“There is no such thing as possibility without uncertainty. So when you act in a way that removes the uncertainty, you also act in a way that removes possibility.” — Art of Quotation

“There is no such thing as possibility without uncertainty.

So when you act in a way that removes the uncertainty,

you also act in a way that removes possibility.”

Johnathan Fields, writer,

book quote from Uncertainty:

Turning Fear and Doubt into Fuel for Brilliance

via “There is no such thing as possibility without uncertainty. So when you act in a way that removes the uncertainty, you also act in a way that removes possibility.” — Art of Quotation

Lady Nada via Julie Miller – Uncertainty as Wondrous Adventure – 1-1-15


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Received by Julie Miller   –   January 1, 2015

Fear of the unknown including the future as near as tomorrow can inhibit you from achieving great things and can help you cling onto the things that are causing hurt, discomfort and dis-ease. Some of these things that cause you anxiety could be the clutter you surround yourself with, do you keep it just because of the comfort it gives you, even though it is taking up a lot of valuable space and possibly money? Or your discomfort and dis-ease could be from working at a job you do not like out of fear of failing in the area of work you would prefer? Each person has their own set of discomforts and fears and each person in their own time will learn to work through them and rise above stronger and more confident that before.

Uncertainty affects each person differently, from different things. Travelling to a new country for the first time offers new and exciting possibilities and life-changing experiences, but when you leave one country for another, you are also leaving behind what you know for something you don’t. But after years of living in the new country, can you say you’ve adapted and grown?

Can you be at peace while forging forward in uncertain and unknown adventures? Of course you can, but you need to get a handle on your fear and of the attachment you carry of the future and begin living in the present moment. In truth there is nothing fundamentally frightening about the future, even if that future is tomorrow, the next day, next week, next month or next year. Just because you do not know every detail of every moment of your life before it happens doesn’t mean some areas of your life will be disastrous. Even if things are going rough now, doesn’t mean that your future will be. There are many; endless actually of possibilities of what will unfold for you in all of your tomorrows. Be present in the here and now.

If you think about harm coming your way through some unfortunate accident, isn’t the same odds of being hurt today about as equal of being hurt tomorrow? Your odds of greeting anything that is considered challenging and difficult is the same today as it will be tomorrow, or even next week or next month. Just as you roll the dice in a game, you don’t know what you are going to get until they both land facing their numbers up.

It is easy to understand that your imagined pain or discomfort of the unknown is not really physical, it comes from the pain and discomfort change can sometimes bring and when changes happen, sometimes you must let something go and if you are emotionally attached, what you let go could be painful. The little cocoon you have built for yourself that keeps you safely snuggled within the perimeters of your comfort zone in the routines and possessions you keep prevent you from trying new things and make new directions frightening as they remove you from what is known and comfortable. Finding comfort in uncertainty is being at peace while learning the world around you, discovering it is more than the comforts you surround yourself with. Yes you might fail, and in some areas you might not measure up, but there will places where you will succeed, where you will excel and do well. You don’t know unless you try.

Too often Beautiful Bright Hearts, you grasp with burdensome emotions, clinging to what is known and certain…to how things ought to be and the moment that certainty is rocked, the pain of change begins to makes its presence known. It is important dear ones that bringing in change isn’t really an issue, it’s the fight you give to the change, and your resistance to allow the new change a chance.

You can become skilled at facing uncertainty when dealing with new things and with change. Change can become comfortable if you allow it. By embracing the new changes with an open heart, you can discover inside the changes there is joy to be found as well as new adventures, new areas to explore, and more learning of yourself and how capable you are at seeking change that will benefit your life. Knowing you will be fine while facing uncertainty will help eliminate your fear of not knowing what comes next.

New things and new directions can at first appear frightening mostly because you fear failure. But the more you practice and try what is new, the more confidence you will gain and what is new and changing will not be as painful. If you make a mistake, then that Beautiful Bright Hearts is your opportunity to learn why and take the necessary steps to try again differently that will bring success. Mistakes helps you correct and learn. Be grateful for the mistakes you have overcome. It is because of the mistakes you have made, that you have been able to grow and become who you are today and there is much more growing yet for you to do.

Even though change can be scary, you can also recognize the wonder and amazement change also brings. Of course allowing changes in means you are leaving your comfort zone or expanded its boundaries, or you might be letting something go that was holding you back, you are also bringing in something that is new, bring and amazing to take its place. And from this new that is coming into your life, you are giving yourself the opportunity and potential to explore something that is fresh to your eyes, and to learn and meet new people and through any new experience you offer yourself the opportunity to be reborn into this new way of living and being. Instead of looking at the uncertainty that is shrouded in fear that change brings, see change as a wondrous adventure—as new doors have opened because of choices you made that will help you grow and develop in unimaginable ways.

By going beyond your comfort zone, ask yourself Beautiful Bright Hearts, “What is the worst possible outcome?” Do you fear losing some or all of your possessions? Do you worry how you will cope? Ask yourself similar questions as these and be honest with your answers. And you will discover that you will learn how to cope in areas that are strange and uncertain. If you lose some of your possessions during a move or robbery, keep in mind that they are things. Even if those things are old and irreplaceable, they are things…you are here, alive, living and breathing. Each breath you take and every pulse that you feel is your indication of being here in the now and present. You will find your way around what is new, you will grow confident in areas that are strange and you will grow exponentially as a result. Believe in yourself, trust that you will be fine and embrace the unknown with gratitude of the learning you will gain of yourself and of the world around you.

Beautiful Bright Hearts, by becoming aware of when you start clinging to things and situations, you give yourself an advantage of recognizing what brings on feelings of pain and fear. By becoming the witness you become more aware of what is actually happening. When you are able to see where your clinging begins, you can then see how the pain unfolds from it. When you cling to things it is essential to see the bad side of clinging to materialistic things, situations and to people. When you see the negative side of your own behaviour then you may be inclined to do something about it for the better.

We encourage you to not fear the unknown but to experience the joy that flows within all areas of life, including the unknown and uncertain. You can re-frame your mental imagery of the frightening mental picture of what you once thought new looked like to seeing something that is peaceful and joyful. When you don’t know something, even if it’s a new direction or a new day, what you have given yourself is the gift of freedom to learn all limitless possibilities of what is not known…to carve a path that is new and bright with hope towards a new way of living and being. Why carry fear into the unknown when you can bring joy?

When you know you are about to cross the boundary of your comfort zone and enter a new area, learn to flow with what is new and different. Don’t freeze and become stuck. Flow like the water of life that courses through your body and veins. When you embrace change, your confidence rises and your ability to cope and survive greatly improves. When you let go of the fear, you no longer resist learning new things and your ability to retain is that much better.

You may not know what will happen tomorrow, you may not know what will come your way next, but what you do know is that you will be okay because you will flow with whatever changes that may come with enthusiasm and gratitude. The more flexible you become with the many changes life tends to bring Beautiful Bright Hearts, then the more peace and joy you will experience.

You will be greeted with more unexpected challenges, but you don’t have to face them with fear for the uncertain outcome they bring, you can face them with balance and peace; as well as with the joy of knowing all will be fine. All will be as it is meant to. And the process of working through the new and uncertain will provide something beautiful in you to learn and to become more of… your pure, and authentic self.

And so it is…

I AM Ascended Master, Lady Nada…


… through Julie Miller

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