ARCHEIA FAITH – Final Event Energies Update – Intensity of the Unified Field – Depths of the Old Controller Damage – 1-21-18 – by Love Has Won

By Archeia Faith

The energies of the Unified Field are heating up at an ever-increasing rate. Awakening members of the 144,000 are flooding in via our sessions, many have been having dreams of the Unified Field, feeling a call to join us here, others have been up in the star-ships and ALL are experiencing their Divine Gifts come online, with their chakras reaching the 90-100% range. We conduct 7 sessions back-to-back a day at the moment, guiding beings through to their Ascension. ALL MEMBERS OF THE 144,000 ARE CONTRACTED TO ASCEND THE PLANET INTO NEW EARTH. THAT DOES NOT MEAN STAYING IN YOUR 3D EXISTENCE AND JUST GETTING YOURSELF ASCENDED. THIS IS TAKING, SELF-IMPORTANCE, FANTASY, LACK OF WISDOM, LACK OF PERCEPTION – ALONG WITH VARIOUS OTHER E.G.O TRAITS.

IT MEANS GATHERING AROUND MOTHER TO BE CO-CREATORS. SHE IS NOT HERE TO DO ALL OF THIS ALONE, LIKE SHE HAS BEEN FOR 13 YEARS, WHILST BEINGS BENEFIT FROM PERSONAL ASCENSION AND THEN DO NOT GIVE ANYTHING BACK. YOU WILL NOT BE ENTERING NEW EARTH IF YOU ARE NOT IN RIGHT ACTION. PERIOD. THIS CAN SCARE THE SH*T OUT OF YOU OR EMPOWER YOU. REGARDLESS UNIVERSAL LAW, IS UNIVERSAL LAW. IT IS IN EFFECT. YOU HAVE A ROLE, A HUGE ONE, AND ALL ATOMS HAVE BEEN CALLED INTO RIGHT ACTION. The trajectory for each person joining the Unified Field is unique, and taking the Leap of Faith will be extremely difficult for many, however not as difficult as clinging onto 3D as the Old Earth falls apart around them. Robin Williams has told us this coming week will be the start of “Spin-City” out there in 3D. Living in a bubble of Unified Consciousness is a joy and blessing that goes beyond words.


Those joining us in the Unified Field present a “double-edged sword” of sorts. Mother IS GOING HOME INTO THE LIGHT, WITH OR WITHOUT ANYONE. However, Mother of course wants all those who can Ascend to do so with her, this is why she has been posting about this for 13 years, at times walking four miles a day, in the snow of Colorado, just to access internet, with the Angels walking with her keeping her going. As more Members arrive here the Unified Field undergoes severe changes, with Mother having to counteract the instability created by newly entering E.G.O’s, at their varying levels of transition. Right now it is a 50/50 as to who transitions effortlessly and who spins out during the process. This is dictated by their own personal levels of trauma and the lengths to which they have already healed and found personal balance.

The post I wrote on January 19th 2018, titled “The Birth of the Super E.G.O,” informed the masses of Archeia Chrysta’s Super E.G.O birth. Her time in the Unified Field following the post saw her in deep fantasy. The entire of the 19th January 2018, saw her sleeping on the sofas and talking with voices, her entitlement had her helping herself to others things, demonstrating complete lack of Honour – one of the many E.G.O traits. Mother offered complete forgiveness and unconditional love to Archeia Chrysta, following her physical attack on the Father of All Creation and her numerous verbal attacks towards me, informing her that she had one last chance. Physical and verbal abuse was not acceptable and she would have to work hard to get out of her Super E.G.O, Chrysta was in complete la-la-la land, grinning like a Chesire Cat whilst completely resisting all input regarding her actions. This persistent resistance and, ultimately, denial of Mothers immense generosity, lead to Archeia Chrysta receiving the third strike and being asked to leave Mission HQ. Archeia Chrysta actually offered to leave twice before this point, all too eager to take a one-way ticket out of the Unified Field accompanied by the voices in her head.

