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Published on Jun 25, 2017

Air date 06/24/2017. Lorcan O’Toole is a film-maker, writer, composer, alchemist and musician. His father is the late actor Peter O’Toole and Lorcan also worked as an actor in Hollywood for a spell, in films like: “In Time” with Justin Timberlake and the television show: “Sons of Anarchy”. However in May of 2012, Lorcan began to have a profound spiritual awakening of self-realization and also experienced a series of what some people would describe as “supernatural” experiences, communications, contacts and connections. Beyond time and space. He began to go into trances, and unfamiliar breathing patterns and having visions of sacred geometry.

He was guided to see a number of well respected mediums and channelers to find out what was happening to him. They all independently corroborated that he had made a powerful connection to a future incarnation of his own soul and that Lorcan is a channeler and a medium, somebody who has the ability to communicate and connect with beings or energies from different time-frames, different levels of reality and different frequencies. These include what are known as spirit-guides, angels, higher-self consciousness, those that have crossed over to the spirit side and also beings from other star systems, dimensions and civilizations.

Lorcan’s mission is to bring forth the spirit of unity consciousness, and remind beings of their own infinite nature and shatter the illusion of limitation and separation.

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Urgent Message From Archangel Michael ~ Solstice Energies & The End Game of Separation


By Archangel Michael, 06/16/2017

Greetings Dear Ones, I AM here to provide an update on the current energies for the planet and the collective. The Full Moon, Planetary Retrogrades and more have brought much to the surface to be observed, felt and released. All this is in preparation of the Solstice and in helping to bring forth your Souls, the Higher Self into Physical Manifestation. What these energies are bringing forward to look at is Honor, Integrity, Self Love and Service. These are qualities that have been greatly distorted within the collective, as the egoic and mental conditionings has tainted them. All of which stem from the Illusionary mind. Let us delve deeper and clarify what these energies have brought up to assist the collective and Gaia in the Ascension process. As always, Awareness transforms into Consciousness.

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Honor & Integrity

Relationships are being affected on all levels. All is coming to the surface with family, friends, intimate partners, spiritual groups and more. These energies are bringing up deep and core energies within the collective. A core issue is Authenticity. Being authentic is a quality most of humanity is lacking. This is due to the programmed ego mind, trying to hide. The ego is a mask, masquerading in a Fabricated, Distorted illusionary reality. So, how can one have or Be Authentic, Honor or Integrity when one is wearing a mask? You can’t. It is impossible.

While there are masks that represent enduring qualities such as bravery and freedom, however the ego is not one of them. A common reaction we observe is coming across a certain scenario where one puts on a different persona or facade to “fit in”, with family, friends and even fellow lightworkers. Some even go as having “hidden agendas”, to get something the mind wants. Quite simply, this is Being “fake”. This is a protective mechanism of the mind, so it can feel comfortable in it’s surroundings. Your Souls are NEVER fake. That goes against what the Soul is… what Love Stands For. To Be Authentic… to Be Real… One must Surrender to the Present Moment of Now, Be in Clear Thought… then your Real. Keep in your Heart Dear Ones, The Heart Responds… The Ego Reacts.

Honor and Integrity is not simply conveying them to others. It’s core foundation is one’s self… your Inner Being…. Your Heart… Your Soul. Honor, Integrity and LOVE are All ONE. You All have to ask yourselves, “Do I Honor myself and others?, Do I have Integrity with myself and others?, “Do I Unconditionally LOVE myself and others?” The concepts of Honor and Integrity in the illusion is misperceived and clouded. In Truth, if one lacks Self Love, how can one have integrity or honor. As you come to these realizations, you Allow, Embrace, Feel, and Transform. So goes the process in transforming all lower and dense energies that doesn’t resonate with the Soul. It’s part of the journey… part of the process of Ascension. One takes full responsibility and forgives themselves and everyone in the experience. This is how one grows in wisdom and knowledge. This is how one Transforms. No judgements, No regrets… Simply Acceptance. In Truth, the mind knows nothing of Honor, Integrity, Selflessness and many other such qualities. When one acts from the Heart, these benevolent qualities are unlocked.

The End Game Separation

The false lightworkers are not and will not fare well in these energies, as they are choosing (unconsciously or consciously) to hold on to their masks, which is the programmed ego mind. We have observed those Beings shake to their bones, when faced with the Truth, especially from those Shining their Light Brightly, in Truth, Honor and Integrity. They project their core issues onto others, not aware of their own conditionings. This is the mind reacting, as it is being called out. These Beings are similar to robots whom have implemented a ‘spiritual programming’, thinking they know about the Ascension and what it is to be in 5th Dimensional frequencies and beyond. They choose not to Feel, and prefer to think, analyze, rationalize and be logical in their ways into the Ascension Process. Those in the mind will try and mimic or go as far to create their own version of what is Integrity, Honor, Giving, Sharing, Love and much more. This is the ego mind trying to hold on to it’s belief systems, and not allowing the Heart to flow, especially when it’s being called out. The mind thinks it knows more than the Heart… than the Divine… than Love. They put their minds above the heart, their intuition… and try to find those who share into their belief systems and fantasies. They do this to take energies from one another and cause separation, (what the mind does best) within the lightworker community. The mind convinces them, their perverse version of truth is greater, and that they are unifying the collective, when the opposite is True. A common experience after the taking of energies, is the feeling of being drained. A simple way to identify these Beings is;

