are.

You put yourself in a box or you could say, clip your wings, when you do that. It is one thing to stay humble but when you acknowledge your greatness you are not becoming arrogant, you are becoming more humble with the awareness of how amazing you are and how much you have to give and how much responsibility you have.

This responsibility is not one that is with stress and strain or feeling a burden, it is one that is a joy, that is lighthearted, that makes you feel freer and more full of love and joy as you fulfill it. The Mother does not wish you to feel burdened, dear ones.

I am surrounding each of you with my green light. It is like effervescent little bubbles going in and around your body, your blood is turning to green little bubbles and your emotional and mental bodies, etheric bodies, and causal bodies, all energies are being healed in this energy.

Archangel Gabrielle wants to throw her little gold sparkles in there because she is the one that is so full of joy and she brings it too, every time you get together, to try and uplift you. And it is hard to be uplifted if you’re feeling pain and heavy.

I ask all of you to call on me. It doesn’t matter if it’s mental or emotional or physical or spiritual, I am the Healer of the Cosmos, beyond the beyond that you can even imagine. I am the one who will help with your healing, to bring you into what actually already exists, that is, your wholeness. But for you, it doesn’t feel that way.eraoflight.com

And so I, also, am able to work with my beloved brother and so when you do the false grids, you can call me as well and the two of us will come and work with you. You are all doing wonderful my dears, wonderful!

You are healing, you are moving things, you are lifting things. It may not feel like it but you are all moving forward or deeper or however you wish to see it. You are all moving more into the love. Feel the love coming up within you and welling up within you and coming out and surrounding you. This is what heals. This love is what heals.

This one has tried to spend so much money getting so many little things to try and help or to heal or supplements or whatever it is and yes, they all have had some help, but the love, opening the heart to the love, I reside with the heart.

The chakra is green and I am here, right here within your heart. So stop and come to me, not just calling help, but come to me in this space; allow me to come into you, to feel my love. That is her only step right now, is to heal.

And with that I wish to say farewell for now. Go with my love. I love all of you so, so much. You have no idea how much you are loved by the entire Council of Love.

Blessings, dear ones. Farewell.


» Source  – Channel: Dana Zook

Vera Ingeborg @ In5D – Good Bye Linear Time – The Return To Unity Consciousness – 8-26-17

Linear Time

by Vera Ingeborg,   Guest writer, In5D.com

We are in the middle of the bifurcation of timelines and realities shift. Old timelines collapse and there is no way back. While many of the early adapters are still feeling huge bi-polar shifts between the two realities and between love and fear, first movers are now entering more and more an energetic state of being that is called zero-point. The place where we are only observing, allowing and are moving along with the energetic flow without being entangled with any of the drama, stories and illusions of the old paradigm. We enter these points shortly before big energetic shifts – individually and collectively.


We have reached the critical mass now. The amount of people that went through their awakening process and have anchored themselves on higher frequency levels. The critical massto cause a ripple effect to cause the grand awakening of the human collective. The evolution back from Polarity Consciousness into Unity Consciousness.

“We have reached the critical mass now. The amount of people that went through their awakening processand have anchored themselves on higher frequency levels.”

Transitioning is not easy. Transitioning means to let go of a lot of things and people we had developed an attachment to. And yet, attachment is not a natural state of being. It is an ego construct. Just as linear time is. We had developed these constructs to experience a life out of balance as far as possible. An experiment to see how far we could move away from our collective center. From Oneness. From Unity Consciousness. Our origin. The Source of all that is. The organism humanity went into collective amnesia and developed the concept of linear time, to give fear an artificial space to exist. To then create fear, it was necessary to cut off the conscious energetic connection to Spirit/Source (which caused the amnesia) and withdraw the feminine energy, creating the necessary misbalance. The masculine energy alone, without the balancing counterpart, experienced separation, lack and darkness. The energetic frequencies of fear were created. That was the fertile ground for the ego mind to evolve and grow and with it the illusion of duality. Further ego constructs evolved based on these concepts: Loneliness, danger, the need to survive, the need to be better than others etc. All of these were necessary to create the illusion humanity has been experiencing for eons (although also that is an illusion, as linear time does not exist). Humanity created its own auto-immune disease, fighting itself to move further and further out of balance, while living in this illusion. Now that we have reached the point of being furthest away from that inner balance of the collective before complete destruction of the organism humanity, it was time to end that experiment.