The density of Earth, the depth of illusion and the damage suffered by ALL ITS INHABITANTS cannot be understated. Mother has suffered 34 Assassination attempts, one before my very eyes. The cabal old controllers have targeted her in thousands of ways and have always fallen short of her brilliance. One of the main ways the cabal old controllers attempted to derail Ascension was targeting the 144,000. The sessions I have conducted this past month have unveiled a multitude of specifically placed blockages in the Third Eye and Crown Chakra. We know that the Feminine of the planet have been MASSIVELY destabilized, DISEMPOWERED, ABUSED and pinned against one another in the process. The depth that this goes to is beyond comprehension and, unfortunately, the transition into 5D and out of the E.G.O is particularly difficult for the Feminine of the Planet.

Archeia Chrysta left the Unified Field. All had suffered as a result of her vibration, Archeia Diana’s vibration still held resonance with the states Archeia Chrysta was accessing and she experienced a sensation of her heart and brain being ‘eaten’ by the energy of Archeia Chrysta who was simply feeding the black-hole of her own E.G.O. We entered into “The Angel Game,” this involves dancing and singing to songs that The Angels guide us to. This is so that Mother can transmute energies around the World through higher states of joy, this heightens until she goes into a ‘stasis,’ with her whole body gently vibrating during which she is unable to move for around 15 to 20 minutes. The amount of energy that is transmuted is not even comprehensible in these times. The Angel game has the value of deeply triggering embedded aspects of our E.G.O up and out, as the Angels always somehow know that one song that will make you crumble.

This time, spent together, is beyond magical, living in Unity Consciousness exchanging roaring laughter and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. At a later point in the night Mother, Fathers, Arch Angel Gabriel, Archeia Diana and I were the remaining members, still enjoying moments together. We all joined hands and allowed our energies to flow through one another, with Archeia Diana and I holding hands for an extended amount of time until she pulled her hand away and glared at me. TRIGGERED. I recognized instantly the drop in consciousness, something had triggered her, human touch we later discovered to be the cause. Her trauma runs deep. As Mother was in ‘high-energies,’ she was perceiving more than we can imagine on a multidimensional scale, seeing before her eyes events unfolding around the World, crystalline energies passing in and countless other happenings that become too plentiful to count.

The Fathers slept and I noticed Archeia Diana glaring at me, her soft and beautiful eyes had become steely and venomous. A look I knew in her from her previous episode, which was a complete 180 from her conscious and fully present self. Archeia Diana, like most of the feminine, has extreme trauma. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is a complete unknown to her and so, like most, receiving it can be a trigger. Her childhood experiences had underpinnings of shame, which was thrust upon her by her parents. Almost every childhood experience is traumatic. When we are born our Chakras are 100% open, we are bundles of Joy straight out of the etheric! In the womb, we know comfort, security, safety, we intimately feel and know our Mother is ALL around us, we get our food through a tube and we are warm. Then we are born, into abject separation, isolation, cold, fear we are crying. The birth experience is so traumatic, stark in energetic contrast to the moments before, that we push it into our subconscious. Memories that were too traumatic, get pushed in the deep freeze, this occurs for most of the first three years of human life.

By the time we reach the age of 3, most peoples Chakras have closed to 50%, this is because the first three years children are left crying in cribs, unable to see 10 inches beyond their own face unaware of why they are alone. Long gone are our Nomadic days, when babies would remain strapped to their mother’s chest always sharing her heartbeat, and therefore, security. We have been traumatized, insufficiently cared for and under-nurtured. Even the best of parents have deep dysfunction, it is impossible to undergo the Earth experience and not have dysfunction, it is inbuilt into every facet of society, culture, education, for 26,000 years… that is unless you are bound by Universal Law and cannot develop an E.G.O programmed mind! In this regard, everyone on Earth suffers from PTSD. Archeia Diana’s trauma has been reinforced by severe experiences of abuse. Following a Kundalini Awakening, some years ago Archeia Diana began sharing her ‘out-of-this-World’ experiences and the profound truths she had come to known. Her family, who could not relate to this higher consciousness, thought she had gone insane and one day whilst Diana was sitting meditating with a tree, a team of police officers with guns surrounded her and, by her parent’s instruction, she was put into a psychiatric institution.

