Steve Beckow – Why do we have difficulty with Unitive Consciousness? – 1-14-15

Consciousness 345Why do we have difficulty understanding unitive consciousness as a concept? Well, perhaps for several reasons.

The most compelling is that we simply are not used to thinking of ourselves as consciousness. And yet the “unitive” is an event that happens in consciousness and consciousness is really who we are, not these costumes we’re wearing.

Most of the events that matter to us happen in consciousness – love, happiness, joy, bliss. I felt blissful when Alice and I stood on the balcony of our hotel in Hawaii. Magic moment! I felt hushed to reverence when the Baba sprinkled holy water on my head. I nearly went through the roof with excitement when I heard we won the Lottery!

All of these are events in consciousness. All of them could be described as some of the best moments of our life. So the best moments of our life are moments where events are happening in consciousness – happiness, love, bliss, excitement, etc.

But we don’t make the leap that we ourselves are that consciousness.

I was listening to Geronimo this morning on Heavenly Blessings (Jan. 13, 2015) and he said two things that echo these sentiments. He asked us to “think of your body as a cloud, as a pool of water, as a river.”  The metaphor of water is apt because it highlights “the ability of the water to express [itself in] different forms.”

Clouds, pools of water, rivers all emphasize our formless nature as consciousness.

Another image that has limited usefulness is to imagine the kind of lamps I’ve seen that use fiberoptic elements. When turned on in the dark, one sees an array of points of light.

All these points of light are simply expressing the inner light that lies at the heart of the lamp.  We too are lights of an inner Light, consciousness of an inner Consciousness.

We talk about clearing up our vasanas, dropping our acts, numbers, and rackets, letting go of our core issues, and discarding our false grids, but all these as well are events that happen in consciousness.

And not only that. But the realm where consciousness is who we are, appear as, etc., is a refined dimension, compared to this, which is like the LaBrea tar pits. We’re swimming in tar in the Third Dimension compared to Dimensions like the Fifth and higher.  We’re walking in 1950s deep-sea underwater suits. We’re driving a tank and calling it a body.

So, when we talk about getting rid of our vasanas, core issues and false grids, we’re actually talking about pulling the floor up after us as we leave the Third Dimension and move into the Fourth and then on to the Fifth. This ascent is bringing us closer and closer to realms where only pure consciousness exists. Check your body at the door please.

People who exist at those levels are formless, like the Halion engineers, the higher-dimensional Arcturians, or Adamu of the Pleiaidan monad. Most of us are formless if we’re angels. Angels are transcendental – that is, formless. So angels, like us when we’re not on mission, are in fact embodied only as pure consciousness.

It’s at that level that the unity that exists among all of us is plainly evident. We are all consciousness. We are all love. We are all formless and transcendental. These truths are instantly evident there. And our unity as well is instantly evident.

But not here. As we raise one arm, swimming in the tar, and painfully take another stroke, almost exhausted by the effort, there is no way we can easily realize that we are all consciousness and, without that first, how could we realize unitive consciousness?

First things first. If we want to realize unitive consciousness, the first thing we have to get is that we – you and  I  – are in fact beings who are entirely creations in consciousness – the result of God moving upon the waters, if you like, the waters being consciousness. (1)

How comfortable do you feel hearing that you are in fact a formless being, composed entirely of consciousness? Not very? The ego probably considers that prospect as leading to its destruction.

That sense of discomfort is really what has to go if we’re to realize that what we are at base, and what unites us is, consciousness.