The Construct of Linear Time and the Ego

Now that we have more and more re-established our conscious connection to Source/All that is and have re-invited the mature feminine energy in, we entered that zero zone, where we experience the breakdown of the construct of linear time. And that means: Those that experience it are transforming the last bits of ego. And with it: The return of the mature masculine, the energy of doing, manifesting without any need of control.

The ego cannot exist in the NOW. The place where there is no linear time. The ego always needs the artificial space of linear time to project its illusions. Now that this space drops away, fear has no fertile ground. We remember enough now to not buy into these artificial programs any longer. We are not even able to relate to all the human drama, all the stories, as we can see right through the illusion. It feels like white noise, a frequency of a radio station, we are no longer able to receive.

“We notice that we are completely in the zero point field/NOW moment, when uncertainty does not upset us any longer.”

We notice that we are completely in the zero point field/NOW moment, when uncertainty does not upset us any longer. As indeed it is our natural state of being. We are not able to create expectations, impatience, control, mistrust, conditions…, as they need a concrete reference point in the future. All we can be is unconditional, trusting and open to whatever comes, knowing it is perfectly in the flow. Human artificial structures such as schedules, appointments, daily routines become impossible to stick to, as they are not synchronizing with the Universal Flow. When linear time drops away, we automatically get access to the bigger picture. We align with unity consciousness and remember more and more of our essence and truth. All of a sudden we know things, we did not know before. We see and understand this all connecting energetic field, and how we incarnate into experiences in the physical. We are re-establishing the holy trinity. And with it, the full embodiment of Spirit, Soul and Body. Everything happens at once in the NOW as all possibilities are available, always. Linear time was helping to create the illusion that there were sequences and with it memories – that helped to keep fear projections alive. But what about past live memories, might the ego mind ask? All we do is choosing one or parallel experiences in a physical existence. Depending on where we tune in with our consciousness, we get flashes of information that feel like a past life memory although it is just a parallel reality we chose to access.

Those that are in the middle of this transition, will more and more have that experience, that even what happened yesterday feels like a past life memory. The truth is, we create every moment anew, nothing is solid. When we become multidimensional again, anything becomes possible.

“The truth is, we create every moment anew, nothing is solid. When we become multidimensional again, anything becomes possible.”


Multidimensional experience is a super confusing, but also fun thing to experience. As we create moment to moment anew, we can also shift our realities quite easily. From the energetic frequency levels of the fifth dimension and onward, we have all these different parallel timelines and realities available to access. And we choose our access point(s) into the field of all possibilities from moment to moment. And can alter as we wish once we are fully aligned. So what happens quite often while we are not yet fully stable and anchored in one frequency, is that we have to deal with multidimensional versions of other people, too. For example a 3D and a 5D self of a person. These seem to be completely bi-polar, do not remember what they had said before, or say even the complete opposite.

“That is the Mandela Effect. We are switching between different realities – collectively and individually and we remember things differently than they are in our current timeline we chose to access.”

The Mandela Effect is exactly this. We are switching between different realities – collectively and individually and we remember things differently than they are in our current timeline we chose to access. Our limited, fear driven ego mind was not able to understand any of this. Only now we are entering the process of transcending it completely into a free spirit mind. A mind that is connected to all that is, is able to connect all dots, comes up with brilliant ideas to set intentions: The basis for all creation. Now that the mature masculine comes back and balances within us with the mature feminine, we have set the foundation for co-creation with others. We are back in the field of unconditional love within.


In order to create, we need to be able to embody our connection to Source (the open heart-center) and Unity consciousness (the mature mind) in our physical vessel (the evolved body). We need the physical existence to be able to create. It is our physical body that lets us follow the energetic impulses we receive from the universal flow. The intention of the mind causes a feeling from the heart, which sets the energetic vibration that we emit into the field. We synchronize with frequency matches in the field (people, situations,..), we resonate and that creates our outside reality. The more we learn to read and “speak” energy (by feeling it), the more we are able to follow the natural impulses we are receiving constantly with our physical body: Our intuition. The deep knowing, this is what I have to do next, because it feels right. No matter what the rational mind might have to say about that to protect us. Once we have embodied the balance of the mature feminine and the mature masculine within, we are ready for the next phase: Co-Creation.