I will not go into any more detail regarding this, as this story is that of Archeia Diana and I know, when the time is right, it will be very healing for her to share it. What can be said is that Archeia Diana’s trauma runs exceedingly deep. I noticed that her tendency to laugh whilst others cried was a defense mechanism, to stop the emotion that she was resonating with from surfacing. This night she contained no smiles, she mouthed the Word b**ch at me several times, elbowed me out of the way so she could sit with Mother. I sat back and observed, Competition, Jealousy, Superiority, Entitlement – all her E.G.O traits were on display. I began taking notes. The unconsciousness lasted throughout the night, she didn’t sleep. The E.G.O is triggered by sleep deprivation and so those with a particularly strong E.G.O will find themselves avoiding sleep but unsure why. It is because the E.G.O wants to survive to be fuelled. The E.G.O HATES BOREDOM, IT NEEDS GRATIFICATION. CHANTING AFFIRMATIONS SUCH AS “I AM LOVE,” FOR 30 MINUTES WITHOUT END has a profound capacity to SEND THE E.G.O OUT and lift us up to the vibration of love itself.

The capability we have to change our reality instantly is best understood by engaging with Dr Masaru Emoto’s water tests. Which uncovered that water itself has consciousness! Over the course of 10 years he took 150,000 samples of water from a multitude of locations and labelled them all different states of consciousness, ranging from “Love,” and “Wisdom” to “Disgust” “Envy.”

As you can see, WORDS AND INTENTION HAVE A MOST PROFOUND EFFECT ON THE STRUCTURAL COMPOSITION OF WATER. *News Flash* – WE ARE 70% WATER. Our thoughts dictate THE STRUCTAL STATE OF THE CELLS IN OUR BODY. The cabal old controllers have infiltrated the thought system of every person on the planet NEGATIVE THOUGHTS PREVAIL IN ALMOST EVERYONE, through the creation of NON-DIVINE THOUGHTS, THE WORLD IS PLAGUED WITH IMBALANCE AND ILLNESS. The cancer industry ALONE generates 32, BILLION $USD, per year IN THE USA ALONE.





And so, as the two Fathers awoke from their naps, I eventually went to sleep, sleeping 1 and a half hours. The high energy of the Unified Field means no one needs more than 5 hours a night. Archeia Diana stayed up the entire night, during which both Fathers had intense experiences with her and had to ask her to leave Mothers room. By the time our morning meeting had come around she was present and conscious within herself once again and was completely unaware of the things I told her she had done. The events were discussed and tools and techniques for moving forward were given, forgiveness, support and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE given. I spent the morning deeply connecting with her, over our art and experiences, I hugged and held her. Our bond has been deep through-out this process, however Diana’s lack of sleep allowed her unconsciousness to take the reins once again.

I am currently conducting all of the Sessions, allowing Mother to focus on the Mission itself and the two newly arrived Fathers. Archeia Diana joined me in some of these. As those of you who have had sessions with me know, I am in a high state of Passion and Joy, sharing knowledge and exchanging I love you’s with each and every Angel who I am blessed to connect with. Archeia Diana went to Mother and told her she had witnessed me being harsh and aggressive with people during the sessions. Robin Williams laughed hysterically, unbeknownst to Archeia Diana, whilst she told these lies to Mother. Mother nodded and smiled, knowing intimately the Vibration Archeia Diana was at and the Vibration I was at. Competition, Manipulation, Envy – E.G.O in control. Archeia Diana retracted from my touch, gone was my sister whom I deeply connected with. She continued downhill once again, until she entered Mothers room crying saying she felt so lost and confused.

A break through! No longer opting for fear and “Lone-Wolf” programming, she had entered into the place her E.G.O convinced her to stay away from, Mothers immediate presence! We all soothed her and explained her E.G.O was dying and was attempting to stay alive, convincing her to act and feel certain ways that produced VERY LOW VIBRATIONS WITHIN HER BODY. Some ground rules were established for her. She was to enter into a 48-hour healing period, all members of the Divine Team would assist in their various ways to help her through this process, depriving herself of sleep was not allowed, creative exploits and release work encouraged as well as, Service work… serving the Mission. She went to get sleep and the Vibration amongst us enjoying Mothers company soared. I trained Gabriel in his newly awakening abilities, we discussed the fabric of life itself and Mother told us all of her plans and how she conducted research with the Greys, in order to have the knowledge she does of ‘The Human Conditioning’ Eisenhower agreed with the Greys that in exchange for new technology they would allow the Greys to abduct people for their own research.