Dealing with De~Ascension symptoms daily,

Lack of Joy,

Lack of Self Love,

Lack of Self Worth,

Lack of Integrity,

Lack of Honor,

Lack of Perception,

Lack of Wisdom,

Void of their Childlike Essence,

Self Hatred,

Erratic mental habit & behaviors,




Poor Listener




Delusions of Grandeur,



Self Importance,

Thinking they know better,

Analytical & Logical,

Trying to fix the old paradigm,

Inability to Walk Their Talk,

and many other lower consciousness traits of the mind. Many highly empathic ones can feel into these energies exuding these traits. It can feel very dense, manipulative, angry, hateful and much more. Many lightworkers have asked, “Why does it seem those around me are not getting it and are so dumb down?” The conditioning within Human Collective is very deep, and it is in every facet of your governments, societies, cultures, media, education, religion, relationships, family and much more. In these energies, if one is trying to process them with the mind, they are overloading themselves. It is similar to a computer processor overheating. At some point, the processor will either shut down or melt. Those in the mind will experience a decline in;

Cognitive Thinking,

Lack of Motor Skills,

Severe Lethargy,

Lack of Perception,

Degradation of the Body,

and other symptoms, which will further the degradation of the mind in these energies. However, even in these states, the mind will continue to think it knows better, and that it is smarter. Dear Ones, the Ego can not see itself. It is blind to it’s own degradation and pitfalls. We recommend staying focused in the Heart. It is the Brain, Heart, Body and Soul coming together and working in unison, as you dissolve the programmed ego mind and anchor higher consciousness. The mind has no place in the 5th dimension and beyond.  You will not be able to convince these beings of their conditionings, as they are choosing to hang on to their belief systems and security constructs of the mind. In Truth, their minds want something, it can never Be… to become God without God, Our Prime Creator, Mother of All Creation, The Holy Spirit. A fantasy created and pursued by the “old controllers”. Many of these false lightworkers fought hard against the 3d paradigm & old controllers, to only become a shadow of the very beings that shackled Humanity, and turn into their pawns. Honor their choices and yours. Keep shining your light, and BE the example. BE Love in Action Dear Ones.

Walking Your Talk

The mind could never exude the qualities of the heart, and if it does try, its poorly exemplified and always inconsistent. This is a prime example of the Spiritual Ego. They can talk it very well. However, when it comes to walking it, they fall. What we have noticed with most of the collective is negligence. The negligence of not fulfilling one’s spiritual work. New energies are being poured onto the planet daily. Some days are subtle, and other can be very profound. If you are not fulfilling your spiritual work in dissolving the programmed ego mind, anchoring higher consciousness, integrating and grounding daily, the mind can consume the being and body. This can result in many physical symptoms occurring on constant basis, such as;

Physical Burn Out,






Excessive Sugar Cravings

Erratic Thoughts & Behavior,

Joint Pains,

Physical Aches & Pain,

And so much more, depending on how deep the mind has control of the Being. These symptoms are due to mind processing the new energies, which it is not able to. Focus and Trust your Heart, to integrate these energies.

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Unity Consciousness & Service to Mother Earth

Dear Ones, The true end game to the Ascension process is Unity Consciousness, to Be One with Prime Creator, Mother of All Creation, The Holy Spirit. The point where the “I AM becomes the WE ARE”. You reach this level of consciousness through the Heart, connected to the Unified Heart. Your intuition, infinite knowledge & wisdom is accessed through the Heart. It is where We are all connected and share our collective wisdom with All of Creation. To put it in simpler terms, “the mind and higher mind has access to a book of knowledge… the Heart has access to an infinite library of knowledge”. Which do You Choose? Only one can access higher consciousness, beyond the confines 3D and 4D frequencies.

The Heart wishes to BE in Service to Mother Earth, and restoring Her back to the Pristine state she once was, before the illusion. Service is about the Whole, not the Self. This starts with your inner healing. As you continue with your inner work, your are able to anchor higher consciousness, your Soul… There, guidance will be provided to your next steps in the Mission of Ascension for Gaia and Humanity.

As always Dear Ones, support those in Unity Consciousness, as they are holding the energies to bring forth the New Paradigm of Heaven on Earth. As your energies merge with all those in Unity Consciousness, your manifestation and other abilities will emerge and expand. This will cause the Ascension process to accelerate. The purging of the old will continue, and a new precipice will be reached coming the Summer Solstice, This in preparation for the full anchoring of the Soul, Higher Self and Heaven on Earth. Let go of All of The Old, and Allow the New to Enter. We, your Angelic, Elemental and Star Families await in Unconditional Love, to your return home into the Light. The Age of Innocence is Upon You All.

I AM Archangel Michael, always of Service to Love, to Humanity, to All Creation, to Mother & Father of All Creation. Love Fearlessly and Always Unconditionally. Blessings and Namaste.