Next Stage: Co-Creation

Just as cells in an organism pair up to work together to create something, we are now more and more pairing up with like-minded and like-hearted people that have also found their balance within. This will be happening in all areas of life. Friendships, “Relationships” (much more a relatedness now, based on freedom), work, and activities of all sorts. First, we mainly feel drawn to co-create in pairs – members of our tribe that we have met while finding our true self in our process of awakening to practice balancing energy between two people/physical entities. They might remain in our experience as partner or will move on, and both will feel absolutely fine.

“Just as cells in an organism pair up to work together to create something, we are now more and more pairing up with like-minded and like-hearted people that have also found their balance within.”

That – on a side note – was one very important part of our journey. To find our people all over the planet, anchor the grid and activate it to build all these little centers for the ripples we are now creating for the big shift. Co-creating in pairs will help us to learn how to balance energy between two physical entities (people) before we will take the next step to create something even bigger, pairing up with other pairs that have gone through that process. Returning to community, oneness, completely new models of living based on love and abundance. This is the way how New Earth will take form quickly. We are all creating this together. We are passed the point of having to walk it alone. NOW: How perfectly organized and how exciting is this?!?

The texts I share are always based on my intuition (“downloads”) and/or on experiences of clients and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage you to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you. With lots of light and love, Vera Ingeborg

About the authorVera Ingeborg is an intuitive writer, energy coach and gridworker, traveling the world as a digital nomad to anchor, connect and work with the higher frequencies all over the planet and with people that are ready for exiting the 3D matrix. You can learn more about her and her work and services here:





Nikki Colombo @ In5D – Transcend Into Unity Consciousness – 8-3-17

Unity Consciousness


by Nikki Colombo,Editor – Contact Online Magazine
Guest writer, In5D.com

Are you still in polarity consciousness? Here’s how you can tell and what to do about it!

Lets go back in time. When we look back to our history it is filled with influential personalities that ignited our world. Take Lucifer for example, portrayed as the ARCHitect in The Matrix Movies, in Ancient Texts it states that he wanted to experiment with free will.

Let’s go back further, what about Set From Egypt (also known as Lucifer) and further still Enlil and Enki.  Are you still trying to workout who’s good and bad between those Anunnaki brothers?

What about the Reptilian god Anu ? Is he a bad ass?

Without theses guys we wouldn’t be here. These are the perceived forces of dark. The black void, the place of antimatter, the place where everything comes from before manifesting into this world.

What about your mother’s dark watery womb? Is that bad?

How about the cosmos?  That’s dark.  Is that bad too? It depends on your perspective, right or wrong? Hmm, what a dilemma.

Let’s go onto the divine feminine.

What about Inanna? Enlil’s and Enki’s sister who saved us? You know royalty interbreeds keeping the genetic code intact, right? Cleopatra’s mother and father were brother and sister and she turned out a genius/genie.  Is she good or bad?

How about Artemisia played by Eva Green in the film 30? Rise of an Empire with her spiny reptilian armor down her back!

Life imitates art and art imitates life!

ArtemiSIA was Greek born. SIA = see aka a seer. She “sees”, get it?

A Major General of all the military forces for The King of Babylon, (once called Persia, now Iraq) the Greeks fierce enemy!

She slaughtered and conquered all the Greek kings presenting them to the powerful King Xerxes 1st (by the way, royalty know the secret knowledge of reincarnation, genetics and breeding. That’s why you have King Henry the 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc…  This keeps all their royal wealth intact. YES, they ARE the same people reincarnated!)

Back to Artemisia…

Traitor you say? Hmm, are you sitting in judgement right now?

Artemisia was only a little girl when she was forced onto the navel Greek ships as a sex slave for the Greek slave rowers. When she hit puberty at around 12 years old, she was dumped into the Greek streets and later rescued by a Babylonian spy soldier who trained her in occult warfare turning her into one of the most ferocious successful conquerors of ALL time. Quite a feat for a woman.

What about Lilith and ISIS? Are they bad because of conducting magic occult rituals?