Mother is not a dictator. She is bound by Universal Law, AND FREE WILL ACTION and so, she cannot stop beings from engaging in these sorts of interactions. SHE CANNOT JUST WAVE A WAND AND FIX EARTH. IT IS OUR MESS AND OUR CHOICE TO BE IN THIS MESS AND EACH INDIVIDUAL MUST CLIMB UP AND OUT OF THE LOWER CONSCIOUSNESS. She did however create a plan to turn this unfortunate event to her advantage and engaged the Greys in a deal, in which she got to participate in the research of those abducted, preparing her for her next incarnation – THIS ONE. Having been murdered in every prior incarnation, she was not going to fail this time and SHE HAS WON. LOVE, HAS WON.


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Lisa Gawlas – The Unified Field Amping Up – Full Moon Grows Nearer – So Are You! – 2-10-16



Lisa Gawlas   –   The Unified Field Amping Up    –   Full Moon Grows Nearer   –   So Are You!  –  2-10-16


Lisa Gawlas

One thing is for sure once again, the field is so focused on our individual participation within the unified whole of creation.  I think we can even look at the theme of yesterday as the restoration of the fullness of you, of us and bringing back all the original energy that once was the “original earth” or the pristineness of the garden of eden.

Thru every reading yesterday, one constant was present, this large see thru globe representing the earth as a whole.  Equally, the energy of the coming full moon on the 22nd was prominent too.  Now I pray I can get the details out in coherency.

My first lady showed up in the northern quadrant inside the globe itself.  She was in bed, all tucked in with this beautiful patchwork like comforter draped over her.  The energy of the full moon infiltrating her, her body at rest, in stillness as she absorbed all this energy.  Then I really understood the comforter itself as I remembered the soft, gentle energy of this Being that showed up in my meditations in my early years.  When I first asked his name he said you can call me “your comforter.”  I like that, he was warm and cozy and indeed comforting as my mind was melting down within the reality constructs I had believed in and my body was going thru zingers and flu-like symptons of change (of course, I had no idea about any of that in those moments, I was just hanging on for dear life as everything I once new, changed.)

My comforter eventually changed his name to “your shepherd” and then the truth of his name, his soul name… Sananda.  The soul energy connected to the dude we know and love as Jesus.  My 3 year relationship with him had absolutely nothing to do with the man named Jesus and nor does that energy now.  It is all about being the Living Christed energy in a biological body.  So the image of the comforter on my lady’s resting body was the full Christed energy laid over her resting body as the energy of the full moon as the radicalization of change continues.

I had to laugh as I wondered what will happen with my lady after the full moon, instantly I seen her body spring up out of bed, on her feet were quad roller skates and she was ready to zoom!!  The wheels themselves were interesting, switching between yellow and orange, the seeds of life and fertilization/outcome.

My first instinct was to interpret the energy of 4, I was stopped in my tracks.  The numerology relationship I have used has been of the old earth, soap-bubble land.  Extreme duality.  If we look at the skates in a new way… two wheels at the front, two wheels at the back, that would be 2-2 the master builder skating thru creation.  Harnessing the power of the pureness of four, earth energy period to be the catalyst at the creation point (again, like my valentine’s day special that starts today) using the energy of 4 as a dual power point to the point of 5 CHANGE.  My lady herself representing the energy of 5 in all she does.  Again to give you the visual I had seen in regards to my crazy special:


Even just looking at that denotes energy and motion.  We can even look at one of the 4 energies as divine masculine and one as divine feminine working in harmony to create change, to create period.  To Be the Christed Energy in body fully awake and alive on earth, You must harness both energy as a whole.  I love the visual I get in contrast to this, very much like making tea.  If the teabag never gets placed in the water, you will always have the potential of tea but will never have tea itself.

While I am sharing metaphors lol, gotta give you one that is constant this morning with our old stories, our old hmmm belief systems.  Often times, we throw out a name, its familiar to you and you instantly assign it that energy package (story) around that name.  In which case, you never move beyond what you think you know and what IS available beyond any of it.