Your Eternally Loving Brother,

Archangel Michael


Urgent Message From Archangel Michael ~ Solstice Energies & The End Game of Separation

Remembering Unity Consciousness – A Gift To Gaia on Earth Day – The Golden Ones through Suzanne Lie – 4-22-17


Suzanne Lie

Remembering Unity Consciousness

 A Gift to Gaia on Earth Day   –   Unity of Diversity


The Golden Ones through Suzanne Lie

The Golden Ones have been talking to me on a regular basis since about the middle of last summer, but it has always been at a time when I could only share them with one person at a time.

Actually, there have been two different people that the Golden Ones have brought through me to share themselves. There have, also, been a few writings in which I was able to feel their energy field and channel their message.

But, there is a particular part of their message I haven’t said because whenever I was going to express it, I just didn’t, or couldn’t, or it wasn’t the Now. I’m not exactly sure exactly why, but I have the feeling that it is the NOW to contact the Golden Ones and ask them to restate what I’ve been hearing them say to me since last summer.

Something happened last summer, the summer of 2016. I’m not sure exactly what happened, except that it was the first opening of my conversations with the Golden Ones. This process began with me hearing the Golden Ones. When I would go into a meditation about 3:00 pm, this was usually when they came to speak with me.

That was pretty much when they always came, not in my morning meditations, not at night, not in my dreams. They always came at that 3:00 pm time. Eventually, I could see them with my imagination.

At first, all I saw was a circle. It felt feminine to me, but in a very androgynous way. Hence, the Golden Ones are feminine and androgynous at the same time. I first saw them, and still do see them almost as if they are made of melted gold.

I see a circle. Actually, I see half of the circle from the back. Hence, I see just the backs of their heads and shoulders. For some reason, I have been directed to listen to their conversations.

What the Golden Ones seem to do is to over-light us from a place, actually a frequency, towards the top of “The Golden Pathway to the Fifth Dimension.” In fact, it was the Golden Ones who told me about this “Golden Pathway.”

What I perceive is that the Golden Ones are far above me on the Pathway, as they resonate to a much higher frequency of reality. Therefore, I see them more above me, but more of a symbolic “above me,” than as a third-dimensional direction.

In other words, they are above me/us in frequency. But they are not above us in third dimensional time/space, as they resonate to the fifth dimensional HERE and NOW.

There is something that looks like a pole that leads to their circular station at the top of the “pole.” The Golden Ones reside right at the threshold into the fifth dimension.

Hence, in order for us to get to the Golden Ones, we have to climb this pole with our consciousness. We must climb, meaning we must expand our consciousness, beyond the third dimension and through the fourth dimension, to get to the Golden One’s “Nest” or “Lookout Tower.”

This “Nest” represents the threshold where the resonance of reality is moving into the fifth dimension. In fact, the Golden One’s Nest is at the exact place where the pole is transmuting into the first sub-planes of the fifth dimension.

However, even in the earliest of the lowest sub-planes of the fifth-dimension, there is NO time or space. Therefore, the concept of “too many” or “not enough” does not exist. Furthermore, the questions, “Are we there yet?” doesn’t exist because there is no time, or space to measure “there,” or “yet.”

In fact, there is no separation to separate reality in any manner. However, the reality of the Golden Ones appears to just be beginning at a certain “place,” because we are just beginning to realize that this type of fifth-dimensional reality can be “real.”

What appears to happen when we reach this “Consciousness Threshold,” at least it is what happens to me, is that I keep being told to look back at ALL the other incarnations that I thought I’d finished up, but I hadn’t yet totally cleared.

The Golden Ones have been saying that merging with the fifth dimensional frequency of reality is not a matter of walking through, over, under, or even whether or not one deserves this experience.

Instead, this process of merging with the fifth dimensional frequency of reality is similar to choosing the experiencing, merging, combining with, and surrendering into that which is “unknown,” but simultaneously VERY familiar.

The Golden Ones also remind us that in order for us to merge with this fifth-dimensional threshold we need to clean up any component of mistrust, fear, agony, or unfinished business that we have ever left in any of our incarnations on planet Earth.

However, it is not expected, or necessary, for every one to go through this clearing, because it is a very big task. However, the members of the Planetary Ascension Team are being called to remember the specific contribution to Gaia’s Planetary Ascension that they chose before taking this incarnation.

Fortunately, the Ascension Team will NOT be alone because they are not afraid to perceive the many ways in which their Galactic Family is here to help them. The Ascension Team will be called on to constantly remember that they have constant support during their transition into theirinter-dimensional communication.

As the Ascension Team begins to remember the long standing relationship with their Galactic Family that was always there, but often at a state of consciousness that their 3D self could not experience, their consciousness naturally expands to embrace the fact that they are moving into that higher frequency of reality.

Many members of the Ascension Team have already had experiences of expanding their consciousness up the frequency scale and into higher and higher dimensions of reality.

Because they can remember, they are NOW being prepared to experience the changes that occur within their physical, third-dimensional bodies as a result of the expansion of their consciousness.

Since they have volunteered to “take Gaia with them into the fifth dimension,” these physical changes are a component of their “process of ascension.” There have been many Ascended Masters who expanded their consciousness, and even their body, into the fifth dimension.

However, they have all “ascended” as an example to humanity, but not, yet, as a gift to Gaia. It is the NOW for those who are prepared to ascend into their higher expressions of SELF to include the earth body of Gaia as a component of their process.