What about THAT name ISIS derived from Genesis? The GENES OF ISIS and where the word sister also comes from i.e. sister… sisSTAR!

How about the word Occult? Does that bring up visions of something satanic?

What if you found out that the word occult actually means “to see in the dark” and refers the the oculi nerve connecting to the 3rd eye? is that bad too? Considering it is part of the awakening and ascension process? Are owls bad because they see in the dark like the revered Egyptian cats?

Can you see how you are ping ponging from left to right ,right now, jumping from good to bad in judgement?

Before you judge , know the whole story.

Pull back your consciousness into where it resides in the fourth dimension (some of us a little higher) while your body and mind balances itself in 3D. It would be wise step back into your core and ground yourself to balance into the middle accepting everything as it is.

Creator Source doesn’t judge!

Metaphysically speaking, there is no good or bad there just IS. Once you accept that, your on your way into Unity Consciousness.  Think peace, breath and balance, balance, balance! After all, we’ve been given this opportunity for this ascension cycle to do just that, ascend into unity consciousness.  How exhilarating and what an honor to be here in this NOW! No wonder so many ships and ET’s “watching” us!

Lets Play!

NOW, point your finger at something.  Let’s use Donald Trump or Putin on the TV or a picture for example. Literally do this. Your hand looks like a gun right? Can you see it?

Now, here’s the kicker. Are you ready? Look at the 3 fingers pointing back at you!

BOOM! Surprised? Aha moment, yes?

God Source is a wonderful creator, huh? Dont cha just love irony?

I love you ALL

As always with love, gratitude, In Lak’ech and Namaste.

Details for the SUPERCONSCIOUS Live Presentations with the brilliant Jamie Close coming to Melbourne, Australia in 2018. click here> www.nikkicolombo.net

Nikki ColomboAbout the authorNikki Colombo experienced a full blown spontaneous Kundalini Rising event in 2007 that catapulted a “Starseed Awakening” opening her third eye to perceive multidimensional realities and communication with the Evolutionary forces of Light known as the Melchizedek Guardians. Her spiritual mission is to support humanity through its evolution with education and awareness and by consulting the impacts of the energy shifts upon the planet, and human consciousness. She is an Empath, Intuitive, Spiritual Guide and Healer, NDE- Near Death Experiencer, a Walk In, Researcher, Writer, Psychic, Astrologist, Numerologist, Contactee, ET Experiencer, Chakra Clearer, Starseed and Tarot Reader. You can personal message me for Private Consultations, Guest Workshops, Retreats and Events. I perform all intuitive guidance under the most Inspirational, Spiritual and Sacred Insight to ensure the highest value it is delivered to my clients serving you with the full extent of my knowledge, wisdom, skills and talents.



Unity Consciousness Is Love Light Unified – 7-27-17 – by Event Is Coming Soon – by In5D


Event Is Coming Soon 

Published on Jul 27, 2017

Event Is Coming Soon – Unity Consciousness Is Love-Light Unified


Love, light, collective consciousness are unified in5D higher consciousness amongst light beings. If humanity can evolve retaining our individuality and function with collective consciousness, we got the best of Ascension, our glorious days are coming NOW. With unified energies, we raise Gaia, our planet to a higher dimensional frequency, one of the reasons of existence of volunteers, starseeds, higher spirit entities and earths’ indigenous people, all assisting Gaia.

The introduction of emotion of love is unique in the universe especially an outer edge planet Earth and Arcturus. Earth is first planet of evolving human beings with love emotion as a primordial evolutionary factor concurrent with mental faculties development. This combination is key to raising a person to higher consciousness, to 5d and beyond. Our spiritual heart and minds should be connected as a start to reconnect us to a higher vibrational frequency. Extraterrestrials are around earth, observing, learning from us what this love emotion is all about. We evolve as a civilization joining outer space travel with love and mental faculties developing simultaneously! We have the makings of using warp-light speed thru wormholes-portals-stargates as our scientists have been talking about these new ideas and concepts for space travel. Arcturian starseed volunteers are around and take a human vehicle to teach us this advanced technology. Arcturian Mozart sounds contributed to creation processes with higher spirit as walk in. Other civilizations create with sound.




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