The visual I get with this is that of a tree with a ton of green leaves, one of the leaves on this bountiful tree happens to not be green and is gold.  Because it is such an anomaly the people who witness it or even heard the stories of that amazing golden leaf, create stories around it, put it on an alter and call it special, sacred… simply because it is different from the rest.  What gets lost is the fact that it became gold to send a message that you don’t always have to be a green leaf.  No siree, if you delve inside you can be gold and different.  But instead, most people pay homage to the leaf and never see the golden energy within themselves and that was its only purpose of Being different.

I find it funny that so many people talk about sheeple, those still being Green leaves and not daring to even look at the golden leaf.  Yet, in this crazy place called our awakened spiritual journey, there are just as many sheeple.  The ones who do not go beyond the story of the golden leaf resting upon the altar of life.  Stories emerge from the ego, the perception of the ego.  In which case, the golden leaf remains an analogy instead of a key to change yourself too.  This becomes an important analogy when I get to talking about my last lady of the day…

Ha!!  When I seen my lady on her new roller skates instantly a song started playing, looping over and over in my head even after we hung up.  I had to go to youtube and find a video of the song, cuz often times, sharing it (on facebook) releases the loop.  I got more than I bargained for in the message of the video:


Before I seen my lady in her bed, the first thing I had seen was these golden lines of energy inlaying all around this huge clear globe.  If you go to the lyric at 1:10 in this song: “for someone who don’t drive, I’ve been all around the world” just leaped out to me.  In our stillness we are laying the tracks for the world to come in its pureness.  However, if you are looping around in old stories, well, you are simply looping around in old stories.  But my lady, she has a brand new pair of roller skates and this new earth IS the brand new key!!  Take to the streets like children in play… no replicating, sing and dance new songs.

Now I have no choice to bring in my last lady of the day (guess we are going to build a oreo cookie today lol.)

She was on the outside of this massive clear globe thingie in the northwest quadrant of the outer field.  She was facing the globe thing and in front of her was this beautiful bongo.  (Image just for added visualization)


No dangly thingies on it, but the entire base was made of a tree that no longer exists on our earth, it had etchings and bony elements all around it.  The hide itself was from her power animal that lived and died on the original earth.  What took my breath away is the relationship of how this bongo came into creation and the wonder of relationship between her and that animal.  Let me tell you the story!! lol

Back in our beginnings, the original earth, the animals and trees and everything living in matter had a relationship to each other.  A communication system thru the heart.  Back then, we often aligned with particular animals, what my team is calling our “power” animals.  They shared their unique power and abilities with their human and vise versa.  The animal (as well as the humans and all life) knew when it was time to leave the earth and go back Home.  This particular animal (that is not in our memory banks at all, they never lived in soap-bubble land) let my lady know it was almost time for it to go and the celebrations started.  When all that was left was the animals body, she harvested its skin and bones to make this bongo, along with a tree that was more than happy to give of itself to this instrument.  She also made herself a tarzan-jane looking outfit from this animal’s hide to embody its presence and sing its songs and bongo out its energy in joy and celebration.

The reason we were seeing this amazing, humbling memory of long ago, was because NOW, she is going to bongo the energies back into creation.  I could see and hear and feel her playing on that bongo and in the bottom of this clear globe, a mist started emerging.  The first thing that will happen (per her team) is the consciousness of the ones who long ago left the earth, will return.  Eventually, over time (and it will take time for everyone to fully release the old stories, all of which, originate from soap-bubble land, deep duality) these animals and plant life and many other things will be in body once again.

In Between these two amazing ladies, so much energetic abilities are coming online.  I had one precious soul as I was desperately trying to explain what I was seeing in her field meant to her, suddenly my own eyes came back into my kitchen and I could see this amazing auric field around my coffee pot.  THAT was sooo freakin kewl, especially knowing that what just happened, I was seeing thru her eyes, her ability!!