These ascending ones have remembered that they are already multidimensional beings. However, as a service to Gaia, they have taken an earth vessel to assist with Planetary Ascension. Therefore, they took a physical body on Gaia’s physical planet to work through any Karma that has not be transmuted in ALL of their different lifetimes on Earth.

In other words, before they return to their innate, fifth-dimension body, they have promised to make sure that they have gone over each and every one of their lifetimes to transmute any darkness into Light.

They are aware that they promised to be responsible for any imbalance left, any yin and yang that isn’t balanced, and any love and fear that has not be transmuted from any incarnation they have ever taken on Earth.

These Ascending One are also aware that Unconditional Love exists within and beyond allworlds. It is this Unconditional Love that keeps them going. They are grateful that we, the Golden Ones, are here to assist them all to hold that Unconditional Love and to reveal Unconditional Love to them in many different ways.

In fact, the Golden Ones, as well as all of their higher dimensional family, have volunteered to guide humanity in any way that is necessary. It is important for these, and all Ascending Ones, to remember that if there was a room of uncountable people talking with the Golden Ones, even if they all spoke within the same NOW, they would all have a slightly different story.

The reason for this difference is that, in order to ascend Gaia, the ascending humans living on Earth, must remember that before they took this earth vessel they promised that they would merge diversity into unity.

One of the main things that will help Gaia move out of the third-fourth dimensional density is if all of Her people who have ever held incarnations on Gaia’s planetary body remember that they vowed to transmute any area and/or time frame on Gaia in which they had any incarnations.

In other words, ascending humanity will be called on to remember that they are responsible to balance EVERY energy field that they have EVER deposited on Gaia. The members of the Planetary Ascension Team are aware of this responsibility.

They also know that once their consciousness resonates to the fifth dimension, they will be free of the “time” and “space” that separates those incarnations. Without that third/fourth dimensional separation, they will be able to preview ALL their incarnations within the NOW.

We, the Golden Ones, know that these ascending ones will experience much more then they may think. If one were to say, “Oh, I have only had one or two incarnations, then they’re probably not being honest with themselves because ALL the “leaders of ascension” came to Gaia long ago.

Many of these leaders may only remember a few incarnations. But, eventually, those who are leaders during Earth’s great “return to SELF” are usually, also, those who were with Gaia during Her two “great falls.”

Gaia’s first “great fall” was during the time of Lemuria and the second “great fall” was during the time of Atlantis. These cataclysmic events caused the damage of knocking Gaia off Her innate axis. Because of these injuries, Gaia could no longer move in a clear, circular pattern, and instead developed a slanted alignment, which created a wobble.

Eventually, these humans realized that they were responsible for Gaia’s planetary damage. However, those humanoids may, or may not, have had the courage to come back to Earth to save the planet.

Fortunately, others have volunteered to take a humanoid form to assist Gaia. The volunteers to assist Gaia needed to take the form of a humanoid being because it was the humanoids that created the damage.

Their greatest challenge is that once they took a humanoid form they would go through a “normal life” until they could “wake up.” Sometimes it took many incarnations on Gaia before the “humanoid” could wake-up to their true, multidimensional history and Multidimensional SELF.

It is during the incarnation in which they experience their “awakening,” that they can remember that it was their “chosen” responsibility to go into all of the other lives that they have had in which they did not wake up.

By “waking up,” we mean that you wake up to the fact that you are not “just a third-dimensional being.”

Because you have remembered that you are actually a Multidimensional Being, you can call on the higher expressions of your own Multidimensional SELF to assist your incarnated third-dimensional self who has promised to assist with Planetary Ascension.


We are The Golden Ones.

Message from the Galactic Dragons – Spherical Expansion In to Greater Unity – 10-14-16

Image result for IMAGES OF DRAGONS


Message from the Galactic Dragons,

Channeled October, 2015 and October 2016, by Ailia Mira



Note – this message is an unusual one. It is built upon a transmission received about a year ago and was channeled into again today, spiraling this message into a different version of the transmission for now. In the 7 years I’ve channeled we’ve never done this! It was interesting and very beautiful. I became much more aware of how we are already so full of potential and yet ever-expanding. I hope you enjoy it. 🙂 Love, Ailia



Greetings Divine Ones,

We are the Galactic Dragons. We speak to you from the Galactic Center, bridging transmissions of energy and light within multiple Universes. We are gateway keepers and ambassadors to vast realms of light. We love this role in our co-creation, and we share with you, with great joy.

As you are living on Earth, the energy you experience is opening up for you in revolutionary ways. As part of this, we initiate this communication with you. We translate for you the energies within our collective larger wholeness and invite you to feel and participate, consciously, in a more unified, universal sense of community.

Life as you know is, is changed.

We’ve shared this with you before and we say it agai, for it is true – nothing is the same – for YOU.

Yes, there are still many human beings living along timelines largely associated with the separation age and with limitations and fear. But there are also more and more human beings who have opened up to their direct knowing. With this inner connection re-established you and others are uncovering the truth of who you are.

You have realized the distortion of ideas of separation and the illusionary power of fear and limiting ideas. Although many who have awakened are still learning to live the truths they have remembered and discovered, there is nonetheless, through this remembering, a vast momentum underway in your world. This momentum is a momentum of light!

The momentum has opened up a new timeline and the diversity of views and frequencies on your planet now is vastly expanding.

The light within you is your connection to your Source. The Divine within. You are a divine being and yet your human body holds only some of the frequencies of consciousness that comprise your wholeness. The spectrum of your essence present here is enlarging.

In the fullness of your being, what we often call your Divine Self, there are multiple layers of harmonics and an arrangement of light. As the fullness of your being, you are so exquisite and refined, pure and clear, expansive and powerful. This energy field animates your human experience and simultaneously nourishes all aspects and expressions of your being. This stream of light is infinite, and it is your gateway to Oneness. All that you experience comes to you through the hierarchy of your being.

For so long human beings sensed a hierarchy of being and in that, they imagined God – a being separate and higher, better and holy, to be adored and loved, and even feared. They imagined someone loving who looked over them. They did find it troubling and mysterious how they could feel and know this immense loving energy and still experience such awful and painful experiences. There was in these times, a sense that God was somehow perhaps displeased or that one needed to make God happy with supplication and worship, to achieve good experiences. In effect, to earn them by winning God’s favor.

Now these ideas may seem a bit silly to you, but they were very real for many and in fact, still are real for many.

The idea that you are God is still not just radical but blasphemous to some.

The earnest wish to be pleasing to this imagined Divine Being outside of you, called by many, God, came from the best understanding of the many. This ideas was also maintained and the distortion expanded by some who stepped forth in religious traditions and in other ways, as leaders acting as an intermediary to connect you to God. Eventually, there was this idea that you could not connect directly to God, yourself. In fact, for much of life on Earth, human beings did not even trust themselves to pray, but rather, felt that only holy people could speak directly to God.

Now, even in the awakening community there are those who help you bridge your vaster connections and yet there is a stage in this process of conscious evolution in which you must go direct – yourself – to the connection within and learn to trust your inner knowing beyond all else.

The remembering that you are experiencing — that the divine is you and is access within you, directly — is sorting all this out. You may still think of the Oneness that is, as God, or Source or Infinite Intelligence, but you know this energy as one and the same as you. 

We dare you to live this.

As this return to a more direct relationship with Creation takes place; the potential for human experience is expanding and the potential for humanity to KNOW God, is expanding. It is a very exciting transformation to participate in and to witness. All of us feel tremendous joy as the planetary field of Earth opens up more and rises in frequency, giving Earth and humans easier and more direct access to higher consciousness through light and the templates and activations of the informational structure of this light.

The recent transitions that many of you experienced in September have made for a very different playing field.

This was true for the year 2015 when we first shared this message and again, now in 2016 – the cycle is repeating spiraling out, and upward, expanding as you expand and evolve. We are asking Ailia to add to and revise this message for parts of it are important now, to be remembered and we are updating it to help you feel how you are changing in ways that are like a spiral. 

We want you to feel how this cycle is perpetual; how you are perpetually expressing in many points of focus and in this human life, integrating it all.

This playing field, your life experience, is elevated and new because many of you have now achieved resonance with untapped levels of your own embodiment. That’s what the new playing field is — an untapped level of your own perception and experience of embodiment. Access to this new level is made possible now by the changes in your energy state and the affinity you now have with higher frequency fields.

Accompanying this time, in 2016 is a new parallel, a new timeline that is refreshingly pure and coherent. This is the timeline of Earth’s fulfillment as love.

You are being altered through the amplification and expression of this timeline and it is interacting with your energy system with knowing and you are infusing this timeline with the signature that you, in essence, are.

Given all this, be aware of how you perceive life and allow your sights to soften so that subtle newness can emerge.

Perception is a filtered experience of energy that helps you to focus and unfold your lives. Affinity and frequency create this filter of perception. Think of frequency differences as definitions that make different experiences and perceptions possible. As you become different in your own embodied frequencies, you have an affinity with different fields because your energy defines your access in different ways.

You, living a human life, have a rich, complex and multilayered energy field. Your human energy system is comprised of your own wholeness through cosmic energies that inform you and consistently enter your field and sustain you. Your human energy system is comprised of planetary electromagnetic energies that enter your field and help you to ascend. Your human energy system is comprised of solar energies and frequencies of your own human perfect blueprint, through sunlight and through the sun-based foods you eat and digest, internalizing their energy and organizing qualities. Your human energy system is comprised of pranic energy through your breath. You also shape energy and are comprised of structures of energy based on your thought and attention.

You encounter one another, and sometimes you pay so much attention to another that you tune to their energies — you call this “taking on their energy.” In truth, you are not taking on their energy but rather, tuning yourself to it by attention.

Learn to be with one another and be sovereign and free!

You travel and meet people and go places, and in all of this encounter frequency imprints from other times and people. All of this transforms and changes your dynamic human energy system. When you are in a state of sovereignty your energy system intelligently can assist you by getting what benefits you through higher vibrational resonance.

You experience galactic energies streaming into your world and universal cosmic energies and the qualities of these based on and shaped by large fields in your solar system and your universe. You read or go to events or channel yourself, and in doing so connect with non-physical fields of light. You do this through prayer, by reading. You change your field as you give attention to anything. You listen to music, or look at images, or art, watch films or tv, participate in a conversation. You often open yourself up to the energies of nature and are influenced by the balancing qualities of the elementals. 