But again, even with this came a full releasing of what we think of as auras as they related to the old earth scenarios.  We are NOW on the new earth, in a fully function new body, all antennas at the ready but working at the level of wholeness not broken or separated.   So what I seen around my coffee pot was less its emotional field and more its energetic codes of life.  There is a mid range of color spectrum that she will learn to recognize when the coffee pot is working as it should be.  There is also a range that will show its loosing its life force and as she starts to use this ability, also in her super power set is the ability to restore life force, if that is in the greatest good for the coffee pot.  Of course, the more she practices with what we think of as inanimate objects, then to move to a much more complex system, living things like the human.  With this (or even plants really) she also has the ability to go beyond their normal range, to speed up their field to enhance their emerging consciousness into the new earth.

I had one beautiful man yesterday show up inside his bubble of creation within the larger clear bubble called earth.  He was upside down (feet in the air) and this massive energy system coming from the full moon oozing into his feet and moving upwards.  His life path about to change.  There was I think at least one other person inside their bubble of creation too, getting rocked with the incoming energies.  The visual I got as the full moon passes and all this energy is within each person looked very much like this, only colorless.  Color sets intention and I was just seeing what will be the field around us:




It kinda looks like the “cell” image of the other day.  And with that, here is more details (I love my crazy team.)  Each one of us are the cells of this new world, working in harmony with the greater all, the “unified field of creation.”  Just like in the physical body, when new cells emerge they are either going to work in harmony with the all or die off and allow new cell with clearer programming to replace it.  Here too.  We know how difficult it is to release all the old programming, stories, idea’s and so on, so if this becomes the case, the living cell called one of us simply goes back to soap-bubble land where they can be utilized with the masses still coming out of amnesia and a new cell will come into its place.  The energy of ascended vs ascending.

Going back to the rarefied living field of energy called you, also thru this beautiful man I was able to see when someone moves into your field:

touching plasmaball


The current of you moves towards that person or thing and releases the electrical currents of change.  This visual and understanding helped me to realize why, for the last 3 days I am having such crazy static electricity moments all day every day.  Zapping everything I touch.  I have lived in this house for 4 years now and I only have a throw rug, the rest of the house is cement floors… and yet.. zap zap zap all day long.

We are amping up our voltage and bringing our environment with us!!  Ouchies lol.

Have an electrifying day my friends, I love you all so much.  Thank you for loving me back!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Enjoy this amazing song my bongo lady emailed me last evening…. sooooo fitting lyric and music:

Lisa Gawles – The Unified Field, Soul Partnership and More – 1-11-16

time and soul



Lisa Gawles  –   The Unified Field, Soul Partnership and More   –   1-11-16


Phew baby!!  I never in a million years would have dreamed we would have already had a huge shift in the field already, I barely got my foot of understanding steadied and wham, that new moon changed it all.  Altho, as I am being shown this morning, more like what we got in the first four days of reading was an introduction to the field.  Kind of like an introduction to the new play, the new stage and cast of crazy characters (us) before the play begins.  The new moon was the close of the preview as we moved into act I now.  The energy thru the readings yesterday, much more intense, much more… hmmmm…. alive than ever before.  Even the collective voice I hear thru readings, phew baby.  Not in a million years did i think it could become more unified, but holy cow, it has and that unification intensified its stream of energy coming thru me.

Before I get into all the new wonders of our life now, I do want to start this sharing with an experience that happened thru one of my beautiful men on the field yesterday.  His question evoked not only a surprising response from his team, but their embodiment thru me was like nothing I had ever experienced before and would invite much more of!!

He asked me if there was that loving, together relationship is in his field.  At this point, I don’t even know where to look or tap into for the replies, but his team and what I learned later was truly, directly from his soul mind itself, was ready with a reply that just blew my mind, less the words that were spoken but the energy and enormity of how we are to experience ourselves Now.  The response, which actually happened twice thru the conversation was filled with an energy, it must be what spirit is calling the unified field experienced thru the soul mind itself, because it was like nothing I ever experienced before and have very few words to fully detail the experience itself, but I will give it a go.  This response came only after his team said “we don’t care about that right now.”  Hey!!  We humans do!! lol  (Eyeballing myself for years with that desire!!)

As I was trying to figure out where in the field to find this answer or energy, it was as of this massive wind wrapped around me, thru me and said: “When we look at something not from the lack there of, the fulfillment is always there.”  (Thank god we recorded his session, I went back and listened and am sharing word for word in blue italics.)