All of this takes place and the state of your energy determines what of it, integrates and informs you. Your body itself is comprised of a perfect template of knowing and infinite intelligence and your blueprint for this embodiment and your ongoing informing from your Divine Self. To optimize this, care for your frequency often and with love.

You, in this human experience, are an amazingly rich and dynamically informed field of light!

The reason in part we describe for you some of the ways that you are this rich and amazing being is to help you to see the immense potential within your experience for ongoing elevation and refinement.

You will never get it done! (The optimizing of your field and the expression of your signature in light). Your energy field is always dynamically changing. There are endless ways of perceiving and knowing your human life, based on the different frequency arrangements you create, generate, choose, entrain to and allow to create your field.

Your presence is generating, moment to moment, based on an enormous variety of inputs, some of which we’ve just described for you. You are flashing on and off as matter and light — completely merging with the Divine Oneness instant to instant and then re-informing your presence here, quite literally! It is happening so quickly you cannot even notice this, and yet it is always reinstating you from the fullness of your being and all you are here.

In all of this, you are thriving! You are fundamentally so well. Incredibly well! As is all of life.

So then, what now? What next? What is possible here?
Anything you can imagine and set about creating beloveds. Anything.

You are moving beyond limitation into a state of divine self-expression and you are changing the world in which you are focused.

We want so very much to be part of your experience because we know you as empowered beings of light. We are here to remind you of this and help you to release that which impairs your openness and impairs your thinking by limiting your sense of what’s possible for you.

The more you can release ideas of what you can and can’t do and simply explore things, the more you will find you can do things you never did before. The more you will find you can create things you used to think would be impossible for you.

In the earlier part of this life experience — we use linear terms because that’s how you experience life, by and large, here — you had to learn to limit yourself. You did not come in here with limiting ideas; you assimilated these. Then they became normal to you. Other people had similar limits. You’ll notice that whole family systems, have similar limiting ideas, this is how it works because you’re energy, and you can change your field and your consciousness with your attention.

Think about that for a moment — you can change your field and your consciousness with your attention. By what you pay attention to.

What can you do with that knowing?

What changes might you make to your life, knowing what you perceive is available to you, because of the state of your energy field … and knowing you create this field with your attention? DYNAMICALLY.

We want you to see, if you can glimpse it, that nothing has a hold of you. Moment to moment you are entirely and completely FREE.

What if you took that to heart and lived from that?

What if you were not even sure you believed this but were fully willing to try it out?

We tell you, the results, and the experiences that you would have, would demonstrate the truth of this to you amply and quickly.

What if, you surrounded yourself with positive, empowering ideas and people who thought that way and lived that way? What do you think would happen to you? What do you imagine might change in your energy and your experience — circumstances and situations — as you had your attention, on these uplifted joyful people and immersed yourself in the way they were living and thinking?

Not hard to see that some of it would rub off onto you, now is it? Or that you might tune to that energy (or take that energy on, as you often think of it)…!

Isn’t this wonderful?

So if you want peace, you use your attention to choose what gives you peace. If you want financial abundance, you use your attention to notice abundance. If you want more clarity, you focus on clarity and notice clarity and cherish clarity and embrace clarity.

You cultivate your energy field, consciously or unconsciously, and the implications of this are big.

Light has opened up within you that can help you to access brilliant ideas. Incredible, enlightened inspiration for expressing yourself and improving your experience. Access to vast fields of coordination and amplification is available to you, and you are immensely supported by the planetary logos and the solar logos. These energy fields know you and love you and are continually transmitting waves of uplifting frequencies to Earth and you, to empower you to tune to the most beneficial arrangements of energy and light.

As you consider all of this, we hope you see how different life on Earth is, and is becoming. How different your sense of self is when you realize these truths, and how you feel and think about all of Creation. Human beings are beginning to understand the nature of their mind and consciousness, and thoughts and how everything is energy.

You’re seeing the ways that limiting ideas create feelings and drive choices.

There is so much enlightening energy in your world! A great variety of people are sharing their experience and with this many doorways to wisdom and truth are emerging. The realization of how everything works together as One is becoming more and more available in collective consciousness and life on Earth is becoming new again and again and again, in very beautiful and enriched ways.

You are a distinct and beautiful expression of life as this human being who we share with right now. Your presence is dynamically changing and dynamically arising in this field of energy called Earth, as this field of energy you consider your body your human energy field. Dynamically arising moment to moment!

The great remembering is liberating all of life on Earth from the separation age.

It will take time for each human being to realize and live from the truth that there is not a singular God outside of themselves, but that they are that divine energy and can access it directly. Each human being is divine light energy and exists in a hierarchy of frequency and being that is vast, informed and whole. The inner knowing of this truth is a bandwidth of frequency whose time has come. The planetary frequencies have made this truth more available. There is a momentum of tapping into this, and it is lighting up your world.

That truth, that persistent gentle, spacious reality of you and your perfection! You and your innate belonging to and with all that is. It is here and the time has come when enough energy has changed — in human consciousness and planetary fields — to make this truth more available and more commonplace.

This return to direct relating with all of life and Creation is the great remembering. This great remembering was the aspiration of this epoch in time/space. It has been accomplished. Now it is the living of this uncovered capacity that can and may be your focus. 

Why not live that? Life on the leading edge.

It is simply a matter of how you choose to see yourself. We invite you to remember you are Divine. 

We encourage each of you to consider what might be the most authentic form for your life given your divinity. What form and ways of being and expressing will most fully liberate you to enjoy this continually evolving experience of embodiment?

To enhance that experience, we join you, bridging you into communication and connection with Universes beyond your human knowing and helping to further reconnect all of us, consciously, to the great Oneness.

With love and enthusiasm, we are the Galactic Dragons.

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Unity Consciousness – Mystic Mama



Unity Consciousness   –   Mystic Mama



We are collectively moving into what the Mayans coined “unity consciousness.” What this means is that within the collective mind, the idea of us as one “planet” is going to be pervasive. Before this time, we have been horizontally inclined in our thinking and the prevalent mentality has been about borders and nationalism.


“National boundaries are not evident when we view the Earth from space. Fanatic ethnic or religious or national identifications are a little difficult to support when we see our planet as a fragile blue crescent fading to become an inconspicuous point of light against the bastion and citadel of the stars.”
~Carl Sagan
As we enter this new time, the idea of us as a “planet” will become more dominant. With all the natural events occurring on Mother Earth (as she shifts to get herself in balance), and the worldwide attention on mankind’s irresponsible decisions such as nuclear plower plants being being on earthquake faults and toxic emissions being blasted into our atmosphere, we are beginning to expand our understanding and broaden our horizons.


If you think about the development of human consciousness throughout time, you can realize that we have come a long way in our thinking but we still have a ways to go. Think about how much our understanding of ourselves and the world around has changed  since the 1950’s when we had segregation. The civil right rights movement and the awakening movement that came in the 60’s opened doors and began the big collective shift. It paved the way for the times we are living in now.


Every generation steps on the shoulders of the generations past. We are the result of the quality of consciousness of our parents and the ideas of our time and theirs. We will pass on to our children an ever more clarified vision of being and awareness of the world. Our children will then take what we have given them and push it to the next evolution for our species.


Think about how different is the world they are growing up in, a world of connectivity and communication. The world wide web has become a virtual space that has connected us across the nations. Information and knowledge can be spread and shared in an instant. If we consciously use these developments wisely we have the power to promote change by spreading ideas that will open up minds and transform thinking.


We have only barely skimmed the surface of the human experience in the energetic realms. What we are capable of, what we can experience, not through some idea, but actually experience within our body and mind, is so much more that we have acknowledged as a culture. In time, slowly, these new ideas will seep into the collective until they become the norm.


So this next wave of consciousness, as the Mayan elders had long forseen, is a planetary consciousness. People will begin to care for the planet, we will begin to make our choices based on what we need to do for our Planet Earth. Compassion will arise in the hearts of many as we collectively acknowledge our vulnerability and the disregard we have had for our land. This compassion, this new vision of the world, is already here. Seeds are sprouting in the hearts of many.


Bring this into your awareness and rejoice in the changes we are making as a group. Keep doing your part to change the way you view the world, and open up to the possibility that there is something greater than you know…. A way to experience your life, in a new way, that will bring you great satisfaction and joy and will herald us into a new time! It’s what we’ve been waiting for!


Peace and blessings~

Phillip J. Watt – To Unite, or Not to Unite? – That is the Question – 7-10-16


By Phillip J. Watt, The Mind Unleashed

Thanks to:   https://cultureofawareness.com/2016/07/10/to-unite-or-not-to-unite-that-is-the-question/

There’s so many lies, false flags, psy-ops, divide & conquer strategies, problem-reaction-solutions and an array of other deceptive tactics designed to keep us in a state of fear, focused on separate issues and fighting each other.

Therefore, it’s simply sense to keep an open mind, not blindly believe what we’ve heard and remember one of our primary goals is to build the ultimate team, which is the unification of the people.

To do so, it’s important we remain vigilantly open to the truth, and each other. With so much racist rhetoric amplifying from the Dallas shootings, as well as hatred towards the Police in general, most people have been suckered into the mind-control game and are therefore focusing on the wrong target.

There are obviously rotten police officers who are on a power trip and act disgracefully towards the public. This must be exposed. There are also racist whites, blacks, browns, pinks, purples and every other color you could name, in which their behaviors should be condemned.

The various ideologies too have extremists and fundamentalists who have hatred in their hearts towards various perceived opposites. Ironically, these differences in belief are mostly superficial, because we have more primary reasons to stand together.

The Basis for Uniting

Of course we don’t need to think the same, feel the same and believe the same; the plethora of cultural and individual uniqueness offers a rich tapestry of creativity and passion to our world. Yet, we should always remember that beyond all that noise, we are all interconnected and interdependent on our Mother Earth, and in the universe.

We can view our intimate connection with each through various prisms, such as ecologically, quantum physically or even spiritually. In this light, anyone who truly believes that only one religion is the right religion must believe in a fallible god, because why would he/she/it only make the teachings accessible to a select few over the long course of humanity’s history?

That is obviously a ludicrous notion and goes completely against the spirit of all religious and spiritual teachings. The reality is there are many ways to climb the mountain; we might be taking different paths, but we’re all striding towards the same peak.