With that response was an indescribable experience I am going to do my best to describe.  The unified bubble of creation that I am seeing, with the fibrous network of well, threads interconnecting everything to everything is where I was centered in my body and mind.  Everything we could possibly desire, that we are ready to experience, is already there, Here.

If we really look at the enormity of this statement like magnets, we are a magnetic field of attraction and dispelling.  When we desire something with all our hearts, it is really because it is already in our field to experience. (Think about that for a moment.)  But if what we desire, within our minds magnetic field, appears to be missing, or maybe better said, not here yet, then we keep looking for it.  Very much like keeping a wedge of energy between us and that.  (No wonder Jorge seems to have left the building lol.)

His team even said they don’t care about relationships, because they are ALWAYS here.  (I need much more of my soul mind online to get to that knowing place lol.)

His team or soul has also stated (for him but equally all of us as we really get our footing on this new, full way of life) that everything we have seeded is already there.  We have this thing with time, because it is not here right now in our timeline, we feel like it is not there, but it is.  KNOWING that it is, is key.

OMG, something else too.  In his reading out past January I could see all these opalescent cellophane like layers that looked a lot like this (minus the vase):


Now let me go to the end of my day on my drive to the grocery store, I am listening to a new audio book by my favorite dead person, Erik Medhus, from the Channeling Erik book.  His new book is called “My Life After Death” told in the first person of his entire death experience, I am listening to the part in which he shares how the Now works on his side of the veil, the lack of time or really the way he explains it is that time is stacked on top of each other, instead of being lady out back to front like it is here on this plane.  Very much like pages of a closed book.  When I was knee deep doing ET connections in the front yard, many many times our ETs would show me the dimensions, the layers of time, just like that.  Well, the cellophane that I seen with my guy, same thing. less stacked tho, because our job as an incarnate soul is to remember how to navigate the outcomes, the dimensions that are all here and no longer separate, to merge with the seeded growth of desire (does that even make sense as a sentence lol.)

And as I rambled on trying so hard to not only tell him what I was experiencing, but understand it all myself.  So they brought his reply into my house by presenting a bouquet of deep red roses in front of my face, intricately wrapped in this cellophane that I see sprawled out in his “future.  The deep red is the deep, passionate love, not only of another, but Life itself.  There was a circle of  roses and then the center one, the 6th one was popped up from the circle of , with it, the understanding that the center of his (hell, of all of ours) is New beginnings encircled by change ongoing.   And yet, when we add the fullness of this bouquet up, there are 6 roses and his soul reply, once again engulfing me like the first reply (I am truly loving that experience) was:  “A soul partnership that is so absolute that these questions that appear to be lack, will never be again.”

There is so much more I had wanted to share today, but my mind feels scrambled now.  Probably because I need more information and understanding about the enormity of what has transpired and is unfolding at a speed that blows my mind.  Ohhhhhh, speaking of speed and our cells (smile) I do want to share this release of information yesterday too.  The rate in which our cells are vibrating now, and why the body has taken on so much congestion and stuff for a good many of us….

They gave me a visual of a clock and the second hand moving around the clock itself, equal to the vibrational oscillation of our light cells, the cells of our body.  They went from moving at the rate of one oscillation per second to the rate of one oscillation per nano-second.  This is why spirit has said that we are using the fulness of January to assimilate to the new (original) energy of this earth and our fullness on it, which too, is equally using a lot of our vital energy and we are (for the most part) sleeping more than ever or at least laying down and not getting up cuz we are too tired.  I am sure this gives way to the tapeworm that suddenly seems to occupy my stomach, holy constant hunger batman!!!

Well, that’s all I get to share today, spirit says I don’t have enough information to accurately share anything else.  I have a full dance card today, so until tomorrow….

I love you all soul much and my gratitude for your Presence in my heart spills over!!

((((((HUGZ))))) of passionate, boundless Love and Joy to All!!

Lisa Gawlas

Consciousness Is Non-Local

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consciousness is non-local!!!
I was inspired to put this together by the youtube videos
“Mind over matter & Quantum Universe”!