The other way we can recognize our connection with each other is that all this mess – all the socioeconomic issues, all the disintegration of community spirit, all the ignorance, all the inequality, all the suffering – it all traces back to the global banking cartel and their multinational minions.

Of course the political spectrum has also been infiltrated by the oligarchical order too, so it is this trinity of tyranny that we must direct our primary and undivided attention to.

Redirecting Our Focus

This toxic system, the one where our money supply and mainstream media have been stolen to act as the primary mechanisms to hijack of the minds and behaviors of the masses, is where we need to be as one united force, together, directing our energy.

To be successful in taking back the control of these public utilities, we need to continue helping those around us to understand our true agenda.

The people are simply not organised enough yet for any widespread systemic response; they’re just too ignorant of what’s going on so unfortunately they will just happily accept authoritarianism in an overt form if it ever came down to it.

Moreover, most of us are just too sedated by the propaganda and mind-control control tactics to have any idea what’s happening behind the scenes, including celebrities and many so-called experts such politicians, journalists and academics.

But many are waking up to the theft of our system too. For example, there are high numbers of police, military personnel, politicians and bureaucrats who are well aware of the truth regarding the pyramid of power and its associated loss of sovereignty for the people, but they’re organizing behind the scenes and biding their time until they’re needed to rebuild the system.

Simply, there are many people within the control-matrix who know that choosing the side of the people, and not the oligarchy, is the only ethical choice. The truth has hit home to so many people who don’t speak out about it, simply because of their position.

The reality is we only see the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the fight for freedom, so we can’t be too gung-ho. It’s important that we maintain a rational and peaceful response, and then do what’s needed, when needed.

In addition, look at whats happening in France right now with the widespread protests against the establishment. We can only hope that more Americans take note. We need a US led uprising in as peaceful way as possible, otherwise the oligarchs are prepped for a forceful response.

They might do this militarily, or even economically. The private central banking scam and it’s creation of massive bubbles in debt, bonds, housing and stocks, as well as a global money bubble in general, is slowly unwinding, which they will undoubtedly use to their advantage.

World Currency

The cover of the Economist Magazine on January 1988 indicates a world currency in 2018

We know that’s their plan anyway. The hope is that they need to incrementally destroy the economy to slowly implement their new world order, because they realize a swift transition via a complete collapse isn’t possible with the global infrastructure they’ve got in place.

If so, that means we have the opportunity to create more awareness, more mobilization, and more resistance to their totalitarian goals.

And we’ll need to capitalize on it.

Ultimately though, they will fail, even if they have small successes and we have darker days that await us. That’s because the paradigm shift we are experiencing is fundamentally an energetic transformation, albeit a long one.

Engaging Locally

As we watch this giant monetary ponzy scheme continue to die, it’s always a good reminder to mention the importance of getting to know our local community, as well as involving ourselves in it. We’ve been doing it for eons.

The current social irony of living on top of each other in urban legolands, whilst being so disconnected from each other, really is unprecedented in humanity’s civilized history.

We have always had community. We have always had tribe.

The original peoples of Australia, for example, which are the oldest known living culture on earth, were not only a series of civilized societies with agricultural and technological capacity (contrary to mainstream belief), they also survived for tens of thousands of years through all sorts of natural and artificial challenges. This was simply because they worked together as a team.

In this modern moment, when we are so hopelessly dependent on the system, this is no doubt a practical lesson we should be taking serious heed of. For sound measure, we should also be deeply learning from their philosophical sophistication too.

Therefore, regardless of what happens with our rotting monetary and banking system – which has been the direct and indirect cause of so much suffering all over our planet – connecting with each other to re-localize our lives, including how we access our food and other basic necessities, is always going to be a wise move in this toxin-rich era we co-created ourselves in.

Plus, we get to interact with so many great people too.

Final Thoughts

We all need to take a serious chill pill. We need to be intelligent and wise in our response. We also need to continue building on our solutions. After all, the people’s union is still in formation and therefore has much more growth to come.

Furthermore, there is simply no justification for any random violence, especially the actions of those snipers, regardless if they were false flag agents or real protesters.

All the people who assist the perpetuation of the toxicity and delusion – including journalists, police, politicians and academics – are just people. There is no doubt that if they truly understood what they were actually standing for, the strong majority of them would change sides in an instant.

We already have so much division throughout our world, so this is the chief challenge we must reverse. That includes not just helping those who subscribe to the mainstream mentality to realize the truth, but also those who have unknowingly sold their souls.

The reality is the battle for freedom is an ancient one, so while we might be getting frustrated with the blatant takeover of our global community by the psychopathic shadow order, we must continue to educate, expose and unite. When all the stars align, the right movements will occur naturally, just like the Occupy Movement. And when the time comes – when Occupy 2.0 is ready to roll – we’ll know what to do.

Much love to all the victims of the senseless and unnecessary tragedies occurring right now across our world.


Phillip J. Watt lives on the East Coast of NSW Australia. His written and film work deals with topics from ideology to society, as well as self-development. Follow him on Facebook, watch his interviews with an array of inspiring guests at his YouTube Channel or visit his website.

MAGENTA PIXIE – The Waves of Change, A Unified Humanity (Brexit 2016)

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